Dish Best Served Cold 1259-1260


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1259

"Lu Hua, what the hell have you done?"

    "How did you mess with this crowd?"

    On the road, Kong Ming, who was beaten and bruised, asked Lu Hua with a heart full of grief and anger.

    After the clash just now, Kong Ming only realized that any of the five people in front of him were no weaker than him.

    In other words, five peak Entering Transformation!

    With a formation like this, even against a strong Zongshi, they would have the ability to fight.

    To be able to field such a strong person, it could be imagined that the other party must be a considerable force.

    "Kong Lao, I don't know either~"

    "I don't even know them."

    Lu Hua was on the verge of tears, thinking what the fuck is this all about.

    Somehow being beaten up, and now being arrested like a dog alone, and not knowing where to send them.

    The so-called flying disaster, but that's all, right?

    Soon, Lu Hua was brought to a hill outside the rainforest.

    There, there was a handsome man sitting in front of a long table, drinking strong tea.

    Naturally, this handsome man was the one who had been sitting here, Chu Qitian.

    "Still not kneeling?"

    At that moment, a furious shout came out, followed by Lu Hua being kicked in the knee and forced to kneel.

    "Son of a bitch!"

    "Let go of me~"

    "Who are you to dare to do anything to my Yan Xia Martial Dao?"

    "The Yan Xia Martial God Temple will definitely not let you go!"

    "The anger of my Yan Xia War God is not something you can bear."

    Forced to kneel in public, Lu Hua was naturally extremely angry.

    With blood in his mouth, he bellowed unwillingly.

    "Martial God Hall?"


    Hearing Lu Hua's roar, Chu Qi Tian, however, shook his head and sneered.

    "What you're saying might be of some use to others."

    "But unfortunately, it's not enough to scare me with this."

    "Not to mention the God of War, even your entire Yan Xia Martial World, I am joyfully unafraid."

    "Bullshit!Anyone can tell a lie, but you think I believe it?In the entire world, there can be anyone who can rival my Yan Xia Martial Dao, and you, a punk, dare to speak up here?"Lu Hua cracked a curse.

    Chu Qi Tian paid no attention to him, only waved his hand and instructed an old man behind him, "Old Lian, teach him a lesson."

    "Yes, Young Master."

    The old man bowed in agreement, then took a step out.

    In the next moment, only this old man's might was suddenly released.

    The qi and blood was so monstrous that it was actually as thick as a dragon!

    "Qi and blood are like dragons and mighty as the abyss."

    "This...This is..."

    "Martial Dao Master!"

    At that time, Lu Hua and the others were all scared to death, they had never expected to meet a Zongshi here.

    Of course, what caused them to tremble even more was that the strong cleric in front of them was respectful and humble as a slave in front of this young man?

    "You...Who the hell are you?"

    "We've had no grudges in the past, no enemies recently, so why arrest me?"

    Lu Hua was finally starting to get a little scared.

    It wasn't just because of the strong Ancestor in front of him that he was afraid, but more so because of the background of the young man in front of him.

    "It doesn't matter who I am."

    "What's important is that you are Lu Hua."

    "For so many years, you, Lu Hua, are the first one who dared to steal something from my hands."

    At this moment, Chu Qi Tian was laughing softly as he held the teacup.

    That playful gaze was as if a hungry wolf was admiring its prey.

    However, the coldness within that brow was extremely chilling!

    But Lu Hua was a bit confused, he had no idea what this Chu Qi Tian was talking about.

    "Robbing something?"

    "When have I ever robbed you of anything?"

    "I haven't even fucking seen you!"

    Lu Hua was full of puzzlement.

    "Are you still pretending?"

    "Since you dared to steal my Origin Fruit, and now why do you dare not admit it?"

    "Actually, I don't want to make things difficult for you."

    "How about this, you hand over the Origin Fruit, and I'll let you go in peace."


    Chu Qi Tian held a cup of tea and looked at Lu Hua with a smile in his eyebrows.

    And the more Lu Hua listened, the more confused he became: "Yuan Spirit Fruit?"

    "What the fuck are you talking about?"

    "We haven't even found the Yuan Spirit Tree, where did we get the Yuan Spirit Fruit?"

    Lu Hua was on the verge of tears, not understanding what this Chu Qitian was talking about at all.

    And when he heard this, Chu Qitian's appearance chilled completely.

    With a bang, the teacup in his hand was slammed onto the ground.

    "A toast is a toast, right?"

    "In that case, don't blame me for being rude!"

    "Someone, search me."

    "If you can't search him, give me a good beating."

    "Keep beating him until he hands it over."

    Chu Qi Tian shouted angrily.

    He had never had much patience.

