Secret Identity 1851-1860


Amazing son-in-law novel chapter 1851

Soon, the plane took off from Tokyo airport.

      An hour later, it landed at Osaka Airport on time.

      When the plane landed, it was customary to let the first class guests off the plane first.

      Su Ruo Li didn't have any luggage and was sitting in the outside row, so as soon as the plane stopped, she immediately got up and walked straight to the cabin door.

      As soon as the cabin door opened, Su Ruo Li stepped out, in order to avoid a long night's sleep, the plane arranged by the Su family would take off in half an hour, so she needed to hurry to the business jet terminal and go through the security check again there before she could reach the hangar of the private jet.

      The check-in process for private planes was different from that of ordinary civil aviation, and the ordinary terminal only served passengers on ordinary civil aviation flights.

      Whereas custom passengers flying in private planes or business jets, as long as they uniformly all went through the security check and boarding from the business jet terminal.

      When Ye Chen walked out of the hatch with his suitcase, the long arrival tunnel was already devoid of Su Ruorui's shadow.

      Ye Chen couldn't help but smile, secretly thinking, "So anxious to return home?The more anxious you are to return, the less I want you to return."

      With that in mind, he himself slowly and leisurely walked towards the business jet terminal while pulling out his cell phone and asked Chen Zhaichai, "Old Chen, how are the arrangements for the things I explained to you?"

      Zhai Chen smiled, "Don't worry young master, I've already prepared everything."

      Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "You pay attention to the situation, I'll be right over."

      "Okay young master!"

      By the time Ye Chen arrived at the business jet terminal and went through the security check, Richard Chen had been waiting in the terminal for quite some time.

      When he saw Ye Chen, he immediately came up to him and whispered to him, "Young Master, everyone else has already boarded the plane, the woman in a black dress you said on WeChat, I also saw her just now, as soon as she went through the security check, she did the ferry to hangar 12, the plane parked there is the one you have lined up!"

      He said, "Oh yeah, our plane is parked in hangar 13, next to them, and the takeoff time we applied for is right behind them, and later their plane will be one ahead of us."

      "Good!"Ye Chen laughed and said, "Let's go, go to the hangar first and wait for the show later!"

      Afterwards, Ye Chen and Richard Chen boarded a VIP ferry together and headed to Hangar 13.

      The ferry drove all the way into the hangar, where the Gulfstream airliner that came here was already waiting.

      This plane had flown to Tokyo when it brought Yeh Chen and the others to Japan, and then it had flown straight to Osaka to wait, never leaving Osaka in the meantime.

      Seeing Ye Chen coming, before Ye Chen reached the front, Hong Wu, Wei Liang and the others hurriedly came down from the plane and guarded outside the hatch respectfully.

      When Ye Chen got off the plane, everyone called out to Master Ye, and then they all bowed deeply.

      Ye Chen waved his hand at them and said, "Don't engage in these rituals, hurry up and board the plane, I'm still waiting for a good show!"

      Saying that, he had already boarded the plane in one piece.

      The others saw this and rushed to follow.

      After everyone boarded the plane, the flight attendant immediately closed the hatch and then asked for instructions from Richard Chen, "Mr. Chen, is the plane ready to launch?"

      Chen Zhaiqi looked at Ye Chen, saw Ye Chen nodded, and immediately said to the steward, "Launch it now!"

      The aircraft was then slowly pushed out of the hangar by ground vehicles.

      The captain reported the situation to the tower, requesting in passing that arrangements be made for take-off, and the tower responded to the instructions by informing the captain that there was another private jet ahead of them, bound for Zhonghai, and asked the captain to follow him in the queue to the runway.

Chapter 1852

So the captain immediately picked up the communicator and made a cabin announcement, "Mr. Chen, we've gotten permission from the tower to queue up, and the tower is letting us queue up behind that China Shipping plane in hangar 12, and there are more planes queuing up for takeoff at Osaka Airport right now, and it will take about forty minutes to take off."

      As soon as Ye Chen heard that the plane he was on was in line behind the Su family's plane, he immediately said to Richard Chen, "Let's go, to the cockpit!"

      Chen Zekai hurriedly followed behind Ye Chen and squeezed into the somewhat cramped cockpit together.

      As soon as he entered, Richard Chen asked the captain, "Where is that China Shipping plane?"

      The captain pointed at the plane that had just been launched from the hangar next to him and was turning in place, and said, "Mr. Chen, that's the one."

