His True Colors 241-243


His True Colors Chapter 241

Watching Han Qianqian and Qi Yiyun get into Wang Mao's car, Chang Lang frowned, although Han Qianqian and Qi Yiyun didn't dress well, but that Wang Mao's handmade custom-made Tang dress had to impress Chang Lang, his family had access to some domestic handmade high-end brands, like this Tang dress, his father also had it, easily tens of thousands of dollars.

    A person who could wear such clothes was by no means a simple person.

    "Chang Lang, you haven't forgotten what you said on the plane, right?"Dou Wei reminded Chang Lang that she didn't recognize the value of the tang on Wang Mao's body, for her who only knew foreign brands, all the independent brands were rubbish.

    "Don't worry, how could I forget what I said, I'll definitely let you see a good show."Although Chang Lang promised with his mouth, but after seeing Wang Mao, he had to be a little more cautious about the identity of Han Giang, but he just couldn't admit it in front of Dou Wei.

    "It's best to shave that woman's face."Dou Wei gritted her teeth and said, as the saying goes, the most poisonous woman's heart, after seeing Chi Yi Yun who dropped her glasses, Dou Wei developed a feeling of shame inside, but for the arrogant her, how could she accept this feeling, so she hated to ruin Chi Yi Yun's looks.

    A contradiction caused by the size of her voice, Doggett was able to think of such a vicious method of revenge, from this point, it could be seen how terrible her mind was.

    It was hard to raise a woman and a villain, and when the two were combined, it was even more of a big problem.

    Taking a ride to the hotel, Wang Mao booked two adjoining presidential suites on the top floor and waited until Han Qianli and Qi Yiyun had packed their luggage before he returned to his own room, and repeatedly instructed Han Qianli to call him at the first opportunity if he needed anything.

    The enthusiastic Wang Mao made Han 3,000 feel pressured, but Qi Yiyun felt that excellent people rightfully deserved such treatment, and since Wang Mao wanted Han 3,000 to earn face for the Cloud City Go Association, everything he did was the right thing to do.

    In her own room, Chi Yi Yun removed all her disguises and took off her glasses, as cold as an iceberg goddess, it seemed that even her line of sight was elevated.

    Standing in front of the window, the breeze was gentle, the sideburns were emitted with the wind, and at the moment, Chi Yiyun's eyes were like a torch.

    "The Qi family needs a son-in-law who can hold up the future, if you are qualified, I, Qi Yi Yun, am willing to give you anything."Qi Yiyun said to herself, this time back in China, apart from participating in the competition, what was more important for Qi Yiyun was to catch her breath and relax her body and mind.

    In the Mi Kingdom, the Qi family had a strong background, but no matter how powerful the family was, there would eventually be rivals, and in the past two years, the Qi family had encountered an unprecedentedly powerful rival, and their appearance had caused the Qi family's status among the royal family to plummet, and although Qi Yiyun had tried every possible way to maintain the Qi family's status, the results were minimal.

    For two years, Chi Yi Yun was physically and mentally exhausted, her father had advised her to find a capable man to take it all on, but an ordinary man couldn't even enter Chi Yi Yun's eyes.

    Until this time back home, until after seeing Han Qianqian, Qi Yi Yun felt that this man and herself had the same hidden tolerance, Qi Yi Yun knew that she and Han Qianqian were kindred spirits, and such a person might be qualified to become the son-in-law of the Qi family.

    Of course, Qi Yiyun had a series of tests to pass, and she would only truly face up to Han 3000 if he passed them.

    Ding Dong ......

    The doorbell rang, and Chi Yi Yun put her eyes back on and walked to the door to open it.

    "Do you want to go out for a walk, you need to change your glasses, right?"Han Giangli stood at the door and asked.

    Chi Yi Yun's lenses were already cracked, and she did need a new pair of glasses, saying, "Yes, do you want to give them to me?"

    "You're Welcome Summer's best friend, so what does it matter if I give it to you?"Han Giangli said.

    Hearing this, Qi Yiyun was a little dissatisfied inside, why did the gift had to mention Su Yingxia, was he secretly hammering himself?

    Han Marchian did have this aspect of it, it was him avoiding suspicion.

