Secret Identity 1591-1600


Chapter 1591

In order to please Ye Chen, Gu Weiliang put away the little bit of sympathy he had for Kong Delong in his heart.

    He said harshly with a cold expression, "Kong Delong, we are all adults, we should be willing to gamble and accept defeat, I think you should also stop dawdling here and quickly swallow this piece of jade."

    Kong Delong's expression immediately turned into a bitter face that couldn't be bitter enough.

    Gu Weiliang coldly said "I tell you, just be happy in your heart, last time you swallowed a necklace, this time it's just a pendant, fortunately you didn't give this pendant with a chain, otherwise you would have to swallow the necklace with a piece into your stomach!"

    Kong Delong crying face, looking at his cousin Dong Ruolin, bitterly begging "Ruoyika Lin, my good sister, you quickly plead with Mr. Ye ah, let Mr. Ye let me go this time, I really know wrong, from now on I will never do with him again, after I am his dog, he let me do what I do, even if he let me bite people, I will never hesitate, only beg him to spare me this time".

    Dong Ruolin's heart was also torn at this time.

    The fact that her cousin had just treated Ye Chen so badly really made her feel very dissatisfied.

    Women are like this, don't look at the fact that Kong Delong is Dong Ruorin's cousin, the two of them did have a good relationship when they were young.

    But after all, Ye Chen was Dong Ruorin's long time crush, so if she put these two in front of her, she would definitely be inclined towards Ye Chen inside.

    Now that Kong Delong had asked her to plead with Ye Chen, she was all of a sudden really at a loss as to what to do.

    As soon as Dong Xiuhua saw this, she hurriedly ran to Dong Ruolin, crying and about to kneel down, her mouth wailed, "Ruolin, give your aunt face, beg Mr. Ye properly, he can hold his hand high and spare your cousin this time, aunt is kneeling down for you!"

    Dong Ruolin busy to reach out to assist, but Dong Xiuhua is partial to kneel down, the two are so deadlocked.

    Dong Ruolin really can't bear the aunt to kneel down to herself, so she hurriedly looked at Ye Chen, full of apologies, and some begging and asking "Ye Chen, please, for my face, just spare my brother this time".

    Ye Chen hesitated for a moment and said to Dong Ruolin, "Let's take a step to talk."

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at Ye Chen, who has a nervous face and is afraid that he might be angry with you.

    Ye Chen looked at her and asked "In Jinling, there were a pair of brothers called Zhen Nan Shuang Fury who attempted to assassinate you, is there a relationship with Kong Delong?"

    Dong Ruo Lin quickly waved her hand "That incident wasn't done by my cousin, it was my cousin"

    "Your cousin?"Ye Chen frowned "Is he here?"

    Dong Ruolin shook her head and said, "It is said that after that incident last time, someone with a big influence warned the Dong family, my cousin zhishidaxue was guilty, so he hid abroad and never came back, this time grandmother's birthday, let him come back and he didn't come."

    Ye Chen nodded lightly and asked "So, you don't have any conflicts with this cousin of yours, Kong Delong, right?"

    "Right."Dong Ruolin busy "my cousin this person bar how to say it, cheap is built a little, and do not learn, but itself has not done anything harmful, just like to pretend."

    At this point, Dong Ruolin coquettishly begged "So, Ye Chen, don't get upset with him about this today, give me face, okay?"

    As Dong Ruolin spoke, she had already grabbed Ye Chen's arm with both hands, shaking it gently like a spoiled child, her face also full of pleading and shyness.

    Ye Chen was helpless, knowing that since Dong Ruolin had pleaded, he couldn't continue to embarrass her cousin even for the sake of his friend's face.

    The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are not going to be able to do anything.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.


Dong Ruolin was overjoyed and said excitedly, "Thank you so much Ye Chen!"

    Ye Chen was busy saying "Wait a while, I can stop asking him to swallow that pendant, but he still has to receive other punishments, otherwise I'm afraid he won't remember."

    Dong Ruolin hurriedly asked "Ye Chen, what punishment are you going to let him receive?It can't be worse than swallowing a locket, can it?"

    "No."Ye Chen smiled faintly and said "Don't worry about that, my punishment will be a good thing for him."

    Only then did Dong Ruolin put her mind at ease, her eyebrows said "Ye Chen, thank you, you've forgiven my brother for me, so give me a chance, let me repay you properly."