      Richard Chen nodded and saw that plane taxiing towards the runway after turning in place, so he hurriedly said to the captain, "Quickly follow him!"

      The captain immediately increased the engine thrust, so the plane followed the one in the Su family and glided forward without slowing down.

      The smile on Ye Chen's face became even stronger as he watched the plane in front of him whose wings continued to tremble lightly.


      At this moment, in that Airbus a320 sent by the Su family, more than fifty of the Su family's top experts were seated neatly.

      A middle-aged man, looking at the front of the unassuming Su Ruo Li, said with a smile: "Miss Ruo Li, this operation under your command is really successful, we exterminated the entire Matsumoto family, one of their own did not die, and this time will soon succeed in withdrawing out, as long as our plane takes off, the Tokyo Police Department will never find us!"

      The other people hurriedly agreed: "Yes Miss Ruo Li, you have a good leadership this time, after going back, Mr. Su will definitely promote you, don't forget us then!"

      Su Ruo Li said indifferently, "I'm a servant of the Su family just like you all, as long as you all get down to earth and do a good job, the house master will definitely not treat you all badly."

      Saying that, Su Ruo Li added, "After I return this time, I will definitely report to the family master truthfully and ask for credit for you all, please don't worry!"

      When everyone heard this, they smiled apologetically and gave thanks.

      Although everyone was a martial arts expert, in the end, they had completely entered the mundane world, and working for the Su family was solely for the money.

      As soon as they heard Su Ruo Li say that he was going to ask for credit for everyone, everyone naturally knew that this meant that the Su family would definitely reward everyone with an extra generous amount of cash when the time came.

      So, the crowd applauded happily and cheered and whistled incessantly.

      At this time, Su Ruo Li's phone vibrated.Updated fastest.

      She picked up the phone and saw that it was Su Shou Dao calling, and hurriedly answered the phone, respectfully saying, "Home Master!"

      Su Shou Dao's voice came out, "Ruo Li, how's it going over there?Is it about to take off?There weren't any accidents or twists and turns in between, were there?"

      Su Ruo Li hurriedly said, "Home Lord, our planes are already in the queue for takeoff, we expect them to take off in half an hour at most!"

      "Great!"Su Shoudao smiled and said, "You did a very beautiful job on this one!When we return to Yanjing, there will be a big reward!"

      Su Ruo Li piously said, "Master, it's Ruo Li's blessing to be able to share your and the Su family's worries ......"

      Su Shou Dao laughed, "Ruo Li, having such a fierce general like you is truly my Su Shou Dao's fortune!Haven't you always wanted to go back to your hometown for a visit, after this time, we'll give you a good vacation and go back to your hometown to rest and recuperate, you can rest until after the Lantern Festival and then come back!"

      Su Ruo Li said gratefully, "Thank you, Master!I've really been wanting to go back for a visit, and it would be great to get some rest!"

      Su Shou Dao said, "You did such a beautiful job this time, I'll make sure you get some rest when I go back!"

      Su Ruo Li was about to thank her, when outside suddenly came the roar of a large number of helicopters from all directions, and outside the window, many armored personnel carriers could be seen whirling around, surrounding the aircraft!

      In the sky, the helicopter shouted over high-powered speakers, "Listen up below, we are the Japanese Self-Defense Force!You're surrounded now!"

Chapter 1853

In this instant, the fifty or so Su Family experts inside the plane were all horrified!Fastest Update

      This plane was about to take off as far as the eye could see, and everyone would soon be able to get out of their bodies, leave Japan, and return home to receive their commendations.

      Su Ruo Li had even gotten a series of compliments from Su Shou Dao over the phone, who would have expected that just at this time, things would suddenly change drastically!

      More than a dozen Japanese Self-Defense Force helicopters, more than thirty ground wheeled armored vehicles, and the aircraft that surrounded the plane that Sojourner and the others were riding in!

      The Japanese Self-Defense Force, in fact, is the Japanese army, but back then, after Japan's defeat in the war, according to the rules, the defeated country can not have an army, so they made a slight variation in the form of the Self-Defense Force.

      Although it was called the Self-Defense Force, the equipment and training standards of the entire Self-Defense Force was that it was completely in accordance with the regular army.

      These experts of the Su family were certainly strong, but even if they were strong, they were only martial arts experts, and their little fisticuffs were simply like children playing house in front of the regular army's guns.

