Secret Identity 1841-1850


Amazing son-in-law Chapter 1841

After leaving Tiffany's, Itochi accompanied Ye Chen again and walked around the major shops in Ginza.

      In order to appear less cheeky, Ye Chen specifically bought a high-end boss suit for his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun.

      The old father-in-law was now mixing with the Painting and Calligraphy Association every day, and had become the number two person in the entire Painting and Calligraphy Association, so it could be said that he was quite respectable.

      What's more, the painting and calligraphy association where he is now, and Han Meiqing's senior university will often have contacts and exchanges, so Ye Chen bought a suit for the old father-in-law, thinking to help him dress up a little, so that he can be more elegant and respectable.

      Other than that, Ye Chen also bought some other small accessories and small items in bits and pieces.

      At 3:30 p.m., it was about two hours before Ye Chen's flight to Osaka took off, and considering that the Tokyo airport was quite far from the city, Ye Chen said to Ito Cabbage, "Cabbage, it's almost time, I have to go to the airport."

      Ito Rape said without hesitation, "Yatsuo-kun, I'll drive you there!"

      Ye Chen said, "I have to drive over there and leave my car at the airport, what if you go with me and come back?"

      "It doesn't matter."Ito-chan took off, "I can have someone drive me to the airport to pick me up, don't worry about that Yatsuo-kun!"

      Ye Chen subconsciously asked, "It's too much trouble for you, isn't it?"

      "No it won't!"Ito Naija's expression was full of pleading and said, "Ye Chenjun, Naija wants to send you to the airport, she even wants to send you to Osaka and send you back to Jinling, but now the family situation is special, it's really not suitable to pull out and leave, so please Ye Chenjun give Naija a chance to send you to the airport ......"

      When Ye Chen heard this, his heart was touched, so he said, "Then the two of us will drive to the airport together, and you can also call your family and arrange for them to send a car to pick you up at the airport."

      "Mmhmm!"Nodding her head repeatedly, Ito-chan said happily, "Don't worry about Yatsuo-kun, I'll arrange it!"first issue


      Ye Chen no longer insisted on hearing this, and the two of them directly got into the car and drove to the Tokyo airport.

      This journey was the first of Ye Chen's return journey.

      On the way, Itachi was heavily preoccupied.

      She had been stealing glances at Ye Chen beside her and was extremely upset with him.

      As early as in Jinling, Ito Nai Nai Nai Nai Zi had been in love with Ye Chen.

      And when she met up with Ye Chen again in Japan, Ito Naija fell in love with him completely and utterly.

      After separating from Ye Chen this time, she didn't know if she would have the chance to meet him again.

      This was because she could feel in her heart that Ye Chen had lifted the weight of her heart towards her.

      Itachi was a very smart girl.

      She could tell that the reason why Ye Chen had come to Japan must be because of his own injuries, so he had an element of sympathy in his heart for himself.

      And he happened to have the medicine that could heal himself, so that's why he brought that medicine with him to Kyoto to find and heal himself.

      At this time, she was lonely and thought to herself, "My injuries have healed, so I guess, Ye Chenjun will be able to be relieved of me in the future, right?"

      Thinking of this, Itachi's heart was sad.

      In her heart, she was willing to give up some in exchange for Ye Chen to stay in Japan.

      But in her heart, she also knew very well that it was unrealistic.

Chapter 1842

While Itochi's thoughts were flying, Ye Chen had already driven his car to the airport.

      After he parked the car in the airport's parking lot, he got out of the car together with Itoh Cabbage Patch.

      Then, he didn't leave in a hurry, but bent down and put the car key, on top of the car's front tire.

      Ito Nachiko was surprised and asked, "Yatsuo-kun, what are you doing?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "I'll leave the key here with my friend, otherwise this key will have to follow me back to China."

      Itoh Cabbage wondered, "This won't be lost, right?If someone finds out, wouldn't they be able to take the car away?"

      Ye Chen laughed, "It's impossible for other people to see it when it's placed here, there are so many cars here, who would bend down one by one to look at someone else's tires."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Later, I'll tell the owner of the car the location of the key, after the owner knows, it will be very convenient when he comes to pick up the car."

      Itachi nodded with a smile and said, "Still, Ye Chen-kun is smart, I might never have thought of such a solution in my life."