    Ye Chen was surprised and asked "How do you want to repay me?"

    Dong Ruo Lin deliberately winked and smiled "Of course it's a promise to give birth to you and then give you a big fat kid, what do you think?"

    Ye Chen said in a serious manner "Don't say such words in the future, I'm your best friend's husband!"

    I know, you two are just a fake marriage!And without the fact of marriage, the best solution for you two is actually to give each other freedom."

    Ye Chen shook his head helplessly and said, "I'm not going to talk to you about this, it's just talking to the bull."

    After saying that, he turned around and returned to the crowd.

    When the crowd saw him return, they hurriedly and consciously flashed a pathway.

    Kong Delong knelt on the ground and waited for Ye Chen's sentencing.

    Ye Chen said indifferently "xdefang Kong Delong, on account of the fact that you are cousin Ruo Lin, I can give you a chance this time, but it depends on whether you can grasp it or not."

    As soon as Kong Delong heard this, when tears came out of his voice, he said incessantly "Mr. Ye, thank you for lifting up your hand, don't worry, I will grasp, never go around pretending again!"

    Ye Chen said "It's useless to just talk about it, I can prevent you from swallowing that emerald pendant this time, but you have to use your actions to prove that you can really change your mind!"

    Kong Delong nodded his head as if pounding garlic "Mr. Ye, whatever you want, just tell me, I can definitely do it!"

    Ye Chen took a look at Dong Ruolin, "Ruolin a person in Jinling is also quite difficult, want me to say so, you, go to Jinling to Ruolin as a driver for a year, this year you have to honestly stay in Jinling, dare to run or dare to negativity, or dare to pretend in Jinling, I will personally feed jhanyong you eat a brick!"

    When Kong Delong heard this, his heart was bitter.

    How nourishing was life in Yanjing, how could that small place in Jinling be in his sights?

    Moreover, it's still to let yourself go there as a driver for your cousin for a year, that's under Ye Chen's nose, if you really go, you're afraid that you won't even be able to pretend or pick up girls for a year.

    However, thinking that if he didn't promise, he would have to swallow the emerald pendant, and that Gu Weiliang would definitely not let go of him, he could only bite his teeth and say, "Okay Mr. Ye, I will follow your instructions."

    Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said, "Alright, I think you can get ready to leave after this meal, it's quite a long way, and the road will be a toss-up for a dozen days or so, to say the least."

    "What?"Kong Delong was surprised and asked "Ye crazyde123 sir, from Yanjing to Jinling, the plane is only two hours ah"

    "By plane?"Ye Chen said disdainfully, "With you, you still deserve to fly?You're going to ride your bicycle, you're only allowed to sleep in tents and no hotels along the way, and if you take any other transportation in between, I'll break your legs!"


A heard to pedal a bicycle all the way from Yanjing to Jinling, and then stay in Jinling as a driver for a year, Kong Delong want to die of the heart.

    The key to this journey is more than 1200 kilometers, to really pedal a bicycle, would not put people to death?

    And to ride all the way south in the dead of winter and not allow yourself to stay in a hotel is too demanding, right?

    Kong Delong was so frustrated that tears rolled down his face if he wasn't careful.

    What the fuck is this?

    The third young master of the Confucius family is pedaling a bicycle to Jinling, and he's going to lose half his life.

    With this small body of mine, it would be amazing to ride 50-60 kilometers a day.

    Over 1,200 kilometers, that's twenty days of riding!

    But it's the last month of the year!

    He choked and said, "Mr. Ye, if I pedal my bike to Jinling now, when I get there it will be the first month, my sister will definitely have to go back to Yanjing for the New Year, wouldn't it be a waste of time for me to go over there?"

    Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, "The first month only arrived?Is that a leg with your ass down there?Eighty miles a day, fifteen days for sure!It's just like the end of the waxing moon."

    Condron cried out, pedaling an eighty-kilometer bicycle a day, isn't that old age?

    Usually okay, the key just after surgery, the range of motion a large, the knife is hidden tugging pain, I'm afraid that this way to suffer the old sins.

    Just as he was still trying to bargain, Gu Weiliang on the other side gritted his teeth and cursed, "You still have a fucking problem with that, don't you?I don't believe I'll make sure you can't even go back to Yanjing ever again!"

    Condron trembled violently in fear and nodded frantically, "I'm fine with that!That's fine with me!In fifteen days I will be in Jinling!"

