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A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1254


    Ye Fan raised his eyebrows and looked at these people in front of him.

    To Ye Fan's indifferent appearance, but the Aussie powerhouse was slightly unhappy.

    Although the young man in front of him had repelled the masked man.However, he was always a junior, and in front of his elders, there should still be a minimum of courtesy.

    But they didn't expect that this Ye Fan's tone of voice was devoid of any respect.

    However, unhappiness in their hearts was still unpleasant, and they didn't show it, but instead said with a smile, "I've long heard that Yan Xia is a state of etiquette, and in the international arena, you Yan Xia have always been willing to help others, eliminating evil and promoting good, and helping other countries without trying to return the favor.In the past, we didn't take it seriously, we only thought it was your country's exaggerated propaganda.But today, in our time of crisis, Your Excellency not only helped us, but also helped us take back the treasures belonging to our country of Australia, Your Excellency is actions and facts, like us to prove that Yan Xia is nevertheless a state of etiquette, a civilized and friendly country."

    "Today's matter is really many thanks."

    "If it wasn't for Your Excellency's help, the treasures that our country of Australia has fought so hard to obtain, I'm afraid that they would have really fallen into the hands of a traitor."

    "Your Excellency can rest assured, after I return home with the Origin Spirit Fruit, I will definitely report it to the Martial Alliance of our Ao Country.At that time, we will personally send an ambassador to Yanxia to personally thank Your Excellency and present you with a friendship medal awarded by our Australian Martial Dao."

    The Australians laughed amiably as they said this.

    It had to be said that their words were tricky, however.

    Obviously, they were using Yan Xia's national image as a blackmail to force Ye Fan to return the Yuan Spirit Fruit to them.

    Are you Yan Xia forbidden to often boast of being a ceremonial state?

    Don't you think you're civilized and friendly?

    Since that was the case, it was all the more impossible to perform such a robbery, and instead, this Origin Spirit Fruit should be returned to their country of Australia.

    After saying that, the old man who was the leader among the powerful people of Australia, went forward and directly reached out his hand to ask for those two Yuan Spiritual Fruits from Ye Fan.

    However, before Ye Fan could speak, An Qi pouted her lips and shouted, "Humph, we stole this, why should we give it to you?"

    "Hey, little girl, that's not right."

    "This thing belongs to us in Australia.You helped us get it, and now it's supposed to be returned to us."

    "Otherwise, what's the difference between that and a bandit?"

    "If word gets out, won't it tarnish your country's national image of being a charitable country?"

    "Of course, we won't let you help for nothing and will thank you later."

    This old man smiled heedlessly, completely acting as if he was righteous.

    But when Ye Fan heard this, he couldn't help but be amused.

    That smile was full of ridicule, as if he had heard the best joke in the world.

    In the end, Ye Fan turned straight back and looked at this old man from the Australian country in front of him and sneered, "I really don't know if you're the one who's frakking yourself, or if you've taken me for a frakker?"

    "Thanks to your age, you have the nerve to say that to me?"

    "Don't you know that the Primordial Fruit is a masterless object that can be obtained by those who can?"

    "That's not even the least bit of common sense, I see you've gone all live dog at this age!"

    "What's more, so what if this thing is really from your Australian country?"

    "But it's in my hands now, and that's mine!"

    "In my eyes, your Australian martial arts are nothing?"

    Ye Fan did not give the other party any face at all, not to mention not caring about any image, and directly disowned him back with the most straightforward language.

    It only scolded the old thing in front of him with a livid face and trembled with anger.

    He swore that he had never been scolded like this in his life by someone pointing at his nose.

    At that time, this Aussie powerhouse was simply going mad: "You...You dare to curse me, how dare you!"

    "I'm telling you, you're in big trouble, you're smearing your country's image, you're also going to cause a diplomatic dispute, and you're just waiting to go back to your country and be judged~"

    This old man was well aware that Yan Xia had always pursued the policy of no trivial matters of diplomacy.

    Therefore, there were many matters that once it involved people from other countries, Yan Xia would pay extra attention to it and put the protection of the interests of people from other countries in the first place.

    The old man in front of him was also clear that if they robbed hard, they would definitely not be a match for Ye Fan in their current state.

    The only thing he could do was to hope to take advantage of Yan Xia's weakness of being image-conscious and good-looking and force Ye Fan to hand it over voluntarily.

