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The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 975

"What's the situation?" 

Chen Hao immediately inquired.

"The deceased was a security guard of the Day Luck Group, the time of death silk was around twelve o'clock last night, he should have encountered something strange while patrolling, the deceased's entire body turned into a dry corpse, his eyes were white and lifeless."

Li Yuehe immediately gave a detailed account of the situation they had found so far to Chen Hao.

After listening, Chen Hao walked up and squatted down to check out the corpse of the security guard in front of him.

After carefully examining it, Chen Hao was even more certain that it was Lin Tianyuan's work.

It was then that Chen Hao found a bottle of wine in the cupboard with wine glasses, which still had residual wine stains in them.

When Chen Hao saw this, he quickly went to the cabinet, opened it, took out the bottle of wine and wine glasses inside, and held it in his hand to look at it.

After his brain raced and guessed, Chen Hao was able to figure out what was going on.

It was probably because Lin Tianyuan had returned to the Sun Luck Group yesterday and encountered this security guard's patrol inspection while drinking wine, so Lin Tianyuan had killed him and absorbed this security guard's soul and essence.

Chen Hao then turned around again and looked at Li Yuehe.

"Li Jun Branch, could I have a word with you for a moment!"

Chen Hao looked at Li Yuehe and suggested.

After Li Yuehe quite, he was first stunned, then nodded his head and agreed.

Afterwards, they walked to the side to talk.

"Mr. Chen Hao, is there anything strange?"

Li Yuehe looked at Chen Hao in surprise and asked.

Chen Hao immediately narrated towards Li Yuehe; "Li Jun Division, to tell you the truth, this security guard was not murdered by someone else, it was the chairman of the Day Luck Group, Lin Tianyuan, who did it!"

Hearing Chen Hao say this suddenly made Li Yuehe fiercely surprised, lovingly revealing an incredulous expression.

"This.Mr. Chen Hao, why do you say that?Is there any evidence?"

Li Yuehe wasn't the kind of person who was easily gullible at random, but instead asked a question towards Chen Hao in confusion.

Everything had to be about evidence, so he still wanted Chen Hao to show evidence, only then could he make Li Yuehe believe.

Chen Hao didn't get angry after hearing this, and he certainly understood what Li Yuehe was thinking.

As a member of the Military Intelligence Department, one couldn't jump to conclusions so hastily.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Hao talked to Li Yuehe and told Li Yuehe about their trip to Spirit Mountain this time, and also told him about the matter of Lin Tianyuan's mutation.

Believe it or not, it was up to Li Yuehe to decide this thing, but Chen Hao had already made it clear Chen anyway.

After Li Yuehe listened, he was also half-hearted.

He didn't look like Chen Hao was joking, after all, Chen Hao didn't have to joke about such things.

"Li Junshi, Lin Tianyuan is a very dangerous character right now, he's not considered a human anymore, he's a half-human, half-ghost existence, possessing the ability to absorb a person's soul and essence, and he doesn't appear rashly during the day, only coming out at night during the dark hours of the night to move around."

Chen Hao was again looking at Li Yuehe as he narrated.

"But.Then where do we have to go to catch Lin Tianyuan?"

Li Yuehe's eyebrows furrowed up, and he looked at Chen Hao with some doubt and asked.

If it was really like what Chen Hao said, then Lin Tianyuan was really an extremely dangerous person, but Lin Tianyuan had to be caught quickly, otherwise the misfortunes caused would definitely increase.

"Li Jun Division, this place is Lin Tianyuan's own office, I just took a look and found out that he must have drank wine from his locker when he came back yesterday, which means that this place will definitely be the place where he comes to hide when it's late at night, so I think we can work together to catch him tonight!"

Chen Hao immediately suggested towards Li Yuehe.

After hearing this, Li Yuehe also had no objections.

"Well, I think it's fine, let's just do what you say!"

Li Yuehe directly agreed to Chen Hao's proposal.

Soon, Li Yuehe had the body of the security guard disposed of, and then the scene was processed and arranged, setting up some organs and surveillance equipment.

After preparing all this, just wait quietly for the night to come.

