Secret Identity 1821-1830


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 1821

Hearing the words of the vegetable dish, Ye Chen immediately spoke, "Go ahead, if it's within my power, I'll say yes."

      Itachi Cabbage hesitated for a moment, looked at him with an expectant face and said seriously, "I would like to ask Ye Chen-kun to leave later"


      Ye Chen was slightly startled and subconsciously asked, "How late is that?I won't lie to you, I'm actually planning to return home tonight, the plane is still waiting in Osaka."

      Itachi's eyelids rolled hot and lowered her eyelids slightly, she said softly, "This this one mainly depends on Yatsuo-kun's schedule, if you're pressed for time, a few hours is fine"

      Saying that, Itachi Nana-chan hastily added, "Don't misunderstand me, Ye Tatsune-kun, the main reason is that now that Dad and Tanaka-san are both seriously injured and hospitalized, Auntie is not only busy with the family's external affairs, but also with taking care of them"

      "And I'm a little messed up in the head right now, and I don't know where to start at the moment, but I want Yatsuo-kun to be able to spend a few more hours with me."

      Ye Chen pondered for a moment and nodded, "I'll stay until the afternoon then, since it's still four hours back to Osaka."

      Itachi Nashiko spoke up and asked, "Is Yatsuo-kun booking a flight from Osaka?"

      "No."Ye Chen said truthfully, "A friend helped get a private jet, and it's now parked at the Osaka airport."

      Itachi Nana asked tentatively, "Ye Chen-kun, then can you let those people you are traveling with fly to Tokyo first after they are busy, then you can go to Tokyo's airport to meet them and fly back to Warsaw together?That'll save you four hours of driving, okay?"

      After saying that, Itachi-chan panicked again, "It's okay if it's inconvenient, Yatsuo-kun doesn't have to feel embarrassed"

      Ye Chen thought about it, his original plan was to drive back to Osaka first, then meet up with Chen Zaiji, Hongwu and Wei Liang and the others, and fly back to Jinling from Osaka.

      However, the solution that Ito Naija said was a good one.

      Let Richard Chen and the others fly directly to Tokyo, and they wouldn't have to drive all this way.

      Moreover, it was normal for the Ito family to experience a change of heart, and for Ito Naija to feel dazed and helpless for a while, so he might as well stay here for another day, and also, he could inquire about the Su family's movements in Tokyo.

      When he thought of that, he said to Itoh Cabbage, "In that case, I'll wait until dawn and say hello to my friend to see how things are going over there."

      Itoh Cabbage clenched her fists in excitement and said happily, "That's great!"

      The cheerful Itochi Nachiko was busy inviting Ye Chen to his home restaurant.

      It was said to be a restaurant at home, but it was actually larger than a medium-sized restaurant outside.Fastest Updated.

      Ye Chen felt like he was entering a Japanese buffet restaurant, there were several busy chefs inside alone, working on various Japanese meals.

      Ito Naija asked Ye Chen with great anticipation, "Ye Chen-kun, do you have any of these meals that you like to eat?If you have a favorite, just say so, and the masters will prepare it for you right away."

Chapter 1822

Ye Chen looked around, but he didn't feel anything for the various kinds of mountains and seafood, so he smiled slightly and said, "Just one bowl of ramen for me, please."

      Ito Nao-chan hurriedly said to the chef in charge of making ramen, "Yokoyama-san, please make two bowls of ramen, and the one for Ye Chen-kun will be a double portion of noodles!"

      The chef said respectfully, "Yes Miss, please wait a moment with Mr. Yeh."


      While Yeh Chen and Nana Ito were having breakfast at Ito's house, in the presidential suite of the Tokyo Regency Hotel, the fifty-something-year-old Su Shoudao was already up.

      With a cup of coffee and a cigarette in his hand, he looked out the window at the Tokyo street scene still shrouded in the night sky.

      The cigarette burned out before he poked it into the ashtray before relighting one and asking his henchman, Zhao Yiming, "How are the young master and miss now?"

      Zhao Yiming looked at the time and said, "The plane should land in Yanjing in another half hour, I've already informed the family, Madam has already rushed to the airport with the doctor, and as soon as the plane lands, the young master and the young lady will be sent to the family hospital for a thorough examination."

      "Mm."Su Shou Dao nodded, his expression incomparably gloomy as he said, "This incident was so dangerous that it almost folded both Zhi Fei and Zhi Yu siblings in Tokyo!This damned Yoshihito Matsumoto, even if I exterminate his entire family, it won't quell my anger!"