    Qi Yiyun was pretty, even more beautiful than Su Yingxia, but to Han Qianli, Su Yingxia's position in his heart was unrivaled, so what if she was pretty, it was just a skin.

    Shortly after leaving the hotel, Han Qianli noticed that someone seemed to be following them, a guy who had been sneaking around when they left the hotel.

    "It seems like those two from the plane are still planning to seek revenge on us, but they've come to us so quickly."Han Giangli whispered to Chi Yi Yun.

    Chi Yi Yun turned her head, and the crowd easily noticed Dong Hao's figure, although it was only a back figure, but how could Chi Yi Yun not recognize it?

    Dong Hao had met up with Han Giang at the boxing ring, and if Han Giang were to see the front face, he would definitely be suspicious.

    "What should we do?"Chi Yi Yun asked Han Qianqian.

    "It doesn't matter, just pretend you don't know anything, if he really dares to do it, the worst we can do is run faster."Han Qianli smiled.

    As they turned around and continued to walk forward, Chi Yi Yun's negative back hands quietly made a gesture.

    "Is it only possible to run?You're a grown man, you're not afraid of fighting, are you."Chi Yi Yun said with a smile.

    Han Qianli nodded his head as a matter of course and said, "Have you forgotten what my name is, how dare you fight with someone?"

    Qi Yiyun smiled and stopped talking, he had such a deep relationship with the boxing ring, yet he had to deliberately hide this, it was so similar to her life's path, which made Qi Yiyun feel more and more that Han Giang and her were kindred spirits.

    It was said that kindred spirits pitied kindred spirits, and this feeling grew stronger and stronger for Qi Yiyun.

    After entering a shopping mall, Han Qiangiang found that the person who was stalking had disappeared, or maybe it was just Changlang who wanted to know what they were doing.

    The reason for this is that it's not just a matter of time.

    A new pair of glasses for Qi Yi Yun, of course Han Qianli paid for them, although they were not cheap, but they were just some scraps.

    The two then went to dinner together before returning to the hotel, Wang Mao arrived at the meal, but also deliberately called Han 3,000, the over-the-top enthusiasm made Han 3,000 feel like it was almost too much to bear.

    Late that night, Chang Lang and Dou Wei two out of the bar, did not get Dou Wei drunk Chang Lang some reluctance, had thought that tonight can go to the hotel to spend the night together, now it seems, can only send Dou Wei home.

    As soon as they got into the car, the backseat was opened and a man quickly got in the car.

    "Dude, you're in the wrong f*cking car, get the f*ck down."Chang Lang was already in a bad mood, and when he encountered this kind of thing again, he naturally didn't have a good tone.

    The man in the backseat's dark expression carried a hint of a sneer, and a shining dagger reached out in front of Chang Lang's neck.


    Chang Lang shivered in fear, while the first thing Doggett wanted to get out of the car and drive away, but the man grabbed him by the hair.

    "If you try to run again, I'll kill you."The man said in a cold voice.

    "Big ...... brother, don't do anything, I'll give you all the money you want."Chang Lang said in panic, the other man was wearing a hat and couldn't see his face, but his voice made Chang Lang feel a chill in the heat of the summer, and he knew that the bandit was by no means joking.

    "Drive where I say go, or I'll help you with your neck opening."The man said.

    "Good, good, good, big brother your hands don't shake, my driving might be a bit bumpy, you have to be careful."Chang Lang's voice trembled as he warned.

    With his instructions, the car drove to the outskirts of Fuyang City, the wilderness without streetlights was pitch black, and Chang Lang was almost about to pee.

    Dou Wei had already turned pale, she had never been robbed before and was scared to death.

    "Stop the car."In a deserted place, the man said.

    After Chang Lang stepped on the brakes and stopped the car steadily, he said, "Brother, I'll give you whatever you want, if you like this woman, feel free to take it and play with it."

    Hearing this, although Dog Wei had gone soft in the limbs, but could not stop her from getting angry at Chang Lang, thickly: "Chang Lang, what are you talking about, you are still not a man."

    "Dou Wei, cut the f*cking crap, it's an honor for this big brother to take a liking to you."Chang Lang was trying to save his life, how could he care what Dog Wei thought of him.

His True Colors Chapter 242

"Get out of the car."

