The Unknown Heir 961-965


Chapter 961

"Chen, you're really too good for the wall to obey you!"

Wang Yun exclaimed towards Chen Hao, not expecting Chen Hao to be able to go into such detail in a situation like this and not forgetting to take away Lin Tianyuan's map.

This was good, let's see how Lin Tianyuan and the others were going to find it without the map.

"Lin Tianyuan's gang is definitely after the treasure, while we are different, we don't share the same values as them, Lei Lie, Wang Yun, listen up, when we get to that place, you can't take a single thing without my permission, and you must never move!"

Chen Hao looked at both Wang Yun and Lei Lie with a reminder.

"Well, got it, brother Chen!"

Lei Lie immediately nodded his head towards Chen Hao and agreed.

"Brother Chen, if we don't take anything, would we be too sorry for the trip?"

Wang Yun, on the other hand, asked towards Chen Hao somewhat reluctantly.

"Wang Yun, don't blame me for not reminding you, once people have strong words of greed, they won't end well!"

Chen Hao was reminding Wang Yun again.

When he heard Chen Hao's words, Wang Yun also stopped talking for a moment.

In fact, Wang Yun didn't dare to ignore Chen Hao's words because he knew that Chen Hao's ability and strength were extraordinary.

But it all still had to depend on the individual himself, right?

Some people's greed was endless, while others had none at all.

The difference between the two was very large.

After that, Chen Hao and the three of them set off on their way, leaving the cave.

At this time, Lin Tianyuan and the others who were still inside the cave.

It took Lin Tianyuan and the others a long time before they woke up.

Once he woke up, Lin Tianyuan didn't see the three of Chen Hao's figure.

"Have you guys seen Chen Hao with Wang Yun and the three of them?"

At that moment, Lin Tianyuan opened his mouth to ask questions towards the surrounding subordinates.

After hearing this, the subordinates all shook their heads for a while to indicate that they were not sure.

Only now did Lin Tianyuan realize that something was wrong and quickly stood up.

After he stood up, he subconsciously touched his pocket.

In one die, he realized that the map in his pocket was no longer there.


Lin Tianyuan shouted out in anger.

Hearing Lin Tianyuan's angry shout, everyone looked over, not knowing what had happened to make Lin Tianyuan so angry.

Lin Tianyuan's secretary, He Hui, rushed over and walked over to Lin Tianyuan's side.

"Lin Dong, what's happened?"

He Hui asked with concern.

"Those three bastards Chen Hao actually stole my map!"

Lin Tianyuan cursed angrily, his face reddening enough to see how angry he was.

He Hui was also fiercely shocked after hearing this.

"Lin Dong, could it be that they took it in order to find the exit?I so wanted to see the three of them keep going inside the cave before, I can't tell if they found the exit!"

He Hui was also quick to remind Lin Tianyuan.

After Lin Tianyuan heard it, he also felt that it made sense and immediately led the people towards the deep inside of the cave.

Soon, Lin Tianyuan and the others arrived at the very inside and saw a jade plate covered by clothes.

"Lin Dong, we found the exit on the other side!"

Immediately afterwards, one of his men rushed over and reported towards Lin Tianyuan.

"Mudd, these three bastards really stole my map and left, give me a chase!"

Lin Tianyuan roared angrily once again and then gave orders to his men.

Then, Lin Tianyuan's group left the cave immediately.

However, at this time, Chen Hao's three men were already far away, completely too far for Lin Tianyuan and the others to catch up.

At this time, Chen Hao's three men arrived at a stream.

"Brother Chen, why don't we just rest for a while, their group won't be able to catch up for a while anyway!"

Just then Lei Lie looked to Chen Hao and suggested.

"Yeah, Brother Chen, we've been walking for two hours, let's take a break!"

Wang Yun also suggested towards Chen Hao.

After all, the two of them didn't have as much physical strength and stamina as Chen Hao, so they were already very tired.

After hearing this, Chen Hao had no problem with it, and indeed they were going to stop and rest for a while as well.

