Secret Identity 1781-1790


Chapter 1781

Su Zhiyu was once again hurt in her pride by Ye Chen's attitude.

      She looked at the side of Ye Chen's face, bit her lower lip hard, didn't say anything more, and turned around to leave the courtyard with her brother.

      As the siblings stumbled outside, Su Zhi Fei asked in a low voice, "Zhi Fish, those ninjas, were all defeated by that young man just now with his bare hands?"

      Su ZhiFei said seriously, "It's not that young man, it's Eun-Gong."

      Su Zhi Fei was busy nodding his head, "Okay, okay, it's Eun Gong, so all those ninjas were defeated by Eun Gong with his bare hands?"

      "Hmm."Su Zhiyu said seriously, "I've never seen anyone with this much strength before ......This is the first time ......"

      Su Zhi Fei smacked his lips and said, "It would be really great if he could be inducted into the Su family and used for my Su family."

      "Impossible."Su Zhiyi shook his head, "Grandfather En is arrogant and definitely won't be used for anyone, and he might be the top expert of some hidden sect that might not put the Su family in his eyes."

      Su Zhi Fei said in an angry voice, "Also ......Hey ......Thanks to Grandfather En, otherwise the two of us would have had to die in Kyoto ......"

      After saying that, he busily said again, "Right Zhiyu, quickly call Dad!We were kidnapped. The family must have sent a lot of experts. Maybe Dad was here too.We have to let him know we're in Kyoto, and tell him to chop that son of a bitch Yoshito Matsumoto!I really didn't think it would be this bastard who's been doing it behind my back!"

      Su Zhiyu nodded and was too busy to pull out her phone.

      At this time, a sudden burst of fire from behind, the originally dark night, a bright red!

      Su Zhiyu hurriedly turned around and saw that the two-story building that he had almost died in just a moment was on fire!

      The wooden building burned up with a crackling sound of wood bursting, a bit like the sound of firecrackers, and with the snow, it was quite a bit like the Chinese Lunar New Year.

      Su Zhi Fei stroked his chin and asked Su Zhi Fish, "Zhi Fish, do you think those ninjas are dead?"

      Su Zhiyu asked rhetorically, "Is there any chance of surviving such a big fire?"

      Su Zhi Fei waved his hand, "That's not what I meant, what I meant was, did Eunuch kill them first before setting the fire, or did he simply have a fire and braised them all in one pot?"

      Su Zhiyu felt a slight chill in her back and whirled around, shaking her head, "This kind of thing ......I can't say ......"

      Saying that, in her mind, the figure of Ye Chen came up again, and she couldn't help but murmur, "Grandfather En he ......Surely not a mortal ah ......I really want to know what his identity is ......"

      Su Zhi Fei smiled, "If you want to know, let the family help to investigate, in the country, is there anyone else who has a clue that we can't find out?"

      Su Zhiyu shook his head, "Eunuch obviously doesn't want us to know his identity, what if we deliberately go to investigate, what if we anger him?"

      Su Zhi Fei smacked his lips, "Oh my, that's also ......"

      Saying that, Su Zhi Fei thought of Ye Chen's previous conversation with the Iga Uenobu and spoke, "By the way, when I was blindfolded just now, I heard En Gong tell the Iga family that he seemed to be a friend of the Ito family's eldest sister?"

      "Oh yes!"Suchi Fei nodded and said off the top of his head, "The reason he came after me here was because of Yuuhiko Ito's daughter."

      Sochi Fei said, "It seems to be called Ito Nashiko, right?"

      "Right."Su Zhi Fei said off the top of his head, "It's a girl named Ito Nai Nai Nai, a very pretty girl, and a martial arts expert."

      Su Zhi Fei was a bit gossipy and said, "Hey Zhi Fish, do you think that Grandpa En will be Ito Cabbage's boyfriend?We might even be able to become Ito Yuuhiko's future son-in-law, and we might even have the chance to meet Eunuch when we have more cooperation and contact with Ito Yuuhiko in the future."

      When Su Zhiyu heard this, her heart suddenly became very hard.

      She was incomparably lost and asked herself in her heart, "Is Grandpa En really Ito Yuuhiko's boyfriend?Grandpa is a Chinese man, why are you with a Japanese woman?Shouldn't you fall in love, marry and have children with a Chinese woman?"

