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A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1251

In the dense forest, under the blazing sun, these words of Ye Fan were undoubtedly like a light that instantly illuminated the little girl's entire heart.

    For so many years, after learning of her abilities, almost everyone around her treated her as a monster and an alien.

    Only this young man in front of her, not only did he not alienate her in any way, but also comforted her and praised her as the darling of heaven and earth.

    The feeling of being recognized and accepted by others, however, almost made An Qi cry.

    In the end, An Qi smiled tearfully and nodded heavily at Ye Fan.


    "Brother Xiaofan, Anqi remembers."

    Since the discovery of this ability of An Qi, the rest of the journey was undoubtedly much smoother.Anqi sat on that black bear's shoulder, humming a song as she cheerfully led the way.

    As for Ye Fan, he accompanied her and gradually went deeper into the rainforest under An Qi's guidance.

    "Brother Xiaofan, is this Aqua Eye and Golden Flower Pupil you're talking about really powerful?"

    Along the way, Ye Fan talked to An Qi again about the green eyes and golden flower pupils on her body.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Of course."

    "No matter how fierce the beasts are, almost all of them can be easily deterred by your green eyes and golden flower pupils."

    "At that time, thousands of fierce beasts in this world will serve you and serve you as their master."

    "With a single thought, you can mobilize millions of beast tides."

    "With a single thought, you can even level a city of ten million people."

    "You alone can stand against a million legions."

    "The power of a title clan is no more than that, right?"

    "How many people in this world, after all their lives, would find it difficult to ask for the realm of a title grandmaster."

    "You, on the other hand, were born with power comparable to that of a title grandmaster."

    "You say that if you're not the darling of heaven and earth, who else could be?"

    "Those who laugh at you would definitely envy you if they knew about the magic of your Aqua Eye and Golden Flower Pupil."

    Ye Fan said slowly, telling An Qi about the power of her green-eyed golden flower pupil.

    And the more An Qi listened, the happier she felt, and her entire body was elated with an unspeakable joy.

    After all, all along, An Qi had regarded this ability of hers as a problem, but now, in Ye Fan's words, it was becoming so powerful, An Qi was naturally happy.

    "Really, brother Fan?"

    "Can I really be that good?"

    "Does that mean that my father and my brother and the others won't be able to beat me?"

    Angel couldn't wait to catch up, her eyes flooded with an inexplicable light.

    For so many years, Angel had almost always lived in inferiority and loneliness.

    Now, suddenly discovering that she was so powerful, this little girl naturally couldn't hide her joy, and there was an inexplicable sense of accomplishment in particular.

    Ye Fan nodded with a smile, "But you definitely can't be this powerful right now."

    "This Aqua Eye Golden Flower Pupil of yours should have just recently awakened, and the power it can exert is very limited."

    "I guess that the current you, controlling two or three fierce beasts, is the limit."

    "Only when you are later on, when the Golden Flower Pupil of Jasper Eyes is completely awakened and you are able to master it proficiently, can it burst out with truly powerful power."

    What Ye Fan had said earlier was definitely not a lie.

    Within the records of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, the Bi-eyed Golden Flower Pupil was definitely an extremely powerful and rare special physique.

    To be able to control thousands of fierce beasts for one's own use with one's own strength, just think about it, what kind of ungodly ability this was.

    Moreover, according to Ye Fan's knowledge, there had been fierce beasts on Earth that were comparable to the strength of a grandmaster or even a title grandmaster.

    Once An Qi could also deter beasts of this level, it would undoubtedly be the same as having one or even several thugs at the level of a title grandmaster.

    This ability was something that even Ye Fan himself was extremely envious of.

    Of course, the current An Qi was simply unable to exert the true power of this Aqua Eye Golden Flower Pupil, and could only say that it had this potential.

    However, this was enough to attract the attention of many people.

    "An Qi, who all knows about you having the Pictorial Eyes and Golden Flower Pupil?"Ye Fan seemed to have thought of something and suddenly turned his head, asking An Qi very seriously.

    Anqi thought about it, then shook her head, "No one should know, I guess."