"Fine, then let's stop and rest for a while!"

Chen Hao also nodded his head and responded.

Afterwards, the three of them sat by the stream and rested.

Lei Lie and Wang Yun, on the other hand, rushed to the stream and began to wash up with the clear stream water, drinking some water to quench their thirst along the way.


Just at that moment, I heard Lei Li scream.

"What's wrong?"

Chen Hao immediately reacted, confused and asked towards Lei Lie.

"Bones.Human bones!"

Lei Lie hurriedly took a few steps back, then he pointed at the bones in the stream and said with wide eyes.

Hearing this, Wang Yun also hurried up to check, and it was indeed human bones immersed in the stream.


This was good, and the two of them immediately started to lean over and vomit.

You know they just drank the water from this stream.

Chen Hao also came up to check and directly squatted down and took the man's bones out of the stream water.

"How could there be someone's bones in this water?Is it possible that someone has died here before?"

Chen Hao looked at all of this and was somewhat surprised to himself.

But soon, Chen Hao discovered another strange point.

"Lei Lie, Wang Yun, the two of you look at this, this bone clearly looks like it has been gnawed by something, which means that this person died in a very unusual way, maybe he was bitten alive by something!"

Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie and Wang Yun to explain to the two of them.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lei Lie also took a subconscious glance at the surroundings.

"Brother Chen, you're saying that there won't be any fierce beasts around here."

The only suggested idea one could have was this.

"It's very possible!"

Chen Hao also stood up, threw away the bones in his hands, nodded his head and said.

Hearing this, Lei Lie and Wang Yun couldn't help but tremble internally.

"Then, brother Chen, we'd better get out of here!"

Lei Lie then suggested towards Chen Hao that it was not advisable to stay in a place like this for long, it was better to leave quickly, the devil knows what fierce beasts would suddenly appear.

After saying that, Chen Hao's three men were ready to turn around and leave.

This was not the case, as soon as they turned around, the three of them were suddenly stunned in place.

They saw a monster with fangs that was not far away, staring straight at the three Chen Hao's people.

When the three of Chen Hao saw this scene, Lei Lie and Wang Yun all dared not utter a word.

"Division.Brother Chen."

Only after a long while did Lei Lie carefully open his mouth and shout towards Chen Hao.


Chen Hao stretched out his hand towards Lei Lie and made a silent gesture.

Chen Hao then took Lei Lie and Wang Yun and moved slowly and carefully towards one side, not wanting to disturb the monster.

The three of them watched the monster from time to time as they moved slowly, fearing that the monster would suddenly attack the three of them.


In the next second, the monster let out an angry roar.

"No, this guy is angry, run!"


When Chen Hao saw the situation, he knew it wasn't right and immediately warned Lei Lie and Wang Yun.

When they heard Chen Hao's words, they immediately stared at each other, and then ran off towards their legs.

It was fine if they didn't run, but once they did, they attracted the monster's attention and excitement even more.

"Don't chase me!"

Lei Lie ran hard as he shouted loudly.

But the more this would happen, the more the monster would chase after Lei Lie, after all, Lei Lie's shouting made the monster even more deeply attracted.

Chen Hao subconsciously looked towards Lei Lie's direction and saw that the monster was very fast and was already about to catch up to Lei Lie's ass.

This was a very dangerous situation for Lei Lie.

Chen Hao stopped and directly pulled out his Star Profound Sword and threw it at the monster.

The Star Abyss Sword quickly flew out and sliced the monster.


The monster felt the pain and once again roared up to the heavens.

The monster then turned its head over to look at Chen Hao, shifting its target on Chen Hao's body before charging madly towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao didn't panic and retrieved the Star Profound Sword in his hand without any delay.

Seeing that the monster was about to reach his eyes, Chen Hao also quickly rushed out, leaning down towards the ground and sliding a shovel slide underneath the monster's belly.

Chen Hao lifted the Star Abyss Sword in his hand in a smooth motion and slashed right through the monster's belly.

Instantly, blood splattered up.


The monster whimpered before collapsing to its death in a pool of blood.

