Secret Identity 1791-1800

 Chapter 1791

Tokyo was still undercurrent as Yatsuo and Itochi, hand in hand, strolled through the quiet, snowy night of Kyoto.

    At that moment, Shinji Takahashi was at home, anxiously awaiting news of the Tenglin ninja.

    The Tenglin family was even more anxious than he was.

    Because so far, the Tenglin family had lost ten ninjas, almost wiping out the young stalwarts of the family.

    Don't think that ten wasn't a lot, but a family that could have ten male young adults was already a rather large family.

    First of all, these ten young adults had at least one or two generations of elders, parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents on top, adding up to at least ten people.

    Secondly, the ten young adults were all men, but it was impossible for all the young adults in a family to be men, and if the ratio of men to women was one to one, then there would be at least ten women in the family.

    Again, at least half of the ten young strong men were already married and had children, and they still had wives and children.

    In this way, a family would have to be at least fifty to sixty men to take ten male young adults.

    Now, the Teng Lin family's strong male members had all folded in, and the family's fighting strength was suddenly sharply reduced.

    In this situation, naturally, there was no ability to, and then split up the manpower to protect Takahashi Sanchi.

    So, except for some bodyguards, there was not a single ninja in Takahashi's house.

    It was late at night, and Takahashi Shinji was still not half tired.

    On the one hand, it was still grieving for the tragic death of his son, Takahashi Eiji; on the other hand, he wanted to wait and see if he could still make contact with the missing Tenglin ninja.

    Although he knew subconsciously that the Tenglin ninja sent to Kyoto had been assassinated again, deep down he still held a glimmer of hope.

    He felt that at least until he saw the corpse, there was still a possibility that things could be turned around, and perhaps if he waited a little longer, those Tenglin ninjas would contact him. x

    As Takahashi was pacing back and forth in the living room, anxiously waiting, a very thin blowing arrow suddenly shot out from the corner, a needle hit Takahashi Shinji's neck.

    Takahashi Shinji, who had just suffered the loss of his son, did not have time to think clearly how to take revenge, and then he was suddenly poisoned and fell to the ground and died!

    The bodyguards noticed him suddenly falling to the ground and gathered around, and upon closer inspection, the man was no longer breathing or beating!

    By the time the bodyguards searched for the murderer with horror on their faces, the few Iga ninjas who had infiltrated the Tenglin family had already retreated in full strength.

    Normally, the Tenglin family would have at least four ninjas lurking around him, secretly protecting him and preventing him from being assassinated by other ninjas.

    But today, he didn't have a single ninja by his side.

    Without ninja protection, relying on ordinary bodyguards alone, he was almost like a nobody in front of ninjas.

    So, taking the head of Shinji Takahashi's head was not difficult for the ninja.

    Poor Takahashi Shinji had just lost his life after the white-haired man sent the black-haired man away!


    Ito Yuuhiko had just fallen asleep when he heard a knock on the door.

    He was a little bored and asked, "It's so late, if there's anything else if it's not important, let's talk about it tomorrow!"

    Tanaka Koichi was busy, "Chairman-sama, the police case officer from the Police Department has come again, saying that there are still some matters that require your cooperation to do another questioning at the Police Department."

    "Still need to go and do the questioning!"Yuuhiko Ito yelled angrily, "I've said all that needs to be said, and there's nothing more to say!"

    Tanaka Koichi explained, "Chairman-sama, the other side said that the Su family has been putting pressure on them, and it might turn into an international diplomatic incident, so I still want to ask for your cooperation."

    "An international diplomatic incident!"

    When Ito Yuuhiko heard this, he cursed in annoyance, "Damn, that's annoying!"


Although he was dissatisfied, Ito Yuuhiko didn't dare to persist at this point..kan

    He was, after all, a businessman.

    He knew very well that if he did get involved in an international diplomatic incident that affected Japan's international image, then the Japanese people would definitely see him as a sinner who discredited Japan's image.

    In that case, the people would definitely spontaneously boycott the Ito family, which would probably make the Ito family a target of public criticism.

    In that case, it would be better to actively cooperate and clear some of the connections.

    So, Ito Yuuhiko got up from the bed with some annoyance, simply got dressed and opened the door.

    Ito Yuuhiko's heart was irritated, but he was able to figure out the reasoning.

    Anyway, I'm walking straight and sitting properly, not to mention going to ask questions again, even if I stay in the police department for a few days first, so what!