      What's more, the Japanese Self-Defense Force was all specially trained special anti-terrorist soldiers this time, and there were so many of them, air and ground combined, at least six or seven hundred!

      These 600 to 700 men are practically the top of the Japanese Self-Defense Force!

      Add to that the fact that they were very well-equipped and had set up their heavenly net in advance, these experts of the Su family simply had no way to escape!

      Su Ruorui, who had been ancient and calm, couldn't help but panic now.

      She took off and asked the people around her, "What's going on?!How did the Japanese Self-Defense Force find us?!Who leaked the news?!"

      Everyone was filled with fear, and they didn't know, who had leaked the news.

      But, they knew that everyone was screwed this time!

      Originally, the noise they made in Tokyo this time was so surprising that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and even the entire Japanese government hated them so much that they were willing to go to any lengths to track them down.

      Tokyo and even several surrounding cities had imposed exit controls in order to catch them sooner.

      Now that they were in the hands of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, it was a no-brainer that they were in big trouble!

      At this time, Su Shou Dao's phone hadn't hung up yet.

      When he heard the commotion on this side of the phone, he immediately took off and asked, "Ruo Li, what's wrong?!"

      Su Ruo Li's voice trembled a bit as he said, "Homeowner ......Our plane, is surrounded by the Japanese self-defense forces ......"

      "What?!"Su Shoudao felt his brain dizzy as he heard this!

      In his mind, he said, "It's over!It's over!The Su family sent a total of nearly a hundred people to Japan this time, and among them, apart from some of the support support staff, the real core experts were all on that plane!"

      "It can be said that the fifty people on that plane represent at least eighty percent of the Su family's fighting strength!"

      "Especially Su Ruoyi, this is a general who can take one for one!"

      "If these people fall into the hands of the Japanese government, according to Japanese law, the main offender should be properly executed, and the accessory should also be imprisoned for life ......"

      Thinking of this, Su Shou Dao almost stormed off as he asked in a trembling voice, "Ruo Li, what the hell is going on?!Did you guys leak out, or is there a traitor within?!"

      Su Ruo Li also said nervously, "Home Lord, I'm not sure about this right now ......"

      At this time, the broadcast outside the plane continued, "This is the Japanese Self-Defense Force, restrict you to immediately turn off the plane's engines and open the hatches for investigation, otherwise, we will take strong measures!"

      The pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit were the first to panic.

      They could all see the helicopter gunship over the front, and the large caliber machine gun in front of the helicopter was already aimed at them.

      Civilian airliners had no power to fight in front of such military weapons, and if they didn't shut down their engines, the machine guns on the helicopter could instantly shoot the plane into a hornet's nest.

      Thus, they couldn't care less about consulting with Su Ruo Li and immediately shut down the aircraft's engines.

Chapter 1854

At this point, the announcements outside continued, "This is the JMSDF, you are ordered to open all hatches immediately!Otherwise, our SWAT team will take a strong attack!"

      The captain came running out of the cockpit at this time and said nervously, "The other side is demanding that we open the hatch, and if we don't, we're going to attack by force!"

      There was also chaos in the cabin.

      These so-called super experts were also completely panicked at this moment, with some people standing up in panic and unease, pacing back and forth in the cabin like headless flies, as if they were looking for a way to escape.

      More than fifty people, like fifty cockroaches locked in a glass jar, were so terrified that there was no way to attach!

      Su Ruorui also panicked.

      But then again, she knew in her heart that once she opened the hatch, it was tantamount to throwing up her hands in surrender!

      The tragic extermination of the Matsumoto family has shocked the entire Japan, if she brings everyone to surrender, the Japanese government will definitely not let them off the hook and will punish them with the harshest means possible ......

      However, if they don't surrender, then I'm afraid the end will be even worse!

      Because special forces all over the world, when it comes to fighting terrorism, basically use the same path.

      They will first use directional bombs to blow open the cabin doors and windows, and then drop flash bombs and tear gas into the cabin.

      The flash bombs will release an incredibly intense light in an instant, causing blindness in a short period of time, and if you lose your vision, you will be left to your own devices.

      Tear gas, on the other hand, is a double blow.

      Not only will it cause people to cough and lose their fighting ability, it will even cause people's eyes to be irritated and secrete tears, further destroying the other person's vision.

      Flash bombs and tear gas to take turns so many times, before the special forces rushed in, the people inside are afraid that they will not be able to carry, crawl out and surrender ......