After finishing off the monster, Lei Lie and Wang Yun came down with a sigh of relief, and they returned to Chen Hao's side once again.

"Brother Chen, you.Are you alright?"

Lei Lie was concerned and asked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao put away his Star Profound Sword, then shook his head and said; "I'm fine!"

It was a good thing that Chen Hao was there, otherwise the two of them would have ended up as food in this monster's mouth, just like the bones they had seen in the stream earlier.

"I go, what kind of monster is this?Why do you look like that? It's not like you're a tiger!"

Lei Lie was surprised and looked at the monster's corpse in confusion.

This monster had two slender fangs on the sides of its mouth and had a very fierce appearance, completely unlike an animal from this world.

"Why do I feel like an ancient kind of gourmand?"

Wang Yun then frowned up tightly, looking at the monster in front of him and guessing.

"Taotie?No way, those are mythical monsters, how could they appear in our world!"

Hearing what Wang Yun had said, Lei Lie immediately vetoed it.

"We can't rule out the possibility, there are too many things in this world that we don't know about, ghosts can exist, why not Taotie?"

Without waiting for Wang Yun to open his mouth to refute, Chen Hao opened his mouth towards Lei Lie's argument.

Lei Lie nodded at how he had forgotten about this situation.

Yeah, there were even ghosts, so it was really nothing impossible.

Just then, a group of people dressed in cloth clothes rushed out from the deep forest and directly surrounded the three of Chen Hao.

But when they saw the dead Taotie on the ground, they were shocked and looked at Chen Hao in horror, as if they were looking at an animal with strange eyes.

When Chen Hao three saw the clothes these people were wearing, they also had the same puzzled look.

These outfits looked like they were from the ancient times.

At this moment, an old man holding a crutch walked out from the crowd.

"Three gentlemen, may I ask where you have come from?"

The old man looked at the three of Chen Hao and asked in confusion.

Once Chen Hao heard the way the old man spoke, he was even more surprised.

"Old man, we came from the other side of the mountain, I wonder what this place is?And what is this monster?"

Chen Hao also immediately responded towards the old man and opened his mouth to explain.

"This monster is called Taotie, it is a ferocious beast in this deep mountain ah!"

The old man also immediately responded towards Chen Hao.

Hearing this, the three of Chen Hao looked at each other for a moment, and as Wang Yun had said, this was indeed the Taotie.

"You said that you guys came from the other side of the mountain?"

The old man then looked at the three Chen Hao with a look of surprise and asked again.

Chen Hao's three men immediately nodded for a while.

"That's right, exactly!"

After hearing that, the people around him also talked.

"Old man, why are you so surprised?"

Lei Lie was also curious as he looked at the old man and asked.

After the old man heard this, he then immediately spoke up and replied, "No one has ever been able to come from the other side of the mountain, because there is this great illusion there!"

Being told so by the old man, it suddenly made Lei Lie and Wang Yun look at Chen Hao at the same time.

The illusion that this old man's mouth was talking about should be the same illusion that was created in the cave they were in before.

"No one has ever been able to come out of that illusion before, is that how you guys came out?"

The old man stared at Chen Hao's three men with astonishment and curiosity, finding it too unbelievable.

"Old man, we are not too sure about this."

Chen Hao also responded with a light smile towards the old man.

"Then the three of you set flying saints also, come, come, its come with us back to the village, we can treat you well!"

The old man then smiled at the three of Chen Hao and suggested.

After saying that, the old man led the three Chen Hao men away and returned to their village with them.

Soon, Chen Hao three followed the old man and the others to their village.

The village they were in was exactly like the ancient kind of village, still living the kind of life where the sun rises and sets, completely isolated from the outside world.

"Brother Chen, you don't think we've crossed over, do you?"

Walking on this path, Lei Lie then wondered towards Chen Hao, feeling that it was all a bit unrealistic.

"It's not a crossing, it's just that this place is isolated and a paradise."

Chen Hao immediately explained towards Lei Lie.