    After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen again and choked, "Mr. Ye, can you let me leave after the New Year or I'll have to toss back for the New Year when I get to Jinling"

    Ye Chen laughed and asked him, "Kong Delong, do you still want to come back for the New Year?"

    Condron said with a dazed look on his face, "My sister will have to come back then too, so I can't stay there alone, right?"

    Ye Chen said: "After you arrive in Jinling, the scope of activities is limited to the administrative jurisdiction of Jinling City, I will then have someone install a gs locator on your ankle, as long as you leave Jinling, I will send someone to capture you, after the capture, I will not beat you or scold you, every time you are arrested, I will give you an extension of one year, if you escape more times, you will stay in Jinling for the rest of your life.Jaejoong!"

    Kong Delong cringed and panicked, "Mr. Ye, don't worry, when I arrive, I will not leave Jinling an inch"

    Saying that, he then asked Ye Chen, "Mr. Ye, there's something else I want to ask you, you see I've grown up so much, every lunar year is spent with my parents, you don't want me to spend this year alone in Jinling ah"

    Before Ye Chen spoke, Gu Weiliang spoke first, gritting his teeth as he cursed, "Kong Delong!What the fuck is wrong with you?Are you always bargaining with Mr. Ye?Mr. Ye gave you a face didn't he?"

    "No, no, no" Kong Delong gave up his last resistance and waved his hand in a panic "I'm not bargaining anymore I'll leave when the birthday banquet is over and not leave Jinling for half a year"

    On the side, Dong Xiuhua, who loved her son with all her heart.Seeing her son finally considered to have escaped the pain and danger of having another surgery, this was truly relieved, and hurriedly reassured, "Don't worry son, mom will have someone buy you the best bike, the best house in Jinling, buy the best car, never let you suffer in Jinling."

    Condron finally put his mind at ease.

    So much so, this punishment was fine.

    Anyway, when he went to Jinling, he only needed to avoid Ye Chen's sharp edge, and he could still lay low and enjoy life for the rest of the time.


The only more painful, is to pedal from the Yanjing bicycle to the Jinling this way.

    But also okay, pedal half a month bike is better than after surgery in bed for half a month.

    Moreover, his own last surgery suffered a major crime, and now has not recovered well, if this is followed by another time, the pain is afraid to double.

    But at this time Ye Chen spoke: "Let you go to Jinling to reform properly, you think it's for you to enjoy your happiness?I'm telling you, this time to Jinling, you can only ride the most common old Phoenix 28 bicycle, no other bikes allowed!If not, I'll make you haul a ground-row wagon full of bricks to Jinling!"

    "In addition you arrive in Jinling, in addition to the time you give Ruo Lin to drive, the rest of the time for me to rent a single room to live in the shantytown of the city village, even through the rent included, your monthly living expenses shall not exceed one thousand yuan!"

    "Don't worry, I'll have someone keep a good eye on you when you get to Jinling, and if you dare to spend more than a dollar, the remodeling period increases by one day, and if you get there and spend tens of thousands of dollars first, you'll never leave in this life!"

    When Kong Delong heard this, he felt like the sky was going to collapse.

    Letting him, a young master of the Kong family, go live in a city village!And no more than $1,000 a month, including rent!

    Wouldn't that be like sending yourself to eat dirt!

    He cried, "Mr. Yeh, I'm afraid a thousand dollars isn't even enough for rent."

    Ye Chen said coldly, "Don't worry, the level of consumption in Jinling is not as high as you think, renting a single room in a city village is only three hundred yuan a month, and the remaining seven hundred, accounting for more than twenty yuan a day, is enough for you to live."

    Ye Chen himself had been crawling at the bottom of the city for years, he knew too well the lifestyle of the poor.

    The rent in the city village was very cheap, back then a small bungalow was only a hundred dollars, food was also not expensive, the fly house in the alley, a veggie stir-fry dish was only two or three dollars, steamed buns back then a dollar could buy four, enough to eat for a day.

    Now it's only twice as much at most, and a thousand yuan is enough for one person and one month.

    Of course, that kind of life, naturally, can't talk about the standard of living, just to be able to eat a full meal.

    However, that kind of life was the best solution for a dude like Kong Delong, it would definitely cure his love of pretending.

    Kong Delong's entire body had collapsed when he heard this.