      Zhao Yiming hurriedly said, "Master, Yoshito Matsumoto's entire family has become charred, you don't need to be too angry."

      Su Shou Dao gritted his teeth and took a swig of smoke, before he said ruthlessly, "After all, it's in Tokyo, it's not so convenient for Ruo Li to run things, otherwise, I'll make sure that Ruo Li will catch Yoshito Matsumoto before me and cut him to death by a thousand cuts and death!"

      Zhao Yiming said, "Master, this matter, the Tokyo Police Department has already figured out that it was our Su family's doing, and when you were resting, they have been protesting with me, thinking that it's too much for us to make such a big commotion and not greet them, and even threatened to turn this matter over to the Homeland Security Council to investigate and deal with it, thinking that this matter, has already violated their homeland security."

      "Breach of homeland security?"Su Shoudao snorted in disdain, "A mere Yoshito Matsumoto can be linked to the issue of homeland security?I think they're not happy that we've killed so many people in Tokyo, and they feel like they can't lose face, right?"

      "Right."Zhao Yiming said truthfully, "The Tokyo government is also very unhappy, they feel that this matter is too cruel and very much affects the city's image, so they have decided to pursue it to the end."

      "Also, the international airports in Tokyo and several surrounding cities have been put under a state of emergency, they are closely monitoring all foreigners leaving the city, and have even announced that the private planes leaving the city as well as the chartered planes we came in with will not be allowed to take off for a while.Things might be a little tricky."

      Su Shoudao asked him, "What other airports are relatively lenient in the whole of Honshu?"

      Zhao Yiming said, "For now, there should only be the Osaka airport, as Osaka is quite far away, several hundred kilometers."

      Su Shoudao nodded and instructed, "Then let them all spread out and find a way to get to Osaka by public transportation, then transfer another plane over from China, remember not from Yanjing, but from the middle of the sea, so as not to alert the Japanese customs, then first pick up Ruo Li and the people actually involved in the action tonight and bring them home."

      "Okay milord!"Zhao Yiming nodded respectfully, then asked, "Master, when do you plan to return?"

      "I'm in no hurry."Su Shoudao smiled and said in a cold voice, "The Takahashi family has suffered heavy losses, the Matsumoto family is completely finished, and Ito Yuuhiko is crippled, Tokyo is now safe, I will stay for two more days."

      Saying that, he looked at the time and spoke, "Yiming, you go in the morning to prepare some generous gifts for visiting the patients, and at noon go with me to the hospital to take a look at Ito Yuuhiko, this is our only partner candidate right now!"

Chapter 1823

Ye Chen had breakfast with Ito Nana-chan, and the Tokyo sky was already brightening.

      Cabbage Ito said to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun, I'll ask the maid to prepare a guest room for you, you should take a little rest first, it's too hard to stay up all night."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, shook his head and said, "No need to bother, I'm not tired either."

      "How can you not be tired?"Ito Naija couldn't hide her heartache and said, "Since last night's battle against the Tenglin ninja, until now, Ye Chen-kun hasn't had a moment's rest, and has also experienced two battles and driven hundreds of kilometers ......"

      Ye Chen smiled and asked her back, "You haven't rested either, do you feel tired?"

      Ito Naija looked slightly startled, thought seriously for a moment, and said, "It's true that I don't feel tired at all, not only do I not feel tired, but I also feel as if I have inexhaustible strength all over my body, my whole body is in a very good state ......"

      Saying that, she was busy asking, "Ye Chenjun, this should all be the effect of that medicine you gave me, right?"

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Yes, that medicine can not only heal injuries, but also improve the body's ability and stamina, so people will not get tired so easily."

      Cabbage Ito couldn't help but lament, "This medicine is really amazing, if it could be produced, Ye Chenjun's Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical would definitely become the world's top pharmaceutical company, right?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "This medicine can't be mass-produced, it's a very rare item in itself, it's left over from an ancient Chinese divine physician, take one and you'll get one less ......"

      Actually, the medicinal materials needed to refine the Rejuvenation Pill weren't that difficult to get though.

      But the key was that this pill had to be refined with spiritual energy.

      Spiritual energy was like the powerful energy that turned steel into molten iron when refining steel.

      Without this energy, it would be impossible to turn iron ore into steel even if it was just a pile of iron ore piled together for ten thousand years.Updated fastest.

      Therefore, it wasn't difficult for Ye Chen to refine this kind of medicine, but the possibility of mass production was slim to none.

