Secret Identity 1771-1780

 Chapter 1771

Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, brother and sister, were transported directly to Kyoto after being taken out of Tokyo.

      At this time, the siblings were held in a private house less than two kilometers away from here.

      In charge of guarding them were several ninjas of the Iga family.

      They had been waiting for an order from Yoshito Matsumoto that they would immediately kill the siblings if he told them to do so, and then take their bodies and quietly transport them into the Iga family's mansion.

      However, before Yoshito Matsumoto issued the order, they would also have to keep the siblings alive so that they wouldn't be inconvenient to transport after their deaths were too long and their bodies were stiff.

      The shinobi of the Iga family were the best at assassination, and in their experience, the most convenient time to transport a corpse was within an hour of death, when it was relatively soft and could even be stuffed into a suitcase, but if it took longer than that, the corpse would become increasingly stiff.

      That's why they were going to kill the siblings as soon as they got the order from Yoshito Matsumoto, and then bring them directly to the Ito family's residence to find a suitable place to hide them.

      Just ten minutes ago, Yoshihito Matsumoto called and asked them to confirm the situation inside the Ito family mansion first.

      First, they had to take a look at the defenses of the Ito mansion and find the weakest link, then they also had to find a suitable place to hide the bodies, and after that, just kill the siblings and bring them there.

      So, an Iga ninja sneaked into the Ito's residence alone, ready to tread a spot first.

      It was this person that Ye Chen noticed in Ito's room.

      After observing around the fence for a while, this person seemed to have selected the remote courtyard of Ito Cabbage, and after observing around for a while, he pulled out his phone and took a few pictures before quietly climbing down the fence, intending to leave.

      Ye Chen stood up at this time and said to Ito Cabbage, "I'm going out, you wait for me here."

      Cabbage Ito hurriedly asked after her, "Ye Chen-kun, where are you going?"

      Ye Chen said, "That guy just now is also a ninja, he came over alone, he's probably here to step on the spot, there might be other ninjas behind him, I'll follow him over and take a look!"

      Itachi Nana-chan reached out to pull her back and said seriously, "Yatsuo-kun, please don't go, it'll be dangerous!"

      Ye Chen said seriously, "If there are still ninjas peeking in, it's most likely that they are conspiring against you, if I don't go now, it won't be long before they might find me as well, in that case, it's better to take the initiative and finish them off once and for all."

      Itachi said nervously, "But I'm worried about you ......I don't want Ye Chen-kun to risk his life for me ......"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and held her hand and said seriously, "The reason I came to Kyoto is for you, whether this place is a mountain of knives or a sea of fire, since I'm here, I'll be in charge to the end!"

      After saying that, he let go of Itoh Cabbage's hand and turned around to leave.

      Itoh Cabbage was instantly struck inside by Ye Chen's words, and besides being touched and happy, her entire heart seemed to melt at his words.

      When Ye Chen said this, he didn't have any overbearing tone, but it gave her an unprecedented sense of security.

      Itoh Cabbage realized that she was hopelessly, utterly in love with Ye Chen at this moment.

      For him, she was willing to give everything, even if it meant making her give her life for Ye Chen, she would never have any hesitation.

      Thus, she hurriedly reached out her hand to grab Ye Chen and said with great devotion, "Ye Chen-kun, please be sure to pay attention to your safety, if anything happens to you, Cabbage will definitely martyr herself for you without hesitation!"


Ye Chen turned around and smiled gently, "Don't worry, I'll be back soon."

      After saying that, Ye Chen stepped away from Itachi's boudoir and disappeared into the vast snowy night.


      In the midst of the wind and snow, the Iga ninja who had come to step on the spot was running fast in the night.

      He was quick and light as a swallow, and with the cover of the night, he was like a ghost that was hard to catch.

      However, he would never have thought that behind him was a super expert who was a hundred times stronger than him, and this super expert was Ye Chen.

      The Iga ninja ran non-stop for two kilometers and finally stopped at the entrance of a courtyard, then he arrived in front of the courtyard's rustic door, fastened the door four times with two long and two short ways, and the door opened a gap from the inside that only one person could pass through sideways.

