Secret Identity 1581-1590


Chapter 1581

At this moment, Ye Chen had followed Dong Ruolin into the villa.

    These big families in Yanjing, the mansions were all very luxurious, once you entered, just the living room alone was almost as big as a small banquet hall.

    At this time, there was a boisterous crowd inside, many of Yanjing's more influential figures were gathered here, chatting eagerly in groups.

    Old Mrs. Dong, accompanied by her old companion, was laughing with a few old friends of similar age.

    Dong Ruolin hurriedly said to Ye Chen, "My grandmother is over there, I'll take you over to meet her."

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "That's just right to give the gift I prepared to your grandmother."

    They arrived in front of the pair of old people, and Dong Ruolin smiled and said to them, "Grandparents, let me introduce you, this is my college classmate, his name is Ye Chen!"

    The old lady hurriedly smiled and said, "Oh my, it's Ruo Lin's college classmate![PENCIL 520] welcome welcome!"

    Saying that, the old lady asked again, "By the way Ruo Lin, I remember that there was a young girl in your college classmates at that time who was very close to you, her name was Xiao Choran, right?"

    Ye Chen picked up at this time and said, "Hello Granny Dong, I am Xiao Churan's husband, actually Churan has always wanted to personally come over to pay her respects to you, but there are really a lot of things at home that she can't get away from, so she let me come over on her behalf, please forgive me!"

    The old lady smiled and said, "Oh my, so that little girl Choran is now married!"

    After saying that, she looked at Dong Ruolin again, and said seriously: "Ruolin ah, you see, your college classmates are getting married one after another, just you do not even have a boyfriend now, you simply listen to grandmother's words, do not go to Jinling again, in Yanjing find a good boyfriend, early marriage grandmother also feel at ease ah."

    Dong Ruolin's heart was already filled with mixed emotions at this point.

    She liked Ye Chen, and it was the kind of liking that went deep into the marrow, so in her heart, she had already decided not to marry Ye Chen.

    But unfortunately, Ye Chen was the nominal husband of her good lady friend, and now that even her own family knew about it, wouldn't it be even more impossible for her to be with Ye Chen in the future?

    Although the Dong family wasn't considered a top family in Yanjing, they were at least respectable, so how could they let their granddaughter be with a man who was married?

    Even if he's divorced, it's a second marriage, and it's humiliating to spread the word.

    Thinking of this, she was extraordinarily lost in her heart.

    Just at this moment, a discordant voice came out, "Lou Lou!Grandma!"

    Dong Ruolin turned her head and saw her cousin, Kong Delong, striding over with a smug look on his face.

    She subconsciously asked, "Cousin, I heard that you had surgery a while ago?How's the recovery going now?"

    As soon as Kong Delong heard her ask about the surgery, he got a little annoyed and said with annoyance, "Quickly don't mention this shit about the surgery to me, I'm fucking pissed when I think about it!"

    Old Mrs. Dong was a little distressed and said, "Ruo Lin, you don't know, your cousin suffered greatly a while ago!"

    Ye Chen didn't turn back at this point, but he also heard that the voice did sound familiar.

    Upon careful thought, he captured the identity of the owner of this voice in his mind.

    Wasn't this, the young master of the Kong family, Kong Delong, who was forced to swallow a string of gemstone necklaces by himself at Song Wanting's house at that time?

    What?Is he a cousin of Charlene Tung?

    Also, Kong Delong calls Dong Ruorin's grandmother grandma, so that means he's Dong Ruorin's aunt's child.

    That's kinda interesting.


Just then, Dong Ruolin said to Kong Delong, "Brother, let me introduce you to my college classmates!"

    As soon as the words came out, Ye Chen turned around with a smile on his face, and the moment Kong Delong saw him, it was like he had seen a ghost alive!

    He was halfway back in shock, and then he had begun to grit his teeth, "Yes!Yip!I'm fucking worried about finding you, how dare you come to my grandmother's house, I'm not going to kill you today!"

    Dong Ruo Lin was shocked and spoke out of turn, "Brother, what do you mean by that?Ye Chen is a guest, why are you talking to him like that?"

    Condron gritted his teeth and said, "Do you know why I had an operation?"

    Dong Ruo Lin blurted out, "I heard my mother say that you swallowed a necklace."

    "Right!"Condron said angrily, "Why did I swallow the necklace?It's fucking because of this motherfucker!"

