Secret Identity 1811-1820


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 1811

The news that Yoshito Matsumoto's entire family had been exterminated completely shocked Ito Yuhiko.

      His entire body was already jaw-dropping, and he took off, "This is too arrogant to exterminate all 30 or so members of the Matsumoto family!Who on earth would be so bold?"

      Ito Emi shook her head and said, "I don't know the specifics, the police are also investigating this matter."

      Ye Chen said coldly at this time, "Still need to look into it?It must be the Su family's doing, I just rescued the Su siblings in the middle of the night before, and the Su family wiped out Yoshito Matsumoto's family behind the scenes in the middle of the night afterwards."

      Ito Yuuhiko's expression was somewhat horrified as he muttered, "The Su family's style of acting is too ruthless, isn't it?Yoshihito Matsumoto had only attacked their servant and two juniors, so wouldn't they just kill Yoshihito Matsumoto all by himself even if they were taking revenge?At most kill their bodyguards again, why get so many people up and down his family involved?"

      Ye Chen said with a black face, "This should be the usual style of doing things for the Su family."

      Saying that, Ye Chen couldn't help but think of his parents again.

      With this kind of ruthless style and vicious methods of the Su family, I'm afraid that the death of his parents was most likely a direct result of them!

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen's heart felt even more bored to death!

      How fucking blind to save and release the Su family's eldest grandson and granddaughter!

      If you hadn't intervened, they would have been cold corpses by now!

      In that case, the Su Family's younger generation would definitely lose a great deal of their talent pool.

      More importantly, it could greatly dampen the Su Family's anger!

      It wasn't that Ye Chen was narrow-minded, but that his parents' hatred was unholy!

      Ito Yuhiko, who was on the side, saw that Ye Chen's expression was ugly and couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Ye, are you alright?"

      Ye Chen accosted and shook his head, "Nothing, just a little surprised."

      What could he say?

      The death of his parents and his own life was categorically not to be told to Ito Yuuhiko.

      Ito Yuuhiko nodded, remained silent for a moment, and suddenly sighed, "I never thought that in just a few days, things would turn out to be like this ......"

      Saying that, he added with a serious face, "Now, it seems as if this matter has unintentionally made the Ito family the biggest beneficiary."

Chapter 1812

Emi Ito, who was on the side, agreed, "It's true, originally we were competing very fiercely with the Takahashi family, but I didn't expect that Takahashi Shinji and Takahashi Eiyoshi and their sons would both die, next, the Takahashi family will definitely suffer a great loss of energy."

      "Also, Yoshito Matsumoto had been desperately chasing after us, but now that the entire Matsumoto family has been directly wiped out, and all of the Matsumoto family's business shares have been released, whether the Takahashi family is now capable of competing with us or not, let alone those families below, if we take the opportunity now to seize the resources released by the Takahashi and Matsumoto families, then we will soon be able to become theThe true first family of Japan!"

      Ito Yuuhiko nodded his head, but he couldn't look any happier, sighing, "I wanted to be like the samurai and fight against Takahashi Shinji openly and honestly, but I didn't expect that it would turn out to be a fisherman who gained for nothing after the snipe and clam fight, what a victory ......"

      At this moment, Ye Chen was somewhat impressed with Ito Yuuhiko, most people at this time, I'm afraid, were excited and complacent.

      But what he didn't expect was that Ito Yuuhiko still had this realization.

      At this time, Ito Emi persuaded, "Brother, there's no need to dwell on what's won or lost now, after all, what these two families have encountered, it's not like we're behind it, even if we pick up an advantage, we can still pick up a peace of mind, so the most urgent thing to do is to quickly proceed to clean up the battlefield, and take this opportunity to make the Ito family stand on top of the undefeated!"

      Ito Yuhiko didn't answer immediately, but turned to Ye Chen, cupped his fist again and said from the bottom of his heart, "Mr. Ye, thank you for all of this!If it weren't for you, the Ito family would not necessarily have ended up much better than Takahashi Shinji, and if it weren't for you, the Ito family and Takahashi family would have already been calculated by Yoshito Matsumoto to destroy their family, and you, you are the benefactor of the Ito family!"first issue

      As soon as Ito Emi saw this, she immediately stood up and without hesitation knelt down on one knee, cupped her hands and said with utmost sincerity, "Mr. Ye, brother he has difficulty moving his legs, so on behalf of the Ito family, I will bow to you in gratitude!"

