The unknown Heir 972-974


The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 972

When the laughter fell, Lin Tianyuan used all his strength and directly lifted the lid of the golden coffin.

Chen Hao took a fierce step and directly lifted his foot to kick Lin Tianyuan out.

Lin Tianyuan was directly kicked out by Chen Hao and fell heavily to the ground.

At this time, as the coffin lid opened, the entire tomb room began to shake violently, and many dust and stones fell down from above Chen Hao's head.

In the next second, a huge black fog was released from the golden silk coffin.

Chen Hao subconsciously knew that the situation was not good, and as he had expected, there was something fierce inside the golden coffin.

Chen Hao then immediately retreated and ran back to Lei Lie's side.

"Brother Chen, what should we do now?"

When Lei Lie saw this scene, he was also a little worried and asked towards Chen Hao.

"Go, get out of here!"

Chen Hao reminded Lei Lie of this before dragging him towards the exit he had left earlier.

As he left, Chen Hao didn't forget to look back and noticed that the black fog wasn't attacking the two of them, but had wrapped around Lin Tianyuan's group, each of them instantly drained dry.

Lin Tianyuan was even more miserable, as he was directly penetrated by the black fog, through his body and out of his mouth, and died violently on the spot, dying in a very miserable manner.

Chen Hao didn't want to bother with them, so he directly took Lei Lie and left through the exit, and then he sealed the exit again, not allowing the black mist to diffuse out.

Leaving the tomb.

Chen Hao and Lei Lie were sitting in the land.

Lei Lie even gasped loudly, that scene just now had really scared him a lot.

This was the first time Lei Lie had experienced the situation he encountered after going down into the tomb, it was really too dangerous.

But this was good, at last Lin Tianyuan's gang was getting their due retribution.

Just the only thing that was regrettable was that Chen Hao was not able to kill Lin Tianyuan with his own hands, hand-to-hand with this devil.

"Alright, Lei Lie, let's hurry back, let's go back and give the village chief and the others a proper burial!"

After slowing down for a while, Chen Hao proposed towards Lei Lie.

After saying that, the two of them immediately got up and returned to Moonhaven Village.

When they returned to the village, Chen Hao buried the corpse of the village head and the villagers one by one, and also cleaned up the village inside and out.

From then on, this Yuexia Village ceased to exist, and could only be considered as a historical past.

After doing all this aftercare work, Chen Hao packed up with Lei Lie and prepared to leave.

However, at this time, only a dark shadow rushed out from the mountain forest.

"Chen Hao, come with your life!"

Only the black shadow rushed out and shouted furiously.

This voice was none other than Lin Tianyuan's voice.

Chen Hao and Lei Lie were both shocked at the same time, they both didn't think that Lin Tianyuan was still alive and seemed to have become even more vicious.

When Chen Hao took a look, he really noticed that something was wrong.

Lin Tianyuan's body was black, and all sorts of black bumps had grown on the surface of his skin, making it incomparably oozing and frightening to look at.

"Lin Tianyuan, you're not even dead yet!"

Chen Hao had some surprise as he looked at the mutated Lin Tianyuan and said.


Lin Tianyuan laughed loudly.

"Chen Hao, didn't expect it, I'm telling you, I have great strength, of course I'm not dead, General Zang Guo's ghost has been placed in my body, from now on, I'm going to rule the entire human world and create my own dynasty, and you two are the first to be my spirits!"

Lin Tianyuan stared at Chen Hao and the two of them with an incomparably cold stare and said.

After saying that, Lin Tianyuan raised his hand and directly blasted a black mist towards Chen Hao and the two of them.

When Chen Hao saw this, he immediately pushed Lei Lie towards the side, and the black fog suddenly passed between the two of them.

"Find somewhere to hide, I'll deal with him!"

Chen Hao then immediately gave a command towards Lei Lie.

Lei Lie also nodded and immediately rushed to the side of the room to hide.

Chen Hao stood up and showed his Star Profound Sword in his hand.

"Lin Tianyuan, since you're not dead, I can just finish you off with my own hands and avenge the village chief and the others!"

Chen Hao narrowed his eyes and said with murderous intent in his eyes.