    However, this old man never expected that as soon as his words fell, Ye Fan turned around and kicked this old thing directly on the ground.

    As he kicked, Ye Fan sneered and cursed.

    "Returning the country's image?"

    "And diplomatic disputes?"

    "And on trial?"

    "I can go to Nima Bar!"

    "Don't give me your hat!"

    "I'm not eating that yet."

    "If you want it, you can, take it according to your ability."

    Ye Fan was simply amused by this group of idiots.

    Sometimes when you think about it, these people in the West are also really funny, when they are stronger than you, they talk to you about strength.And when you're stronger than them, they lecture you on manners and morals.

    Just like now, the Yuan Spirit Fruit that Ye Fan got by virtue of his ability, these people actually asked Ye Fan to return it to the strong Australians, beautifully called for the image of the country.

    Of course, if Ye Fan did this kind of thing, to put it nicely, he would be an old good guy, to put it badly, it would be a big bummer ah.

    Ye Fan's head had been kicked by a donkey to give him the Yuan Spirit Fruit.

    "You...You dare to hit me?"

    Ye Fan's kick directly silenced the crowd of Australia.

    It must be known that in the world martial dao, Yan Xia martial artists were always known for their pedantic image of civilization and courtesy, never firing the first shot or punch externally, waiting until they were beaten up before returning fire.

    This is also why, even though the Yanxia martial arts are extremely strong, they are not respected and honored outside at all.

    On the contrary, the more barbaric and unreasonable the country was, the more respect and courtesy one would receive.

    But they never expected that this Yan Xia person in front of them would not play by the rules and start a direct fight with a disagreement?They even cursed in spite of their image.

    However, these Aussie powerhouses were angry and knew that they couldn't get tough with Ye Fan, but they still had to be reasonable and make this pedantic Yanxia man, take the initiative to hand over the Yuan Spirit Fruit.

    "Fine, let's forget about the beating."

    "Your Excellency, this Yuan Spirit Fruit, you must return it."

    "This Origin Spiritual Fruit was originally obtained first by our Australian Martial Dao."

    "Even later, when it was snatched away, our Australian Martial Dao fought it to the death and consumed most of the opponent's strength before allowing Your Excellency to repel it with a single blow."

    "It can be said that if we hadn't helped you expend that masked man's strength, you, a junior, wouldn't have been able to be his opponent."

    "So, in all fairness and reason, you should return this Yuan Spirit Fruit."

    "At the very least, you should also return one to us."

    "Otherwise, I'll file a lawsuit against your Yan Xia Martial Dao for banditry with the International Martial Federation~"

    The Aussie powerhouse said righteously.

    Ye Fan smiled, then hooked his hand in their direction, gesturing for them to come over.

    The Aussie strongmen were instantly delighted, thinking that this Ye Fan had been persuaded by them to return the Yuan Spirit Fruit.

    But who would have thought that as soon as they stepped forward, they would be slapped by Ye Fan again.

    Facial bones were caved in, nose blood was flying, and half of the face of the old man leading the group was crooked by Ye Fan.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1255

In front, it was the Australian martial artists, holding their heads and screaming.

    Around, was the silence of the crowds of various countries.

    Here, only Ye Fan was the only one with a cold face containing a smile, his eerie gaze, sweeping over the strongmen of the Australian country and the surrounding crowd, his icy words, as if he was a ghost, quietly rang out.

    "Don't give me reason, here, it's about fists."

    "If you mess with me again, your lives will be taken away."


    The wind was cold and wrapped around Ye Fan's words full of killing intent, sweeping the four directions.

    In a split second, everyone was frightened.

    There was no one else in the crowd who dared to speak.

    Even the strong man from Australia who was righteous earlier and threatened to ask Ye Fan to return the Origin Spirit Fruit was undoubtedly as honest as a frosty eggplant after being smacked by Ye Fan.

    In response, however, Ye Fan shook his head and sneered.

    Most people in the world were like this, fearing might rather than virtue.

    What really made them fear was not any etiquette and morality, nor civilization and friendliness, but power!

    The weak are the prey of the strong, and the fittest will survive.

    As long as you have power, no one dares to mess with you, no matter how arrogant and tyrannical you are.

    And the weak, no matter how much they grovel, they will never get respect in return.

    After finishing this group of people, Ye Fan left.