      Itachi Cabbage also hurriedly got up and immediately followed her aunt and knelt down, saying gratefully, "Yatsuo-kun, please accept Cabbage's worship as well!"

      Ye Chen sighed lightly and said seriously, "The two of you please get up, you actually don't have to do this, although I have coincidentally helped the Ito family some, but the fact that I was able to avoid this calamity is, in the end, the Ito family's creation."

      It was only then that Ito Emi and Cabbage got up.

      Ito Emi said to Ito Yuuhiko again, "Brother, Mr. Ye is right, apart from Mr. Ye's help in this matter, I also have to say that the creation of our Ito family is indeed rare!Not only can we take the opportunity to absorb the shares released by the Takahashi and Matsumoto families, but we can also take advantage of the current Takahashi family's vitality to promote cooperation with the Su family, and I guess the Su family is now the only option for our Ito family!"

      "No!"Without hesitation, Ito Yuhiko said, "From now on, we will not cooperate with the Su family of any nature!"

      Ito Emi couldn't help but ask, "Brother, why is that!Haven't you been very excited about this collaboration?"

      Yuuhiko Ito said very seriously, "That's because I don't know enough about the Sukas!But now, through the matter of the Matsumoto family, I have seen through the style of the Su family, the Su family acts with too much hostility and has no bottom line, even underage children are not spared, to cooperate with such a family is to seek the skin of a tiger!"

      Ito Emi looked impressed and suddenly said, "What brother said makes sense ......The Su family acted, indeed too ferocious ......"

      Saying that, Ito Emi suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, "Brother, I heard that another family ranked second only to the Su family in China seems to be eager to get involved in the ocean shipping field, they have been competing with the Su family for many years, similar to what we have been doing with the Takahashi family over the years, if the conditions are right, we can actually cooperate with the Ye family for a while."

      Ito Yuuhiko shook his head and said: "Forget it, Su family and Ye family are both very strong, these years China's economic development by leaps and bounds, the strength of these two families is also far more than other families in the whole of Asia, whether it is Su family or Ye family, we are far from being a match for them., let's not put ourselves in such a dangerous situation!"

      At this point, Ito Yuhiko pondered for a moment and said seriously, "Thus, from today onwards, the Ito family terminates all cooperation with foreign families and does not accept any invitations for cooperation from foreign families, and we will work hard and sleep in the Japanese domestic market for a while, digging deep holes and accumulating food!Whenever our strength is comparable or similar to Ye and Su, we'll consider working with them!"

Chapter 1813

Hearing Ito Yuhiko finish this speech, Ye Chen was somewhat impressed with him.

      It seemed that Ito Yuuhiko did have a good sense of the big picture and was able to control his greed, not being greedy for more, and not being impulsive.

      If it were a family with strong ambition and greed, at this point, I'm afraid that they would immediately start to hold high and take a two-pronged approach.

      On the one hand, comprehensively suppressing the other families in the country, striving to eat their share in a short period of time and making themselves fat.

      On the one hand, they also had to cooperate with large overseas families as soon as possible to further open profit channels and develop themselves quickly.

      However, Ito Yuuhiko would be able to see the situation very well, as well as the hidden dangers and pitfalls.

      Without a doubt, the Su family was indeed a tiger and wolf family.

      Not only did such a family not have the morality of the world, they had even lost their basic humanity.

      To cooperate with such a family, one must always be on guard, or else it was highly likely that they would be stabbed viciously in the back by the other side.

      And if one fell to the Su family's rival, it would be the same as standing directly against the Su family, and the danger factor would be even greater.

      Rather than that, it would be better to close the door and try to develop yourself.

      Ito Emi also understood her brother's concern and vision, and said seriously, "You're right, brother, Emi is too foolish to see this level."

      Ito Yuuhiko waved his hand: "Your thoughts are also normal, entrepreneurship is like a gamble, either simply keep betting a little bigger, maybe you can boast an unparalleled future; or after stockpiling a certain amount of chips, learn to stop when you see it ......"

      At this point, Yuhiko Ito sighed, "If it had been before tonight, I might have taken advantage of this opportunity to wager him big, just like you thought, but after the ghostly walk and the loss of my legs, I finally know the preciousness of life and the meaning of living, and I'm even more aware of it after knowing that I almost lost my vegetables!......"