    Ye Chen snorted, "Young Master Kong, be reasonable in speech and generous in deed, did I force you to swallow that necklace?Or did I break open your mouth and stuff it in your stomach?"

    Condron didn't say anything.

    What to say?

    There was nothing wrong with Ye Chen's words, it was true that he didn't force himself to swallow the necklace, he was the one who had lost a bet with him and couldn't get down, so he bit his teeth and swallowed it.

    But, wasn't he still the culprit, the culprit?

    Thinking of this, Kong Delong cursed harshly, "Surname Ye!Don't you fucking talk to me like that!This is the debt I want to settle with you!"

    Ye Chen ignored him and instead turned to Old Lady Dong, handing over the gift box he had brought and said seriously, "Grandmother Dong, this is the birthday gift that Choran and I have prepared for you, please be able to laugh at it."

    The old lady didn't understand what kind of conflict Ye Chen had with his grandson, but after all, he was an elder of a big family and was still very polite, so she reached out her hand to take the gift and said, "Then thank you and Choran for your kindness."

    Kong Delong's eyes looked at Ye Chen ignoring himself, and his entire body almost exploded with anger.

    He snatched the gift box from his own grandmother's hand, and then he just dropped it on the ground, pointing at Ye Chen and cursing, "Surnamed Ye, now get the hell out of here, then go back to Jinling and prepare for my death, I'll go to Jinling in two days and kill you myself!"

    Ye Chen wasn't angry, he just said indifferently, "Kong Delong, for Ruo Lin's sake, I'll call you Young Master Kong, but you shouldn't stomp on my nose, otherwise, don't blame me for disregarding Ruo Lin's face!"

    Dong Ruo Lin on the side was also very angry and scolded, "Cousin, what the hell are you doing!Ye Chen is a guest!Why did you kick him out?Why should you throw away someone's gift to grandma?"

    After saying that, he bent down and picked up the gift box that had fallen open, as well as the fan in the gift box.

    Kong Delong despised it and said, "What the fuck can this kind of bitch give grandmother?It's just a broken fan, and only a hangman like him can get his hands on it!"

    Old Mrs. Dong sighed helplessly.

    What kind of virtue her own grandson was, the old lady knew it all too well.

    Although she heard that Ye Chen might be inextricably linked to his grandson's surgery, but judging from this meaning, 80% of the blame is also his grandson's self-inflicted and self-inflicted suffering, the responsibility may not be on Ye Chen's shoulders.

    So, she said seriously, "Delong, you're such a big man, why are you still talking so superficially?The gift represents the heart, regardless of the price."

    As soon as Kong Delong heard this, he immediately pulled out a gift box from his pocket, and after opening it, what was inside, was a green jade carved Maitreya.

    At a glance, the emerald was an imperial green with excellent seed water, the material was excellent, without any flaws, and it was perfectly carved, with a circle of diamonds set next to it, which was quite shining.

    He handed the jade necklace to Mrs. Dong and said unconvincingly, "Grandmother, this jadeite jade Buddha is an old pit imperial green, worth at least thirty million, and that broken fan looks like a few hundred dollars, and there are plenty of them in Panjiayuan.Trash is trash, and no matter how well it's packaged, it can't be worth anything!"


Ye Chen saw that Kong Delong still had this face, not to sneer "I say Kong Delong, you are also a person who remembers what you eat, how did you swallow the necklace last time, have you forgotten all about it?"

    Last time, the main reason why Kong Delong was forced to swallow that string of gemstone necklaces was because he lost a bet to Ye Chen.

    He felt that he was already great by taking a necklace of tens of millions of dollars at that time, while at the same time he belittled the rejuvenation pill that Ye Chen gave Song Wanting as a gift to be worthless.

    However, he didn't expect that a rejuvenation pill would go straight to a sky-high price of 2 billion RMB at Song Wanting's birthday party.

    However, Kong Delong had been mulling over this matter since his return, and the more he mulled over it, the more he felt that something wasn't quite right.

    He always felt that it was impossible for someone to be willing to spend 2 billion on such a silly contraption.

    So the biggest possibility should actually be that Li Tailai, who teamed up with Ye Chen and the two of them to sing a double act for himself.

    Although Li Tailai had apparently spent 2 billion, it was likely that after turning around, Ye Chen had returned the money to him again.

    Therefore, he hated Ye Chen even more.

    Originally, he was planning to go to Jinling to settle the score with him after the New Year, but he didn't expect that he had taken the initiative to come to Yanjing and also to his grandmother's house, which made him immediately hate him.