    Angel, however, before leaving, but turned his head and shouted at them, "Remember my big brother's name, his name is Lv Hua oh."

    "His name is Lv Hua."

    "Call Lv Hua oh~"

    An Qi seemed to be afraid that they would not be able to remember, repeating three times in a row, before finally chasing after Ye Fan in the direction he left.

    It was only after they had gone far away that the angry voices of those strong Australians could be heard from here.

    "This damn Yanxia!"

    "This damn Lu Hua~"

    "Wait, today's humiliation will be doubly paid back."

    In the dense forest, the Aussie Nation's crowd of strongmen clenched their palms, their eyebrows cold and vicious.

    The words were filled with intense hatred towards Ye Fan.

    On the other side, a luxurious tent was set up on a low hill.

    Outside the tent, a large number of strong men in suits were guarding the place.

    And inside, there was a young man, cocking his legs as he drank lightly from a red wine.

    In his arms, there was also a beautiful blonde haired girl in sexy clothes and delicate makeup, stretching her delicate body like a beautiful snake.

    Through the window, he could vaguely see the endless wind and waves, rolling thousands of plants and trees.

    The afterglow of the setting sun stained this vast continent red.

    Sunset, rainforest, wind and waves, blue sky.

    Beautiful scenery, beautiful women, outlining a beautiful painting.

    It's just that I don't know how long this young man has been waiting here, the red wine in the cup has long been bottomed out, and the beauty in his arms is sleeping soundly.

    Finally, he looked at the time, then waved his hand and called a subordinate over, "Time should be almost, Keith side, still no news?"

    "Young Master, not yet."The man returned.

    The youth frowned, suddenly having a bad feeling in his heart.

    "Could it be, something has happened?"The youth said to himself.

    "Young Master, nothing should happen.Elder Keith is strong and has the cultivation of a Sect Master."

    "Nowadays, in this rainforest, the strongest one is probably only at the peak of transformation, and the clansmen are not even as strong."

    "Here, Elder Keith is undoubtedly a horizontal existence, nothing will happen to him."The subordinate smiled broadly.

    The youth nodded, "I hope so."

    Just like this, another half hour passed.

    Finally, the phone he had been waiting for, rang.

    It was Keith calling via satellite phone.

    "How's it going?"

    "Can the first batch of Yuan Spirit Fruit arrive?"After receiving the call, this youth immediately asked.

    On the other end of the phone, there was silence for a moment.Then, the party returned, "Young Master, I'm sorry, I failed.The first batch of two Yuan Spirit Fruits were snatched away by others."


    The wine cup in his hand suddenly slipped and fell to the ground, shattering.

    After hearing this, the youth's eyebrows, which were also then chilled, cursed harshly, "Rubbish!"

    "You can't even handle a little thing!"

    "What's the use of my Chu family raising you?"

    "And what does Truman offer you?"

    "Say, what's going on!"

    "With your strength, how could you miss?"

    "Could it be that there's a clan master lurking in this rainforest as well?"

    This youth suppressed his erect anger and asked in a cold voice.

    "Young Master, it's the Yan Xia people who are stirring the pot."


    In the middle of the call, Keith reported in a low voice with a feeling of guilt and trepidation.

    "Yan Xia, Lu Hua?"

    After listening to Keith's story, the youth in front of him, his hands clenched, and the coldness in his eyebrows was as thick as ice.

    "This one, leave it to me."

    "You go on to the next place."

    "If you still miss this time, you won't have to come back to see me."

    "Do you understand?"

    A cold voice with an unquestionable authority.

    The old man on the other end of the phone, immediately agreed.

    Subsequently, the phone hung up.

    The young man, on the other hand, also immediately summoned the three strong men and commanded, "You immediately enter the rainforest and search for a Yanxia martial artist, this person is named Lu Hua."

    "When you find him, bring him over immediately."

    "Yes!"After receiving the order, these people immediately left in a flash and entered the depths of the rainforest.

    Here, the cold wind was biting, but it could not dissipate the coldness and heaviness in this youth's brows.

    "It's Yan Xia again!"

    "Damn Yan Xia Wu Dao, one Chu Tian Fan came out and it already gave me a headache.Now another one called Lu Hua comes out and stirs my good fortune."

    "But, it's okay."

    "If you block my Chu Tianqi's path, I will eliminate you, one by one, all of you."

