Secret Identity 1571-1580


Chapter 1571

Ye Chen was very confused in his heart.

    He couldn't quite understand why this old man, at a glance, seemed to have recognized him.

    However, since this old man had helped him solve the problem at hand, the most important thing for him was to quickly go to pay respects to his parents first, and the rest could be discussed later.

    Thus, he arched his hands at the old man and said, "Thank you, old man."

    After saying that, he falsely assisted Gu Yanzhong, along with Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi, and stepped up the stone steps.

    No one else followed, including that old phase master, who was also standing quietly below at this time, looking at Ye Chen's background, desperately trying to restrain the excitement in his heart.

    The Ye Family's mausoleum was divided into nine rows.

    The top row was the earliest ancestor of the Ye Family to have left a burial mound.

    The lower one went, the lower the seniority.

    Ye Chen's parents were buried in the penultimate row.

    In this row, there were a total of twenty burial mounds with the same specifications, but only one of them had a tombstone in front of it.

    Gu Yanzhong stopped at this row, pointed at the only tombstone in this row and said to Ye Chen, "Chen'er, that's your parents' grave."

    Ye Chen nodded gently and murmured "In the Ye family's generation, only my parents have passed away, the others should still be alive, right?"

    Gu Yanzhong said "That's right, although this generation is forty or fifty years old, but in fact, forty or fifty years old is in the prime of life, your parents would have been the mainstay of the Ye family by now if they hadn't been killed by someone."

    Ye Chen sighed and stepped inside.

    Those security guards, as well as that old phase master, were down there, so they couldn't see this side of the situation, so Ye Chen stopped disguising himself and walked in before Gu Yanzhong.

    Arriving in front of his parents' graves, Ye Chen took off his sunglasses and mask and looked at the pictures and names of his parents on the tombstones, and couldn't stop his tears for a moment.

    In his head, it was as if a movie was playing at an extremely fast speed again.

    The movie chronicled himself from the moment he remembered until the year he was eight years old.

    Then, at an even faster speed, fragments of his life flashed through his head for the past ten years.

    These eighteen years without parents had been long and zzbazz hard, and full of sorrows and pains that ordinary people couldn't understand.

    The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all the stuff that's been going on for a long time.

    In front of the tombstone tears for a moment, Ye Chen poof kneeled on the ground, hands holding flowers, respectfully placed in front of the tombstone, choked "Dad, Mom, son unfilial, you yungtan go eighteen years, son only come to see you, these years, son in a lump, self-care, not able to do son should be filial piety, also please you can forgive me!"

    After saying that, he leaned down and heavily kowtowed nine times in front of the tombstone.

    People said that up kneels heaven, down kneels earth, in the middle kneels parents, but in Ye Chen's eyes, heaven and earth, are not worth kneeling, in heaven and earth, only parents are worth kneeling.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the person you're looking at, and you'll see that he's already a talented person.It's almost exactly the same as big brother you were back then, also a dragon and phoenix among men!"

    Saying that, he wiped a tear and continued, "Last time I came to see you, I said I'd be down to meet you soon, but I didn't expect that Tatsuo would save my life, so big brother and sister-in-law might have to work hard to wait for me for a while longer."

    At this point, Gu Yanzhong was already sobbing.

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    Gu Qiuyi knees ojie kneel beside Ye Chen, did not say a word, just next to Ye Chen silent tears.

    After kneeling on the ground for a long time, Ye Chen wiped his tears away, and gently used his sleeve to wipe the tombstones of his parents several times, saying "Dad, Mom, my son can't stay with you for too long this time, but please don't worry, my son will definitely come to see you every year from now on."

    With a long sigh, he picked up Gu Yanzhong who was beside him and said, "Uncle Gu, let's go."

    Gu Yanzhong nodded slightly and pulled his wife to stand up.

    Ye Chen put his sunglasses and mask back on, and with Gu Yanzhong's family, he slowly walked down.


Below the stone steps, a few An pao were still standing upright.

    The old phase master, who was holding his python head crutch with both hands, looked at Ye Chen with a bit of awe in his eyes.

    Ye Chen didn't say anything, but walked up to the old phase master and bowed deeply.

    The old physiognomist hurriedly scattered his crutches to assist, and said with sincere fear and trepidation, "Make no, make no huaoren."

    Several of the security personnel were a little surprised.

    When the Ye family's head bowed to the old phase master, the old phase master didn't even blink, so why was this driver bowing to him instead so politely?

