Dish Best Served Cold 1257-1258


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1257

Hearing Ye Fan's words, Lu Yanxi was first stunned.

    Obviously, she was a little confused, not knowing why Ye Fan suddenly said these words.

    However, soon, Lu Yanxi seemed to have thought of something and smiled, "You want me to stay away from brother Lu Hua?"

    "Evan, don't you think it's ridiculous for you to say that?"

    "Do you know me well?"

    "Or who are you to dictate my friendships here?"

    "Or do you like me.Seeing that I'm too close to brother Lu Hua, so you're jealous?"

    Lu Yanxi said with a smile, looking at Ye Fan only as if he was looking at a joke.

    "Oh, right."

    "Before, I was wondering why you, a country boy with no background, were so arrogant and cocky."

    "Now it seems that you should be doing this on purpose to get my attention."

    "But Ye Fan, I advise you to die of this."

    "Between you and me, there's not even half a possibility."

    "First of all, I don't like childish men."

    "Secondly, you're far from the him I expected in my heart."

    "Not to mention your personal strength, your background is too bad."

    "Between you and me, we are destined to be of two worlds~"

    "Brother Lu Hua is the one who is closest to the expectation in his heart."

    Lu Yanxi's eyebrows were smiling and she was proud like a princess as she said this.

    After saying that, she didn't even wait for Ye Fan to reply, she turned her head and walked away.

    "Brother Lu Hua, wait for me~"

    Lu Yanxi shouted petulantly.

    At this time, but she was completely devoid of half of the arrogance and majesty she had when facing Ye Fan.


    "I yuck!"

    "What a narcissistic woman."

    "My little brother Van wouldn't like you at all?"

    "Not even as good looking as me, it's no wonder my little brother Fan is attracted to you!"

    Looking at the distant Lu Yanxi, Ye Fan hadn't said anything, but it was An Qi on the side who was enraged.

    At this time, this little girl, while pinching her waist, shouted at Lu Yanxi's departing direction with her fragrant cheeks bulging with anger.

    Growing up, this was the first time An Qi had seen such a narcissistic woman.

    Her own little brother Fan was kind enough to remind her, and she thought that Ye Fan liked her?

    "I'm so angry."

    "So shameless~"

    "Narcissism is just fine, but you still look down on my little brother Fan?"

    "It's like a dog biting Lu Dongbin."

    "Brother Xiaofan, this kind of person is not worth pitying."

    "If she's willing to follow that Lu Hua, then let her follow."

    "We don't care if they live or die~"

    Seeing Ye Fan being offended, An Qi, for some reason, only felt angry.

    That cute little face was about to explode with anger.

    Ye Fan saw the situation, but he smiled and gently scraped her nose: "You little ninny, you're really the emperor is not anxious eunuch."

    "Damn, brother Fan, aren't you even angry?"

    "He said that about you."

    "And defied you."

    "And you're indifferent?"

    "You're not really falling for her."Anqi stared angrily at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan shook his head, "Of course not, I just don't think it's worth it."

    "After all, they're just insignificant little people, so why should you care what they think."

    Yes, in fact, throughout all this, these people, Kong Ming, had never entered Ye Fan's eyes.

    What Lu Hua, what Kong Ming, what first person under the clan, no matter how loud their names were, but in Ye Fan's eyes, what was the difference between them and the ants under his feet?

    When one was standing high up, one naturally couldn't hear the noise beneath one's feet.

    This was by no means Ye Fan's arrogance, and this was exactly the case.

    Compared to Ye Fan, who was already ranked as a Yan Xia Pillar God, Kong Ming and the others were too small.

    This time, the War Gods had asked Kong Ming and the three of them to travel with Ye Fan, and it wasn't that they expected the three of them to really help Ye Fan, but more so, their purpose was just to cover up Ye Fan's identity.

    Of course, if these three were reasonable, Ye Fan wouldn't mind providing asylum to the three of them as much as he could.

    But unfortunately, these people did not say that they respected Ye Fan, but instead scorned and offended him because of Ye Fan's origin and age.

    If that was the case, why did Ye Fan need to shelter them?

    As for Lu Yanxi, it was reasonable to say that for the sake of Lu Tianhe's face, Ye Fan should also take care of a few points.

    But what should have been done had already been done, it was that Lu Yanxi who didn't know what was good for him and didn't listen to the advice.

    Ye Fan felt that he, had been benevolent to the end.

    "Alright, let's go too."

    "Everything that needs to be said has already been said, the path is their own choice, they should fend for themselves."

    Ye Fan didn't waste too much time and energy on these people, and after laughing, he also took An Qi with him and continued on his way.

