The Unknown Heir 980-981


Chapter 980

Soon, a few days later.

Tang Yuxin's mother, Wang Yuehong, was discharged from the hospital.

And this day was also the new day for them to move into the villa.

Chen Hao had asked Tang Yuxin and Tang De to go back and pack up their clothes and useful items, and then head towards the villa together.

As for everything else, there was no need for anything else.

Anyway, the villa was already fully equipped with all kinds of furniture and electrical appliances.

Chen Hao arrived at the villa with Tang Yuxin's family.

The three members of their family were shocked as soon as they walked into the villa.

"Oh my god, this is too good!"

Tang De was violently surprised as soon as he entered.

Not to mention Tang De, even Wang Yuehong and Tang Yuxin were surprised and excited.

They really didn't expect that they would be able to live in such a nice house one day.

"Xiao Chen ah, we. We can really live here?"

Tang De was a little unbelievable and looked at Chen Hao again and asked, thinking that he was dreaming.

Chen Hao nodded firmly and replied, "Uncle, of course it's true, this place will be for you to live in from now on, don't worry, it's my house, no one will bother you, and you don't have to pay for the water and electricity here."

Hearing Chen Hao say this, Tang De was really pleasantly surprised, he felt that he had really met God.

"Little Chen, ah, can you tell me what you do?"

Once he calmed down, Tang De looked at Chen Hao and asked.

"Yes little Chen, you have to tell us what you do, otherwise we really don't dare to live, you have been so kind to our family, we have to thank you in return."

Wang Yuehong also echoed Tang De's words and asked towards Chen Hao.

The three of them all wanted to know about Chen Hao's identity.

"Uncle, aunt and uncle, Yu Xin, since we've come to this point, I won't hide anything from you, I'm actually the chairman of the Yaojiang Group, all the villas around here are owned by our Yaojiang Group, they're all used by me to house the group's employees, and it's because of the villas under empty space."

Chen Hao also knew that there was no way to hide it from them, so he still directly identified himself to them.

Now Tang De's eyes couldn't get any bigger after hearing this, and even Tang Yuxin was filled with shock.

She really didn't expect Chen Hao to be the chairman of the Yaojiang Group, no wonder Chen Hao was able to offer hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses all of a sudden and live with such a nice place for them, so she knew a top person.

Of course they knew how powerful the Yaojiang Group was, they just didn't expect that they themselves would be involved with the chairman of the Yaojiang Group, let alone be able to get help from the chairman of the Yaojiang Group.

"Ah Xiao Chen, I didn't expect you to be the chairman of the Yaojiang Group!"

Tunde looked shocked and astonished, his real face filled with incredulity.

"Uncle, it's just a title, I don't want to go too far, it's better to keep a low profile as a person."

Chen Hao also explained with great humility.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Tang De's three men also nodded in understanding, after all, with an identity like Chen Hao's, it was better to hide it a bit, or else it would cause a huge stir.

Soon, Tang De and Tang Yuxin began to simply clean up in the villa.

Until the evening, Tang Yuxin and Chen Hao sat on the sofa in the living room downstairs, while Tang De was upstairs taking care of Wang Yuehong, they also didn't want to disturb their daughter's chance to spend time alone with Chen Hao.

"Senior, you're really hiding too much, you really surprised me."

Tang Yuxin said in surprise as she looked at Chen Hao.

"Oh, Yuxin, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hide it from you."

Chen Hao looked at Tang Yuxin and smiled and explained.

"It's fine, I know you're worried, I don't blame you."

Tang Yuxin also responded with understanding.

"Right, Yuxin, actually, Tianhai University has now been acquired by me, I think I still need to let you know about this."

Chen Hao then proceeded to tell another matter towards Tang Yuxin.

Tang Yuxin was surprised again after hearing it.

Just kidding, casually buying a university, this was something only Chen Hao could do.

"That means you're now the largest shareholder of Tianhai University, no wonder Senior you're not afraid of Tianhai Four Shao at all."

Tang Yuxin said as she looked at Chen Hao with understanding.

Actually, Tang Yuxin was wrong about that, even if Chen Hao hadn't acquired Tian Hai University, he wouldn't be afraid of Tian Hai Four Shao.

This was because in front of Chen Hao's eyes, he hadn't even put the Four Few of the Heavenly Sea in his own eyes.

The four youngsters of Tianhai were just four dude, not enough to be feared.

As long as they didn't come looking for trouble, Chen Hao wouldn't bother with them at all, but instead, Chen Hao would have them destroyed along with the families behind them.