    At this time, the old physiognomist spoke up and asked Ye Chen "Young man, I wonder if I could have a word?"

    Ye Chen nodded his head "No problem."

    The old phase master turned to those security guards and said "No one is allowed to follow."

    The crowd hurriedly nodded.

    Ye Chen nodded to Gu Yanzhong, so he walked with the old fortune-teller to the other side of the mountainside.

    Here, there was a platform paved with natural marble, close to the mountain side.

    Ye Chen had always felt that the entire Ye Ling Mountain had a kind of momentum that flew into the sky, and after seeing this large, flat platform, he suddenly realized that the center of the entire Feng Shui Bureau was here.

    The old physiognomist brought him to stand in the center of this platform and respectfully said "The entire Ye Ling Mountain, as well as the entire Ye Ling Mountain's feng shui formation, was actually created for you."

    Ye Chen was surprised and asked "set up for me?I wonder what the old man means?You know me?"

    The old phase master said "Four years ago, the Ye family was in trouble, the entire Ye family was trapped in the dragon trap shallows and couldn't get out, and that time was when you became a family ydiandiantea."

    "Becoming a family?!"Ye Chen exclaimed in shock "Is it when I get married?"

    "Right."The old physiognomist nodded and said "The dragon trapped in the shallows, this dragon, is talking about you."

    Ye Chen frowned and asked "This means, I'm trapped in the shallows?"

    "Yes."The old phase master said respectfully "You are the only dragon of the Ye family!What is a dragon?Up in the sky, down in the sea, but you have made your home by the river, and this, is the dragon trapped in the shallows!"

    "And if you are trapped in the shallows, the fortunes of the entire Ye family will be exhausted, and it was because of this game that your grandfather was seriously ill and sought a hundred doctors without being cured!"

    Said the old physiognomist, "So, your grandfather found me."

    "And I, three months before your grandfather found me, had just divined a fortune for myself."

    "I was already a hundred and two, so it was fine for me to die, but in the midst of that death, I was shown a gate of life, and all the signs pointed to the east."

    "I did not understand exactly what it referred to, and had been looking for more clues, when your grandfather came and invited me to return to the country to read feng shui for the Ye family, and I realized that the birth gate of the death game was in the eastern motherland, in the Ye family."

    "When I came to Yanjing, I read all the feng shui clues for the Ye family and divined several hangings before I figured out that the original Ye family had a dragon, trapped in the shallows, and if this dragon could not soar to the sky, not only would the Ye family be finished, but the birth gate that the gossip had left for me would be nowhere to be found, so I spent four years searching for and rebuilding Ye Ling Mountain, and last spring I broke the Ye family's dragon trapped in the shallows, so youOnly then was he able to get out of the trap."

    Ye Chen's heart was already shocked when he heard this, was he saying that he was able to get himself out of the trap, was he saying that he was able to get the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures?Because zzsuji for this time last spring, it's perfectly timed with getting the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing for yourself!

    Thinking of this, Ye Chen marveled at this old man's proficiency in feng shui divination while worrying whether he knew the existence of the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures or not?

    This is your own deepest, darkest secret, and even those closest to you must never tell!

    So, he deliberately asked the old man, "Old man, when you said you would rebuild Mount Ye Ling, I was able to escape.How do I get out of this?By what to get out of it?"

    The old man shook his head "This fortune is not something I can enumerate, I can only calculate that you are now out of the trap and have the momentum to fly to the sky, and after you are out of the trap, you will also bring me my birth gate and extend my ten-year life span, that's why I haven't left and stayed here waiting for you, but I can't calculate what this birth gate is."

    Ye Chen was even more surprised.

    The so-called his birth gate that this old man was talking about, could it be that it was the extra rejuvenation pills in his own body!


This time in Yanjing, Ye Chen did bring more than one Rejuvenation Pill with him.

    Although he was confident that a single Rejuvenation Pill would be able to cure Gu Yanzhong, he still brought two or three extra pills just to be on the safe side, just in case.

    As such, it seemed that in the divination the old man had given himself, the only living door left in the death game should be the Rejuvenation Pill on himself.

    At the same time, he couldn't help but speculate about what the old man had just said.

    It seemed that when he had married Xiao Choran in Jinling, the dragon's predicament of being trapped in the shallows had already formed.

    The old man had just said that the reason why he was dragon trapped in the shallows was because he had started a family by the river, and that Jinling was originally located by the Yangtze River, which was just the right correspondence.