    A thousand dollars was honestly not enough for him to have a cigar.

    And now it was going to make him live for a month.

    Dong Xiuhua also cried out in distress, looked at Dong Ruolin and choked out, "Ruolin, please beg Mr. Ye again, don't push your brother to his death ah!"

    Dong Jorin was embarrassed at this point, so what was she supposed to say?I had already pleaded for my cousin once, and it was embarrassing for me to make myself talk at this time.

    After all, it was cousin who was looking for trouble in the whole matter, and he didn't want Ye Chen to be completely out of his way, then wouldn't that make Ye Chen suffer?

    Ye Chen was the savior of her several times and the only man she loved in her heart, she would rather this wretched dude's cousin be wronged than to let Ye Chen make compromises for her.

    So, she said awkwardly, "Auntie, you can't keep spoiling your cousin like this, you'll harm him in time!"

    Ye Chen spoke in a cold voice at this time, "Kong Delong, I advise you to agree to this as soon as possible before I change my mind, otherwise, I'll arrange for you to carry cement to the construction site in Jinling, there was a CEO of a GEM listed company in Jinling, named Zhang Jian, do you know what he's doing now?"

    Kong Delong shook his head in panic.

    Ye Chen sneered, "He's carrying cement at the construction site in Jinling right now, and he's going to carry enough for twenty years, do you want to go and be his companion?"


As soon as he heard that he was going to be asked to carry cement to the construction site, Kong Delong immediately shook his head frantically in fright

    Compared to living in a city village and living on a thousand dollars a month, it's still just a little bit of suffering and pain, if you really go to the construction site to carry cement, it's not likely that you'll have to leave half your life on the site.

    So, he nodded his head repeatedly almost without thinking "Mr. Ye, I'll accept those conditions you said and never bargain with you again, just don't let me go to the construction site".

    Ye Chen was only satisfied with this, cold voice "to Jinling good reform, do not always bullish and loud all day long, just like you cynical second son, stay in Yanjing, may make even more trouble, harm Dong family and Kong family".

    The brothers Dong Jianghai and Dong Jianghe at the side couldn't help but shrink their necks.

    Ye Chen's words were somewhat enlightening to them.

    This temperamental personality of Kong Delong, if he didn't grind him down a couple of times, he might really get into big trouble!

    Today, this matter was very representative, if he was not careful, he not only offended Ye Chen, but also the young master of the Gu family, if the young master of the Gu family really wanted to fight with him, the Dong family would definitely be doomed.

    Especially the Dong family's eldest son, Dong Jianghai, was even more annoyed in his heart.

    Kong Delong was not a member of the Dong family, and although he was his sister's child, he was still an outsider, and if he let this outsider pit his family against each other, he would really have no tears to cry.

    So, he said in a somewhat stern tone "Xiaolong ah to Jinling, you must be well rehabilitated, try to change all those stinky habits on you, not like you are now everywhere trouble, understand".

    Kong Delong faltered and said, "Understood, uncle."

    The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of the situation.

    Dong Jianghai also knew that Dong Xiuhua must have opinions in her heart, so he said to her in a heartfelt manner "Xiuhua, in the future ah, you must be strict discipline to Xiaolong, must not simply spoil and indulge further, otherwise in case Xiaolong caused trouble outside and brought trouble to the Kong family, you daughter-in-law, in the eyes of the Kong family, you also have the responsibility of improper discipline, understand".

    As soon as Dong Xiuhua heard this, she also suddenly realized in her heart that although big brother's words were not too close to the truth, they were all true.

    In case Kong Delong really made a big trouble and implicated the Kong family, he, the daughter-in-law of the Kong family, would definitely have to take the blame.

    Most of the people are biased, don't look at the old man and old lady of the Kong family are good to themselves, but once Kong Delong is to blame for causing trouble, they will definitely feel that they are more responsible than their own husbands in the matter of children's education.

    If the old man of the Kong family was really dissatisfied with himself because of this, then his position in the Kong family would definitely be greatly affected.

    After all, the current Dong family was much weaker than before, and if her mother's family was ineffective and her own husband was not valued in the Kong family, her status would naturally not go up, so if she was affected again because of the child's trouble, then she would not be able to hold her head up in the Kong family in the future.

    When she thought of this, she also said to Kong Delong with a serious face "Xiaolong you must change all those stinky habits on you in the future, understand?".