    He then said to Koichi Tanaka, "You go arrange for a car, we'll leave in a few minutes!"

    Koichi Tanaka immediately nodded and turned around to go out and make arrangements.

    A few minutes later, Yuuhiko Ito got into his car, escorted by several bodyguards and two ninjas, and prepared to head to the Tokyo Police Department.

    At this point, Yoshito Matsumoto had prepared the Iga ninja and the rest of his men for his old tactic of finding a suitable stretch of road to do away with Yuuhiko Ito on his way to the police department.

    Now that Shinji Takahashi has cooled off, if he takes out Yuuhiko Ito again, he'll be the most powerful man in Tokyo and Japan.

    However, Yoshihito Matsumoto didn't know that the experts of the Su family, who had already surrounded his mansion at this time, and the leader of the group wasn't in a hurry to immediately take his men in, but began to formulate a strategy based on the actual situation of Yoshihito Matsumoto's mansion, hoping to wipe out the entire Matsumoto family.

    According to Su Shou Dao's temper and temperament, if Yoshito Matsumoto wanted to kill his son and daughter, he wouldn't be able to kill just Yoshito Matsumoto alone. x

    The most hate-relieving and once-and-for-all solution would be to just wipe out the Matsumoto family!

    The Su Family has never been a family that is softhearted.

    From the Anti-Leaf Alliance back then, to the current top family in Huaxia, the Su Family's style of doing things has always been ruthless!

    Yuhiko Ito departs from home ten minutes later.

    The vehicle is about to enter a two-kilometer-long viaduct.

    This viaduct was a fully closed road.

    The bridge deck was fifteen meters from the ground, an average height of fifteen meters, almost as high as a five-story building, and there were only two lanes in one direction, so it was difficult for vehicles to complete a U-turn, and they would have to turn the steering wheel back and forth at least twice before they could turn back.

    If a convoy was blocked directly on top of it, it would be even more troublesome, and if the convoy got out of rhythm, it was likely that several cars would block each other's way to the point where there was nowhere to run.

    However, Ito Yuuhiko didn't realize the danger.

    This was also mainly because Ito Yuuhiko hadn't lost anything other than the $4.5 billion he had been relied upon to date by Yatsuo, and he hadn't been targeted.

    Although the Takahashi and Matsumoto families both wanted to screw him over, by coincidence, they were all defused by Yatsuhiko who had screwed him out of his money.

    It was because he didn't have any trouble, so Ito Yuuhiko felt that the reason Tokyo was so chaotic was because someone was trying to target the Su and Takahashi families and had nothing to do with him.

    Moreover, he was now indirectly the beneficiary.

    If the Takahashi family suffered a serious setback, then the Ito family would be number one in Japan lying down, and the opportunity to cooperate with the Su family would naturally come to fruition.

    This feeling of lying down and winning made Ito Yuuhiko, who was lying in the Rolls Royce, feel proud.

    So, he picked up a cigar, lit it and stuffed it in his mouth. x

    Just as Yuuhiko Ito was about to take a nice puff, he suddenly felt the vehicle shudder violently, and then, uncontrollably, the vehicle crashed head-on into the guardrail on the side of the road.

    The Iga ninja's roundup of Ito Yuuhiko has begun!


Before losing control of his vehicle and crashing into the roadside fence, Yuuhiko Ito never thought he would be in danger.

      Because, Ito Yuuhiko was surrounded by the protection of the entire Koga ninja clan.

      It could be said that he was now the only ninja among the big Japanese families who had not suffered any injuries or battle attrition.

      Apart from him, almost all of the young adults of the Tenglin Clan had been wiped out, and the Iga Clan had lost half of their fighting strength.

      However, Ito Yuuhiko's biggest oversight was that he took this trip out too lightly.

      He felt that he was going to the Tokyo Police Department to be questioned and cooperate with the investigation, and there were police officers driving in front of him, so there couldn't be anyone else who would think of screwing himself on his way to the police department, right?

      It was precisely because of this that he hadn't arranged too many ninjas to protect himself.

      However, he never expected that the police car that opened the road would already be coerced and blackmailed by Yoshito Matsumoto, who had laid out a heavenly net just waiting for him to get inside.

      Ito Yuuhiko's convoy was suddenly out of control, mainly also because on the road, the Iga ninja had already laid down a large number of Sarings!

