Secret Identity 2219-2220


Chapter 2219

As the Su Family's eldest daughter-in-law, Du Haiqing's first reaction after seeing this tweet was to quickly click on it to see what was going on.


      Although she rarely asked about her husband and the Su family, she was, after all, a member of the Su family and had heard of many things about the Su family.


      Her son and daughter had been kidnapped and almost killed in Japan before, and this incident had made her palpitate, but at the same time, it had also made her pay a little more attention to the situation over there in Japan.


      She also knew about Su Ruorui's extermination of the entire Matsumoto family, and although she also felt that it was a bit overdone, Su Shoudao was furious at the time, and was extremely resolute when giving this order, with no room for negotiation.


      Afterwards, Su Ruoli and a large group of Su Family experts were all captured by the Japanese Self-Defense Force, Du Haiqing also knew that this matter had a great impact on the Su Family, even greatly weakening the overall strength of the Su Family, from that day onwards, Su Shoudao was at his wits' end every day, all of which Du Haiqing saw in her eyes.


      However, she didn't know about Su Shoudao's plan to rescue Su Ruorui.


      Therefore, when she saw this tweet, she was also very curious.


      After clicking on it, she realized that this announcement released by Japan's National Security Agency claimed that after the Su family instructed their men and murdered dozens of members of the Matsumoto family's entire family, all of the Su family's men were captured by the Japanese Self-Defense Force in Osaka, and the first offender, Su Ruorui, was also caught, but what she didn't expect was that the Su family had joined forces with the top brass of the Self-Defense Force again and switched Su Ruorui from the police department, which eventually led to Su Ruorui's whereabouts being unknown.


      In response to this, the Japanese Homeland Security Bureau lodged a stern protest against the Su family, demanding that the Su family must return Su Ruorui to the Tokyo Police Department as soon as possible, or else the Su family would be sealed and never unsealed throughout Japan, leaving the Su family with a mere 24 hours to do so.


      Seeing this, Du Haiqing was shocked and surprised, and she said to herself, "Why would they invest so much cost and effort for Su Ruorui? And at the risk of offending the entire Japanese government and the entire Japanese people? This is not in line with my husband's style of doing things ah, not just my husband, father-in-law Su Chengfeng is not the one who can make such decisions ah!"


      Surprised, she continued to read down.


      The announcement also said: "In fact, the Su family is not really trying to rescue Su Ruorui, they just see Su Ruorui as an act as well as a bargaining chip in exchange for rights, they hope on the one hand after rescuing Su Ruorui, and then sell it to the Japanese Self-Defense Force to take credit, but also hope to be able to appease Su Ruorui's mother's family through this act, after all, Su Ruorui's mother He Yingxiu's He family, is one of the four major martial arts families in China, is also the Su family wants to actively cage the object".


      When Du Haiqing saw this, his entire body had been stunned!


      "Su Ruo Li, it's He Ying Xiu's child?! How come I've never heard of this before?!"


      Naturally, Du Haiqing knew He Yingxiu.


      After all, He Yingxiu had previously been her husband Su Shoudao's personal bodyguard.


      Later, He Yingxiu was injured and amputated while saving Su Chengfeng, which was why she left the Su family.


      "But, when did He Yingxiu give birth to a daughter? And why would she send her daughter to the Su family as a bodyguard for Su Shoudao?"


      "And, He Yingxiu's daughter, why is her last name Su?!"


      Du Haiqing looked further back and the next paragraph was the shocking scandal that really made her jaw drop!


      It says in this passage that Su Ruo Li, is the illegitimate daughter of Su Shou Dao who was born as a result of his infidelity with He Ying Xiu, who concealed her origins and sent her to the Su family!


      When he saw this, Du Haiqing's entire body was almost five thunderbolts!


      Even though there was no actual evidence to back up this statement, the woman's instincts kept telling her that everything it said was true!


      Never in her wildest dreams did she think that her husband, who she thought loved her extremely deeply and was faithful to her, would betray her!


      And that's after betraying himself twenty years ago!


      Not only that, but he had an illegitimate daughter on the outside!

Chapter 2220

What's worse, his illegitimate daughter has been living as a bodyguard in and around Sue's house for the last few years!


      It made her feel an utter betrayal, and an icy coldness from head to toe!


      Desperately trying to control her trembling hands, she continued to read the follow-up, and even the JSA thought that the Soviets were simply beasts!


      How dare you sell your own daughter's and granddaughter's lives for profit! You're a vicious, scorpion-hearted man!


      By the time Du Haiqing saw this, her entire body had gone numb.


      She saw the wedding photo of herself and Su Shou Dao on the wall, and felt nauseous and revolting as she thought back on her years of marriage.


      But in an instant, she felt a sense of relief.


      So she silently got out of bed, took out a suitcase from the cloakroom, and put a few clothes inside.


      After silently packing the suitcase and changing herself into an outfit for going out, Du Haiqing pulled up the suitcase without hesitation and prepared to head out.


      At this time, the bathroom door just happened to open.


      Su Shou Dao, who came out wrapped in a towel, suddenly saw Du Haiqing pulling the suitcase to go out and asked in surprise, "Honey, where are you going so late?"


      Du Haiqing looked at him and said with an expressionless and very calm face, "Su Shoudao, let's get a divorce."


      Su Shoudao was struck by lightning and asked out of his mouth with extreme tension, "What's wrong wife? What the hell are you doing? Just tell me what I'm doing wrong, and I'll change, okay?"


      Du Haiqing looked straight into his eyes and asked lightly, "Su Shou Dao, for the sake of being husband and wife for so many years, the next question I ask you, please answer truthfully and without half a lie, can you do that?"


      Although Su Shou Dao was a bit guilty, he still said very resolutely, "Wife, just ask, I will answer truthfully, okay?"


      Du Haiqing got straight to the point: "Okay, then let me ask you, is Su Ruorui your illegitimate daughter with He Yingxiu?"


      Su Shou Dao's entire heart shattered and collapsed!


      Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that what Du Haiqing would ask once he opened his mouth was the only place in his heart where he felt guilty!


      His whole body panicked for a moment.


      He didn't know how to respond at this point.


      Deny it? With Du Haiqing's character, she must be very convinced of this matter since she had asked, and it would be difficult to convince her to simply deny it herself, but it was likely to disappoint her even more .


      If you can't deny it, then you'll have to admit it.


      However, once you admit it, you're sitting on the fact that you've been cheating on your partner, and it's been going on for over twenty years, so whoever would have known that your other half had been cheating on you for so long and had an illegitimate daughter would have been furious to the extreme!


      When the time comes, Du Haiqing will definitely turn his face away without hesitation as well!


      Just when Su Shou Dao's entire body completely broke down and panicked to the point of not knowing what to do, Du Haiqing sighed lightly and smiled slightly, "Okay, it's not hard for you, let's get a divorce, let's have a good time."


      Su Shoudao's entire body collapsed somewhat, poofed to his knees, hands on Du Haiqing's thighs, choked with nervousness, "Wife I was wrong! Honey! Honey! I was also confused that time, I didn't think that He Yingxiu she had Ruo Li after that time, please, forgive me this time wife! I can't lose you, wife!"


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