As time came to night, the night gradually darkened, and the lights outside were already lighting up the entire city.

And in order not to let Lin Tianyuan notice anything, Chen Hao asked Li Yuehe to purposely turn off the lights of the entire Ri Yun Group's building, and then Chen Hao himself dressed up as a security guard and started patrolling the entire building.

Li Yuehe and the others were sitting in the car, staring at the surveillance, which was placed in a small corner of Lin Tianyuan's office, and could see the entire office clearly.

Everything was ready but the east wind, the next step was just to wait for Lin Tianyuan's arrival.

Based on yesterday's situation, Chen Hao guessed that Lin Tianyuan would definitely come back tonight, after all, this was the only place Lin Tianyuan could stay.

Most of the time passed and in the blink of an eye, it was around eleven o'clock at night.

Just when everyone was about to get sleepy from waiting, a black shadow suddenly flashed through the surveillance and appeared in Lin Tianyuan's office in the shape of a person.

From the figure, it really was Lin Tianyuan.

After seeing it, Li Yuehe really felt incomparably incredible, if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he really wouldn't have dared to believe this fact, he now knew that everything Chen Hao had said was true.

At this time, Chen Hao, who was dressed as a security guard, had also started patrolling and went straight up to the 16th floor, Lin Tianyuan's office.

According to last night's scenario, Chen Hao was also holding a flashlight inside the office and made a change to his voice so that Lin Tianyuan couldn't hear it.

"Who are you?Why is it in our chairman's office?"

Chen Hao pushed the door open and walked in, shining his flashlight on Lin Tianyuan's back in a deliberate questioning.

Cold killing intent flashed in Lin Tianyuan's eyes before he turned his head to look at Chen Hao and directly flashed in front of Chen Hao in an instant.

But just as Lin Tianyuan was about to make his move, the lights around him instantly lit up.

"Lin Tianyuan, you've fallen for it!"

Chen Hao raised a wry smile at the corner of his mouth and looked at Lin Tianyuan in front of him and said.

Lin Tianyuan was shocked when he saw that the person in front of him was Chen Hao, and he realized that he had been fooled.

"Chen Hao!"

Lin Tianyuan gritted his teeth and shouted angrily.

As soon as the sound fell, Lin Tianyuan immediately released black mist from his body to attack towards Chen Hao.

Of course, Chen Hao was already prepared to deal with it and directly displayed his Star Profound Sword to block in front of him.

The Star Profound Sword instantly absorbed all of the black fog.

"Lin Tianyuan, you're not going to leave here today!"

Chen Hao yelled directly at Lin Tianyuan.

The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 976

After saying that, I saw that a net flew out from the surroundings and flew directly towards Lin Tianyuan.

This net was filled with electricity, and it was a cloth net specially prepared for Lin Tianyuan, just to prevent Lin Tianyuan from escaping.

Lin Tianyuan was covered by the cloth net and his entire body was instantly unconscious from the electricity.

Finally, the combined efforts of Chen Hao and Li Yuehe were able to capture Lin Tianyuan.


The cloth net kept generating electricity, and the current kept stimulating into Lin Tianyuan's body.

After controlling Lin Tianyuan, Li Yuehe immediately brought people up to take Lin Tianyuan away and brought him back to the military machine department to be held.

"Mr. Chen Hao, thank you for this time!"

Li Yuehe thanked Chen Hao towards him.

"Oh, Li Military Division is too polite, no need to thank, as long as we can catch Lin Tianyuan."

Chen Hao responded towards Li Yuehe as well.

Their goal was to capture Lin Tianyuan, and they couldn't let Lin Tianyuan mix up and cause harm anymore.

Just.It was just that no one like Chen Hao and Li Yuehe had expected that capturing Lin Tianyuan this time would not be a good thing, but instead bring more disasters.

Late at night, after Chen Hao said goodbye to Li Yuehe, he returned to his villa.

Chen Hao pushed open the door and entered, only to see that the three of them, Lei Lie, hadn't slept yet, but were sitting on the sofa waiting for Chen Hao return.

They hadn't seen Chen Hao all day today, and they didn't know where he had gone, so they were worried as well.