    If it wasn't for the fact that it was the birthday banquet, he would have even hated to immediately call someone over and directly beat Ye Chen half to death.

    So, he immediately shouted at Ye Chen "Surnamed Ye, the last time you fucking counted me out, I haven't settled the score with you yet, and now you dare to come to Yanjing and pretend to be a punk".

    Saying that, he asked with an angry face "Tell me the truth, is that Li Tailai with you last time".

    Ye Chen snorted disdainfully and said "If you can't afford to lose then just say so, there's no shame, but if you can't afford to lose and still play the scoundrel, that's a bit humiliating."

    Kong Delong got angry all of a sudden and gritted his teeth "You fucking say I can't afford to lose I will fucking lose"

    Ye Chen smiled and asked "If you can afford to lose, then let's bet again."

    Kong Delong immediately said "What's the good bet, you tell me."

    Ye Chen Road "Didn't you say that the fan I gave away is only worth a few hundred yuan? so, if I this fan, than your emerald before, you eat your emerald, just like the last time you ate the gemstone necklace."

    "Grass" Kong Delong once he heard him mention that he had swallowed the necklace again, he was on fire "Kid, you're fucking looking for death right believe it or not I'll fucking let someone kill you."

    Dong Ruolin said angrily "Cousin, Ye Chen is my friend, don't go too far."

    "It's too much" snorted Kong Delong "It's not bad yet, you think it's too much I tell you, old grudge, I'll definitely kill him this time."

    Ye Chen laughed "Look, said you can't afford to lose and you still won't admit it, this is a dog desperate to jump off the wall, still talking tough how, is not afraid to gamble"

    "I don't dare to bet" said Kong Delong "I've carefully chosen a fucking imperial green jade pendant, it won't be as good as a broken fan from you" what a fucking international joke.

    Saying that, Kong Delong sternly questioned "What if you lose? Dare you to eat this fan of yours?"


Ye Chen nodded his head "Yes ah, then let's make a deal, if I lose, I'll eat the fan, if you lose, you'll eat the emerald pendant."

    "Grass" Kong Delong gritted his teeth "OK I don't fucking believe it just like that it's a deal I'm 24 million for this jade transaction, I have the transaction records as proof, how much can this broken fan of yours be worth"

    Ye Chen didn't know exactly how much the fan was worth.

    However, he knew that Qi Baishi's paintings had been skyrocketing in recent years, and the rate at which his paintings rose in price was much faster than that of emeralds.

    Although this was just a fan, it was by no means a random piece of graffiti, but a very carefully painted picture of good fortune and longevity.

    Qi Baishi's top painting, Pine and Cypress High Standing, had been auctioned at a maximum of over four hundred million yuan for a single piece, and it was still ten years old, so if it was put up for auction now, it might even break through eight hundred million.

    Gu Yanzhong was not an ordinary person, and the things he collected, even if it was just a pair of fans, were definitely superior works of Old Man Whitehead.

    Since it was a superior work, I'm afraid the fan face alone would cost tens of millions of dollars, and with the addition of the fan bone with the perfect gold tumor scar, the price must be far above 24 million.

    So, Ye Chen then spoke up "You can have someone who knows how to paint come and appraise how much the fan face is worth."

    "The fan" Kong Delong left his mouth "What the hell, the painting is ugly as hell"

    Next to it, someone who knows what he's talking about immediately exclaimed, "Oh my, this seems to be a painting by Qi Baishi, the fan of the Fu Shou Tu, this fan is very famous."

    "Yeah" someone chimed in "This fan, it seems to have been auctioned at Christie's a few years back, and if I remember correctly, it should have been auctioned off by the Gu family's chairman, for 48.88 million."

    "Chairman Gu is the same Chairman Gu who yesterday announced his recovery and regained control of the Gu Group in a high-profile manner."

    "Yes, that's him,"

    "Strange, why does this young man have Chairman Gu's stash in his hands? He couldn't have stolen it, could he?"

    "Stealing that's unlikely, but it can't be real, I guess it's an imitation, or I'm looking for a contemporary master to copy it."

    When Kong Delong heard these conversations, with a bit of a sneer on his lips, he said to Ye Chen "Good Ye Chen, and even fucking fooled my grandmother with a fake, you're really looking for death."

