Secret Identity 1561-1570


Chapter 1561

As soon as he heard that he was going to the release hall, Gu Yanzheng's old face turned red.

      Most of those reporters who were now waiting in the release hall were here early in the morning because they had let it out yesterday that they were going to hold a board meeting today, and they were using the media to release the news of their big brother's illness.

      They wanted to catch a big news about the change of chairman of the Gu Group, so that Gu Yanzheng could also make himself known through the media attention he was getting at the moment.

      Gu Yanzheng had wanted them to report on his big victory in the board of directors, so that after noon, the media would be able to announce to the public that the chairmanship of the Gu Group had changed hands and that he was honored to be the next chairman.

      But he didn't expect that all that he had done would end up fulfilling big brother.

      He could even imagine that once big brother appeared at the press conference with a red face, all the media reporters who thought he was dying would have to blow up on the spot!

      And when he announces that he's already got 51 votes, the press should be shocked beyond belief, right?

      With thoughts racing through his head, he sighed inwardly.

      Perhaps, this was his own destiny.

      Originally, his ability and wrist were inferior to his big brother, and he wanted to take advantage of the weakness, but he didn't expect that there was an additional young master of the Ye family by his side, and even more miraculously, he recovered from a serious illness overnight.

      It seemed that the only thing that suited him was to get down to earth and be a foil by his side.

      Actually, Gu Yan was exactly a smart man.

      He had considered many things very comprehensively and was only a shiver away from success.

      Unfortunately, in the end, he still encountered Ye Chen stirring up the storm behind the scenes.

      If there was no Ye Chen, no matter how much Gu Yanzheng planned and dragged his dying body, he would not be able to fight against his union with Gu Yanzheng, and even the safety of his wife and daughter would not be guaranteed in the future.

      However, the fact that Gu Yanzheng was able to see the situation clearly in time and immediately abandon his original plan to stop the loss of his entire plan, one could also tell that this person was at least a number one person.

      If it were to be the kind of person who couldn't see the situation and was stubborn to the point of death, it would soon be completely cool.

      At this time, Gu Yanzhong's heart was filled with gratitude towards Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen's appearance had not only saved his own life, but also his wife and daughter, as well as his own career.

      This kindness, in his opinion, he was afraid that he would not be able to repay all of it even if he were to spend the rest of his life in poverty, and could only go all out in the rest of his life.

      So, he took Ye Chen's hand and whispered to him, "Chen'er, if you don't want to go back to the Ye family in the future, come to the Gu Group, uncle will arrange a vice chairman position for you, I only have an inan daughter, in the future, all of this is yours!"

      What Gu Yanzhong said wasn't a polite remark, but from the bottom of his heart.

      He felt that his daughter was meant to marry Ye Chen, and Ye Chen was his son-in-law, and if he didn't return to the Ye family, then the Gu family would be his in the future.

      Even though he was an open-minded person, he also felt that his daughter should be a good and virtuous helper if she married Ye Chen, and Ye Chen and his father, Ye Changya, were both his benefactors, and as long as Ye Chen could give his daughter a lifetime of happiness, he was willing to give away all his assets as his daughter's dowry.

      Naturally, Ye Chen also knew what he meant, he really thought of himself as a future son-in-law, or even a half-son.

      However, he couldn't respond to such a thing, so he said seriously, "Uncle Gu, I have no plans to return to Yanjing yet, so let me consider this matter."

      Gu Yanzhong also did not insist, nodding his head and saying, "In any case, you should not meet with uncle at any time or under any circumstances, my home is your home!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head solemnly.

      Since there was going to be a press conference and Ye Chen didn't want to appear on camera, so Ye Chen sat in the audience of the press conference as an ordinary guest under the arrangement of Gu Yanzhong's secretary beforehand.

      All the cameras were aimed at the podium of the conference, so he didn't have to worry about being on TV.


By the time Ye Chen sat down in the audience, the entire release hall was already overcrowded.

      Major media outlets had sent reporters to set up their long guns and cannons here, waiting for Gu to release major news.

      At this moment, the outside world didn't know about the news of Gu Yanzhong's recovery.

      It was thought that Gu Yanzhong was terminally ill and might not even be able to come to the board meeting today.

