Secret Identity 1801-1810


Amazing son-in-law Chapter 1801

At this moment, Tokyo Police Department.

      The Chief of Police finally breathed a sigh of relief when he was told that Yuuhiko Ito had been taken to the hospital and that his life was not in danger.

      He pulled out a cigarette and tapped it backwards on the pack to make the tobacco firmer, before pulling out his lighter to light the cigarette and take a puff.

      It was only a few moments later that he exclaimed, "Oh my, it looks like this weird day is finally coming to an end ......"

      The person next to him hurriedly said, "Chief, the Su siblings have not been found yet ......"

      The police chief boarded up and said angrily, "Can't you just cut me some slack?The Su siblings are still in an unknown state of life and death for now!"

      Saying that, he added, "Life and death unknown means you don't know if you're dead or alive, at least not for sure that you're dead, my request tonight is simple, don't tell me anyone died and I'll be satisfied, the rest will wait until tomorrow!"

      The person next to him quickly nodded and said, "Director, you've worked hard all day and night, so why don't you just go home and rest first."

      "Mm."The Chief of the Police Department smoked a cigarette and said, "It's time to go home and take a good rest."

      Just as he was about to leave the Police Department, someone suddenly ran in in a panic and took off, "Chief, Chief!Something's wrong Commissioner!"

      The Chief of Police is going crazy and takes off, "What's going on again?!"

      The other side was upbeat and said, "It's Matsumoto ......Matsumoto ......Something's happened to the Matsumoto family!"

      The police chief was confused and said, "First it was Shinji Takahashi, then it was Yukihiko Ito, and now it's Yoshito Matsumoto, can't you give me a break?You say!What happened to Yoshihito Matsumoto?Still alive?"

      In his opinion, as long as the person was still alive, it didn't matter even if they were injured or disabled, anyway, his only request was that no one else died.

      As a result, the other party said with a frightened face, "Director, something terrible has happened to the Matsumoto family!All thirty people up and down the family, all ......All of them are dead ......"


      As soon as the police chief heard this, he dropped the cigarette butt in despair, grabbed his hair with both hands in a death grip, and broke down, "I'm going to crack!!!!What the hell is going on here?Is this still the Tokyo I know?Why is it that people are dying without end?!"

      The other side is also very devastated, off the cuff: "Tonight the Matsumoto house suddenly burst into flames, after the firefighters put out the fire, found all of the Matsumoto family were neatly lying in the living room, burned beyond recognition, this is obviously murder before arson ah, the scene is not to mention how miserable, many firefighters have vomited into the hospital!"first issue

      As soon as the police chief heard this, he felt his blood pressure rise and muttered curses under his breath, "I ......I Damn ......I ......"

      Before he finished speaking, his entire face went black and he completely fainted.


      Meanwhile the ancient city of Kyoto.

      Ye Chen and Itachi Nachiko, strolled in the snow for a long time.

      During that time, Ito Nachiko told Ye Chen that she had stayed in the residence without going out since she had come to the capital to recover from her injuries, so she really wanted to go out for a walk.

      So, Ye Chen took her with him and quietly climbed over the wall to leave the Ito residence and strolled through the streets of Kyoto hand in hand.

