Secret Identity 2161-2170


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2161 

Seeing that Su Ruorui recognized his origin, Ye Chen smiled slightly and said frankly, "Yes, I can indeed be considered a member of the Ye family, or used to be one." 

      Su Ruorui pondered for a moment and muttered, "Formerly a member of the Ye family, that means you're not in the Ye family now"

      Saying that, Su Ruo Li's expression was very startled, "The Ye family was not originally prosperous, every direct descendant I am very familiar with, if you are not in the Ye family, then you most likely are"

      The words were on her lips, and Su Ruodeng was shocked beyond words!

      She stared at Ye Chen and said in horror, "Among the direct descendants of the Ye family that left, there is only one Ye Changba, but Ye Changba died more than twenty years ago, could it be that you are his son?"

      Ye Chen's expression was shining, and he said seriously, "That's right, I am Ye Changba's son, Ye Chen!"

      "Oh my God!"

      Su Ruo Li's entire body felt as if it had been struck by lightning at this moment.

      Although Ye Changba had died long before she was even born., but she still knew Ye Changba's name like a thunderbolt.

      Not only that, she also knew some of her father Su Shou Dao's past[penpal] with Ye Changya back then.

      She knew that her father's biggest competitor in his life was the coma Ye.

      She also knew that the biggest blow that her father had received in his life also came from the Ye Changba.

      Back then, when any random person in Yanjing mentioned Ye Changba, it was bound to be a thumbs up with both hands full of praise and admiration.

      And when they mentioned Su Shou Dao, every one of them showed a few looks of regret again.

      Many people lamented that Su Shou Dao was born at an untimely time because Ye Changsha was too dazzling, completely crushing all the elegance in Su Shou Dao.

      As the saying goes, both yin and yang are shining, it would be perfect to describe these two people.

      Su Ruo Li also knew that not only had his father been deathly suppressed by Ye Changsha, but more importantly, even his original wife was one of Ye Changsha's most loyal suitors back then.

      At that time, father pursued his current wife bitterly, but his current wife, who loved Ye Changba to death.

      An ancient poem can be used to describe Su Shoudao's situation at that time, which can be described as the most appropriate.

      That ancient poem is: "I would have directed my heart to the bright moon, but the bright moon shines in the ditch."

      It can be said that Su Shoudao's wife, who was hopelessly pursuing Ye Changyan, married him out of desperation.

      Therefore, Su Shoudao had been living under the shadow of Ye Changsha.

      By the way, Ye Chen's father, Ye Changba, was definitely the person Su Shoudao hated the most in his life.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Su Ruo Li knew these past events very well, but she never dreamed that she would one day meet with Ye Changsha's son.

Chapter 2162

And, what's more, I can't believe I'm going to have so many stories with him.

      Even his own right leg, which he now holds in his hands.

      Thinking of this, Su Ruo Li suddenly felt that the world was indeed made.

      She couldn't help but surmise in her heart, "All this time, I have been serving the Su family wholeheartedly, even willing to dedicate my life to the Su family"

      "But never in my wildest dreams did I think that the Su family would screw me over like this, or even almost kill me."

      "And this Ye Chen, as the son and grandson of the Ye family, was originally the sworn enemy of the entire Su family, plus he is the son of Ye Changya, to his father Su Shoudao, he is even more of a thorn in the flesh, but it was this Su family's sworn enemy who stepped in to save my life at the most critical moment, all of this is really too ironic."

      Ye Chen couldn't help but tease Su Ruorui when he saw her very rich expression, "What?Knowing that I'm a member of the Ye family, does it immediately bring out the hatred that you have as a Su and in your heart for the Ye family?"

      Su Ruo Li hurriedly waved her hand and said in a bit of a panic, "It's not what you think if I knew you were a Ye family member before today, then I would have hated you even more"

      Saying that, Su Ruo Li sighed and lamented, "Hey now I've completely seen that I'm nothing more than a tool man to the Su family, and a tool man who can be sacrificed at any time, they don't take my illegitimate daughter seriously at all."