      Thinking of this, Su Zhiyu sighed grudgingly and said, "I'll call Dad first ......."

      "Good."Su Zhi Fei nodded, bent down and grabbed a handful of snow from the ground, and vigorously applied it to his face, lamenting, "Oh my, the feeling of a robbery, it's so good ......"


Tokyo at this moment in time.

      Chaos still reigns.

      The Tokyo Police Department is going crazy.

      First, the Su siblings are kidnapped and a dozen people are killed, then some humane popsicles are found in the Takahashi house, and then, the son of Shinji Takahashi is burned alive in his car!

      Any one of these incidents could be considered a major criminal case of the year.

      Yet, in a very short period of time, they erupted in Tokyo one after the other!

      And almost all of the top big families involved.

      It was like stomping the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's face on the ground and then repeatedly whipping it with a belt as hard as you could!

      To add insult to injury, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department still hasn't found half a useful clue to this day.

      A bunch of scraps have been digging up Tokyo and still haven't been able to find any clues about the Su siblings, not even knowing who did it, let alone finding out where they are.

      So, the entire Tokyo Police Department was collectively scratching their heads.

      Su Shoudao was already losing patience.

      With his own son and daughter still alive and unaccounted for, it was the greatest torment of his life for him to have to wait endlessly for this bunch of losers from the Tokyo Police Department!

      Just as he was planning to approach the Japanese Foreign Ministry directly and elevate this matter to a major diplomatic matter, he suddenly received a call from a native Japanese cell phone number.

      After he suspiciously answered it, he immediately heard Su Zhiyu's voice, "Dad, it's me!Know Fish!"

      The moment he heard his daughter's voice, Su Shoudao's heart was about to jump out, and he was so excited that he took off, "Zhi......"

      At this moment, Su Zhiyu, who was on the phone, hurriedly interrupted him and spoke, "Dad, is there anyone else beside you?If so, don't let anyone know it was me who made the call yet!"

      The human-like Su Shou-do looked around and saw that in addition to his own people, there were a couple of Tokyo Police Department pig-heads here and even a couple of cabinet members, so he hastily changed his tune, "Do you know that I'm busy right now?!Hang up if it's not important, and if you have something important to say, say it fast!"

      That's when Su Zhiyu said, "Dad, my brother and I are safe now, we've been rescued, but we're not in Tokyo, we're in Kyoto."

      While Su Shou Dao breathed a sigh of relief, he couldn't help but frown at those losers from the Tokyo Police Department.

      At this point, he was about to hate these idiots.

      "These stupid asses!They swore to me that the other side is most likely hiding in Tokyo and is unlikely to leave the city!"

      "And they also said that they promptly blocked off Tokyo's external traffic and set up checkpoints to strictly check everyone leaving the city, so the son and daughter are definitely in Tokyo, they just need time to find them out!"

      "What's the result?"

      "People are even hundreds of kilometers away in Kyoto!"

      "These idiots, I wish I could get a knife and carve the word stupid in their faces!"

      However, Su Shoudao also knew that now was not the time to be angry, so he asked, "What do you need me to do?"

      Su Zhiyu said, "Dad, don't tell the Tokyo Police Department yet, I have serious doubts about their abilities, and it's likely that they will leak information internally, so I want you to send our own people to come to Kyoto to pick up my brother and me."

      Su Shoudao immediately said, "Yes!"

      Sochiyo added, "And, Dad!The man who kidnapped us is Yoshito Matsumoto of Tokyo!He brought us to Kyoto because he wanted to kill us and frame Ito Yuhiko!"

      "What?!"Su Shou Dao's tone became incomparably gloomy: "It's him?!"


So Shoudao had high suspicion that the person behind the kidnapping of his two children should be Ito Yuhiko.

      But the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has been spying on Yukihiko Ito and has been digging for so long without finding any clues.

      At first, Su Shoudao thought that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department was deliberately shielding Yuuhiko Ito, but now he realizes that Yuuhiko Ito really had nothing to do with it.

      Not only did he have nothing to do with it, he was almost framed for it!

      And what So Shoudao didn't expect more was that the mastermind behind the whole thing was Yoshito Matsumoto!