      However, they expected Gu Yanzhong to appear.

      It was because, as media people, they liked to catch some talking points that could spark attention.

      So they hoped that they would be able to capture the image of Gu Yanzhong's heroic twilight, and then with some sensational words, this would be a proper headline.

      Someone had even thought of a headline for the news.

      For example, "The End of an Era", or "Lian Po is Old, Can the New Chairman of the Gu Group Make a Difference".

      Now they were just waiting for Gu Yanzhong, who was terminally ill, to hobble in from the press conference, or even be wheeled in.

      Just then, the staff on the scene picked up the microphone and spoke up, "Please be quiet, everyone present, our chairman will be arriving soon!"

      With that, everyone shifted their attention to the entrance of the venue.

      The cameras and camcorders had already found the right angle and placed the entire entrance into the frame.

      Everyone was waiting for the moment when the doors would open and Gu Yizhong would appear.

      At that moment, the door was pushed open from the outside to the inside.

      The first person to step in was Gu Yizhong's secretary.

      The second one was Gu Yanguang.

      The third one was Gu Yanzheng.

      The moment they saw Gu Yanzheng, the shutter sound had already begun to intensify.

      It was because everyone knew that he was the second oldest member of the Gu family, and the rightful successor to the chairmanship of the Gu Group.

      He was the new chairman of the trillion-dollar business empire that took over from Gu Yanzhong, who was critically ill.

      However, no one had expected to see a middle-aged man nearly ten years younger than Gu Yanzheng, red-faced and tall and strong, instead of Gu Yanzheng's shadow.

      The media present couldn't help but let out a shout of surprise, "Who is this person?Why haven't we seen that before?"

      It was no wonder that they couldn't stand Gu Yanzhong all of a sudden.

      Over the years, Gu Yanzhong's image in front of the media had grown older and older.

      Moreover, after Gu Yanzhong's serious illness, some media had secretly photographed him in an overseas hospital, and he was indeed very emaciated; at fifty years old, he looked to be at least sixty.

      It's also normal that the media can't recognize him if he's not a close family member.

      It was only when Gu Yanzhong walked in that someone among the media reporters exclaimed in alarm.The one walking at the end, is really Chairman Gu Yanzhong Gu!"

      Immediately after this scream of his, someone questioned, "Bullshit!Gu Yanzhong is dying, okay, and that guy at the end looks like he's only forty, can he be alone?"

      The reporter said with certainty, "Ten years ago, I interviewed Chairman Gu, and he looked like this then!Looks, demeanor, mannerisms, all match the memory!"


It was only when the reporters heard this that everyone went to take a serious look at the current Gu Yanzhong again.

    Upon closer inspection, it was true that they could still see a shadow of Gu Yanzhong's former self, and could tell that the facial features and temperament belonged to the same person.

    So everyone was able to determine that this man in his forties was Gu Yanzhong!

    Now the whole place was in an uproar!

    No one can figure out why Gu Yanzhong, who this morning's news headlines said was already critically ill, is now so alert and glowing!

    So, every photojournalist, locked the camera firmly on Gu Yanzhong, the scene shutter sound to do a piece!

    At this time, the network media through the live equipment, directly on the Internet synchronized live broadcast of the conference.

    When the general public saw Gu Yanzhong's red glowing face, Gu's many listed companies that had already fallen off the board, immediately loosened up!

    The so-called fall stop board is a situation where the stock price falls to 10 and is not allowed to fall any further, resulting in a large number of sell orders sealing the lowest price level and the stock being unable to rise.

    In fact, in this case, if someone eats all the sell orders that are sealed at the falling stop price, the stock will naturally open the falling stop board.

    Those with the sharpest sense of smell in the stock market were the brokerage firms and institutions.

    As soon as they realized that Gu Yanzhong actually looked like nothing, they immediately realized that this morning's news must have been a fake news!

    So, in this case, they were fully confident that the Gu's share price would rise immediately.

    At this time, if all the sell orders were eaten up with the price of the falling stop, they would be able to bottom out at the lowest price.

    If the stock could then rise against the trend, rising from the down stop all the way up until the up stop, then the bottom-fishing organizations would be able to catch the 20's in one day!