      At this point, Su Ruoyi said with a somewhat self-deprecating expression, "My father has been very worried about his wife finding out about my origins, it might still be a good thing for him that I'm dead, at least it will make my origins go up in smoke and die with me, and he won't have to worry about that beloved wife of his finding out the fact that he once betrayed his marriage"

      Ye Chen looked at Su Ruorui and said with some sympathy, "You don't need to be too sad about it, in fact, think about it from a different angle, it's not a bad thing, at least you've seen their true colors now, and you're not essentially very badly hurt, it's much better than if you suddenly came to a sudden realization at the moment before you died, right?"

      Su Ruo Li gently nodded her head, looking at Ye Chen's red eyes and softly choked out, "Mr. Ye, this matter is indeed very grateful to you, thank you for being able to go out of your way to save my life, today if it were me and you were killed in front of my eyes, I might not even have the heart to save you like you" updated the fastest

      Ye Chen said seriously, "That's for sure, not only will you not save me, but you yourself are trying to kill me."

      Su Ruoyi boarded up feeling ashamed, lowered her head and said softly, "This matter is indeed too stupid of me, all along, all I have been thinking about is serving the Su family and serving my own father, but never thought about what others see me as"

      Ye Chen asked her, "Then what are your plans now?"

      Su Ruo Li was a little surprised and asked, "Mr. Ye, didn't you say that you wanted to take me to Jinling?Are you going to change your mind?"

      "Yes."Ye Chen nodded and said, "I do intend to take you back to Jinling, and I'm not afraid to tell the ugly truth up front, even now, I'm not absolutely at ease with you."

      At this point, Ye Chen continued, "So, after you return to Jinling with me, I won't give you your freedom right away, but I will restrict you until after I've resolved my matter, or when I feel that you are indeed 100% trustworthy as a person, then you can regain your freedom."

      Su Ruoyi nodded her head repeatedly without thinking, and said seriously, "I understand very well what you're saying, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't immediately trust myself."

      Immediately, Su Ruoyi smiled slightly bitterly and said, "Mr. Ye, from now on, it's going to be troublesome for you."

      "But don't worry, I, Su Ruo Li, have always said one thing since I was a child!"

      "From now on, I will never disobey you in any way, nor will I ever intend to harm you, or anyone else around you!"

      "And I will follow your instructions to the letter when I reach the Golden Pavilion."

      "After all, you saved my life."

Chapter 2163

Ye Chen decided to save Su Ruorui because he saw the Su family's intention to put her to death, adhering to the basic principle of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

      As long as Su Ruorui already had a diaphragm in her heart towards the Su family, this person could become a big help for Ye Chen to seek revenge on the Su family in the future.

      If controlled properly, turning Su Ruorui into one of his own men was not unattainable in Ye Chen's opinion.

      If you wanted to take a person under your wing, the most important thing was to first make her owe you a favor.

      And in this world, there was no favor that was more important than saving one's life.

      Ye Chen's immediate plan was to first bring Su Ruorui back to Jinling and then hide her well, then it was time to wait and see what other shenanigans the Su family would do next.

      As for joining hands with Su Ruorui to take revenge on the Su family, this was not urgent, Ye Chen liked to plan and then move, moving is not just as simple as skinning the Su family, at least, it would have to kill half of his life to make sense.

      After that, Ye Chen further treated the wound for Su Ruorui.

      After bandaging the penetrating wound, Ye Chen said to Su Ruorui, "Alright, the wound is almost treated.Our ship will still be at sea for more than 30 hours, so just rest well in your room and call the crew directly if you need anything."

      Su Ruorui nodded gently and said gratefully, "Thank you, Mr. Ye."

      Ye Chen waved his hand slightly, "It's just a hand up, no need to be so polite."

      Saying that, Ye Chen carefully lowered her slender right leg and spoke, "You rest, I'm leaving first."

      Su Ruo Li was busy saying, "Mr. Ye, I'll see you off"

      "No need."Ye Chen said indifferently, "You should rest quickly."