      Himself didn't even include him as a suspect!

      Looks like this Yoshito Matsumoto is really sinister as hell!

      To be able to secretly stir up so much trouble, and to have the Ito and Takahashi families suspicious of each other, and to have the Su family focus their suspicions on those two families!

      Thinking about it, Soo Shou-do had wanted to eat Yoshito Matsumoto alive!

      So, he gritted his teeth and spoke, "I know everything you said, keep the phone open and I'll have my men contact you."

      Su Zhiyu busily said, "Okay, I'll wait with my brother in Kyoto."

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      Su Shoudao hung up the phone, stood up and said to the Tokyo Police Chief, "I have something to do, I'll go first."

      The police inspector hurriedly asked, "Mr. Su, where are you going?"

      "What's it to you?"Su Shou Dao said in a bad tone, "You'd better find a way to find my son and daughter quickly, otherwise I'll have to telegraph your Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs!"

      The police chief hurried forward and begged, "Mr. Su, you give me the last twelve hours, in these twelve hours, even if I turn Tokyo upside down, I will find your son and your love!"

      After saying that, he added, "Mr. Su, in fact, even if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs knows about it, they still give the case to our Tokyo Police Department to handle, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not a law enforcement agency after all, and they don't have the extra manpower to do this ......"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Su Shoudao snorted, "Then you guys hurry up!Don't dawdle here!"

      Saying that, Su Shoudao turned around angrily and whisked away.

      After leaving the Tokyo Police Department, the first thing Su Shoudao said when he got into the car was to instruct the henchman beside him, "Yiming, you immediately bring twenty people to Kyoto to bring back Zhi Fei and Zhi Yu, I'll give you a cell phone number later, you contact Zhi Yu."

      The middle-aged man called Yiming, whose full name was Zhao Yiming, was a henchman who had followed Su Shoudao for many years, and when he heard Su Shoudao's command, he immediately asked, "Master, have you found the young master and Miss?"

      "Well."Su Shou Dao nodded, "The people are already fine, but the person behind the curtain has truly exceeded our expectations!"

      Zhao Yiming hurriedly asked, "Master, who's behind the curtain?"

      So Shoudao gritted his teeth and said, "It's Yoshito Matsumoto!Damn it, how dare he plot against my son and daughter, this Matsumoto Yoshito is fed up with living!Ichimei, inform everyone else that I want the head of Yoshito Matsumoto's head by dawn!"

      Zhao Yiming's expression was astonishing, and he immediately said, "Okay Master, I'll order this!"

      Su Shou Dao rubbed his temples and spoke, "You have one of our planes fly to Osaka right now, after you receive Zhi Fei and Zhi Yu in Kyoto, send them directly to Osaka, let them take a plane back to China to recuperate, I'll take over things here in Japan!"



      A few minutes later.


Nearly a hundred of the Su family's hidden experts in Tokyo stopped their secret search for Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, twenty of them drove straight to Kyoto in the middle of the night, while the remaining nearly eighty all began to gather at Yoshito Matsumoto's mansion.

      Yoshihito Matsumoto had no idea that he was in grave danger.

      When he looked at the time, he saw that it was already ten o'clock at night, so he pulled out his cell phone and called Iga Shonin.

      According to his plan, he would have Iga Kaminobu do the killing now and then hide the body in the Ito family's mansion in half an hour.

      Then, wait patiently for a few more hours, when the corpse had almost completely lost its residual heat, and then anonymously report the tip to the Tokyo Police Department.

      In this way, tomorrow morning, Ito Yuuhiko will be finished.

      When Ito Yuhiko is finished, the only enemy left in front of him is Shinji Takahashi.

      The current Shinji Takahashi should still be immersed in the pain of losing his son and can be said to be at his most vulnerable, he can set up an ambush to kill him while he is at the funeral for Eikichi Takahashi.

      Matsumoto Yoshito's mind was thinking this, but the phone in his ear kept beeping nonchalantly.

      "Why can't you get through to Iga Kaminobu?"

      Yoshito Matsumoto frowned.

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      "Didn't you already tell him that before?What's going on with the need to keep the phone open at all times and to communicate anything that's going on?"