If it was going to be a crossover, then the cell phones and signals in Chen Hao's and their hands would be non-existent, so that was one of the main reasons why Chen Hao vetoed the idea.

Hearing Chen Hao's explanation, Lei Lie also agreed.

The three of them entered the village and were brought straight home by the old man.

The arrival of Chen Hao's three people instantly attracted the attention of everyone in the entire village, who would have wanted an outsider to even come from the other side of the mountain.

"Old man, I wonder how to address you?"

When he arrived at the old man's home, Chen Hao asked the old man a question.

"This village is called Moonhaven Village, I am the head of this village, I am called Lin Shanqi."

After the old man heard this, he immediately replied towards Chen Hao, telling his identity and name.

After the three of Chen Hao listened, they nodded their heads in understanding.

"Village Chief Lin, why is this called the Moonhaven Village?"


Lei Li was curious again.


Lin Shanqi just smiled faintly.

"Wait until tonight and you'll know."

Then Lin Shanqi gave a reply, deliberately selling it without explanation.

Lei Lie also shrugged his shoulders.

Soon, Lin Shanqi brought many food and drinks and placed them in front of Chen Hao's trio.

"You guys have come all the way here, you must be famished and tired, come, eat something first!"

Lin Shanqi smiled and looked at Chen Hao's three men calmly and said.

"Thank you Village Chief for your hospitality, it's really great, I'm starving to death!"

Without waiting for Chen Hao to open his mouth, Lei Lie on one side immediately opened his mouth and responded towards Lin Shanqi.

After saying that, Lei Lie immediately started gobbling up a meal, just like a starving ghost who hadn't eaten for a hundred years.

The three of them hadn't eaten for a whole day, so of course Lei Lie, as a young man, had already gone crazy with hunger, so how could he stand to see food?

Seeing Lei Lie so hungry, village head Lin Shanqi also revealed a smile.

Chen Hao was also helpless, he could do nothing about Lei Lie, he could only still have Lei Lie's appearance.

Then, Chen Hao and Wang Yun then ate at the same time as well.

"Right, Village Chief, let me ask you something, do you know if a cave exists within this mountain?"

After eating for a while, Chen Hao then looked up at Lin Shanqi again and asked.

Lin Shanqi was stunned when he heard.

"A cave, what are you guys looking for a cave for?"Lin Shanqi asked curiously.

"It's like this, we're looking for an important item, and according to our investigation, that item will most likely exist in a cave in this mountain."

Chen Hao narrated towards Lin Shanqi, but didn't fully give away the purpose of their own visit.

"Oh, so that's it, the cave does exist, but there are many caves on this mountain, and I don't know which one specifically is what you need!"

Lin Shanqi, on the other hand, was doubtful and said towards Chen Hao.

"Are there any caves that are a little more special?"

Chen Hao continued to ask without giving up.

"A little more special?Let me think ah, I remember once I went to a cave where I did see a stone wall similar to a gate, but I left later because I was pressed for time."

Lin Shanqi pondered for a moment before speaking towards Chen Hao again to reply.

"Oh?Mayor, do you remember where that cave is now, then?"

After hearing this, Chen Hao was violently surprised and immediately hurried towards the village chief to continue his question.

"Mm.I'll think about it."

After hearing this, Lin Shanqi once again fell into thought.

It was only after a while that Lin Shanqi reacted and woke up with a start.

"I remember, that cave entrance is very special, with these two huge stone pillars, it's very noticeable!"

Lin Shanqi didn't tell the exact location of the cave, but rather about the cave entrance.

But with this description, then it would be easy to find, at least it was better than having no clues at all.

"Good, then thank you, Village Chief, we'll go forward tomorrow to take a look!"

Chen Hao also immediately thanked Lin Shanqi.

"Oh, no need to thank, no need to thank!"

Lin Shanqi also responded with a smile.

It was already night time, and the entire surrounding sky was incomparably bleak.

Only a bright crescent moon rose high in the sky, located over the entire Moonhaven Village, and the bright moonlight shone down and enveloped the entire village.