      "So, I'm trying to be cautious and steady now more than anything else."

      Emi Ito nodded her head seriously.

      At this time, Yuuhiko Ito looked at Ito Rape and said seriously, "Rape, since you're healed now, from now on, you should stay in Tokyo with Ordo-san."

      Ito Nana-chan was slightly hesitant.

      She liked Kyoto's environment and was reluctant to leave it.

      However, when she thought of the unique situation now, she could no longer follow her own preferences, so she immediately said, "Okay Ordo-san, Cabbage Patch stay with you!"

      Ito Yuuhiko added, "Letting you stay in Tokyo is not just so you can stay with me, it's also so you can get involved with the family business and industry early on and start preparing for succession."

      Ito Nana-chan was busy saying, "Ondo-san, Nana-chan doesn't have half a dozen years of experience in running the family business, isn't it a little too early for that?"

      Ito Yuuhiko nodded his head and said seriously, "It's true that it's a little early, but now the situation is special, my legs are gone, so it will be more inconvenient for me to move in the future ......"

      At this point, Yuuhiko Ito sighed somewhat lonely, "Also, it's not quite appropriate for me, a disabled person, to represent the family in public, it will affect the family's image."

      "So, you have to be ready to take my place now, at the very least, you have to take on the Ito family's image first, and after that, outside, you will be the one to represent the Ito family."

 Chapter 1814

Emi Ito also spoke up and advised, "Yes Cabbage Patch, it's time for you to step up to the plate instead of your father and let your father teach you and do your bidding from behind."

      Cabbage Ito nodded gently, "Yes, I'll try my best!"

      Ito Yuuhiko and Ito Emi, were relieved to see that Nachiko had agreed so readily.

      Ito Yuuhiko naturally had high hopes for his daughter, but before, Nanae was obsessed with martial arts and wasn't too interested in the operation and management of the family business.

      At that time, Ito Yuuhiko was still worrying about how to get his daughter to gradually close her mind and focus on inheriting the family business.

      It was thought that his body could carry on for another ten years or so, which would also give Itoh a few more years of free time.

      I didn't expect things to take such a drastic turn at once.

      Japanese culture, though mostly derived from China, had more or less developed locally.

      In China, entrepreneurs mostly put profit first and paid little attention to external image issues.

      However, in Japan, due to the higher degree of westernization after the Meiji Restoration, Japanese entrepreneurs pay a lot of attention to the external image of their companies.

      To give the simplest example, if you work as a clerical worker in a Japanese company, you will have a huge headache in the summer.

      This is because most Japanese companies require their employees to wear formal dress during office hours, even in the middle of summer, and to wear shirts, suits and even ties.

      Therefore, when Japanese entrepreneurs hold a conference or attend a public event, no matter young or old, all of them are dressed in formal attire.

      The Japanese also like to bow, and as soon as they don't move, they suddenly stand up and take a 90-degree bow before sitting down to continue.

      Therefore, Ito Yuuhiko's current state is particularly unsuitable as a corporate external spokesperson.

      Ito Naija is young, but the winning image is extremely good, and especially in line with the Japanese aesthetic, and it's the best choice for the Ito family for her to be in charge of the external.

      Ye Chen is also quite optimistic about Ito Cabbage, opening his mouth to encourage: "If Cabbage takes over the Ito family, it has the potential to make the Ito family into a net-red enterprise, the media will definitely hit the beautiful president's persona, once Cabbage's beautiful president's persona is successfully established, at that time can make the Ito family in the business, to achieve twice the effect with half the effort."

      When Ito Naija heard Ye Chen's words, she couldn't help but feel a little shy, and said with a red face, "Ye Chen-kun don't make jokes about Naija, I don't have the temperament of a beautiful CEO, it's nothing more than a duck being driven to the wall, I just have to do it."

      Ye Chen seriously said, "Never underestimate yourself, with such a perfect image temperament, you will definitely become a beautiful entrepreneur who is crazily sought after throughout Japan in the future, and maybe even become a business card of the Japanese business community overseas."

      Ito Nao-chan was both shy and happy to be praised by Yatsuhito so much, plus she was a young girl herself with a love opening, she was completely incapable of hiding herself in such matters, so she could only lower her head deeper and deeper.