      Saying that, he remembered that he had sealed Su Ruorui's meridians before, so he spoke, "I just used my internal force to temporarily seal your meridians, and now I'm helping you untie them, but you still need to pay attention, your injured right leg can't move drastically, and try not to get wet, if you want to take a shower, wrap the bandage with a plastic bag."Fastest Update

      Su Ruo Li nodded her head nicely and said, "I know Mr. Ye, it's hard for you to help relieve it, otherwise it's really hard to exert strength."

      Ye Chen stretched out his hand at her ankle and just a little bit, he directly withdrew the True Qi that was left in her body.

      Su Ruo Li also instantly felt at this time that the meridians in her body, which had already been sealed, were completely opened at this instant, and her heart inevitably sighed again at Ye Chen's prowess: "Ye Gongzi can control the opening and closing of my meridians by hooking his finger, this skill is simply powerful beyond belief, fortunately he doesn't have the heart to kill me, otherwise it would be easy to really want my life"

      At this time, Ye Chen stood up and spoke, "There are no more problems, you can rest, I'm leaving."

      Su Ruo Li hurriedly sent him to the door and said respectfully, "Gentleman Ye, take care."

      For Ye Chen, Su Ruorui did have some admiration in her heart.

      Not only because he was very strong, but also because his identity was very unusual.

      In Su Ruo Li's opinion, Ye Chen's strength was remarkable, and he was also the young master of the Ye family and the son of Ye Changya, so he was indeed worthy of calling himself Young Master Ye!

      At this moment.

      The ship that Ye Chen was on had already left the Japanese territorial waters and went in to the open sea area.

      On the other hand, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, too, had finally waited for the ship of the Su family at the predetermined location.

Chapter 2164

When the yacht appeared on the radar screen, the captain of the Maritime Self-Defense Force smiled and said, "Damn, after all this waiting, the bastards are finally here!"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      His second-in-command laughed at the side, "Captain, if we arrest Su Ruorui this time, it will definitely be another great achievement, right?"

      The captain nodded, "Of course, this Su Ruo Li, is the number one criminal in the whole of Japan, if we capture her back, dead or alive, it will be a great accomplishment!"

      He said, rubbing his fists in some excitement, "Try not to shoot later, but catch them alive!"

      Soon, the cruise ship, on radar, was less than a nautical mile from the location of their ambush.

      Several Japanese Self-Defense Force patrol boats had already gone completely silent, shutting down their engines, their transponders, and all the lights on board, waiting for the target to approach and catch them by surprise.

      Seeing the target getting closer and closer, the SDF captain immediately ordered, "Start capturing!"

      At that instant, the 6 JMSDF patrol boats turned on their spotlights at the same time, and the 6 beams of light shone together on the unoccupied yacht.

      The captain of the fleet said loudly over the loudspeaker, "Listen to the boat ahead, we are the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, please turn off your engines immediately for inspection!"

      After this voice shouted out, according to the original plan, the target ship should start to slow down, but he did not expect that the target ship did not even slow down, and continued to sail towards his own direction.

      So he hurriedly shouted again, "Listen to the ships in front of you, you are now surrounded by us, giving up your resistance and raising your hands to surrender is your best option, if you refuse to surrender, then we will take coercive measures!"

      The yacht continued to move forward without slowing down in the slightest.

      The captain growled in exasperation, "I'm warning you, if you don't shut off your engines immediately, we'll have to shoot you in accordance with the law!"

      The yacht still treated him like air and continued to move forward.

      The captain saw that he was about to break out of the encirclement, but had no intention of tying up his hands yet, and wondered, "What the hell are these guys up to?Didn't we agree to stop the ship if we shouted?"

      The second-in-command on the other side couldn't help but ask, "Captain, could they be thinking they're going to bolt while they can?"

      The captain said angrily, "Hell knows!These people are not reliable in what they do, hurry up and catch up and force him to stop!"

      The six self-defense patrol boats quickly chased after them, and they pinned the target cruise ship in the middle, then approached a little closer.

      When they got close, someone shouted, "Captain, there doesn't seem to be anyone on that ship!"

      "What?!No one?!"

      The man nodded and said, "That's right, it's clear in the binoculars, not a soul in the cockpit, and no one on the deck!"

      The self-defense captain shuddered in fear and said offhand, "Shit!It can't be that the Su family has played a hand for us, right?!"