      The so-called Sarin is one of the most common weapons used by the Japanese ninja, which is usually a metal product covered with spikes, and no matter how it is scattered on the ground, the Sarin will reveal several spikes in different directions.

      In ancient times, when Japanese ninja were being chased, they would use the Sarings behind them, so that when the other party caught up with them, if they stepped on them, they would inevitably pierce the soles of their feet.

      The ninja of today, however, have made a great upgrade to the Sarings, which now use an incredibly strong tungsten carbide alloy, which is the hardest steel material in the world, and is as hard as a diamond.

      So, with such a Sarings, one could easily puncture any tire made of rubber!

      The reason why Ito Yuuhiko's convoy instantly lost control was because the four tires of each car were punctured by several Sarings, so without exception, all of them lost control and crashed into the curb.

      At the moment of the collision, the cigar that Ito Yuuhiko had just lit in his mouth suddenly fell on his crotch, and his whole body was shaken by the impact.

      Fortunately, the old man's safety habits were good, and he was buckled up even in the back seat of the car.

      Otherwise, the violent impact just now, no matter how good the car is, it is impossible to offset the inertia of his body.

      If he had hit his head on the back of the front seat, he would have lost half his life directly.

      At that moment, several of Itoh's bodyguards and two ninjas had already gotten down from the front and back of the car and surrounded Itoh's car.

      Just then, six Iga ninjas suddenly came out of the opposite lane, each one holding a ninja sword with both hands, full of solemnity!

      Koichi Tanaka in the co-pilot's frightened face turned to Yuuhiko Ito and said, "Chairman-sama!What's with the ninjas?Could it have been sent by Shinji Takahashi?!"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with a wonderful dreadful novel to read.

      Ito Yuuhiko was about to speak when he suddenly gave an ouch and looked down to see that Xuejia had burned through his pants and burned a scar on his inner thigh.

      He quickly picked up the cigar on his hands and knees, tossed it aside, and took off, "Where's the police car leading the way?"

      The driver spoke up at this point, "Lord President, the police car has driven away ......"

      "Drove away?!"Ito Yuuhiko cursed in stunned silence, "We were ambushed and they drove off?!Is this a fucking human being?!"

      Tanaka Koichi suddenly came to his senses and spoke off the cuff, "Chairman-sama, could those police officers have been bait to draw you out on purpose?"

      Yuuhiko Ito roared, "Bastard!There is such a beast, scheming against me!"


Afterwards, he hurriedly said to Tanaka Koichi, "Call the police!Tell the Tokyo Metropolitan Police to send a helicopter over!The bodyguards and ninjas outside might not be able to hold up for too long!"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful fiction reading.

      At a glance, Tanaka Hiroshi saw that the six ninjas had rushed up, and quickly pulled out his cell phone to call the police department.

      Although Tokyo was very uneventful these days, and the Tokyo Police Department's efficiency and ability to solve crimes was a mess, the Tokyo Police Department's hardware configuration was still very powerful, and it was equipped with fourteen police helicopters of various kinds alone, which could quickly transport special operations teams in the event of an emergency.

      Tanaka Koichi called directly to the director of the Tokyo Police Department, Ito Yuhiko in Tokyo is after all one of the largest entrepreneurs, the police department also has to give a few points of thin face, there are any matters can be directly communicated with the top man.

      At this moment, the Tokyo Alert Director has just learned that Shinji Takahashi was assassinated in his home, and his entire body is on the verge of collapse.

      Sochi Fei and Sochi Fish were not found.

      The four Tenryn family members who failed to identify the killer of the hockey stick.

      Shinji Takahashi's son, Eikichi Takahashi, was burned to death in his car, and no murderer was ever identified.

      As a result, Shinji Takahashi soon cooled off as well ......

      This spate of serious criminal cases has cast a fog of magic and evil over the whole of Tokyo.

      But at this time, Tanaka Koichi suddenly told him that Ito Yuuhiko had also been ambushed and was in critical condition, and when he heard this, he felt a rush of blood and collapsed in his office.

      A few of his men rushed forward to assist him, and he said with great weakness but full fury, "Quick!Send helicopters and special operations teams to the Yotsuya Viaduct to rescue Ito Yuuhiko, no more dead people in Tokyo today!!!"

      It was reasonable to say that a heavily armed modern special operations team would have no gap between them and the special forces in terms of equipment or combat power.

      This kind of special police, if they fought against ninjas alone, might not be able to gain any advantage over the ninjas' bizarre body techniques and hidden weapons.