      Ito Yuhiko immediately saw the extraordinary nature of his daughter, and at this moment, he was already certain that she had fallen in love with Ye Chen, a Chinese man.

      After observing for a moment, he became even more determined in his opinion.

      At this moment, as a father, he was somewhat despondent inside, but at the same time, he was also a little relieved by his daughter's emotional maturity.

      So, he spoke up, "Emi, Nai Nai, you two go out for a while, I have some words that I would like to talk to Mr. Ye in private!"

Chapter 1815

Ito Emi and Ito Cai Cai, didn't think much of anything, seeing that Ito Yuuhiko wanted to have a private chat with Ye Chen, they got up and left the ward.

    After these two left, only then did Ito Yuanyan look at Ye Chen and seriously said "Mr. Ye, I am much offended by what happened before, I still want to solemnly apologize to you, and thank you for repaying your kindness by saving the little girl and the Ito family, otherwise if the Su family really thought that it was the Ito family that killed the Su family's son, the Ito family would be afraid of facing extinction" Mr. Ito is polite, I saved Cabbage out of friendship, as for this matter of indirectly helping the Ito family, you don't have to be too polite with me, after all, I took your money, we Chinese have an old saying that is to take someone's money and avert disaster with them, I can't take the money and not do anything, you say right".

    Ito Yuuhiko was dumbfounded for a moment.

    The reason why he was dumbfounded was because he was shocked by Ye Chen's shamelessness.

    Ye Chen's words were very clear, taking money from others and dispelling disasters with others, which meant that the $4.5 billion could not be taken for free, and something had to be done for the Ito family.

    So, now that he had helped the Ito family to dispel the disaster, this money could also be taken in peace.

    Ito Yuuhiko was shocked and more than a little bit sore.

    Although he did feel in his heart that his daughter's life was more valuable than $45 billion, he would still be heartbroken even if he really threw $4.5 billion in for nothing.

    However, he was very clear in his heart that this four and a half billion dollars, a loss is a loss, and he no longer had any other way to get this money back, or to recover the loss to some extent, so there was no need to dwell on this issue now.

    Thinking of this, he smiled awkwardly and said to Ye Chen "Mr. Ye, your Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical is developing very strongly, and after the annexation of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, I believe there must be a broader prospect, I wonder if we can start some kind of cooperation on this."

    Ye Chen smiled "Mr. Ito, there's actually nothing to cooperate on this matter, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical is the basis of my security, I won't give away my share of it anymore."

    I'm not looking for your share, Mr. Ye, but I really want to start some deep cooperation with you, the Ito family will be handed over to Cabbage to take care of in the future, you and Cabbage are friends, and I can see that Cabbage trusts you a lot, you can try all kinds of deep cooperation, it's good for you and for us, it's true!Mutual benefit."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly "I will naturally consider this in the future, if the time is right, I will definitely not exclude working with Miss Cabbage Patch."

    "That's good."

    Ito Yuuhiko relaxed and said seriously "Mr. Yeh, I can tell that Nana-chan is very fond of you, and I would be so glad if you two could have any possibility"

    Ye Chen instantly said "Mr. Ito, Miss Nai Nai Nai Zi is still very young, it is better not to say such things, in case it gets out and is misunderstood, it will ruin Nai Nai Zi's reputation."

    Ito Yuhiko waved his hand "I have raised my daughter for twenty-two years, there is no one in this world who knows her better than I do, I can see that she does like you, and is truly fond of you, if possible, I would even suggest that you stay in Japan to develop, you have Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, and Nai Nai Zi has the Ito family, if the two of you can combine to become husband and wife, it will definitely be aAsia, even the world's top existence."

    Ye Chen laughed and asked rhetorically "Mr. Ito should have investigated me you should know that I'm already married."

Chapter 1816

"I know..chinabook "Ito Yuuhiko smiled slightly and said without caring "married so what if you have been married, isn't the vegetable still in love with you so, for me or for the vegetable, we don't care about your past and present, what we care about is your future."

    Saying that, Ito Yuhiko said very seriously, "Mr. Yeh, after today's events, I have come to see life very clearly, when people live, everything has meaning, rich or poor, but when people die, whether they are rich or poor, it will all be a bubble."

