Secret Identity 1831-1840

Amazing son-in-law chapter 1831

When Su Shoudao heard this, a pair of sword brows knitted.

    Naturally, he was not satisfied with Ito Yuuhiko's proposal.

    However, he was also aware that Ito Yuuhiko had just amputated his leg, and to put it bluntly, the scabs from the wound were still fresh, so it was also really unrealistic to have him immediately push for such a large cooperation going forward at a time like this.

    Moreover, Ito Yuuhiko's daughter seemed to be very young, about the same age as his own daughter, Suchiyo.

    In this situation, it was really difficult for him to immediately make a conclusion and push forward.

    So, Su Shou Dao said seriously "Mr. Ito really needs to take a good rest during this period of time, the specific cooperation matters, when you are discharged from the hospital, I will come back to visit the house and discuss the details of the cooperation in detail, what do you think".

    Ito Yuhiko nodded cheerfully and smiled "When I recover some, if Mr. Su comes to Tokyo, I'll definitely host a banquet."

    Su Shoudao smiled slightly and said, "Then I'll bother Mr. Ito then."

    Saying that, he added, "By the way Mr. Ito, I have one more thing to remind you here in friendship."

    Ito Yuuhiko was busy "Mr. Su, please speak."

    Su Shoudao said "As far as I know, Yanjing's Ye family is also keen to follow our pace and take the development route of ocean shipping, and if I'm not wrong in my estimation, they should also want to get in touch with your side and talk about project cooperation."

    After a pause, Su Shou Dao added "But the Ye family is still far less powerful than us, so I suggest that Mr. Ito doesn't need to consider them, just focus on getting well, and after your body recovers, cooperating with our Su family face will definitely be the best choice."

    Ito Yuhiko nodded his head and smiled, and said "Not to conceal it from Mr. Su, I have a certain understanding of the Ye family, their ocean shipping business, not carried out at all, just to see the Su family has improved so desperately catch up, in my opinion, it is really difficult for them to become a big climate, so the Su family in my mind, is ranked highest Road "Mr. Ito is really discerning like a torch Ye family is just trying to follow a wave, but they simply do not have any resources in this field, not to mention cooperation with the Ito family, even if the Chinese domestic port resources, we will suppress him without a cone".

    Ito Yuuhiko smiled and said "Mr. Su, don't worry, I will never work with the Ye family, if I have to choose between the Su family and the Ye family, I will definitely choose Mr. Su"

    Su Shoudao laughed "Oh Mr. Ito, with your words, I can go back to China with ease."

    Ito Yuhiko opened his mouth to ask "When does Mr. Su want to return to China"

    Su Shoudao said "Just these two days, mainly because of the restrictions on private planes taking off here in Tokyo, I'll wait for him for two days, if the takeoff permit isn't open in two days, then I'll buy a ticket and take a civilian flight back."

    Ito Yuhiko nodded and lamented, "As far as I know, Mr. Su's previous strokes were too big, and the Tokyo authorities did have some fine words."

    Su Shoudao waved his hand without a care "Tokyo police department and the national security department are all dogs biting Lü Dongbin, such a sinister and vicious person like Yoshito Matsumoto, to keep him in the world, there is no telling how many people will be killed I exterminated him, not only to do justice to God, but also to protect Tokyo's law and order"

    After saying that, he looked at Yuuhiko Ito and said seriously "Mr. Ito, aren't you the direct victim of Yoshito Matsumoto, if I didn't exterminate him, he might have sent someone to the hospital after you by now, and who knows how many more people he'll kill in Tokyo"

    Ito Yuuhiko saw Su Shoudao's righteous words, in his heart, he was also amazed by the thick skin of this man.

    He cursed in his heart, "Su Shoudao, Su Shoudao, you shameless thing, you killed Yoshito Matsumoto, his right hand man, and even his younger brother, which is understandable, but you killed people, men, women and children, leaving no one behind.All disregarded."

    "Now you're saying that, you exterminated Yoshinori Matsumoto's family or you're protecting me in disguise and I have you to thank for killing all of them what a logic."

    However, on the surface, Ito Yuuhiko said with great emotion "Oh this incident is really thanks to Mr. Su, otherwise, I might really still have countless dangers and threats."

Chapter 1832

Su Shoudao nodded and said with a bit of arrogance in his expression "I hope the Tokyo Police Department and Japan's Homeland Security Department can figure this out, there are times when necessary surgery is still necessary, leaving cancerous tissues in the body will only drag down the entire city, and I, however, am just flying over to perform a precise surgical operation on Tokyo".

