Secret Identity 2217-2218


Chapter 2217

Du Haiqing did love Ye Changya deeply.


      Unlike Ye Chen's mother, who had met Ye Changba when she was studying abroad, Du Haiqing had really grown up with Ye Changba as a childhood friend.


      Both of them were the children of big families in Yanjing's Forty Nine City, and they had studied in the same school since they were young.


      They attended, all the best kindergartens, the best elementary schools, the best middle schools as well as high schools in Yanjing.


      So, on several graduation photos, you can find the faces of Du Haiqing and Ye Changya from different periods.


      Ye Changya was an outstanding child, and Du Haiqing liked to play with him when he was in elementary school.


      When she reached middle school, Du Haiqing realized that she had fallen in love with Ye Changya.


      Since that time, her thoughts about Ye Changba have never changed and she has never hidden her love for him.


      When Ye Changba was running in the stadium, she would be there to shout and cheer.


      When Ye played her guitar and sang on stage, she would also be sure to applaud from below.


      So, soon, everyone in the entire Forty Nine City's big family children knew that Du Haiqing liked Ye Changba.


      Coincidentally, the Du family had always been very good friends with the Ye family.


      The Du family's old master, and the Ye family's old master, were eight bosom friends!


      Back then, the old men of both families were almost overjoyed when they found out that Du Haiqing liked Ye Changsha!


      The parents of the two families are all trying their best to set them up.


      Du Haiqing can't wait to marry Ye Changba and become his wife.


      The only one who refuses to do so is Ye Changya, who says he has always treated Du Haiqing as his sister, so how can he marry her?


      He said that he has always treated Du Haiqing as his sister, so how can he have a son and daughter with her.


      The old man Ye could not persuade him, a slap on his face, scolded him as a bastard, delayed Du Haiqing so many years.


      Ye Chang-tao's face is not yet swollen, people have run away to foreign countries.


      Du Haiqing did not say a word, packed his bags and chased to the United States.


      But I didn't expect, Ye Changba in the United States to meet Ye Chen's mother, harvest their true love.


      However, Du Haiqing still did not give up.


      She kept insisting until the night before Ye Changba's wedding.


      That night, she was still hoping for a miracle to happen.


      Expecting that Ye Changba would be able to bring those good brothers of his to his home the next morning to receive the wedding.


      However, Ye Changba still didn't show up in the end.


      Further, Ye Changba got married.


      He and his wife, leading the Ye family all the way to the top, the whole Yanjing praised them as a match made in heaven, only Du Haiqing with tears every night.


      She has always felt that she is the woman in the world who loves Coma Ye the most.


      Unfortunately, Ye Changba didn't choose to be with her in the end.


      Back then, when Ye Changba chose his later wife without turning back, Du Haiqing almost dried up all her tears.


      However, she dried up her tears, or continue to love coma leaves, like looking at the husband stone, looking through the autumn water, waiting for him to change his mind.


      Unfortunately, Ye Chang-缨 eventually did not turn back.


      When the coma leaves to get married, she calmly accepted all of this, and then also calmly accepted Su Shoudao's crazy pursuit for several years.


      When Ye Changba passed away, she cried once again, and that time, she was even sent to the hospital overnight because she was so sad.


      It's just that the Su family didn't tell anyone about it, not even Du Haiqing's mother's family.


      Su Shou Dao didn't tell because he was afraid of losing face.


      He couldn't let anyone know that his wife, who he loved so much, had cried until her liver was broken and cried until she almost died with him over the death of another man.


      For a long time after that, Su Shou Dao had been taking care of her with the utmost care, and he hadn't complained a word about Du Haiqing because he knew there was no need for that.


      Since Ye Changba was dead, after his wife cried this one, Ye Changba would no longer threaten their relationship, so why bother complaining about Du Haiqing for it?


      However, what Ye Changtao didn't expect was that some years ago, a provincial TV station in the south had a program called I am a singer, and Du Haiqing, who always loved music, stayed in front of the TV every week to catch up, so he accompanied Du Haiqing to watch a few episodes.

Chapter 2218

Every episode of the show, he and Du Haiqing would discuss who sang better and who adapted better, and the two of them watched with great interest, having fun.


      Until suddenly one day, a female singer named Huang Qishan, sang a cover of Can't Leave You.


      When Du Haiqing heard that song, she broke down again, covering her face alone and crying in front of the TV.


      The lyrics of that song are still fresh in Su Shoudao's mind.


      The lyrics were sung like this.


      "You melted me with your open arms.


      You crush me with a twist of your fingertips.


      You stirred up the wind and swept me away.


      You made waves and abandoned me.


      Both of us, it's so unfair.


      Love and hate are all at your disposal.


      But today, I can't leave you.


      Whether you love me or not..."


      The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the newest version of the newest song.


      At that time, Su Shoudao saw Du Haiqing cry to lose control, reached out to take her into the arms, but he never dreamed that Du Haiqing was not allowed to hold him, a person crying to listen to the entire song, and then locked himself in the bedroom crying for more than an hour.


      Su Shou Dao was in an extremely bad mood.


      Because he knew very well that the reason why Du Haiqing was crying like that because of this song was entirely because of that Ye Changba, who had been dead for more than ten years!


      The lyrics of this song simply fit too well with Du Haiqing's feelings towards Ye Changba.


      Du Haiqing's heart, back then was melted, crushed, swept away and abandoned by coma Ye!


      Du Haiqing's love is completely controlled by Ye Changba alone!


      Regardless of whether Ye Changba loved her or not, Du Haiqing couldn't leave him, and even though she had left him physically and spatially, she hadn't left him inside!


      At that moment, Su Shou Dao could not help but burst into tears.


      He didn't understand what kind of magic Ye Changba had, to make his wife love him to death when he was alive, and still make her love him to death after more than a decade of death!


      It was also at that moment that Su Shou Dao hated Ye Changsha even more than he did when he was alive!


      He even wanted to raze Ye Changya's grave and bruise his bones!


      And for Du Haiqing, she had only loved one person in her life, and that person was Ye Changba.


      As for Su Shou Dao, it was just a step she had found for herself after Ye Chang Coma's marriage.


      At that time, all of Yanjing was amazed by Ye Changba's wedding of the century, and also felt pity for Du Haiqing.


      The strong Du Haiqing didn't want to be underestimated, which is why she agreed to Su Shoudao's quest.


      However, she didn't love Su Shou Dao until the end.


      After she got married, she has been a husband and educated children, abided by the ways of women, and has never been with any man, any step beyond the thunder pool.


      But she still doesn't love Su Shou Dao.


      She did not love the day she got married.


      To this day, more than twenty years after the marriage, she still doesn't love.


      It's not that Du Haiqing is cold and heartless, it's just that not loving is not loving, no matter how reluctantly or persuasively you force yourself, not loving, still not loving.


      At this point, looking at the pictures of the leaves, the distant memory of that year, Du Haiqing unconsciously and two lines of tears.




      The song comes to mind, she murmured in her heart: "Changba, the two of us, it's really too unfair, I've loved you for nearly forty years, why are you not even willing to give me a chance until the end?"


      "If you gave me a chance back then, I would have done no worse than any of them."


      "If you had given me a chance back then, you wouldn't have died so young."


      The song just reached an emotional point, and Du Haiqing thought of this, tears have drowned in the dike.


      And at this time, her phone, suddenly received multiple tweets in a row, one of the most eye-catching one is: the Japanese National Security Agency released an announcement, exposing the Su family shocking scandal!


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