    "If it were before today, I would never have let my daughter, marry a foreign man, but at this moment, none of that matters to me anymore; what matters is how to make my daughter happy; what matters is how to give my daughter the best life possible."

    "Mr. Ye is capable, strong, and has the charm that a strong man should have, Nai Nai Zi has cultivation, background, both outside and inside, and she likes you so much, I believe you must have some feelings for Nai Nai Zi in your heart, otherwise, you would never have come all the way to Japan, and made a special trip to Kyoto to see her, saved her life, and healed her injuries, even in the middle of the nightDrive a few hundred kilometers and send her to meet me in Tokyo."

    Ye Chen nodded and said "Mr. Ito, there's no denying that Nana-chan is indeed a very nice girl, but I still say the same thing, I'm already married."

    Ito Yuuhiko waved his hand "Don't always use married to put me off, you can divorce even if you are married, even if you don't, you can still marry Nana-chan in Japan, there is no problem as long as you don't go back."

    Ye Chen shook his head and smiled "Mr. Ito, I do admire some valuable qualities in Miss Vegetable, but this thing you're talking about is still impossible."

    After a pause, Ye Chen added "And I won't be staying in Japan, today, tomorrow at the latest, I will return to China."

    Ito Yuhiko smiled and said seriously "Mr. Ye, you have an old Chinese saying that a good bird chooses a tree, I have investigated your background, and forgive me for saying the truth, your current wife is not worthy of you"

    Ye Chen looked at Ito Yuuhiko without comment and asked with a smile, "Mr. Ito seems to be very knowledgeable about Chinese culture, just now he was able to say the six words digging a deep hole and accumulating food, and now he has a good bird choosing a tree, so he seems to be a Chinese general too."

    When I was young, I was a great admirer of Heihachiro Togo, who led the Japanese fleet to defeat the Russian navy in the Battle of the Bulge, and it is said that Heihachiro Togo carried with him a waist plate with seven characters inscribed on it.Chinese history, studied many Chinese cultures as well as classical literature."

    Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled "It's admirable that Mr. Ito is so studious, but I still want to make it clear to you that I will not divorce my wife so please don't mention that speech just now."

    Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Also, I will be leaving Japan soon, so please also don't mention this to Nana-chan so that it won't have a bad negative impact on her."

    Ito Yuhiko looked at Ye Chen and said seriously "Mr. Ye, you Chinese people talk about the cycle of fate, you see before tonight, it was Nana-chan who was injured and sitting on top of a wheelchair, the doctor also swore and said with conviction that she might not be able to stand up again for the rest of her life, but now"

    Ito Yuuhiko said, reaching out and gently patting his amputated knee and mocking himself, "Now, Nana-chan, who was declared impossible by the doctors, is back on her feet, and I've lost my legs, so ah, this life is a cycle"

    In the meantime, Ye Chen spoke "Mr. Ito, I don't quite understand what you mean by that."

    Yuuhiko Ito smiled and said "I mean, even if you leave Japan today and vow that you will never come back, when the wheel of fate turns, it will probably still send you back here, even if you are out of your element"

    The same goes for ot to your wife, even if you think you'll never divorce her, the wheel of fate may still separate you at some point in the future."

    "Everything in the world is confusing, Mr. Ye is still young and has many decades of life ahead of him, so why should he be so absolute now?"

Chapter 1817

Ito Yuuhiko's words made Ye Chen more or less startled.

      First of all, he didn't expect that Ito Yuhiko was so knowledgeable about Chinese culture; the fastest updated

      Secondly, he hadn't expected Yuuhiko Ito to mention the destiny cycle.

      He didn't know if the Japanese believed in feng shui or not, but now it looked like the Japanese at least believed in destiny.

      Ito Yuuhiko's words seemed to be nonsense, but there was some hidden truth in them.

      What he said wasn't exactly a catch-22; after all, destiny was something that no one could really say for sure.

      He recalled the hundred-year-old feng shui master he had met in Yanjing's Yelling Mountain, Lai Qinghua.

      Lai Qinghua was relying on the deduction of the cycle of destiny to finally meet himself at Ye Ling Mountain.

      He was also the one who broke the fate of the dragon trapped in the shallows with his own hands, which allowed him to fly into the sky.

      That old gentleman must have a deeper understanding and comprehension of the cycle of destiny.