    Ito Yuuhiko nodded in agreement on the surface, but in his heart he spat, "Damn, this Su Shoudo is a real dog, the more he talks, the more shameless he gets."

    Su Shou Dao looked at the time and smiled "Mr. Ito, you still have injuries in your body, I won't bother you much, bring you these nourishing and nourishing, are very good natural herbs and ingredients, you look back and let your servant get you a bit, can speed up the recovery..wanyuan"

    Said Su Shou Dao's right hand "Since we are mutually interested in deep cooperation, I'll wait for your health to recover and we'll move forward together."

    Ito Yuuhiko said seriously "No problem you and I will keep in touch at all times"

    "Good" said Su Shou Dao with a smile, "in that case, I'll take my leave."

    Ito Yuuhiko nodded "Take care Mr. Su, I won't see you off"

    Su Shoudao hastily patted him on the shoulder "Mr. Ito needn't be polite, rest and recuperate well"

    Ito Yuuhiko said to Ito Emi, "Emi, see Mr. Su off for me."

    "Good brother,"

    Su Shoudao got up and shook hands with Yuuhiko Ito, accompanied by Emi Ito, and stepped out of the hospital room.

    At this time, Ye Chen and Ito Nanako had also just arrived at the hospital and were standing at the elevator waiting.

    Ito Emi sent Su Shoudao and Zhao Yiming to the elevator and said apologetically, "Mr. Su, I still have to take care of my brother, so I won't send you down."

    Su Shoudao smiled and said "Ms. Ito please stay, hurry back to take care of Mr. Ito."

    Emi Ito nodded and bowed ninety degrees "Take care Mr. Su."

    Su Shoudao waved and stepped into the elevator.

    After the elevator doors closed, Su Shoudao asked Zhao Yiming who hadn't spoken "What do you think, what is in Ito Yuhiko's heart"

    Zhao Yiming pondered for a moment and said seriously "Master, I think Ito Yuhiko is a bit afraid of you in his heart despite his disguise"

    "Well."Su Shoudao nodded "It should be because of the extermination of Matsumoto Manmen, now that I think about it, it did go a little too far."

    After saying that, he waved his hand again and said indifferently "regardless of him, I exterminated Matsumoto Manchu because he wanted to harm my son and daughter and wanted me to exterminate, if I don't let him exterminate, people will think that I, Su Shoudao, am a soft persimmon and anyone can fucking pinch"

    Zhao Yiming asked "So will Ito Yuhiko be afraid to work with us because of this"

    Su Shoudao snorted and said, "Give him some time to recover first, and then we'll come back to him.At that time, there will be ways to carry out cooperation, and there will be solutions to not cooperate."

    At this time, the elevator issued a ding of a hint, in the first floor to stop.

    Zhao Yiming hurriedly took a step in front and respectfully said "Master you please".

Chapter 1833

When the elevator doors opened, Su Shou Dao was in the lead.

      And when Ye Chen saw the elevator coming, he was about to signal to let the Itachi Nana by his side to advance, when Su Shou Dao had stepped out.

      The moment he stepped out of the elevator door, Su Shoudao directly met Ye Chen's four eyes.

      At this moment, Su Shou Dao's eyebrows subconsciously frowned slightly, a familiar and unfamiliar scent that made him feel nervous for no reason at all.

      Ye Chen, on the other hand, although he didn't know the man in front of him, but seeing that the other party's eyes carried full guard and amazement, he couldn't help but take a second look at the other party.

      The man in front of him was in his early fifties, ordinary in appearance, ordinary in stature, and was dressed in a luxurious manner, with some hostility between his eyebrows.

      A look at the face, but it was just a lightning bolt.

      Ye Chen still had Ito Naozi beside him, so he didn't pay too much attention to this man, and after passing by, he entered the elevator with Naozi.

      When the elevator doors closed, Su Shou Dao suddenly stopped and looked back towards the elevator, somewhat out of sight.

      Zhao Yiming at the side spoke up and asked him, "Master, what's wrong with you?"

      Su Shoudao smacked his lips: "Strange ......That kid who just entered the elevator, he has a familiar feeling ......"

      Zhao Yiming asked curiously, "You also have an acquaintance in Japan?"

      Su Shou Dao said, "There are quite a few acquaintances, but there are really no ones this young, and that kid just now, he's only twenty-six or twenty-seven, right?About the same age as Zhi Fei, or a year or two older than Zhi Fei."

      Zhao Yiming nodded, "Rather about the same age as Grand Duke ......You know him?"

      "I don't know."