      But after dozens of people formed a firepower advantage, a formation advantage, and a complementary advantage, the ninja's advantage would be gone.

      However, the biggest problem right now was that distant water couldn't quench an immediate thirst!

      It would take at least five minutes for the special operations team to assemble, a few minutes to board the helicopter, and a few minutes for the planes to take off and arrive quickly, adding up to at least ten minutes.

      But how could Yuuhiko Ito's men sustain for more than ten minutes!

      A couple of rounds outside the car and all of Yuuhiko Ito's bodyguards are down!

      The remaining two shinobi had been fighting hard, but had been forced to retreat and were suffering from multiple injuries as far as the eye could see!

      Looking at this form, it's likely that in another minute, they'll barely be able to resist!

      Then they'll take Ito's head straight off!

      Koichi Tanaka, who was in the passenger seat, panicked and said to Yuuhiko Ito, "Let's run away, Chairman-sama!If we don't escape now, we won't have a chance!"


      Ito Yuuhiko shuddered and said with despair in his fear, "Where can we escape in this situation?Even if we escape, we'll be caught by the other side, so there's no way to live!"

      Saying that, Ito Yuhiko's expression darkened and he muttered, "Tanaka, you and I are definitely going to die today ......"


At this point, Ito Yuuhiko had decided that he was certain to die.

      Help wouldn't arrive for a while, and his own men couldn't hold on any longer, and he might die at any moment from the other ninja's knife.

      The rest of the drivers and Koichi Tanaka, who had little actual fighting power, were just like himself, and would probably be cut down one by one later.

      At the moment, he wanted to call his daughter in Kyoto, Kyoto is hundreds of kilometers away from this, his daughter must not know that he is deep in a lump, quickly make a phone call to her, perhaps can also hear her voice before death, which is also considered a little comfort before death.

      However, just as he pulled out his cell phone and was about to call Itachi, Tanaka Koichi said out of the blue, "Chairman-sama!We'll be too late if we don't run!"

      Ito Yuhiko slumped, "I've just told you, we've got no wings and nowhere to run ......"

      Saying that, he gritted his teeth and cursed, "It must be that beast Takahashi Shinji!Scum!You son of a bitch!How dare you use such insidious tactics against me!"

      Koichi Tanaka quickly pointed out the window and spoke out of turn, "Chairman-sama, don't scold Takahashi yet, if we run towards the ends of the viaduct we will surely die!But we can still jump from here!"

      Saying that, he pointed to the guardrail outside the car and said excitedly, "Lord President, we'll push the door open and that's the guardrail, so we can jump over it!"

      Ito Yuuhiko paled in shock and blurted out, "Are you crazy?!This viaduct is over ten meters high, wouldn't jumping off it be a direct fall to death?"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Koichi Tanaka said seriously, "Chairman-sama, this height may not necessarily mean death, as long as you don't let your body head down, or face and belly down, you'll still have a chance if you jump, but if you don't, you won't have a chance at all ah!"

      Ito Yuuhiko swallowed, "Jumping down and not dying or being crippled, it's impossible to escape them!"

      Koichi Tanaka said seriously, "It's so high up here, those ninjas must not dare to jump around either!Even if they're stronger, their bodies are flesh and blood, we'll be crippled if we jump, and so will they, if they don't dare to jump, they'll have to drive off the viaduct, which is still far away at both ends, and by the time they come around, the police department's special operations team should be there!"

      Saying that, he added, "Also, this viaduct we're walking on doesn't have many vehicles at night, but the road below is closer to Fengyue Street and is always busy at night, so there must be quite a few private cars and taxis driving back and forth!"

      "And there are young people enjoying the nightlife, drunks and homeless people!"

      "Once they find out we're falling, they'll definitely come around to watch or help!"

      "These ninjas may not dare to kill us in front of all these people even if someone does dare to jump, but if we can stall for a few minutes, the police department's helicopter will probably arrive!"

      Ito Yuuhiko asked off the top of his head, "And what if he falls straight to his death?!"

      Koichi Tanaka gritted his teeth, "Chairman-sama!Even if you fall to your death, it's better than being killed by a ninja!Who knows how Shinji Takahashi wants us to die?What if Takahashi Shinji instructs them to behead us?!"

      Ito Yuuhiko felt a chill on the back of his neck!


      "That's too fucking bad, isn't it?!"