      It was a pity that the old gentleman was on the other side of the ocean, and he might not have the chance to meet again in the future.

      Otherwise, he would really want to sit across from him, sip tea and have a long conversation with him.

      However, in this instant, Ye Chen suddenly thought of what Ito Yuuhiko had just said.

      There was a cycle of fate, perhaps in the future, he would meet up with Lai Qinghua again.

      In the same way, if he left Tokyo and Japan today, perhaps he would come back again someday in the future.

      Even if he won't come back, he should still have a chance to meet Ito Nana at a certain time and place, and the mountains and rivers will meet again.

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen sighed lightly and said to Yuuhiko Ito, "Mr. Ito, I think it's better to leave the future to the future, after all, neither you nor I can influence fate."

      Ito Yuanyan nodded and said seriously, "Mr. Ye, from today onwards, the door of the Ito family will always be open for you, in the coming period, the Ito family will raise its strength and will not cooperate with any other overseas families and enterprises, if one day you are ambitious enough and want to make your vision a little bigger, the Ito family can always cooperate with you unconditionally!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Thank you Mr. Ito for your kindness, but I'm a person with no ambition or ability to go to school, so let's just go with the flow."

      From Ye Chen's point of view, although his attitude towards Ito Yuuhiko had changed, it wasn't enough to make him let his guard down.

      Therefore, Ye Chen also didn't want him to know his plans for the future.

      In fact, in Ye Chen's heart, he very much wanted to use Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical to make his career snowball bigger and bigger.

      Because if he wanted to avenge his parents, it was useless to just rely on his personal strength being strong, not only did his personal strength have to be strong, his economic strength was more important!

      Otherwise, really facing something as huge as the Su Family, how could one person deal with it on his own?

      Not to mention, just from the fact that the Su family was able to fiercely cross the river and directly kill all of the local Japanese landmen, the Matsumoto family's entire family, it was enough to see how strong this family's strength was behind it.

      This not only shows that the Su family has an astonishing number of top experts, it also shows that they are extremely mobile, if Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu are in trouble in Japan, they can immediately dispatch a large number of experts to swarm over there, and this efficiency of putting them in is not inferior to the American army.

      Without a strong enough strength, no one would be able to single-handedly defeat such a family with their individual abilities alone.

      Not to mention the fighting power of dozens of hundreds of experts swarming around, just their own friends and relatives, they are not able to protect themselves.

Chapter 1818

Therefore, Ye Chen was clear that if he wanted to truly compete face to face with a family like the Su family in the future, he must have strong overall strength and not be a peerless hero.

      What's more, he was still unable to determine, to this day, how much of the Ye family was responsible for the death of his parents.

      If the Ye family had a major responsibility in the death of their parents that they could not shirk, then what they would have to face in the future could be the two top families, the Su family and the Ye family.

      Therefore, Ye Chen had decided to bide his time and develop Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical properly after returning to Jinling.

      Starting from Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, step by step, he would form a business empire of his own.

      Only then would there be a chance to break bread with the Su family and the Ye family face to face, or even trample them underfoot!

      Ito Yuhiko did not know Ye Chen's true identity, let alone what was in his heart, and seeing that he seemed to be truly unambitious, he could not help but advise.

      "Mr. Ye, you have Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical as your foundation and cash in hand, why don't you spread the business?"

      "Take the current ocean shipping, the vast majority of international oil, bulk trade logistics, all rely on shipping, and now that the international economic situation is down, it's a good opportunity to bottom out the layout!"

      "Moreover, your China is also the country with the best economic momentum at the moment, it also has the soundest industrial system, the export trade is rising every year, China's demand for ocean shipping around the world will increase, and the prospects of doing ocean shipping are even broader!"

      "If Mr. Ye is willing to do it, you can start with the Chinese mainland, and if you need to expand your port and shipping business to Japan, the Ito family will definitely cooperate fully, even if it means being your green leaf, I'm willing to do it!"

      At this point, Yuuhiko Ito's thoughts were also very simple.

      Four and a half billion dollars is definitely not going to come back.

      Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical was also definitely not going to be able to get a stake.

      Since that was the case, it would be better to find a way to attract Ye Chen over step by step.

      If he could recruit Ye Chen as a son-in-law to the Ito family, then what else did he have to worry about in the future?

      Ye Chen was powerful, capable, and had saved his daughter's life, but more importantly, she was devoted to him.