      Su Shou Dao bit his lip and said with a dark face, "But he does look quite similar to a deceased friend of mine!"

      "The deceased?"Zhao Yiming curiously asked, "Master, who is this deceased person of yours?"

      Su Shou Dao's expression was very cold as he asked, "Have you ever heard anyone talk about Ye Changba?"

      Zhao Yiming wasn't very old.

      He was not even forty years old this year.

      When Ye Chen's father, Ye Changba, passed away, he was still in college abroad and had no idea what was happening in Yanjing at that time.

      Therefore, he couldn't help but ask, "Master, is the Ye Changya you're talking about a member of the Ye family?"first issue

      "That's right."

      Su Shou Dao couldn't help but think of the heroic Ye Changba from back then.

      Back then, the Ye Changsha was truly a super noble son who was famous in the capital.

      Handsome, suave, and more importantly, extremely strong in personal ability, he was definitely the head of the line in the entire Yanjing.

      Back then, Su Shou Dao could be said to be simply dim in front of Ye Changsha.

      The Yanjing's famous ladies and daughters, all they wanted to marry was Ye Changya, and one by one, they could not wait to seek death for Ye Changya.

      Su Shou Dao's wife Du Haiqing, the mother of Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, also loved Ye Changya to death back then.

      At that time, Su Shoudao poured everything he had into a mad pursuit of Du Haiqing, but Du Haiqing didn't care about it at all and only wanted to marry Coma Ye.

      Even though Ye Changba already has a fiancée, Du Haiqing is still determined to die for Ye Changba at any time.

      Even though Su Shoudao had gone to great lengths to create a grand marriage proposal scene that stirred up Yanjing for her, Du Haiqing still didn't agree.

      In front of countless people, Du Haiqing only said two words to Su Shoudao.

      The first sentence was: sorry, I can't marry you.

      The second sentence was: because the coma hasn't married after all!

Chapter 1834

Because Ye Changba has a fiancée, but is not yet married, Du Haiqing still feels a ray of hope, still unwilling to give up.

      He proposed to a woman himself, but that woman said in public that she was still waiting for another person, this kind of strange humiliation, Su Shoudao still remembers clearly to this day.

      It was also from that time that he hated Ye Changya to the marrow of his bones.

      And then, Ye Changba got married in Yanjing.

      That night, Du Haiqing cried all her tears and closed her door for a month without leaving the house.

      Su Shou Dao brought flowers to the Du family every day to beg for an audience, and it took thirty-nine days and thirty-nine bouquets of roses before he finally knocked on the door of Du Haiqing's heart.

      Du Haiqing, who had lost nearly twenty pounds, walked out of her room and home, and said something to Su Shoudao, who was holding flowers outside the door.

      She asked Su Shou Dao if he would still be willing to marry her if she might never forget Ye Changya for the rest of her life.

      Su Shou Dao bit his teeth and agreed.

      And then, Du Haiqing and Su Shoudao got engaged by lightning and got married by lightning a month later.

      When he first got married, Su Shoudao slept apprehensively and fearfully every night.

      He was afraid that his wife by his pillow would suddenly call out Ye Changba's name in his dreams.

      The fear soon became a reality.

      Within a few days of marriage, Su Shoudao was able to hear Du Haiqing's sobbing and slurring of Ye Changya's name every day between half-dreaming and half-awake.

      During that time, Su Shou Dao almost collapsed.

      Later, his eldest son, Su Zhi Fei, was born.

      Only then did Du Haiqing finally shift his focus, from Ye Changya, to his son.

      From then on, Su Shou Dao was finally able to sleep soundly.

      His son's loud cry in the middle of the night had even become the most beautiful lullaby for him.

      He could sleep peacefully amidst his son's earth-shattering cries, but he could not listen to his wife in her sleep, murmuring Ye Changya's name in a very low voice, because the word Ye Changya was his nightmare!

      When he thought of all the humiliations of the past, Su Shou Dao felt extremely angry in his heart.

      Even though it had been more than twenty years since the incident, and even though Ye Changya had already passed away, he still couldn't swallow his anger.

      Zhao Yiming was surprised to see his cold expression, clenched fists, and trembling teeth.

      He had served at Su Shou Dao's side for many years, and knew that Su Shou Dao, in this state, was usually furious to the extreme.

      When he heard that Matsumoto Yoshito was the one behind the kidnapping of Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, he also behaved in the same way as he did now.

      Zhao Yiming couldn't help but wonder in his heart, "What did this Ye Changba do to make the Master so angry?"

      Thinking of this, he couldn't help but ask, "Master, that man just now, does he resemble that Ye Changba?"