      Moreover, he wasn't prepared to take such a powerful medicine out for mass production.

      It was too unorthodox for ordinary people, and if it were to be introduced in large quantities, it would likely cause the world to shake, and it would never be good for him.

      Hearing him say that, Itoh Cabbage was slightly sorry, so he didn't think about it anymore.

      Ye Chen looked at the time and spoke, "I'll call my friends and tell them to come to Tokyo."

      Itachi nodded with an expectant face.

      Ye Chen pulled out his phone and called Richard Chen.

      As soon as the call came through, Richard Chen asked him, "Young Master where have you been, I haven't seen anyone all night ......"

      Ye Chen said, "I'm in Tokyo."

      "Ah?"Richard Chen was even more confused and asked, "Didn't you say you were going to Kyoto to see a friend?Why are you in Tokyo all of a sudden?That's a difference of several hundred kilometers."

      Ye Chen said, "It just so happened that something happened at my friend's house, so I accompanied her over to take a look."

      Saying that, he asked, "By the way, Old Chen, how are things being handled over there in Osaka?"

      Chen Zekai hurriedly said, "Back to Young Master, things are going well, it will basically be over during the day today, when do you think we will return to Jinling?"

      Ye Chen then said, "I'm calling you to talk about this, I still have some things to do in Tokyo, after you guys get done, fly to Tokyo first, then after I meet you at the airport, we'll be together and fly to Jinling from Tokyo."

      Richard Chen said off the cuff, "Young Master, private jets can't fly in Tokyo right now!It was restricted by the Tokyo side."

      Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "Why is there a restriction on private planes here in Tokyo?"

Chapter 1824

Richard Chen said, "I heard from my Japanese subordinates that in the past two days on the Tokyo side, there have been a lot of particularly serious criminal cases, and they seem to be related to forces outside the country, so Tokyo has strengthened its customs control, and if private planes want to leave Japan, only Osaka can still fly in the entire Honshu, and no other place can fly."

      Hearing this, Ye Chen already understood in his heart.

      The strict control on the Tokyo side must be inextricably linked to the Su family's extermination of Matsumoto Yoshito's full family.

      Actually, if you thought about it carefully, you could figure out the reason.

      Take the Tokyo Police Department for example, if someone broke the law and did evil in Tokyo, they would definitely want to punish the murderer through normal legal means.

      However, to suddenly kill a group of foreigners on their own turf, to lynch their own nationals, and to do it in such a brutal way, no security department of any country can tolerate such a thing.

      So, it was evident that the Tokyo Police Department, and even the Japanese Homeland Security Department, wanted to catch the Su family's abusive lynchers as soon as possible as a warning to others, as well as to save a few points of face.

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen sighed lightly and said, "That's better, you guys can wait for me in Osaka, I'll drive over this afternoon."

      Richard Chen hurriedly said, "Young Master, it's too hard to drive, it's such a long distance, and it's still snowing here in Osaka, the highway is closed because of the thick snow, you're afraid that you won't be able to make it over in six or seven hours, why don't you leave the car at the Tokyo airport, and let my men drive it themselves later, you can take a plane directly from Tokyo to Osaka, and we'll meet at the airport, it's faster that way."

      Ye Chen asked him, "There's no restriction for me to fly from Tokyo to Osaka, right?"

      Richard Chen said, "There's no restriction on flying within Japan for now, they can't control the entire domestic and overseas aviation all at once yet, but it should be slowly tightened."

      Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "Let's leave tonight without delay, I'll try to get to Osaka airport at seven, then we'll meet up and take off from Osaka airport at eight o'clock sharp."

      Richard Chen was busy saying, "Okay young master, then we will arrive at Osaka Airport by seven and wait for you."

      "OK, see you tonight!"

      When Ye Chen hung up the phone, Itachi on the other side hurriedly asked, "Ye Chen-kun, is there some kind of change?"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and told the general situation to Itachi Cabbage Patch.

      After listening to it, Ito-chan said, "Then I'll help Ye Chen-kun look at the tickets now."

      Saying that, she quickly pulled out her phone and looked up the flight information.

      "Ye Tatsune-kun, there's a flight here that takes off at 5:40 p.m. It takes an hour to get to Osaka and lands at 6:40 p.m. Is that okay?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "The timing is just right, let's pick this one."

      Itachi Nana-chan then said, "Give me your passport number, Ye Chen-kun, I'll book the tickets, and I'll send you to the airport this afternoon!"