      Immediately after that, he quickly flashed in and disappeared.

      Ye Chen, on the other hand, concealed his breathing and heartbeat and silently leapt onto the fence, carefully observing the situation of this courtyard.

      The entire courtyard wasn't too big, the front yard was over two hundred square meters, planted with some bamboo and ancient pines, while at the back of the courtyard, there was a wooden two-story building.

      The Iga ninja who had just entered the courtyard went straight through the front yard and into this two-story building.

      Ye Chen could sense that there were at least more than six or seven people in this set of buildings, so he followed the fence and quietly arrived at the front of that building.

      At this time, on the second floor of this building, there was a hall of about 50 square meters, there was a ninja dressed in black in the middle of the hall, in addition to that, on the floor in the middle, there were two people who were tied up and hooded.

      The ninja that Ye Chen had been following all the way, after stepping up to the second floor, he reported to one of the ninja leading him, "Sir Shinobu, I have just ascertained that the Ito family residence is very weakly defended internally, with less than ten family guards, all of whom are of mediocre strength!"

      The head ninja gave a hmmm and spoke, "We're going to throw the bodies of the two Chinese in quietly this time, so even if the other side is weak, we have to make sure we don't alert anyone, go in quietly, leave the bodies behind, and then quietly withdraw."

      Saying that, he then asked, "Have you found a suitable place to hide the bodies?"

      "Found it!"The ninja hurriedly reported, "Within the Ito residence, there is a very secluded small courtyard.There is also a pine forest in the small courtyard, and the snow is thick right now, so we can hide the corpse there, and it shouldn't be discovered in a short time."

      At that, he immediately took out his phone, flipped out the photo album, and reported to the chief, "Sir Shinobu, I took some pictures, you can have a look at them."

      The other received the phone, flipped through a few, and nodded in satisfaction, "Good, this pine forest looks like it's usually rarely visited, hiding the corpse here for a few hours or even ten hours won't be discovered at all, Mr. Matsumoto's requirement is at least two hours without being discovered by the Ito family, hiding it here then is enough time."

      Another ninja hurriedly spoke up and asked, "Sir Shinobu, when are we going to do it and slaughter the two Chinese?"

      The man at the head of the group looked at the time and said, "Hold on a moment, I'll give Mr. Matsumoto a call."

      At that moment, Su Zhiyu, who was covered in a black hood, struggled violently.

      Because her mouth was gagged, she could only whimper vigorously through her nose in an attempt to get the other party's attention.

      The head ninja frowned, yanked off her hood, stared at the emaciated and frightened Su Zhiyu, and asked in a cold voice, "What?Do you have any last words to say?"


The moment Su Zhiyu was uncovered from her hood, Ye Chen instantly recognized her.

      He couldn't help but slander in his heart, "Isn't this woman the same woman who was sitting in the Takahashi Inge Rolls Royce?When I was teaching Takahashi Eiji a lesson at the time, she choked a few words with me, but I didn't expect to be tied up here, and it seems like she's going to kill her and frame Ito Yuhiko, so it seems like this woman has a lot to do with it!"

      At this time, Su Zhiyu was still having a towel stuffed in her mouth, so even after sobbing for half a day, she couldn't really say a word.

      So the Iga ninja who headed the group reached out and pulled the towel from her mouth and said in a cold voice, "I'll give you a chance to say whatever you want to say."

      Su Zhiyu's eyes were filled with fear, but she forced herself to calm down and said shakily, "Let me and my brother go, just tell me a number for how much you want, I'll give you ten times as much as anyone else will give you!"

      The man at the head sneered, "There's no point in talking about this, the rule in the Japanese ninja family is that you must be loyal to your employer, only when you are absolutely loyal to your employer can the ninja family be favored by the big families, otherwise, once the big families question the loyalty of the ninja, all the ninjas in Japan will lose their jobs, at that time, we will become the public enemy of all the ninjas in Japan, even thoughNo matter how much money you give me, I don't have the life to spend it!"