      "Like."Su Shou Dao nodded and said, "But his temperament is slightly understated, or maybe it's because he's dressed a bit casually, back then Ye Chang Chang Chang could be said to be imposing, walking with the wind, magical!"

      Zhao Yiming asked again, "That brat just now, he's not the offspring of Ye Changba, is he?"

      "Unlikely."Su Shoudao said in a cold voice, "Ye Changba's offspring has long disappeared, and it's a matter of life and death, the Ye family themselves can't even find them, so they probably died out there long ago."

      Saying that, Su Shoudao smiled gloomily and mocked, "Back then, Ye Changba made enemies everywhere, offended the Rothschild family that revered Europe and America, and was also targeted in various ways at home because he was too sharp, and there were too many people who wanted to kill him."

      At this point, Su Shou Dao lit a cigarette and said lightly, "Although that brat just now is quite similar to him, I think he's probably a Japanese, so he might just be simply a bit like him."

      Zhao Yiming nodded lightly and asked him, "Master, where are we going next?Back to the hotel or?"

      "Not going back to the hotel."Su Shoudao said in a cold voice, "These people from the Tokyo Police Department, if they can't catch Ruo Li and the others, they will definitely try to find a way to make things difficult and disgusting for me, it's better for me to leave Tokyo early!"

      Saying that, Su Shoudao instructed him, "Leave the hotel room there unattended, let's just drive north to Aomori Prefecture, the northernmost part of Honshu, Japan, and go over there for two days to soak up the hot springs and relax before we leave."

Chapter 1835

As he took the elevator upstairs, Ye Chen was still thinking back to the man he met when he exited the elevator earlier.

      He was sure that he didn't know the other man, so why did that man have hostile eyes upon seeing him.

      He had thought that the other party would also be a hidden expert and saw something unusual about himself.

      But on second thought it didn't feel right, because that man didn't have the air of a strong man, and from the perspective of his own strength, he should be an ordinary person.

      However, he didn't ponder too much, and after exiting the elevator, Cabbage Patch pulled him over to the hospital room where Ito Yuuhiko was staying.

      At this time, Ito Yuuhiko was cursing at his mother in the hospital bed.

      He said to Ito Emi, "This guy, Su Shoudao, is a honeyed son of a bitch, and if I spend one more second with this kind of person, I'll feel bad all over!"

      Emi Ito nodded and said, "That Su Shoudao, it does feel sinister, and the more friendly he smiles, the more it sends chills down your back, especially when you think about what he did to the Matsumoto family in your head again!"

      As soon as Ye Chen, who had just entered the door, heard this, he took off and loudly pursued, "That man just now, is he Su Shou Dao of the Su family?!"

      Both Yuuhiko Ito and Emi Ito were shocked, and they realized that Yatsuhito and Vegetable had come in.

      So, Yuuhiko Ito asked curiously, "Does sir also know Su Shoudo?"

      Ye Chen frowned tightly, and even his voice became a little colder: "The man who just went down from the elevator is Su Shou Dao?!"

      Ito Yuuhiko said, "I don't know exactly who you ran into in the elevator, but Su Shou-do did just leave."

      When Ye Chen heard this, he turned around and ran out!

      Soo Shou Do!

      The initiator and leader of the Anti-Leaf Alliance back then!

      Ye Chen's hatred surged all over his body at the thought of it!

      He just wanted to chase after him, even if it meant killing Su Shoudao's bodyguards and henchmen in broad daylight, he wanted to catch that bastard and ask him why he was targeting his parents.

      Then let him also have a taste of what would happen if he died miserably on the street!

      Unfortunately, when Ye Chen chased him out, there was no sign of Su Shou Dao anywhere in front of the hospital.

      Su Shou Dao had already gotten on the car and headed to Aomori County.

      Ye Chen couldn't help but pound his chest in front of the hospital!

      Since the death of his parents, this is the closest moment he's had to an enemy!

      However, he failed to recognize the other!

      It was so frustrating to him!

      The Ye family and the Su family had always been at war with each other, so even when Ye Chen was young, he hadn't seen much of Su Shou Dao as a person.

      Plus, the Su and Ye families were themselves top families and never appeared on various wealth lists and the media never reported it, so Ye Chen was even more ignorant of Su Shou Dao's appearance.

      At this time, Ye Chen was extremely depressed.

      This time when he came to Japan, he even had close contact with the Su family one after another.

      First, he had unintentionally saved Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, and now he just happened to cross Su Shou Dao's path!