Chapter 1802 

 Itoh Cabbage had a belly full of things she wanted to say to Ye Chen, but didn't know where to start for a while, so she confided in Ye Chen about her childhood and past.
      Even though she was born into a wealthy family, Ito Nao-chan's childhood was not a happy one.
      Her mother died early and her father never remarried, but that couldn't make up for Ito's childhood shortcomings.
      Moreover, Yuohiko Ito was so busy working all day that he had very little time to devote to Nana Ito, and because of Yuohiko Ito's serious and humorless personality, Nana Ito's childhood lacked a lot of love and care.
      Ito's mother was a lady's daughter, so when she was alive, she always taught Ito Nadeshiko in a very traditional way, and Ito Nadeshiko grew up learning the tea ceremony, illustration, embroidery as well as feminine kimono from her mother, and even read a lot of poetry, so it can be said that the Yamato Nadeshiko side of her personality was given by her mother.
      However, after her mother's death, Nadeshiko Ito fell in love with martial arts, and that was because she felt that she could temporarily forget the sadness and unhappiness in her life when she practiced it.
      At first, she only practiced martial arts to escape from reality, but over time, she became thoroughly fond of it.
      After she finished her story, she chased after Ye Chen and asked him, "Ye Chen-kun, can you tell me the story of your childhood?"
      Ye Chen laughed bitterly, "When I was a child ......My childhood was of two extremes, I lived a good life until the age of eight, my parents were loving, my family was wealthy and well fed, but at the age of eight, my parents met with an accident and died, I fell into the streets and became an orphan, then I've been growing up in an orphanage ......"
      "Huh?!"When Ito Naija heard this, she was surprised and said with some heartache, "I'm sorry, Ye Chen-kun, Naija didn't mean ......"
      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "It's fine, no need to say sorry."
      Ito Rape lamented, "So much so, my childhood was much happier than Ye Tatsun-kun, my father-sama, although he was strict and careless with me in his daily life, he still loved me inside, but his way of showing it was not so soft in comparison ......"
      Saying that, Itoh Cabbage looked towards Ye Chen and said seriously, "Ye Chen-kun, in fact, you and Father-sama's conflict, I have heard Tian Zhong talk about it before, the reason why I pretend not to know is because I don't want Ye Chen-kun to feel embarrassed, but in fact, Father-sama's nature is not bad, if there is a chance, I still hope that you can ice out and become friends ......"
      In fact, deep down inside, what Itachi really wanted to say wasn't that she wanted Yatsuo and her father to become friends.debut
      In her heart, she dreamt of the two becoming a true son-in-law relationship.
      It was just that she knew that Ye Chen had already been married, so she could only hide such words in the most secret places of her heart and would never say them.
      Ye Chen didn't think much about it at this point and nodded slightly, "If there's a chance, I will."
      Itachi immediately became happy and said seriously, "That would be great!But Ye Chenjun mustn't misunderstand me, I want you to become friends with father-sama, not for the four and a half billion dollars, Ye Chenjun must keep this money for himself and not give it to father-sama!"
      Ye Chen couldn't help but laugh out loud and asked her, "Why are you turning your elbows outward?Four and a half billion dollars is a lot of money!"
      Ito-chan blushed and said softly, "It doesn't matter, Ye Tatsun-kun saved my life and healed my wounds, this money will be Father-sama's reward to Ye Tatsun-kun!"
      Ye Chen couldn't help but laugh out loud, and said happily, "If your father knew, he would probably be pissed off at you."
      Itoh Cabbage threw up her tongue and was about to speak, but her phone suddenly vibrated.
      She was a little surprised, "Who would call me at such a late hour, it can't be that the maids found out that I escaped, right?"
      Saying that, she quickly pulled out her phone and said in surprise, "Oh my, it's Father-sama!"

Chapter 1803 

Ito-chan didn't think that her father would call her so late at night.

      So, she was a little nervous and said to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun, I need to take a call from father-sama ......"

      Yeh Chen nodded and smiled, "Answer it."

      Ito Naija was so busy that she pressed the answer button and asked carefully, "Father-sama, what is it that you're calling Naija so late at night?"

      On the other end of the phone, Ito Yuuhiko's weak voice came out, "Veggie, Dad had a little accident, and I'm calling to make sure you're safe, is everything okay in Kyoto?"

      Itachi Nabiki hurriedly asked, "Father-sama, what has happened to you?!Does it matter?!"

      Ito Yuuhiko said, "I was chased together with Tanaka, I was lucky to escape, but I was afraid that they would still be plotting against you, so I called to confirm."

      At this moment, Yuuhiko Ito was lying in the intensive care unit of the Tokyo hospital, where the family's ninjas, bodyguards, and officers from the Tokyo Police Department had secured the hospital inside and out.

      Yuuhiko Ito, who was lying on the hospital bed, didn't look like he had any serious external injuries at first glance, but his legs had disappeared below the knees, and only a thick gauze was wrapped around the end of both thighs.