      With that in mind, he immediately ordered, "Hurry up and force it to stop, get on board and give me a careful investigation!"

      The self-defense speedboats, naturally much faster than the yachts, soon surrounded the yachts tightly and even completely encircled them left, right and front.

      At this time, a few boats and the middle cruise ship kept relatively still, a few SDF members with loaded guns, immediately jumped onto the boat to check the situation under the captain's orders.

      This look didn't matter, there really wasn't a single person on board!

      The captain slapped his thigh and cursed angrily, "These bastards of the Su family!It seems that they want us to play along with them, but it's true that they want us to get them out of the trap and rescue them.Even we dare to play tricks on them, they're tired of living, aren't they?!"

Chapter 2165

To say that Su Chengfeng, the old fox, did have a few tricks up his sleeve.

      He pretended to save Su Ruorui this time, but it didn't really cost him much because the entire Japanese Self-Defense Force was an actor who cooperated with him for free.

      As for why the Japanese Self-Defense Force was willing to cooperate with Su Chengfeng for free, it went back to the time when Su Ruorui and the other Su Family experts were captured.

      At that time, Su Ruo Li and the others wiped out the Matsumoto family and disgraced the entire Tokyo Police Department, and then collectively planned to flee from Osaka just as the plane was about to take off, making the Japanese Self-Defense Force step in and capture the entire group.

      So, this incident instantly gave the SDF a great reputation.

      While people praised the SDF for their efforts, they also scolded the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, saying that they were a bit too useless.first issue.

      Prior to this, the reputation of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces throughout Japan, as well as their social standing, was not very high.

      Ever since their defeat in World War II, the Japanese citizens had far less respect for the military than before.

      After the Japanese Self-Defense Force realized that the capture of Su Ruofeng had greatly improved their social status, they indulged in this feeling of being in the limelight and were determined to create another miracle.

      The shrewd Su Chengfeng, sensing through the praise of the Japanese nationals for the SDF, that the SDF must be enjoying this feeling, so he directly commissioned people to pull strings and communicate with the SDF's top brass, wanting to work with the SDF in a big drama.

      This big drama was also very simple, which was to have the Japanese SDF help Su Ruorui escape, and then the Su family would guide Su Ruorui to fall directly into the legal net prepared by the SDF in the process of escape.

      In this way, the Japanese Self-Defense Force would once again succeed in apprehending the escaped Su Ruo Li, and would surely receive greater recognition from the citizens.

      Moreover, the original design was to have her escape from the Tokyo Police Department after the prisoners were all handed over to the Tokyo Police Department.

      That way, the Japan Self-Defense Force would be completely out of the picture, while dragging the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department down with them.

      After the prisoner escapes, the Japan Self-Defense Forces would then intercept the prisoner from the sea, while running a series of propaganda campaigns in the media.

      That would be the same as if the Japan Self-Defense Force had captured the culprit at Osaka Airport, then the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, after handing over the culprit, would get rid of all the culprits, and then the Japan Self-Defense Force would wipe the slate clean for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, capturing or killing the culprit.

      In this way, the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) takes advantage of both sides, while the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Agency (TPA) is in the middle.

      Because of this, so the Japanese Self-Defense Force unconditionally cooperate with Su Chengfeng's plan, in order to recapture Su Ruo Li back, once again play the role of saving the momentum.

      Su Chengfeng is indeed astute at calculations.

      He not only included the Japanese Self-Defense Force in his calculations, and made it a big help to him, but he also calculated Su Ruorui and the entire He family.

      The He family had been very concerned about Su Ruorui's safety, and ever since Su Chengfeng promised the He family that he would get Su Ruorui back, the He family had been very grateful to him.

      Now, the Su family had indeed rescued Su Ruorui from Tokyo, and that alone was enough for the entire He family to be grateful.

      But how could the He Family know that Master Su, was just putting on a show for them.

      His original plan was to save Su Ruorui from the Tokyo Police Department on this side and hand her over to the Japanese Self-Defense Force on that side.

Chapter 2166

A simple left and right handed pouring of the right and left can be done, and greatly reduce the cost needed for the whole thing, which is the best of both worlds for the Su family.