Until.It wasn't until the three of them saw the TV that they realized that something had happened to the Ri-Transport Group and that Chen Hao must have gone to the Ri-Transport Group.

However, seeing Chen Hao return unharmed made the three of them come down with a sigh of relief.

"Brother Chen, you're finally back, but you had us worried!"

Lei Lie stood up immediately and looked at Chen Hao and said.

"Yeah, Chen Hao, you didn't say anything when you went out today, causing us to be on our toes the whole time, thinking that something had happened to you!"

Zhen Ji also grumbled at Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao also smiled faintly.

"It's fine, the Li Military Department called me today and asked me to help solve a case, seeing as you guys are all still sleeping, so I didn't call you guys, sorry for making you worry!"

Chen Hao also apologized to the three of Zhen Ji.

"By the way Brother Chen, I heard that someone died in the Day Luck Group, how was the situation when you went today?Who is the killer?It can't be Lin Tianyuan, right?"

Lei Lie then spoke towards Chen Hao and asked.

"Well, you're right, it was indeed Lin Tianyuan who did it, but he's now been captured and is being held in the Military Intelligence Department!"

Chen Hao nodded his head and said.

"So easy, I thought this Lin Tianyuan was so powerful, but I didn't think he was so vulnerable!"

When Lei Lie heard this, he burst out in shock, his face filled with an incredulous expression.

When Chen Hao heard Lei Lie's words, he also came to an immediate and sudden awakening, instantly reminding him of what Shen Lao had said to him.

Shen Lao had spoken that only at the moment of darkness, Lin Tianyuan's strength would only become stronger, and it wasn't something that could be dealt with so easily.

But now.Wasn't it strange that now Lin Tianyuan had been captured by them so easily?

"Not good!"

Chen Hao was shocked and felt that something was wrong.

"Quickly, Lei Lie, come with me to the military machine shop!"

Chen Hao then reacted and immediately gave Lei Lie a command.

After saying so, Chen Hao left the house directly with Lei Lie, driving immediately towards the Military Intelligence Office.

At this time, the military machine department, the closed interrogation room.

Only Lin Tianyuan was handcuffed and draped in a cloth net sitting on a chair, sitting independently in a closed environment, in front of him was a glass, in front of the glass sat Li Yuehe and another subordinate.

The two sat in front of the glass, looking at Lin Tianyuan inside.

"Lin Tianyuan, say, why did you kill that security guard!"

Li Yuehe sat in her seat and stared at the Lin Tianyuan inside, questioning.

Lin Tianyuan didn't reply to Li Yuehe's words, but slowly raised his head and stared at Li Yuehe with a sinister smile on his lips, making people really feel incomparably scared after looking at him.

"I'm asking you something!"

Li Yuehe roared angrily.

"Heh, did you guys really think I was so easy for you guys to catch?"

Just listening to Lin Tianyuan, a sentence came out of his mouth, which was incomparably cold.

Li Yuehe puckered his eyebrows, not understanding the meaning of Lin Tianyuan's words.

In the next second, Lin Tianyuan released a burst of black fog from his body, the black fog turned into a sharp spike and directly pierced the glass in front of him, instantly scattering pieces of glass.

Li Yuehe and another subordinate were instantly overturned.

Lin Tianyuan had also freed himself from the handcuffs and appeared in front of Li Yuehe and the other two as a silhouette from the black fog.

"You.What are you trying to do?"

Li Yuehe looked at Lin Tianyuan in some fear and asked.

Lin Tianyuan smiled a dark smile and then he directly grabbed the subordinate beside Li Yuehe.

Lin Tianyuan grabbed the subordinate in front of him and directly emitted a black mist from his body into the subordinate's body.

Instantly, the subordinate turned into a dried corpse, lifeless.

Seeing this scene, great fear arose in Li Yuehe's heart, he didn't expect Lin Tianyuan to be so terrifying.

At that moment, the door of the interrogation room was knocked open and several subordinates rushed in, pointing their guns at Lin Tianyuan.

But how could they be Lin Tianyuan's opponents?

Lin Tianyuan waved his big hand and whipped out a black mist, which overturned them all at once.