      After falling from the viaduct, Yuuhiko Ito's brain and internal organs were not too badly damaged, though.

      However, the legs, which were primarily responsible for the impact of the fall, were badly injured.

      The soles of his feet, ankles, and calf bones had almost completely shattered, and his flesh and blood were really horrible.

      In this situation, the doctor also concluded that his legs were completely incapable of recovering again.

      Moreover, the shattered bones and severely damaged muscles had lost their vitality and faced a huge risk of infection.

      Therefore, only by amputating the severely damaged parts as soon as possible, the damage could be stopped in time to save Yukihiko Ito's life.

      For an ordinary person, once the tissues of the body have died extensively and drastically, there is basically no possibility of re-repairing them.

      If the limb is severely injured, if the limb is not amputated, the decaying and infected area will soon be linked to the entire body, eventually leading to death.

      At the time, when the doctor was asking for his opinion, Ito Yuuhiko barely hesitated.

      He was considered a baron with guts and knowledge, and was able to clearly judge the situation he was facing at a critical moment.

      In his opinion, it was already fortunate to be able to save his life, and if he was unwilling to accept amputation and continue to delay, he would likely lose his life as a result.

      To him, nothing was more important to him than surviving, except for his own daughter.

      Koichi Tanaka, on the other hand, was in almost exactly the same situation as Yuuhiko Ito, who had also undergone amputation of both legs below the knee, picked up his life, and was now recuperating in the next ward.

      Not knowing that her father had undergone amputation, Ito Nashiko was anxiously chasing after him, "Father-sama, are you all right?Is there any injury, any danger?"

      Ito Yuuhiko sighed lightly and said, "Tanaka and I both suffered some injuries to our legs, we're now being treated in the hospital, but the good news is that it's not life-threatening, you can rest assured."

      Saying that, Ito Yuuhiko added, "The world has been very unsettled lately, you must be careful in Kyoto, I'm going to send a few ninja over to protect you!"

      Itachi Nana-chan blurted out, "Father-sama, Nana-chan wants to go back to Tokyo to see you!"

Chapter 1804 

Ito Yuuhiko was busy saying, "Just don't come, Tokyo is very chaotic right now, too many people have already died in just a day or two, besides you're sick right now, it's better for you to recuperate in Kyoto."

      Ito Nana-chan hurriedly said, "Father-sama, I'm all healed, don't worry, I'll go to Tokyo as soon as possible to take care of you!"Fastest Update

      Naturally, Ito Yuuhiko didn't believe that his daughter's injuries would heal, and naturally thought that Ito Nana-chan was merely trying to comfort him.

      So he spoke in a serious tone and said to Ito Neko, "Neko, you have to listen to my words and stay honestly in Kyoto, don't go anywhere, and don't come to Tokyo!"

      Ito Nana-chan tried to say something else, but Ito Yuuhiko was furious and said, "If I find out you dared to sneak into Tokyo, I won't have a daughter like you!"

      Saying that, she just hung up the phone.

      Ito Naija boarded up in tears, her heart was incredibly worried about her dad's safety, and although she was almost certain that the dad on the phone really didn't look like his life was in danger, she always felt that his injuries weren't as understated as he had said on the phone.

      At the side, Ye Chen opened his mouth to ask her, "Nana-chan, something happened to your dad?"

      "Well ......"Itachi nodded tearfully and said, "Father-sama called to say that he encountered a chase and is now in the hospital ......"

      After saying that, she looked at Ye Chen and choked, "Ye Chen-kun, I'm so worried ......"

      Ye Chen was not comforted, "Your father shouldn't be in danger of dying, so you don't have to worry too much."

      Itoh Naija shook her head and said, "I'm afraid that Father-sama is hiding something from me ......"

      Saying that, she looked at Ye Chen thirstily and asked, "Ye Chen-kun, I want to go back to Tokyo, you ......can you help me?"

      Ye Chen asked her, "How do you want me to help you?"