      Ye Chen gritted his teeth and secretly thought, if he were given the chance to rewind back a few minutes, the first thing he would do the moment he saw Su Shou Dao would be to smash his dog's head first!

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Chapter 1836

Unfortunately, even though he had a great deal of power, he couldn't turn back time.

      Thus, he could only hope for the next time.

      At the same time, he vowed in his heart, "Su Shou Dao, if I have another chance to face you again, I will definitely not let you go!"


      When Ye Chen returned to the hospital room, Ito Yuhiko asked him with a surprised face, "Mr. Ye, do you know Su Shoudao?Or is there a connection?Why are you so sensitive to him?"

      Ito Emi and Ito Cuisinart were also looking at Ye Chen with great confusion, expecting his answer.

      When Ye Chen saw this, he laughed to himself and said in exasperation, "Did you forget?I accidentally saved a couple of his children, and he's so rich, it's logical to give me a $10 billion funeral anyway, right?Turns out I didn't expect to let him get away ......"

      Ito Yuuhiko was dumbstruck for a moment.

      He didn't doubt the truth of Ye Chen's words in the slightest, because Ye Chen was good everywhere in his eyes, but he was a bit of a fucking lover of money, and for the sake of money, he could even shamelessly extort money and even maliciously take over.

      So, unintentionally saving Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Fish, with his character, it really wouldn't be him if he didn't think of asking for some money.

      When Ito Cuisinart heard this, she also couldn't help but laugh out loud and said, "Ye Chen-kun, you are also too wealthy, you know, just now when you heard the three words Su Shoudao, you acted as if he was your father's enemy, but you didn't expect that it turned out to be just a debtor in your heart ......"

      Ye Chen laughed bitterly and said casually, "Hey, it's a pity to let him get away, but it's nothing, there will still be a chance to meet this debt sooner or later, he can hide the first day of the first year but not the fifteenth."

      Nodding her head, Itachi Cai-chan then said to Itachi Yuuhiko, "Eudosan, I brought two sick meals over today, one for you and the other for Tanaka-san, can I go see him?"

      Ito Yuhiko nodded, "Tanaka is in the next room, go take a look."

      Ito Nabiki turned to Yatsuo, "Yatsuo-kun, are you going to check it out?"

      Ye Chen had a pretty good impression of Tanaka, indeed a rare heartfelt servant, so he nodded and said, "Alright, let's go take a look together."

      At this time, Tanaka Koichi was half lying on the next ward reading a book.

      Seeing Itachi Nana and Ye Chen come in, he hurriedly put down his book and said respectfully, "Hello, Miss, hello Mr. Ye!"

      Ito Nana-chan smiled slightly, walked forward with a lunch box and said, "Tanaka-san, I brought you a sick meal from home, the chef at home made it especially for you, so eat it while it's hot."

      Tanaka Koichi was flattered and said, "My lady, how can I ask you to bring me a meal, this is just too much to make ......"

      Ito Nana-chan said very devoutly, "Tanaka-san, you saved my father-sama's life, I am extremely grateful, a meal is nothing, just a small token of my appreciation!"

      Koichi Tanaka said from the bottom of his heart, "My lady, by your words, it would be worth it if I were to die 10,000 times ......"

      Itoh Nana-chan said, "Tanaka-san, if you need anything, just tell your aunt, she will find a way to solve it for you, you must cheer up, recover well and get out of the hospital soon!"

      Tanaka Koichi nodded his head repeatedly and said gratefully, "I see my lady, thank you for your concern!"

      After saying that, he asked tentatively, "I went to the Chairman-sama's ward in a wheelchair this morning, and I heard from the Chairman-sama that it was Mr. Ye who healed your injury?"

      Itachi nodded and said, "Not only did Mr. Ye Chen-kun heal my injuries, he also saved my life ......"

      Tanaka Hao looked towards Ye Chen and thanked him, "Mr. Ye, it's ......Thank you so much!"

      Ye Chen was somewhat bored because he had rubbed shoulders with Su Shou Dao and missed his chance for revenge, and when he saw Tian Zhong talking to him, he said with a somewhat perfunctory tone, "No need to be polite."Updated fastest.

      Koichi Tanaka was surprised and asked, "Is Mr. Yap in some kind of trouble?"

      On the side of the room, Cabbage Ito smiled coquettishly and said, "He, ah, just missed out on $10 billion and is sulking ......"

Chapter 1837

Ye Chen only smiled slightly at the words of the vegetable dish and didn't explain much.