      Ye Chen laughed, "Actually, I mainly want to save some money, otherwise this postage cost would be quite high if I send it to him after I return home."

      Ito Nai-chan was dumbfounded and spoke, "Ye Chen-kun, with your situation, you definitely won't be short of money ......Father-sama alone has contributed $4.5 billion to you, and your Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical is on a rapid growth momentum, why are you still saving money so much ......"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "It's not called saving money, it's being able to live your life, we won't save a penny of what we should spend, and we won't waste a penny of what we shouldn't spend."

      Ito Naija nodded seriously: "Thank you, Ye Chen-kun, Naija was taught."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Where, where, I'm not a good teacher, just expressing my own little views, all very vulgar personal views."

      Cabbage Ito said sincerely, "Although the reasoning is very simple and shallow, but I just never thought about it, if I was still in my previous identity, it wouldn't matter if I spent or wasted a little more, but now that father-sama wants me to take over the Ito Corporation, in the future I must change my previous attitude of having no concept of money, only like Ye Tatsun-kun, it is possible toMake the family business bigger and better!"

      When Ye Chen saw that Ito Cabbage looked incomparably serious, he smiled helplessly and said, "I'm sure Ito Corporation will become stronger and stronger in your hands!"

      Ito Naija nodded gently, "Thank you Ye Chen-kun for your blessings, I hope Naija can live up to your expectations ......"

      Ye Chen looked at her and smiled encouragingly, before saying, "Okay, it's almost time, I have to go through the registration procedures, how are you going to get back?"first issue

      Ito-chan said, "I've asked the family's assistant to drive me to pick me up."

      Saying that, she looked at the time and panicked, "She might not be here for a while, so I'll walk Yatsuo-kun to the security checkpoint."

      Ye Chen nodded, and they left the parking lot together, heading straight to the airport's departure hall.

      At this moment, a woman with a delicate face and delicate features, but with a bit of heroism and coldness, stepped into the airport's departure hall.

      This woman was about 175 centimeters tall and had slender legs.

      She was wearing a black tight leather jacket, black stretch leather pants, black high-top leather boots, and her long, black hair was tied into a ponytail that hung down to her waist.

      The woman was gorgeous, but only her face was cold and piercing.

      She stepped into the airport and went straight into the VIP security checkpoint.

      The male staff in charge of checking the boarding information even straightened his eyes when he looked at the woman.

      The woman stood in front of him for several seconds before he came back to his senses and said with a flushed face, "Miss, please show your documents and boarding pass."

      The woman emotionlessly handed over the documents, and the other person took a look at them, and on the passport were three Chinese characters written on it, Su Ruoli!

Chapter 1843

At present, Tokyo Airport has stepped up its exit checks in order to identify the murderer of Yoshito Matsumoto's family.

      But due to the lack of manpower, it's not yet possible to tightly control all passengers.

      Although Su Ruo Li was holding a Chinese passport, the staff didn't report it to the leadership because her boarding pass was for Osaka, not for leaving Japan.

      He just mumbled Su Ruorui's name a few times in his mind, thinking it was very nice, but he couldn't really tell what was so nice about it.

      The first thought that came to Su Ruorui's mind when she saw the other party froze with her passport was that could it be that her identity had been exposed and the other party was already aware of it.

      However, she quickly analyzed the situation and felt that it was unlikely that this was the case.

      First of all, the Tokyo Police Department only knew that the one who had exterminated Matsumoto Manmon was a reclusive expert from China, but other than that, they knew nothing else.

      They also didn't know who the person who killed Matsumoto's entire family had the last name.

      What's more, Japan was so close to China, and there were so many tourists, expatriates, and business elites that traveled between the two countries on a normal day, it was impossible for the Tokyo Police Department to lock themselves down in such a short period of time.

      After a quick analysis in her head, Su Ruorui could conclude that the staff in front of her was most likely just amazed by her looks and thus somewhat slow to react.

      Thus, she asked that staff member with a blank expression, "Is my passport good-looking?"

      The other nodded subconsciously, "Very nice."

      After saying that, this realized that he had accidentally missed the point, and hurriedly handed the passport back to Su Ruo Li with both hands, apologizing, "Miss Su, I'm so sorry!I didn't mean it!"

      Su Ruo Li completely ignored his apology and instead continued to ask him with an icy expression, "Then can I go over there?"