      Matsumoto Yoshito's heart suddenly thudded, surmising, "Iga Shoninobu, it's not like there's been an accident, right?!"

      "But that's not right either!They took the Su siblings all the way to Kyoto without anyone noticing, and the Tokyo Police Department had searched for so long without any clues, so how could there be an accident?It doesn't make sense."

      "It would sound logical to say that they were found and fucked by the Ito family's ambush while they were hiding the bodies towards the Ito family, but the point is that they didn't get their own orders and couldn't have made the decision to kill the Su siblings ahead of time, so that possibility doesn't hold true at all, either!"

      "So, what the hell is going on in Kyoto?"

      Yoshihito Matsumoto, who had always had his head in the clouds and thought he was planning a coup, fell into a state of intense self-doubt.


      At this moment, it's not only Yoshito Matsumoto who can't make a phone call, but also Takahashi Shinichi, who has just lost his son.

      Shinji Takahashi has ordered that the Tenglin Clan ninjas ambushed in Kyoto to kill Ito Nashiko first, as well as take a video of her murder.

      He will then use the video to torture Yuuhiko Ito and make Yuuhiko Ito die in excruciating pain.

      However, the Tenglin Clan ninja, never gave him any reply.debut

      He called over to inquire about the progress, the phone was also completely unreachable, and no one answered after changing several people.

      Seeing that this phone one by one could not be reached, Takahashi Shinji slammed the phone to the ground and roared angrily, "To hell with it!What the hell!The invincible Tenglin ninja, how come they're all fucking useless these days?"

      "Teng Lin Zhengzhe and the others disappeared for no reason before and ended up having them sent back frozen into hockey sticks, and now this batch has no fucking news again, are they going to be sent back frozen into hockey sticks too!"

      The hand hurriedly spoke up, "Lord Chairman, could the Tenglin Family's experts have been ambushed in the Ito family?"

      "Where the fuck is the ambush coming from?"Takahashi Shinji scolded in exasperation, "The situation over there has already been figured out, the Ito family doesn't even have a single ninja in Kyoto, just a few family members, servants and ordinary bodyguards, what are these people using to ambush the ninja of the Tenglin family?And there are six of them!"

      Afterwards, Takahashi Shinji could not help but murmur, "What the hell happened over there in Kyoto?!"


Neither Yoshito Matsumoto nor Shinji Takahashi could figure out what was going on in Kyoto..hxzw

    However, Yoshito Matsumoto was far more astute than Shinji Takahashi.

    When he couldn't contact the Iga Kaminobu alive or dead, although he couldn't figure out why, he had subconsciously realized that things were eighty percent about to go terribly wrong.

    As soon as he thought of this, he immediately called the rest of the Iga family, and as soon as the call went through, he immediately asked them about the situation of the Iga shinobi.

    But the Iga family was equally ignorant of what was happening in Kyoto.

    They also couldn't reach Iga Kaminobu and didn't know if he was dead or alive.

    Now, Yoshito Matsumoto was really panicking.

    He was pacing nervously back and forth in the living room of his home, and his eyebrows were always locked, even his hand, which was holding a cigar between his fingers, was shaking a little uncontrollably.

    His younger brother, Ryosuke Matsumoto, saw him being incredibly nervous and hurriedly reassured him, "Brother, don't panic yet, if you do, we won't really know what to do next!"

    Unlike Takahashi Shinji, Takahashi Shinji's target was Ito Nashiko and had nothing to do with the Su family, so it didn't matter if his motive was revealed.

    The two families could basically have a 50/50 split, so he wasn't afraid of Yuhiko Ito.

    However, Yoshito Matsumoto knew very well in his heart that if his motive was revealed, he would not only have to face the behemoth of the Su Family, but also the Ito Family and the Takahashi Family.

    So, he took a puff of his cigar and said to Ryosuke Matsumoto, "This hand I'm playing is almost all of our chips on the table, if I win, the Matsumoto Family will become the top in Japan; if I lose, the Matsumoto Family will be ravaged to death by the three big families, the Su Family, the Ito Family and the Takahashi Family!"

    Saying, he couldn't hide his nervousness "Right now, Iga shinobu can't get in touch with him, and Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu don't know if they're dead or alive, I still don't know if our motives have been revealed or not, if they haven't, that's fine, at most we'll just frame Ito Yuhiko's plan to float, but if they are, then we'll basically have no way to live."