    As an analogy, the stock was originally at $100, but then stopped down at $90. At this point, 10,000 people have put sell orders at the $90 price, and if someone telleck buys up all of the 10,000 people who are hanging on to the stock at $90, the stock will start to open up and stop.

    If you bottom out from the $90 price, the stock goes back up to $100, and then continues to go up kyotojoyaku to $110 stop, that's a short period of time, from $90, to $110!

    Plenty of institutions were sucking up the stock and it went up after opening the dip!

    At this time, Gu Yanzhong came to the front of the sitting room, stood in place and waved to the reporters, then dashing up to the stage, sitting in the middle of the podium.

    In front of him, placed a microphone, as well as his name tag, 0577edu with six words written on it, "Chairman, Gu Yanzhong."

    After sitting down, Gu Yanzhong smiled at the microphone and said powerfully, "First of all, on behalf of the Gu Group, as well as the Board of Directors of the Gu Group, I would like to thank all the media friends for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend this conference."

    A crowd of Gu's shareholders applauded after him.

    Then, Gu Yanzhong said, "Next, I will give some brief and concise answers to some of the questions that are of concern to all of our media friends as well as the majority of our shareholders and investors."

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on a number of new products.

    Gu Yanzhong cleared his throat, his voice resonantly said "the first question, that is, my personal health problems, before my body did have some problems, but now my body has fully recovered!"

    As soon as this was said, everyone at the scene couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

    Everyone knew that what Gu Yanzhong had, was pancreatic cancer, and it was terminal.

    This disease was known as the cancer with the highest mortality rate, and it was simply impossible to cure.

    Now, Gu Yanzhong he said that he had completely recovered, which also completely overturned everyone's perception of the disease.


However, looking at Gu Yanzhong's radiant appearance, he really does not seem to be suffering from a terminal illness, is there really a medical miracle?

    Just then, Gu Yanzhong continued, "The second question, if everyone doesn't believe that my body has fully recovered, then after the press conference, I will go to the Concord Hospital to do a full-body ctyaliart scan, and then the results of the scan, I will want all the media as well as the people to announce."

    With Gu Yanzhong's words, no one was doubting his condition.

    This was because a full-body ct scan could detect any kind of tumor, even extremely early in situ carcinoma, and it could be found very well.

    If Gu Yanzhong hadn't recovered, then he would never dare to undergo such an examination.

    The crowd couldn't help but marvel, really didn't expect that even such a super terminal disease as pancreatic cancer could be bornc such a miracle, which couldn't help but remind people of the genius Steve Jobs who had died prematurely a few years before.

    The same kind of disease, why didn't Steve Jobs have such luck?

    If Steve Jobs were still alive, he might have been able to bring more innovation and change to mankind.

    Then, Gu Yanzhong said, "The third issue, I'm sure everyone is concerned about the arrangement of the chairmanship of the Gu Group, I now formally announce that I, Gu Yanzhong, and the other two shareholders of the Gu Group, Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yangang, signed a few minutes ago, the voting rights transfer agreement, shareholders Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yangang, has been permanently transferred all the voting rights corresponding to their personal shares!Give it to me!"

    The crowd was even more stunned to hear this!

    They had already found out about the Gu brothers' discord from everywhere.

    They knew that Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yangang had been making an alliance to deal with their big brother, and they were also joining forces with the other shareholders.

    Everyone was still waiting to see a family feud, but they didn't expect the three brothers to have reached this kind of brotherly agreement to align.

    Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yangang had permanently transferred their voting rights to their eldest brother, Gu Yanzhong, so wouldn't this mean that they would always be obeying Gu Yanzhong?

    What about the brotherly rivalry?

    What about the promised legacy battle?

    None of the reporters present felt incredibly depressed.

    It was as if everyone had bought melon seeds and drinks and were sitting in front of the TV ready to watch a palace drama.

    But after turning on the TV, they found that all the queens, concubines and noblemen of the harem, all crowded around the Empress, everyone with the Empress one heart, everything to the Empress as the head of the whole harem a happy and harmonious.

    What is there to fight over?

    There is no such thing as a fight to the death?

    What's so murderous about it?

    As a party, it is naturally the most cost-effective solution to be able to work together and turn a fight into a friendship.