    As for An Qi, after sulking for a while longer, she was relieved.

    "Hmph, wicked people have their own grind."

    "Anyway, these guys will be taught a lesson sooner or later~"

    An Qi knew that Ye Fan had done a lot of offending things in the name of Lv Hua before.

    Those people weren't good, An Qi reckoned that it wouldn't be long before Lv Hua would be in trouble.

    Just like that, time continued to pass.

    An Qi and Ye Fan searched for the remaining Yuan Spirit Fruit Tree.

    Also during this time, there was a name that was still circulating among the martial artists from various countries in the rainforest.


    "Hey, have you heard about the martial path of your cold country?"

    "It's said that there's a rare strong man among the Yan Xia team this time."

    "Earlier at the hotel, he beat Reno and other strongmen of the Indian Country with one man's claws all over the floor."

    "A few days ago, it was said that the strongmen of the Australian country also suffered at his hands."

    "The first batch of Yuan Spirit Fruits have already fallen into his hands~"

    "I reckon that this person's strength, even if he's not a martial arts master, he's only half a step away from being a master."



    "So awesome?"

    "Who is this man?"

    "Could it be that Kong Ming who claims to be the first person under the clan?"


    "It's not him, it's a young man."

    "Surname Lu, name Hua!"



    "I'll go!"

    "Never heard of it?"

    "When did Yan Xia produce this person again?"

    "Looks like we'll have to be careful the next time we run into Yan Xia's team!"


    In the rainforest, after the teams of nations meet, almost all of them talk about it.

    For a while, the clamor was everywhere.

    For the first time, the name Lu Hua was also being spread among the martial artists of various countries!

    However, while the name Lu Hua was becoming famous among the teams of various countries, the three of Kong Ming, however, were completely unaware of the situation.

    Especially Lu Hua, he didn't know what was going on either, but when he encountered teams from other countries in the middle of the rainforest, the other team would always exclaim in a tone of polite admiration, "Hm?"

    "Are you guys from Yanxia?"

    "I wonder which one is Mr. Lui Wah Lui?"


    "You are Mr. Lui?I've heard so much about you."


    "Worthy of the Yan Xia Martial Dao, it really is a hidden dragon and tiger."

    "At such a young age, he's this powerful, with a bright future ahead of him~"

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1258

At first, Lu Hua was a bit confused.

    Completely confused about the situation.

    How come all of a sudden, he had so many fan sisters and brothers.

    However, confusion was still confusion.

    What was more in Lv Hua's heart was still joy and pride.

    He also didn't expect that he, Lu Hua, was already so famous internationally?

    Even the powerful men of Western Europe knew his name, Lu Hua.

    Even Kong Ming's popularity was completely overshadowed by him.

    "Brother Lv Hua, you're on fire."

    "It's estimated that after this trip to the Americas, Brother Lu Hua, you'll be completely famous in the world's martial dao."

    Seeing that Lu Hua had suddenly gained such a reputation among the martial dao of various countries, Lu Yanxi couldn't help but feel genuinely happy for Lu Hua, and his heart's admiration for him had undoubtedly intensified a bit again.


    "What Rock Eve said is true."

    "That day you were able to defeat a group of strong men from the Indian Country in the middle of the hotel with your own strength."

    "Such an achievement is indeed enough to make a name for the entire martial world."

    "From now on, I'm afraid this old man will have to address you as well, Mr. Lu, ah."

    Kong Ming also congratulated from the side.

    Kong Ming had to admit that Lu Hua's excellence had indeed surprised him.

    One had to know that even he might not be able to defeat so many powerful people from the Indian Country all by himself.

    In other words, this young man in his early thirties in front of him displayed even more power than he did.

    Even though he was senior, he could not be displeased with Lu Hua.

    "Kong Lao, you are polite."

    "You are highly respected, even if I, Lu Hua, do achieve mastery in the future, I can't afford to let you call me "Mr. Lu"."

    "You can call me Xiao Hua."Lv Hua said politely.

    Kong Ming was undoubtedly very impressed by Lv Hua's words.

    "Talented but not arrogant, humble but not arrogant, he can be of great use."

    "Unlike that Ye Fan, who is mediocre and incompetent but arrogant."

    "Compared to him, Xiao Hua you are indeed much too excellent."

    "No wonder this girl Yan Xi, in just a few days, she was impressed by your personality."

    Lu Hua said with a smile as he stroked the beard at the corner of his mouth.

    As soon as Lu Yanxi heard that, her pretty face turned red at that time, and she said somewhat shyly, "Kong Lao, what are you talking nonsense about, where did I?"