    Kong Delong could only honestly nod his head and agree.

    Now, he really didn't dare to pretend to be something else.

    A Jinling's door-to-door son-in-law could get himself into this miserable state, and if he really messed with the young master of the top family

    So, he quickly stated, "As soon as grandma's birthday banquet is over, I will immediately start pedaling to the Jinling, to the Jinling, must reflect on himself."

    At this point, a farce has finally come to an end.


From Kong Delong's hand, Ye Chen took the folding fan given by Gu Yanzhong and gave it to Dong Ruorin's grandmother with his own hands, saying "Grandmother Dong, this is a little bit of my and Choran's heart, I hope you will be smiling, in addition, the matter just now disturbed your birthday banquet, I am here to apologize to you, I also hope you can forgive me."

    The old lady was a little flattered and hurriedly said "Mr. Ye is polite, what happened just now was my grandson's fault, in the end it was our negligence and causing you trouble."

    Saying that, she looked at the folding fan and spoke, "Mr. Ye, this fan is too valuable, the old lady I really can't afford it."

    Ye Chen was busy saying "Grandmother Dong, the gift is just a token of appreciation, it has nothing to do with the value, you don't have to be polite, to be honest I didn't spend any money on this fan, it was gifted by the chairman of the Gu Group, I'm just borrowing the flowers to present the Buddha, so you don't have to be so polite with me."

    Master Dong on the side already knew that this fan was Gu Yanzhong's, and in his heart, he actually hoped that the old lady would accept it.

    After all, the fan itself had a high value, and the value attached to it behind it was even higher.

    With this fan, the Dong family and the Gu family would be considered to have a slight connection, and in case Gu Yanzhong was able to pull in the Dong family in the future on the face of this fan, wouldn't that be a huge profit!

    So, he then spoke up and said, "Oh my, Mr. Ye is really too polite we old husband and wife are also extremely grateful if Mr. Ye has any need for the Dong family's services in the future, just say the word, the Dong family will certainly go to".

    The old master saying such words was tantamount to accepting the gift.

    Ye Chen also knew that the old man had his own set of wisdom, so he nodded his head and said, "Grandpa Dong is too kind."

    In this way, the old lady also had no choice but to take the fan away.

    When Gu Weiliang saw this, he spoke up and instructed, "Let me tell you, Mr. Ye has a very high status in my uncle's heart, equal to half a son, if you make Mr. Ye happy in the future, the Gu family will naturally not treat you badly."

    The entire crowd hurriedly nodded their heads and said yes, their hearts also blossomed with joy.

    Especially Master Dong.

    The way he looked at Ye Chen was already no different from looking at his granddaughter-in-law.

    Dong Ruolin was a little trance-like, though.

    She really couldn't understand why Ye Chen was so capable of conquering a whole bunch of local tycoons in Jinling, even the third-ranked Gu family owner in Yanjing paid so much attention to him, was his feng shui reading skill so divine?

    When she thought of this, she felt somewhat inferior in her heart.

    Although she was the eldest granddaughter of the Dong family, and her looks were no inferior to other women, but compared to a man with endless potential like Ye Chen, she was still somewhat ashamed of herself and felt that she was really not good enough for him.

    However, she then remembered her best friend, Xiao Churan.

    She couldn't understand why Xiao Churan had such a good fate to have such a good man, preferring to enter the family, but also wanting to guard his side, what kind of luck it was!

    If she were in her place, she would have already given Ye Chen a bunch of children, taught each other every day, and was devoted to living with him.

    But what about Xiao Churan?

    She hasn't even had conjugal relations with Ye Chen yet

    Thinking about it, I felt bad for Ye Chen.


After that, the birthday banquet officially began.

    Ye Chen was served as the guest of honor and sat next to the old lady, along with Dong Ruolin and Gu Weiliang.

    After the banquet began, the Dong family took turns to toast him, their looks, tone, and actions were all full of compliments.

    Ye Chen didn't have any pretensions, he drank as soon as someone came to make a toast, even if Kong Delong was the only one who came to make a toast, he drank quickly.

    Gu Weiliang also carefully toasted Ye Chen during the period, licking his face and saying, "Mr. Ye, I have something else I want to ask you."

    Ye Chen knew what he wanted to say, it was nothing more than wanting to restore that aspect of his abilities.