    Kong Delong's grandmother said awkwardly "Oh my, you two just don't fight like children here, the courtesy is light, why do you need to explore the real price it Delong, you take a step back, after all, people Ye Chen is a guest and has come from afar"

    "How can that be" said Kong Delong gritting his teeth "Lou Lou, this grandson has screwed me over, I definitely won't let up with him this time"

    Saying that, he shook the folding fan in his hand and sneered "Oh I say Ye Chen ah, if this fan of yours is real, it is indeed worth more than my jade, but this thing of yours is a fake ah, it's amazing if it can be worth three thousand fucking yuan, how about it, eat it quickly"

    Ye Chen smiled and asked "What makes you say it's fake? Are you an appraisal expert?"

    Kong Delong pointed at the crowd watching around him and said "I'm sure you heard what everyone just said, do you still want to talk tough"

    Said Kong Delong in disgust "This fan's true, that's in the hands of Chairman Gu of the Gu Clan, can a slinger like you still get his hide from Chairman Gu?"

    Ye Chen laughed "You're right, this fan is really a gift from Chairman Gu, I just heard someone beside me say that it was auctioned off at 48.88 million back then, that's already twice as expensive as your emerald pendant, so I'm not going to bullshit with you, just swallow that pendant."


"I'll swallow your sister!"

    Kong Delong shouted coldly, "To the end of your life, you're still fucking tough, even if you lie, you still dare to bring Chairman Gu in, if Chairman Gu is blamed, can you fucking afford it?"

    Ye Chen smiled, "If you don't believe me, give Chairman Gu a call and ask him if he gave me this fan with his own hands or not."

    "I pooh!"Kong Delong trailed off, "Not even my identity as the young master of the Kong family is qualified to contact Chairman Gu directly, is that why you're unscrupulously pretending to be here, knowing that I can't get Chairman Gu to confirm the truth or not?"

    Ye Chen laughed without comment, "This kind of thing is meaningless to talk about, it's better to find a professional authority to come over and take a look at it."

    "No need."Kong Delong sneered, "Let me tell you, I have specially invited Gu Weiliang, the eldest son of the Gu family today, if this thing of yours is real, then this is the collection of the eldest uncle of the Gu family, and when the time comes, it will be clear what exactly is going on!"

    When Ye Chen heard this, he even laughed out loud, "Fine, since you have to wait for the Gu family's grand prince, let's wait for him to come."

    Kong Delong was surprised that Ye Chen wasn't even scared at all, not even a little bit guilty.

    If he had been in his place and taken an imitation of a hide that had come to impersonate the Gu family's Gu chairman, and heard that the Gu family's grand duke was coming over, then he would have quickly snuck away to avoid being caught by the Gu family's grand duke.

    But Ye Chen had no intention of running away at all.

    This made him wonder why this kid was so determined.

    It seemed like he really still had some connections in Jinling, but he couldn't really climb into Gu Yanzhong's shoes, could he?

    Who the hell is Gu Yanzhong?The head of the third largest family in Yanjing, the Gu family!

    Not to mention Ye Chen, even his own father can't climb this level of relationship, he Ye Chen is just a superfluous son-in-law from a small place in Jinling, why can he get involved with Gu Yanzhong?It's simply not possible!

    Just then, someone shouted, "The Grand Duke of the Gu Family is visiting!"

    The crowd was suddenly in their twelfth spirit.

    Even Dong Ruolin's grandparents were hastily serious.

    Don't look at the fact that Gu Weiliang was only a young man in his twenties in the Gu family, but in the eyes of the Dong family and all the guests, he could be considered the one with the biggest and highest status at this birthday banquet, and even the birthday girl, Old Madam Dong, had to be polite and even flattering in front of Gu Weiliang.

    At this time, under the gaze of everyone, Gu Weiliang stepped in with a arrogant face.

    Dong Ruolin's father and uncle, full of obsequiousness, followed him, nodding and bowing, a completely unabashed kneeling gesture.

    Today, Gu Weiliang originally didn't intend to come over, because his relationship with Kong Delong was just average, and although the Kong family was now a little stronger than the Dong family, it was still much, much worse than the Gu family, so Gu Weiliang didn't look down on Kong Delong at all.

    But the reason why he was still willing to come, the main reason was to hear Kong Delong say that he had a sister who was really extremely good-looking, who happened to be back from Jinling, and wanted to introduce him to her.


    In fact, this was also human nature, the ancient eunuchs, in the palace also often with the maids to eat, has long been no secret.