    Moreover, he had been suffering from a rough fate until last spring, when Tang Sihai suddenly appeared, bringing a turnaround for him.

    However, the greatest chance in life was not to be rediscovered by the Ye family, but rather to have accidentally obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, and that time also happened to be last spring.

    Thus, the whole incident was caused by the fact that first of all, the dragon trapped itself in the shallows, so much so that the entire Ye family was also unlucky.

    And then, the Ye family found this old man and tried to get him to help solve the trouble.

    The old man divined the fortune for himself and saw that the East had the chance to increase his ten-year longevity, which is why he traveled thousands of miles back to his motherland to solve the dilemma for the Ye family, while waiting for his share of the chance.

    He took four years to find Ye Ling Mountain and after Ye Ling Mountain had set up the Feng Shui Formation and broken his dragon trapped in the shallows, the Ye family had survived the crisis and he had benefited even more.

    He, too, had been waiting for his appearance because, he was the birth gate in his divination.

    Thinking of this, Ye Chen bowed slightly to the old man "Old man, after all the hard work you have done, the younger generation has indeed benefited a lot!Please accept senior's one lcshc worship!"

    The old man hurriedly went forward to stop him and said in a very humble manner, "What can I do, I dare not accept such a great gift from you."

    Ye Chen insisted "It should!If it weren't for you, I might still be stuck in the shallows right now!"

    The old man shook his head "In the human destiny, the dragon is the supreme existence, so the dragon trapped in the shallows is a trap, not a dead end, the shallows can trap the dragon, but not the dragon, so when the trap will be broken is only a matter of time, if I don't come to break the game, there will be others to break the game!"

    At this point, he said without esdcf than emotion "The heavens know good and evil, the heavenly dao is good reincarnation, whoever broke your predicament, is a great contribution, and the heavenly dao will certainly give him enough reward."

    Then the old man looked at Ye Chen and smiled slightly and said "The gossip says that if I help you out of your predicament, I will get back ten years of sun life, perhaps this ten years of sun life, the Judge of Hell has already added it to the book of life and death for me!So, I have to thank you, too!"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and said to the old man, "Old man, I believe in feng shui, fate, and heavenly dao, but I don't believe in ghosts and gods, in this world, there will be no Yama, nor will there be any book of life and death."

    The old man nodded his head without comment and smiled "Hey, this heavenly dao mystery is not something I can comprehend, to be honest, I still don't know where the life gate in the gossip is."

    Ye Chen nodded his head ssdzgj, from the pocket inside his jacket, pulled out a rejuvenation pill and handed it to him, and spoke, "Old man, this, should be your birth gate!"

    The old man trembled and looked at Ye Chen as if he had been struck by lightning, then looked at the rejuvenation pills in his hand and exclaimed in shock, "What is this?"


Ye Chen earnestly said, "You helped me, I will naturally help you, it shouldn't be a problem if you take this pill and increase your life span by ten years."

    Although the old man had no idea what the Rejuvenation Pill was, he still nodded his head repeatedly in excitement.

    Whirling, the crutch was thrown and trembling, kneeling on the ground and raising his hands above his head.

    Ye Chen placed the Rejuvenation Pill in his hands, then helped him up and said, "Old man, take it now, at your age, after taking it, you shouldn't be able to see any effect from the outside, but the real effect should be felt by someone with great wisdom like you."

    The old man was incomparably grateful and took off, "Thank you, Young Master Ye!"

    Saying that, he no longer hesitated and put the Rejuvenation Pill into his mouth.

    After that, the old man closed his eyes motionlessly for about a minute.

    After a minute, he opened his eyes and looked at Ye Chen with tears in his eyes, kneeling down again and choking on his mouth, "Young Master Ye, this medicine, is truly a miracle medicine!I am here to thank you for saving my life!"

    Ye Chen was busy saying "old man, you are an elder, why are you so polite."

    The old man said seriously, "In terms of destiny, you are a dragon and I am a python, any time a python sees a dragon, it must bow down, even if it is a thousand-year-old python, when it meets a newborn dragon, it must kneel down and worship.There were too many bystanders just now, and I am afraid that your identity will be revealed, so I can't salute you at the first opportunity, I hope you will forgive me!"

    Ye Chen smiled and waved his hand "These are just some sayings, you don't have to be so mindful."

