Secret Identity 2215-2218


Chapter 2215

Late night.




      Su Shou Dao could not hide his decadence and returned to his home.


      At this moment, he was in a very complicated mood.


      Just this evening, Su Ruorui's birth mother, He Yingxiu, came to Su's group specifically to see him.


      As soon as they met, He Yingxiu was anxiously asking him about Su Ruorui's whereabouts.


      However, Su Shou Dao simply didn't know how to answer.


      Because, he also didn't know where exactly Su Ruorui had gone.


      Her entire body, as if she had vanished from the earth, left no clues.


      He Yingxiu, who had lost an arm, cried and knelt down to Su Shoudao, hoping that he would remember that Su Ruorui was his own daughter and do everything he could to find her whereabouts.


      Su Shou Dao agreed.


      Su Ruo Li was his biological daughter, which was supported by the dna results, and He Ying Xiu had saved his life back then, and the reason why He Ying Xiu was missing an arm was solely to save him.


      Therefore, whether it was for the face of his own daughter or for the face of his savior, Su Shoudao couldn't refuse.


      However, his heart was clogged up.


      Because, this was the first time he had encountered something like this.


      The first time he had no clue about a person's whereabouts.


      After all, the Su Family was handy, and in the past, as long as it was someone they wanted to investigate, there was no clue that they couldn't find out.


      But this time, the Su Family couldn't find any clues.


      Therefore, Su Shou Dao was also very worried about Su Ruorui's current situation.


      What he was afraid of wasn't that he couldn't find Su Ruorui, what he was afraid of was that Su Ruorui was most likely no longer alive.


      So, when he returned home, his heart had been very heavy.


      It was. The moment Su Shou Dao pushed open the bedroom door, a beautiful, middle-aged woman walked out of the bedroom bathroom.


      This woman had just removed her makeup and showered, her long hair wrapped in a dry hair cap, and although she had removed her makeup, her skin was still incomparably glowing, a look at a noblewoman who was naturally beautiful and usually very well maintained.


      This woman is the love of Su Shou Dao's life, his wife, Du Haiqing.


      The Du family was very strong in Yanjing, although in terms of assets might be inferior to the Su family, but in terms of background, status, connections and overall strength, it was actually not much inferior to the Su family.


      On some special level, it was even a little stronger than the Su family.


      After all, in any place in the world, money wasn't the only criterion to measure strength.


      Back then, Du Haiqing was the most revered debutante in Yanjing, bar none.


      Her family background made her the dream lover of almost every rich second generation in Yanjing back then.


      Su Shoudao, was one of them.


      The current Du Haiqing, although she was already over half a hundred years old and had raised two children, she still maintained herself as charmingly as a young woman in her thirties.


      When Du Haiqing saw Su Shoudao return, she said with a bit of heartache, "Why are you back so late today? Are you tired?"


      Su Shou Dao forced a smile and said, "It's fine, I'm not tired. Things have been extraordinarily busy these last two days."

Chapter 2216

Du Haiqing nodded her head, she hadn't cared about Su Shoudao's work since she married him.


      Because she felt that there was no need for her to interfere in a man's affairs.


      Therefore, she also never asked about the details of Su Shoudao's work.


      Seeing that Su Shoudao looked very tired, she spoke up and said, "You go and change clothes first, I'll put some water on you, you take a good bath, turn off your cell phone when you sleep at night, and don't get up tomorrow until you wake up naturally."


      Su Shoudao heart moved, even busy: "wife, you do not need to care about me, I can put water on my own."


      Du Haiqing Road: "The water in the bathtub is what I just used, drain the water for a change will take quite a long time, you first go to change clothes and rest for a while."


      Su Shoudao smiled and said, "It's fine, I'll just use the water you've washed for a while."


      Du Haiqing was a little shy and said, "How can that be! The soaking water isn't clean, so you wait while I go and re-run a tank of water."


      "No no no." Su Shou Dao laughed and got into the bathroom as he got busy, undressing as he said, "How could my wife's bath water not be clean! Never you mind, I'm just going to go in and soak for a while!"


      Du Haiqing saw him take off all of his clothes, helplessly shook his head and spoke, "That's fine, you soak for a while, if the water is cold, put some hot ones in, I'll go to bed and read a little."


      Su Shou Dao hurriedly smiled, "Okay! You get on with it!"


      Du Haiqing left the bathroom and closed the door smoothly, then she lay down on the comfortable and luxurious bed, then she took a book called Anna Karenina from the bedside table.


      This is a literary masterpiece by Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, writing about a tragedy in Anna Karenina's pursuit of love.


      Du Haiqing had already read this book countless times, and she could memorize many passages word for word, but she would still pick it up every now and then to look at it and read it.


      Sometimes, she felt that she was, in a way, a bit like the heroine of this book, who, despite being from an aristocratic background and being an elegant and charming lady in the eyes of others, had never been able to gain the love she really wanted.


      Her husband, like Anna's husband, is obsessed with his career, and although he loves her dearly, he is overly old-fashioned and makes himself feel frustrated and uninterested.


      He can only find solace in his children and in his life.


      The subtlety is that Anna met her true love in the midst of an uninteresting married life.


      But it is the opposite for herself.


      It is only after she has met her true love, but is unable to obtain it, that she enters into marriage hand in hand with So Shou-do.


      Anna ended up dying of suicide, and although Du Haiqing didn't have any light thoughts, she knew that the love in her life had died since the day she married [567 Chinese] Su Shoudao.


      After casually flipping through a few pages, the image of that man came back to Du Haiqing's mind.


      For more than twenty years, that man's figure had never left her thoughts.


      Almost every night, she fell asleep by thinking about that man's figure.


      And that man is the love of her life, Ye Chang-缨.


      Thinking of the coma, she involuntarily reached out to pick up her phone again.


      After the phone was unlocked, she opened the browser on her phone, and in the address column, she entered a very complicated web address.


      This URL was, in fact, a web album.


      After she logged in her account password and clicked on confirm, she entered a private photo album that belonged to her.


      This private photo album was registered by Du Haiqing herself more than a decade ago, and she had converted and uploaded all the photos of herself and Ye Changba that she could find into an electronic version and into this album.


      The account number and password, only she knows, as long as there is a chance, she will open this photo album every day to look at for a while, and then silently exit, delete all access records.


      At this moment, she opened the album, when the handsome and handsome face of Coma Ye appeared on the phone screen, Du Haiqing two lines of hot tears came to her eyes involuntarily.


      She looked at the photo of Ye Changya, while gently rubbing her finger belly on his face, while murmuring in a low voice: "Changya, you've been gone for so many years, why I still can't forget you."


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