    Matsumoto Ryosuke hurriedly asked "Brother!We don't know now if it's been revealed or not, so are we just waiting for the verdict to be pronounced?That's too passive, isn't it?Even if we must die, we must find a way to struggle and resist and never give up!"


"Yes!"Ryosuke Matsumoto said with a fierce expression "Even if I die, someone will die with me!We don't lose if we win or lose anyway!"

    At this point in time..kudu

    After Ye Chen set fire to the two-story building, he returned to the Ito family's mansion.

    He was still going from the same way, into Ito Naija's small courtyard.

    At this time, Ito Naija was sitting in front of the tea table, eyes slightly closed, hands gently twirling a string of bodhi beads, and mumbling Buddhist sutras, praying for Ye Chen's blessing.

    Buddhism has been prevalent not only in China, but also in Japan for a long time, and ever since Venerable Master Jianzhen came east to Japan, it has caused Buddhism in Japan to develop rapidly.

    Although the Buddhism of the two countries were more or less surprising, there was little essential difference in the matter of chanting sutras and prayers between their followers.

    After chanting silently for a long time, the plate of incense in the incense burner had already burned, and she felt the fragrance dissipate, and when she opened her eyes to order another plate, she found that Yatsuo was already sitting across from her.

    Itochi was scared for one thing and covered her mouth in alarm, "Ye Chen-kun, when did you come back?"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly "Just now, five seconds ago."

    "Huh?"Itachi said incredulously "Why didn't you notice any movement?"

    Ye Chen smiled "Because I saw that you seemed to be chanting sutras and praying for Buddha, so I didn't want to disturb you."

    Ito Cabbage's pretty face blushed and said softly "Cabbage was just praying for Ye Chen-kun, hoping that the gods will bless Ye Chen-kun to return safely"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and spoke, "Thank you!"


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      But when she thought that the man in front of her who eagerly wanted to try to heal himself was exactly the one she loved, so she willingly let him try as well.

      So, she shyly handed her right hand to Ye Chen and said shyly, "Ye Chen-kun, then ......Please!"

      Ye Chen nodded slightly and stretched out his finger to gently place it on her pulse gate.

      A trace of aura flowed into Itoh Cabbage's body along her vein, and in the blink of an eye, it traveled through her body completely.

      Once the aura had traveled around a bit, Ye Chen also took the opportunity to see the specifics of Itoh Cabbage's injuries.

      It was only after this glance that he realized that Ito Cabbage's injuries were indeed very serious.

      Almost all of her organs had suffered severe internal injuries, not only that, her meridians and bones were also more than damaged, and her entire body was [PEN 520] as if she had turned into a broken porcelain doll, and the slightest mistake could lead to serious secondary injuries.

      Although she has been rescued from life-threatening danger, her entire body has also been under a very low state of safety.

      The current function of her body was even less than one-fifth of that of an ordinary person.

      While others might be unharmed from a fall and get up to pat the dirt and leave, if she fell, it was highly likely that her life would be endangered and she would have to be sent back to the hospital again for rescue.

      Ye Chen could imagine how much pain Itoh's body would have to endure from such a serious injury, and the pain was constant, and it would be hard to get rid of even in her sleep.

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen's heart involuntarily felt a heartache and lamented, "I told you at that time that martial arts is a spirit, there's no need to be overly concerned about winning or losing a match, let alone putting yourself in a dangerous situation in a match, why would you gamble your life in a match against Qin Ao Xue?"

      Ito Naija said with some shame, "Ye Chenjun, Naija isn't gambling with her life, but she wants to do her best and leave no regrets ......"

      At this point, she sighed lightly and laughed bitterly, "It's just that at that time, I didn't clearly realize the gap between myself and Qin Ao Xue, she was really too strong, so strong that it's unimaginable ......"


To ordinary people, this kind of medicine was like a panacea. If an old man took it, it would extend his life by more than ten to twenty years; if a young man took it, his body would be more than a few times stronger than a normal person; if an injured person took it, even if he only had a breath left, he would definitely be able to strengthen his opponent's body on top of recovering as before.