    The old man said very seriously "The more one believes in destiny, the more one must follow the way of heaven and obey it, and it would be disrespectful for me not to worship you.If there is such a thing, the heavens will surely mark it for me!"

    When Ye Chen saw the old man's resolute attitude, Uuedy stopped demanding and asked, "Old man, senior still doesn't know your name, I wonder if it's convenient to reveal it?"

    The old man immediately arched his hands and said with a face full of respect "Young Master Ye, my surname is Lai, Lai Qinghua, I am a direct descendant of the Song Dynasty Feng Shui Master Lai Bu Yi."

    Ye Chen suddenly realized and said in admiration "I didn't expect the old man to be from a famous family, no wonder he has such profound attainments to the I-Ching and Bagua!"

    Saying that, Ye Chen couldn't help but recall the fake Feng Shui master who had deceived Song Wanting, who also claimed to be a descendant of Lai Bu Yi, but had no real skills at all.

    But this old man in front of him was able to use his divination skills to perfection, and even though he was far away from the United States, he was able to deduce so many key issues, he was indeed a rare master.

    Thinking of this, Ye Chen asked again "Old man, why have you always settled in the United States?"

    Lai Qinghua smiled bitterly gul, and said, "During the war, my father had his heart set on the motherland, and divined the biggest fortune of his life, and although he calculated that China would never fall, he also calculated that the Lai family was in danger of extinction, so he took his own life and broke the game to save the lives of the rest of our family, but only if our family had to cross the ocean."

    "So 1 year, I thickly buried my father, took my mother, my minor siblings, and rolled over to the United States, and I started a family there, and later I also thought about moving back with my family, but because I had already lived there for many years, my family, career, chance, and grudges were all involved in so many things, and I couldn't afford to toss them, so I kept settling there."

    Ye Chen nodded his head and asked him "Then what are your next plans?"

    Lai Qinghua looked at the thousands of mountains and said with a smile, "The children and grandchildren are in the United States, I have been out for four years this time, they have much to worry about, since I have received from you the chance of ten years of sun life, I think about this closure, go back to the summer!"


Hearing that the old physiognomist was preparing to return to the United States to spend the rest of his life, Ye Chen arched his hand towards him and smiled, "In that case, senior here wishes you happiness and peace for the rest of your life!"

    Lai Qinghua busily returned the salute, somewhat flattered and said "I thank Young Master Ye for his blessing!"

    Saying that, Lai Qinghua hesitated for a moment and spoke, "Young Master Ye, I have a piece of advice that I hope you will listen to."

    Ye Chen immediately said "Please speak, old man, junior is listening with respect!"

    Lai Qinghua said "Your dragon trapped in the shallows has been broken, but you shouldn't continue to stay in the shallows of the river."

    Ye Chen asked "Then where do you think I should go?".

    Lai Qinghua said with a face full of respect "I thought that you should come to Yanjing, because this is the capital of a country, in terms of the city's feng shui destiny, this is the city with the highest destiny of a country, you return here, from the feng shui, is the dragon into the sea ah!"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly "Thank you for your advice, I will seriously consider it."

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the "I'm not going to be able to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking at.

    Ye Chen nodded his head "Thank you for the old man's mention, I've been taught by the younger generation."

    Lai Qinghua busily waved his hand "I wouldn't dare, Young Master Ye!I am destined to meet you again in the future, I wonder if I will have a chance to meet you again, if you need it, I can tell your fortune."

    Ye Chen subconsciously wanted to agree, but after pondering for a moment, he shook his head and said, "Old man, the fortune need not be reckoned with, I'm a temperamental axis, fate makes me go east, I may prefer to go west, if I peek into the heavens in advance, I may instead do something against my will, it's better to let me go slowly."

    Lai Qinghua's entire being was startled.

    For many years, as a top physiognomist, he was crazily sought after by countless people, and countless people were willing to throw their money at him to beg him, to tell a fortune, and to give advice.

    But even so, there were still many people who were simply not fortunate enough to have their trigrams calculated.

    But this was the first time he had seen someone like Ye Chen, who didn't even have the slightest peek into the future, fortune, or the heavens, it was truly rare to see.

    After being shocked, he couldn't help but admire Ye Chen a little more.

    So, he bowed to Ye Chen and said, "Young Master Ye, then we will meet again by fate!"

    Ye Chen nodded with a smile and said, "Have a safe journey, old man!"