      "I'd rather jump and fall to my death from here than have my head chopped off by a ninja with a knife!"

      Here, he put his heart in his mouth, "Yes!Then jump!"

      After saying that, he remembered Takahashi Shinji and said with great anger through gritted teeth, "Son of a bitch, Takahashi made me jump off the high bridge!It's a fucking ironic thing to do!I'll remember today's revenge!If I survive, I'll smash that bastard Shinji Takahashi's fucking head in!And then cut him into pieces!"


Koichi Tanaka sighed, turned to the driver and said, "Yamamoto-san, let's dance together later."

      The driver wiped a cold sweat off his face and nodded his head.I'm coming with the two!"

      By now, Ito Yuuhiko's two personal ninjas were already fighting to the death!

      Seeing that at any moment they might be killed by each other's random knives, Tanaka Koichi hurriedly shouted, "Chairman-sama, Yamamoto-san!It's now!"

      Yuuhiko Ito hurriedly pushed open the door on one side with him, as the driver also pushed open the driver's door to get out of the car.

      However, the driver's side happened to be directly in front of the Iga ninja, and one of the ninja, seeing that the driver was about to get out of the car, diverted his energy to lunge straight over and stabbed the driver directly in the heart with a flying knife!

      After the sharp ninja knife pierced the driver's body, the tip of the knife even penetrated the Rolls-Royce's hardened door.

      The driver died violently almost instantly!

      Ito Yuhiko saw the driver killed through the car, and his body trembled unconsciously, and his legs suddenly went soft.

      Although he was also a man who had been through a hundred battles in the mall, this was the first time he had experienced such a catastrophe, and he was inevitably nervous and scared deep inside.

      Plus, the older he got, the less courageous he became, so Ito Yuhiko's entire body crouched on the ground in fear, unable to climb over the meter-high guardrail at all.

      At this time, the ninja who had just killed the driver suddenly noticed that both Ito Yuhiko and Tanaka Koichi had escaped from the car and seemed to be jumping off the bridge, and shouted, "Quick!Ito Yuuhiko is trying to escape!"

      With that, he pulled out his ninja sword with all his might and stepped onto the roof of the car to come up and kill Ito Yuuhiko.

      The other ninjas, seeing that Ito Yuuhiko tried to escape, immediately went crazy and cut down Ito Yuuhiko's two surviving personal ninjas, then swarmed up!

      The more that happened, the more uncontrollable Yuuhiko Ito's legs became, and even his efforts to stand up were ineffective.

      At that moment, Koichi Tanaka, who had almost climbed over the guardrail, rushed to his death, pushing hard against Yuuhiko Ito's body and shouting, "Chairman!Put your hands together with me and hang on!We must jump, or we will die!!!"

      Ito Yuuhiko was suddenly enlightened, he knew that it was really a matter of life and death!

      So, with his hands struggling to pull his body upwards, and with Koichi Tanaka desperately pushing him up, he was soon over the guardrail of the viaduct.

      At the moment when he was almost about to lose his balance and go over, he looked at Koichi Tanaka with gratitude and reluctance and shouted, "Koichi!And you must not give up!"

      Koichi Tanaka nodded, and with a little more force in his hands, he pushed Yuuhiko Ito off.

      Right after that, he also climbed up the guardrail as fast as he could, and as soon as he saw that some ninja's short swords were about to slash at him, he leapt off the bridge, right after Yuuhiko Ito!

      One by one, the two leapt off the ten-meter-high road bridge.

      At this moment, how Ito Yuuhiko wished that a truck filled with fluffy cargo could appear beneath him.

      Unfortunately, there was nothing but hard pavement below ......


Before falling again, the words of Koichi Tanaka echoed in Ito Yuhiko's head.

      As long as you don't go head down, face down, or belly down, you still have a chance of surviving.

      So, he struggled to adjust his body in mid-air, landing with his legs straight to the ground and heavily!

      All Ito Yuuhiko felt was an immense pain in both of his legs, but he couldn't care less about checking his leg injuries and immediately rolled over several times to take the impact of his fall from the viaduct.

      Next, Koichi Tanaka also fell heavily to the ground, and like Yuuhiko Ito, he landed on his legs and then tumbled for several weeks.

      Although both of their legs hurt like hell, both of them were saved from death by the correct landing position, and only then did Yuuhiko Ito look towards his legs to see that his entire knee, calf, ankle, and foot, had all fallen away!