      "Of course!"The staff was oppressed to cold sweat by Su Ruorui's cold aura, and hurriedly stamped a stamp on her boarding pass as well, respectfully handing it to her.

      Su Ruorui received the boarding pass and immediately turned her face to leave, the staff turned her head to look at her back, with a face like an idiot, and murmured with a sigh, "This is simply Her Majesty's aura except in TV dramas and anime, I've never seen a woman with such a powerful aura before"

      Although this staff member was thinking about Su Ruorui, Su Ruorui himself had completely left him behind and came to the side of the machine that performed the security check.

      This time, all the experts of the Su family were scattered, and Tokyo was unable to leave the country, so everyone spread out as tourists and bought their own tickets for regular flights to Osaka.

      The one that Su Rou chose was the 5:40 flight.

      After the flight arrives in Osaka, she will fly back home with the other Su family men in a private jet temporarily borrowed from the China Sea!

      At this moment, Ye Chen also arrived at the VIP security checkpoint.

      Before he entered the security checkpoint, he turned sideways and said to Ito Cabbage, who was beside him, "Cabbage, it was hard for you to send me this far, I'm going to enter the security checkpoint, you should also go back early."

      Cabbage Ito nodded reluctantly and said seriously, "Have a safe trip, Yatsuo-kun, and remember to give me a good report when you land."

      "Good!"Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Take care of yourself too!"

      With red eyes, Ito-chan said, "Thank you for your concern, Yatsuo-kun, I will!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head, and also sighed lightly.

      There was reluctance in this sigh, but there was also relief.

      The reluctance was that Itachi was indeed a rare and good girl, and it could be said that other than her nationality, she couldn't pick out any faults.

      Once they parted today, it would definitely be difficult for them to meet again in the future, so it was natural for Ye Chen to have reluctance in his heart.

      As for the relief, it was mainly because he had already removed the thorn in his heart by coming to Japan this time.

      That thorn was the Itachi Cabbage Patch.

Chapter 1844

At first, Itoh Cabbage insisted on competing with Qin Ao Xue.

      Qin Ao Xue, in turn, had surged in strength because of her own rejuvenation pills.

      In the end, Qin Ao Xue seriously injured Ito Cabbage in the ring, and that was a thorn in Ye Chen's heart.

      On the one hand, he was heartbroken for Ito Cabbage, but on the other hand, he appreciated her character of never saying defeat and favoring Tiger Mountain.

      On top of that, he also felt a certain degree of guilt towards Ito Naija-chan.

      It was because, he was the one who had single-handedly pushed Qin Ao Xue from a level far below Ito Naija to a level far above Ito Naija's.

      Now, having healed her himself, so diluting that heartache.

      Having saved her life and made her strength soar by leaps and bounds herself, so that guilt was also diluted.

      So far, both the heartache and guilt were washed away, and what was left was more of that appreciation for Itachi.

      Therefore, Ye Chen would smile at her, revealing a row of white teeth, "In that case, I'll be leaving first!"

      "Yes!"Nodding her head heavily, Itachi said sweetly with a smile still on her face despite her extreme sadness, "Yatsuo-kun, I wish you prosperity and peace and health in your martial arts!"

      The phrase "prosperous martial arts" is an adjective that began in China and developed in Japan.

      In ancient Japan, martial arts was the highest form of respect, and the ultimate representation of force was the Bushido, which was held in the highest esteem.

      Therefore, in the Japanese tradition, wishing someone prosperous martial fortune has many meanings, not only wishing the other party good luck, but also wishing the other party invincible, invincible, invincible and invincible.

      It could be said that it was the highest kind of blessing.

      Ye Chen didn't expect that Ito Cabbage would say the words wishing herself prosperity in martial fortune, he was slightly startled, then he cupped his fist to her with a righteous face and said in a loud voice, "Thank you Miss Cabbage, we'll see each other later!"

      After saying that, once again, he looked deeply at Nachiko, turned around and entered the security checkpoint.

      The moment Ye Chen turned around, Ito's tears dried up.

      She looked at Ye Chen's back and burst into tears!

      She wanted to call out to Ye Chenjun to make him turn back, so that she could take a closer look at him again.

      However, she was afraid that when she called out to him, he would see her face full of tears and would think more, misunderstand, or think that she deliberately wanted him to see her drop all pretense.