    With that man's order, Chang Lang and Dou Wei both hurriedly got out of the car.

    The moonlight was thin, but one could still make out the person's face, and when he took off his hat to reveal his face, wasn't that Dong-ho!

    Chang Lang lowered his head, not daring to look at Dong Hao, because he knew that the faces of these humongous bandits could not be seen, or else they would be killed.

    "Kneel down."Dong Hao played with the dagger in his hand and said faintly.

    Chang Lang kneeled down on both knees without a backbone, as did Do-woo, the superiority of his family was gone at this moment.

    "What kind of things are you two, how dare you bully my lady."Dong Hao said with a sneer on his face.

    "Brother, are you looking for the wrong person, how could I bully your Miss, I don't even know her."The first thing Chang Lang denied was that he could use Dou Wei as a shield in order to save his life, but how could he admit such a thing at this point.

    And it was true that in Chang Lang's memory, he hadn't offended anyone.

    "No, my lady's glasses are broken, didn't you do it?"Dong-ho said.


    The first thing Chang Lang thought of was the Chi Yi Yun that he met on the plane, that quiet woman, but she had such a powerful underling.

    "Brother, I'm sorry, I didn't know your lady was so powerful, I didn't mean it, please forgive me, I'll make amends to her face."Chang Lang kowtowed his head and said.

    "Forgiving people is what God does, and it's my duty to send you to God."Dong-ho said and walked up to Chang-ro.

    Tsunaro peed at the words, his crotch was wet, and he kept kowtowing and begging for forgiveness.

    But then Do-ho was not scared anymore, because she felt that this person in front of her was just a person that Chi Yi-wan had found to intentionally scare them.

    "A woman in rags, but still a lady, such a shabby lady is the first time I've seen, go back and tell this b*tch that I, Dou Wei, am not just able to scare at will."Dou Wei said.

    When Dong Hao heard this, he instantly frowned, he wouldn't allow anyone to say anything wrong about Chi Yi Yun, in his heart, Chi Yi Yun was like a goddess, he couldn't let anyone blaspheme, where did Dou Wei get the right to do so?

    "Scare you?"Dong Hao's voice fell, a knife stabbed into Chang Lang's neck.

    The moment the knife was drawn, Changlang, who was covering his neck, was bleeding like water, staring at Dong Hao, incredulous, it was obviously Dou Wei, the woman who said something she shouldn't have said, why was he the one who suffered!

    Seeing this, Doggett was momentarily confused, scaring her?Is it still just a scare for her?

    Wow, Dou Wei cried out, pear-shaped, "Don't, don't, please don't kill me."

    Chang Lang had fallen to the ground, the fetid red under the moonlight looked particularly strange, Dog Wei's guts were about to break, snot and tears paste into a ball, and he kept kowtowing.

    "Disrespect to Miss, only death can atone for your sins."Chang Lang walked up to Dou Wei, pulling his hair, making Dou Wei hold his head high, without any emotion in his eyes, and ended Dou Wei's life with a knife.

    After killing the two, Dong Hao took out a cigarette without any panic, appearing incomparably calm, and after looking at the two corpses, he didn't intend to kill and bury the bodies, but strode away.

    "Miss, as long as Dong Hao is here for one day, he will never let anyone insult you, only I can stand by your side, only I."

    The next morning, Han 3,000 woke up at eight o'clock, and before she planned to go to breakfast, the doorbell rang.

    Wang Mao took on the role of a waiter and actually brought Han Three Thousand breakfast, this kind of all-consuming care made Han Three Thousand have a bit of a headache.

    "Grandpa Wang, I'm under a lot of pressure when you do that."Han Third Thousand smiled bitterly.

    "It's a small matter, it's all small, don't think too much about it, it's just a hand up."Wang Mao said with a smile.

    Han Third Thousand shook her head helplessly and said, "Grandpa Wang, don't worry, I'll definitely try my best to compete."

    The unlimited number of times to taste the taste of lipstick, this alone would not make Han Qianli take the competition lightly, so Wang Mao's worries were completely unnecessary in his opinion.

    "Right, in these few days, it's best for you not to go anywhere, just stay in the hotel, it's not peaceful in Fuyang City right now, don't have any accidents."Wang Mao said to Han Qianqian.