Just as well, this gave Chen Hao a chance, a chance to take revenge himself.


When he heard Chen Hao's words, Lin Tianyuan laughed once again, his laughter filled with sarcasm and disdain.

How could Lin Tianyuan, who had already been reduced to a mutation, be in the same position as before, he was now even more fearless of Chen Hao, feeling as if Chen Hao was an ant that he could easily squeeze to death.

"Fine, let's give it a try then!"

The corner of Lin Tianyuan's mouth raised a disdainful curve.

The words fell, and Lin Tianyuan rushed straight towards Chen Hao.

It was obvious that after the mutation, Lin Tianyuan's speed and strength had greatly increased.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Tianyuan appeared in front of Chen Hao and directly struck a palm full of Black Inflammation Qi Flame towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao did not panic at this and immediately raised his Star Profound Sword to block it.

The Star Profound Sword was still very powerful and directly deflected Lin Tianyuan's fog.

Seeing this, Lin Tianyuan was also a bit surprised and thought that the sword in Chen Hao's hand must be something good.

"Chen Hao, hehe, I didn't expect you to have such a good weapon, kill you, this blade is mine!"

Lin Tianyuan was directly interested in the Star Profound Sword in Singer Chen.

"Is it?Oh, I'm afraid you don't have that chance!"

Chen Hao also sneered a cold laugh.

After saying that, Chen Hao pushed hard and exuded the power of the Star Abyss Sword directly, shaking Lin Tianyuan out of the sky.

How could Lin Tianyuan, who had only just mutated, be a match for the Star Abyss Sword with its thick power.

Only Chen Hao immediately reacted once again and directly blasted out a soul qi again, fiercely blasting towards Lin Tianyuan.

Lin Tianyuan didn't have time to make any reaction at all and was directly hit by the soul qi.

Lin Tianyuan, who had been severely injured by the Star Profound Sword, knew that he was no longer Chen Hao's opponent, so he chose to go.

"Hmph, Chen Hao, we'll see!"

Just hearing Lin Tianyuan left behind a sentence before he just turned into a black mist and quickly fled.

Chen Hao was also stunned, he knew that Lin Tianyuan was no longer so easy to kill, because Lin Tianyuan was no longer a human, but a combination of a human and a ghost, the same as himself, except that Chen Hao was just a cultivator, and the two had different identities.

But there was one thing, Chen Hao was bound to find Lin Tianyuan and kill him.

"Brother Chen, what should we do now?"

Lei Lie came out of the house and walked over to Chen Hao's side, looking worried.

Lin Tianyuan was nowhere to be found, so who knew what would happen next?

The previous Lin Tianyuan was not a good person, but now after the mutation it was even more of a scourge.

The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 973

"Let's go back first."

Chen Hao didn't know what to do for a moment, so he could only say something towards Lei Lie.

They should still choose to go home first.

This matter's being discussed in the long run.

After saying that, the two of them immediately set off on their journey back.

After a day and night of travel, the two finally returned home.

Once they got home, they opened the door and entered, only to see Zhen Ji and Lan Li sitting on the sofa watching TV.

"Chen Hao, Lei Lie, you guys are back!"

Seeing the return of the two, Zhen Ji immediately screamed out, getting up from the sofa to look at Chen Hao and the two of them.


Lei Li shouted, and then went straight to the couch and lay down.

"Oh my god, it's so comfortable to be home!"

Lei Lie looked up at the ceiling with a long sigh.

It was enough to see how much the time away had made Lei Lie suffer.

Seeing Lei Lie's appearance, Zhen Ji then looked towards Chen Hao with some worry.

"Chen Hao, are you guys alright?"

Chen Hao shook his head slightly and replied; "Nothing, just a little tired!"

To be honest, Chen Hao was really a bit tired this time as well.

He now just wanted to have a good, peaceful sleep before he said anything, after all, he had experienced too many things during this time and had to have a good rest.

Moreover, there were even more things waiting for them to settle next.

Lin Tianyuan was the biggest trouble now, I'm sure Lin Tianyuan wouldn't let them off so easily and would definitely make a comeback, no one knew what terrible things Lin Tianyuan would do.