    However, in light of the terrible actions that their two families of four had done to Gu Yanzhong's family, Ye Chen would never let them recover as they were now.

    Adults, they had to pay the price for their actions, otherwise how could they grow a memory and learn a lesson?

    So, he didn't wait for Gu Weiliang to finish his sentence before he interrupted lightly, "Gu Weiliang, you've watched this today from start to finish, you should also know why I want Kong Delong to go to Jinling to reform for a year, right?"

    "Yes yes yes!"The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and the company has been working hard to develop the new product.It'll give us something to look forward to, don't you think?"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "As you know, Kong Delong's evil deeds are not great, it's just a little bit of a cheap mouth, so I let Kong Delong reform for a year, but you four, you do things too much, before you even tried to threaten your personal lives, this nature, is much worse than Kong Delong!"

    Gu Weiliang's face was filled with cold sweat.

    He knew what Ye Chen meant.

    Kong Delong had fought with him and lost the fight and had to reform for a year.

    The crime of himself, his father, his third uncle and his cousin, four people forcing uncle to give up trillions of dollars of family property, and even threatening to settle his aunt and cousin after his death, was really much more serious than Kong Delong.

    Moreover, uncle was the good brother of Ye Chen's father Ye Chang-tao, aunt was the good sister of Ye Chen's mother, cousin was Ye Chen's fiancĂ©e who had made a marriage contract since childhood, with such a close relationship, Ye Chen must have hated the four of them even more to the bone!

    In other words, back to Kong Delong, Kong Delong playing the mouthpiece are transformed for a year, his own four people, would not be transformed for ten or twenty years!

    The thought that he might not be able to have children for the next ten to twenty years, much less be eligible for that aspect of comfort, Gu Weiliang wanted to die.

    With a bitter face, he begged, "Mr. Ye, just for my uncle's sake, spare us this time or you can shorten the reformation a little bit."

    Ye Chen said indifferently "This depends on your performance, if you perform well, three or five years may be enough, if you don't perform well, twenty or thirty years may also be possible."

    Gu Weiliang is about to cry, whispered "Young Master Ye, you will be my brother-in-law, I will be your brother-in-law, just look at this relationship, spare me, if the news that your brother-in-law is sexually incompetent spreads out, then your face will also lose face ah, don't you think so?".


Ye Chen laughed "I feel fine, nothing faceless."

    "Uh" Gu Weiliang almost collapsed.

    This Ye Chen was simply too greasy!

    I still wanted to rely on my cousin's relationship to trap him, but I didn't expect that people wouldn't give him a chance at all.

    Besides, even if you behave well, you might have to abstain from sex for three or five years.

    But other than that, he didn't have any other good solution, he could only respectfully and cheekily say "Brother-in-law, I will definitely behave well in the future, you can rest assured."

    Ye Chen said with a black face, "Don't talk nonsense, I'm not your brother-in-law."

    Gu Weiliang nodded his head self-consciously "I know, not yet, sooner or later will be."

    Ye Chen didn't bother to talk to him about such silly questions, so he simply stopped paying attention to him.

    Dong Ruolin leaned over at this time and asked him in a low voice "Ye Chen, when are you going back to Jinling ah?"


    "Huh?This early?Not spending more days in Yanjing?"

    "I've finished my business, there's nothing to stay for, I'll leave tomorrow."

    When Dong Ruolin heard this, she said without thinking "Then I'm also leaving tomorrow, let's go together, okay?Take the same flight back."

    Ye Chen originally wanted to refuse, but seeing her face full of pleading, he couldn't really say no.

    After all, it was normal for friends to fly together, and he couldn't intentionally not take the same flight with her.

    So, Ye Chen then said, "Okay, let's go together then."

    Dong Ruolin was busy, "Then you give me your ID information later, I'll buy the tickets together!"


    While the birthday feast was underway, Kong Delong's uncle and second uncle had already made arrangements for him to ride to Jinling.

    They arranged for their servants, procured an old model Phoenix 28 bicycle, also installed a luggage rack on the back of the bicycle that could bundle the surname Li, and then equipped him with a riding helmet, thicker down jacket, sleeping bag, tent, water bottle and such things.

    They were not really out of concern for this nephew, but wanted him to hurry on the road after eating, so as not to dawdle and make Ye Chen angry, in case he got the Dong family involved again, it would be a real loss.