      The short-haul airfare itself was not expensive, so Ye Chen didn't excuse himself and said to Ito Cabbage, "Trouble for you Cabbage."

      Ito Cabbage would smile, "Ye Chen-kun and I don't have to be so polite!"

      Saying that, she remembered something and asked Ye Chen, "Right Ye Chenjun, do you want to go back tonight and bring some gifts for your family?Tokyo is still convenient for shopping, it's usually busier in the afternoon, so if you want to do some shopping, I'll accompany you after lunch, okay?"

      Ye Chen thought to himself, he had been away for so many days, he definitely had to bring some gifts back for his wife, and his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, was still hoping that he would bring something for her as well, so he'd better take some time to go out for a stroll.

      So he said to Cabbage Patch, "Then it's hard for you to show me around, I'm not really familiar with Tokyo."

      Cabbage Ito smiled and said, "No problem, I'll go to Ginza with Yatsuo-kun this afternoon."

      After saying that, she remembered her father, Yuhiko Ito, and asked Yatsuo-kun, "Yatsuo-kun, I want to go to the hospital at noon to deliver food to my father-sama, is it convenient for you to join me?"

      Ye Chen agreed directly without thinking, "Okay, let's go to the hospital first then we'll go shopping."

Chapter 1825

After breakfast, Ye Chen, who had nothing to do, was dragged to her boudoir by

    As usual in Kyoto, Nanae invited Ye Chen to sit on the tatami mat in the boudoir, burned a plate of incense, and prepared a cup of Japanese matcha tea for him.

    Only then did she say to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun, I would like to take a look at the financial statements and detailed information of the family's industry and get familiar with the overall operation of the family as soon as possible, so let me know if you feel bored."

    Ye Chen had nothing else to do, so he casually said "I have nothing to do, you are busy first, I will play with my phone for a while."

    Ye Chen didn't really like to play with his phone, nor was he like the young people nowadays who were always on their phones.

    The reason he wanted to look at his phone was also to check the news in Tokyo and see if he could still find more useful information.

    At the side of the case, Itachi Nashiko, leaned over the case, concentrating on looking over the family's confidential data, the information in her hand was top secret, but she was not shying away from the Ye Chen beside her.

    Ye Chen looked over some local news, and from the many news items, one news item caught his interest.

    On this news, it said that there were more serious violent incidents in Tokyo, and as the number one violent organization in Japan, the Yakuza had released a message to the country's members, claiming that they would fight violence with violence and use violent means to maintain social order in Tokyo.

    The Yakuza is the number one gangster in Japan, along with the Italian Mafia, the top three gangster organizations in the world, and their strength should not be underestimated.

    They released a statement at this time, although they didn't name names, but it should be aimed at the Su family.

    The Su family did play a bit big this time, and finished offending the black and white of Japan.

    Even if they are able to retreat this time, if they want to come to Japan again in the future, I'm afraid they will receive "special attention" from the Japanese government and private organizations.

    At this moment, the Ye family mansion in Yanjing.

    Ye Chen's grandfather, Ye Zhong, called a meeting of the entire Ye family because of the same news.

    Today's Ye Zhong, looked very happy.

    As he flipped through the news with his tablet, he said to everyone, "This time the Su family really lost a wife and a soldier, the cooperation has not yet been concluded, the eldest grandson and the eldest granddaughter almost lost their lives, this also offends the entire Japan, after the Su family wants to go to Japan, I'm afraid it will be difficult".

    Ye Chen's uncle Ye Changkong laughed and said proudly "The Su family is also humiliated enough this time, the old man of the Su family is afraid that he will be so angry that he won't be able to eat for three days."

    Third Uncle Ye Changyun said with some regret "Hey, in the end, the Su family is still lucky, damn Yoshito Matsumoto made such a big game, how come the mysterious man saved Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu back, if Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu died in Tokyo, the whole Su family must be seriously injured These are the two most outstanding people in their young generation".

    "Yes," the old man Ye Zhong also can't help but sigh "Su Chengfeng has the wrist, the courage, but after all, Lian Po is old, Su Shoudao is more than ruthless, but the ability or lack of some fire, when in front of the coma, is simply a jumping clown general, complete not enough to see, the wife he madly pursued, but also was rejected countless times after the coma, frustrated, before choosing to marry him".

    Speaking of which, Ye Zhong sighed and stifled his wrist "If the coma is still alive, not to mention the Su family, even the Heavenly Dragon may not be a rival to the Ye family."