      Itachi said, "Father-sama won't let me go back, if I talk to my servants at home, they will definitely not agree to it either, and may even ground me, now that we've slipped out, I don't want to go back, I hope Yatsuo-kun can lend me some money, I'll wait for morning and take the first Shinkansen back to Tokyo!"

      Ye Chen saw her look incomparably eager, sighed lightly and said, "It's just after midnight, the Shinkansen will at least wait until morning, why don't I drive you back, it's just over three hours if it's fast."


      Itachi Nana looked at Yatsuo excitedly and asked off the cuff, "Is Yatsuo-kun really willing to drive me to Tokyo?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "I've said it all, can I still lie to you?"

      Itachi said, "But ......But didn't Yatsumi-kun have business in Osaka?If you send me to Tokyo, will it delay Yatsuo-kun's business in Osaka?"

      "It's fine."Ye Chen smiled calmly and said comfortingly, "You don't need to worry about me, someone is helping me with Osaka, the priority now is to send you back to Tokyo to meet your father first, so you don't have to worry about him all the time."

      Ito Nana-chan grabbed Ye Chen's hands and said in a grateful voice, "Ye Chen-kun, thank you so much ......"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Okay, don't say anything polite, it just so happens that my car is parked nearby, let's leave now."

      "Good!"Itoh Cabbage nodded repeatedly, looking at Ye Chen's eyes, which were already full of gratitude and obsession.

      The Ye Chen at this time, in her eyes, was a Gestapo hero sent by the heavens to save himself ......

Chapter 1805  

Late at night, Yeh Chen drove the car, carrying Itochi, as he sped on his way back to Tokyo.

      Midway through the journey, Richard Chen calls Yeh Chen and asks if he has finished his business and when he will return to Osaka.

      Yeh Chen told him he wouldn't be able to return for a while and expected to be back until daylight tomorrow.

      Richard Chen didn't know what was on Ye Chen's mind, but he knew that Ye Chen was extremely strong and no one should be able to threaten him in Japan, so he was relieved.

      Ito, who was sitting on the passenger side, looked nervous the whole way, and although Yuuhiko Ito claimed on the phone that he was not in danger, Ito was still vaguely worried.

      More than three hours later, Yatsuo drove the car back to Tokyo and parked it in front of the best hospital in Tokyo, the Tokyo University Hospital.

      This hospital, which was the highest ranked hospital in the world, represented the highest level of treatment in Japan.

      Once the car was parked, Itachi couldn't wait to push the door and get out of the car, but before she got out, she looked at Ye Chen and asked, "Ye Chen-kun, do you want to come up with me?"

      Ye Chen was slightly embarrassed and said, "Your father probably doesn't want to see me too much, right?"

      Itachi Nana-chan said seriously, "Yatsuo-kun, you saved my life, even if it's a big misunderstanding and a past, I'm sure Father-sama won't mind anymore!"

      Ye Chen pondered slightly for a moment and said, "Okay, then I'll go with you."

      In fact, what Ye Chen was thinking was also very simple, Ito Yuhiko was after all the father of Itachi Nana-chan, if his health condition was really serious, he might be able to help a little.

      When they arrived at the floor of the intensive care unit, they found that it was all filled with people, starting from the elevator, to the lounge and corridors.

      Most of them were people from the Ito family, and a small half were members of the special warfare team sent by the Tokyo Police Department.

      As soon as the elevator doors opened, the crowd outside looked vigilantly towards the elevator compartment and were surprised to find that it was Ito Nana-chan and a strange man.

      At that moment, a middle-aged woman quickly ran over and asked in surprise, "What are you doing here, Cabbage Patch?!"

      The person who spoke, Ito Emi, was Ito Yuuhiko's sibling and Ito Cabbage Patch's aunt.

      As soon as she saw her, Ito Cabbage hurriedly bowed and said, "Aunt, how is he, father-sama?"

      Emi Ito looked forlorn and exclaimed, "Brother his vitals are stable and the doctor said he's out of danger, but ......"

      Itoh Nabiki trailed off and asked, "But what?!"