      However, no one expected that everything that had been carefully planned would go awry.

      Even Master Su himself was in Yanjing, looking forward to the news that the Japanese Self-Defense Force had successfully captured Su Ruo Li with great anticipation!

      While he was anxiously waiting, a high ranking member of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, directly called over.

      As soon as the call came through, Master Su even cheerfully asked, "Matsushima-kun, have you caught Su Ruorui yet?"

      "Grab a fart!"The other man raged on the phone, "Why isn't there anyone in the boat you arranged?!Where the hell is Su Ruo Li right now?!"

      Master Su asked in amazement, "What did you say?!No one in the boat?!"

      The other said angrily, "That's right, there's no one in the boat!"

      "This" Su Chengfeng was suddenly a little nervous and spoke up, "My men told me not long ago that everything was under control, so how come they suddenly disappeared?"

      "You're asking me?!"The other was furious and said, "We have been waiting at the predetermined location until now when we finally get to the target vessel, but there isn't even a ghost on board!"

      Saying that, the other party threatened viciously, "I'm telling you Su Chengfeng, if you don't hand over Su Ruo Li as soon as possible, then don't blame us for being rude to you!"

      Su Chengfeng said nervously, "There must be something hidden in this matter, Mr. Matsushima, I implore you to immediately send the Maritime Self-Defense Force to search for it!"

      The other party said coldly, "We simply don't have enough manpower and resources right now to conduct such a large-scale search, if you can get Su Ruorui back, then everything will be fine, but if you can't, then the Japanese government will put all the blame for Su Ruorui's escape on your Su family!"

      Su Chengfeng became anxious and spoke out of turn, "Mr. Matsushima, please don't worry about this matter, we will definitely do our best to search for Su Ruorui and do everything possible to send her back!"

      The other party gritted his teeth and said, "Su Chengfeng, remember, you only have a few hours, if you still can't catch Su Ruo Li after dawn, you'll suffer all the consequences!"

      Su Chengfeng hurriedly agreed and said off the cuff, "Mr. Matsushima don't worry, we'll do our best to search!I'll give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible!"first issue

      The other said coldly, "There's not much time left for you!"

      After hanging up the phone, Su Chengfeng's expression became extremely angry!

      He immediately found his henchman and took off, "What's going on over there in Su Ruoli?!"

      The other party said with a bewildered look on his face, "Master, I can't figure out this matter, we can't contact anyone involved in this matter at the moment, I feel very strange situation seems not optimistic."

      Su Chengfeng gritted his teeth and ordered, "Immediately contact everyone involved in tonight's operation, no matter what, we must find Su Ruorui's whereabouts as soon as possible!Otherwise, if Su Ruo Li really disappears, the Japanese government will definitely think that our Su family is behind all of this, and then the Su family will completely lose the entire Japanese market from now on!"

      Not only did the Su family need to cooperate with Japanese companies in the ocean shipping industry, other industries had also more or less entered the Japanese market, and if this matter was not handled properly and offended the Japanese government, then all of the Su family's industries in Japan would be seriously affected.

      At that time, the Su family's losses would definitely be very heavy!

Chapter 2167

The Su family, as well as the entire Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, began searching the waters near Tokyo for Su Ruorui's whereabouts.

      However, such a vast sea with no clues made it impossible for them to start.

      When the entire Self-Defense Force went crazy looking everywhere for Su Ruoruo Li, the boat that Ye Chen was on had already left Japan.

      The yacht kept adjusting its course towards China, and after a night's voyage, it was already about a third of the way there.

      Early in the morning, a red sun appeared on the sea level in the east.

      Despite the cold winter sea temperatures, the night morn stepped onto the deck in a single coat.

      The direction of the ship's journey was from east to west.So Ye Chen stood at the stern of the ship, watching the sunrise in the east.

      At this time, the red sun was slowly rising, reflecting another round of waves and jagged red sun on the sea level, the scenery was beautiful and refreshing.

      Although Ye Chen was enjoying the beautiful scenery, he was pondering about his future deep inside.