      Desperate, Su Ruo Li asked the phone Su Shoudao: "Homeowner ......You ......What do you think we should do ......"

      "What to do ......"

      Su Shou Dao muttered weakly, his heart was dripping blood!

      The Su Family's core elite was about to be wiped out in one fell swoop!

      The blow and impact on the Su family was too great!

      And it would be impossible for the Su family to reassemble such a team in the next few years!

      Even if we could, it would cost a fortune!

      The cost of bringing in one top expert is sometimes higher than bringing in a hundred ordinary people!

      With so many top masters, the expenses behind them were astronomical.

      What was even more depressing was that if these fifty people fell into the hands of the Japanese government, whether they were sentenced to death or life imprisonment, the Su family would have to pay their relatives a hefty living allowance all year round!

      This was the core of the Su Family's means of recruiting these experts.

      The reason they worked for the Su family was because the Su family promised them exorbitant salaries and also promised that if something bad happened to them, the Su family would pay their families over a million yuan per month.Fastest Updated.

      It was this kind of money-splashing at all costs that had allowed the Su Family to gather such a large number of top experts.

      But now, once these fifty or so people were captured by the Japanese government, their families would immediately become the Su Family's draggers!

      And the Su family absolutely cannot kick these draggers out, or else there won't be anyone left to die for the Su family in the future!

      So, it's really going to be a loss to grandma's house this time!

Chapter 1855

At the time of the standoff, the head of Japan's homeland security department had arrived at Osaka airport on a special plane.

      Accompanying him was the Director of Tokyo Alert.

      Originally, they were under tremendous pressure to conduct a sweeping investigation in Tokyo, holding back all their efforts to catch a group of murderers, so as to give an account to the people and to the top management.

      But what they didn't expect was that these murderers were even more cunning than a fox, leaving no useful clues behind.

      They originally wanted to continue expanding their search when they suddenly received a tip-off from a mysterious person that the gang of murderers had arrived in Osaka and would be returning to China by plane from Osaka, which shocked the Homeland Security people to their core!

      If these people were to escape, the tragedy that had shaken the nation might never be solved.

      At that time, the Japan Police Department and the National Homeland Security Department would be completely disgraced and even cursed by thousands of people.

      So, the Homeland Security Department immediately made the decision to directly take over the case from the Police Department, and then notify the Self-Defense Force in Osaka to take over the case and stop the plane from taking off at all costs.

      The Japanese Self-Defense Force, which had tens of thousands of troops stationed in Osaka, immediately dispatched the special forces with the strongest execution power to the Osaka airport upon receiving the Homeland Security's order.

      Moreover, the Homeland Security Department even made an emergency plan to prepare a fighter squadron to respond.

      If the special forces failed to intercept the private jet and allow the private jet to take off, the Japan Self-Defense Forces' f35 fighter jets would immediately take off in an effort to force the jet to return to Osaka Airport and land before it left Japanese airspace.

      At this point, as soon as the Homeland Security special plane came to a stop, the person in charge immediately picked up the phone and asked, "What's the situation on the ground now?Is the other plane under control yet?!"

      On the phone, the voice of the operations commander was immediately heard, "The other plane is now surrounded by our wheeled armored vehicles, there is no possibility of a breakout, but the other side is not tied down yet, we are already preparing for a strong attack!"

      "Yes!"The head of Homeland Security gritted his teeth and said, "Give them one more minute, and if they don't surrender, live ammunition will be used to force the attack immediately!This time we must wipe out this gang of ruthless outlaws and give an account to all of Japan!"

      At his command, four boarding cars with boarding steps were slowly making their way from either side towards the Soviet plane.

      Four loaded combat teams, already assembled beneath the plane, would quickly rush up and blow open the cabin doors once the boarding cars were pointed at the doors, then use flashbang grenades and tear gas for the first round of attack.

      Their firearms had also been checked, clear American assault rifles with very powerful firepower, and once they exchanged fire, these men of the Su family would not have any power to fight.

      At this time, Su Ruo Li, through the window, saw the approaching boarding car, her whole body had been extremely nervous, but she still didn't think of what to do.

      Someone beside her was already suggesting in a panic, "Let's just open the hatch honestly and surrender, in case they come in by force, bullets are not long for eyes!"

      "Surrender?!"Someone immediately became furious and cursed, "Shit!I killed four members of the Matsumoto family by myself. Isn't surrendering a death sentence?It will definitely be a death sentence by then!"