      Before, when he wanted his daughter to marry Kobayashi Ichiro, it wasn't that he had to force his daughter to marry the Kobayashi family, but at that time, his daughter was simply a silly girl who was powerless to love.

      She herself had no one she liked at all, and there was no telling if she would move that muscle.

      Rather than that, she would rather choose the most suitable one for her.

      However, she obviously already had the object of her affection now, and he, as a father, of course also wanted his daughter to get what she wanted.

      Moreover, he also felt that a man like Ye Chen was indeed a good choice for a son-in-law.

      For the sake of his daughter's happiness, he was even willing to let the entire Ito family become his daughter's dowry.

      He only had this one daughter anyway, and everything was for his daughter to be happy and contented for the rest of her life.

      As for the assets of the Ito family, it didn't matter if the future surname was Ito, or Yamada, Watanabe, or even Ye.

      Because these assets would still be in the hands of their daughter, son-in-law, and the offspring born of their daughter.

      In Yuuhiko Ito's view, the true inheritance was the bloodline, not the family name.

      Ye Chen only smiled slightly at Ito Yuuhiko's suggestion and said seriously, "Truth be told, the focus of my current development is to do a good job with Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, if Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical can be developed, then consider other businesses."

Chapter 1819

Seeing that Ye Chen had declined his offer for the time being, Ito Yuhiko sighed regretfully.

      He was really hoping that Ye Chen would be able to branch out the ocean shipping stall.

      Because at this stage, the big picture of Asian ocean shipping was in China.

      More than half of the world's ten busiest ports were in China, and there was such a huge import and export trade that it was able to support the huge ocean shipping industry.

      This was beyond Japan's reach.

      So, even if the Ito family themselves wanted to do it, the local area didn't have enough market and demand to support it, so it was too much for a clever woman to cook.

      So, he said to Ye Chen, "Mr. Ye, in the future, the Ito family will gradually hand over the operation and management to Nai Nai, if you change your mind, you can contact her at any time, I believe you will be able to establish a very good foundation for cooperation."

      Ye Chen nodded lightly and said seriously, "If I have this idea, I will definitely contact Miss Cabbage Patch."

      Ito Yuhiko smiled and said, "Nana-chan is a good girl, I dare say that in terms of overall conditions, the whole of Japan may not be able to find a better girl than her, whoever marries her is marrying the best Yamato Nadeshiko in Japan, and will definitely become the envy of men all over the world."

      Ye Chen smiled good-naturedly and didn't answer the question.

      Ito Yuuhiko knew that three feet of ice was not a day's cold, so he spoke up, "Mr. Ye, you and your little daughter have had a long boat trip and have not rested at night, so why don't I have someone send you to the house to rest first."

      Ye Chen waved his hand, "No need Mr. Ito, I have something to do and have to rush back to Osaka, so I won't bother you."

      "How can that be."Ito Yuhiko said seriously, "Mr. Ye, you drove here all night without resting, you haven't even eaten, if you just left, wouldn't the hospitality handed down by my Ito family ancestors be a laughing stock."

      Saying that, he didn't wait for Ye Chen to refuse, he hurriedly pressed the bedside pager and opened his mouth to command, "Let Emi and Nai Nai Nai come in."

      A moment later, Ito Rape and Ito Emi, gently knocked on the door to enter the hospital room.

      In a soft voice, Nana Ito asked, "What do you want, Eudosan?"

      Ito Yuhiko said to Ito Emi, "Emi, Mr. Ye and Nana-chan have had a very hard night's journey, so arrange for them to be sent back to the house to rest, and remember to call ahead and ask the chef to prepare the best cuisine!"

      Ito Emi hurriedly said, "Okay brother!"first issue

      Ye Chen said heartily, "Mr. Ito, there's really no need to bother, I'll just drive back to Osaka."

      Ito Yuhiko said very seriously, "Mr. Ye, even if you are going back to Osaka, you should at least go to the residence and sit for a while, have a meal and a cup of tea before you leave."

      Ito Nana-chan also advised, "Yeah Yatsuo-kun, the house isn't that far from here, it's not too late for you to eat something and get some rest before setting off, it's not even dawn yet!"

      The two of them drove for more than three hours the rest of the night to reach Tokyo, and it's only four o'clock in the morning.