"I told you, do you really think I'm that good to deal with?"

Lin Tianyuan preached with another gloomy smile.

After he finished speaking, Lin Tianyuan grabbed the Li Yuehe in front of him.

Li Yuehe kept struggling, trying to free himself from Lin Tianyuan's grasp.

But it was impossible to get him to break free as Lin Tianyuan held onto him with a death grip.

"Lin Tianyuan!"

Just at this moment, a roar cut across.

The sound fell, and a soul qi cut towards Lin Tianyuan.

Seeing this, Lin Tianyuan threw the Li Yuehe in his hand to the side and rolled up a black mist from his hand to deflect the soul qi.

Then, Chen Hao and Lei Lie appeared at the door.

"Lin Tianyuan, I knew you would never be caught so easily and simply, there must be a purpose for you!"

Chen Hao pointed at Lin Tianyuan was an angry lecture.


Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lin Tianyuan burst out laughing.

"Chen Hao, I didn't expect you to be quite smart, if you don't come, I'll tell you, all these people will die today!"

Lin Tianyuan smiled wickedly and said.

"Lin Tianyuan, I'm telling you, I will definitely destroy you and won't let you scourge the world again!"

Chen Hao glared at Lin Tianyuan and raged.

After saying that, Chen Hao took one step out and raced towards Lin Tianyuan, the Star Abyss Sword in his hand emitting a cold soul energy that felt like it made the temperature around him drop a lot.

The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 977

In the next second, a scene that shocked everyone happened.

Only to see that Chen Hao wasn't blown away by Lin Tianyuan's leg.

Chen Hao easily dodged Lin Tianyuan's flying leg and let Lin Tianyuan's flying leg fall in the air.

This caused Lin Tianyuan to be stunned as well, and he didn't expect Chen Hao to be able to dodge his flying leg.

Chen Hao retreated a step towards the back and stood staring at Lin Tianyuan with a calm face.

Lin Tianyuan's eyebrows furrowed and his face was incomparably gloomy as he looked at Chen Hao.

He felt that Chen Hao was completely provoking and mocking himself.

But this was indeed the case, who did let him indeed miss Chen Hao.

But Lin Tianyuan wasn't discouraged by this, he once again launched an attack towards Chen Hao.

This time the attack was even more fierce, like a tiger coming down the mountain towards Chen Hao.

Lin Tianyuan quickly attacked Chen Hao with a series of moves.

Chen Hao was incomparably calm as he continuously dodged Lin Tianyuan's attacking moves.

No matter what, Lin Tianyuan was unable to hit Chen Hao's body.

Not to mention his body, he couldn't even touch his clothes.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Hu and the others around him also dropped their jaws in shock and their eyes widened, they did not expect Chen Hao to be so powerful.

Insiders could already see Chen very clearly.

It was obvious in their hearts that they all knew the difference between the two sides, Chen Hao and Lin Tianyuan.

"You're no good, you can't even hit me!"

Chen Hao then showed a scowl to look at Lin Tianyuan and mocked him.

Lin Tianyuan was furious when he heard this, he felt he had been subjected to a strange humiliation, he didn't expect to be teased by Chen Hao for a while.

"Hmph, you can only dodge, you have the ability to fight me openly and honestly!"

Lin Tianyuan snorted coldly, full of unconvincing preaching.

What do you mean by cheeky?

Lin Tianyuan this was called being thick-skinned.

It was obvious that he himself was no longer Chen Hao's opponent, and it was really humiliating to have to mock him like this.

"Tsk tsk!"

Chen Hao could not help but let out a sarcastic tone from his mouth.

"Well, since you want me to make a move, then you should be prepared!"

Chen Hao was another good-natured reminder towards Lin Tianyuan.

The words fell, and before Lin Tianyuan had time to make any reaction, Chen Hao had already disappeared in front of Lin Tianyuan's eyes.

By the time Lin Tianyuan's reaction slowed down again, at some point Chen Hao had appeared in front of him, only a few centimeters away.


Chen Hao blasted Lin Tianyuan's chest with a top elbow.

Lin Tianyuan had no defensive reaction at all, and his entire body was blasted right out by Chen Hao.