At this time, the entire village was completely quiet, and the roads in the village were devoid of a single person, resting from house to house with their lights out in their respective homes.

This was the way of life in this village, completely different from the bustling city outside the mountains.

Chen Hao and the three of them had also been arranged by Lin Shanqi for a place to rest.

"Brother Chen, do you think we can find that cave tomorrow?"

In the evening, Lei Lie then asked towards Chen Hao.

"From what the village chief said, it should be true, it shouldn't be too hard to find according to the description the village chief said!"

Chen Hao immediately responded towards Lei Lie.

"Alright, but Brother Chen, do you think Lin Tianyuan's gang has left the cave yet?"

Lei Lie was worried again and asked towards Chen Hao.

"They must have already discovered that exit and must have left, the three of us can leave and they all can and will!"

Chen Hao said indifferently, not a trace of worry existing in his tone.

Even if Lin Tianyuan's group left then so what?

The three of Chen Hao were always one step ahead of them anyway, so there was no need to worry about them catching up.

Even if they did catch up, Chen Hao wouldn't be afraid.

After a conversation, the three of them went to sleep.

They slept until the moment of dawn the next day before the trio woke up.

"Knock knock!"

At that moment only the door of the room was knocked on.

"Three little friends, can you wake up?"

Just outside the door came the village chief's voice, asking towards the three people in the house, Chen Hao.

When Chen Hao heard it, he immediately got up and walked to the door to open it.

"Village Chief, it's so early!"

Upon seeing the village chief, Chen Hao smiled at Lin Shanqi and greeted him.

"Oh, it's like this, we'll be going into the mountains later, so I just wanted to ask if you guys want to come with us?"

Once Lin Shanqi smiled lightly, he suggested towards Chen Hao.

"Of course, Village Chief, then you guys wait a moment, the three of us will simply pack up and leave!"

After hearing this, Chen Hao also immediately became energetic as he looked at Lin Shanqi and agreed.

With Lin Shanqi and the others personally leading them, then it would be easy for them to find that cave.

"There's no hurry, you guys get up first, I've already had breakfast prepared, after breakfast, we'll go together!"

Lin Shanqi reminded Chen Hao again.

"Well, yes, thank you, Village Chief, for your hospitality!"

Chen Hao also thanked Lin Shanqi very politely.

Not only did he come to wake them up, but he also prepared breakfast for them, it was really great, of course the three of them had to thank him properly.

Soon, Chen Hao's three men immediately packed their bags.

After going to the village chief's house and simply eating a rich breakfast, the three of them set off into the mountain with the village chief, Lin Shanqi, and the others.

This high mountain was over a thousand meters above sea level, so it could be said to be very high, and the road up the mountain was very difficult, if it wasn't for the village chief Lin Shanqi's leadership, I'm afraid that just the three of Chen Hao would not really be able to get into his feet to walk here.

"Brother Chen, this mountain road is too difficult to walk on!"

Lei Lie was also unaccustomed to launching a whine at Chen Hao.

"You brat should stop whining so much!"

Chen Hao immediately grumbled a count towards Lei Lie.

When he heard Chen Hao's count, Lei Lie also shut his mouth for a moment.


"Oh, little friend, there's no way to get up this mountain, we've been exploring it for years and years, it's all still pretty good, some of it's not even walkable, it's all about climbing up!"

The village head, Lin Shanqi, who was walking in front, laughed at Lei Lie's words and poked fun at him as well.

This kind of mountain path was indeed difficult for the three of Chen Hao, but the three of them had no choice but to endure to get used to it if they wanted to find that cave.

How could some things succeed without going to pay some price?

After an hour of trekking, the group finally arrived at a location that was easy to walk to, and they were already several hundred meters away from the foot of the mountain, so they could be considered to have arrived at a location halfway up the mountain.

Looking at the deep valley a few hundred meters below, it would really cause a slight sense of fear within one's heart.

"Three little friends, there is the cave you are looking for!"

At that moment, only Lin Shanqi looked at the three of Chen Hao and signaled.