    But as an audience, this kind of drama is simply boring to the extreme.

    It could even be said to be very spoilery.

    The Gu Yanzhong will all the reporter's eyes and expressions take in the bottom of the eye, he calmly smiled, said to the microphone "from today, the three brothers of the Gu family Gu's group, will work together to bring the Gu's group into a xtyiaotian new splendor, as the saying goes, brothers united, its profit break gold, we also believe that with our joint efforts, the Gu's group will useBetter performance and higher market value to reward all stockholders and investors."

    After saying that, he smiled playfully and changed the subject, "However, please allow me to apologize to you all for not being able to show you a family internal struggle, and for disappointing you."

    This statement, the reporters on the scene were ashamed of their faces, while the share prices of all the listed companies under the Gu Group, but at this moment began to soar like a dragon's head!


Almost immediately after Gu Yanzhong's overbearing speech, the share price, which had opened the drop board not long ago and was still steadily rising, suddenly rushed straight up the stop board like a rocket, miserably.

    A large number of institutions, a large number of retail investors were staring at the launch, and when they saw this, they were immediately full of confidence in the Gu Group, bullish on it even far more than they were before Gu Yanzhong was not sick!

    So, everyone started desperately buying all the shares of all the Gu-related listed companies available on the market, and all of a sudden, the price was pulled up to the stop board.

    In the blink of an eye, the stock price Jedi reversed, and all of a sudden it exploded the entire financial circle.

    The reason why everyone was so optimistic about the Gu Group was not only because Gu Yanzhong's health looked incomparably healthy, but also because Gu Yanzhong's voting rights in the Gu Group had actually reached a fully controlling 51!

    Before this, the three Gu brothers held 51 shares together as well as voting rights, and although Gu Yanzhong alone held half of them, if he wanted to push a decision through the board, he would have to get the other two brothers to vote for it, or get some other minority shareholders who together held more than Gu Yanzhong and Gu Yanzhong to vote for it.

    Now, there was no need.

    He had fully achieved his goal of one man speaking and one man ruling, and from now on, his control over the Gu Group would rise to an unprecedented new level.

    This reinforced the market and stockholders' confidence in Gu Yanzhong.

    With confidence in him, there would naturally be confidence in the Gu Group as well.

    Once there was confidence in the enterprise, there was also confidence in holding the stock of that enterprise.

    Thus, the stock price skyrocketed!

    Gu Yanzhong did not break up too much with the reporters at the scene, after explaining what he was going to say nxyw several issues, he spoke "In the future, the Gu Group will definitely redouble its efforts to repay the majority of investors as well as stockholders for their trust in the Gu Group, and please believe us, will give you a satisfactory answer!"

    Saying that, Gu Yanzhong said "Today's press conference is over, thank you all for coming."

    A reporter hurriedly stood up and asked loudly, "Chairman Gu, could you give a brief interview?"

    Gu Yanzhong waved his hand "The interview is unnecessary, that's all I want to say, saying too much will instead affect everyone's reception of this important information."

    After saying that, he quietly gave a wink to Ye Chen who was offstage, and stepped out of the venue.

    The reporters also wanted to catch up for an interview, but the on-site security personnel immediately stopped all the reporters and politely said, "Sorry, the chairman will not accept additional interviews."

    Ye Chen stood up, Gu Yanzhong's secretary hdzicdct said media attention more, let me take you from the other exit over."

    Ye Chen nodded and followed the secretary around a few steps to Gu Yanzhong's office.

    Gu Yanzhong at this time is red, see Ye Chen in, immediately came up, patted his arm, said excitedly "Chen'er, you make me like a newborn ah!".

    Ye Chen smiled "Uncle Gu, wasn't the medicine given to you yesterday?"

    Gu Yanzhong shook his head "Not the same, I'm talking about like a new life, it's in the business, from today onwards, the Gu Group can finally save a lot of internal depletion and move forward with one mind!"

    Speaking of which, Gu Yanzhong sighed "You have no idea what it's like to focus on your work while the people next to you try to do everything they can to hold you back"

    "It's like you're so intent on leading everyone forward that the people around you not only don't run with you, but they pull your sleeves, hug your thighs, and even get in front of you and dig holes for you!"