      So, she resisted the urge to call out to him and just wanted to stand here and watch him disappear into that door, then she turned around and left.

      Right at this moment, Ye Chen suddenly couldn't help it and subconsciously looked back at her.

      Just one glance made Ye Chen's entire body stand still for a long while as if struck by lightning.

      He originally wanted to turn back and politely wave at her one more time.

      But how could one have expected that, looking back, the just now smiling Cai Cai Zi had already cried into tears.

      At this moment, Ye Chen felt that the softest part of his heart seemed to have suffered a hit, and this feeling, to sum it up, actually only needed two words, and that was: heartache!

      Ito Nadeshiko didn't expect that Ye Chen would even look back at her again.

      At this moment, as the eldest sister of the Ito family and as Yamato Nadeshiko who had received a traditional Japanese education since childhood, she finally lost all her self-control completely.

      At this moment, she lost all her senses and cried, running towards Ye Chen, straight into his arms and hugging him tightly.

      Before Ye Chen could regain consciousness, she had gently stood on her tiptoes and took the initiative to offer her first kiss, her thin lips, which were a little salty and cold because of her tears, kissed his lips without hesitation.

Chapter 1845

Ye Chen first felt the soft and cold touch of the tip of Cabbage's lips, then felt a slight bitter taste in his mouth.

      It was clear in his heart that this was the taste of Cabbage's tears.

      At this moment, his heart was truly a bit reluctant and helpless.

      After a few seconds, their lips separated, Itoh Cabbage raised his head, looked at Ye Chen with his red eyes and choked, "Ye Chen-kun, don't ever forget me ah ......"

      Ye Chen nodded seriously, "Don't worry, I won't!"

      Ito-chan said again with incomparable solemnity, "If there is anything I need to help you in the future, please make sure to let me know, Yatsuo-kun!"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Good, the same goes for you!"

      Only then did Itachi Nana-chan break into a smile, "Then Yatsuo-kun, let's go, we'll miss the plane if we delay any longer!"

      Ye Chen looked at her and said softly, "I'll see you later, Cabbage Patch."

      "Mm, see you later Ye Chen-kun!"

      When Ye Chen turned around this time, he didn't look back.

      He didn't want to turn back and see a tearful Itachi Caixin like he did just now.

      So, simply put his heart on the line and stepped into the security checkpoint.

      The surrounding passengers were quite moved inside as they watched the beautiful and touching Ito Naozi, who was at the security checkpoint, covering her face with both hands, eyes weeping as she watched Ye Chen's figure unblinkingly until she disappeared.

      Most men at this moment envied the man who had just disappeared in the security checkpoint.Fastest Updated.

      "How could that guy have such a beautiful woman watching him weep so obsessively?!"

      "The point is ......He didn't even look back!That's too much!"

      "If it were me, I'd go back and keep that woman and tell her I'd never leave!"

      Itachi was deaf to everything around her.

      Long after Yatsuo disappeared, she was still immersed in the feelings that had nowhere to go and couldn't escape.

      Until, her phone rang.

      The call was answered, and a woman's voice came out, "Miss, I've arrived at the airport entrance, where are you?"

      Itachi was busy wiping away her tears and said, "Just a minute, I'll be right back!"

      After saying that, she hurriedly looked into the security checkpoint again to make sure that she couldn't see Ye Chen's figure before she reluctantly turned around and left the airport.

      Outside the airport at this time, three black Rolls Royces were already waiting side by side.

      As soon as Itoh Cabbage left the airport gates, the passenger of the middle Rolls Royce stepped down from a young woman, and the woman greeted her respectfully, "My lady is here!"

      Itachi nodded, and before she got to the front, the man had opened the back door for her.

      Only when Ito Nana-chan got into the car did she close the door and return to the passenger side.

      Once she was in the car, Ito Nana-chan was a little pressed and asked her, "Kawana, did you get the ring I wanted for me?"

      "Got it!"The woman known as Kawana, full name Kawana Kurenai, was a senior assistant in the Ito family, when she immediately handed over a beautiful Tiffany jewelry box from the co-pilot.

      Ito Nabiki was thrilled to receive the jewelry box and carefully unwrapped it.

      When she opened the box, she found that inside the jewelry box, there lay quietly the same type of ring that was identical to the diamond ring that Ye Chen had let herself try on.