      Su Zhiyu couldn't wait to say, "Then you can go to China!I'll give you a billion dollars, enough to live comfortably in China for the rest of your lives!No more fighting for others!"

      The man who headed it was shocked, not exclaiming, "Girl, I didn't expect you to be quite rich, a billion dollars, it is indeed a large sum of money, let's not say if you can come up with that much money, even if you can, I just said, I don't have the life to spend it, even if you give me 10 billion dollars, I will still be chased by Japanese ninjas for life, this deal is not worth it."

      Su Zhiyu blurted out, "Then do you think, if you kill me, no one will chase you?Let me tell you, if you kill me, my family will do whatever it takes to hunt you down!At that point, no matter how much money you have, you won't have the life to spend it!"

      "No no no."The man smiled and said, "I was prepared to kill you no doubt, but I was prepared to kill you and frame Yuuhiko Ito, anyway, there was some disagreement between you because of the cooperation, and then both the police department and the family behind you will consider Yuuhiko Ito as the mastermind behind the killing of you two."

      Suchiyo gritted her teeth and said, "This was all masterminded by Yoshihito Matsumoto, right?"

      At that moment, the Iga ninja who headed it looked at Suchiyo and sneered, "Mr. Matsumoto originally wanted to work with you religiously, but I didn't expect you to be so high-minded and arrogant!Mr. Matsumoto himself came to your door to ask for an interview, but you paid no attention to him, and since you were so rude to him, you should not complain that Mr. Matsumoto is cruel to you!"

      Just now, when the man leading the group spoke to his men, he mentioned Mr. Matsumoto, and Suchiyo realized at that moment that the one in charge of all this was Yoshito Matsumoto.


The Iga ninja instantly said, "Okay Matsumoto-san, we are at your disposal!"

      Yoshito Matsumoto smirked and said, "By the way, the two you kidnapped, their families have already come to Tokyo, I hope you let these two die a gruesome death, when the police find both their bodies, the worse the scene, the worse they die, the angrier their families will be, and the more exciting this will be!"

      The Iga ninja was busy saying, "Don't worry, we'll do it!"

      Yoshito Matsumoto said, "That woman is said to be pretty good looking, you might as well humiliate her before you kill her, if her family sees her being humiliated to death, they'll hate Yuuhiko Ito!"

      The Iga ninja laughed lustily at this and said, "Actually, the brothers have been salivating over this woman for a long time, but I was worried about ruining your good fortune, so I kept stopping them from getting their hands on her, but now that you've said that, I'm completely relieved!"

      Yoshihito Matsumoto laughed, "It's fine, let the brothers have their fun as much as they want, by the way, you can come along and make some videos that won't expose your faces, and send them out then, it will definitely have a better effect, hahahahaha!"

      The Iga ninja likewise laughed, "Don't worry Mr. Matsumoto, we'll make a blockbuster movie for you!"

      At this time, Su Zhiyu was already frightened and pale.

      She shivered and begged, "I beg you guys to just kill me, don't ruin my innocence ......"

      "Innocence?"The Iga ninja asked with a sardonic smile, "So, you're still innocent?It's so rare for a super beauty like you to retain her innocence, and I'll definitely have to open such a precious gift myself later!"

      Yoshito Matsumoto laughed on the other end of the phone, "Alright Iga shoninobu, I'll leave you alone, you have an hour and a half to indulge yourselves, after an hour and a half, kill them and bury their bodies in Yuhiko Ito's mansion!"

      The Iga ninja was busy saying, "Don't worry, Mr. Matsumoto, in two hours, the bodies of these two will be lying safely in the snow of the Ito mansion!You will then be able to reveal information to the Tokyo Police Department!"

      "Very well!I'll never treat you badly after this is done!"


The moment Ye Chen's voice suddenly rang out, so many well-trained ninjas present were all startled by his voice!

      No one expected that they, who were best at tracking in secret, would be followed by others!

      And no one was aware of the man until he spoke!