    "Well now, now when I say run, they must all run, and if they don't, they must get the whip and run too!"

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Then I'll congratulate Uncle Gu in advance and lead the Gu family to the next level!"

    Gu Yanzhong looked at Ye Chen and earnestly said "Chen'er, I hope that one day, you will be the one to lead the Ye family and take it to the next level together with the Gu family, at that time, you will be the most powerful person in the business world, bar none!"


In Gu Yanzhong's eyes, the Ye family and the Su family were two dragons competing against each other.

    The difference in strength between the two wasn't too great, but the Su family was still a head above the Ye family.

    In fact, in earlier years, the strength of the two families could be said to be similar and advancing in tandem.

    Back then, if it wasn't for the untimely death of Coma Ye at a young age, the Ye family might have long surpassed the Su family under his leadership.

    But it was precisely because of the fall of the genius that was Ye Changya, and the fact that there was no one to succeed him, that the Ye family was gradually pulled away from the Su family by some positions.

    However, Gu Yanzhong believed that if Ye Chen came to inherit the Ye family and then married his own daughter, at that time, Ye Chen would have both the Ye and Gu families in his hands.

    Even in the future, the two families could be deeply merged together.

    That way, Ye Chen would be able to ride high in the entire business world.

    It was just that he didn't know when, exactly, Ye Chen would be able to take care of all that business in Jinling and then return to Yanjing to marry his fgdbass daughter.

    However, Gu Yanzhong did not mention this matter, nor did he urge him, but looked at ljbgy him with great intentions, then patted his shoulder again and said seriously, "Let's go Chen'er, let's go see your parents!"

    Ye Chen nodded gently and said, "Uncle Gu, I want to buy them two bouquets of flowers, is there a flower shop nearby?"

    "There's no need to buy it."Gu Yanzhong said "After we went out, your Auntie Lin all set about preparing it, now it's all ready, let's go straight home, and after meeting up with their wives, we'll go to Ye Ling Mountain together!"

    Ye Chen said gratefully "It's really hard Auntie Lin, these things should have been handled by me as the son"

    The two of us have always regarded you as our own, so the two of us are one family, and whoever runs it is the same."

    Gu Yanzhong's motorcade drove neatly out of the Gu Group.

    The fleet first returned to the Gu family villa, the driver of the family drove a black Rolls Royce out, Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi is sitting in this car.

    Although the Rolls-Royce looked big, there were only two seats in the back row, so the four people took two cars, escorted by bodyguards, and drove out of the city fast to the western suburbs of Yanjing.

    Yanjing was surrounded by mountains on three sides, all of which stretched to the Yan Mountain Range.

    The Great Wall extends in both east and west directions, east to Shanhaiguan and west to Jiayuguan.

    Yaling Mountain is a Yuanbao-shaped mountain in the Yan Mountain Range.

    This is the first time I've ever been in a position where I've had the opportunity to work with a company that I've never worked with before.

    In the past, this mountain and this road, are closed, because it is bought property rights, and independent investment in the road, so do not allow other social vehicles and people to enter, Gu Yanzhong's convoy can come in, this is because of the advance greeting with the Ye family!

    At this time, Ye Chen was sitting in a Rolls Royce, getting closer and closer to Ye Ling Mountain.

    In another ten minutes, he would be able to see, his parents who had been separated for nearly eighteen years.

    Even though the yin and the yang were already separated, he still couldn't restrain the tension in his heart.

    He looked at Ye Lingshan and silently recited in his heart, "Mom and Dad, my son has finally come to see you."


Ye Ling Mountain.

    This mountain is not only shaped like a treasure of feng shui, but also surrounded by a river with an excellent water outlet.

    Water not only cleanses everything, but is also the source of life. Therefore, water must be indispensable to a so-called feng shui treasure site.

    The water in Yaling Mountain is not only open to the heavens and closed to the earth, but also perfectly matches the fortune of the rivers and the position and orientation of the mountain itself, forming a feng shui formation called "Water Bureau Xinlong".

    It's also a good idea to have a good number of people in your life who are interested in your business.

    Ye Chen had a deep knowledge of the secret art of feng shui because he had comprehended the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures.