      "Hey ......"Ito Emi sighed and said seriously, "Brother's legs are seriously injured, the doctors have amputated his legs below the knees to save his life, and for the rest of his life, I'm afraid he'll have to use a wheelchair or use prosthetic legs ......"

      "Ah?!"Itachi's tears came to her eyes.

      Hearing about her father's double leg amputation, she was naturally heartbroken inside.

      She was well aware of her father's character, being strong and resilient throughout his life, and having someone like him confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life was indeed a very heavy blow.

      It was like her own mentor, Yamamoto Kazuki, who had studied martial arts all his life, but never thought that because he had underestimated Ye Chen's strength and was beaten into a cripple, the original martial arts expert could only lie in bed and struggle to survive, this kind of blow was fatal.

      Ye Chen didn't frown at this point.

      Ito Yuuhiko's luck was not sure if it was good or bad.

      To say that his luck was bad, but he had at least picked up a life, otherwise, I'm afraid that he would have been separated from Ito Caiyao's yin and yang by now.

Chapter 1806  

To say that he was lucky, he actually only needed to amputate his leg a few hours late, and as long as he still had his leg, his own rejuvenation pills would be able to heal it.

      But if the leg had already been amputated, the rejuvenation pills could do nothing about it.

      The Rejuvenation Pill was strong, but it didn't have the power to revive an amputated limb.

      Moreover, Yuuhiko Ito was just injured tonight, so amputating a limb a few hours later wouldn't have much effect.

      After all, it takes time for damaged limb tissue to decay and become infected, and the doctor aids in some anti-inflammatory treatment, so a window of a few hours can still be completely fought off.

      If Itoh Yuuhiko had hesitated and considered a little, he might have been able to delay until he and Nana-chan arrived.

      However, what I didn't expect was that he would simply amputate the limb so neatly.

      Ye Chen reckoned that it was because the hospital felt that there was no longer any value in keeping Ito Yuuhiko's affected limb, and that's why he simply did the amputation so simply.

      This could only be said that Ito Yuuhiko's luck was not so good.

      At this time, Ito Nana, who was next to Yatsuo, was crying as she asked, "Aunt, Father-sama, is he ......Is he in good shape?Any particular anger or depression?"

      Emi Ito gently pulled Ito's hand and smiled, "Your father he saw it very openly this time, he told me himself that surviving is already the greatest gift, even if he becomes a handicapped person in the future, it's fine."

      Saying that, Emi Ito sighed again, "Actually, your father's greatest fear is not being injured and disabled, or losing his life, but not being able to accompany you and walk with you in your future journey, and you don't know how happy he is to have survived death this time!That's what a father's love is like!"

      Itachi's emotions could no longer be controlled and boarded up hugging Itachi Emi and crying out.

      While gently patting her back, Ito Emi remembered something and asked out of surprise, "Cabbage Patch, how did you ......How did you manage to stand up?!Didn't the doctor say you'll need to be dependent on a wheelchair all the time in the future?"

      Ito Cabbage looked towards Ye Chen and said truthfully to Ito Emi, "Aunt, everything is thanks to Ye Chen-kun, who healed me ......"

      "Yatsuo Yatsuo?!"Ito Emi was so shocked that she blurted out, "That's the one ......The one who relied on our Ito family for four and a half billion dollars, Ye Chen?!"

      Itachi Nana-chan was inevitably embarrassed and said, "Aunt, don't take the money thing too personally, Ye Chen-kun didn't just heal my injuries, he also saved my life!"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with a wonderful dusk novel to read.

      "Saved your life?!"Emi Ito took off and asked, "Are you in any danger, Cabbage Patch?"

      Nodding her head, Ito Nai-chan said, "Earlier tonight, Takahashi Shinji sent six Tenglin ninjas to Kyoto to try to kill me, thanks to Yatsuo-kun I was spared ......"

      Emi Ito stared at her and spoke out, "I never thought Takahashi Shinji would be so vicious!It's not even you!"

      Saying that, she looked towards Ye Chen and said seriously, "Mr. Ye, I'm not qualified to go overboard with the grudge between you and my brother, but on the matter of you saving Cabbage, I want to express my gratitude to you on behalf of my brother, and the entire Ito family!"