    Plus, Gu Weiliang had long heard that the Dong family's granddaughter Dong Ruolin was as beautiful as the heavens, just this time there was an opportunity, so he thought of coming over to take a look and get to know her.

    As soon as he saw Gu Weiliang come in, Dong Ruolin's grandfather immediately took a step forward and said with enthusiasm and respect, "Young Master Gu, I didn't know you were coming, and I'm sorry for your absence."

    Gu Weiliang waved his hand lightly and said, "I also heard from Delong that today is his grandmother's premiere and invitation to come over to hold the show, that's why I rushed here to interrupt."

    Dong Ruolin's grandfather was busy saying, "Young Master Gu, you can come and make the Dong family proud, how can you be considered an intrusion!"


Saying that, the old man immediately greeted Dong Ruo Lin and spoke, "Come, Ruo Lin, get acquainted with Young Master Gu!"

    Dong Ruolin's grandfather, uncle, and father had surprisingly consistent views on Dong Ruolin's life's work.

    They all felt that Dong Ruolin should marry a top family's young master, so that she could bring enough help to the Dong family.

    This was why they arranged for Dong Ruolin to work for the Jinling Imperial Group.

    However, Dong Ruolin had been going to Jinling for so long and hadn't even seen the chairman of the Imperial Hero Group, so they had gradually lost patience with this matter.

    Now, they looked at Gu Weiliang in front of them and all had the same idea, hoping that Dong Ruolin would be able to be with Gu Weiliang, and then the Dong family would be able to soar to the sky.

    The moment Gu Weiliang saw Dong Ruorin, his eyes looked straight.

    Although there were many beautiful women in Yanjing, there weren't many beautiful women in the big families.

    After all, it was hard for a person to have an extremely good origin and an extremely good appearance at the same time.

    The Dong family was in a bit of a downward spiral right now, but Dong Ruorin could be really beautiful to look at!

    So, Gu Weiliang was instantly smitten with Dong Ruolin.

    He immediately stretched out his hand to Dong Ruolin and said in a very gentlemanly manner, "Miss Dong, it's a pleasure to meet you!"

    Dong Ruolin's expression was somewhat cold, she deliberately didn't extend her hand, but nodded and said, "It's also a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Gu."

    At the side, Dong Ruolin's father, Dong Jianghe, immediately scolded, "Ruolin!Why are you so rude?Why don't you shake hands with Young Master Gu?!"

    Dong Ruolin said, "Sorry ah Mr. Gu, I just touched the stray cat at the door, I didn't wash my hands."

    Gu Weiliang is somewhat upset, this Dong Ruo Lin is so big of a shelf, not even shaking hands with himself, this is also too disgraceful!

    However, he didn't get angry on the spot, but thought to endure a wave first to leave a good impression on Dong Ruoling, as well as facilitate the next in-depth development.

    At this time, Kong Delong hurriedly ran over with the folding fan that Ye Chen brought, while respectfully greeting Gu Weiliang, and said: "Oh my young master Gu, you're here just in time, there is a fool, holding a fan of your uncle to spout nonsense, must say that it is true, I suspect that this kid is deliberately taking the imitation to pretend, but also fox fake tiger want to use the reputation of Chairman Gu to pretend!"

    Saying that, he immediately opened the fan and handed it to Gu Weiliang and said respectfully, "Young Master Gu, look, it's this fan!You tell us, is this true?"

    Gu Weiliang frowned, he didn't know shit about antiques, how could he tell what was real or fake, he didn't even know what the origin of the fan was.

    Wondrous at this time, Kong Delong said flatteringly, "This fan, is Qi Baishi old man's blessing and longevity picture, it is said that your uncle auctioned it down at a sky-high price of 48.88 million back then!"

    As soon as Gu Weiliang heard this, he thought in his heart, if it was really uncle's collection, then uncle would definitely not sell it.

    After all, he valued antiques and curios very highly, like the brave soldier, he only entered but did not leave, and over the years, he had bought all sorts of famous paintings, and it was said that the paintings alone were worth tens of billions.

    Although the sale price of this fan was only 48.88 million, but with his knowledge of his uncle, hiding it in his hands would never bring it out.

    What's more, he didn't even know the Dong family, and they didn't have a chance to curry favor with him, so how could he take out his own collection as a gift for Old Lady Dong?

    Therefore, it can be concluded that the sector in front of us is definitely a fake!

    Thinking of this, Gu Weiliang immediately asked in a cold voice, "Where is this idiot who even dares to impersonate my uncle's hide?Live and let live!"