Hearing Lin Shanqi's words, Chen Hao three immediately cast their eyes in the direction Lin Shanqi was pointing.

At a glance, there were indeed two stone pillars at a cave entrance.

It seemed that this place should be the place that Chen Hao's three were looking for.

"Good, then thanks to the village chief, we can just go there ourselves!"

Chen Hao then thanked Lin Shanqi and said.

"Well, then, be more careful yourselves, and when you come back, just come straight back to the village and look for me!"

Lin Shanqi was again kind enough to offer towards the three Chen Hao.

"Yes, thank you, Village Chief!"

Chen Hao and the three of them thanked each other in unison at the same time.

After saying that, the three of them walked towards that cave together and then said goodbye to Lin Shanqi.

Lin Shanqi said goodbye to the other few villagers as well, and then they continued to head up the mountain.

Soon, the three of them arrived at the mouth of the cave.

When they arrived at the mouth of the cave, they saw that there was a large rock platform inside, and indeed just as Lin Shanqi had described, there was indeed a stone wall that existed similar to a gate.

"Brother Chen, this stone door should be opened with some sort of mechanism, right?"

Lei Lie looked at the stone walled gate in front of him towards Chen Hao and suggested.

"You're right, there must be some sort of mechanism around here to open this gate!"

Chen Hao said in agreement to Lei Lie's words as well.

"Then let's hurry up and find it!"

Wang Yun was also excited.

As soon as the words fell, the three of them immediately searched the entire surrounding area.

After searching for a while, the effort was worthwhile, and it was true that the three of them had found the mechanism that opened the gate.

The mechanism was a shape similar to the eight trigrams.

"Isn't this the eight trigrams."

Lei Lie also spoke out immediately after seeing it.

"Brother Chen, do you understand the eight trigrams?"

After saying that, Lei Lie then looked at Chen Hao again and asked.

After hearing this, Chen Hao also nodded slightly.

"The eight trigrams are also known as the eight gates, and each gate exists with different meanings, but I don't particularly understand the secret art of feng shui, and I only understand a bit about it!"

Chen Hao gave a simple explanation and then said with a puzzled look.

It seemed that in order to open this stone wall gate, we must unlock this bagua diagram, and the desire to unlock this bagua diagram was definitely related to this feng shui secret technique.

"Then what do we do, Brother Chen you don't know feng shui.How are we going to get in?"

Wang Yun looked at Chen Hao in confusion and asked.

"Don't worry, there will be a way, I don't understand it, but I still understand it somewhat, the general method of entering such places is definitely not too difficult, coming out is the real problem."

Chen Hao stared at Wang Yun and Lei Lie and explained to the two of them.

After the explanation, Chen Hao looked at this gossip map in front of himi and carefully pondered.

"I see!"

After a while, Chen Hao opened his mouth in alarm.

"I see, this Bagua diagram isn't the mechanism that opens this stone walled door, but rather wants to tell us where the mechanism exists!"

Chen Hao analyzed it in detail.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Hao searched for the location according to the location presented by the eight trigrams.

"Right and left are kan, front and back are li!"

Chen Hao mouthed the sentence.

Searching based on this spoken word, Chen Hao had indeed found where the organ was located.

An ordinary person really couldn't find a mechanism like this, unless they really knew about Bagua Feng Shui.

It could only be said that Chen Hao was just lucky, and the previous ones were quite simple, allowing him to successfully find the location of the organ.

After finding the organ, Chen Hao directly twisted it.

With the twisting of the mechanism, he saw the stone wall gate begin to tremble violently.

Immediately afterwards, the stone door opened wide and a pitch-black passage was presented before Chen Hao's three eyes.

Seeing the passage in front of them, the three of them looked at each other at the same time.

"Brother Chen, you've succeeded!"

Wang Yun looked at Chen Hao excitedly and said.

Then, the three of them immediately used to walk into the passageway and headed inside the cave.

As the three of them walked in, the stone wall door at the entrance of the passage closed.

Just as Chen Hao had said, getting in was easy, getting out was really a big problem.