      At first, Hong Wu was almost killed by Wu Donghai's men, with only his last breath left, but he was saved by a Rejuvenation Pill.

      The Rejuvenation Pill not only saved Hong Wu's life, but also made Hong Wu a few years younger and in even better health than before he was injured.

      This was also mainly because the Rejuvenation Pill was so strong that while it healed Hong Wu, there was still leftover efficacy to improve his body.

      Although Itochi's injury was also very serious, in Ye Chen's opinion, at most half a rejuvenation pill would heal him.

      If he took an entire Rejuvenation Pill, needless to say, Ito Cabbage's strength would be raised another level or two from its previous peak!

      Therefore, a question floated in Ye Chen's heart.

      Whether to give Ito Naija-chan half a rejuvenation pill, or simply give her one and also give her a chance.

      Ye Chen was not a stingy person, and the main reason for obsessing over whether to take half a pill or one was because Ito Naija was a Japanese.

      As the saying goes, if it's not our race, its heart will be different.

      I can't say that the other party is necessarily harmful, but at least it's hard to stay in the same mind as the native race.

      And Ito Nana-chan is a martial arts expert herself, has been participating in various international competitions, and was originally planning to participate in the next Olympics.Fastest Updated.

      If she herself let her strength also improve dramatically, she was bound to pose a threat to Qin Ao Xue in the future.

      If in the next international competition, Ito Nana-chan, representing Japan, defeated Qin Ao-xue, who was fighting on behalf of China, wouldn't it be the same as giving the championship, which should have belonged to China, to Japan by herself?

      The reason for Ye Chen's hesitation was also based on this point.


Although the effects of the Rejuvenation Pill were very miraculous, it was very plain and unpretentious on the outside, but it was just an ebony, round pill that couldn't see anything special about it.

Itoh Cabbage looked at this pill, not hiding her surprise at all, and asked Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun, can this really heal my injuries?"

Ye Chen nodded his head and said with a smile, "With Master Ye's help, it's naturally a cure for all illnesses and an ineffective refund."

"Grandmaster Ye?"Itachi Nabiki asked in surprise, "Is Master Ye a nickname for Ye Tatsun-kun?"

Ye Chen smiled, "It's not really a nickname, it's just an honorific title given by some friends in Jinling."

Itoh Naija puffed out a laugh and said happily, "Then can I also address Ye Chen-kun as Master Ye from now on?"

Ye Chen casually said, "Yes, you can call me whatever you want."

Itachi tilted her head in thought and said seriously, "Or does Ye Chen-kun sound more friendly, I should be the only one calling Ye Chen-kun that, right?"

Ye Chen nodded, "Chinese people don't call each other that."

Itachi Nana-chan smiled sweetly and said seriously, "I hope I'll be the only one who calls Ye Chen-kun that way!"

"Good."Ye Chen also somehow seemed to have become much less resistant to Itachi's smile.

Seeing that her smile was as sweet as maple sugar, Ye Chen actually felt a hint of sweetness somehow at this moment.

Ye Chen didn't dare to carefully fathom that sweet taste and was too busy to change the subject to urge, "Hurry up and take the medicine, didn't you say you still wanted to go out to see the snow?Don't wait for a while for the snow to stop and you haven't taken your medicine."

Itachi Nana-chan smiled, "The weather forecast says that the snow will continue to fall until tomorrow."

Saying that, she picked up the rejuvenation pill and looked at Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun, is this straightforward to eat?"

"Right."Ye Chen said seriously, "After you take it, I'll help you guide the absorption of the medicinal power."

Itachi nodded lightly and without any hesitation, placed the pill into her mouth.

At the moment of entry, the pill immediately turned into a warm stream that surged from the mouth into the stomach and from the stomach to the entire body.

Itochi could clearly feel that her body was now undergoing a drastic change.

She didn't know how to describe the change, if her previous injury was like a porcelain bottle that had fallen to the ground and was full of shards, then her current self was like a broken porcelain bottle rewinding and the shards all over the ground quickly returned to the cage, piecing together a whole, unharmed, and unchopped self.

It was like a time warp, filled with an intense sense of unreality.

At this time, Ye Chen grabbed Itoh Cabbage's slender, tender white jade hands, and a trace of aura flowed in to help her guide the absorption of the rejuvenation pills' medicinal power.