Chapter 1826

Hearing that the old man was again feeling sorry for Ye Changya, the eldest Ye Changkong said with some dissatisfaction "Dad, Changya has been gone for so many years, so let's not talk about this kind of talk anymore, besides, the reason why Changya left home in the first place, we all have a responsibility, that even the entire Yanjing family is also inextricably involved, and it's not something we can make decisions about..boyaec."

    The third oldest Ye Changyun also echoed, "Yes dad, isn't this chatting about Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu, how come we're still chatting about Changtao."

    The old man sighed a long sigh and waved his hand "no more, no more, let's get down to business All in all, the Su family's first step towards Japan is already a foot in the door, the next situation will be very unfavorable for them, this is just a good opportunity for us to catch up and take advantage of the weaknesses What do you think".

    Everyone looked at each other and Ye Changkong also said with great agreement "Dad you're right, I also think this is our great opportunity."

    "Our ocean shipping business already started later than the Su family and is at an absolute disadvantage, but if we can take advantage of the Su family's failure, enter into a partnership with the Ito family, and take down the Japanese market, that would be like jamming the Su family's neck and would definitely be a powerful blow to the Su family."

    Ye Zhong nodded his head, but only after a moment of intonation did he say "Right now, it's not suitable for us to directly compete with the Su family head-on, we have to keep this matter low key and take things slowly, we must not let the Su family know in advance."

    Ye Changkong was puzzled and asked "Dad, the Su family can go to Japan to exterminate someone's entire family in a high-profile manner, we go to Japan to talk about cooperation, do we still have to hide it?"

    Ye Zhong smiled slightly "The Su family's strength is there, we are now going over to discuss cooperation with the Ito family with great fanfare, to the Su family, it's just a slap in the face to make them feel bad.".

    Saying that, Ye Zhong added "But, if we slap the Su family, with the Su family's style of doing things, they will definitely clash with us head-on and be at odds with each other, and then we'll be in trouble instead."

    Ye Changkong busily asked "Dad, what do you mean then"

    Ye Zhong said very seriously "If you want to deal with the Su family, you must dissect your opponent at a deeper level, rather than floating to the surface to compare the two sides' paper data."

    Ye Changkong hurriedly stood up and bowed and cupped his fists "Dad, Changkong is foolish, please make it clear."

    Ye Zhong shook his head slightly, and in his heart he thought of Ye Changya.

    He lamented in his heart "My eldest son Ye Changkong, although he is also an intelligent talent, but he is far from being a genius, so he can't do a little bit of penetration, but, Changkong is that unborn top genius, Changkong is never a little bit of penetration, but no point of penetration, no mastery pity, pity."

    Ye Changkong also saw a hint of disappointment in his father's eyes, and suddenly became a little red in the face.

    Ye Zhong internally lamented a few words, quickly collected his thoughts and said to the crowd, "Although the Su family has many sons and daughters, only Su Shou Dao can enter Su Chengfeng's eyes, what's more, Su Shou Dao's pair of sons and daughters are very competitive, they are the two most outstanding young people in the Su family's generation."

    "Especially that Su Zhiyu, who is deeply loved by Su Chengfeng as well as Su Shou Dao, this father and son, who have a preference for Su Zhiyu, have long surpassed the other children, even the eldest grandson, Su Zhifei."

    "Therefore, once Su Chengfeng is on his way out, the great power will surely fall into the hands of Su Shoudao's family."

    "And in the future, the one with the most power of speech in the Su Shoudao family must be Su Zhiyu."

    At this point, Ye Zhong was already bright-eyed and said resoundingly "Su Zhiyu is a woman who will eventually marry, and once she marries, that's the day the Su family will split in two, so whoever can conquer Su Zhiyu will be able to conquer half of the Su family's assets."

Chapter 1827

Ye Changkong heard the old man's words and said awkwardly, "Dad, you said last time that you wanted to marry the Su family and turn Su Zhiyu into the Ye family's daughter-in-law, but you didn't have a suitable candidate."

      Ye Zhongquan said indifferently, "Didn't you say that last time?The son of the long coma is a good candidate."

      Ye Changkong said, "But Tang Sihai also said at the time that the Son of the Long Coma was unwilling to come back to recognize his ancestors, so maybe this kid still hates us in his heart."

      Ye Zhongquan waved his hand: "Whether he hates us or not, you don't count, I don't count either, he has to say it himself."