After a brief conversation with Zhen Ji, Chen Hao and the two of them went back to their respective rooms to rest and sleep.

Looking at Chen Hao's appearance, Zhen Ji was a little distressed, he knew that Chen Hao must be very tired and had gone through a lot.

So, that night, Zhen Ji took Lan Li out to buy a bunch of ingredients and tonic and cooked a sumptuous dinner for Chen Hao and Lei Lie.

Chen Hao and Lei Lie slept until eight o'clock in the evening.

This was really the most comfortable sleep the two of them had had in a while.

When they got up, they saw a table full of food, making both of them feel incomparably warm and touched.

It's like a married man coming home after a hard day's work and seeing a table full of food, that kind of feeling is really incomparably beautiful.

Only who knows how long this beautiful day can last.

"Wow, so much good food, oh my!"

Lei Lie sat down and exclaimed with straight eyes.

"These can be prepared by me and Lan Li for the two of you, a good treat for you, knowing that you've been out for a while and worked hard, so you guys have a good meal."

Zhen Ji smiled as she looked at Chen Hao and Lei Lie and explained.

"Thank you, Miss Zhen, Miss Zhen you're really wonderful!"

When Lei Lie heard this, he immediately opened his mouth to thank Zhen Ji.

"Hmph, Lei Lie, you won't thank me oh, but there's something in there for me too!"

When she saw Lei Lie just thanking Zhen Ji, Lan Li on the other side was not happy, and immediately pouted and grumbled towards Lei Lie.

After hearing that, Lei Lie was embarrassed and then immediately smiled and thanked Li Lan, "Hehe, thank you Li Lan, I didn't just forget about it."

"Hmph, count you as being sensible!"

Lan Li snorted again and gave Lei Li a blank stare.

Then, Lei Lie took a big bite.

Instead, Chen Hao looked glum and froze over there as if he was thinking about something.

"Chen Hao, what's wrong with you?Is the food not to your liking?"

Seeing that Chen Hao's chopsticks didn't even move, Zhen Ji hurriedly asked towards Chen Hao, thinking that the food she had cooked didn't fit Chen Hao's appetite.

Only after hearing this did Chen Hao react.

"Ah, no, no, I'm just thinking about some more things."

Chen Hao quickly explained towards Zhen Ji.

As soon as he said that, Chen Hao moved his chopsticks to eat as well.

But Chen Hao didn't eat much, just a bowl of rice, then he got up and walked to the living room to sit down.

As for the rest of the meal, it was basically all taken care of by Lei Lie.

It had to be said that Lei Lie's amazing amount of food was really not something that could be compared to any ordinary person, it was more than what the three of them had eaten.

After the meal, the four of them sat together in the living room and chatted.

"Chen Hao, do you have something on your mind?Look at your face, it really doesn't look good!"

Zhen Ji could certainly see Chen Hao's look and immediately asked towards Chen Hao, she knew that Chen Hao must be up to something.

"I'm worried, Lin Tianyuan has mutated, he's half human and half ghost just like us, and we still don't know where he is!"

Zhen Ji listened and understood.

"Chen Hao, I'm sure you can kill him!"

Zhen Ji looked at Chen Hao and said something, this was the only bit of confidence and comfort she could give Chen Hao at the moment.

At this time, on the other side.

Inside the Sun Luck Group.

A black shadow fell from the sky in the middle of the night and directly entered the building of the Sun Luck Group.

That's right, this shadow was none other than the already mutated Lin Tianyuan.

After Lin Tianyuan left, he went straight back to the city, and only at night did he dare to go inside his own group.

During the daytime, Lin Tianyuan didn't dare to appear for fear of being seen by someone.

When he returned to his office, Lin Tianyuan immediately took a bottle of wine from his locker and drank it.

"Who is it?"

"Who's in there?"

At that moment, before Lin Tianyuan could take a few sips, only a voice came from outside the door.

When the voice fell, a man in a security uniform pushed open the door and walked in, standing behind Lin Tianyuan and shining a flashlight on his back.

"Who are you?This is our chairman's office, who let you in?"