Chapter 1846

The ring was the same style, the same size, and even the size of the ring ring was exactly the same.

      As soon as she saw this ring, Itoh Naijuling felt incomparably happy and joyful, as if this ring was really given to her by Ye Chen.

      Kawana Kuren saw her looking at the ring with a face full of joy and was very surprised, "My lady, why are you interested in a brand like Tiffany?This brand is just a very ordinary jewelry brand ah, and the ring is too cheap, and the diamond is just too hard to get ......"

      Kawana Jurin was right.

      This kind of diamond ring that sells for about 1 million RMB or less is, to be frank, for ordinary small rich people.

      The really big tycoons don't even bother to wear such rings.

      The rich in Europe, America, Japan and Korea like diamonds the most, and some of them are very pure and have top-notch cutting techniques.

      The really rich people buy such diamonds and customize them into diamond rings.

      So, it's really common for the top tycoons to wear diamond rings that are worth over ten million dollars.

      Chinese tycoons like a lot more things, they not only like diamonds, they also like all kinds of precious stones, especially jadeite.

      The truly superb imperial green jadeite was incredibly expensive.

      It's not a big deal if any bracelet is worth over ten million or even over a hundred million.

      This was because for the rich, this kind of jewelry not only brought out face, but also had a great appreciation potential.

      The Ito family itself was one of the top mega-rich families in Japan, and Ito Nana Nana was the only daughter of the family's patriarch, so the fact that she would like such an ordinary small diamond ring was really beyond Kawana Jurin's knowledge of her.

      Ito Nana-chan held the diamond ring lovingly and said shyly, "Kawana, some things can't be measured by their value, this ring may not be worth much in your eyes, but in my eyes it is priceless."

      Saying that, she then somewhat eagerly, put that ring on her ring finger.debut.

      Looking at the ring, she actually couldn't help but have a happy smile on her face.

      Kawana Jurin exclaimed, "My lady, the ring finger is specially used for wedding rings, you can't wear the ring on your ring finger, otherwise if some people see it, they'll think you're already married to someone!"

      It was only upon hearing this that Itachi suddenly realized that, as a single woman, she really shouldn't wear the ring on her ring finger, as it would cause misunderstandings among those around her.

      But this didn't delay her love for the ring in the slightest, so she hurriedly took it off and put it back carefully, throwing her tongue out at Kawana Jurin, "It's fine, I'm just trying it on, I'm sure I won't wear it out when I go out."

      Kawanakouryou nodded and asked her, "My lady, where are we going now?"

      Itachi said, "Go to the hospital, I'm going to stay with my father-sama!"



      At this moment, Ye Chen had successfully passed through the security check and took his passport and boarding pass to the VIP lounge.

      Now, there was still about an hour before the flight took off, and about half an hour before boarding.

      There weren't too many people in the VIP lounge, so Ye Chen found a seat at random and sat down.

      As soon as he sat down, a beautiful waitress immediately said to come forward and ask, "Hello, sir, would you like something to drink?"

      Ye Chen, for some reason, was still all Itachi Nacho in his heart, so he waved his hand somewhat absent-mindedly, "No thanks."

      The waiter nodded and said politely, "If you need anything, please feel free to let me know."


      After Ye Chen said that, he was about to pull out his cell phone to contact with Chen Zhaichai, his keen sense of hearing then heard a woman not far away, who was lowering her voice into the phone, "To avoid unnecessary trouble, inform the crew that we will fly to Zhonghai first tonight, we will rest in Zhonghai for a night and return to Yanjing tomorrow!"

Chapter 1847

Originally, Su Ruo Li's evacuation plan was to scatter everyone to Osaka, and then transfer a private plane from Zhonghai to bring everyone back to Yanjing directly from Osaka.

    However, considering that if Tokyo Police couldn't catch Su and the rest of his family, they would definitely check their previous exit records, so a plane flying directly from Osaka to Yanjing would definitely become the most suspicious target in the eyes of Tokyo Police.

    That's why Su Ruo Li decided that everyone should fly to China first from Osaka.

    The Japanese side only had the right to check the status of flights related to their own country, and theoretically, the Japanese side had the right to access all information of all flights departing from Japan.

    However, if everyone arrives in China and then flies directly from China to Yanjing, then it is a completely domestic flight and has nothing to do with Japan.

    In this way, the Japanese side's trail would be broken.