    "My father and the others, they just thought that I was withdrawn and afraid of contact with people, that's why I like to play with small animals."

    "As for the Golden Flower Pupil with the blue eyes, if Brother Fan hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known about it myself."

    Ye Fan nodded, "That's good.An Qi, remember, you must not tell anyone about the Pictorial Eyes and Golden Flower Pupil.Including your parents and relatives."

    "Also, don't use this ability of yours in front of anyone in the future."

    "Otherwise, I'm worried that your life will be in danger."

    Among the Chu Gate, there must be many strong and insightful people.

    Just because Ye Fan was able to learn about the power of the Jasper Eye and Golden Flower Pupil from the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, it didn't mean that others couldn't learn about it from other places.

    As the saying goes, a person who is innocent is guilty of harboring a jasper.

    Once An Qi's possession of the Golden Flower Pupil was revealed, it would inevitably cause some miscreants to covet it.

    This would never be good for An Qi.

    Seeing that Ye Fan was suddenly so serious, An Qi's little face went slightly white, "Brother Fan, can't you even tell my parents and relatives?"

    Evan nodded again, "Well, the fewer people who know, the better, one more person who knows, one more risk."

    "Alright, brother Fan, Anqi remembers."

    There were many things that An Qi didn't understand yet though.

    However, since brother Xiaofan asked her to do so, she did so.

    Although she had only known Ye Fan for a few days, An Qi always had an inexplicable sense of trust in this man.

    Just like this, Ye Fan and the two of them continued to go deeper into the rainforest.

    The journey was peaceful, and they didn't encounter many people until night.

    Later, they picked an open area and prepared to eat something to rest.

    However, not long after Ye Fan and the others stopped, a group of people were passing by the place and were shocked to see such a young duo.

    "I go, where did this melon boy come from?"

    "You're not here to find the Origin Fruit as well, are you?"

    "How dare a little ass person participate in the Yuan Spirit Fruit fight?"

    These guys seemed Nordic, high nosed and born tall.

    Originally, they were also planning to camp here, but they didn't expect to meet two young descendants, and they were suddenly out to tease.

    "But that little girl is not bad looking."

    "Not too young, but she has come out to be extremely watery."

    "Little sister, what's your name?"

    "How old are you this year?"

    "Is there a man?"

    "If not, let's see how my brother is doing."

    "The night is perfect tonight, how about a dewy love affair with my brother for one night while the spring is in full bloom?"

    These people unscrupulously looked in Angie's direction.

    After all, where a beautiful woman was, she was a striking presence.

    Although An Qi was not very old, she was still 16 or 17 years old, and was in the prime of her childhood, her youthful appearance was undoubtedly even more touching.

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1252

Adding the fact that this was deep in the rainforest, far away from the famous humans, it naturally made these people even more unscrupulous.

    "Téa, behave yourself and cause less trouble."

    At this moment, there was a reminder from a person beside him.

    "Don't worry, I have a sense of propriety."

    "Just two punk kids, what kind of trouble can they get into?"

    "I'll just go over and tease them."

    In between the words, this man called Téa, with a bad smile on his face, walked towards the direction of the two of them, Ye Fan.

    "Don't you come over here!"

    "If you come any closer, I'll have my little brother Van beat you up."

    Seeing the man approaching, An Qi was clearly afraid, and she stood up, leaning towards Evan as she yelled from Téa.

    Ye Fan, however, was indifferent.

    Throughout, he sat there with a campfire lingering in front of him while he leisurely drank the drink that Angie had brought.


    "Don't be afraid, little sister."

    "Brother doesn't mean any harm, he just wants to make friends with you."

    However, Téa didn't have the slightest intention of stopping, and continued to approach towards An Qi's direction.

    Until, he arrived next to Ye Fan and said in a deep voice, "Bastard, no eyes?"

    "Get out of my way yet!"

    "An eyesore~"

    Téa was undoubtedly furious at Ye Fan blocking his way, and immediately cursed, before kicking towards Ye Fan.


    After a roar, under the dark night, a body that weighed hundreds of pounds flew out like a cannonball.

    It ended up falling headfirst and hit the hard stone, shedding blood all over the ground.