The security guard didn't know that the person in front of him was Lin Tianyuan, and angrily questioned him towards Lin Tianyuan.

When he heard this, Lin Tianyuan just slowly turned around and revealed his true face to the security guard.

When the security guard took a look, he suddenly stared at his eyes.

In the next second, before the security guard had a chance to come out with a scream, Lin Tianyuan had flashed in front of his eyes and reached out his hand to squeeze the security guard's neck.

The security guard's face was red, the flashlight fell to the ground, his eyes were white, his throat couldn't catch his breath, and he was in great pain.

And then a black mist gushed out of Lin Tianyuan's mouth from just seeing it, and the black mist directly entered the security guard's head.

In an instant, the security guard's face was ashes, his eyes turned fish-white, and he died violently, his soul and essence all absorbed by Lin Tianyuan.

After absorbing the security guard's soul and essence, it made Lin Tianyuan feel incomparably relieved.

Then, Lin Tianyuan took a look at the flashlight on the ground and directly stomped on it, scattering the pieces everywhere.

As Lin Tianyuan had been injured by Chen Hao's Star Profound Sword earlier, resulting in a great deal of injuries, all of Lin Tianyuan needed to repair himself.

The way to repair it was by absorbing a person's soul and essence.

The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 974

"Chen Hao, wait for me, I won't let you go!"

Lin Tianyuan sat on the sofa and looked up at the ceiling with a stern cry of anger in his mouth.

Thinking about what Chen Hao had done to himself made Lin Tianyuan's heart hard to quell his hatred, he would definitely make Chen Hao pay for it .


The next morning, Chen Hao woke up early and left home alone.

After leaving home, Chen Hao went straight to Shen's house.

Chen Hao wanted to go and ask Old Man Shen if there was any way to deal with this situation with Lin Tianyuan.

After half an hour of driving, Chen Hao arrived at Shen Lao's residence.

As soon as he reached the door, the door opened automatically before Chen Hao knocked on it.

"Come in!"

As soon as the door opened, only Shen's thick voice was immediately heard from inside.

Chen Hao knew that Shen Lao must have sensed his own arrival.

As Chen Hao walked in, the door closed behind him automatically, without him having to close it at all.

"Old Shen!"

Chen Hao went inside and shouted into the surroundings as he stood there.


"Chen Hao, you've come to me to understand what's on your mind, right?"

As Chen Hao's voice trailed off, Old Shen had appeared behind Chen Hao without knowing what, and directly spoke out.

Chen Hao immediately turned to look at Shen Lao, nodding his head for a while and responding; "What Shen Lao said is extremely true, I have come precisely in the hope that you can clear my doubts and give me a solution."

"Ah Chen Hao, some things happen just as they happen, you can't escape, and it's all already arranged, you can't hide from it, you can only face him!"

Just listen to Shen Lao just looked at Chen Hao and spoke out.

Of course Chen Hao understood the meaning of Shen Lao's words, meaning that he was told to confront Lin Tianyuan.


"I know what you want to ask, Lin Tianyuan is already half human and half ghost, that's something you can't change, if you don't catch him soon, then he'll get stronger and stronger."

Before Chen Hao wanted to say anything further, Shen Lao reminded Chen Hao once again.

"Lin Tianyuan is possessed by the Thousand Year Blazing Ghost and possesses the ability to absorb soul and essence."

Shen Lao was again speaking out about Lin Tianyuan's abilities.

"What?Wouldn't that mean he could just absorb people's souls and essence!"

When Chen Hao heard this, he was also fiercely surprised, he felt as if something was not quite right.

"That's right, but he also has a weakness, he won't appear during the day, he will only appear after dark, so if you want to kill him, you can only look for opportunities during the day, because he will be several times stronger in the night."

Shen Lao said again giving a point about Lin Tianyuan's weaknesses and characteristics, this was the only help Shen Lao could give Chen Hao right now.

Chen Hao listened and understood, he knew that it would not be easy for him to kill Lin Tianyuan, but even though it was not easy, he would go ahead and kill Lin Tianyuan, he would definitely not let Lin Tianyuan continue to scourge the world.