    Especially when it came to this kind of unknown minor character.

    To Chu Qitian, it would be a waste of time to say one more word with someone like Lu Hua.




    "Son of a bitch, are you guys really fighting?"

    "Jio, that hurts~"


    "Wait, you guys wait, when I return to Yan Xia, my family won't let you go~"



    "My face!"

    "Stop it!"

    "Bastard, stop fighting~"


    "Please guys, don't fight."

    "I really didn't rob the Yuanling Fruit~"



    Please, let me go, I've never seen a Yuan Ling Fruit before~"


    At first, facing the beatings of Chu Qi Tian's men, Lu Hua still looked like he was clinging to his bones.

    But in the end, he couldn't hold out any longer after all.

    With a snotty nose and tears, he bitterly begged for mercy.

    In a wretched state, where was half of his previous demeanor.

    "Give me back my act?"

    "Looks like the bones are pretty hard!"

    "Keep fighting, hang me up and beat me to death."

    "And those two accomplices of his, hang and beat them too."

    "I'll see how long they can harden their mouths."

    Chu Qitian was also furious.

    He didn't believe it, he was the young master of the Chu family, but he still couldn't cure this group of scum?

    "Stop it!"

    "I am the president of the Yan Xia Southwest Martial Association, how dare you insult me?"


    "Ah, junior, how dare you?"


    In this way, Kong Ming and Lu Yanxi were also miserably implicated, hanging like dogs from a tree by Chu Wenfei's subordinates, holding an iron whip and whipping them hard.


    "Xiao Hua, if you really took it, hand it over~"

    "Otherwise, we're really going to be killed by you ah."

    After a long time, Kong Ming and the others couldn't hold on any longer and advised Lu Hua in a bitter voice.

    Lu Yanxi was also beaten and bruised all over, not knowing if it was because of fear or pain, tears couldn't help but leave behind.

    She was pampered and spoiled since she was a child, growing up under her father's shade, she had never suffered this kind of pain.

    Now not only is her life on the line, but she is also suffering from this kind of physical pain, she is a weak woman, naturally she can't bear it, and cried a lot.

    She suddenly regretted a bit, if she had listened to Ye Fan and stayed away from Lu Hua, she might not have been implicated by it.

    "Kong Lao, I really didn't take it~"

    "Don't you know if I take the Origin Fruit or not?"


    "Why don't you all believe me~"

    Lu Hua was crying in frustration.

    If he really took it, it would be just as well if he was beaten up now.

    But the point was, he had never seen the Origin Fruit before, but these people were convinced that he had taken it.

    What's this all about?

A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1260

While Lu Hua and the others were being tortured, Ye Fan and An Qi had already found the second place where the Spirit Tree was.

    However, when Ye Fan arrived, they were too late.

    The only three Yuan Spiritual Fruits on that tree had already been removed.

    "Brother Xiaofan, what should we do?"

    "The fruit has been plucked."

    Angie felt lost.

    They had searched so hard for so many days, but they didn't expect to end up being shortchanged.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, his deep eyes looked around, until finally, Ye Fan's sight, stayed above a certain direction.

    "Brother Xiaofan, what's wrong?"Seeing Ye Fan like this, An Qi was suddenly confused and asked.

    Ye Fan returned, "An Qi, follow me."

    "If I'm right, those people shouldn't have gone far."

    In between speaking, Ye Fan brought An Qi with him and quickly rushed towards the depths of the dense forest ahead.

    Because, in his perception, he found that the energy fluctuation in that direction was violent, there should be a battle happening.


    At this time, a thousand meters away.

    The five Entering Transformation powerhouses stood solemnly.

    In their brows and eyes were all thick with scruples and killing intent.

    In front of these five strong men, an old man in black stood with a negative hand.

    The old man's sleeves fluttered as the cold wind rolled past.

    A terrifying momentum, with him at the center, swept out in all directions.

    Under this kind of might, even though they were occupying a numerical advantage, the five people still felt doubly pressured.

    "We are pressed for time and are unwilling to fight with Your Excellency."

    "I, the Martial Dao of Canada, am willing to offer a Yuan Spirit Fruit, if Your Excellency will give us the way out."

    At this time, the man with the highest seniority among the five said in a deep voice.

    The old man in black, however, shook his head and coldly returned, "What I want, is all of it."

    "You~" these powerful Canadians, undoubtedly enraged by this old man's tone, said harshly, "It seems that Your Excellency is bent on making an enemy of us."

    "If that's the case, then let's see the truth under your hands."

    With this man's order, the plus five men all came together in a half-moon shape and surrounded towards the old man.

    The old man was not afraid, instead, he shook his head and slowly said, "Disregarding his own strength."