      Although Ye Chen had never thought of leaving Jinling before, but now he felt more and more that sooner or later he would have to leave Jinling, the place where he had lived for more than a decade, and travel to Yanjing to achieve his goals in life.

      Finding out the truth about his parents' death was only the first step, after meeting Ye Changmin and having a conflict with him, Ye Chen also wanted to get back what belonged to him for his father.

      Father was originally a son of the Ye family, he had four brothers in the same generation, even if the family fortune was divided equally, he should get 25 percent of the entire Ye family's assets!

      What's more, back then, it was father who had brought the Ye family to its current size with his own strength, so it only made sense that he should take more of the Ye family's assets.

      The various assets of the Ye family added up to trillions of calculations, an imperial group plus 10 billion in cash, probably not even 5 of the entire Ye family, and the rest of those had to be made available to the Ye family in a small amount.

      It wasn't that Ye Chen was so greedy for money, but Ye Chen didn't want his father's share to end up in the hands of a shrew like Ye Changmin.

      In addition to that, what was actually more important was to avenge his parents.

      The Ye family naturally could not be blamed for what happened to their parents.

      However, back then, the Su family had started the so-called Anti-righteous Alliance under a clear banner, and opposed their father everywhere, these were facts that everyone in Yanjing knew.

      So in Ye Chen's view, his number one enemy was the Su family.

      Let's not talk about anything else, just the matter of the Su family engaging in an anti-Ye alliance was absolutely unforgivable in Ye Chen's eyes, so he had to make the Su family pay a painful price.

      Originally, he wanted to accumulate some more strength and then go after the Su family and the Ye family to settle the score.

      But now, both the Ye and Su families had appeared in his life proactively, which made him realize that he had to start preparing to face these two proactively now.

      It just so happened that now that Su Ruo Li had fallen into his hands, and coincidentally she had almost been killed by the Su family, so there was a great possibility that this woman could be used for himself, and when the time came, she might be a great help in his crusade against the Su family.

      As he was thinking, footsteps suddenly came from behind him.

      When Ye Chen turned back, Song Wanting, wrapped in a thick down jacket, stepped over.

      Seeing Ye Chen turn back, Song Wanting smiled at him and asked, "Why is Master Ye up so early?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Used to getting up early, basically haven't slept much in so many years."

      After saying that, he asked, "How about you?After all you've been through in the last two days, you should be resting, so why are you up so early?"

Chapter 2168

Song Wanting smiled, stroked the blue silk between her ear temples, and spoke, "It's true that I was quite tired, and it's also true that I wanted to have a good night's sleep, but I couldn't stand the bumps of the waves, so I came up for air."

      Ye Chen asked with concern, "Seasick?"

      Song Wanting nodded and smiled, "It's fine, it's not too serious."

      Saying that, she walked over to Ye Chen's side, ambled over to the railing, looked at the rising sunrise, and lamented, "The sunrise at sea is really too beautiful, this is the first time I've grown up to see the sunrise at sea."

      Ye Chen saw that she still had some worry and nervousness between her eyebrows, so he couldn't help but call out to her, "Wan Ting ah"

      Song Wanting hurriedly looked towards Ye Chen, "Master Ye, what do you want to say?"

      Ye Chen asked her, "Do you have something on your mind?"

      Song Wanting hesitated for a moment, nodded gently and said seriously, "I'm worried about grandpa's current state, and I don't know how I'm going to solve this series of events when I go back"

      Ye Chen earnestly said: "How to solve it after going back, you do not have to worry about this, I will help you arrange it, as for the current state of the Song old man" debut

      Ye Chen paused for a moment, then said, "Let's do this, let's go back to the cabin and I'll use the satellite phone to call Hongwu and ask."

      Song Wanting nodded hurriedly, "Okay Master Ye!"

      After they returned to the cabin and asked the captain for the satellite phone, Ye Chen called Hong Wu directly.

      After Hong Wu answered the phone, he asked, "Hello, who is this?"

      Ye Chen spoke up, "Hongwu, it's me."

      Hong Wu immediately said respectfully, "Master Ye, why did you change your phone number?"

      Ye Chen said, "I'm using a satellite phone now."

