Secret Identity 2221-2222


Chapter 2221

Seeing Su Shou Dao kneeling on the ground and crying bitterly, Du Haiqing immediately subconsciously took a few steps back, broke away from his hands and seriously said, "Su Shou Dao, you know my character, when I agreed to marry you, I made three gentleman's covenants with you, do you still remember?"


      Su Shou Dao nodded gently with red eyes, "Remember I remember all of that! Remember that word for word! Honey, I was really confused, please, forgive me just this once, okay?"


      Du Haiqing said with a serious expression, "Su Shoudao, I want you to tell me first, what are those three Gentleman's Covenants respectively."


      Su Shou Dao's heart ached and trembled, "The first of the gentleman's covenants, no matter what time or situation, as long as"


      Du Haiqing pursued, "Just what?"


      Su Shoudao sighed long and hard, "Hey! As long as as Ye Changba is willing to come back and accept you, I must divorce you unconditionally and never dwell on it!"


      Du Haiqing nodded and asked him, "What about the second one?"


      Su Shou Dao said, "The second rule is that after marriage, you may not be prevented from meeting with Ye Changya of a normal friend nature."


      Du Haiqing asked again, "What about the third rule?"


      "The third rule" murmured Su Shou Dao "The third rule is that you married me not for love, but to be able to have a stable family, so either of us need to scrupulously abide by the moral bottom line, not to be ambiguous or even have an actual relationship with another person of the opposite sex during the marriage relationship, if you change your mind, you must inform each other in advance and break up peacefully"


      Du Haiqing hmmm, calmly said: "Since you all remember, then there is no need for me to repeat more, I will go back to my mother's house today, tomorrow morning the two of us to do the divorce procedures, hard work you print a divorce agreement in the evening, our two children are adults, and will not involve custody issues, as for the property of this family, I do not want a penny, that's it. "


      Saying that, Du Haiqing turned around and left.


      Su Shou Dao hurriedly kneeled in front of her, grabbed her suitcase and cried, "Wife, you don't know the specifics of what happened back then."


      "He Yingxiu He Yingxiu she, she almost died trying to save me back then and ended up losing her arm, I wanted to make it up to her but she but she said she had a crush on me for years and just wanted to leave no regrets before she left."


      "I was I was also touched plus impulsive, so so I had sex with her once."


      "I swear to God, I, Su Shoudao, have only betrayed you that one and only time."


      "Please, for the sake of our twenty-odd years of conjugal love, for the sake of our one pair of children, forgive me this time! I'm begging you."


      Du Haiqing said seriously, "Su Shoudao, there are many ways to repay gratitude to a person, why do you have to choose the one that betrays the marriage?"


      Su Shou Dao cried, "Wife I I'm just confused ah."


      Du Haiqing waved his hand, "It doesn't matter if you're confused or not, the important thing is that you've made a choice. Since you've already made your choice, then be bold and courageous!"


      The two of us can divorce tomorrow, even if we can't be husband and wife, we can still be friends; but if you're not willing to break up peacefully, then I'll have to sue for divorce in court. Ugly, isn't it?"


      Su Shou Dao looked at Du Haiqing as he wept and choked out a question, "Honey, what exactly do I have to do for you to forgive me? If you tell me, I'll do my best! Even if it's a mountain of knives and a sea of fire!"


      Du Haiqing smiled slightly, "Su Shou Dao, I'm sorry, I really can't forgive you."


      Su Shou Dao's entire body trembled a bit and pursued her, "Wife, you and I have been husband and wife for over twenty years, do you really want to be so desperate?"

Chapter 2222

Du Haiqing asked him, "Su Shoudao, do you know why I loved Ye Changba so much in the first place?"


      Su Shou Dao's entire body was startled.


      He looked at Du Haiqing, his voice a little hoarse as he asked, "Why?"


      Du Haiqing laughed bitterly a few times, his voice compassionate and pained, "When Changba was about to get married, I also ran to confess to him like He Yingxiu confessed to you"


      "I even thought about giving him my body, even, I even had the exact same reason as Ho Young-soo."


      "I said to him at the time: coma, I've loved you for so many years without any results, if you really don't love me and really don't want to give me a result, then don't leave me with one last regret."


      "I also said: the coma, a woman, the most precious is her own chastity, this chastity is precious because every woman, wish to be able to leave it to the man she loves most, and I, wish to be able to leave my own chastity to you."


      At this point, Du Haiqing's voice also choked up, she looked at Su Shoudao and said with a cry, "But, the biggest difference between Changba and you is that Changba he didn't hesitate to reject me at that time! Because he said that he could never ruin my future!!!! For that alone, you'll never be able to compare to him!!!"


      When Su Shou Dao heard this, he didn't say a word.


      He felt his face was hot, so hot that he couldn't even open his eyes a bit.


      When Du Haiqing saw that he didn't say anything, he sighed and said, "Su Shou Dao, husband and wife, let's get along, okay?"


      Su Shou Dao's tears couldn't stop flowing.


      He wanted to open his mouth again to say a few more words to admit his mistakes and beg for forgiveness before trying to find a way to plead and retain Du Haiqing.


      However, when he thought of what Du Haiqing had just said, that she had also begged and pleaded with Ye Changba just like He Yingxiu had begged herself, and Ye Changba had rejected her, he really didn't have the face to justify himself anymore.


      And he also knew very well that it was useless to excuse himself, Du Haiqing had made up his mind, he would definitely not turn back!


      While he didn't know what to do, a sharp knock on the door came, and the butler said outside the door in a fiery voice, "Eldest Young Master, the Master asked me to tell you to rush there immediately, saying that there is an important matter of a hundred thousand urgent importance, so you must hurry!"


      Su Shou Dao's entire body was a little horrified, he had been taking a shower, and after the shower out his wife was going to divorce him, so he had no idea that the Su family had now been pushed into the limelight because of the announcement from the Japanese National Security Agency.


      He actually doesn't want to go anywhere right now, he just wants to use his best efforts to leave his wife behind, but his father's authority is not something he can disobey, and his father has asked the housekeeper to say that there is a major event of a hundred thousand urgent, if he delays, I'm afraid that his father's side will definitely be shocked and angry.


      Thinking of this, he could only shout through the door to the housekeeper, "Okay, you go first, I'll get dressed and go over!"




      After the housekeeper left, Su Shou Dao looked to Du Haiqing and pleaded, "Wife, let's talk about it when I get back, okay?"


      Du Haiqing shook his head, "There's no need to talk between us anymore, you'd better hurry to the old man's place."


      Saying that, she took advantage of Su Shoudao's inattention, pulled up her suitcase and pushed out the door


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