The Unknown Heir 978-979


Chapter 978

"Yuehong, I have an idea, you see, Yuxin is not so young and will soon graduate from college, if this senior of hers really likes Yuxin, I think it would be a good choice, so that the two of us can also live a good life for the rest of our lives."

Tang De continued to watch Wang Yuehong speak out his inner thoughts.

Of course, Wang Yuehong understood Tang De's thoughts.

"Mm. Old Tang you're right, but this matter still depends on Yu Xin, we have to respect Yu Xin's choice."

Wang Yuehong reminded in a long-winded manner.

The couple still respected their own daughter Tang Yuxin's thoughts and didn't want to force their daughter to do anything, as long as their daughter could live a good life and be safe and happy, then the two of them would be relieved.

Tang De nodded his head in agreement after hearing this as well.


Just at that moment, the door of the hospital room was pushed open.

Only Chen Hao and Tang Yuxin walked in together.

"Dad, Mom is awake, right?"

As soon as Tang Yuxin walked in, she immediately asked towards Tang De.

"Yu Xin!"

Seeing her daughter arrive, Wang Yuehong immediately shouted with a smile on her face.

"Mom, how are you feeling?"

Tang Yuxin immediately walked over to the bedside towards Wang Yuehong and asked with concern.

Wang Yuehong shook his head slightly and replied, "Mom is fine, what are you doing here, don't you have classes this afternoon?"

"There's no class this afternoon, so I'm here to cover Dad's shift."

Tang Yuxin looked at Wang Yuehong and explained.

"Auntie, you're fine Yuxin and Uncle are much more relieved."

At this time, Chen Hao also looked at Wang Yuehong and spoke up with a smile to reassure him.

After hearing this, Wang Yuehong also immediately looked at Chen Hao.

"Young man, you must be Yuxin's senior, you saved me, you're my benefactor, the benefactor of our family, I really don't know how to thank you."

Wang Yuehong looked at Chen Hao just to thank him.

"Auntie you're too polite, your illness is important, it's all a small matter."

Chen Hao also smiled and said modestly.

"Right auntie, uncle, this is a little fruit with tonic for you, you can take care of your body when you are discharged from the hospital."

Chen Hao then hurriedly handed the things in his hand to Tang De to preach.

"Oh my, Xiao Chen ah, you just come, why do you still buy so many things, it's so shabby."

Tang De was also surprised to see Chen Hao grumbling, but Tang De's heart was still very touched and happy, he was now more and more satisfied with Chen Hao, as if his heart had completely identified Chen Hao as his son-in-law that kind of feeling.

Tang De's heart was even more shocked when he took a look at the tonic in his hand.

He didn't expect that all of these supplements Chen Hao had bought were so expensive, at least the kind that cost thousands and thousands of dollars, which made Tang De really feel even more convinced in his heart that Chen Hao was definitely not a simple person.

"Young man, your name is Chen Hao, right?"

Wang Yuehong asked towards Chen Hao at this time.

"Yes auntie, my name is Chen Hao, I'm Yuxin's senior, I graduated from the class of 07, I'm several years older than Yuxin."

Chen Hao immediately nodded her head towards Wang Yuehong in response to the explanation.

Wang Yuehong also nodded slightly and looked at her daughter, Tang Yuxin, before looking at Chen Hao.

"Little Chen ah, it's really thanks to you these past few days, please take care of our Yu Xin more in the future."

Wang Yuehong suggested as she looked at Chen Hao.

As soon as Chen Hao heard that, he was also slightly stunned, then he responded with a smile, "Of course, don't worry auntie, Yuxin's matter is my matter, I will definitely help if I can."

In fact, regarding the meaning of Wang Yuerong's words, Chen Hao had also heard it out, it should be that Wang Yuerong was treating herself as Tang Yuxin's boyfriend.

Chen Hao was again in the hospital room, chatting with Tang Yuxin's family for a while before leaving.

Although Tang Yuxin was also very sad to see Chen Hao go, she knew that Chen Hao must have his own work things to do, it was already good that he could accompany her to send himself, and she was already content.

After sending Chen Hao away, Tang Yuxin returned to the hospital room again.

"Yuxin, tell mom, do you like someone little Chen?"

As soon as she came back and sat down, Wang Yuehong looked at Tang Yuxin and asked.

As soon as this question was asked, Tang Yuxin's face flushed scarlet, appearing to be a very shy sort of feeling.

Seeing the change in his daughter's expression, Tang De also immediately revealed a fatherly smile.