After all, offending the Yaojiang Group was not a good thing, what ushered in was a devastating blow.

It wasn't until late at night that Chen Hao left the villa after saying goodbye to Tang Yuxin and then returned to the villa where he was staying.

The reason why he didn't stay too long was because tomorrow was the weekend.

Chen Hao had promised to take Lin Xue'er to an amusement park, so Chen Hao had to go back early and then get up early tomorrow morning.

It was already nine o'clock at night when he returned to his villa.

Once inside, Chen Hao saw Lin Xue'er and Zhou Nuo sitting on the sofa as usual, watching the TV and laughing as they watched.

Seeing Chen Hao return, their eyes and attention instantly moved away from the TV.

"Uncle Chen Hao you're back!"

Lin Xue'er immediately jumped up from the couch and shouted at Chen Hao.

To Lin Xue'er, Chen Hao was of course much more important than the drama.

"Yeah, I promised Xue'er you oh, I'll take you to an amusement park tomorrow!"

Chen Hao smiled as he looked at Lin Xue'er and preached.

After Lin Xue'er heard it, she immediately cheered.


"Uncle Chen Hao you're the best!"

Seeing how happy Lin Xue'er was, Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo also smiled happily.

The innocent smile of the little child was really very healing.

Seeing Lin Xue'er's joy, Chen Hao felt his entire body relaxed and felt very warm.

"Zhou Nuo, you'll go and book three tickets to the Happy Valley Amusement Park later, just the three of us will go tomorrow."

Chen Hao then looked at Zhou Nuo and commanded him.

After hearing this, Zhou Nuo immediately nodded his head and responded, "Okay, Chen Dong!"

"Hehehe, Sister Zhou Nuo, so can I sleep with you tonight?"

At that moment, only Lin Xue'er showed a playful expression and came to Zhou Nuo with a suggestion.

When Zhou Nuo heard it, he was stunned for a moment, then he replied with a smile.

"Of course it's good!"


Lin Xue'er cheered once again as she heard Zhou Nuo promise herself.

Chen Hao and Zhou No would do their best to satisfy any of Lin Xue'er's requests, giving Lin Xue'er the utmost care and attention she could muster.

Chapter 981

After all, to Lin Xue'er now, Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo were her family members.

If neither of them treated Lin Xue'er well, then no one in this world would really treat Lin Xue'er well.

It wasn't until late at night that Chen Hao and the three of them gradually fell asleep.

Lin Xue'er slept with Zhou Nuo, and Zhou Nuo held Lin Xue'er in his arms as she fell asleep peacefully and calmly.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, opened a bottle of wine by himself, and then poured a cup and went out onto the balcony and sat on a reclining chair, leaning against the chair and looking up at the night sky outside.

There's a saying that when it comes to late night, a person's mind will think about many things.

Chen Hao gently took a sip of wine.

The wine entered his throat and slid into his stomach.

Although Chen Hao's body was able to volatilize the alcohol immediately, Chen Hao could still feel the excitement of the alcohol as well.

Looking up at the night sky, Chen Hao couldn't help but think of his father's appearance.

If his own father was still alive, then the family would be living happily now, and his father would be proud of Chen Hao.

But this was completely out of the question.

It wasn't until the early morning that Chen Hao went back to his room to rest.

He slept until exactly eight o'clock in the morning before Chen Hao was awakened by the alarm clock.

Chen Hao quickly woke up, washed up, ate breakfast with Lin Xue'er and Zhou Nuo, and then set off for the Happy Valley Amusement Park in Tianhai City.

To be honest, it was the first time Chen Hao had ever been to the Happy Valley Amusement Park.

In the past, Chen Hao hadn't even been there yet.

But this was good, it was rare to have a chance to relax as well, and Chen Hao could take this opportunity to have a good time and accompany Lin Xue'er.

Chen Hao drove the car and after a few minutes of driving, he managed to arrive at the Happy Valley Amusement Park.

The Happy Valley Amusement Park was located in the northern suburban area of Tianhai City, and since it covered a large area, it could only be situated in this area.

After parking the car, Zhou Nuo went to get the tickets, and then Chen Hao and the three of them immediately entered the amusement park.


"Uncle Chen Hao, Sister Zhou Nuo, this amusement park is so big and beautiful!"

As soon as she entered the amusement park, Lin Xue'er couldn't help but scream out.

For Lin Xue'er, she is also the first time in her life to play in an amusement park, before never thought she could also one day go to an amusement park to play, but only fantasy.

Finally, the fantasy was realized.

"Xue'er, today you can play as much as you want, tell me everything you want to eat and buy!"