      After chatting with Tanaka Koichi for a while, she apologized and said to him, "Tanaka-san, Ye Chen-kun is returning to Jinling tonight, I have to accompany him to do some shopping, so I'll take my leave and see you again tonight!"

      Tanaka Koichi hurriedly said, "Missy you and Mr. Yeh go busy, don't bother me or visit me specifically, it's too much trouble for you!"

      Itachi said with a smile, "It's no trouble, we've known each other for so many years, why are you so polite."

      Tanaka Koichi nodded gratefully and looked at Ye Chen again, saying seriously, "Mr. Ye, if you return to China tonight, I won't be able to see you off, so I wish you a safe journey."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Thank you Tanaka, we'll see each other again sometime."

      "Okay Mr. Ye, I'll see you again sometime!"

      After leaving Tanaka Koichi's hospital room, Itachi Nana accompanied Ye Chen to Tokyo Ginza.

      It had been a few days since he came to Japan, and this was the first time Ye Chen was out shopping.

      Since he had bought a Hermes set for his wife, Xiao Choran, on his last trip to Yanjing, Ye Chen skipped the luggage luxury items this time.

      Ye Chen strolled through the jewelry section and spotted a heart-shaped diamond ring from Tiffany's.

      The main diamond ring had a net weight of three carats and was very high in purity, not very large but very beautiful, and the heart-shaped cut was so beautiful that he liked it at first glance.

      Thinking back to the time when he hadn't given Xiao Churan a real wedding ring since his marriage, Ye Chen planned to buy this diamond ring back and give it to her.

      He then consulted the shopkeeper and learned that the price of this ring converted to about 800,000 RMB, which wasn't expensive.

      So, Ye Chen was going to buy this ring.

      At the side of the shop, Ito Naija couldn't hide her envy and asked, "Ye Chen-kun bought this ring to give to your wife, right?"

      "Right."Ye Chen nodded and said, "She's been with me for so many years and I haven't given her a ring yet."(first post)

      Itachi sighed and said, "Yeh Chen-kun is really good to his wife ......"

      Yeh Chen smiled slightly and was about to say something modest, when the Tiffany salesman said very politely, "Sir, may I ask what size ring your wife wears on her ring finger, approximately?"

      The question caught Ye Chen at once.

      "How big is the ring?This I really don't know ......"

      The sales explained, "If you don't know the ring, it will be more troublesome to buy a bigger or smaller ring, so we suggest you make a phone call and ask your wife to determine the size of the ring, and our side will directly help you adjust it to the most appropriate state."

      Ye Chen was slightly hesitant.

      It was meant to be a surprise for Xiao Churan, if you call now and ask her, wouldn't the surprise be gone?"

      As I was thinking about it, Itachi Nana-chan whispered to the side, "That ......Ye Tatsumi-kun, look at my hands, how much worse are they compared to your wife's?"

      Saying that, Ito Cabbage opened her hands and placed her ten fingers in front of Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen took a closer look and said in surprise, "Cabbage Patch, it feels like your hands are similar to my wife's fingers!Why don't you just trouble yourself and try it for me?"

      Itachi nodded his head without hesitation.

      The sales clerk then handed the ring to Ye Chen and said, "Sir, then please let this lady help you try it on!"

      Ye Chen didn't think much about it, picking up the ring with one hand and gently dragging Itoh Cabbage's right wrist with the other, carefully placing the ring on her ring finger.

      At this moment, Ito Naija felt like a dream.

      Although she was well aware that she was only trying the ring on for Ye Chen's wife, the thought that this was Ye Chen putting a diamond ring on her ring finger made her so excited inside that she couldn't attach it.

      She said to herself in her head, "If this is a dream, then how much I wish I could sleep here and never wake up again ......"

Chapter 1838

The moment the ring passed through the knuckle of her ring finger and onto her hand, tears had welled up in Cabbage's eyes.first appearance

      She hurriedly lowered her head, not wanting Ye Chen to see her current appearance.

      She liked Ye Chen very much, but she didn't want to put too strong a psychological burden on Ye Chen.

      Because she knew in her heart that the big reason why Ye Chen came to Japan this time to visit her in Kyoto was never because of how much he liked himself in his heart, but rather because he sympathized with her, as well as felt pity for her.

      She could understand Ye Chen's feelings, it was a kind of empathy that came from being a martial arts practitioner in the same heart.

      What was empathy?

      It's putting yourself in the other person's shoes, being able to empathize with them, and putting yourself in their shoes.

      It's like, a race car driver, who sees another race car driver get into a car accident and get seriously injured or even killed on the track, must have more empathy for the injured person than an ordinary person.