    Yes, the youth in front of him was none other than Ye Fan's clan brother, Chu Qi Tian.

    It was estimated that none of the two of them had expected that at this moment, the two brothers were so close to each other!

    While Chu Qi Tian ordered and searched for Lu Hua, Ye Fan and An Qi, however, were heading towards the next location.

    "My brother marked three locations on the map where the Origin Fruit Tree exists."

    "It was the first one just now, and there are two more."

    "But I'm afraid it will be a long walk to the second location."

    "Brother Fanny, why don't we rest for a while?"

    In the dense forest, An Qi was still sitting on the shoulder of that black bear, this bear and woman, walking slowly.And Ye Fan was following beside it.

    At this time, Anqi was looking at the map she stole from her brother while speaking to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Good."

    Then, the two of them picked a flat place and camped out to rest.

    At this time, at a place not far from them, Lv Hua and the three of them, were cautiously moving.

    "Brother Lu Hua, it was really dangerous just now."

    "If you hadn't made your move in time, I'm afraid that Xi'er would have already lost her life in the wolf's mouth."

    The three of them nowadays were in a slightly wretched shape.

    It was because, not too long ago, they had just been attacked by a wolf pack.

    Although they were all martial arts practitioners, facing one or two wolves, they were naturally fearless.

    However, if a group of wolves were to attack, even an Entering Strength like Lu Yanxi would still be in danger of losing his life if he was not careful.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1256

"Rock Eve, why do you need to say thank you?"

    "It's all due."

    "What's more, I didn't contribute much, and when I arrived just now, almost half of those wolves had been chased away by you."

    "I don't even think that with your strength, you don't need my help.Your personal strength alone would be enough to fight the entire wolf pack."

    "Worthy of being General Lu's daughter, you really are a tiger's father and a dog's daughter."

    Faced with Lu Yanxi's gratitude, Lu Hua waved his hand and said with a smile.

    Although Lu Tianhe was an army general, it had, after all, been famous for a long time and thus had a small reputation in the martial world, so naturally, Lu Hua had heard of it.

    "But, seriously, there are indeed quite a few fierce beasts in this rainforest."

    "That bastard fled in the first place, but it seems like a wise choice now."

    "Otherwise, with his strength, I'm afraid that he would have been buried in the tiger's mouth on the way before he saw the Yuan Spirit Fruit, right?"

    "I really don't understand why the Martial God Temple over there let a milky drinking bastard follow us."

    Lu Hua didn't say a few words, but he brought the topic back to Ye Fan.

    At this time, his tone was full of ridicule and mockery towards Ye Fan.

    Lu Yanxi nodded as well, equally curious as to why the Martial God Temple wanted Ye Fan to join their treasure hunting team, wasn't this a clear sign of dragging them down?

    "Alright, let's stop gossiping and all be smart."

    "This is already the core area of the rainforest, and if nothing else, the Origin Fruit Tree should be very close to us."

    "All pay close attention~"

    At this moment, Kong Ming's low urging voice could be heard in his ears.

    Lu Yanxi and Lu Hua no longer chatted idly and whirled around to begin carefully searching for the Origin Fruit Tree.

    However, they hadn't gone very far before Lu Yanxi was attracted by the two silhouettes in front of them.

    To be precise, it was one of them.


    "Brother Lu Hua, look, is that Ye Fan?"

    Lu Yanxi pointed forward and asked Lu Hua with a suspicious heart.


    "That bastard, he's already running home scared."

    "How could he be here?"

    "Come to think of it, it wouldn't be him!"

    "This is the depths of the rainforest, without our shelter, why does that brat have the ability to walk here?"

    "If that person is Ye Fan, I, Lu Hua, will take his surname from now on."

    Lu Hua shook his head and sneered as he followed Lu Yanxi's gaze.

    However, it didn't matter if you didn't look, this time, a pair of Lu Hua's old eyes directly went wide.


    "Is it really him?"

    "What's that brat doing here?"

    Shocked, the three of them, Kong Ming, then hurried over and questioned why Ye Fan appeared here.

    Seeing that it was them, Ye Fan was slightly shocked, but didn't expect to meet them here.

    However, in response to Lu Hua's questioning, Ye Fan just lightly smiled, "That's a strange question you're asking, just can you guys be here, but I can't be here?"