"Yuxin, just say it boldly, no matter what, Dad and Mom will support your decision."

Tang De reminded towards Tang Yuxin.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Tang Yuxin just nodded her head and replied softly, "Dad, Mom, I do like him."

Actually, although Tang Yuxin had only known Chen Hao for such a short period of time, she knew what she was thinking inside, and she felt that Chen Hao was the good man she was looking for in her life.

Hearing her own daughter's reply, Wang Yuehong and Tang De looked at each other at the same time.

Then, the two Tang De couples both smiled happily at the same time.

"Yu Xin, Dad supports you!"

"Yes, Yuxin, mom also supports you, just boldly go after people."

Just the two of them, Tang De and his wife, expressed their support and approval towards Tang Yuxin and said.

"He is such a good condition, and he is also a good person, and treats you well, you should hold on to him, Yuxin!"

Tang De reminded her again towards Tang Yuxin.

Tang Yuxin also nodded her head in understanding, but she didn't even go to say anything.

She also didn't know what Chen Hao actually had in mind for her, but she just didn't dare to say it so quickly at the moment for fear that Chen Hao would directly reject her and it would be awkward then.

This was because Chen Hao had already rejected her once yesterday, and although that time yesterday was just a different situation, it at least proved that Chen Hao wasn't that kind of random man.

"Yuxin, look at these supplements that people sent from Little Chen, these are going to be thousands of dollars, this is not something that an ordinary person can afford, it means that people must be in good condition, you can't miss out on this."

Tang De continued to narrate to Tang Yuxin.

"Right, Yuxin, do you know what exactly someone's Little Chen does? Do you know anything about his family?"

Wang Yuehong also looked at Tang Yuxin for some questions.

Tang Yuxin shook her head and replied, "Oh mom and dad, I've actually only known Chen Hao for two days, and also he saved me when I was being bullied, so I don't know that much about it."

Wang Yuehong and Tang De only understood after hearing this.

But that's okay, you can slowly understand if you don't understand.

At this moment, Chen Hao certainly didn't know about the conversation between the three members of Tang Yuxin's family, and he drove straight back to the Yaojiang Group.

On the other side, inside a cafe.

Only four youths were sitting inside, chatting, and one of them was precisely Lin Tianyuan, who had been beaten by Chen Hao before.

Lin Tianyuan's face was incomparably dark, sitting on the sofa with a dark face and locked brows.

Chapter 979

The three youths sitting in front of him were the other three of the four young men of Tianhai, He Longyu, Lin Yuanjun, and Bai Yunfei.

All three of them were the young masters of the first-class families of Tianhai City, the He family, the Lin family, and the Bai family, and it could be said that each one of them had an uncomplicated identity, and their families were also shareholders of Tianhai University, except that this time, the largest shareholder of Tianhai University had become the Yaojiang Group.

In front of the Yaojiang Group, the families of the four of them were simply insignificant and couldn't be compared.

"Lin Tianyuan, I heard that you've been brutally beaten this time ah?"

Only He Long Yu was sitting on the sofa, looking at Lin Tianyuan with an interesting expression as he asked a funny question.

Lin Tianyuan glanced at He Longyu and didn't reply, he knew that he was humiliated as the fact that he had been beaten on the ground had spread throughout Tianhai University.

"What do you think about that kid? Even Lin Tianyuan was able to beat him and was so brazen."

The Lin Yuanjun on the other side was curious.

"Hmph, who cares what his origin is, if he dares to bully our Heavenly Sea Fourth Younger, then let him suffer for it!"

Bai Yunfei, on the other hand, snorted with disdain.

"There's been a lot of changes in the school lately, I heard that the principal and the owner have both changed, and the most important thing is that I heard from my father that the biggest shareholder of the school has been replaced with the chairman of the Yaojiang Group, and the entire school has been acquired by the Yaojiang Group as well."

He Long Yu was again recounting the situation that he had investigated and learned about from his own father's side.

"What? The Yaojiang Group even acquired Tianhai University, what are they acquiring Tianhai University for?"

Lin Yunjun was also filled with amazement.

How could they not know about the Yaojiang Group and how powerful it was, if that was the case, they wouldn't dare to mess up again.

In the afternoon, Chen Hao returned to the group.

After returning to the group, Chen Hao called Zhou Nuo to his office.

Zhou Nuo walked into the office.

"Chen Dong, is there anything you want to order?"

Zhou Nuo asked respectfully towards Chen Hao.

"Zhou Nuo, there should still be villas left over from the group, right?"