    "Why is it not peaceful?"Han Giangli was confused.

    "I woke up early this morning and watched the news, last night two people were killed in the suburbs, a man and a woman, still very young, their throats were sealed, what a pity, a great life is gone when you say it's gone."Wang Mao sighed, things are unpredictable, it's really impossible to say who will come first tomorrow and the accident.

    Seal the throat!

    How much hatred must this be to kill someone in this way.

    Han Giangli quickly turned on the TV, the news on the local TV station was broadcasting this incident on a loop, and within a short period of time, it was already making a scene all over town.

    "I heard that this young man called Chang Lang has a very good family, and there's still a lot of good life left to enjoy."Wang Mao sighed.

    "What did you say?"When Han Qianli heard this, she instantly turned her head and looked at Wang Mao with a stern gaze.

    Seeing Han Three Thousand's reaction was so great, Wang Mao was puzzled and said, "What, do you know this person?"

    "The girl who died, her name wasn't Dougie, was it?"Han Giangli said, even he couldn't be calm at this point, in this world, was there such a coincidence?

    You offend Chi Yi Yun during the day and then you get your throat sealed at night!

    "Yeah, are these two really your friends?"Wang Mao was surprised.

    Han Qianqiang's face was as heavy as water, the timing of their deaths was too coincidental, and the purpose of this revenge killing technique was very clear.

    Since he hadn't done it, there was absolutely no getting away from Chi Yi Yun!

    Han Qianqian suddenly thought of the encounter yesterday when she and Qi Yiyun went to buy glasses, could it be that it wasn't Changlang's people but Qi Yiyun's people who were following them?

    "Grandpa Wang, I'm not eating anymore, I'm going to check on Chi Yi Yun."Han Qianli said and walked out of the room.

    Wang Mao was in a fog and had no idea what was going on, but he stayed in the room and quietly waited for Han 3,000 to return.

    After ringing Chi Yi Yun's doorbell and opening the door in her silk pajamas, her expression was still a bit confused and she was obviously not awake.

    "What's wrong, what are you doing here so early?"Qi Yiyun was puzzled and asked Han Giangli.

    Han Giangli walked into the room, gazed very casually over Chi Yiyun's sexy body, and said, "Chang Lang and Dou Wei are dead."

    "Dead?How did it die!"Chi Yi Yun said with a shocked face.

    Han Qianqian carefully watched Chi Yi Yun's expression change, hoping to find a flaw in it, but the change in her pupils was indicating that she didn't know anything about it.

    Was it just another case of overthinking, just Chang Lang and Dou Wei's bad luck and encountering bandits?

    "I don't know, it's pretty weird, you'll see."Han 3,000 turned on the TV and switched to the local TV station.

    Chi Yi Yun watched the news, her expression gradually becoming incredulous.

    "Han 3,000 yuan, it can't be that you killed them to help me out, is that why you killed them, are you stupid, how can you kill someone?"Chi Yi Yun said in panic.

    If she was acting, Han Giangli could only be convinced because there was no flaw in either her body movements or the change in her expression.

    "I don't even dare to kill a chicken, so how can I dare to kill someone, it seems they were unlucky enough to encounter robbers,"Han Giangli said.

    "I didn't expect this place to be so chaotic, let's not just leave the hotel, in case we encounter this kind of person, you, who has no hands, can't save me."Chi Yi Yun said.

    Han Giangli nodded his head and said, "That's a good idea, I was worried you'd have to go out shopping."

    "Don't I need clothes to set it off?"Chi Yi Yun smiled, at this moment, she did not wear eyes, charming charm naturally need not say more.

    "You wash your face and brush your teeth, I'm going back to my room, by the way, I'm not going downstairs for breakfast, Wang Mao has already brought breakfast to my room."Han Giangli said.

    "Chairman Wang's partiality towards you is really something to envy."Chi Yi Yun said jealously.

    The moment she sent Han Giangli out of the room and closed the door, Qi Yiyun's expression changed and was filled with hostility.

    She didn't need to think about this matter to know who did it, but she had already warned Dong Hao not to do anything without her orders, and she didn't expect him to kill Chang Lang and Dou Wei!