    After listening to the cause and effect of this matter, Kong Ling Ce was angry and afraid, fortunately, this matter did not offend the Gu family, otherwise the Kong family is afraid of big trouble.

    So, he couldn't be bothered to come to his mother-in-law's birthday banquet, and rushed home to pack his son's things.

    When the birthday banquet was almost over, he drove over in a hurry.

    When Kong Delong saw his father coming, he hugged him and cried without saying a word.

    He was about to go to Jinling to reform for a year, and he had already guessed in his heart how hard the year would be, so he was grief-stricken when he saw his father.

    Kong Ling Ce was also helpless to the extreme.

    Although he also felt sorry for his son, he had been hanging around in Yanjing for so many years, he knew too well the nature of high society.

    In this high society, it was money that crushes people to death.

    The Kong family didn't look like they were usually bullish, but when they encountered a top family like the Gu family, they didn't even dare to fart, and since their son had offended the Gu family, as well as the Gu family's noble guests, this matter would definitely have to be paid for, or else the Kong family would have to suffer the Gu family's wrath along with it.

    There had been such a family before where the son had caused trouble, but was so protective of the calf that he had to use the entire family to carry it, and as a result, the family was almost bankrupt from being screwed over, not to mention that they couldn't save the son, and the son was directly ruined by the big family.

    Doing business with the big families nowadays is basically similar to walking a tightrope.

    If you want to do big business of more than a few hundred million dollars, you have to use financial leverage to do it, or else you won't be able to develop at all.

    Even Wanda Group, in order to develop rapidly, all owe a large number of loans to banks, Bi Guiyuan such a large enterprise, it is rumored that the debt alone is 900 billion.

    If it runs well, the speed of making money must be greater than the speed of repaying it, so it won't encounter a major situation.

    However, once the capital chain is broken, it could be doomed at any time.

    The three big families in Yanjing have a large number of banking and capital relations behind them, so if you really want to fix any company, directly from the capital chain, the other party itself will go bankrupt due to the breakage of the capital chain.

    Therefore, Kong Ling Ce was even more afraid of the strength of the Gu family than Kong Delong.

    It was precisely because of this that he was glad in his heart that it was only his son himself who was unlucky in the end, if he got the Kong family involved, he was afraid that he would be scolded to death by the old man!


When the birthday banquet was over and the guests were leaving, Kong Delong was already pushing his brand new Daxia 28 bicycle.

    Kong Delong suddenly remembered a popular song on a short video clip.

    What is it? Get on my beloved scooter!

    He thought about the song and looked at the old and ugly bike, and sighed in his heart, "If only I could go on a motorcycle, I could ride three to four hundred kilometers a day and get to Jinling in three days, and I wouldn't have to suffer too much on the way."

    Unfortunately, Ye Chen would not give him any room to bargain, he could only honestly push his 28 bicycle and prepare to set off.

    Uncle Dong Jianghai was holding a green riding helmet, intending to put it on him, he dodged as he awkwardly asked "Uncle, why did you buy me a green helmet?"

    "Don't mention it."Dong Jianghai said helplessly "I don't know what's going on, the helmets are being grabbed everywhere, the bike shop has already let the helmets go, only a few green ones are left unsold, I let someone buy one for you, it's still the most important thing to be safe."

    Kong Delong was about to cry.

    No wonder this helmet is unclaimed, it's green with oil, the fresh leeks are not as green as this helmet.

    Although he had a million dislikes in his heart, he knew that safety came first, otherwise if he fell and broke his brain, it would be the end of him.

    So he could only bite his teeth and let his uncle put the helmet on top of his head.

    Dong Jianghai got him the helmet's fixing strap, and pointed to the phone holder on the bike's handlebar, and said with a serious face "Xiaolong ah, this is uncle specially asked people to buy you a phone holder, you put the phone on the top clip, you can navigate on the road, more than a thousand kilometers, be sure to look at the map, don't run off the track."

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the map and ask him, "Uncle, why didn't you buy me a rechargeable battery, what if the phone runs out of power when I'm riding?"

    "Oops" Dong Jianghai slapped his head "forgot about this, why don't you wait a while, I'll have someone buy you one to go"

    The first thing you need to do is to get your own personalized product or service from the manufacturer.

    At this time, Kong Delong's father Kong Lingze patted him on the shoulder and earnestly said, "The road to Jinling is relatively easy, along the way are also very well developed cities, nothing wilderness, so you do not need to worry too much, the road to pay attention to safety, at night to the city to find a park big tent, ten days should be able to Jinling."