      Ye Changyun, the third oldest on the side, hurriedly followed up, "Dad, do you mean that you're going to find the son of the long coma to come back and recognize his ancestors?"

      Ye Zhongquan nodded, "I do have this idea, I just haven't thought of a way to use it yet."

      Ye Changkong felt a tremendous pressure and threat and hurriedly said, "Dad, the son of the long coma has been away from home for many years, it's completely uncontrollable!Please also think twice!"

      Ye Zhongquan waved his hand: "You all don't need to persuade me, when I asked Tang Sihai to buy the Imperial Group to send him, I actually decided that sooner or later I would let him come back to recognize his ancestors, my Ye family's heir is not that many, it's completely incomparable to the Su family's leafy branches, I can't let such an adult male go rogue."

      Ye Changkong held his breath in his heart, but his face was still calm as he asked, "Dad, then what if the son of the long coma doesn't want to come back?"

      Ye Zhongquan said seriously, "People change, if they don't want to come back today, maybe they will tomorrow, if they still don't want to tomorrow, one year, two years, three years, or even ten years, there will always be a time when his mind changes and his will loosens!"

      Ye Changkong, Ye Changyun and the fourth oldest Ye Changtian, who hadn't spoken, were all cursing their mothers in their hearts.

      Family property was something that was most afraid of dilution.


      Originally, buying the Empire Group to Ye Chen cost the family 100 billion and gave Ye Chen an additional 10 billion in cash, which made everyone very unhappy.

      After all, when the old man died and divided the family fortune, the eleven hundred billion, averaged over the three sons' families, each of them would get at least thirty billion, and as a result, the thirty billion had floated away.

      Therefore, they were also worried that Ye Chen would return to the Ye family.

      Ye Zhongquan didn't look at these sons or a few grandchildren, but looked at his daughter, Ye Changmin.

      He lamented and said, "Changmin na, it's almost the New Year ah."

      Ye Changmin hurriedly got up and asked, "Dad, just say whatever you want, Changmin will definitely do her best."

      Ye Zhongquan nodded and said, "You should go to Jinling tomorrow, meet Chen'er, have a good chat with him, ask him if he is willing to come back, and if he is so inclined, invite him back first to celebrate the New Year together."

      Ye Changmin busily said, "Okay dad, I'll go to Jinling tomorrow."Updated fastest.

      Saying that she remembered something, she asked after, "Dad, Tatsuo is married, if he wants to come back, should he bring his wife with him to meet you?"

      Ye Zhongquan waved his hand and said in disgust, "How can a vulgar woman from a third-rate city and a third-rate family be worthy to enter my Ye family mansion?If Tatsuo comes back, the first priority is to divorce his marriage from this woman, and then we'll arrange for him to meet with Su Zhiyu to see if there's any chance of development."

      "Good!"Ye Changmin nodded and said, "I'll go test out Chen'er's thoughts first, and gradually mention these things to him."

      Ye Zhongquan smiled in satisfaction, "I'll leave this matter all to you!"

Chapter 1828

Ye Changkong was extremely depressed, but didn't dare to oppose, so he had to drag the subject back, saying: "Dad, didn't we talk about going to Japan?You just said not to have a head-on confrontation with the Su family, so what do we do?"

      Ye Zhongquan said, "You can't go there with much fanfare, but you can send someone to meet with Ito Yuuhiko privately first."

      Ye Changkong was a little irritated and thought that he could simply go to Tokyo by himself, and by the way as a distraction, so he volunteered, "Dad, why don't I just fly to Tokyo in the morning and meet with Ito Yuuhiko."

      Ye Zhongquan nodded, "Meeting is definitely necessary, but it can't be you going."

      Ye Changkong was surprised and asked, "Dad, what do you mean?"

      Ye Zhongquan said, "The Su family previously sent the younger generation's juniors, if the Ye family let you go, it looks less symmetrical, as if we're a head shorter than the Su [Jiuji Novel] family."

      Saying that, Ye Zhongquan looked at Ye Changkong's son and his own eldest grandson, Ye Feng, and spoke, "Feng'er, get ready, leave before ten o'clock, and try to get to Tokyo after lunch."

      Ye Feng hurriedly stood up and respectfully said, "Okay grandpa, I'll go prepare now!But Grandpa, when I meet Ito Yuhiko, how do I talk to him about the project?"

      Ye Zhongquan waved his hand: "You don't need to talk about anything related to the project, I'll prepare some gifts, you bring them and deliver them by hand, let's say it's a little bit of my heart, also I personally want to make a friend with him, then you and he can leave each other's contact information and come back."

