Secret Identity 2213-2214


Chapter 2213

In fact, even if Su Zhi Fei didn't say anything, the incredibly intelligent Su Zhi Yue had already noticed the recent abnormalities in the family's atmosphere.


      Coupled with the news in Japan, which had been broadcasting Su Ruorui's story, Su Zhiyu knew that the Su family had made a big mess in Japan because of saving Su Ruorui.


      But what she couldn't quite understand was why dad had to put so much effort on Su Ruorui.


      By all accounts, Su Ruorui was just a servant of the Su family.


      If something happened to the servant, the Su family would only need to give her family a generous pension as agreed, and then it would be enough to pay the monthly settlement fee.


      There was absolutely no need to, for a servant, go to the trouble of switching her out of the hands of the Japanese police department.


      How high the cost behind this was, a little bit of brainstorming would be enough to calculate it, at least a hundred times more than the pension and the settlement fee, it was not cost effective at all.


      Instead, Su Zhi Fei took the initiative to speak up, "Zhi Fish, Dad and Grandpa made such a big stir to save Su Ruo Li, what do you think they're after?"


      Su Zhiyu shook her head, "I'm not sure about that, but Dad and Grandpa must have their own considerations."


      Su Zhi Fei said, "But I've been thinking about it left and right, and I always feel that this matter is very uneconomical, and Su Ruo Li can't help the Su family make money, it's completely pointless to invest such a large price to save her."


      Su Zhiyu shrugged his shoulders and accosted, "I couldn't figure it out either, so I simply stopped thinking about it."


      Su Zhi Fei thought about it and said, "Could they be trying to use this to strengthen the loyalty of their servants to the Su family?"


      Su Zhiyu shook his head and said, "There were more than fifty people arrested together, and only one of them saved Su Ruoli, the servants must have felt unbalanced in their hearts, they still don't know what to think!"


      "Also." Su Zhi Fei sighed and said, "Can't figure it out, can't figure it out."


      Su Zhiyu spoke up, "Okay, this is not something we should worry about, let's hurry up and find Eunuch! The family is in desperate need of top experts to sit in, if we can find Eunuch and get him to work for the Su family, it will definitely alleviate the immediate need of the family to a great extent."


      Su Zhi Fei nodded, "You're right! Eunuch Grace's strength, I'm afraid that even ten or eight Su Ruoyi can't catch up with him, it would definitely be a great achievement to keep him in the service of the Su family!"


      Tokyo, Japan.


      In one noon, the Police Department and the Homeland Security Department teamed up to capture all of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force members who were patrolling around Tokyo Bay the night Suroku disappeared, and isolate them for separate raids.


      Within a country, the department with the highest authority and priority is the Department of Homeland Security.


      Because there is nothing more important to a country than homeland security.


      So when the homeland security department comes out to do something, everyone has to step aside.


      Just like the United States.


      It is well known that there are several major functional departments in the United States, which are fbi as well as cia and nsa.


      The fbi is the FBI, which is part of the judicial branch, and is generally responsible for major domestic cases and cases that span multiple places, especially multiple states and counties.


      cia is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which collects all kinds of information on foreign governments, companies and terrorists.


      The fbi and cia are very common in movies and TV shows, so they can basically be globally familiar, but the nsa knows less about them.


      The nsa is the National Security Agency, the largest intelligence arm of the U.S. government, and the agency that employs the most computer PhDs, math PhDs, and linguists in the world. nsa is not often in the public eye, but they do things with a priority that no one else in the U.S. can match.

Chapter 2214

The same applies to Japan's National Homeland Security.


      If the National Land Security Department arrests a member of the Self-Defence Forces for interrogation on the grounds of threatening national security, even the highest commander of the Self-Defence Forces has no right to stop him or her or to ask questions.


      And all the members of the Self-Defense Force are also well aware that once you mess with the Homeland Security Department it's no good, and you'll have to be skinned if you don't die.


      Therefore, the SDF has a natural fear of the Homeland Security.


      It is also because of the reputation of the Homeland Security Department, so the Self-Defense Force members who were arrested for surprise interrogation, there are a few people who do not have good psychological quality, soon began to show their true colors.


      Moreover, the people in the Homeland Security Department were almost always the most elite portion of a country.


      Not only were these people extremely capable, but they had been carrying out all sorts of covert missions, and even in times of peace, the people in the Homeland Security Department were warriors who had been battle-tested and battle-hardened for a long time.


      These little combat experience self-defense soldiers in front of them, simply as simple and weak as an elementary school student.


      So, the Homeland Security Department grabbed those few SDF members who were not psychologically strong enough to make a fierce attack, and quickly opened a breakthrough.


      A few hours later, the entire lineage of events had been sorted out by the Homeland Security Department.


      To Suzuki Jijiu's great excitement, what Ito Nana-chan had said was indeed correct, the SDF had indeed colluded with the Su family from Warsaw to swap bags in the process of transferring Su Ruo Li.


      Not only that, but their cheapest operation was to deliberately plot against the Tokyo Police Department and switched Su Ruorui during her transfer to the custody of the Tokyo Police Department, shifting all the blame to the Tokyo Police Department and making the Tokyo Police Department suffer a huge injustice.


      And their motive for joining forces from outside the country and swapping out a major domestic criminal was to release her and then arrest her to gain credit and social attention for themselves!


      This infuriates Tomohisa Suzuki greatly!


      As far as he was concerned, this shenanigans by the SDF was akin to joining thieves in burning down his house and then extinguishing the fire seeking praise from his parents!


      After figuring this out, the Homeland Security Department immediately convened an emergency meeting with the Cabinet to discuss countermeasures.


      The Cabinet was also shocked by this incident!


      Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that there would be such a stupid top brass in the SDF who would do something completely reckless for the sake of a little credit and a great loss to the country!


      So, the Cabinet immediately and the Homeland Security Department, urgently formulated a set of solutions.


      First, secretly arrest all the SDF executives involved in this matter, and immediately after the arrest, the case will be made public, detailing all the causes and consequences of the Su family's conspiracy with the SDF, as well as the fact that the Su family's rescue was a fake and the act was a real slut operation!


      Secondly, the Su family must be required to hand over Su Ruo Li to the Tokyo Police Department within 24 hours, or else all business in Japan will be permanently shut down and entry to the Su family's immediate family will be permanently restricted!


      That night.


      The three SDF executives involved in the case were arrested at their respective homes.


      These three had received awards from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the Japanese government for their success in arresting Sojourner and others at Osaka Airport.


      But now, all three have been made prisoners for endangering homeland security.


      At the same time, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, in conjunction with the national security department, made a formal announcement to the world.


      A tsunami against the Su family was screaming at this moment!


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