    When they returned to the TA parking lot, everyone looked at the two with suspicious faces, not understanding what this first meeting of an old man and a young man had to talk about for so long.

    Lai Qinghua knew that Ye Chen didn't want to expose his identity, so he directly said to the person in charge of Ye Ling Mountain security "Trouble preparing a car for me, I'll pack my luggage fine soft then send me to the airport."

    The man was surprised and asked "Old phase master, are you leaving?"

    Lai Qinghua nodded and smiled "It's been four years, the promise I made to your master has been fulfilled, it's time to go back."

    The man was busy and said respectfully, "Old face master, aren't you going to the Ye family to meet your master?Or maybe I'll inform the head of the house and have him come see you?"

    The head of security is very clear in his heart, the Ye family's old man, incomparably respectful of this old phase master.

    Ye Chen's grandfather, this year is not yet seventy years old,dfzhifu while Lai Qinghua is already a hundred years old, the age difference is a generation, so Ye Chen's grandfather has always called himself and respected him as a senior.


When the old man first invited Lai Qinghua back from abroad, he arranged for him to live in the Ye family mansion, and had him served with all sorts of care during the weekdays.

    However, after Ye Ling Mountain was built, Lai Qinghua had to move out of the Ye family and live here.

    How could the old man have the nerve to let the old phase master live in the Ye family ancestral tomb, even though Ye Ling Mountain was built very well, with special areas for the staff to work and live, the old man still felt that he could not let an old man as old as Lai Qinghua live here condescendingly.

    However, even though he tried everything to stop him, Lai Qinghua still insisted on moving over.

    Because he had been waiting for his chance, for the opening of that birth gate in his Gua, for Ye Chen to appear and give him the Rejuvenation Pill that would extend his life for ten years.

    Now, the chance that he had been guarding for four years had arrived, and it was time to go.

    So, he then said to the person in charge, "Trouble conveying to your master, let's say that what Lai Mou promised him, has been done, and that Lai Mou has been away for too long and is homesick, so I won't go to say goodbye to him, if it's fate, I'll see you again in the rivers and lakes."

    Saying that, he arched his hands at the crowd and paused slightly for a moment as he looked at Ye Chen, his eyes full of gratitude.

    Then, he turned around and tilted his head back to laugh loudly, and drank in full strength, "Laughing up to the sky and going out, how can my generation be an Artemisan!"

    After saying this, the man had stepped out.

    Gu Yanzhong could not help but exclaim "A hundred year old man still has this kind of courage, it is truly extraordinary!"

    Ye Chen laughed at the side and said to Gu Yanzhong while all the Ye family security personnel were chasing after Lai Qinghua, "Uncle Gu, let's go back too."

    "Good!"Gu Yanzhong nodded his head and said, "Go back, come back next time!"

    Ye Chen has to continue to play the role of the driver, so he pulled open the car door for Gu Yanzhong, after Gu Yanzhong get into the car, before getting back into the Rolls-Royce driving telleck driving room.

    Start the car.

    Ye Chen just drove the car out of the parking lot, the back row of Gu Yanzhong asked him, "Chen'er, just now the old phase teacher find you talk about what?I see that he seems to have a lot of respect for you."

    Ye Chen smiled faintly and said "The old man recognized my identity and knew that I was a member of the Ye family, so he gave me some advice."

    Gu Yanzhong was surprised and asked "How did he recognize you?!He knows you?"

    Ye Chen shook his head "I don't know him, but he is after all a descendant of the Lai family, his feng shui physiognomy attainments are still very high, it is possible that he calculated that I jgruihz would come."

    Gu Yanzhong could not help but sigh "No wonder, the Ye family did not allow you to go to the mountain, but he said that you are not an outsider, so that's what he meant!"

    Gu Yanzhong asked, "Is this feng shui physiognomy really so magical?Do you even know who's coming at what time?"

    Ye Chen smiled "Maybe, although the old ancestor's stuff is ancient, it has to be admitted that it's also very wise, and even contains great wisdom that we don't understand, just like the Mayans, in such an ancient period, they almost projected a complete calendar, in our modern times, it's simply unbelievable."

    Gu Yanzhong nodded seriously, then remembering something, he asked Ye Chen "Chen'er, what are your next plans?"

    Ye Chen tbhzs said, "Tomorrow there is a friend's grandmother's birthday, I go over to send some gifts, after attending the birthday banquet, I'll go back to Jinling."