As soon as Kong Delong heard Gu Weiliang scolding him, he immediately became happy.

    If Gu Weiliang was also unhappy with Ye Chen, then Ye Chen would definitely die this time!

    By then, not only would he be forced to swallow the fan, but he would also be forced to kneel before him and call himself grandfather!

    So, he pointed at Ye Chen and blurted out, "Mr. Gu, it's this idiot!"

    Gu Weiliang's eyes were just now all grown up on Dong Ruolin, plus the Dong family flattered around him in a circle, so he didn't even see Ye Chen who was not far away.

    At this time, he followed the direction of Kong Delong's finger to look at Ye Chen and was suddenly scared out of his wits!

    "Yeh Yeh Chen?!Why is he here?"

    He felt a chill down his back at the thought of Ye Chen easily crippling a War God, a Realm Lord, and causing four men in his family to lose their fertility!

    nrebs What's even more frightening isn't Ye Chen's bizarre strength, but Ye Chen's identity ah!

    On that day, Ye Chen announced his true identity in the meeting room of the Gu Group... he was the young master of the Ye family!The son of Yanjing legend Ye Changyan!

    On top of that, Ye Chen also had a twenty-year marriage contract with his cousin Gu Qiuyi, so in case he did marry his cousin in the future, it would be like owning half of the Gu Clan ah!

    After all, uncle Gu Yanzhong could be the only daughter of Gu Qiuyi, and the future family fortune would definitely be inherited by Gu Qiuyi alone.

    After all, Gu Qiu Yi was a woman, if she married Ye Chen, it would be like taking all of Gu Yanzhong's assets as a dowry cheaply, and by then, Ye Chen would probably become the top tycoon in the country, bar none!

    So, with so many reasons added together, he was really scared to the bone of Ye Chen.

    But he had never dreamed that the "idiot" that Kong Delong, the dog bastard, had said was Ye Chen!

    And to top it off, you're such a cheap mouth!It was followed by a curse of stupidity, wouldn't that offend Ye Chen to death!

    Thinking of this, 88 Gu Weiliang panicked and smacked himself a loud slap, before saying to Ye Chen with a nervous face, "Mr. Ye, I'm sorry, I didn't expect it to be you here, just now I didn't see you, a momentary slip of the tongue, please don't take it to heart."

    Everyone in the room was scared silly.

    Especially Kondragon!


    He originally hated that Gu Weiliang could pull out a gun from his pocket and kill this idiot Ye Chen on the spot to relieve his hatred.

    But never in his wildest dreams did he think that Gu Weiliang would slap himself and be so respectful to Ye Chen!

    What the hell?

    Ye Chen, this idiot, couldn't have fooled the Gu family as well, could he!

    Dong Ruolin's entire person was also like a lightning strike.

    Ye Chen is what kind of status, she couldn't be clearer, formerly an orphan, then a hangman, into his lady friend's family has also been not much status, this recent year by reading feng shui for others, gradually have some improvement.

    However, improvement is improvement, even the young master of the Gu family, the third ranked top family in Yanjing, is so respectful to him, this is really too unbelievable, right?

    Ye Chen, who is now indifferent, looked at Gu Weiliang and asked, "What?You know Master Kong?"

    Gu Weiliang was shivering at Ye Chen's expressionless words, and when he thought that he was the one who had been led into the ditch by Kong Delong, the bastard, he was so angry that he grabbed his collar and raised his hand to slap him several times!


He died while smacking ssdzgj, while cursing angrily, "Kong Delong, you're really fucking tired of living!Even Mr. Yip dares to yell at me!I'll smack your fucking mouth!"

    Kong Delong was immediately smacked mouth full of blood, cheeks high swollen, eyes full of horror, but a word can not be said.

    At this time, a middle-aged noble woman while rubbing hand cream, while coming out of the hall next to the bathroom, saw Kong Delong was beaten, a cry of alarm, while running over, while cursing "which son of a bitch, dare to beat my son!".

    The one who speaks, is Kong Delong's mother, Dong Ruolin's aunt, Dong Xiuhua.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the newest version.

    Gu Weiliang heart is hating, seeing her run to the front, raised his foot and kicked her out.

    The first time I was in the hospital, I had to go to the hospital to see if I could find a doctor.How can we let him bully Little Dragon in the Dong family!"

    The big brother of Dong Xiuhua, Dong Jianghai, shouted sternly, "Are you blind?Can't you see that this is Young Master Gu?!"