      "It doesn't matter if it's a death sentence!"Another person got off the mark: "The execution cycle for the death penalty in Japan is very long, do you know about the Shinto religion that previously caused a terrorist attack in a Tokyo subway station?Their bishop, Akira Asahara, shocked the world by attacking the Tokyo subway with sarin gas in 1995, but his execution dragged on for over two decades, until 2018!Even if we're sentenced to death, we can at least survive in prison for a decade or two, so it's better than being shot at random right now, right?"

      "Right!"Someone stood up, shook his fist and said, "With our strength, even if we go to prison, we can definitely become a tyrant in the prison, no one will want to bully us, and we will be able to live comfortably even inside the prison, so why should we think about it now?"

      These conversations immediately convinced most people.

      No one was willing to give up the hope of surviving if they could live.

      Even surviving in prison would be much better than dying on the spot.

      Thus, everyone looked at Su Ruorui and took off, "Miss Ruorui, let's surrender!"

Chapter 1856


      "Leave no wood for the trees!"

      Su Shou Dao who was on the phone also gave a long sigh and said to Su Ruo Li, "Ruo Li, surrender, I'll do everything I can to mediate with the Japanese side, no matter what, I'll get you out ......"

      The taut string in Su Ruo Li's head also finally loosened, although still reluctant, but still nodded and said, "Master, I know ......Take care of yourself, Ruo Li can't serve you around anymore ......"

      Su Shou Dao was heartbroken, but could only speak, "Trust me, I will get you out!"

      "Well!If you believe!"

      Su Ruo Li said sadly and angrily, spun around, hung up the phone and spoke to the flight attendant, "Okay, open the hatch!"

      The flight attendants immediately nodded and opened all four front and back hatches one after the other.

      Then, they heard the people outside yell, "Everyone put their hands above their heads and line up to walk down the spiral staircase, anyone who dares to play tricks will be shot on the spot!"

      Su Ruo Li sighed, stood up and said to the crowd with a sorrowful face, "It's fate that we all work together, I hope you all can take care of yourselves!"

      After saying that, she held her hands above her head and was the first to step out of the hatch.

      Outside the cabin, the helicopter kept roaring overhead, and the huge wind blew Su Ruorui's long hair and clothes.

      The muzzles of countless guns below were pointed at her, and someone yelled, "Walk down slowly, put your hands above your head so we can see!"

      Su Ruo Li could only do as she was told.

      The moment she stepped down the spiral staircase, her heart also felt panic for her unknown future.

      Because she also didn't know what outcome awaited her.

      After all, she was the main culprit, and after the others were arrested, they would definitely reveal their identity as the main culprit.

      If nothing else, what awaited her would definitely be a death sentence, unless Su Shou Dao really had a way to save her, she would definitely die.

      The moment she stepped down the spiral staircase, several heavily armed self-defense officers, rushed straight up and pushed her down to the ground, then leaned her hands behind her back and handcuffed her securely.

      Immediately afterwards, the remaining fifty or so people stepped off the plane one after another, also all handcuffed backwards and brushed together, crouched on the ground, with the muzzle of an assault rifle against the back of their heads.

      Even the crew members were not spared, and all were captured as accomplices.

      Ye Chen stood in the cockpit of the plane at the back, watching the Su Family's people being wiped out in one fell swoop and sneering in his heart.

      These fifty people were the claws and fangs of the Su family.

      Now that they were all in the hands of the Japanese government, the Su family was naturally wounded.

      Su Family, I, Ye Chen, will definitely make you, pay the price for the anti-Ye alliance back then!

Chapter 1857

Once all the members of that plane of Su's were under control, the Japanese Self-Defense Force began to clear the area and gradually restore order to the airport.

      First, they brought over three buses with welded-on windows made of steel protective netting, allowing everyone, including Su Ruorui, to board the buses one by one under the custody of the SDF members.

      In order to keep the gang from escaping as much as possible, the JDF put two pairs of handcuffs on each of them, in addition to the ankle cuffs.

      Not only that, but they spread the men out and guarded them one-on-one.

      The seating division on the bus was two seats on the left and right.

      So, each of the handcuffed and ankle-cuffed Soviet family members was placed in the window seat and then next to a loaded self-defense officer sitting next to them to prevent any chance of escape.The first

      In addition to that, the corridor of the bus was lined with ten loaded self-defense officers who were responsible for guarding the entire bus against all suspects, and would immediately shoot and kill them at the slightest change.