      Koichi Tanaka's condition was just as gruesome, his legs were a bloody mess, broken bones even sticking out of his flesh, and blood was flowing everywhere!

      The passers-by around us were shocked at what they saw, and some of the women had screamed out.

      Soon, a few enthusiastic people gathered around and one of them asked after them, "Gentlemen, how are you feeling?Do you want me to call an ambulance for you now?"

      Yuuhiko Ito cried out in pain, "Help me call the police!Someone is after us on the bridge!"

      The crowd hurriedly looked up at the bridge, where six ninjas were lined up in a row and looking down by the guardrail of the ten-meter elevated bridge.

      One of the ninjas, stunned, asked, "Boss, what should we do?"

      The boss also didn't expect that this big piece of fat meat could fly away even though it was already at his mouth, and angrily took off, "Old Five and Six, the two of them can't move now, you two jump down and finish him off!"

      When the two heard this, one of them cringed in fear.

      One of them said awkwardly, "Boss, if it were seven or eight meters high, I wouldn't have needed you to tell me that I would have jumped just now, but this has to be about fifteen meters!I'll jump in and end up no better than them."

      "Yes!"The other one said bitterly, "Boss, the two of them landed in a very scientific position, if we don't grasp it that accurately, we might just fall to our deaths."

      The boss's expression was ugly.

      He knew that if his men didn't jump, he absolutely couldn't force him to, or else how would this team be able to lead in the future?

      With that in mind, he gritted his teeth and spoke out, "Get in the car!Let's get down there and take them out before the ambulance and police arrive!"

      The crowd hurriedly tried to turn back to the car, when they heard the roar of a helicopter in the sky.

      A few people looked up and didn't break their nerves!

      At this moment, there were actually four police helicopters speeding in from different directions!

      One of the ninjas said in horror, "Oh no!It's a special operations team!"

      Tokyo's Special Operations Group, the most ace of the Tokyo Police Department's underlings, was a year-round counter-terrorism mission, and their combat strength was extremely strong, and they were so clear of American equipment and firepower that ninjas were no different from primitives in front of them.

      What's more, they came in a helicopter!

      If this were hovering overhead, holding a machine gun and firing, even the strongest ninja would be shot to pieces!

      The leader of the Iga ninja immediately winced and shouted in panic, "Fuck!Run away!"

      The remaining five ninjas flew into the car under his leadership, and the crowd fled in two vehicles.

      The special operations team in Tokyo also immediately split into two groups.

      Two of the helicopters were hovering nearby, allowing the combat team to quickly use a cable drop from the helicopters to reach the ground and protect Yuhiko Ito.


The other two helicopters, on the other hand, directly caught up with the two vehicles that the Iga Ninja was riding in.

      Since the Iga Ninja was on a viaduct, there was nowhere to hide and was fleeing frantically in their car when the helicopters approached overhead.

      Just as they were trying to run for their lives with all their might, the helicopter's SWAT team directly hit the front hood of the two cars with armor-piercing bullets.

      The armor-piercing rounds were so strong that even military armor was difficult to resist, not to mention the engines of civilian vehicles.

      When the engine is damaged, the vehicle immediately loses power and slows down until it finally stops.

      The six ninjas on the car scared out of their wits, was ready to push the door off the car, hug their heads, they found that the helicopter has been hovering after the bridge two or three meters in height, and then a large number of Special Forces members quickly rope down, dark muzzles have been aimed at their heads.

      Twenty special warriors, directly make the six ninja surrender, the slightest dare not resist!

      And just at that moment, Ito Yuhiko and Tanaka Koichi were put into an ambulance and sped off to the hospital

      Yoshihito Matsumoto is at home at the moment, experiencing the feeling of a coup.

      With an extremely heavy gambler's mentality, he already had that very upbeat sense of immersion.

      It's just that the bet is so big that he's excited and a little nervous that something will happen during the manipulation process.

      Now, Shinji Takahashi was cool, Yukihiko Ito would soon be cool, and when he was cool too, he'd be the one at the top of the line!

      Nervous and excited, with a glass of whiskey in his hand, he calculated the time in his mind, figuring that Ito Yuuhiko should almost die as well, so he immediately pulled out his cell phone and called the Iga ninja responsible for assassinating Ito Yuuhiko.

      As a result, a bizarre black hole of communication reappeared.

      The call that was working ten minutes ago was not working again.