      The lead Iga ninja almost instantly drew his ninja sword and looked around vigilantly, questioning in a cold, nervous voice, "Who?!Get the hell out of here!"

      At this time, Ye Chen leapt from the fence, and the man had broken through the window, leaving broken glass splinters all over the floor.

      The moment Su Zhiyu saw Ye Chen, his entire body was struck by lightning!

      She simply couldn't believe that someone would come to her rescue at a time like this, much less that it was the Chinese man she had met on the streets of Tokyo who had come to her rescue!Fastest Update

      Also, I was offended at the time because I didn't know what was going on before and after!

      At this time, Ye Chen was standing straight in the broken window, and in her eyes, the Ye Chen in front of her was not only handsome, he was simply like a god descending from the heavens!

      The fierce cold wind poured in through the broken window, blowing Ye Chen's hair and clothes, and in her eyes, there was even more of the vested sense of a great hero in a martial arts film.

      It was just that Ye Chen's attention was not at all on Su Zhiyu at the moment.

      He stared coldly at the Iga upper ninja and said in a cold voice, "I thought Japanese ninjas were more disciplined, but it turns out they're such a rabble!It's fine for you to bully your Japanese women, but to bully our Chinese women is to seek death!"

      Several other Iga Clan ninjas took a few steps back and stared at Ye Chen as he drew his ninja sword.

      They knew that Ye Chen was able to stay hidden nearby without being discovered, he must have extraordinary strength, so they didn't dare to act rashly and were waiting for the Iga upper ninja to make a move.

      The Iga upper ninja was now livid!

      People call him shinobi, which means superior ninja, not his name.

      In the Japanese ninja registration system, the rough grades are divided into upper, middle and lower ninja.

      The upper ninja was already the big brother level among ninjas and was highly respected throughout Japan.

      However, he never expected that this Chinese man in front of him would dare to openly insult himself and the ninja, it was unforgivable!

      So he roared, "Boy!There's an old Chinese saying, "There's a way to heaven and you won't go, but there's a way to hell and you're here.Since you're the one seeking death, don't blame me for being rude to you!"

      Saying that, he immediately waved his ninja sword and shouted to the crowd of people around him, "Formation!Trap him in the formation and kill him!With my own hands, I'm going to cut off his head and make him atone for discounting the ninja!"

      Brushing the other six ninjas on the scene, they surrounded Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen's face didn't change at this point, and he said coldly, "Want to cut off my head?Don't tell me you only have two hands, even if you had eight!"

      The Iga upper ninja mocked, "Kid, it's fine to look down on me, but don't look down on Japanese ninjutsu, I'm an upper ninja, if I can't cut off your head, it's simply a disservice to Amaterasu Daijin!"

      Ye Chen's expression grew darker and darker as he snapped in a deep voice, "Japanese Endurance, right?Today, I'd really like to see, what!Call the fuck!Japanese ninjutsu!"

      "Looking for death!"

      Iga shinobu is furious!

      He shouted, whirling his hands across the ninja blade, speeding towards Ye Chen with force!

      The others also had their swords out, intending to chop Ye Chen into mincemeat.

      Ye Chen was really powerless against the tactics of Japanese ninjas.

      It was like a pack of rabid dogs biting people, and the core tactic was to attack in a pack.

      In their eyes, the ninja knives were coated with a highly poisonous substance anyway, so everyone rushed up to attack, and as long as one of the knives cut through a centimeter of the other's skin, they would win the battle.

      For thousands of years, Japanese ninjas had relied on such tactics to defeat their opponents countless times, to say the least!



      This time, they encountered, it was Ye Chen!

      At this time, Ye Chen's face did not change, his toes gently rubbed the ground, and a triangular piece of broken glass ballast on the ground suddenly bounced off the ground at an extremely fast speed, heading straight for the Iga shinobi!

      In the blink of an eye, Ye Chen once again kicked up another piece of glass and hurriedly shot off in the same direction!