Lin Tianyuan spat out a mouthful of blood violently.


Seeing Lin Tianyuan fall heavily to the ground, Zhang Hu and the others also immediately rushed to Lin Tianyuan's side to greet him with concern.

Lin Tianyuan struggled to stand up under the support of Zhang Hu and the others, he felt a hot and raw pain in his chest.

"This is just a little lesson for you, don't think you're so powerful, in my eyes, you're still a little doll."

Chen Hao pointed at Lin Tianyuan and gave a warning lecture.

After saying that, Chen Hao left the arena with Tang Yuxin.

Lin Tianyuan and the others, on the other hand, none of them dared to go forward to stop Chen Hao, who didn't want to end up like Lin Tianyuan.

One had to know that even the president of the Taekwondo Club was no match for Chen Hao, so how could they, the little characters, be Chen Hao's opponent, going up would be a death sentence.

Looking at Chen Hao's back, Lin Tianyuan was incomparably dark and angry inside.

But he also had bitterness and grievances that he couldn't let out.

But Lin Tianyuan's heart definitely wouldn't let it go like this, he wouldn't just swallow his anger, he would make Chen Hao pay for it, but Lin Tianyuan was teetering on the edge of death.

After Chen Hao left the arena with Tang Yuxin, he directly left the school and got on the car to head towards the hospital.

On the way, Tang Yuxin had been staring at Chen Hao the entire time.

"Senior, you're really amazing, I didn't expect that even Lin Tianyuan wasn't your match."

Tang Yuxin looked at Chen Hao with an adoring expression and praised.

Lin Tianyuan was very famous in Tianhai University, not only his family background or popularity was very strong.

And you should know that Lin Tianyuan was also the president of the Taekwondo club, and his strength was even more in the black belt, and he had won many times the championship of Taekwondo.

Now this so-called champion was even defeated in Chen Hao's hands after he couldn't survive a single move, wouldn't it really be a joke if this was spread out.

"Oh, okay, I never thought he would be this weak!"

Chen Hao also responded with a very modest smile.

It was true that someone else might not be Lin Tianyuan's opponent, but Chen Hao was different, after all, Chen Hao possessed a special ability that he couldn't get from anyone else.

In between conversations, Chen Hao and the two of them had arrived at the Tianhai City People's Hospital.

After parking the car, Chen Hao took Tang Yuxin towards the inpatient department, Chen Hao also bought a lot of tonic along with fruits, specially for Tang Yuxin's mother, Wang Yuehong, as a token of his appreciation.

Seeing that Chen Hao had bought so many things, Tang Yuxin's heart was also filled with emotion, she didn't expect Chen Hao to care so much about her mother, always keeping her mother's condition in mind.

Soon, Chen Hao and the two of them arrived at the advanced care ward located on the tenth floor.

They saw that Tang De was sitting inside chatting with Wang Yuehong.

"Old Tang ah, living in such a nice place must cost a lot of money, right?"

Wang Yuehong had only recently woken up, and after easing up a bit, she looked at the environment of the ward and asked towards Tang De.

She had never stayed in such a luxurious ward before, and she knew at a glance that it must cost quite a bit.

"Oh my, Yue Hong, don't worry about the money, let's get well first, and this time the money is not from our family, it's one of Yu Xin's seniors who helped out, we still have to thank people properly."

Tang De also immediately reassured first towards Wang Yuehong, then he explained again.

"Yu Xin's seniors?How could people be so kind as to help us?"

Wang Yuehong also asked with a sudden burst of surprise, afraid that his daughter would be in danger of that kind of look.

"Hey, look at what you're saying, people are very good to Yuxin, who has already graduated and has a career, it's just that they just happened to run into this thing in our family, they are also kind, you don't want to misunderstand them."

Tang De also immediately hurriedly persuaded towards Wang Yuehong.

After all, Chen Hao was the benefactor of their Tang family, and one could not repay a kindness.

Wang Yuehong also felt reasonable after hearing this.

"Yes, yes, no matter how you say it, he saved me, we should also thank him properly."

Wang Yuehong also expressed her agreement with Tang De's words.

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