    Dong Xiuhua's entire body was startled, just now he only saw someone beating his son, so he immediately rushed over to try to help, but as soon as he reached the front, he was kicked away, and didn't even see Gu Weiliang's appearance clearly.

    Now that she heard the big brother say that, she hurriedly fixed her eyes to look, and this time, she was scared out of her wits!

    Holy shit!

    You really are the young master of the Koo family!

    yitaofan how strong is that Gu family!Even if the Dong family and the Kong family were added together and multiplied by two, they might not be a match for others.

    So, if the young master of the Gu family beats his own son, then it's not just a matter of beating him?What can you say for yourself?

    But what the heck is going on here!

    Didn't the son say that he had a hard time inviting the young master of the Gu family over to hold court today?

    According to this, the son and the young master of the Gu Family must be ordinary friends, right?

    Then why did Young Master Gu hit him!It doesn't make sense!

    So, she couldn't care about the pain in her body, crying and begging, "Young Master Gu, Xiaolong is your friend, where he did not do well, you out of friendship more burden, there is no need to beat him to death ah!".

    The first time I saw him, he was in the middle of a fight, and the second time I saw him, he was in the middle of a fight, and the third time I saw him, he was in the middle of a fight.

    "This rongyaoss this"

    Dong Xiuhua asked eagerly and surprised "Which one is Mr. Ye, what's going on here?"

    Dong Ruolin also came back to her senses at this time and hurriedly came to plead in front of Ye Chen "Ye Chen, please say something, don't let Young Master Gu keep on fighting so much, this fight will be fatal"

    Ye Chen saw Dong Ruolin's anxious face and knew that she also cared about her cousin, so he spoke to Gu Weiliang, "It's almost done, don't fight anymore."

    What Gu Weiliang was waiting for was Ye Chen's words.

    Because he was led by Kong Delong, the idiot, to scold Ye Chen, so he knew very well that if Ye Chen wasn't satisfied, he couldn't say anything to stop.

    Seeing Ye Chen finally call for a stop, he was relieved and kicked Kong Delong to the ground, cursing, "If it wasn't for Mr. Ye's mercy, I'd fucking have to kill you!"


Kong Delong wanted to die at the moment.

    He really couldn't understand what Ye Chen had that could make even the Gu family's young master respect orangeae to him!

    Even if he really was some kind of feng shui master, he couldn't give him face like that, could he?

    However, he didn't dare to ask such a question.

    After all, looking at it now, this Gu Weiliang was really respectful to Ye Chen.

    Dong Jianghai on the side had already seen that Gu Weiliang wasn't the most honorable guest today, this kid surnamed Ye was!

    So, he hurriedly said to Kong Delong "Bruce!You're still not going to apologize to Mr. Ye!"

    Kong Delong did not think that the uncle actually yungtan yelled for himself to apologize to Ye Chen, this is really a self family is not towards himself.

    However, he counted her heart to Ye Chen although there are ten thousand displeasure, this time does not dare to make an excuse with Ye Chen, can only cry to Ye Chen said "Mr. Ye, I'm sorry, I should not scold you, but also hope that you adults do not care about the little man".

    Ye Chen waved his hand "These are all trivial matters, and I didn't take it to heart at all."

    Kong Delong was instantly relieved, not expecting Ye Chen to not be a calculating person, so he quickly cupped his fist at Ye Chen and said "Thank you Mr. Ye for your generosity."

    Ye Chen waved his hand "There's no need to say polite words, I won't bother with you if you scolded me just now, but the bet we made should still continue, as the saying goes, a gentleman's word is hard to follow."


    As soon as Kong Delong heard Ye Chen say that he wanted to continue the bet, his entire body instantly fell to the bottom!

    Originally, he felt that this folding fan of Ye Chen's must be an imitation bought from outside, and could never be the real one that Chairman Gu collected.

    So the price of this fake was naturally not much higher, and even if it was the best painter, it couldn't be more expensive than the emerald pendant he had prepared.

    However, now it seemed that the situation had reversed.

    Because, the young master of the Gu family, Gu Weiliang, was so respectful towards Ye Chen, then this proved that Ye Chen was definitely a very important person in the eyes of the Gu family!

    Since that's the case, it's very likely that the folding fan in your hand is really Gu Yanzhong's to Ye Chen!

    Someone just said that Gu Yanzhong spent $48.88 million on this Qi Baishi fan that year!