    Kong Delong cried and nodded.

    Confucius gave a long sigh and added "You ah, you must ride honestly all the way over, absolutely no sneaking in the middle, this is also an experience for you, understand?"

    Condron whimpered "I know dad"

    Dong Xiuhua also wiped her tears on the side and instructed, "When you are riding, be sure to pay attention to safety, and when you see a big car, hide a little, okay?"

    Condron choked "Okay Mom, I know."

    Master Dong also instructed, "Never calculate the time, don't be lazy, in case you go late, Mr. Ye will be angry."

    Kong Delong is incomparably depressed inside, this is still a parent grandfather is concerned with not even making Ye Chen angry

    The old lady was very gentle, and took out a yellow amulet from her pocket and handed it to Kong Delong, saying, "Little Long, this is the amulet that Lou Lou asked for from the Yonghe Palace when she was young, the high priest opened the light, it's very effective, Lou Lou has always carried it with her, and now Lou Lou is giving it to you, it will keep you safe."

    Condron nodded gratefully "Thank you grandma"

    Ye Chen, who hadn't spoken, spoke up at this time "Look, you've made progress now, at least you know how to say thank you to your family"

    Kong Delong was ashamed and whispered "Thank you Mr. Ye for teaching me, I will keep a low profile and behave myself in the future"


"Mm."Ye Chen nodded and said, "Alright, almost ready to go."

    At this time, Dong Jianghe also ran over with the rechargeable treasure, handed both the rechargeable treasure and the rechargeable cable to Kong Delong, and said, "Xiaolong, hold the rechargeable treasure!"

    Kong Delong put the charger into his backpack, wiped his tears and said to everyone "grandma, grandpa, dad, mom, uncle, second uncle, I'm leaving."

    The crowd waved at him as well "Let's go, be safe on the road!"

    Kong Delong looked at Ye Chen again and bowed at him "Mr. Ye, I'm leaving."

    Ye Chen mmmed and said "Make it quick, there is a penalty for delay."

    Kong Delong was busy nodding his head "Don't worry, I'll do my best!"

    Ye Chen waved a big hand "Okay, go you!"

    Kong Delong nodded, reluctantly looked at his relatives, then with great difficulty straddled the huge 28 bicycle, pedaled twice, and the car wobbled and rode out.

    Dong Xiuhua cried out with a cry of pain, and Kong Lingze, who was on the side, quickly took her in his arms and comforted her, saying, "Okay, Xiaolong has grown up, and it's time to take responsibility for his own actions."

    Dong Xiuhua cried and nodded her head, although she was heartbroken, she could not say anything else.

    Ye Chen then looked at Dong Ruolin and said seriously, "When your cousin arrives in Jinling, you must strictly restrain him, if he honestly reforms, he may still be able to wash his heart, otherwise, this person may be useless in the future."

    Dong Ruolin hurriedly responded and said, "Don't worry, I will be strictly restrained."

    "Mm."Ye Chen nodded and said, "Okay, I'm going back first."

    Dong Ruolin asked after her, "Then I'll book a plane ticket and tell you?"


    Dong Ruo Lin asked again "Do you want me to pick you up from where you live and take you to the airport with me?"

    Ye Chen waved his hand "No need, see you at the airport."

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I can.It's not a good place to get a cab, so why don't I drive you?"

    Ye Chen looked at him and nodded slightly "Okay."

    The entire Dong family sent Ye Chen and Gu Weiliang to the car together, watching the car drive away, before finally relieved.

    In the car, Gu Weiliang said with a flattering face "Mr. Ye, the way you handled Kong Delong is really a great pat on the back."

    Ye Chen said indifferently "It's just like that, you don't need to flatter me here."

    Gu Weiliang hurriedly said "I really am not flattering you, ordinary people solve such problems, often to teach each other a lesson and force the other to honor the bet, but you can open up and let him off the hook, but also to tailor such a set of transformation program, is absolutely very considerate!I believe Kong Delong will never dare to be arrogant and domineering again!"

    Ye Chen looked at him and asked rhetorically "What about you?Will you still dare to be arrogant and pull a knife on your own relatives in the future?"

    Gu Weiliang's entire demeanor was in a state of flux, and he took off, "No, no, absolutely not!"


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