    Gu Yanzhong busy said, "What's the hurry?It's not too late to stay a few more days before leaving!"


To Gu Yanzhong's words, Ye Chen smiled slightly and said "Uncle Gu, there are still many things to do in Jinling, it's impossible not to go back."

    Hearing this, Gu Yanzhong nodded gently and sighed lightly "In the future, come to Yanjing often to see your uncle, your Aunt Lin and I are looking forward to your return to Yanjing to develop"

    Ye Chen just responded and didn't say anything more.

    Gu Yanzhong also tacitly didn't mention this question again, but asked Ye Chen "Chen'er, you said you're going to attend your friend's grandmother's birthday banquet tomorrow, is the gift ready?"

    Ye Chen said "Not yet, I'm planning to go to the street later."

    Although Ye Chen has the rejuvenation pills that are significant to the elderly, but he and Dong Ruolin's grandmother have never even met, and it is naturally impossible to prepare such an expensive gift in the past to wish her a birthday, so he still plans to go to the street to buy a hundred thousand or so gifts and express his feelings is just about right.

    When Gu Yanzhong heard this, he directly smiled and said, "I have a fan at home, the fan face is a blessing and longevity picture painted by old Mr. Qi Baishi, the fan bone is a fine small leaf zitan, with master carving, it is of the highest quality, you may as well take it to the other party as a birthday gift."

    Ye Chen busily said "Uncle Gu, how can this be, how can I take your things to give away, it's better for me to buy one myself."

    Gu Yanzhong insisted "What else are you and uncle polite a fan is just a fan, it is not worth much, but because the subject matter is the Blessed Life Picture, so it is still very good to bring it to the old man as a birthday gift."

    Saying that, Gu Yanzhong was busy with another instruction, saying, "This matter is so agreed, don't make excuses with uncle, and don't be out of line otherwise, uncle will be angry."

    Ye Chen saw that he was resolute, when he immediately stopped insisting, nodded his head and said "Then thank you Uncle Gu."

    The next morning.

    Ye Chen declined Gu Yanzhong's kind offer to send him a car, and walked out of Gu's house by himself with the long gift box he gave him.

    His wife Xiao Churan sent him an address, and that address was the Dong family's villa.

    The villa of the Dong family is not far from the Gu family.

    It was only a 20-minute drive.

    In Yanjing, the Dong family could only be considered a second-rate family.

    Moreover, within the second-rate, it was still the one at the end of the crane.

    In the past few years, the Dong family's career has declined severely, and if it wasn't for the fact that Dong Ruolin's aunt married into the Kong family, so the Kong family pulled the Dong family, the Dong family was afraid that it would have fallen to the level of a third-rate family.

    But this is Yanjing after all, even if it's the bottom of the second-rate family, in other second-tier cities, it can definitely become the top.

    Because of this, although the Dong family had fallen a bit, the Dong family's mansion was luxurious, with a set of grand luxury villas that cost at least 300 million and up.

    The taxi that Ye Chen took could only stop at the entrance of the villa area, and the security management was very strict, so Ye Chen could only get off at the entrance and give a call to Dong Ruolin, asking her to come out and pick it up.

    As soon as she heard that it was Ye Chen, Dong Ruolin ran out almost joyfully.

    Today's Dong Ruolin dressed up very beautifully, and because it was the grandmother's birthday, she also deliberately put on some light makeup, looking very dignified and generous.

    As soon as she saw Ye Chen, Dong Ruolin said happily, "Ye Chen, you're here."

    Said, ran up and held his arm, pulling him to go inside, mouth still can not hide the excitement of saying "go, later I will introduce my parents to you."

    Ye Chen was busy pulling his arm out and said awkwardly "Ruo Lin, we can't be like this, it's not appropriate."

    Dong Ruo Lin deliberately left her mouth open and said, "There's nothing inappropriate about being intimate between friends."


Ye Chen touched his nose "That I am your best friend's husband after all"

    Dong Ruolin slightly a few perfunctory said "I know, fake husband, are fake marriage for four years, do not know when you can play this game of house enough."

    As I was saying, a limited-edition Bentley car drove to the front, stopped beside the two, the back seat window down, the car a luxuriously dressed middle-aged woman, looked at Dong Ruolin asked "Ruolin, how did you come out."

    As soon as Dong Ruolin saw the woman, she hurriedly smiled and said, "Oh my second aunt my second aunt husband."

    The middle-aged woman in the car said, "He is still busy, come over before the birthday banquet at noon."