      Ye Feng asked in surprise, "It's that simple?"

      Ye Zhongquan nodded and said, "Yes, it's that simple!"

      Said Ye Zhongquan: "Flying two thousand kilometers to talk about cooperation is not very sincere; but if you are flying two thousand kilometers to visit a patient, this is very sincere."

      Ye Changkong smiled and said, "Dad, it's still your way!The Su family may not have fulfilled our Ye family this time!"

      Ye Zhongquan nodded his head and smiled, and spoke, "That's called being the last to go!"


      After Ye Chen had lunch with Ito Nana at the Ito mansion, they headed to the hospital together with the meal prepared for Yuuhiko Ito.

      Just as they were leaving the house, Su Shoudao brought Zhao Yiming and a few of his men to Ito Yuuhiko's hospital room, carrying several beautiful gift boxes.

      Ito Yuuhiko didn't want to see them, but he knew how to extend a hand without a smile, which is why he asked Ito Emi to invite them in.first appearance

      As soon as Su Shoudao entered, he very politely approached Ito Yuuhiko's bed and exclaimed, "Brother Ito!I've heard of Brother Ito's name for a long time, and I'm doubly honored to see him today!"

      Ito Yuuhiko's heart was a little hairy as he watched Su Shoudao's face full of harmlessness.

      The incident of the Su family's extermination of Matsumoto's full house had indeed brought a great psychological shadow to Ito Yuuhiko, and made him deeply realize that the man in front of him, who looked refined and smiling, was actually a devil who ate people without spitting bones.

      However, Ito Yuuhiko was very clear, so the more he couldn't offend such a smiling tiger in the open, the less he could offend him in the future, or else he wouldn't know what kind of trouble he would cause in the future.

      So, he also said with a happy face, "Oh my, Mr. Su!I never thought you'd come to see me in person. I'm flattered!Please sit down, please sit down!"

      Su Shoudao nodded and sat on the chair beside the hospital bed, smiling and saying, "I'm really sorry to meet in such a way, I've been quite busy lately, so I originally wanted the children to come over to pay their respects to Mr. Ito first, and then I'll take the time to come over to pay my respects myself, but I didn't expect to have so many accidents, so please forgive Mr. Ito!"

Chapter 1829

I have to say that Soo Shou Do's acting is very good..kan

    If it wasn't for the fact that Ito Yuuhiko knew what kind of person he was, it would have been easy to be deceived by his smiling, friendly appearance.

    Although his heart was disgusted, he still held himself together and did a good job of appearing polite, so he smiled and said, "Mr. Su is too polite, you came to Japan, I was going to personally go to the airport to greet you and then help you arrange your hotel accommodation, but I didn't expect to encounter so many things."

    Su Shou Dao hurriedly said, "No, no, Mr. Ito doesn't have to be so polite, our Su family and the Ito family have a long history of friendship, and will definitely continue to strengthen cooperation and deepen their relationship in the future, so why should we be muddled over this small matter?"

    Ito Yuuhiko's eyes looked so hypocritical that he wanted to vomit his breakfast out of his stomach, but he could only nod his head and say approvingly, "Mr. Su is right!There's really no need to be too rigid."

    Su Shoudao nodded his head in satisfaction and said seriously, "Mr. Ito, although the events that happened in Tokyo in the past two days were chaotic, and even you were severely hurt, but let me say this on a matter of fact basis, the Ito family will be the biggest winner after the dust settles from this series of events."

    Ito Yuhiko knew what Su Shoudao meant by this, he knew that Su Shoudao was not only stating the facts, but he also wanted to mention that his family was now a snipe and a fisherman, and the one who was pushing his family to profit in it was him, Su Shoudao.

    In other words, Su Shou Dao was also reminding himself that he should not forget the help that the Su family had given him.

    However, Ito Yuuhiko didn't want to owe a favor like this casually.

    After all, the reason why the Ito family was able to survive this strife was really not Su Shou Dao at all, but Ye Chen!

    Don't say you didn't rely on Su Shou Dao for anything, Su Shou Dao's own pair of sons and daughters can survive thanks to Ye Chen!

    If Ye Chen hadn't saved the Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu siblings, Su Shou Dao guarding the corpses of a pair of sons and daughters might not have been able to find out the real culprit.

    Therefore, Ito Yuhiko couldn't help but lament, "Oh my, Mr. Su, it's also dangerous for the Ito family to survive this time!"