      Su Ruo Li was now leaning against the window with a face like death, looking out of the window through the reinforced protective net.

      At this time, the airport was brightly lit.

      To Su Ruo Li, she should have already taken off on a plane and headed for her homeward journey, but never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would be a prisoner.

      She still couldn't figure out which part of the process had gone wrong.

      But she knew that this time, she couldn't escape with her wings!

      A few moments later, all of the Su's men were escorted onto the buses by the self-defense officers.

      The three buses were then slowly started up, escorted by ten wheeled armored vehicles, ready to leave the airport.

      In order to ensure maximum safety without any mishaps, the Japanese Homeland Security Department, was going to relocate all fifty of the Su family to the Japan Self-Defense Force's station in Osaka.

      It was guarded by tens of thousands of soldiers there, and no one would be able to get them out from there.

      As the bus drove away from the site, it happened to pass by the plane that Ye Chen was riding in the back.

      The Gulfstream plane that Ye Chen was riding in was itself a small plane with ten seats, and its fuselage wasn't very tall.

      And Su Ruo Li was sitting in the bus again, further shortening the height difference between the two.

      While passing this Gulfstream plane, Su Ruorui's view of the plane's cockpit was like looking at the cab of an SUV from a normal sedan.

      Leaning against the car window, with all her thoughts, she suddenly glanced at the cockpit of the Gulfstream plane in the path, standing a man with a few familiar features.

      She looked over at him and her anger almost exploded on the spot!

      Because she recognized the man who was looking at her with bantering eyes on that plane, the same hangman who was sitting next to her when she came to Osaka from Tokyo!

      "Why is he on a private jet too?"

      "And it's still in the back of our plane?"

      "Why is he looking at me with a bit of playfulness in his eyes?!"

      "And why did he have to pretend to be a horny regular guy on the plane?!"

      Countless questions converged on Su Ruorui's brain all at once.

      Her entire body instantly realized that the one who had revealed her whereabouts was most likely this Chinese man who had flown all the way to Osaka with her!

      Su Ruoyi couldn't help but ask herself, "Who the hell is he?!"

      Ye Chen wasn't the least bit afraid of being seen through by Su Ruo Li at this point, and he kept looking at the bus with mocking eyes.

Chapter 1858

Seeing the other party getting closer and closer to him, Ye Chen, with a frivolous smile on his lips, looked at Su Ruorui, waved his hand at her and shouted, "Hi, pretty girl!"

      Su Ruo Li, on the other hand, looked at him with cannibalistic eyes.

      Although she couldn't hear what Ye Chen was saying, she could easily recognize the mouth shape of the three words Hi Beauty.

      From Ye Chen's playfully frivolous as well as mocking and ridiculing expression, Su Ruorui had realized that she was the one who had fallen into this man's hands.

      She stared at Ye Chen with resentful eyes, her teeth almost on the verge of being crushed by her!

      At the moment when the car interacted with the plane and the shortest distance between them, Ye Chen used his right hand to draw a head-killing gesture on his neck.

      This gesture caused Su Ruodian to become furious!

      She suddenly jumped out of her seat and hissed, "Son of a bitch!I will kill you with my own hands!"

      Ye Chen's sense of hearing was much more sensitive than the average person, so he heard the woman's angry shout.

      Immediately, he was the one who smiled at Su Ruorui and laughed, "I'll wait for you!"

      Su Ruorui recognized the mouth shape and was even more certain that Ye Chen was the culprit who had harmed herself and more than fifty of her men.

      At this moment, she could not wait to swallow Ye Chen alive!

      However, reality didn't give her any chance for revenge at all.

      The convoy had already started to accelerate at this point, and soon passed by Ye Chen, driving away from the airport and heading towards the Self-Defense Force station.

      At the same time, the airport staff was already driving the trailer that towed the plane away from the Su family, while the tower began to direct the airport back to normal operation.

      The captain beside Ye Chen spoke up, "The tower has given us permission to head to the runway for takeoff!"

      "Yes!"Ye Chen smiled slightly and said with satisfaction, "After being out for so many days, it's time to go back!"

      The plane quickly taxied to the end of the runway and then accelerated continuously on the runway before finally taking off and leaving Japan.


      Although Ye Chen had left Japan, Japan was already boiling at this point!

      All the TV stations in the country, at this time of the day, urgently inserted the major news, in which the hosts excitedly introduced to the viewers that the fifty-seven suspects in the shocking extermination of the Matsumoto family in Tokyo had all been caught!