    This sudden change, however, frightened everyone here.

    At that time, that group of people in Western Europe were directly confused!


    After a long time, a scream sounded quietly under the dark night.

    The crowd, in great alarm, ran over to check on Téa's condition.

    However, it was already too late.

    The back of Téa's head was smashed on the ground, half of his head was cracked open, blood mixed with brain matter was flowing out unceasingly, and he was obviously hopeless.


    "Dare to kill a strong man of my country of Norway?"

    "Give me a fuck!"

    In anger, the Western European strongman turned around and rushed towards Ye Fan's direction.

    However, when he was still a few meters away from Ye Fan, he was directly slapped out by Ye Fan's palm wind.

    In a miserable scream, this second person, whose legs were directly broken by Ye Fan's palm, fell to the ground and couldn't stop moaning.

    At the same time, Ye Fan's ice-cold voice also whirled under the dark night.

    "If you provoke me again, the next time you break your legs, it won't be your legs, but your head!"


    A cold wind was blowing quietly in the middle of this dark night.

    Looking at the redness on the ground and the miserable howls of their comrades beside them, the remaining few people's entire bodies unconsciously trembled.

    A feeling of extreme fear swept through their entire hearts.

    In a split second, this group of Western European powerhouses no longer dared to make any movements.

    Only, with a terrified face, they looked forward.

    There, there was a young man, sitting quietly.

    They couldn't see his face, they could only see the shadow cast on him by the swaying firelight.

    It was hard for them to believe that the kind of attack that had just erupted from such a thin body.


    Under the dark night, there was another low cry.

    This time, these Western European powerhouses were scared out of their wits, not daring to say shit, much less stay here, carrying the corpses of their companions around them, turning their heads to run out.

    However, halfway there, one person suddenly turned around and shouted in a lustful manner, "Your Excellency has actually done such a cruel thing to us today, I wonder if you, Your Excellency, would dare to leave your name?"

    "One day, we'll come to Norway for martial arts instruction!"

    "How dare you?"Up ahead, the young man smiled, "Remember, I am, Hua Xia, Lu Hua."

    "Lv Hua?"

    "Okay, we'll remember that!"

    "We'll see you later."

    These people bit back, then quickly left with the injured.

    After they walked away, An Qi, however, looked at Ye Fan with a confused face, "Brother Fan, why did you lie to them?"

    "Isn't your name Evan?"

    Ye Fan laughed lightly, "I have a friend who likes to pretend to make a name for himself.I'll help him out and make him famous."

    "Alright, An Qi, you should rest quickly."

    "It'll be a little while, but we'll be on the road."

    "Otherwise, if you go late, you'll be short-timed by someone else."

    Ye Fan didn't say anything more on this topic, when he urged An Qi to rest quickly.

    A few hours later, Ye Fan and the others were on their way again.

    The Amazon Rainforest was worthy of being the largest rainforest in the world, and Ye Fan and the others had been driving around in it for several days, but they still hadn't found the whereabouts of the Origin Fruit Tree.

    "An Qi, can you do it or not?"

    "Leaning on you?"

    Ye Fan regretted a bit, and suddenly felt that he shouldn't have trusted such a little kid in the first place.

    "Little brother Fan, don't worry, we're almost there."

    "Not far away again, it should be the center of the rainforest."

    "As long as we reach the heart of the rainforest, it shouldn't be far."

    The current Ye Fan was already deep into the rainforest.

    The surrounding huge trees were monstrous, and the dense foliage could barely even let in sunlight.

    Everywhere you could see, there was a condensed green color.

    From afar, the howls of wild beasts could be heard.

    Hearing An Qi's reply, what else could Ye Fan say, he could only continue to follow him deeper.

    Just like this, it took another two days to walk.

    Finally, Ye Fan, who had been moving forward, suddenly stopped.

    "Brother Xiaofan, what's wrong?"

    An Qi looked at him curiously.

    Ye Fan, however, raised his head and looked somewhere ahead, then the corners of his mouth gradually curled up, "I think, I know where the Origin Fruit Tree is."

    After saying that, Ye Fan whirled around and quickly rushed towards the front.