    Although he didn't know why that old feng shui master, said that the Ye family's dragon was trapped in the shallows, but he could perceive that this Ye Ling Mountain's ancestral tomb, not only blessed the offspring yc and prospered the family business, but also had a hidden momentum to fly into the sky.

    This made him not marvel, the Ye family really is financially strong, not only to buy such a feng shui treasure land, but also to invest so much money, here to build up the ground.

    This place had excellent feng shui, if the offspring were a little more competitive, the Ye family would definitely continue to flourish.

    When he was almost at the foot of Ye Ling Mountain, Gu Yanzhong reminded Ye Chen "Chen'er, I'll have the driver pull over to the side, so you can drive."

    Ye Chen didn't want to be exposed in front of the Ye family for the time being, so he had already agreed with Gu Yanzhong yesterday that he would pretend to be the driver and assistant and go with him to pay homage to his parents.

    So, he nodded and said, "Okay Uncle Gu, I'll drive."

    The driver pulled over to the side, handed the sunglasses to Ye Chen and said, "Mr. Ye, this is for you."

    Ye Chen took the sunglasses and put them on, and then took out a disposable mask from his pocket, before getting into the cab.

    The driver didn't remain in this car, but went to the other following vehicles behind.

    Ye Chen drove and continued forward, and when he reached the bottom of Ye Ling Mountain, a majestic Chinese white jade gatehouse stood in front of him, while below the gatehouse, the electric gate was closed and several security personnel stood on either side as if standing guard.

    The car in the front of the line stopped in front of the gatehouse, and then the convoy stopped steadily one by one.

    A security personnel from the front to Gu Yanzhong's car, Gu Yanzhong put down half the car window, the other respectfully said "Mr. Gu, bother to let the bodyguard to park the car to the next parking lot, too many cars, afraid of disturbing the peace of the Ye family ancestors, you and Mrs., Miss car can go in."

    Gu Yanzhong nodded and said to the assistant on the passenger's side, "You go coordinate and tell them to wait for me in the parking lot."

    The assistant hurriedly asked "Chairman, what about your safety."

    Gu Yanzhong was serious "This is the Ye family's territory, there's no way there's any security issues."

    The security guard outside the car respectfully bowed slightly "Thank you Mr. Gu for your approval."

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including: a wide range of products and services, including: a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.

    Ye Chen nodded his head.

    The mausoleum naturally had to be as quiet as possible, not only could it not sound the siren, it also could not be noisy.

    Moreover, the sound of a car engine was the louder the revs, the louder the noise.


Whether it is an ordinary family car, or a luxury car, the engine speed in two thousand five hundred revolutions below, will not make much noise, but if the speed increases to three or four thousand, or even four or five thousand, the noise will immediately multiply.

    So, as a driver, you must be gentle on the accelerator.

    At this time, all the vehicles in which the security personnel were riding drove into the parking lot by the gatehouse.

    Only two black Rolls Royces remained, the one in front was driven by Ye Chen, and the one behind, was another driver of the Gu family.

    The electric doors under the gate building opened to both sides, and the security personnel made an inviting gesture, before Ye Chen stepped on the gas pedal and slowly drove into the gate building.

    When Ye Chen drove the car into the Pan Mountain Road of Ye Ling Mountain, he grew to admire the high feng shui master who had chosen this precious land.

    The Yanshan Mountain Range had countless mountains, and his ability to find this place among the thousands of mountains was indeed quite remarkable.

    As the two cars meandered upwards on the mountain road, Ye Chen stopped paying attention to the feng shui, he could already see, halfway up the mountain, a large area of mausoleum built of Chinese white jade, there, is the Ye family's current ancestral tomb.

    Soon, he drove his Rolls Royce to a flat land not far below the tomb.

    Here was a specially opened up piece of parking lot, there were a number of black men in black suits standing upright, it seemed that they should be the security personnel of the Ye family's ancestral tomb.

    The bigger the family, the more attention they paid to the security of their ancestral graves.

    The feng shui of the ancestral graves must have played a considerable role in the top families being able to soar and prosper, just like the ancient saying that the royal dragon veins were significant.