    That alone is more than double the price of your own emerald pendant!

    What's more, the collection market has been soaring in recent years, especially the painting market is riding high, Qi Baishi's paintings more and more expensive not to say, and these years has rarely appeared in the auction market 237937.

    The reason for this is that the prices of Qi Baishi's paintings have risen so fast that collectors hope to hold them for a while longer and sell them when the appreciation of value slows down temporarily.

    Therefore, at this time, the price of Qi Baishi's paintings will only be more expensive than in previous years.

    If this fan was really put up for auction, it would be at least at the level of 60-70 million.

    Even more so, it was far more expensive than his own emerald pendant that was sold at 24 million.

    Thinking of this, Kong Delong was terrified.

    Ye Chen had to continue the bet, then according to the agreement, he would have to swallow the emerald pendant if he lost as well


But I just had surgery a while ago for swallowing a jewel necklace!

    If you swallow this emerald pendant now, won't you have to go to lqcgzx for another surgery!

    As soon as he thought of this, he was terrified and cried and crawled in front of Ye Chen, begging bitterly "Mr. Ye, I really know I'm wrong, please forgive me this time, I just finished surgery some time ago, the wound has just healed hl117 closed, if I have to go through it again, I'm afraid I'm going to die".

    The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the situation.You'll let him off the hook this time!"

    Ye Chen smiled and said "This matter is not whether I let him go or not, but he is stubbornly sticking to me, the last matter was started by him, today's matter is the same, he himself had to bet with me, can I still be blamed if he lost the bet?"

    The other side, Gu Weiliang, echoed the sentiment, "Damn, Kong Delong, you made a bet with Mr. Ye, you lost and still want to disown him, right?Fine, in that case, don't blame me for turning my back on you in the future!"

    Kong Delong frantically waved his hand "No, no, I admit it!I admit it!"

    At this time, Kong Delong has already seen the situation in front of him, if he doesn't admit today, Gu Weiliang will definitely not let him go, and maybe he won't be able to make a living in Yanjing in the future, and he might even implicate the Kong family and Dong family because of him.

    Therefore, he could only honestly say, "I'm willing to gamble and lose."

    Saying that, he picked up the emerald pendant and examined it for a moment, biting his teeth, but he couldn't stop himself from swallowing the emerald pendant.

    He knew only too well how painful it would be to swallow such a thing.

    Dong Xiuhua, who was beside him, was incomparably distressed, having witnessed with her own eyes how painful her son's last surgery had been, and how it had almost caused an intestinal obstruction, how could she be willing to let him go through it again this time?

    Thinking of this, she hurriedly spoke out and begged "Young Master Gu, have mercy on Little Dragon, he just finished a surgery not long ago, he can't do it again this time no matter what."

    Don't look at Gu Weiliang here urging Kong Delong willing to gamble, but he really doesn't know, Kong Delong with Ye Chen exactly what bet, ear heard Dong Xiuhua said to do another surgery, surprised asked Kong Delong "you kid with Mr. Ye exactly what bet?"

    Kong Delong shuddered and replied "I I bet Mr. Ye that if this fan he's holding is more expensive than the jade I bought, I'll swallow the jade."

    Gu Weiliang was shocked and asked in surprise "Your mother said you just had an operation, what's this about?"

    Kong Delong had to scalp and say, "Last time I was at the Song family in Jinling, I also made a bet with Mr. Ye, and I lost that bet, and then swallowed a string of gemstone necklaces that were later surgically removed due to an intestinal obstruction."

    Gu Weiliang swallowed his saliva and was horrified.

    This Kong Delong was too miserable, right?He swallowed a necklace.

    And this time, it's another jade pendant to swallow.

    Although Gu Weiliang was not a good person or a kind person, but when he heard such a thing, he still couldn't help but sympathize with Kong Delong in his heart.

    Who is it bad for you to mess with Ye Chen?

    What kind of person is Ye Chen?

    I'm not talking about you, the God of War would be a chicken in front of him in an instant.

    I'm the son of the youngest son of the Gu family, a well-known diamond king of Yanjing, nicknamed "Yanjing human pile driver", a jade tree, suave and elegant, almost no one dares to provoke in Yanjing.

    But wasn't she still left with no fertility and beaten to a dog by Ye Chen?In the end, I had to kneel down to Ye Chen and beg for forgiveness before I was barely forgiven.

    I'm like that, not to mention a second-rate family pup like you!


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