Right at that moment, Chen Hao phone rang.

Chen Hao immediately pulled out the phone from his pocket.

Taking it out, he saw that it was a call from Li Yuehe from the military machine department.

As soon as he saw that it was Li Yuehe's call, Chen Hao knew for sure that Li Yuehe had encountered another supernatural matter that he needed to solve.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Chen Hao answered the call.

"Hello, Li Jun Division!"

Chen Hao greeted Li Yuehe on the other end of the phone.

"Mr. Chen Hao, I'm sorry to bother you, do you have a moment now?"

Li Yuehe on the other end of the phone immediately spoke up and asked towards Chen Hao.

"Li Jun Division, what's wrong?"

Chen Hao asked in confusion.

"It's like this, I have a difficult case here that I need your help with."

Li Yuehe straightforwardly explained his purpose.

It was just as Chen Hao had guessed, Li Yuehe must have run into big trouble, or else he would not have called to find himself.

"Li Jun Service.I have some things to deal with outside right now."

Chen Hao didn't directly promise to give a tactful reply.

After all, Chen Hao couldn't always be available to help out Li Yuehe solve cases, knowing that there was an even more dangerous person present, Chen Hao didn't have the heart to bother with anything else.

"Mr. Chen Hao, I would like you to come over to the Sun Luck Group, the dead man was a security guard of the Sun Luck Group, the death was very strange, like the kind of person who had been drained of his soul and turned into a dry corpse."

Then Li Yuehe immediately narrated towards Chen Hao.

"What did you say?Dayhaul Group?Dryads?"

When Chen Hao heard this, a shock foxed out.

This reminded Chen Hao of what Shen Lao had just said, saying that Lin Tianyuan possessed the ability to absorb souls and essence, and that this case had happened at the Day Luck Group.

This meant that it was definitely Lin Tianyuan's doing.

"Yes, that's right, so Mr. Chen Hao, you see."

Li Yuehe also immediately responded towards Chen Hao.

"Good, then I'll come over here right now!"

This time Chen Hao didn't hesitate at all and just agreed to hang up the phone.


After hanging up the phone, Chen Hao originally wanted to go say goodbye to Shen Lao again.

But the entire surrounding was already missing Shen Lao's figure.

Old Shen had been a godsend.

"Old Shen, thank you for your guidance, I'll take my leave first!"

Chen Hao also spoke respectfully towards the surroundings.


As soon as Chen Hao's words came out, the door just opened.

Along with the goods, Chen Hao left Shen Lao's house and got into his own car to drive away.

Only after Chen Hao left did Shen Lao reappear at the upstairs window again, looking at the direction Chen Hao's car was moving away from, Shen Lao sighed in exasperation.

"Chen Hao, this is a hurdle you must go through, only then can you become an even better cultivator!"

Shen Lao couldn't help but speak out of his mouth before disappearing into the window again.

The other side.

After ten minutes of rapid driving, Chen Hao immediately arrived under the building of the Sun Luck Group.

This was the first time Chen Hao had arrived at the Sun Luck Group building.

At first glance, it made Chen Hao also feel a little shocked, not expecting the Sun Luck Group to really be this powerful and magnificent.

But that was all unimportant now.

The entire building had been cordoned off, and there were many military personnel and vehicles parked outside the building.

All employees of the Blue Sky Building had been forced to stop working today.

Chen Hao immediately got past the blockade and walked into the building.

Through his understanding, Chen Hao learned that Li Yuehe was already waiting for him on the sixteenth floor of the building.

The sixteenth floor was Lin Tianyuan's office.

Chen Hao went straight to the sixteenth floor without saying a word.

When he arrived at this floor, Chen Hao strode into the office.

He saw that Li Yuehe and a few of his men were surveying and talking inside.

"Li Jun Division!"

Chen Hao shouted at Li Yuehe and walked over to Li Yuehe's side.

"Mr. Chen Hao, you've finally come."

Seeing Chen Hao's arrival, Li Yuehe was also suddenly like seeing a savior.

When it came to this kind of thing, the only person that Li Yuehe could turn to for help was Chen Hao.


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