Ito Cabbage originally thought that the feeling of turning back time was already incomparably magical, but she didn't expect that half of the effects of the rejuvenation pills had yet to be realized.

With Ye Chen's help, she felt as if every cell in her body was being nourished by the medicinal effects, and she could feel that her organism's level continued to grow upwards from reaching its previous peak level!

A few minutes later, she opened her eyes, unable to care about the dense beads of sweat on her face, she looked at Ye Chen in astonishment and asked out of her mouth, "Ye Chenjun, what the hell is this divine medicine how can it have such a powerful effect"


Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "This medicine is called the Rejuvenation Pill."

      Itachi suddenly remembered something and said with a sudden realization, "I know!I got it!Ye Chenjun!Qin Ao Xue's strength suddenly surged before the top eight matches, it should be due to taking this rejuvenating pill, right?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Yes, it is indeed the effect of the Rejuvenation Pill."

      Itachi Nana-chan asked again, "It's because of this that Ye Chen-kun doesn't want me to have a head-to-head competition with Qin Ao Xue in the future, that's why he won't let me continue to participate in international competitions, right?"

      Ye Chen said frankly, "Yes, I do have this consideration in mind."

      Itoh Cabbage lightly bit her lower lip and hesitated for a moment before asking tentatively, "Is Ye Chen-kun asking this because he likes Qin Ao Xue?"

      Ye Chen shook his head, "I am more like a brother to a sister to Ao Xue, I don't want the two of you to meet in the arena, more so because we represent different countries, I don't want to affect the national honor of Chinese athletes because of me, that's why I hope you don't continue to participate in international competitions."

      Only then did it dawn on Ito Naija, she stood up soaringly and bowed ninety degrees to Ye Chen and said seriously, "Please rest assured, Ye Chen-kun, from now on, Naija will study martial arts with great dedication and will never participate in any form of competition again!"

      After saying this, she only came back to her senses, looked at her legs and said with excitement, "I never thought before that it would feel so good to be able to stand up on my own ......"

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Didn't you want to go for a walk in the snow?Let's go now!"

      "Well!"Nodding heavily in excitement, Itachi Nana bypassed the tea table, took Yatsuo's hand, and said excitedly, "Let's go Yatsuo-kun!"

      Itachi Nabiki, whose strength had only just gone up a notch, couldn't see any of the look of a martial arts expert at this point.

      At this moment, she was a simple, happy little [58 novels] girl, holding the hand of the man she loved and running into her favorite snowy night.

      Itachi loved the snow, especially at night, and in the quiet of the snow, she could enjoy the beauty of the snowflakes and the night without being disturbed by others.

      This was her girlishness, as well as her girlishness.

      In the courtyard at this time, a thick layer of snow had already fallen.

      The traces of Ye Chen's previous beheading of the Teng Lin ninjas were all gone, and the thick snow made creaking sounds when stepping on it, a sound that made one feel as if they were far away from the noise and dust of the city.

      Itachi held onto Yatsuhashi's hand without letting go, pulling him along as he strolled through the snow, then held Yatsuhashi's hand up high again before taking his hand in a beautiful circle herself.

      The kimono's exquisite skirt, as she deftly turned in the white snow, also set off Ito Naija's extraordinary posture in a manly way.

      Itoh Cabbage twirled in the snow a few times and stopped when she was facing Ye Chen.

      She stared at Ye Chen with her shining and pure eyes and said with a bit of infatuation from the bottom of her heart, "Ye Chen-kun, I've been waiting for this snow for several days ......The weather forecast said this snow would fall a few days ago, and at that time I sat in my wheelchair and parked in the courtyard, looking up at the sky and thinking about you ...... while waiting for the snow."

      "But that day, I didn't wait for the snow, and I didn't dare hope to wait for you ......"

      At this point, her eyes suddenly misted up with a layer of water, and she said with a few chokes in her gentleness, "But I really didn't expect that today, the snow that I had been waiting for for a long time would come with my equally long-awaited Ye Chenjun ......"

      "Right now, this is truly the happiest, most satisfying and also the most perfect moment in my life, so perfect that I can't believe it, so perfect that it's as real as a fake, as a dream ......"


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