    As the words fell, the old man smashed out with a fist right then.

    The strength of that fist was like a sea of energy.

    Just like that, the black-clothed old man directly defeated the opponent's attack in an instant with an unbeatable momentum.


    "That strong?"

    The Canadians were instantly shocked, they didn't expect the five of them to work together, but they still couldn't take any advantage of the old man?

    "No, we can't fight hard."

    "Third, you go first with the Origin Fruit, and the four of us will hold him off first."

    Quickly, the Canadian strongman changed his strategy and chose to cover one of them leaving with four of us.

    However, the old man in black would not let them get away with it.

    "If you want to leave, can you walk away?"

    The old man sneered, whirling his feet on the earth and taking dozens of steps in a row.With a bizarre figure, as if it was a loach, he intervened between these people and broke through to the back of the five in an instant.

    Then a wildly fierce palm slammed down.

    The person who was just about to flee, muffled a grunt and spat out hot red blood immediately, the whole person then flew backwards with injuries.

    "Lao San!"

    Seeing their brothers injured, the remaining people's eyes immediately turned red.

    They no longer thought of escaping, and directly rushed towards the old man in the spirit of jade and stone.

    "Son of a bitch, let's fight you~"

    Just like this, a battle broke out once again.

    This time, although there was still no suspense, the battle was also by no means an easy win for this old man in black.

    "A bunch of losers, it's quite tough."

    "But, so what?"

    "The one who will laugh at the end is still old man."

    Looking at the powerful Canadians that he had stepped on, this black-clothed old man spat out the blood from the corners of his mouth and laughed coldly.

    At this time, in his hands, there were already three more green fruits.

    "At last, we've arrived."

    "This time, you can give the young master his job."

    The old man was in an extremely good mood and could not resist humming a little song.

    The last time the Yuan Spirit Fruit was fought over, it was picked up by a Yan Xia brat in a sneak attack, and that incident made the old man depressed for days.

    It was only after learning from the young master that Lu Hua had been arrested that the old man's heart was relieved.

    And now that he had won a great victory, the old man was naturally in a good mood.

    "Old Senior, isn't it a little early to be talking about this?"

    However, just as the old man was preparing to leave complacently, a faint sound of laughter came out quietly from the place in front.

    When the old man heard it, he trembled and immediately followed the sound.

    There was only a thin figure in the depths of the dense forest, slowly surfacing.

    The sunlight sprinkled down like water, and black patches of light and shadows pulsed unceasingly on his body.

    He walked with a negative hand, his eyebrows and eyes smiling.

    Just like this, Ye Fan's face appeared in front of this old man once again.

    At that time, this old man's eyes were staring out, and the entire body was shocked, "Son of a bitch, it's you again?"


    "No, why are you here."

    "Weren't you already arrested by the young master?"

    The black-clothed old man simply found it hard to believe that he would meet Ye Fan again.

    When Ye Fan heard the words, the smile on his lips, however, became even more intense.

    As he walked forward, he smiled back, "It should be Lu Hua that you guys caught, not me."

    The more the old man heard, the more confused he became, "You...Aren't you Lv Hua?"

    "Did, did you lie to me?"

    "Your name's not Lu Hua?"

    The old man asked in a shocked voice.

    But Ye Fan was no longer interested in talking nonsense with him and directly said, "Choose, either hand over the Origin Fruit, or die!"


    The wind was bitterly cold, wrapped in an endless chill that swept the four directions.

    The old man's face was gloomy and his palms were clenched, "Stinking brat, quite a mouthful."

    "Don't think that, just because you succeeded in your sneak attack last time, you think you can defeat me."

    "It's not certain which of us will die by deer?"

    Last time, this old man didn't fight with Ye Fan, but directly retreated when he saw that the situation was bad.

    After all, he was successfully attacked by Ye Fan at that time and was severely injured.

    Only after weighing his options did he make the decision to retreat from the front.

    But this time, his injuries had almost healed and he was at his peak, so naturally, he was not afraid of Ye Fan.

    "Yes?"Ye Fan smiled lightly, the scorn in his tone was so distinct.

    "Cut the crap, watch the move!"

    The old man seemed to have run out of patience, and with a low cry, a heavy fist immediately smashed towards Ye Fan.

    How fast the old man's fist speed was, only to hear a bang, the punch solidly smashed on Ye Fan's chest.

    "Bastard, how is it?"

    "You couldn't even dodge a single blow from me, and you're still trying to defeat me?"

    The old man smiled proudly as he got his way with the punch.

    However, his smile did not last long.

    In the next moment, it was abruptly frozen.

    Because, he resolutely discovered that his attack did not even shake Ye Fan in the slightest.



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