    If an enemy or competitor, with ill intentions and intentionally destroying one's ancestral tomb, it would be a minor loss of wealth, or a serious loss of one's family.

    Therefore, the Ye family had as many as a hundred security guards deployed in Ye Ling Mountain overtly and covertly, and over the course of a year, the expenses for ancestral tomb maintenance and security alone would cost at least several hundred million.

    At this time, the security personnel guided Ye Chen, and after parking the car in the designated parking lot, Ye Chen immediately got off the car and went to the back row to help Gu Yanzhong pull open the door.

    In that car at the back, Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi also walked out of the car.

    The driver of that car then opened the trunk, and Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi carefully held out a few bouquets of flowers from it, waving to Ye Chen and saying "Little Liu, come here and help carry the flowers."

    Ye Chen knew that this Little Liu, who was calling was himself, so he understood, and hurried to the front, and received two bouquets of flowers from the two of them.

    Lin Wanqiu held two more bouquets from it, and herself and Gu Qiu Yi held one bouquet per 7b people.

    Gu Yanzhong also stepped forward at this time and said to Ye Chen, "Come, Little Liu, give me a bouquet."

    Ye Chen was busy handing him one of the bouquets.

    The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you are doing.

    Ye Chen naturally nodded his head repeatedly to promise "Okay Chairman Gu!"

    Gu Yanzhong and another Division licai798 machine said, "Xiao Chen ah, let Xiao Liu a person to help me over on the line, you wait in the car."

    The driver immediately nodded "good!"

    At this time, the security personnel had some difficulties and said "Mr. Gu, this is not Huaren in line with the regulations of Ye Ling Mountain, according to the Ye family regulations, only you, Madam, Miss three people up the mountain, even we can not accompany, or trouble this gentleman to stay in the car and wait for you!".


The Ye family's ancestral grave has always been extremely tightly managed.

    According to the regulations of the Ye family, according to the Szzhs, in addition to direct relatives, collateral blood relatives want to come to the ancestral tomb to worship, must be allowed by the Ye family.

    The requirements for outsiders are even stricter.

    It had to be a family or individual who had a deep connection to the Ye family in order to be allowed in.

    Like Gu Yanzhong, he was sworn brothers with Ye Changba, so the three members of their family would definitely be approved to come and pay their respects.

    But his entourage was not eligible to approach the Ye family's ancestral tomb.

    In the end, it was just three words, unworthy.

    Which one of the Ye family members buried here, placed outside, was a dragon and phoenix among men, which one of the drivers, attendants, and assistants could have the qualifications to pay homage.

    Not to mention other people's servants, even the Ye family's servants and the Ye family's security here were not qualified to enter the mausoleum area.

    This area was cleaned and maintained three times a day in the morning, noon, and night, and those in charge of cleaning and maintaining it were not the Ye family's servants, but the Ye family's collateral relatives.

    Of course, even if it was a collateral relative, then it had to be someone with the surname Ye.

    Therefore, the security personnel stopped Ye Chen, naturally because of this.

    Gu Yanzhong saw that the other party was going to stop Ye Chen, and immediately said, "Young man, I'm recovering from a serious illness, my body still has some after-effects, it's really difficult to move, let my driver help me up, in the past, your Ye family ancestral tomb was not so strict ah, at that time, the attendants were also able to accompany in together."

    The security officer looked apologetic, but said in a very firm tone "I'm sorry Mr. Gu, this is a new rule laid down by the head of the family after the ancestral tomb was moved into Ye Ling Mountain, and we must abide by it and never transgress it, so please forgive me."

    Gu Yanzhong became anxious all of a sudden.

    He was the one who had brought him here specifically so that Ye Chen could personally pay his respects to his parents.

    Ye Chen didn't want to expose his identity, so he would have to disguise himself as a driver, but what he didn't expect was that Ye Lingshan's management was so strict now.

    He, the chairman of the Gu Group, even took on a somewhat pleading tone towards this security officer and said, "Young man, I am indeed more than physically inconvenienced, please, on the face of my incomprehensible relationship with the Ye family, open up for me, you don't want to see me roll down the stone stairs later on an unsteady one, do you?"

    The security officer saw this and hurriedly bowed deeply "Mr. Gu, there's really no way to accommodate this matter, or else I won't be able to keep my job."