      Everything, just like the Iga shinobi who was guarding the Su siblings in Kyoto, disappeared just like that, and couldn't find any trace.

      Just when he was in a fog, the assistant came up to him apprehensively and said, "Lord Chairman, there's been a little accident on the Iga ninja's side!"

      "What accident?!"

      "All six Iga ninjas were arrested, Yuhiko Ito and Koichi Tanaka fell from a viaduct and have been taken to the hospital where they are now said to be in non-life-threatening condition!"

      "What?!"Yoshihito Matsumoto gritted his teeth and cursed, "You let Yuuhiko Ito escape?!The Iga clan's ninjas are really useless, too."

      The assistant nodded and said seriously, "So far, indeed."

      Yoshito Matsumoto angrily slammed the whiskey glass in his hands on the ground, the glass hit the marble tiles heavily and shattered.

      Just then, a cold woman's voice suddenly came from the living room, "Mr. Matsumoto has a real temper!"

      Yoshito Matsumoto and his assistant were both startled by the unfamiliar voice, and they followed the sound to see a woman in her late twenties, dressed in a black dress, step in.

      Yoshihito Matsumoto was shocked and asked off the cuff, "Who are you?!How did you get in?!"

      The woman smirked, "Of course I walked in on you."

      Yoshito Matsumoto took a step back and nervously questioned, "What are you doing?!"

      The woman sized up Yoshito Matsumoto with great interest, before saying coldly a moment later, "You kidnapped my Su family's young master and young miss, and assassinated more than ten of my Su family's men, what do you think I'm going to do?Of course it's going to kill you!"



Yoshihito Matsumoto had never dreamed that the Soviet family would find him!

      Just as the woman told the original story, his entire body trembled and he questioned off the cuff, "I have many guards at home, how could I let you swagger in!"

      Yoshito Matsumoto's home was always heavily guarded.

      The stronger the harm, the stronger the defense was as well.

      He had arranged twenty bodyguards in his home in order not to be plotted against, and many of these were ninjas from small families, whose defenses could be considered very strong.

      So, he couldn't figure out how the hell this woman had gotten in, and why he hadn't heard anything!

      The woman smiled calmly, "It doesn't matter how many guards there are, just kill them all, right?Moreover, there aren't many people, even your family members included, a total of thirty-six people are now all dead, leaving only you two."

      Saying that, the woman added, "You killed over a dozen of our Su family's men, so naturally we want to ask for more interest."

      Yoshito Matsumoto's expression was horrified!

      He was pale and trembling with fear and asked off the top of his head, "You you guys killed my whole family?!"

      "Right."The woman nodded, "But don't worry, we Su family still do things in a civilized manner, your parents, wife and children, brother and sister-in-law all died from poisoning, without seeing blood."

      Matsumoto Yoshito's legs went limp, unconsciously taking two steps back, falling down on the sofa, his whole body veins bulging, gritting his teeth, "As the saying goes, misfortune is not as bad as wife and children, if you have any hatred, you can feel free to direct it at me!Why are you doing this to my family!"

      The woman smiled and asked, "What?Is Mr. Matsumoto talking about the way of the world now?Then when you killed over a dozen people of my Su family with the intention of murdering my young master and young miss, why didn't you ever talk about the morality of the world?You should have expected this when you planned all this."

      Yoshihito Matsumoto gritted his teeth and roared, "You are animals!The devil!No matter how bad I am, I've never killed a child!My son is ten years old!My daughter is only eight years old!"

      The woman laughed and said coldly, "So what?If you dare to plot against the Su family, be prepared to pay the maximum price!If you're to blame, you can only blame yourself for doing things so viciously that you don't give others a way out, that is, you don't give yourself a way out."

      Yoshito Matsumoto was completely broken inside at this point.

      He knew that the most basic quality of being out in the world was a willingness to gamble, and he had pressed all of himself in this bet, and since he had lost, he naturally had to lose everything as well.

      At that thought, Yoshito Matsumoto sighed dejectedly and said in a lifeless voice, "In that case, I'm willing to take the bet, you guys kill me too."

      The woman nodded and said coldly, "You are definitely going to die, but we just don't want you to die so quickly, and before you do, I want to arrange for you to meet your family again."

      Saying that, she clapped her hands and said in a loud voice, "Bring those dead people in!"

      As soon as the conversation ended, dozens of Su Family experts came in, carrying corpses one after another, all of which were placed neatly in front of Yoshito Matsumoto, one after the other.