Chen Hao was also very generous at this time, looking at Lin Xue'er and proposing.

Lin Xue'er also nudged her little head after hearing this.

Immediately afterwards, the three of them immediately started playing in the amusement park.

It had to be said, don't look at Lin Xue'er's previous appearance as if she was a goody-two-shoes, but she was actually really bold.

If it weren't for the fact that some rides had height and age restrictions, I'm afraid Lin Xue'er would have rushed in long ago.

In a blink of an eye, more than two hours passed.

It was time for lunch.

Only then did Chen Hao and Zhou Nuo take Lin Xue'er to the side to sit down and rest, while Lin Xue'er was still feeling intent.

"Xue'er, how are you feeling? Is it fun?"

Chen Hao then looked at Lin Xue'er and asked.

Lin Xue'er nodded her head in response for a while, "Fun, Uncle Chen Hao, can you bring me over here more often in the future?"

"Of course you can!"

"Xue'er, if you want to come and play in the future, just tell me, or talk to Sister Zhou Nuo, we'll all bring you here to play."

Chen Hao agreed without a single comment.

"Well, thank you Uncle Chen Hao and Sister Zhou Nuo!"

Lin Xue'er also smiled and nodded her head towards Chen Hao and thanked them.

"Sister Zhou Nuo, I want to go to the bathroom!"

Then, Lin Xue'er suggested towards Zhou Nuo.

"Okay, then I'll take you there!"

Zhou Nuo directly agreed.

After saying that, Zhou Nuo took Lin Xue'er towards the washroom.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, sat down by a flower bed not far from the restroom.

Zhou Nuo and Lin Xue'er both arrived at the door of the restroom.

Only to see that the entrance to the restroom was already completely full of large queues.

But of course this was also the state of the women's restroom, the men's restroom on the other side was much smoother, there wasn't a single person in line.

There was no way, the contrast between women and men was reflected at this time.

Zhou Nuo and Lin Xue'er could only queue up honestly.

After waiting for almost fifteen minutes, it was finally Zhou Nuo and Lin Xue'er's turn.

However, at this moment, only a woman suddenly cut in from beside Zhou No and Lin Xue'er, directly in front of the two of them.

"This lady, how can you cut in line?"

Zhou Nuo saw the situation and immediately pulled the woman in question.

The woman fiercely turned back and glared angrily at Zhou Nuo.

"Hmph, mind your own business, if I want to cut in line, I'll cut in line!"

The woman didn't have any intention of backing down at all, and snorted even more, then she threw her arms around to shake Zhou Nuo's hand away.

Zhou Nuo also almost lost her footing as a result, but there was a kind person behind her to hold Zhou Nuo back.

"Sister Zhou Nuo are you alright? How can you jump the queue when we were clearly the first in line!"

When Lin Xue'er saw the situation, she first asked a concerned question towards Zhou Nuo before pointing at the woman and yelling.

When the woman heard this, her brows furrowed and her face was incomparably gloomy.


In the next second, the woman directly slapped Lin Xue'er.

Seeing this scene, everyone present was stunned, who could want this woman to be ruthless enough to even hit a little girl.

Lin Xue'er's face reddened as she was hit directly on one side, and she couldn't stop the tears from flowing out.


Zhou Nuo also quickly shouted at Lin Xue'er, and then squatted down to check Lin Xue'er's face.

"Hmph, how dare a little kid even bother me!"

The woman was not at all remorseful and snorted again.


Before anyone could react, they just saw the woman being smacked right out of the room.

Then only Chen Hao appeared in front of Lin Xue'er and Zhou Nuo.

That's right, it was Chen Hao who made the move.

The scene just now where the woman made a move on both Zhou Nuo and Lin Xue'er was seen by Chen Hao, making Chen Hao incomparably furious, so Chen Ge did not hesitate to take action, there was no need to show mercy when dealing with such a woman, she must be taught a hard lesson.

"Xue'er, let uncle see!"

Chen Hao immediately squatted down to examine Lin Xue'er's face.

Seeing Chen Hao arrive, Zhou Nuo and Lin Xue'er were instantly at ease, feeling a strong sense of security surrounding them.

With Chen Hao here, they knew that everything would be fine because Chen Hao would definitely not let anyone bully them.

At that moment, Chen Hao used the bio-current input from his body to Lin Xue'er's face.

After just a blink of an eye, Lin Xue'er's face recovered and the red mark disappeared.

"Xue'er, does it still hurt?"

Chen Hao spoiled Lin Xue'er by looking at her and asking.


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