      Similarly, a soldier, if he saw his comrade, or someone of the same rank, injured or disabled in battle, would definitely have this empathy within him.

      Ye Chen was definitely the same with himself.

      He must have sympathized with himself a little more when he saw himself disobeying advice, being seriously injured in a match, or even being pulled away directly from the arena by an ambulance.

      Plus, he had the means to heal himself, which was why he had taken the time to come to Japan this time to go to Kyoto to see himself, save himself, and heal himself.

      So, it was clear to Itachi that although Yatsuo was nice to himself, most of that should have been sympathy spawned from empathy.

      For a girl who was obsessed with the other, the last thing she actually wanted was sympathy from the other.

      In fact, apart from love, any other emotion was not what she wanted.

      At this moment, Ye Chen couldn't see the expression of the vegetable, his attention, all focused on her finger, seeing that this ring Ito Nao Nao was wearing was slightly too big, so he gently took it off again and said to the salesman, "Excuse me, please change it a little bit smaller."

      "Okay sir."The salesman took the ring and began to readjust the ring.

      Ito-chan had a strong sense of loss in her heart at this point.

      Although she had already known that the ring would leave just a little bit on her finger.

      But when that ring was really taken off by Ye Chen, her heart, however, hurt like a knife.

      Only, she didn't dare to be seen by Ye Chen in the slightest, so while Ye Chen was watching the salesman adjusting the ring, she hurriedly said, "Ye Chen-kun, I'm going to the bathroom!"

      After saying that, before Ye Chen responded, the person had run away.

      The reason why she had to run away was because tears filled her eyes and it had reached the point where her eyes couldn't carry them.

      She didn't want Ye Chen to see her shed tears at such a time.

      Because she didn't want to affect Ye Chen's concentration.

      She never wanted to affect Ye Chen's life and his marriage.

      After all, the kindness Ye Chen had given her was already too much.

      Turning to leave, she mused in her heart.

      "Tonight, Tatsuo-kun Yeh will leave Japan, return to his family's embrace and his wife's side ......"

      "In the future, I don't know when I will come back again ......"

      "The next few hours are the last few hours I will spend with Yeh Tatsun-kun ......"

      "I must control my emotions and not add any psychological burden to him ......"

Chapter 1839

By the time Itachi came back from the bathroom, no signs of tears could be seen on her face, but her eyes were slightly red..udcig.

    She deliberately puffed her face with cold water, so it looked a lot more natural.

    When she got back to the shop, Itachi Nana-chan took the initiative to smile and asked Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun, is the adjustment ready do you want me to try again"

    Ye Chen smiled and nodded, "Trouble for you."

    Itachi Nana-chan smiled softly, "Yatsuo-kun doesn't have to be so polite."

    Saying that, she stretched out her right hand again and said with a smile, "Come on try again."

    Ye Chen didn't think much about it, picking up the adjusted ring and once again put it on the ring finger of her right hand.

    This time, the size of the ring had become very appropriate, and it was not tight or loose on her hand, looking simply heavenly.

    Itoh Noriko herself couldn't help but change the direction of her right hand, carefully observing the not-so-expensive diamond ring in the light.

    This ring, although not as gorgeous as the ones in the hands of famous celebrities, which easily cost millions of dollars, has its own unique charm.

    It was simple, airy, beautiful and touching.

    Ye Chen also looked at the ring on Itachi's vegetable and likewise liked it more and more.

    He knew that his wife didn't pursue those luxurious jewels, and this ring was just the right match for her kind of stillness like water.

    At the thought of being as still as water, he couldn't help but shift his attention from the ring, to Itachi's face.

    Speaking from the bottom of his heart, if it was as still as water, Xiao Choran might be able to achieve eighty or even ninety percent, but Itachi Cabbage was absolutely one hundred percent.

    So in other words, it seemed as if this ring was more in line with the aura that Ito Rape was wearing.

    But Ye Chen didn't think too much about this issue.

    Itoh Cabbage wore the ring and observed it with joy and despair for a long time before she reluctantly took it off and handed it to Ye Chen.

    Verbally, "Ye Chen-kun, if it's appropriate, let the sales wrap it up for you."

    "Yes" Ye Chen saw that the ring did fit, so he smiled and said to the salesman, "Hello, please wrap this ring for me."

    "Okay sir"

    The salesman was happy too.

    Although Tiffany was also a very well-known brand, the price point of most diamond rings was actually in the range of $10,000 to $20,000, and very few people would actually buy rings over $20,000, and sometimes they might not be able to sell one in a week.