      As soon as her words fell, she immediately bowed to also very ninety degrees, keeping it for about three to five seconds.

      Ye Chen said calmly, "You're welcome, I'm friends with the vegetable, and these are also what friends should do."

      At this time, a doctor ran over and said to Ito Emi, "The patient is awake and wants to see the family, Ms. Ito please follow me."

      Emi Ito was busy saying to Rape Ito, "Rape Ito, let's go see your father together."

      Ito Rape nodded heavily and whirled around to ask Yatsuo-kun, "Yatsuo-kun, are you going?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, thinking that since this Ito Yuuhiko had already amputated his leg, he couldn't help much, so he said, "Cabbage, I won't go over there, so that Mr. Ito doesn't get agitated and affect his recovery after seeing me."

Chapter 1807  

The reason why Ye Chen came along was because he wanted to help out as much as he could for the sake of Itachi's


    Ito Nao-chan didn't force her to see this, and said softly, "Ye Chen-kun, then please wait here for a moment while I go in to see my father!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head "Go, don't mind me."

    Nodding lightly, Ito Nana-chan then went to the ward with her aunt Ito Emi.

    In the ward, Ito Yuuhiko had just recently awakened.

    After the amputation of both legs, the doctor had put him on a pain pump, so he basically couldn't feel any pain, but he had been a little worried about Ito Nana-chan, who was far away in Kyoto, so he couldn't sleep well either.

    Just now, he had a dream that Nanaako had an accident in Kyoto, so Ito Yuhiko woke up immediately and wanted to quickly tell his sister Ito Emi to send someone to bring Nanaako back to Tokyo as soon as possible.

    However, what he never dreamed of was that after the hospital room door was pushed open, the one who came in with his sister, Emi Ito, was his beloved baby daughter, Nanaako Ito!

    "Cabbage?!"Itoh Yuuhiko was surprised to get out of his mouth "What are you doing here?"

    When Itoh Nana-chan saw her father lying in a hospital bed, pale and bloodless, with his legs wrapped in thick gauze at the knees and disappearing without a trace below the knees, she burst into tears and cried out, "Odo-san!"

    After saying that, he ran to the hospital bed, grabbed Ito's hand and cried.

    Ito Yuhiko just came back to his senses, seeing his daughter safely in front of him, reassured, more floating a few points of relief, he said with a face of celebration, "Nana-chan, Odo-san really did not expect to see you alive, at this moment, to see you in front of me, it's really all worth it."

    Ito Nabiki cried, "Odo-san, you have suffered."

    Ito Yuuhiko smiled and said "No, no, no, Vegetable, Ondo-san knows in his heart that it's already the greatest luck to be alive, Ondo-san's heart is already satisfied!"

    Saying that, he suddenly remembered a detail from earlier and exclaimed in alarm, "Cai Cai Zi, how is it that your leg can walk?"

    Cabbage Ito choked out, "Odo-san, Cabbage almost died tonight under the knife of the Tenglin Ninja."

    "What?!"Yuuhiko Ito was so shocked that he blurted out, "The Tenglin ninja went to assassinate you?"

    "Well!"Itachi nodded heavily and said, "The Tenglin family sent six ninjas to Kyoto to assassinate me."

    "Six ninjas?!"Ito Yuuhiko was even more horrified and incredibly nervous "Kyoto didn't leave ninjas to protect you, how did you escape?!"

    Ito-chan was busy "Thanks to Yatsuo-kun he saved me."

    "Ye Chen?!"Yuuhiko Ito stared "That Chinese guy?!"

    "Exactly!"Ito Naija was busy, "It's the Chinese Ye Chenjun, not only did he kill six Tenglin ninjas and save my life, but he also cured my injuries with magical pills, I'm now fully recovered as before, and I feel even better than before I was injured!"

    "Really?!"Yuuhiko Ito was pleasantly surprised and asked "Cabbage, you didn't lie to Eudoxan?"

    Ito Emi on the other side smiled and said "Brother, didn't you see that Cabbage just came running from the door?"