    Saying that, he slapped the base of his thigh and sighed, "Look at my legs, completely ruined, if it wasn't for my loyal servant Tanaka pushing me off the viaduct, I would have been hacked to death by a random knife by now."

    In this speech, Ito Yuuhiko actually started by making a point to Su Shoudao, first of all, the fact that he survived has nothing to do with you, Su Shoudao, or the Su family.

    Immediately after, Ito Yuuhiko said, "And my daughter, she also suffered a ninja ambush in Kyoto, and was fortunately saved by a master, so she was spared, otherwise, I would really have to die with white hair!"

    At this point, Ito Yuuhiko asked with a curious voice, "By the way Mr. Su, it seems that your pair of children were also saved by that mysterious master in Kyoto, right?"

    When Su Shoudao heard this, his expression became a little depressed.

    The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of the situation.

    The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the old fox, who came to say something like this: "Don't say I want to thank you, it doesn't exist, we both have to thank the mysterious master, otherwise my daughter will be finished, your son and daughter will be finished.

    Although Su Shoudao was depressed, he was not in a position to refute Ito Yuhiko's words.

    After all, his own pair of sons and daughters were indeed saved by that mysterious man.

    He even asked his son and daughter specifically who that mysterious man was.Since it has such a powerful ability, can it be taken back into its own hands?

    But Suchiyo told him that the mysterious man was simply dismissive of their siblings.

    The person was chasing them all the way here to help Yuuhiko Ito's daughter, Ito Nana-chan, relieve her of her problems.

Chapter 1830

 Saving their siblings, that was just in passing..wallvo.

    The only clue we know is that he's supposed to be Chinese.

    But nothing more detailed was known.

    Originally, Su Shoudao had wanted Su Ruoruo to check out the clues and details of the man.

    But now the Tokyo Police Department and Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Homeland Security all wanted to catch Su's men who had exterminated Matsumoto Manmon.

    So he could only give up on the idea and let Su Ruorui return home first to avoid being caught by the Japanese government.

    Once he was really caught by the Japanese government, with the severity of the extermination tragedy, even if it wasn't a death sentence, at least it would be a life sentence, and he wouldn't be able to get out for the rest of his life.

    That was why Su Shoudao could only stop for now.

    Now that he heard Yuuhiko Ito mention that man again, he deliberately asked, "Mr. Ito, that mysterious man is said to be protecting your daughter, so you should know him, right?"

    Ito Yuuhiko shook his head and said regretfully, "I'd love to get to know him, but unfortunately ah, that man is really too mysterious, I asked my daughter and she didn't know either, otherwise I'd really like to take him under my wing!With such a powerful man by your side, you should never have to worry about safety again!"

    Su Shoudao stared at Ito Yuuhiko for a moment, feeling like he wasn't lying.

    It seemed that Ito Yuuhiko really didn't know who the mysterious man was either.

    But why would he go to save Ito's vegetable?

    Is it simply a matter of doing righteousness?

    However, it seems a bit strange for a Chinese man to come to Japan and do righteous deeds.

    That or maybe he's an overseas Chinese living in Japan?

    Su Shoudao couldn't think of a reason, so he simply left him behind, looked at Yuuhiko Ito and said seriously, "Mr. Ito, this time, in fact, in addition to visiting you, I also want to talk to you about a general intention regarding cooperation."

    Saying that, he added, "Ocean shipping is the next very important segment of the Su family's business, although we pursue a global strategy, in East Asia, we still attach great importance to the Japanese market, so we also very much hope to enter into a cooperation with the Ito family regarding this segment of business, I wonder what Mr. Ito's intentions are?"

    Ito Yuuhiko nodded and said seriously, "The Ito family has also been eager to enter into a cooperation with the Su family regarding this business, and I even had a face-to-face meeting with Orderly and Orderly Ai two days ago."

    Upon hearing this, Su Shoudao's eyebrows showed some joy, and he surmised, "It seems that the cooperation with the Ito family can be a waterfall."

    While Su Shoudao was thinking proudly, Ito Yuuhiko was already planning to use the stalling tactic.

    He only saw him then change his words and spoke somewhat apologetically, "But Mr. Su, you've seen my current physical condition, the doctor said that I'll be in the hospital for at least half a month for observation."

    "And even if you're discharged from the hospital, you'll have to go home and recuperate for a few months, so you may not have much energy to focus on your business operations for the time being."

    "So it may take some time before I can give you a definite answer on whether and how this cooperation will be carried out."


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