    "You~" Ye Fan's words dislike Lu Hua, dumbfounded, and he didn't know how to reply for half a day.

    In the end, it was Kong Ming who came out and asked to Ye Fan with an unhappy face, "Ye Fan, why did you break away from the team and act alone?"

    "Have you forgotten what I said before you came here?"

    "Or are you deliberately disobeying the order?"

    "Now, I command you to kneel down immediately and ask forgiveness!"

    Kong Ming's icy words quietly rang out.

    Ye Fan snorted and returned with a faint smile, "Resist the order?"

    "Do you think that you have the right to dictate to me?"

    "Insolent!"Ye Fan's words suddenly made Kong Ming furious.

    "Good you Ye Fan, you speak like this, are you really not afraid that I, Kong Ming, will kick you out of the team and get lost?"

    Kong Ming was truly angry, this was not the first time Ye Fan had offended him.

    Last time, he had endured it because of Ye Fan's youth and ignorance.

    But he didn't expect that this brat in front of him would not only show no restraint, but now he had even intensified his offense against him.

    "Kong Lao, what's all the nonsense about following the brat?"

    "Not very old, but he's got a big mouth!"

    "If you ask me, just kick him out of the group and let him fend for himself."

    "And save us the trouble of slowing us down."

    "If you get killed, you'll have to let us collect the body."

    Lu Hua had long been displeased with this Ye Fan, and now he was even adding fuel to the fire by advising Kong Ming to expel Ye Fan from their Yan Xia martial team.

    As for Lu Yanxi who was on the side, she was also shocked at Ye Fan's arrogance.

    A pair of beautiful eyes immediately glared at Ye Fan and harshly rebuked him with a voice full of disgust, "Ye Fan, how dare you!"

    "Even you dare to offend, Kong Lao?"

    "Why don't you kneel down and apologize to Kong?"

    "Otherwise, don't blame us, for leaving you alone in the depths of this rainforest and not caring about you!"

    For a time, all three of Kong Ming's men verbally attacked Ye Fan, and their angry voices echoed through this part of the world.

    However, facing the words of the three men, Ye Fan laughed at once.

    The smile was mocking and contained ridicule.


    "You have the fucking nerve to laugh?"

    "Kong Lao, don't hesitate, this arrogant and deathless thing, what use are we keeping him?"

    "Drive him out of the group and let him fend for himself in the middle of the rainforest!"

    "Even if we die here, let's just say that we were slaughtered during the robbery of the Yuan Spirit Fruit."

    Lu Hua said viciously once again.

    "There's no need for you to rush, I'll go by myself."

    "Anyway, you guys are inherently a drag for me."

    "I'm moving alone, searching for the Origin Fruit, but instead, I'm free and at ease."

    However, before Lu Hua could reply, Ye Fan was the one who chose to withdraw on his own initiative.

    "Good, very good."

    "I didn't expect that you'd be quite spirited at such a young age?"Kong Ming was also laughing with anger at this time, he was just trying to scare Ye Fan with those words just now, he didn't really want to drive Ye Fan away.

    After all, in Kong Ming's opinion, with Ye Fan's strength, acting alone in this rainforest could be considered nine deaths.

    This Ye Fan was certainly at fault, but there was no need to force him into a desperate situation.

    However, Kong Ming had never thought that before he said anything, this Ye Fan himself had taken the initiative to withdraw.

    Since this was the case, what else was there to say?

    "As the person in charge of this Yan Xia treasure hunting team, I declare that with immediate effect, Ye Fan will be expelled from the team."

    "After this moment, whether he lives or dies will no longer be our concern!"

    "Suit yourself~"

    Kong Ming's eyebrows were sunken, but his ice-cold words were like a golden stone being thrown to the ground.

    After speaking, Kong Ming brushed away with a heart full of anger.


    "Brother Ye Fan, farewell forever."

    Lu Hua beckoned with a gleeful look, and then left after Kong Ming as well.

    As for Lu Yanxi, he looked at Ye Fan, then said coldly, "A word of caution, if you don't want to die, return where you came from and go home immediately."

    "This is not the place where you should be."

    Lu Yanxi said coldly to Ye Fan in a superior tone.

    Ye Fan wasn't angry, but instead smiled back, "For your father's sake, I'll also remind you that if you don't want to die, stay away from Lu Hua."

    "Otherwise, you're afraid that you won't even know how you'll die."


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