His True Colors Chapter 243

The questioning eyes of Han Qianqian just now, Qi Yiyun could see clearly, before Han Qianqian had doubts about her, Qi Yiyun could feel it, but now, this thing that Donghao did, undoubtedly made Han Qianqian even more wary of her.

    Chi Yi Yun who washed her face and brushed her teeth, put on her glasses and changed her clothes, and came to the third floor of the hotel.

    After Dong Hao killed someone, there was nothing unusual about it, to him, it was just a routine, in Mi Guo, many flies around Qi Yi Yun died in his hands, for Dong Hao, guarding Qi Yi Yun was a lifelong character, and besides him, he didn't allow anyone to get close to Qi Yi Yun.

    If it wasn't for the fact that Chi Yi Yun had warned him, he would have killed even Han Qianxiang!

    "Miss."After opening the door and seeing Chi Yi Yun, Dong Hao shouted with a smile on his face.

    Chi Yi Yun walked into the room, and the moment she closed the door, a slap hit Dong Hao's face, and several blood marks scratched out by her nails were shocking.

    "Since you think that you don't have to listen to my words and can do whatever you want, you can just get out."Chi Yi Yun said in a cold voice.

    "Miss, this kind of trash bullied you, they deserve to die."Dong Hao lowered his head and said through gritted teeth.

    "Whether they die or not is up to me, what kind of a thing are you that you dare to make decisions for me."Chi Yi Yun slapped Dong Hao's face again.

    The injury was bleeding with droplets of blood, but Donghao didn't even furrow his brows and said, "Miss, I just killed two people."

    Seeing Donghao's still unrepentant look, not knowing where he was wrong, Chi Yi Yun's hands didn't stop, slapping Donghao's face one after another.

    Donghao didn't even turn his face sideways, and was willingly hit.

    "As long as Miss is happy, it doesn't matter even if I smash Donghao's face."Dong Hao said.

    Chi Yi Yun's palms had turned red, which was caused by the power back shock.

    When Donghao saw this, he even stopped Chi Yiyun and said, "Miss, let me do it myself."

    Self-slap, loud and shocking, Dong Hao did not show any mercy.

    Chi Yi Yun didn't stop it either, watching it all with cold eyes until Dong Hao's mouth spilled fishy red blood, then she said, "I'll give you one last chance, if you don't obey the order, I'll have father recall you."

    "Thank you, Miss."Dong Hao bent his head down, his cheeks puffy from the beating, still looking grateful.

    Chi Yi Yun warned, "Han 3000 is very important to me, if you make a mess of it, I will kill you with my own hands."

    When Dong Hao heard this, he looked unhappy and said, "Miss, if you need a chess piece, I'm more useful and more willing than him."

    "You?"Chi Yi Yun looked at Dong Hao with disdain and said, "What else do you have besides being able to fight, can the Chi family's matters be resolved with your fists?Are you still able to fight your way into the royal family?"

    Dong-ho gritted his teeth, it was true that he had no other skills than a pair of fists, and he couldn't fight his way into the Mi-kun royal family, but what about Han 3,000?He was just a piece of trash, so why should he be valued by Miss.

    "Miss, the greater the expectations for him, the greater the disappointment will be."Dong Hao said.

    Chi Yi Yun smiled lightly and said, "I'm sure he won't disappoint me because we're the same kind of people, I can smell the difference in him, he and I, but we're both holding back for some purpose."

    "Is it for Su Yingxia?"Dong Hao said.

    Chi Yiyun's face was cold and said, "So what if Su Yingxia, a man's lustful heart is most easily swayed, as long as he can help the Chi family, so what if I give him my innocent body."

    Dong Hao's chest was burning with uncontrollable anger, Miss, how can you be touched by such a person!

    But Chi Yi Yun's attitude was firm, and Dong Hao knew that if he killed Han Giang Li, he wouldn't be able to follow Chi Yi Yun for the rest of his life.

    He had to find a way to let Qi Yiyun know that Han 3,000 was not the most suitable candidate, only he was.

    In Han Three Thousand's room, he ate the breakfast sent by Wang Mao like chewing wax, it wasn't that the breakfast wasn't good, but Han Three Thousand was hiding things in his heart and didn't have the desire to taste the deliciousness.