Chen Hao asked towards Zhou Nuo.

After Zhou Nuo listened, he immediately opened his mouth to answer.

"Yes, Dong Chen, there are a few more left."

Chen Hao also nodded his head in satisfaction after hearing this.

"In that case, you go now and prepare all the information about a villa for me, I'm useful."

Chen Hao immediately instructed towards Zhou Nuo.

After hearing this, Zhou Nuo directly nodded his head without saying a word and then walked out of Chen Hao's office.

The reason why Chen Hao asked was because of the situation at Tang Yuxin's house.

Tang Yuxin's family was now facing demolition and was also moving.

So Chen Hao decided to give the rest of his group's villa to Tang Yuxin and her family to live in, which could be considered as helping their family solve a big problem.

More than an hour later, Zhou Nuo walked in with a paperwork.

"Chen Dong, all of the villa's documents and formalities have been prepared."

Zhou Nuo handed the document to Chen Hao and reported.

"Well, good, hard work."

Chen Hao responded towards Zhou Nuo and then took the documents that Zhou Nuo handed over.

"Chen Dong, do you need me to go out with you?"

Zhou Nuo was now asking another question towards Chen Hao.

"No, I'll be fine on my own, you can continue working in the group."

Chen Hao commanded towards Zhou Nuo, then stood up and took the documents and walked out.

Zhou Nuo didn't have any opinions, she knew that Chen Hao had her own way of doing things, so she didn't need to pursue it herself, just do what Chen Hao said.

Chen Hao took the paperwork and left the group again, driving towards the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital again.

Chen Hao took the paperwork and walked in.

Upon seeing Chen Hao arrive again, the three members of Tang Yuxin's family immediately smiled.

"Little Chen, you're here, aren't you busy at work? Would it bother you too much?"

Tang De hurriedly asked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao would smile and then spoke up to explain, "Uncle, it's fine, I'm not busy, I've come to discuss something with you guys."

When they heard Chen Hao say that, the three Tang De immediately fell into confusion, not understanding what Chen Hao had come for.

"It's like this, I heard from Yuxin that the place where you guys live is now facing demolition, and you guys are still looking for a place to live right?"

Chen Hao looked at Tang De and Wang Yuehong and asked the couple.

As soon as Chen Hao mentioned this matter, Tang De looked doubtful.


Tang De heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

"Yeah, you said it's not easy for us to find a place to live, now that the houses outside are so expensive, we don't have much money to live in a good place, plus Yu Xin's mother has just finished her surgery now."

Tang De was very helpless to narrate, this matter was also on the minds of the three of them.

"Uncle, auntie, Yu Xin, this is exactly what I came here for, I have a way to help you guys out!"

Chen Hao looked at the three Tang De men and firmly narrated.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, the three Tangdu suddenly revealed an expression that would surprise them.

"Really? Little Chen do you really have a way to help us?"

Tang De was also surprised as he looked at Chen Hao and asked if Chen Hao was really willing to help them, then they would really be able to get through this difficult time.

"Yes, Uncle!"

Chen Hao should say without a joking expression.

After saying that, Chen Hao handed over the documents he was holding to Tang De.

"Uncle, Auntie, Yu Xin, this is the information and formalities for one of my villas, it just so happens that my villa is also empty and unoccupied, so let you guys live there, so that you also have a good environment to live in, and Auntie's illness can also recover faster."

Chen Hao then looked at the three Tang De and narrated.

This caused the three Tang De's eyes to widen at the same time.

"Don't. Villa?"

Tang De was even more stunned as he looked at Chen Hao in awe, he didn't expect Chen Hao to give them a villa to live in himself.

They never dreamed that they would be able to live in a villa.

"Yes, uncle, the contract and formalities have already been done for you, you can just move in straight away, and you don't need any furniture, the furniture is already fully equipped inside."

Chen Hao smiled and looked at Tang De preaching.

"This. This, Xiao Chen ah, really thank you so much."

Tang De was so excited that he couldn't say anything, looking at Chen Hao was just a bit grateful, just as if he was kneeling down to Chen Hao.

To be honest, Chen Hao was their Tang family's benefactor, if it wasn't for Chen Hao, their Tang family would really be finished.

"Uncle, there's no need to be so polite, as I said, Yuxin's matter is my matter, and I'll do my best to help as much as I can."

Chen Hao spoke again, looking at Tang De.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Tang Yuxin's heart really felt incomparably warm and touched, feeling that Chen Hao was really too good to her.


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