    It is reasonable to say that Su Ruo Li will not make this kind of low-level mistake of being overheard on the phone, she deliberately chose a corner in the VIP lounge where there is no one within 5 meters around.

    And when she made the call just now, she deliberately kept her voice to a minimum.

    From her experience, with the volume she had just spoken at, it would be impossible for anyone to hear her even within three meters.

    Unless that person was only about one meter away from herself.

    Plus, she didn't reveal too much sensitive information when she spoke, she just said that she changed her plans and flew to Zhonghai first, then Yanjing.

    It was just that she didn't expect that she would be heard by Ye Chen, who was several meters away, when she called in such a low voice.

    When Ye Chen heard her, he immediately realized that this woman must be someone from the Su family.

    The reason was simple.

    The reason why strict exit control was enforced throughout Tokyo was because of the Su family's extermination of Matsumoto Manmen.

    The person who was deliberately trying to leave Japan at this time and was deliberately covering up her tracks was most likely a member of the Su family.

    What's more, this woman had just said on the phone that she would fly to Zhonghai before returning to Yanjing.

    This proved that her destination was, in fact, Yanjing.

    Yanjing, in turn, happened to be the Su Family's home base, so this woman was bound to be working for the Su Family.

    After ordering things, Su Ruo Li put her phone back in her pocket and closed her eyes in her seat.

    Ye Chen quietly sized up this woman from a short distance away, looking pretty was Ye Chen's first impression of her, his second impression of her was that the woman's features gave the impression that she was too cold.

    The Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures had made Ye Chen's perception ability sharper, allowing him to perceive a deeper taste from a person's body.

    The feeling that Su Ruo Li gave him was surrounded by a hidden blood smell.

    This kind of feeling was rarely encountered in an ordinary person, so he was certain that this woman's hands must not have been stained with blood, and presumably, she should be the Su Family's killer.

    Moreover, from what she said, the experts sent to Japan by the Su family should be preparing to leave Japan by private jet from Osaka just like himself.

    When he thought of this, he immediately took out his cell phone and sent a WeChat to Chen Zekai "Old Chen, immediately check for me, how many private jets are taking off from Osaka and flying to Zhonghai tonight."

    Without asking the reason, Chen Zekai immediately started to investigate.

    Although he didn't have much power in Japan, he could still solve this basic problem by gathering some information.

Chapter 1848

Civil aviation information itself is not considered confidential, and even the routes of private jets cannot be hidden from airport staff and the airport's dispatch system..prpcoin.

    Therefore, Richard Chen quickly found out some information and summarized it to Ye Chen.

    The information that Richard Chen returned to Ye Chen showed that there were four private jets flying from Osaka to Zhonghai this evening.

    Two of them, were small business jets with a very small passenger capacity, both of which carried around 10 people, and considering that the Su family had many experts coming to Japan, it was unlikely that they would be flying back on this kind of plane, so Ye Chen just filtered out these two planes.

    The remaining two were both Airbus a320 converted private planes, and the entire modified seating capacity of the plane was around 40 to 50 people.

    So, Ye Chen surmised that the plane that the Su family left Japan from Osaka tonight was on one of these two a320s.

    He then asked Richard Chen to carefully investigate the information on these two planes.

    The two planes were both registered in China, one of them was attached to a domestic private airline, but actually served a high-end travel agency specializing in high-end chartered outbound trips, and the plane had just sent a high-end tour group of forty people over from the southern city of Shenzen yesterday, and was planning to pick up another group of tour members back to Shenzen today.

    The other one, which is registered in the name of a Zhonghai real estate company, was an airplane that arrived from Zhonghai to Osaka today. The original flight plan was to fly from Osaka to Yanjing, but it was just temporarily changed and applied for a flight permit to fly from Osaka to Zhonghai.

    As soon as Ye Chen saw this, he knew that this last plane must have been arranged by the Su family.

    Analyzing this, Ye Chen suddenly came up with a very damaging idea.

    Thus, he wiped a cold smile across the corners of his mouth, and after instructing Chen Zekai, he smiled with a smile on his lips and hugged his shoulder to squint and fake sleep in his seat.

    Twenty minutes later, a gentle voice sounded in his ear, "Dear first class passenger, the flight you are taking has already started to board with priority, if you want to board early, please go to the boarding gate.