      The news also featured live footage from the scene of the capture.

      The shocking scene of multiple helicopter gunships, wheeled armored vehicles, and Self-Defense Force members, surrounding the entire aircraft was truly jaw-dropping.

      Soon, the news spread completely throughout Japan.

      Su Shoudao was in a hot spring hotel in Aomori Prefecture at the time, and after reading the news, he angrily smashed everything he could in the hotel room, including the TV hanging on the wall!

      This time, the Su family would not only suffer heavy losses, they would also lose face!


      Master Su Chengfeng, who was in Yanjing, had gotten the news first.

      A phone call came from him, and out of the blue he questioned, "What's going on?!What the hell is going on here?More than fifty people, and they were wiped out by the Japanese Self-Defense Force!How are you leading the team?This family hasn't even been fully handed over to you yet, and you're giving me such a big mess, you're just mad at me!"

      Su Shou Dao pushed down the anger in his heart and said painfully, "Dad!I don't know what the hell is going on, or how exactly it got out of hand, but you should know that I don't want to see this happen any more than you do!"first issue

      Saying that, he grasped his hair with one hand and gritted his teeth, word by word, "Ruo Li's identity is not honorable, but she is my flesh and blood after all, now even she has been arrested and will probably be punished by the Japanese government with capital punishment, how does this father of mine feel, can you understand?"

Chapter 1859

Su Ruo Li, was only 21 years old.

      Her actual age was a year younger than Su Zhiyu.

      However, from the time she was born until she was eighteen years old, Su Shou Dao did not even know of her existence.

      Su Ruo Li's birth mother, whose real name was He Yingxiu, was the eldest daughter of the He family, one of the four great Chinese martial arts families, and one of Su Shou Dao's personal bodyguards back then.

      Not only was He Yingxiu pretty, she was also very strong, almost the leading bodyguard in the Su family at that time.

      She was three years older than Su Shoudao, and when Su Shoudao was fifteen years old and went abroad to study, Su Chengfeng asked the He family to bring her over to be Su Shoudao's personal bodyguard for his safety.

      That year, He Yingxiu was eighteen years old and had just reached adulthood.

      Also from that year, she had been by Su Shoudao's side.

      Accompanying him to study, accompanying him to further his studies, accompanying him to hone his skills in the family business, and accompanying him everywhere in the world.

      Even when Su Shoudao was frantically pursuing his current wife Du Haiqing, He Yingxiu had been secretly guarding him.

      When He Yingxiu was still ignorant, she entered the world to protect Su Shoudao and has been guarding him for more than ten years. She doesn't know much about other men at all, so naturally, in her heart, she has secretly fallen in love with the most familiar Su Shoudao.

      However, due to the difference in their identities, ages and family backgrounds, He Yingxiu has always kept this love hidden in her heart.

      Until Su Shoudao's marriage to Du Haiqing, He Yingxiu, who is almost thirty, has never revealed her feelings for him.

      The year after Su Zhiyu was born, Su Shoudao was thirty years old and He Yingxiu was thirty-three. When Su Shoudao was plotted against him overseas, He Yingxiu tried her best to save him at the risk of her life, but she lost her arm as a result.

      He Yingxiu's ability to fight as a disabled person plummeted, so Su Shoudao had to let her retire early and return to the He family.

      When He Yingxiu was leaving, Su Shoudao was also very reluctant to let her go.

      After all, to him, who was thirty years old at the time, He Yingxiu had accompanied him almost every inch of his life.

      Therefore, he asked He Yingxiu if there was anything he could do for her.

      He Yingxiu hesitated again and again, revealing the love that had been buried in his heart for many years.

      Su Shoudao, who is usually stone-hearted, is also touched by He Yingxiu's confession.

      That night, he excused himself and went out to have a one-night stand with He Yingxiu.

      And after that night, He Yingxiu left Su Shoudao and returned home to the Northeast.

      More than nine months later, Su Ruorui was born.

      At first, Su Ruo Li's surname was not Su, but followed her mother's. Her name was He Ruo Li.

      Her name is He Ruo Li, which means "if you are about to leave".

      It also represents the special feelings that He Yingxiu has for Su Shoudao.

      He Ruo Li had been held by the He family since she was a child, she had never attended school, and from the age of two until she was eighteen, she had been practicing ancient martial arts.