      And right now it was winter again, dawn was already late, and it would take at least two more hours before dawn.

      When Ye Chen saw that both father and daughter were so polite, he had no choice but to agree and spoke, "In that case, I'll respectfully follow your orders."

      As soon as Ito Emi heard this, she was busy saying, "Then I'll arrange a convoy, now that many people from the police department are also here, escorting and protecting them all the way, safety is definitely guaranteed."

      Ito Yuuhiko nodded and instructed, "Be sure to entertain Mr. Ye well."

Chapter 1820

Ito Emi had quickly arranged a convoy as an escort, and Yatsuo was still driving the same car he had come in.

      Ito Nana-chan also didn't hesitate to get into Yatsuo Yatsuo's car.

      Ye Chen then drove the car, led by the convoy, to the Ito family's mansion in Tokyo.

      Although Tokyo was one of the most expensive cities in the world in terms of housing and land prices, the Ito family also owned a set of private manors here in a quiet place.

      The entire manor was all designed with ancient Japanese architecture, very simple, but it revealed low-key luxury in every way.

      Ye Chen found that even the wood used to build the house was extraordinary.

      It seemed that the top big families all had no place to spend their money, so when building and decorating their houses, they completely tried to spend money in every way possible, if they could use high-end ones, they definitely didn't use ordinary ones, if they could use imported ones, they definitely didn't use local ones.

      In the end, it's still a word, only choose expensive, not choose the right.

      Because Ito Emi had called ahead of time, the entire Ito mansion's servants were all dressed up and waiting respectfully at the entrance of the mansion, in the courtyard, and inside the villa.

      When Ye Chen parked the car and was led by Ito's vegetable, he walked through the beautiful and atmospheric courtyard all the way to the entrance of the villa, all the servants along the way bowed ninety degrees and had a very humble attitude.

      The Ito family's villa in Tokyo was a massive multi-story wooden building, the entire building looking like a massive ancient temple, and the interior space was surprisingly large.

      As soon as she arrived at the entrance of the main hall, Ito Naija suddenly bent down on her knees, held her hands in virtual hands, and said to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun, please let Naija Naija change your slippers for you."

      Ye Chen was stunned and hurriedly waved his hand, "No, no, give me the slippers, I'll just do it myself."

      Ito Naija, however, insisted, "It's better for Naija to help Ye Chen-kun change, it's a Japanese tradition, so Ye Chen-kun can just follow the local customs."

      Ye Chen thought to himself, "Our China has long been equal between men and women, how come in Japan, women have to kneel down to change shoes for men?

      But on second thought, since it was someone else's custom, they themselves might not think there was anything wrong with it, and if they insisted on opposing it, it would instead be somewhat bad for the other party's rules.

      So he had no choice but to lift his feet up and say heartily, "Then it will be hard for Miss Nana-chan."

      Ito Naija, who was still wearing a kimono on her body, looked up at Ye Chen and smiled with a blush of shame, unparalleled beauty.

      Then, she gently cupped Ye Chen's feet with both hands and gently changed a pair of slippers for him, before she slowly stood up and said to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun, please!"

      Ye Chen nodded slightly and stepped in with her.

      Ito-chan then introduced him, "This mansion has a history of more than a hundred years, and it was very badly damaged during the Great Kanto Earthquake, and because it was too costly to repair, it was unoccupied, and then it was bought by my father-sama, who spent a huge amount of money to repair it."

      Ye Chen asked curiously, "Mr. Ito seems to have a fondness for this kind of old house?That mansion in Kyoto looks much older than this one."

      Ito Nana-chan smiled coquettishly, "Actually, it's mainly because I like this style of architecture, but after I moved from Kyoto to Tokyo when I was fourteen, I never quite got used to Tokyo life, so my father-sama bought this place and spent a lot of money to restore it, and it became what it is now."

      Saying that, Itoh Nabiki lamented, "But I still like Kyoto a lot more."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "This mansion is already very good with its downtown and ancient charm, but the one in Kyoto is really better."

      Ito Naija said somewhat forlornly, "My father-sama has asked me to take over the family affairs, and it looks like I will rarely have the chance to go back in the future ......"

      After saying that, she looked up to Ye Chen and asked with a bit of a prayer, "Ye Chen-kun, Nana-chan has a request, I wonder if you can grant it?"


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