    Ye Chen hmmmed, his remaining light glanced at Su Ruorui's position, and saw that Su Ruorui had likewise stood up, thinking "To think that this female assassin of the Su family is still on the same flight as me."

    Subsequently, he stretched his lazy waist and took his small suitcase with him, and went out of the VIP lounge before Su Ruorui.

    Ye Chen went all the way to the boarding gate, and after showing his boarding pass, he boarded from the VIP lane before all the economy class passengers boarded, with priority.

    Since this plane was flying on a short one-hour flight from Tokyo to Osaka, the plane had very few first class seats, only eight seats, and Ye Chen's seat was in the second row on the right side by the window.

    The soft stewardess took the initiative to help him place his suitcase, and Ye Chen thanked her, but still did it himself, placing it in the overhead compartment.

    As soon as he sat down on his side, Su Ruo Li walked in along with a few first class passengers.

    When Ye Chen saw her come in, his first thought was to turn his head and not look at her, so as not to be noticed by her as unusual.

    However, electrifyingly, he suddenly realized a problem.

    A female assassin like Su Ruo Li, her strength as well as her perception ability, although not necessarily stronger than himself, must be superior to normal people.

    And she was so pretty, she must have usually never missed the attention that ordinary men threw at her.

    If he deliberately avoided looking at her, it was highly likely that he would instead be noticed by her as abnormal.

    So, Ye Chen deliberately looked at Su Ruorui with a surprised and surprised face, as if he was shocked by her beauty and was excited to be on the same plane with her.

    Su Ruorouli felt Ye Chen's hot gaze, just a casual glance at him, her heart was suddenly filled with disdain.

    She despised in her heart and secretly said, "Hey, it's another dangling wire who can't pull out his legs when he sees a beautiful woman!"

Chapter 1849

Although Su Ruo Li sneered at Ye Chen's performance, it was precisely this superficial appearance of Ye Chen that made her relax her guard a bit.

      She then stepped forward to Ye Chen's side and sat down directly next to him.

      As soon as she sat down, Su Ruo Li used her remaining light and unobtrusively sized up Ye Chen.

      It wasn't that she had any doubts about Ye Chen, but it was her usual cautious habit.

      Whenever she arrived in an environment, the first thing she would do was to gain a relatively deep understanding of that environment so that she could obtain more information that might be useful.

      She first observed Ye Chen and found that this man was really quite handsome and looked quite pleasant to the eye.

      It was just that when he occasionally looked at himself, the straightforward look in his eyes made him look somewhat unpleasant.

      So, Su Ruo Li turned her face towards Ye Chen and asked with an active smile, "Mister is Chinese, right?"

      Ye Chen didn't expect that this female assassin of the Su family would turn her face to talk to him, so he pretended to be surprised and asked with some surprise, "How did you tell that I was Chinese, beautiful?It's not a flight to China either."

      Su Ruo Li smiled slightly and said seriously, "There is still a big difference between Japanese boys and Chinese boys, for example, Japanese boys basically trim their eyebrows and have a different style of hair and dressing."

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "A beautiful woman is really observant."

      Su Ruo Li nodded and asked him, "Where is Mister from in China?"

      Ye Chen casually said, "Suhang people."

      "Oh?"Su Ruorui raised her eyebrows and smiled, "Suhang is a good place, as the saying goes, there's heaven above and Suhang below, the land and water there is very nurturing."

      Saying that, Su Ruorui asked him again, "By the way, since sir is from Suhang, he should know the Suhang Wu family, right?"

      After all, Su Ruoyi was a long-time expert and experienced, and when she heard Ye Chen introduce himself as a Suhang, her first thought was to make sure whether Ye Chen was lying or not.

      She felt that if the man beside her didn't lie, it was probable that he was a very useful tool man, and in the next trip, if she encountered any emergencies, she could completely use him as a shield, so that she would be able to be safer.

      The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the other side of the car and say, "I don't know if you're from Suhang or not, but if you're from Suhang, you'll be able to find out if you're from Suhang," he said with a smile.It's magical."Fastest Updated.

      Su Ruo Li laughed and said, "I didn't expect you to be quite familiar with the Wu family's affairs."

      Ye Chen smiled with a playful face, "Of course, who doesn't know about the Wu family's affairs Su Hang?"

      Saying that, Ye Chen lowered his voice and added, "Let me tell you something even more explosive!"