      Saying that, he asked, "By the way Hongwu, how is Master Song's situation?"

      Hong Wu was busy saying, "The doctor said that Master Song might have suffered from brain stimulation and a bit of Alzheimer's symptoms, the situation isn't too optimistic, but it's not life-threatening.I've been guarding Master Song at the hospital as you instructed, so you don't have to worry about his safety."

      Ye Chen hmmmed and asked again, "What about the father and son, Song Tian Ming and Song Honor?Has there been any action lately?"

      Hong Wu said, "They seem to be preparing to hold a board meeting, Miss Song has disappeared, Master Song is suffering from Alzheimer's, and now the entire Song Group is at a loss, so they are preparing to initiate an emergency plan for the board, and Song Tian Ming, the eldest son of the Song family, will officially become the temporary chairman of the Song Group."

      Ye Chen asked, "Oh?Do you know when and where the board meeting is?"

      Hong Wu said, "It seems like the day after tomorrow at ten o'clock in the morning, it will be held at the Song Clan, and they will also have a press conference room at eleven o'clock, an external announcement of the major resolutions of the board of directors, and for this reason, they have invited quite a few media to be present to witness it."

      Ye Chen knew in his heart that Song Tian Ming was now prepared to use reasonable and legal means to obtain the Song family's head as well as the chairmanship of the Song Group righteously.

      From Song Tian Ming's point of view, there was no mending of life or death now, and the probability of survival was so low that the threat was minimal .

      As for Master Song, since he had now turned into an Alzheimer, there was no threat to him anymore.

      In this situation, taking the Song Clan in hand and selling the assets for cash as soon as possible was what the Song Clan father and son cared about the most right now.

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen smiled indifferently and spoke, "Hongwu, ah, go and ask Song Tian Ming for a few invitations for the press conference for me, and tell him that I, Ye Chen, will personally go to hold the show for them then!"

Chapter 2169

After a day and night of sailing, the cruise ship that Ye Chen was on finally docked smoothly at the docks in Zhonghai.

      The time the cruise ship docked was 9:00 a.m. Yanjing time, one and a half hours before the board meeting of Song Tianming, Song Honor and his son.

      An hour and a half was exactly the time of the helicopter flight, so Ye Chen was already unable to make it to the board of directors of the Song Clan.

      However, even though he couldn't make it to the board meeting, he could at least make it to the press conference later.

      Song Wanting, Su Ruo Li, and a few of the Su family's crew all followed Ye Chen off the ship, in addition to the quintessentially tied up Vice President of New Nippon Steel, Hashimoto Konoshin.

      As the helicopter whirred to Jinling, Song Tian Ming stepped into the largest conference room of the Song Clan.

      At this moment, more than a dozen Song Clan shareholders and directors, including his son Song Honor, had arrived early and were sitting upright one by one.

      As soon as Song Tian Ming entered, everyone stood up to greet him.

      Song Honor was one step ahead of them and spoke up, "Greetings, Chairman!"

      The others were stunned for a moment, then they followed suit, saying in unison, "Good day, Chairman!"

      Song Tian Ming pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, smiled slightly modestly, waved his hand and said: "We've worked together for so many years, we all know that I'm a very strict person, the chairman of the Song Group, Ms. Song Wanting is still missing, so it's reasonable to say that I'm only an acting chairman, once Ms. Song Wanting returns safely, the Song Group will still be chaired by her!The big picture!"

      The crowd compensated by nodding their heads and saying yes.

      After all, legally speaking, as long as Song Wanting wasn't dead or impeached internally, she was still the chairman of the Song Clan.

      As for Song Tian Ming, he was indeed only an acting chairman, and once the rightful owner arrived, he would have to immediately step aside.

      Song Tian Ming lamented at this time, "I've continuously pressured the Tokyo Police Department many times, strongly protesting against their domestic security and demanding that they must solve the case and find Chairman Song's whereabouts as soon as possible, but there has been no progress with this bunch of losers"

      At this point, Song Tian Ming sighed and continued, "Although we can wait forever, from a corporate point of view, the Song Group can go days without a chairman, but not months, or even years, without a real chairman!"