However, since they were here, then let's both come in and go in first to find out what's going on.

Lei Lie took out a flashlight from his bag and handed it to Chen Hao and Wang Yun, and the three of them each had a flashlight, shining a light on the passage all the way inside.

Honestly, it would be really easy to feel inexplicably scared in such a pitch black environment.

But fortunately, they were not alone, but three people together, so there would always be a little comfort and security.

Soon, Chen Hao and the three of them walked out of the tunnel, which was a hundred meters long.

But as soon as they exited the passage, the three of them were blocked by another wall, and they really had just climbed out of a pit and fell into another one.

"Why is there another wall here?"

Lei Lie looked at the wall in front of him towards Chen Hao and asked in confusion.

Chen Hao looked at the wall in front of him and stretched out his hand to touch the wall.


The moment Chen Hao first touched it, the entire wall began to shake.

Immediately afterwards, the wall moved directly to one side and opened up.

As the wall was opened, the scene that was reflected in Chen Hao's eyes shocked the three of them.

That's right, in front of them was a pile of gold and silver treasures as tall as a mountain, with countless gold coins scattered on the ground, emitting this golden glow.

In an instant, the entire inside lit up with candlelight.

"I'm going!"

Seeing this scene, Lei Lie and Wang Yun both screamed out in shock.

Both of them were shocked by the scene in front of them.

"Oh my god, so many gold coins, we're going to be rich!"

Wang Yun shouted with excitement and then rushed straight in.

Seeing Wang Yun rushing in, Chen Hao subconsciously tried to stop him, but he was deeply attracted to something.


That's right, there was a treasure box at the top of the pile of treasures.

When he saw this treasure box, Chen Hao knew that it was what he was looking for.

It really did appear here, and it was really all work and effort.

Chen Hao didn't bother with Lei Lie and Wang Yun, but walked towards the treasure box himself.

One step after another, Chen Hao stepped on the gold and silver beneath his feet and walked towards the top.

As Chen Hao walked, countless treasures were slipping down.

Seeing this scene, Wang Hui became even more excited and immediately took out his direct backpack and began to fill it up.

Such gold and silver treasures, he had never seen them before in his life, it was too exciting for him.

Lei Lie, on the other hand, was standing on the side watching Wang Yun's appearance and actions.

Although Lei Lie also wanted to be shocked that so many gold coins and treasures placed in front of his eyes would be so tempting, Lei Lie chose to restrain his desire.

Because his own brother Chen Hao had instructed him not to move no matter what happened, so he had to obey Chen Hao's words.

At this time, Chen Hao had already reached the top and removed the treasure box.

When he opened the box, he saw that there was a jade pendant inside, which was crystal clear and emerald green, with a butterfly pattern.

This jade pendant was what Chen Hao had been trying to find.

As for the purpose, only Chen Hao himself knew, no one knew what the jade pendant's use was.

Chen Hao took the jade pendant out of it, and then put it into his clothes to keep it safe, it was the most important thing, and must not be discovered by others.

Chen Hao then came down from it, and then prepared to leave.

Since the jade pendant had been obtained, his purpose for coming here had been accomplished, so it was better to leave quickly.

"Alright, let's go!"

Chen Hao reminded the two of them towards Lei Lie and Wang Yun.

"Brother Chen, are you really just going to leave?"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Wang Yun immediately shouted towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at Wang Yun who was still standing among those gold and silver treasures.

"Wang Yun, do you remember what I told you?When you come in, don't touch or take away any treasure, no matter how much you have!"

Chen Hao looked at Wang Yun as he spoke word by word.

"I know, Brother Chen, but.Aren't you at all moved in the face of these things?Brother Chen, think about it, with this, we won't have to worry about food and drink for the rest of our lives."

Wang Yun, on the other hand, looked at Chen Hao excitedly and suggested.

As Chen Hao looked at Wang Yun, he noticed that something was wrong, he noticed that Wang Yun had changed into a different person, his eyes were filled with extreme desire, and he even flashed a red light from time to time.