    "Three thousand, are you worried about the competition?"Looking at Han Qianli's worried expression, Wang Mao asked, the most taboo thing about the competition was nervousness and stage fright, he knew that Han Qianli was participating in the competition for the first time, and it was a large competition with a lot of experts, nervousness was inevitable, but this kind of mood must not be brought into the competition, or it would affect the performance.

    "No, the competition is nothing to worry about."Han Qianqian said indifferently.

    Wang Mao didn't know what was in Han Qianli's mind, and when he heard this, he only took it as Han Qianli comforting himself and said, "Why don't I think of something for you and relax."

    "Grandpa Wang, I'm really fine, the competition is easy for me."After Han Qianli said that, she suddenly thought of something and asked Wang Mao, "Grandpa Wang, will Shangguan Black and White participate in this competition?"

    "No, Shangguan Black and White's status, he hasn't participated in domestic tournaments for a long time, and he rarely attends even international tournaments, he is now at the level of a titan in the Go world, if he goes down to the tournament, how else can others compare."Wang Mao smiled bitterly, if Shangguan Black and White participated, then this tournament would be meaningless and purely a personal show for Shangguan Black and White.

    "Then, is there any way for him to compete with me?I have to win him this time."Han Giangli said, having made a deal with Su Yingxia that winning against Shangguan Black and White would give him an unlimited number of lipstick tasting opportunities, which was why Han Giangli had come to Fuyang City.

    "You ...... you want to compete with Shangguan Black and White?"Wang Mao looked at Han Qianqian in shock, although he had caused some trouble for Shangguan Black and White last time, he had lost after all, even if his heart was not satisfied, facing someone like Shangguan Black and White, he would have to hold back for a few years until his chess skills had improved before he could take revenge.In such a hurry, isn't it like sending your face to be beaten?

    "Yes, and it has to be compared to him, or else I would have come to Fuyang City for nothing,"Han Giangli said.

    "Why?"Wang Mao was confused and asked, "Didn't you come to Fuyang City to participate in the competition, does Han Sanliang have other purposes.

    Han Qianli smiled wryly and said, "This is my personal privacy, I can't casually reveal it to you, help me think of a way how to play against Shangguan Black and White."

    "This ......" Wang Mao frowned, in his opinion, this was almost an impossible thing, and the fact that Shangguan Black and White had deliberately fired both Han 3000 and Ouyang Xiujie showed that he was now confident in Ouyang Xiujie's strength, or at least had thought of a way to deal with Han 3000.

    Now that there was no telling whether or not the tournament champion would get it, how could he play against Shangguan Black and White?

    "Three thousand, it's not that I won't help you, but I really can't think of any good solution, after all ...... after all, Shangguan Black and White's position, and no one can order him, as long as he doesn't want to, no one can force him."Wang Mao said in a difficult manner.

    Han 3,000 smashed his mouth and said, "Looks like he has to be willing to do it himself, okay, I know, I won't bother you with this, I'll think of something else myself."

    "Three thousand, I still have to remind you that although you're very powerful, there are many experts participating this time, so don't take it lightly."Wang Mao said.

    Han Three Thousand waved his hand indifferently and said, "Don't worry, my current state is the best ever."

    With Su Yingxia's stimulation, how could Han Three Thousand's state be bad, as long as one thought of the taste of lipstick, it was a battle-hardened existence.

    There were still two days until the competition, and during these two days, neither Han Giang and Chi Yi Yun left the hotel, although he didn't have to practice, but with Chi Yi Yun's strength, if he wanted to get a good result in the competition, he had to practice and play the score.

    Finally, on the day of the competition, Han Giangli was lightly dressed and Qi Yiyun looked a bit serious.

    After the preliminary matchup list came out, Qi Yiyun was relieved that she wasn't in the same group as Han Qianqiang, which showed that she was able to go farther.

    Although Chi Yi Yun didn't care about this match, it was an opportunity to prove her strength, and an early encounter with Han Qianqian would have meant an early exit for her.

    "Fortunately, I didn't run into you, so I hope we'll remain fate free."Chi Yi Yun said with a smile to Han Giang.

    "That's for sure, our destiny is to be friends at best."Han Marchiang said.


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