      Therefore, at the age of eighteen, her strength had already surpassed that of her mother who was eighteen, making her the strongest young person in the He family.

      After she became an adult at eighteen, He Yingxiu told her about her origins.

      In He Yingxiu's description, Su Shoudao was a good and merciful father, and the reason why he never cared about He Ruo Li was because he never knew of her existence.

      Therefore, He Yingxiu gave He Ruorui two choices.

      To stay and continue her painstaking martial arts training in the He family.

      Or leave home to serve her own father.

Chapter 1860

He Ruo Li considered for a long time and chose the latter.

      Because she could vaguely realize that this was the path that her mother wanted her to choose.Fastest Updated

      So, He Yingxiu renamed her Su Ruorui and then had her recommended to Su Shoudao.

      Su Shoudao doesn't know Su Ruoruo Li's background at first, he just thinks that this girl has extraordinary strength and is a good candidate, and she is very much like He Yingxiu in the past.

      Su Ruo Li also obeyed her mother's teachings and didn't want Su Shou Dao to know this, but the old and cunning Su Cheng Feng, from Su Ruo Li's body, he saw some clues.

      He always felt that there was something wrong with the way this young girl looked at Su Shou Dao.

      This wrongness made him wary.

      He was afraid that Su Ruorui was an undercover agent sent over by his opponent, so he had his people thoroughly investigate Su Ruorui's identity.

      Step by step, he traced it back up the chain of command and eventually found out about He Yingxiu.

      After learning that Su Ruo Li could be Su Shou Dao's daughter, the old man ordered people to collect the two's hair and quietly do a dna comparison.

      After getting the definitive results, he told Su Shoudao about it all.

      Su Shoudao's first reaction was shock, and his second reaction was emotion.

      He was truly touched by the feelings that Ho Young Soo had for him.

      After that night back then, not only did she give birth to her daughter alone, she also nurtured her into a talent and quietly sent her back to protect herself.

      However, he was also worried about Su Ruorui's identity.

      After all, Su Ruorui was the illegitimate daughter born from his marital infidelity.

      If his wife and children, as well as other people knew Su Ruorui's identity, then his image in their minds would be greatly diminished.

      Moreover, with that character of his wife, she would definitely choose to divorce herself without hesitation.

      Even though this mistake had been over for almost twenty years.

      After the old man discussed with him, the two of them came up with a solution, which was to pretend not to know.

      Since Su Ruoli didn't want to disclose her identity and acknowledge him as her father, there was no need for him to take the initiative to acknowledge this daughter.

      Everyone kept their secrets to themselves, then everything in their lives would not be affected by this.

      In the past few years, Su Shou Dao had taken extra care of Su Ruo Li, and had even single-handedly trained her to become the leader of the Su Family's expert team.

      He felt that even if he couldn't give Su Ruorui fatherly love openly and honestly, he must arrange Su Ruorui's future properly, so that she could realize her own value in life in the Su family, so that she could become an adult in the future, with no worries about food and clothing.

      But he never expected that a trip to Japan would ruin all of Su Ruorui's future, and even her life.

      So, how could he not be in pain at this moment!

      Su Chengfeng could also understand his feelings at this time, he was silent for a moment, only after a long while did he sighed and said, "The current situation is very unfavorable to the Su family, we have lost so many people at once, this matter will be spread all over the country before dawn, now we are like a tiger with broken teeth, I'm afraid the Ye family will be the first to hold back then!So you can't be too distracted by this, you'd better return home immediately and we'll discuss together what exactly we should do next!"

      Su Shou Dao choked out, "Dad, I have a request, and I still hope you'll say yes!"

      Su Chengfeng hmmmed, "Go ahead, I'll listen!"

      Su Shou Dao said with red eyes, "At any cost, we must rescue Ruo Li!"

      Su Chengfeng lamented, "Shou Dao, in this matter, Ruo Li really did strike too hard!It's the same as smacking the Japanese government in the face in front of the whole world, they will definitely deal with this kind of thing in a strict and serious manner, you want to save Ruo Li, the cost of this may be so high that you can't imagine!"

      Su Shou Dao said seriously, "Ruo Li carried out what I wanted, so the fault in this matter lies with me!"

      He said, "The Japanese government is just trying to catch the murderers and bring them to justice and give an explanation to the citizens, they have arrested a total of more than fifty of our people, and they let one out of the fifty or so, this has no effect on their core purpose, it is always okay to sell face, right?"


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