    Rings like the one Ye Chen picked, which had a discounted selling price of more than 100,000 US dollars, would normally sell only that limited number of them a year.

    Therefore, she was treating Ye Chen as a valued VIP customer, so while very carefully wrapping the ring for him, she said to Ye Chen, "Sir, if you don't have any other needs, then please come with me to the cashier to pay the bill."

    Ye Chen said, "There's no rush, I still want to see the bracelet."

    The ring was a token of love between lovers, so if he bought this ring for his wife, he naturally couldn't buy the same thing for his mother-in-law.

    So, Ye Chen was going to, show Ma Lan a bracelet that didn't have to be too expensive, and it would be great if it was equivalent to 200,000 to 300,000 RMB.

    A bracelet of 200,000 or 300,000 was enough for Ma Lan to be so happy that she couldn't sleep.

    When the salesperson heard that Ye Chen wanted to buy a bracelet, she immediately spoke up, "Sir, wait a moment, I'll ask the person in charge of the bracelet area to show you and recommend you a few styles."

    In this store of theirs, every salesperson had their own dedicated counter, and this salesperson was in charge of diamond rings, so the bracelets would need someone else to provide Ye Chen with shopping guide services.

Chapter 1840

Ye Chen readily agreed, and soon, that sales called another girl and said to her, "Little You, this VIP wants to see the bracelet, so you can help recommend it..vga."

    The girl knew that Ye Chen was a local hero and immediately said with a smile on her face, "Please follow me, sir."

    Ito Nao-chan hurriedly asked him, "Ye Chen-kun, do you still need me to try the bracelet for you?"

    Ye Chen smiled, "The bracelet is intended to be bought for my mother-in-law, she's a bit fat, so don't bother."

    Ito Nana-chan then smiled and said, "Then Yeh Chen-kun take a look for yourself first, I want to see the ring, is that okay?"

    Ye Chen nodded, "Of course, you can look first, I'll go over there to look at the bracelet."

    Cabbage Ito smiled sweetly, "Okay."

    It was only when Ye Chen went to the bracelet area that Itochi asked the girl selling the ring earlier in a low voice, "Excuse me, is the ring I just tried still available?"

    The salesman nodded gently and said, "Yes, we had a total of three of these rings in the store and sold two, there is still one left, are you wanting it now?"

    Itachi was delighted and whispered, "I can't pay right now, can you keep it quietly for me and I'll have someone come over and pay for it later, then please help me adjust the ring to the size I just did, okay?"

    The salesman said politely, "No problem miss, just say your name when the person you are arranging to come over later."

    Cabbage Ito smiled happily and said, "My last name is Ito, and the person will tell you that they bought it for Miss Ito."

    The salesman nodded lightly, "Yes, Ito-san."

    Cabbage Ito blinked and lowered her voice, "Don't ever tell the gentleman who came with me, keep it a secret for me."

    The salesman was a little puzzled, but he nodded very respectfully and said, "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

    "That's good,"

    At this time, Ye Chen was at the counter of the bracelets, walking around looking at them.

    There were many styles of bracelets in this shop, most of them were of a more low-key and simple type, but there was one rose gold bracelet full of diamonds that looked more gorgeous and expensive.

    Ye Chen knew Ma Lan well, and what this mother-in-law of his liked most was something that could be seen as earthy at a glance.

    Something golden, full of diamonds, and shiny at a glance would definitely be able to deepen her taste.

    And don't look at the diamonds set all over, but since they were all relatively small broken diamonds, this kind of price wasn't really high.

    The bracelet that Ye Chen chose for his mother-in-law was actually around 250,000 RMB, and although it wasn't cheap, it was just a drop in the bucket to Ye Chen.

    After Ye Chen had chosen it, he asked the salesman to pack the bracelet together and pay for it along with the ring.

    Itachi Nana-chan had also set up the ring with the previous sales by now, and then sent a message for one of her own assistants to help come over and pay for it.

    It was only after the arrangements were made that she came to Ye Chen with a satisfied heart and asked him with a smile, "Ye Chen-kun, you've chosen everything."

    Ye Chen nodded, "The money has been paid, hey right Vegetable, why are you so happy"

    Ye Chen could also see that Itachi Cabbage was in a much better state now, looking as if she was happier than before.

    Ito Cabbage puffed out her tongue playfully and said with a wink, "This is a secret, I can't tell Ye Chen-kun, otherwise Ye Chen-kun will definitely laugh at me."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, "How can that be?"

    Itachi said shyly, "I can't tell you that either, it's too shy."

    Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders helplessly, "Since you don't want to tell me, I won't ask"


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