    At this moment, in Ye Fan's perception, the aura there, however, was extraordinarily dense.

    However, the place where all treasures were born must be a place of bells and whistles.

    The energy of heaven and earth must also be several times more dense than other places.

    Therefore, after Ye Fan felt the abnormal Yuan energy there, he immediately concluded that the Origin Fruit Tree was not far ahead.

    The truth, as expected, was also true.

    After Ye Fan and the two of them, rushed over, they found a fruit tree, growing on the bank of a stream.

    On it, there were two fruits, phantomly glowing green.

    Intense Yuan Power was also emitted from these two fruits, in a steady stream!

    "Brother Fanny, they're the ones."

    "I've seen the pictures my brother took, they're the Yuengling Fruit we're looking for!"

    The moment she saw the fruits, Angie shouted out in excitement.


    "Keep it down!"

    However, Ye Fan was the one who quickly covered her mouth.

    Just as An Qi was confused, she saw that not far ahead, there were several teams, tit-for-tat.

    Apparently, it was over the distribution of this Yuan Spirit Fruit, arguing!

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1253

In the dense forest, the Primordial Fruit ghostly glowed with a green light.

    This kind of cultivation treasure was undoubtedly like the most beautiful girl in the world to these martial daoists, and now nakedness was blossoming into a deadly temptation to them.

    Therefore, the moment they discovered this fruit, the eyes of those in front of them all turned red and rushed over, desperate to take it for themselves.

    "This Yuan Spirit Fruit was first discovered by my Ao Country's Martial Dao."

    "It rightfully belongs to my Ao Country Martial Dao."

    "All of you, get out of my way~"

    At this moment, there was an Australian martial artist in the crowd who said in an angry voice.


    "Since ancient times, treasures have been awarded to those who can."

    "We'll each have our own way of knowing who this Yuan Ling Fruit will go to, right?"

    Soon, the war was on the verge of breaking out.

    The three martial daoists in front of them fought into a ball.

    The majestic attack was like a mighty river and sea, sweeping the four directions.

    In a split second, grass and trees crumbled and the earth cracked.

    The violent vigor suddenly created endless waves between the heaven and earth.

    Finally, after a long and fierce battle between the three parties, the strongest Australian nation finally defeated the remaining two teams, rushed to the forefront and took the Origin Fruit in one fell swoop.


    "With that kind of strength you have, you still want to fight us, in your dreams, right?"

    The Aussie strongman wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and said with a smug face.

    The rest of the martial artists, on the other hand, were already injured and spread out on the ground.

    Even though they were unhappy, yet in the end, they were unable to do anything!

    Only gritting their teeth, they watched the Aussie powerhouses leave with the Yuan Spirit Fruit.

    "Big brother, let's go and stop them!"

    Seeing that the Aussie strongman was ready to leave, Anqi was so anxious that she jumped up to kill him.

    But in the end, she was still held by Ye Fan.

    "Anqi, wait a little longer~"

    "Why?"An Qi was puzzled.

    However, at this moment, a black shadow, like a ghost, flashed past from the depths of the dense forest.

    His steps were sturdy and mighty like a rainbow.

    With red leaves on his feet, he appeared just like this with a swift thunderclap.

    Then, a majestic palm slapped down on the powerful Australians who were preparing to leave in front of him, instantly!


    Amidst the loud bang, the Aussie powerhouses directly suffered heavy injuries and flew out with blood in their mouths.

    The Yuan Spirit Fruit in their hands also flew out and landed in the hands of this black-clothed figure.


    After the strong man from Australia landed on the ground, his body trembled, and a mouthful of blood was spat out again.

    In front of him, there was only that figure, standing majestically.

    With one hand behind his back, he gently fondled the turquoise Cloud Spirit Fruit with his other hand, but under the black veil, his face could not be seen.

    "Son of a bitch, who are you?"

    "How dare you sneak up on us while we're in danger?"

    The Yuan Ling Fruit was gained and lost, and the strongmen of Australia undoubtedly had the anger of spitting blood.

    The rest of the martial artists from various countries were also depressed.