      Su Ruo Li nodded, "I'm listening."

      Ye Chen hooked his hand at her and said, "Come closer and I'll talk to you."

      Su Ruorui inevitably frowned slightly and said in a somewhat icy tone, "Just say so."

      Ye Chen put his face one: "How can this secret be casually told in front of so many people?If you want to listen, just lean in and listen, if you don't, forget it."

      Su Ruo Li's fire came up, seeing Ye Chen's serious look of wanting to take advantage of him, she wanted to smack him with a big mouth.

Chapter 1850

However, Su Ruo Li really wanted to know what stronger material Ye Chen knew, so she suppressed the disgust in her heart, leaned her body towards him and said in a cold voice, "Hurry up and say it!"

      Ye Chen also purposely leaned towards her, lying on her ear and spitting hot air, "Some time ago, ah, that Wu Donghai's brother-in-law, the head of the Suhang Beggar's Gang, Xue Nanshan, was killed, and along with him, there was his wife, and a whole bunch of beggar's gang bigwigs!"

      Su Ruo Li immediately took her body back from Ye Chen's side, keeping a certain distance from Ye Chen, and coldly said, "Is that all?It was all over the short video trend at the time, and I ask you, is there anyone else who doesn't know about it?"

      Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders, "I thought you didn't know."

      Su Ruorui stared at him in disgust, in her opinion, Ye Chen just faked this incident and tried to get close to take advantage of her.

      But the good thing was that he didn't take any actual advantage either, so Su Ruorui didn't attack.

      But after this incident, Su Ruorui's wariness of Ye Chen was lowered even more .

      Ye Chen saw that Su Ruo Li was silent, so he took the initiative to lean over and ask her, "Hey pretty girl, where are you from?I've told you, so tell me too?"

      Su Ruo Li said with a blank expression, "Just because you told me, doesn't mean I'm going to tell you."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Beauty, don't be so cold!You're such a beautiful lady, you should smile more often, you'd look better with more smiles!"

      Su Ruo Li rubbed her temples and said with some disgust, "Sorry, I need to rest a bit."

      After saying that, she simply closed her eyes.

      Ye Chen followed up with another question on the side, "Beauty, what are you doing in Osaka?Are you going to Osaka for fun, or are you returning home from Osaka?"

      Su Ruo Li opened her eyes, frowned at him, and asked, "How did you know I was going to return home from Osaka?"

      "Tokyo won't let us leave!"Ye Chen sighed and said, "I don't know what's going on in Tokyo's head here, engaging in exit control, my family is still waiting for me to go back for the New Year, I have no choice but to leave from Osaka ......"

      Su Ruo Li nodded lightly, and thought to herself, "It seems that I'm too sensitive, people in Tokyo who want to go back to China now basically have to leave from Osaka, or from other airports in northeastern Japan, and it's normal for this guy to return from Osaka."

      So, Su Ruo Li also completely lost the mood to chat with Ye Chen and spoke up, "Okay, I'll squint for a while, so don't chat with me if there's nothing else."

      Ye Chen didn't shut his mouth in an amused manner, but continued to ask, "Right pretty girl, I heard your accent, a bit like a Yanjing!"

      Su Ruoyi's eyebrows just stretched and quickly furrowed into a ball as she denied, "I'm not from Yanjing, I'm from Zhonghai."Mobile One Second Remember provides you with a wonderful doxology to read.

      Now, Japan was restricting exit from the country, and at the same time investigating all foreign tourists, the most important of which were those of Chinese Yanjing origin, so Su Ruo Li was cautious and referred to herself as a Zhonghai.

      Ye Chen was surprised at this time and said: "Oh my beautiful girl you're meaningless, we are all Chinese, to meet on the plane in Japan is also destiny, you do not need to talk to a compatriot is still hidden, right?Your accent is from Yanjing at first listen, people from Zhonghai don't talk like you."

      Su Ruo Li was almost bored to death by Ye Chen.

      She was now more and more sure that there was nothing wrong with Ye Chen and nothing dangerous about him, just a bit lecherous, a bit nasty, and a bit bullshit, so while she was annoyed with him to death, she also completely relaxed her guard against him.

      At this time, she closed her eyes and didn't bother to pay attention to Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen, however, had already instructed Richard Chen on WeChat to follow his plan and get ready ......


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