    Gu Yanzhong was a bit annoyed, and with a bit of anger questioned "This rule of yours is too impersonal, isn't it?Our families are friends from the past, why do you make me look like an outsider?"

    The security officer said awkwardly "Mr. Gu, I'm not going to lie to you, this rule is set by zhongguork old phase master, the master of the family to the old phase master's words as a guideline, so we have to strictly comply with, not to violate, please forgive me!"


    The security officer nodded hurriedly and said, "Mr. Gu, you'd better give the owner a call, if the owner allows it, I will never do anything to stop you!"

    Gu Yanzhong knew that he couldn't possibly convince the other party, so he sighed and said, "Okay, okay, I'll call Master Ye."

    Although he said that on his lips, he had no bottom in his heart.

    He knew about the Ye family and knew that the Ye family had moved their ancestral grave to Ye Lingshan because of the guidance of a senior person, and that senior person should be the old face maker that this security guard was talking about.

    If this old physiognomist made the request, I believe that the old man would never open any backdoor for himself for the sake of his own family's feng shui.

    Couldn't Ye Chen be allowed to personally pay homage to his parents today?


He's been separated from his parents for 18 years!

    Ye Chen was also anxious and eager at this time.

    In fact, ever since he had obtained the Nine Xuantian Scriptures, he hadn't had this feeling of panic and eagerness for a long time.

    His own parents were buried in one of this magnificent mausoleum complex not far away, and just by stepping up these hundred stone steps, he could go to his parents' graves to pay his respects, fulfilling his biggest dream in the past eighteen years.

    However, if these people don't let him go up, he can't kill his way up, right?

    Or maybe you have to make yourself clear to the Yeerks?

    However, although that would allow him to pay his respects to his parents in name only, after that, what was waiting for him was the real trouble.

    At this moment, a loud voice sounded "Let him go up!".

    The crowd followed the sound 88 and saw an old man, whose hair, beard, and eyebrows were all completely snow white, slowly walking over with a crutch.

    As soon as Ye Chen saw this person, he felt that he should be a hundred years old, and although he was already very old, his walking posture was surprisingly steady with the assistance of his crutches.

    It was now a cold winter month, and the old man was only wearing a white tang suit, but I couldn't see that he was cold in the slightest.

    His crutches, on the other hand, seemed a bit different.

    Ye Chen had seen many old people's crutches, at the top, more carved dragon heads, but on top of this crutch of his, a python was carved.

    After sizing up the other party for a few moments, Ye Chen couldn't help but wonder in his heart "Could it be that this person is the old Chinese feng shui master that Uncle Gu said the Ye family hired from the United States?".

    Then he wondered, "Why did he agree to let me go up there?Could he have figured out who I am?Is it possible that his insight is that strong?Or is there some other way he can figure out who I am?"

    Just when he couldn't think of the original reason, the head of security asked in surprise "Old phase master, didn't you say that outsiders are not allowed to go up there except for Ye's close friends?"

    The old man smiled slightly and looked at Ye Chen and said "He, ah, is not considered an outsider."

    The security officer was even more puzzled "Old phase master, what do you mean?Why don't I get it?"

    The old man smiled "I think this person should have a deep connection with the Ye family in his past life, so he's not considered an outsider, let him go up."

    "An origin in a past life?"The security officer was naturally a little unbelieving in his heart, but when he thought that such things as feng shui were inherently mysterious, it was possible that this could be true.

    So, he awkwardly said "Old Face Master, what does the master of the house mean"

    The old man asked rhetorically "Does your homeowner have a JD count?"

    The security officer was busy respectfully saying "The master of the house did say that!"

    The old man asked again "Then did your master say that even if I asked you to tear down the Ye family's ancestral graves, you must not disobey?"

    The security officer was more respectful "The homeowner did say that!"

    The old man nodded and asked "So do you have a problem with me letting him up?"

    The security officer subconsciously stepped back and said respectfully, "Back to the old phase, I have no opinion!Everything is subject to your will!"

    Only then did the old man nodded and smiled in satisfaction, then, he made a gesture of invitation to Ye Chen and said, "This gentleman, please."


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