      Yoshito Matsumoto's entire body had been overcome with grief at the sight of this scene.

      He truly never thought that he would end up in such a situation.A second to remember on your mobile phone provides you with a wonderful dusk novel to read.

      And he was also very clear that he was already certain to die today.

      However, there is still the only glimmer of hope that he still has left, and that hope is the eldest son that his ex-wife took away when she divorced him.

      Yoshito Matsumoto had gotten married for the first time fifteen years ago, and in the third year after the marriage, his first son was born.

      At that time, the Matsumoto family was still in dire straits, until Yoshito Matsumoto met his current wife.

      Yoshito Matsumoto's current wife, who was a daughter of a middle-class family in Tokyo before his death, was married to her after Yoshito had swept his bride out of the house in order to use her maternal influence.


Since his current wife didn't like Yoshito Matsumoto's eldest son, Yoshito Matsumoto threw out his eldest son again after the marriage, so that he could follow his ex-wife.

      And then, Yoshito Matsumoto's second wife bore him a pair of children, so he rarely thought of his ex-wife and his eldest son over the years.

      But now, when Yoshito Matsumoto remembered their mother and son, he finally felt a bit of comfort in his heart.

      At least, after his own death, the bloodline of the Matsumoto family would not be completely severed tonight.

      His own eldest son would still be able to continue to carry on the bloodline.

      To the current Yoshito Matsumoto, nothing was more comforting and fortunate than this.

      The Suji woman in front of him seemed to see through his thoughts as well.

      With a playful smile, this woman opened her mouth to Yoshito Matsumoto and said, "Mr. Matsumoto, I heard that you have a son?"

      Yoshihito Matsumoto was shocked and came out of his mouth, "I didn't!Who told you that?How is that possible!"

      The woman laughed, "We're all adults, there's no need to embarrass yourself by telling such a clumsy lie."

      Saying that, she said in a cold voice, "Your eldest son's name is Matsumoto Taro, then after you kicked him out of the house, he changed his last name to Kurosawa after your ex-wife, and changed his own name to Kurosawa Shota, he is twelve years old this year, and lives in Yamanashi Prefecture, not far from Tokyo, am I right?"first issue

      Yoshito Matsumoto's entire body was struck by lightning as he listened to her words.

      A moment later, he was already in tears, trembling all over, poofed to the ground, begging, "I beg you, don't kill my son, this is the only son I have left, if he also dies, the Matsumoto family will be completely extinct, I beg you to leave me a bloodline of the Matsumoto family!I'm kowtowing to you!"

      Saying that, Matsumoto Yoshito heavily knocked his head into the hard marble floor.

      At this time, he was incomparably desperate and even more regretful, but he was also very clear that the corpses of his entire family in front of him were on display here, and he had no way to save them, not even his own life, so his only wish was to be able to let his eldest son live.

      Therefore, when he kowtowed, he was also incredibly pious, hoping to impress the woman in front of him who was like ice.

      Yoshito Matsumoto had only kowtowed three times, and his forehead was already full of blood.

      But he didn't dare to stop, and continued to keep kowtowing until his forehead was completely bloody, and his entire body was even close to fainting from the heavy blow to the head.

      Yoshito Matsumoto gritted his teeth to support his body, choking on his words, "Please!Please! Please! Please!Please!!!!Please grant me this one and only request!!!"

      The woman then smiled playfully and spoke up, "Sorry you're late, but just five minutes ago, Kurosawa Shota had already died of a poisonous attack!"

      Yoshihito Matsumoto broke down completely at this, he looked up and yelled hysterically, "Why!Why do you want to exterminate my entire Matsumoto family?Why are you so driven to extinction?!"

      The woman sneered, "This is the price you pay for angering the Su family!"

      Yoshito Matsumoto was in tears, his tears mixed with blood, making his entire face look especially miserable.

      At this time, he had also completely lost his will to live, muttering, "Kill me, kill me now!"

      The woman nodded, took out a white jade carved sunflower seed from her pocket, and said softly, "Yoshito Matsumoto, before you die, I want you to remember my name, my name is Su Ruo Li!"

      Saying that, she shook with one hand, and the sunflower seed made of white jade shot out.

      In the next second, a tiny bloody hole appeared in Matsumoto Yoshito's eyebrow, and his entire body had completely lost all vitality and collapsed to the ground with a loud bang!


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