Chapter 1808 

"Oh yes!"Ito Yuuhiko was overjoyed and nodded repeatedly, saying excitedly, "Great!That's great!I dreamed of Cabbage being healed and able to get back on her feet, even more so than my own life!I never thought I'd get my wish!"

    Saying that, Ito Yuhiko asked Ito Nashiko "According to that, you came to Tokyo, I guess Yatsuo sent you here as well?"

    Ito-chan said truthfully "Yes Odo-san, it was Yatsuo-kun who drove me all the way from Kyoto to here in the middle of the night..vga."

    I'm not sure how much I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it if I can.

    "Good" Ito Yuuhiko sighed long and hard as if he was talking to himself "I have been hating Ye Chen to the bone for the past few days, but I never thought he would save my beloved daughter and heal her injuries, I am really a villain in comparison"

    Saying that, he hurriedly asked "Cabbage, where is Mr. Ye?"

    Ito Nao-chan was busy, "Back to Odo-san, Mr. Ye Tatsu-kun is outside."

    Ito Yuuhiko hurriedly tried to sit up straight with both hands and said seriously "Invite Mr. Yeh in, I want to thank him in person!"

    Itachi Nana-chan hesitated for a moment and said, "Odo-san, Yatsuo-kun said he was afraid you'd be angry if you saw him."

    "How so!"Ito Yuhiko said in all seriousness, "My conflict with him is nothing more than the $4.5 billion, but he saved your life!In Eudoxan's eyes, your life, let alone $4.5 billion, can't be exchanged for $45 billion!So, Mr. Yeh is my great benefactor, and I am trying to thank him in person."

    Ito Nana-chan hesitated for a few seconds and spoke up "Odo-san, I'm going to ask Yatsuo-kun, and if he's willing, I'll bring him in."

    Itoh Yuuhiko said instantly "Yes!Go on!"

    Itachi Nana came out of the hospital room and walked up to Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen was a little surprised and asked "Why did you come out so quickly?"

    Itachi Nana-chan fidgeted and said, "Yatsuke-kun's father-sama he he wants to see you."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly awkwardly, "He just finished amputation surgery, even if it's not life-threatening, his body should be quite weak, it's not appropriate to see me at a time like this, right?"

    Ito Nabiki hurriedly waved her hand and said, "That's not true!Father, he wants to thank Ye Chen-kun in person!Thank you Ye Chenjun for saving my life and healing my injuries."

    Ye Chen was surprised and asked "Your father really said that?"

    "Yes."Ito-chan nodded solemnly and said, "I promise Yatsuo-kun with my personality!"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and said generously, "In that case, I'll go and meet Mr. Ito."

    Then, Ye Chen followed Ito Nana-chan to Ito Yuuhiko's hospital room.

    As soon as he entered inside the hospital room, Ito Yuuhiko sat up with the help of Ito Emi, cupped his hands towards Ye Chen and said with immense devotion "Mr. Ye, thank you for saving my little daughter's life and healing her injuries, great kindness, the Ito family will never forget it!"

    Ye Chen really didn't expect Ito Yuuhiko's attitude to be so good, so he was a bit stunned at this moment.

    It was only with a smile that he said, "Ito-san is polite, I'm friends with the vegetable, and I should be doing all these things."

Chapter 1809 

Ito Yuuhiko sighed long and apologized, "I have offended Mr. Ye in many ways before, I hope Mr. Ye doesn't mind!"

      Ye Chen was generous, and with a slight smile, he said, "Mr. Ito is courteous, the previous misunderstanding is over, there is no need to mention it again."One second remember on the mobile phone to provide you with wonderful dreadful fiction reading.

      The subtext of Ye Chen's words was actually that the misunderstanding was no longer mentioned, and the matter of the four and a half billion dollars was not to be brought up again.

      Although he was not short of money, but the money that went into his pocket, he did not want to spit it out easily.

      It's not that he wants to blackmail Ito's money, but the point is that even if the money is spit out, it can't be spit out here in a few words.