And of course, only Chen Hao could see all of this.

"Wang Yun, I'll say it again, walk away, don't take it!"

Chen Hao once again reminded Wang Yun solemnly towards him.

"I don't, Chen Hao, if you don't let me take it, then you're still taking something yourself, you can take it, why can't I?"

Wang Yun broke into an unprecedented retort towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao didn't know how to explain, as this jade pendant was not of the same value as these gold and silver treasures.

"Brother Hai, just listen to my brother Chen, hurry up and leave, don't take these, they might not even be clean!"

Lei Lie on the other side was also persuading loudly towards Wang Yun.

But Wang Yun had been completely consumed by desire, where would he easily listen to Chen Hao and Lei Lie's words.

"Don't even think about it, I'm telling you, today I, Wang Yun, will definitely bring out these treasures, since you don't want them, don't blame me for being ruthless, I won't share them with you, they're all mine!"

Wang Yun was now completely mad, glaring at Chen Hao and Lei Lie and roaring.


Lei Lie didn't know what to say about Wang Yun at all anymore, but he looked at Chen Hao beside him.

"Brother Chen.What do we do now?"

Lei Lie looked at Chen Hao and inquired.

Chen Hao stared straight at Wang Yun, narrowing his own eyes, he knew that Wang Yun was completely out of control, a person's demons and greed were the most frightening.

"Wang Yun, I'll ask you once more, are you leaving!"

Chen Hao was a little angry and his tone filled with anger as he stared at Wang Yun and asked again.

"I'm not leaving!"

While Wang Yun listened, he shouted back at Chen Hao.

This caused Chen Hao's heart to burn with anger.

Chen Hao decided not to talk nonsense with Wang Yun anymore, and then took a direct step forward, preparing to walk towards Wang Yun.

But just as Chen Hao took his first step, he saw the entire surrounding candle flame instantly go out.

After the original candle flame was extinguished, what once again overflowed was a phosphorescent green fire.

"Not good!"

Chen Hao saw the situation and thought to himself.

"Wang Yun, get up here!"

Then Chen Hao shouted a warning at Wang Yun loudly.

The actual actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day.

Wang Yun's entire body was directly melted by the green water, not even a bit of bone residue left.

Seeing this scene, Chen Hao and Lei Lie were both stunned.

They did not expect such an organ to exist, but it seemed that this was the retribution and price that came from greed.

"Lei Lie, go!"

With Wang Yun already dead, Chen Hao had no choice but to turn around and shout at Lei Lie, before dragging him out immediately, leaving the cave and rushing into the passage they had just come from.

As soon as they left the cave, they saw the wall close up.

If they were a few seconds late, I'm afraid that Chen Hao and the two wouldn't be able to get out and would end up in the same situation as Wang Yun.

The two of them sat in the passage.

"Brother Chen.Brother Hai he."

Lei Lie looked at Chen Hao with some sadness and asked, it was the first time he had ever seen a person die alive in front of him, and it really frightened him too much.

"He's already dead."

Chen Hao also said indifferently.

Although Wang Yun's death made Chen Hao sad as well, none of this was the outcome they wanted to see.

If Wang Yun couldn't stop being greedy and didn't insist on doing that, then he wouldn't be punished.

Wang Yun's downfall was this cave's punishment for Wang Yun.

"What are those greenish waters?"

Lei Lie was curious again towards Chen Hao.

"I don't know, but it should be like something strong like sulfuric acid that can corrode everything!"

Chen Hao directly proceeded to explain towards Lei Lie.

Wang Yun, his own good brother, had ended up in such a situation because he had gotten greedy.

But one thing that pleased Chen Hao was that at least Lei Lie wasn't like Wang Yun.

"Lei Lie, you did well this time, you didn't get greedy and you didn't move around!"

Chen Hao then looked towards Lei Lie and stretched out his hand to pat Lei Lie's shoulder in praise.

Hearing Chen Hao's praise, Lei Lie wasn't a bit happy, after all, they had just lost a teammate.


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