    The first thing you need to do is to ask the person who is going to be in the room.

    The middle-aged woman said helplessly, "last night a night without seeing him, angry with me, you said that this kid is not at all long memory, the body just recovered how long, and then started to stay out of the night again, later you must help the second aunt to talk about him."

    Dong Ruolin smiled bitterly "Second Aunt, my brother has that temper, I don't dare to talk about him, when I say him, he bares his teeth at me"

    The middle-aged woman sighed and said, "The boy is getting disobedient."

    Saying that, she looked at Ye Chen beside Dong Ruoling and asked with a smile "Oh my, this young man is not your boyfriend, is he?"

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at Ye Chen, blushing with a smile, "not yet."

    "The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you're in the right place for the right reasons.

    The first thing you need to do is to get in the car and get out of the car and get out of the house.

    The middle-aged woman smiled and said, "Do you want me to give you two a ride?"

    Dong Ruolin hurriedly waved her hand "no no, we can just walk in, it's not too far."

    The middle-aged woman just nodded her head "okay, don't make a scene with you, the second aunt went in first."

    Saying that, the Bentley car slowly drove into the gate of the villa area.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models of the newest models of the newest models of the newest models.

    Dong Ruolin pouted "just a joke, why so serious."

    Ye Chen seriously said "this matter is must be more serious, this is a matter of principle."

    Dong Ruolin can only nod her head "good good good, the principle of the problem, I do not say it is not good enough."

    She said, hastily changing the subject "Let's go inside, it's getting late."

    Ye Chen originally wanted to give her the gift and just leave, but he thought that his wife had explained to him that she wanted to wish Dong Ruorin's grandmother's birthday, and he should at least meet Dong Ruorin's grandmother and deliver the message on behalf of his wife before he could be considered to have completed his task.

    So, he remained silent and followed Dong Ruolin into the villa area.

    From the villa area to go inside, a red Ferrari, suddenly whistling from behind, Dong Ruolin saw the shadow of the car, hurriedly waved and shouted, "Cousin, cousin."

    It's just that the sound of the supercar engine was already loud and fast, and whooshed past, so the person driving didn't hear her at all.

    Ye Chen asked Dong Ruolin "The one driving is your cousin."

    "Right."Dong Ruo Lin nodded and said, "This cousin of mine is especially strange, he had an operation a while ago, which happened to be not long ago, and this has gotten better again."


Ye Chen didn't know who the cousin Dong Ruolin was talking about was.

    It just felt that there were especially many rich people in this Yanjing, and there were also especially many rich and wealthy rich young men, and eight or nine out of ten of these rich young men were rather proud of the dude, so it was not surprising.

    By the time he and Dong Ruolin arrived at the entrance of the Dong family villa, the place was already filled with all kinds of luxury cars.

    Outside the door, two middle-aged people were warmly welcoming the guests, Dong Ruolin came to the front and hurriedly introduced to the two "Dad, uncle, let me introduce to you, this is my friend in Jinling, Ye Chen."

    Two middle-aged people looked up and down at Ye Chen, among them, Dong Ruolin's uncle spoke up "Jinling didn't hear of a family surnamed Ye, right?"

    Dong Ruolin hurriedly explained, "Ye Chen is not from any family, he is my college classmate."

    Back then, Ye Chen was arranged by Master Xiao and attended a year in Jinling University, and at that time, not only was he a classmate with Xiao Churan, he was also a classmate with Dong Ruorin.

    At this time, Dong Ruolin, the reason why she didn't say that this was Xiao Churan's husband, actually also wanted to give herself a way out, in case she really had a chance to develop with Ye Chen someday, after bringing it home, it would be too embarrassing for her family to remember that this was Xiao Churan's husband at a glance.

    Hearing that it was Dong Ruolin's college classmate, her uncle was somewhat contemptuous and opened his mouth, "Since he is a college classmate, let's arrange for him to enter the seat."

    Dong Ruolin's father at this time whispered instructions "Ruolin ah, I just heard your cousin said, later on the young master of the Gu family will also come, you must grasp the opportunity to get acquainted with the young master of the Gu family."

    The two of them are not the same, but they are not the same as the other two.

    "What do you know?"Dong Ruolin's father snapped harshly "The Gu family that is the third ranked family in Yanjing, the family is very powerful, and don't you forget, the Gu family is not thriving, there are only two boys, so this monetary value is even greater!"