      At the very least, the money would have to be taken out of his own pocket in the future, and to Ito Rai-chan when he needed it.

      But that would probably have to wait until Ito Nana-chan inherited the Ito family.

      Ito Yuuhiko was just as human as he was smart, and as soon as he heard that, he knew what Yatsuo meant.

      Four and a half billion dollars was indeed a huge sum of money, but since Ye Chen didn't want to give it, he wasn't going to chase Ye Chen for it.

      After all, Ye Chen had saved his daughter's life and allowed her to heal completely, which was truly a great kindness.

      Otherwise, even if his daughter wasn't in danger, she wouldn't be able to leave her wheelchair and illness for the rest of her life.

      So, Ito Yuhiko also consciously did not mention the matter of the 4.5 billion dollars, but asked very curiously, "Mr. Ye, how did you coincidentally save your little daughter, Cabbage Patch?"

      Ye Chen said truthfully, "I was originally in Osaka to take over Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's production line in Osaka, and when I heard that Miss Cabbage was in Kyoto, and Osaka is only a forty-minute drive from Kyoto, I thought of going to meet her, but I didn't expect to meet the Tenglin Family ninjas just in time to make a move on her, so I made my move."

      Saying that, Yatsuo inevitably sighed, "It's also coincidence, if I had arrived later, I probably wouldn't have been able to do anything about it."

      Ito Yuuhiko also nodded his head with a face full of fear and exclaimed, "Thanks a lot to Mr. Ye!"

      After saying that, he couldn't restrain his anger as he coldly said, "The Tenglin Clan's ninja is loyal to Takahashi Shinji, and I don't understand at all why Takahashi Shinji would want to do this to me!Everyone is competing for cooperation with the Su family, so even if there are some feuds and disagreements in the day-to-day life, there's no need for such a killer on my daughter, right?!"

      Ye Chen frowned at the moment, "What did you say?The Sox?Which SU?!?"

      Yuhiko Ito explained, "It's the Su family, the top big family in China right now, they want to engage in ocean shipping, and they're also interested in a few ports in Japan, so they want to work with a Japanese family, and we, the Ito family and the Takahashi family, are on their alternative list."

Chapter 1810

Damn the Soviet family!

      In the beginning, it was the Su family who took the lead and united countless other families in Yanjing to create an "Anti-Yeh Alliance" to make an enemy of his own father!

      Although he couldn't be sure whether the death of his parents was the work of the Su family, and the Anti-Yeh Alliance or not.

      However, one could at least be sure of one thing!

      The Su family is definitely not going to be able to drag their feet on this matter!first issue

      But what I didn't expect was that I had saved the eldest grandson and granddaughter of my enemy's family!

      At this moment, Ye Chen regretted in his heart!

      The revenge of the parents is not to be shared!

      Even if you don't take the initiative to make the Su descendants pay, you shouldn't save their lives!

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen really wanted to slap himself a hundred times!

      When Ito Yuhiko saw his ugly expression, he hurriedly asked him, "Mr. Ye, do you know anyone from the Su family?"

      Ye Chen sighed, shook his head and said, "I don't know them, but I accidentally saved them in Kyoto ......"

      "What?!"Ito Yuhiko exclaimed, "The Su siblings were even taken to Kyoto?Did the Tenglin ninja do it too?"

      "No."Ye Chen shook his head, "It was done by the Iga ninja, after I took care of the Tenglin ninja, I found out that the Iga ninja had gone to the Ito residence to stomp around, I was afraid that there was someone else who wanted to secretly harm Cabbage, so I tailed them along, but I found out that another group of ninja had kidnapped the Su siblings and wanted to kill them before hiding their bodies in the Ito residence as a way to frame the Ito family."

      Ito Yuuhiko was filled with horror as he blurted out, "Who ordered those ninjas?!It's so vicious!This is trying to push my Ito family into the fire!"

      Ye Chen spoke up, "I heard that they were ordered by a guy named Yoshito Matsumoto."

      "Yoshihito Matsumoto?!"

      Yuuhiko Ito, Emi Ito, and Nana Ito were all filled with amazement!


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