    "Haha, you see, and you're shy."Kong Ming laughed, "There's no need to be shy, daring to love and hate, that's my style as a martial artist."

    "If you two are truly in love with each other, I, Kong Ming, don't mind being a Moon Elder and holding the red thread for you two."

    Kong Ming smiled evenly.

    And Lu Yanxi's pretty face was undoubtedly growing more and more blushing.

    As for Lu Hua, there was undoubtedly a fluttering feeling of immortality.

    In this life, all a man sought was nothing more than fame, women, and wealth.

    And now, Lu Hua had not only gained prestige, but also the admiration of a beautiful woman.

    Reputation, women, in just a few days, Lu Hua had them all.

    This naturally gave him a feeling of[PEN], stepping into the pinnacle of his life.

    However, just when Lv Hua was in high spirits, a cold wind suddenly blew in front of him.

    Countless fallen leaves, immediately flew up!

    An inexplicable chill enveloped this part of the world in a moment.


    "What's going on?"

    "What happened?"

    The difference in front of them naturally attracted the attention of Lu Hua and the others.

    They looked up and saw that deep in the dense forest, there were suddenly several silhouettes, stepping towards them.

    Soon, they arrived in front of the three of them.

    The moment these people appeared, even someone as strong as Kong Ming felt an extremely dense oppression.

    These people, were strong!

    This was the first thought in Kong Ming's mind.

    "The other party is outnumbered, let's retreat for now and plan for the long haul."

    Out of caution, Kong Ming immediately ordered to retreat, avoiding these people.

    However, what the three of them didn't expect was that these people really seemed to be coming for them, blocking their path and not allowing Kong Ming and the others to leave at all.

    "Friend, we should have never met before, right?"

    "Why are you stopping us?"

    As Kong Ming asked in a deep voice, Lu Hua and Lu Yanxi tensed up and raised their guard.

    These mysterious visitors didn't pay any attention to Kong Ming's words, but instead swept their eyebrows over the three of them and asked in a deep voice, "You, who is Lu Hua?"


    "Looking for me?"

    Lu Hua was stunned at first, and then he laughed.

    It looked like another person who was impressed by his charisma.

    This wasn't the first wave anymore.

    The several waves of people from other martial dao countries encountered earlier, after seeing them, also came to pay their respects to him and befriend him like this in general.

    Therefore, after hearing the other party's words, Lu Hua used to think that these people had also come to flatter him.

    Delighted, Lu Hua first straightened his shirt, then spoke in a superior tone, "I am Lu Hua, you may call me Mr. Lu."

    "You guys should have come to get to know me as well."

    "However, if you guys also want to invite me to dinner later, I'm afraid you'll have to wait for some time."

    "The main reason is that there are too many people who want to get acquainted with me, and they've all asked me to eat when this is over."

    "So, you guys, you'll have to line up at the back."

    Lu Hua said with a negative hand, and his words had an undisguised pride.

    However, as soon as his words trailed off, he saw a few people in front of him, and then approached.

    The person leading them even extended his hand to him.

    "A handshake wouldn't be necessary."

    "I'm a person who doesn't like these virtual ones."

    Lu Hua thought that these people were going to shake hands with him as a sign of respect, when he shook his head and pretended to refuse.

    After hearing Lu Hua's words, the corners of the eyes of the people who met him twitched and looked at Lu Hua as if they were looking at a snare in a vivid manner.

    In the end, the one in the lead couldn't take it anymore, and the hand that was lifted up directly battered him in the face.


    "Shake your palsy!"

    "It's a fucking brake, isn't it?"

    "Someone, tie him up and take him away!"

    As the leader gave an order, the few people in front of them immediately rushed to the ground and subdued Lv Hua with lightning speed.

    But Lv Hua was all confused.

    "You...What are you guys doing?"

    "I'm Lu Hua, you dare to charge me..."


    Before Lu Hua could even finish his sentence, the leading man slapped him and broke his teeth.

    "You're so full of crap!"

    "Any more bullshit and you'll have your mouth smacked off."

    "Take away!:"

    The lead man snapped harshly.


    "Let him go!"

    It was only then that Lu Yanxi and Kong Ming reacted and immediately took action to save each other.

    However, how could the two of them be opponents of a strong Truman.

    After a brief battle, Kong Ming and Lu Yanxi were also subdued by the other party.

    "So there are still accomplices?"

    "Bring them all over to the young master!"

    Just like this, Lu Hua and the others, who were just now in high spirits, were taken away like dogs in a matter of moments.


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