      "So, I've gathered you all here today in order to initiate the Song Group's emergency plan to temporarily abolish Song Wanting's position as chairman of the board, and have the board of directors re-elect a new chairman out to preside over the situation on a long-term basis!"

      "It's the only way to reassure our investors, and our stockholders, don't we all agree?"

      Song Hornung was the first to nod, full of agreement: "Now Chairman Song's whereabouts are unknown, the outside world is full of suspicion, many people are rumors that Chairman Song has died, and we can not produce strong evidence to prove that Chairman Song is still alive, so the market suddenly lost confidence in the Song Group, our share price is also falling, if this continues.The Song Group has suffered heavy losses."

      Saying that, Song Honor raised his voice a few points higher and said in a loud voice, "So I support the acting chairman's decision to have the board of directors re-elect a new chairman to come out and preside over the situation!"

      The others blew up at once, and many people immediately exchanged words underneath.

      This group of people were all shareholders of the Song Group, and what they cared about most was the future of the Song Group.

      They had always praised Song Wanting's ability to lead the Song Group to the next level.

      That way, all of them would be able to gain a lot of money from it.

      So, if they didn't have to, they wouldn't want to replace Song Wenting.

      But the current situation was very special, Song Wanting was not incapable, but rather this person's life and death was now unknown.

Chapter 2170

If they continue to wait endlessly, not only their patience will be exhausted, but the patience of the investors as well as the stockholders will also be exhausted soon.

      In that case, the Song Group would definitely lose a lot of money.

      After thinking about it, they also all acquiesced to Song Tian Ming's proposal, believing that the best solution now was to elect an official chairman as soon as possible to stabilize the military.

      Thus, someone spoke up, "I support the acting chairman's decision."

      "Me too!"

      Song Honor was delighted to see this, and hurriedly said, "Then let's take a stand on the spot, there are a total of seventeen people present today, as long as there are more than eight people who agree to elect the new chairman, then we will officially adopt the proposal of the acting chairman, and start the voting process immediately after."

      Saying that, he stood up and spoke, "I'll be the first to agree to the selection of the new chairman!"

      Song Tian Ming also looked serious and said, "As the initiator of this matter, I also agree!"

      A man from below stood up, "I agree!"

      "Count me in, and I agree!"

      Song Honor nodded and spoke, "Good, there are four of them now!"

      "I agree!"

      "Me too!"

      As more and more people agreed, Song Honor grew more and more excited.

      Soon, the number of people who expressed their agreement on the spot reached nine.

      With seventeen people, the voting watershed was eight and nine votes.

      If there were only eight votes, then it was not more than half of the votes, and according to the regulations, it would not be approved.

      But as soon as it reaches nine, it is more than half, and the proposal has been passed by the board, according to the rules.

      In the end, the number of people who expressed their agreement reached fourteen.

      Song Tian Ming cleared his throat and said earnestly, "Since there are fourteen people who have expressed their agreement to elect a new chairman, then on behalf of the board of directors, I will formally announce the temporary termination of Ms. Song Wanting's position as chairman of the board, followed by the process of electing a new director!"

      Song Honor eagerly applauded while keeping in mind the three people who didn't raise their hands, while surmising, "These three bastards, no vision at all, when my dad successfully becomes the chairman, see how I'll fix you three old dogs!"

      At this time, one of the people who didn't raise his hand in agreement spoke up and said, "Gentlemen, since the circumstances of Chairman Wanting Song's life and death are unknown, we must have a preparatory plan in place while we temporarily discard her chairmanship!"

      Song Honor stared at the other party and asked in a cold voice, "Ma, what do you mean by preparing a preplan?"

      The man known as Ma spoke up, "If Ms. Song Wanting has truly met with an unfortunate death, then naturally, we would still have a new chairman presiding over the work as everyone has decided now."

      At this point, Ma turned the conversation around and spoke, "But if Ms. Song Wanting is still alive and we have elected a new chairman, will she be able to directly take back her position as chairman once Ms. Song Wanting returns?In other words, will the next new chairman to be elected voluntarily step down to make way for Ms. Song Wanting when she returns?!"


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