    Families with a lot of boys, even if the strength is great, the future will be fragmented.

    Some families are said to have hundreds of billions of dollars of capital, but the offspring are too many, and the division of assets is also very serious, it is possible that the entire family can not find a single person with assets of more than ten billion, so, such families, the gold content of the male is naturally not up.

    There are only two male members of the Gu family, Gu Weiliang and Gu Weiguang, and even if the two of them, each of them only have about 125 shares of the group, each of them is worth more than 100 billion.

    Dong Ruorin's father, Dong Jianghe, had always wanted Dong Ruorin to find a top-rich second generation to marry, in order to salvage the Dong family's decline.

    Previously, he and the Dong family's old man, heard that the Ye family bought an imperial group in Jinling and gave it to a Ye family heir, he thought that the Ye family sent which one of their offspring to Jinling to practice, so 100 years immediately arranged for Dong Ruolin to work in the imperial group.

    However, Dong Ruolin had been to Jinling for so long and hadn't even seen the chairman of the Imperial Hero Group, so Dong Ruolin's father gradually lost his confidence.

    The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of the situation.

    It just so happens that just now the nephew came in, cheerfully said, today open face to go, at any rate finally invited the Gu family's young master over, so he thought, this is a good opportunity for his daughter.

    However, where in Dong Ruoling's heart was there any Gu family's young master.

    Even if it was the mysterious young master of the Ye family, she didn't care now, back when Ye Chen had saved her, only Ye Chen was on her mind, and no other man could enter her eyes.


So, with a cold expression, she said, "Dad, I have no interest in the young master of the Gu family, it's better that I don't get to know him!"

    After saying that, she looked towards Ye Chen and said, "Ye Chen, let's go in!"

    "You kid!"Dong Jianghe said angrily, "Why are you so ungrateful?If you could be with Young Master Gu, how would you need to go to any Jinling?"

    Subconsciously, Dong Ruolin looked at Ye Chen again, and then stubbornly said to her father, "I just like Jinling!I'll be looking for a husband in Jinling too!"

    Dong Jianghe scolded, "What are you talking about?What kind of family in Jinling is there to be proud of?How can I, Dong Jianghe's daughter, marry a man from a small place like that!"

    Dong Ruo Lin was very disappointed and said "Dad, why have you become so snobbish now?"

    "I'm a snob?"Dong Jianghe said, "I'm doing this for your own good, aren't I?"

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the newest version.

    Dong Ruorin was exasperated, "It's useless for anyone to say anything about this!"

    Saying that, she immediately went forward to pull Ye Chen and took off, "Go Ye Chen, let's go in!"

    Ye Chen was helpless, also not good to get involved in people's family affairs, so he hurriedly followed inside the villa.

    Dong Jianghe stomped his foot in anger, and the big brother on the side spoke up, "Jianghe, your eyesight seems to be getting worse and worse!"

    "What?"Dong Jianghe was surprised and asked "Brother what do you mean by that?"

    Dong Jianghe's big brother laughed and said, "Can't you see that just now, Ruo Lin has been staring at the man beside her?Especially when you let her get to know Young Master Gu, she immediately looked at that guy when she heard about it, there's definitely something wrong with it!"

    "What's the problem?"Dong Jianghe blurted out "Brother, you're not going to say that Ruo Lin might like that kid, are you?"

    "I think it's about the same."Dong Jianghe's big brother said seriously "Didn't you listen to Ruo Lin?They are college classmates, that's a long time ago, and this kid is in Jinling, Ruo Lin has also been staying in Jinling for the past half year, it's possible that the two of them have already gotten along while they were in Jinling!"

    Dong Jianghe's face turned pale "Damn it, a little punk from Jinling, even daring to have thoughts of my daughter, what a shame!"

    Saying that, he immediately said, "Brother, you keep an eye here, I'll go ask Ruorin what's going on!"

    Dong Jianghe's big brother hurriedly pulled him out, "What are you so anxious about?If we ask Ruo-Lin now, if we get into a fight, we'll spoil our mother's birthday party.If you want me to say it, you'd better endure for a while and wait until after the birthday banquet to ask Ruorin in private what's going on."

    Dong Jianghe hesitated for a moment, thinking of his mother's birthday banquet and the large number of guests, it really wasn't the right time to question his daughter, so he could only nod his head and said somewhat depressingly, "That brat toad wants to eat swan meat, I'll definitely make him look bad later!"


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