    It was strange that they weren't depressed when three of their teams fought each other and ended up taking advantage of someone else.


    However, as soon as the curses of the strong men of the Australian country fell, the old man waved his sleeve robe, and an air force was immediately drawn out.

    The strong men of Australia suffered serious injuries again, and an eventful bloodstain appeared on their old faces.

    "A bunch of losers who also dare to covet such treasures?"

    This masked man shook his head and laughed as he looked at the crowd in front of him.

    "You guys fought for half a day just now, but now it seems that the one who has the last laugh is my husband."


    The masked man laughed indiscriminately, and this feeling of sitting back and reaping the benefits made him quite happy.




    Hearing the laughter of the masked man in front of them, the surrounding crowd, undoubtedly gritted their teeth in anger.

    However, the masked man naturally didn't care about the anger of these people, and with a sneer, he also prepared to leave.

    However, right at this moment, a strange change occurred!

    This masked man only felt, behind his spine, an explosion of Qi.A majestic force of strength suddenly swept over.


    "Anyone else?"

    The masked man was shocked, but he was, after all, a strong man with a hundred battles under his belt, and almost subconsciously, he backhanded a punch right then and there.


    Two attacks, touching in an instant!

    However, the moment the encounter took place, the masked man's face changed abruptly and his pupils crinkled.

    In the next moment, his attack had been defeated by the other party.

    After a successful strike, the other party did not stop, but took advantage of the victory and followed up with a majestic palm strike.

    This time, the masked old man in front of him suffered a serious injury.

    He retreated with a spurt of blood.

    Not only that, just a moment ago, in the midst of the confrontation, this masked man's newly arrived Yuan Spirit Fruit was undoubtedly snatched away by the other party as well.

    "Damn it!"

    "You curse, you dare to steal from this elder?"

    After stabilizing his body, the masked old man ignored his injuries, but his feet stepped on the ground to kill again.

    However, the young man shook his head and laughed, and then backhanded a paste.


    With a loud slap, the masked old man was directly smacked out, and half of his face was caved in a bit under the palm.

    Suddenly, heaven and earth was quiet.

    The crowd, which was still in a rage, was once again trembling.

    Who would have thought that in just a few breaths of time, the Primordial Fruit had changed hands once again.

    "Now it seems that the one laughing at the end is me."

    Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan smiled faintly as he played with the Yuan Spirit Fruit in his hand.

    The masked old man who had just been smacked by Ye Fan, however, climbed up and was about to rush over again, and Ye Fan whirled around to remind him, "Friend, think carefully."

    "Do you want to die, or do you want this fruit?"

    "Of course, the greater possibility is that both people and property will be lost."

    "You~" Ye Fan's words, which were full of threats, undoubtedly angered the masked old man who was close to vomiting blood.

    Even with the black veil covering him, An Qi and the others could still feel the old man's face that was blue into a liver under the veil.

    "Fine, today I'll admit it!"

    "But Your Excellency, may I dare leave my name?"

    "One of these days, I'll make a visit to your door!"

    The masked old man stood up once again, his teeth clenched as he looked at Ye Fan.

    Of course, these harsh words were what this masked old man was asking out of defending his own face.

    In the martial world, this was almost a kind of catchphrase that must be said after defeat in battle.

    However, he didn't think that Ye Fan would really report himself.

    However, what he didn't expect was that the young man in front of him, lightly laughed, "Listen carefully, I am, Yan Xia Martial Artist, Lu Hua!"

    "If you wish to take revenge, I, Lu Hua, am at your disposal."

    "Very well, arrogant enough!Believe me, Lu Hua, my husband will soon make you regret it."This old man clutched his palm and whirled around to leave.

    After that masked old man left, An Qi Fang happily ran out and received the two Yuan Spirit Fruits from Ye Fan, jumping and jumping with joy.


    "We made it."

    "Big brother, let's leave quickly before someone else comes later."

    An Qi urged Evan to leave as soon as possible.

    "Your Excellency, please stay!"

    However, at this moment, a voice suddenly came from behind.

    It was seen that the powerful Australian who was injured earlier, but he came over and called out to Ye Fan.


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