      In the midst of his flight, Iga Shonin suddenly saw two crystalline, colorful refracting things in his eyes, like two shooting stars, passing by his vision range in a flash like two shooting stars!

      Before he could even think about what that thing was, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right wrist that was holding the ninja sword!

      In less than the blink of an eye, the same pain suddenly came from the left wrist as well!

      Then, he felt his hands suddenly lose strength, and the ninja sword in his hands disengaged and fell to the ground.

      At the same time, out of nowhere, two warm red mist, immediately sprayed on his face ......

      It was only when he smelled the thick bloody smell of blood in the red mist that he finally realized that the tendons of his hands had been severed by those two meteoric rays of light!

      And the two red mist that spewed out was the blood mist that spewed out from both of your own wrists!

      His whole mind was horrified!Completely baffled as to why it happened in such a turn of events!

      Right at this moment, Ye Chen suddenly dashed forward!

      He grabbed Iga Kamenobu by the neck and picked his 100 pounds right up in a smooth motion!

      At the same time, Ye Chen had also dodged the encirclement of the others!

      This group of mad-dog ninjas thought that Ye Chen might choose a direction to break out, but none of them had expected that Ye Chen would choose the direction of the Iga Shonin!

      Isn't this actively banging against the hardest wall?

      However, Ye Chen had chosen the hardest of them all!

      And at this time the Iga shinobi, the entire person was picked up by Ye Chen's one-handed stranglehold on the neck, the wrists of both hands were still bleeding profusely, although the arms could still move, but below the wrists was completely and completely unable to move, so also completely lost all offensive power!

      Ye Chen choked him, straight through the window all the way through the entire hall, and then slammed his body into the wall with one hand!

      At the same time, Ye Chen still maintained his one-handed stranglehold on his neck, keeping his entire body thirty centimeters off the ground!

      At this time, Iga Kamijou was dangling with his legs stuck to the wall, and it was all thanks to one of Ye Chen's deadly hands that he didn't slip off the wall.

      But the tremendous strength of Ye Chen's hand also made his entire body barely able to breathe, his legs stirred, and his face was black and purple!

      Everyone there was scared!

      Those Iga ninjas in particular felt like their entire worldview had been turned upside down!

      Everyone was in a state of horror, what was this Chinese guy's story!

      He ......Why is he so strong!


      More than strong!

      It's like a god!

      The mighty Iga Shoninobu was reduced to a dead dog under him!

      What kind of perverted ability would it have to be to create such a brutal and complete crush on the Iga Kaminari?

      At this time, Ye Chen's expression was incomparably cold, but the corners of his mouth floated up in an extremely mocking curve, and he sneered word for word, "So!It's fucking screaming!Japanese Ninjitsu!Really!I've heard so much about you!"


Ye Chen's words caused everyone to be even more terrified!

      They then realized that Yatsu just now, just by kicking two pieces of broken glass with his toes, had directly and accurately severed both of Iga Kaminobu's hand tendons!

      It's not hard to kick glass out of the air.

      It's also not hard to injure someone with kicked flying glass ballast.

      But what was difficult was to sever a person's two hand tendons with the exact same amount of flying glass, and that was already impossible!

      What's more, instead of standing there and letting his opponent attack him, Iga Shonin was flying all the way to his opponent, and would have the tendons of his hands severed while moving at high speed, which was incredible accuracy!

      Moreover, Ye Chen's ability to completely subdue the Iga upper ninja with just one hand was unbelievably powerful!

      What kind of perverted strength could it be that could reach such a level!

      Su Zhiyu is looking stupid too!

      At this time, the way Ye Chen was single-handedly pinning the Iga shinobi to the wall was like a god in her eyes!

      At this time, Iga Shangrenoble was still struggling hard to break free from Yatsuo's control, but the tiger's mouth of Yatsuo's right hand was as unmoving as a steel bar, so strong that it left only a slight space for him to barely still be able to breathe.

      Iga Shang Ren struggled and asked in a tiny voice, "You ......Who the hell are you?!"

      "Me?"Ye Chen laughed, "I'm your Chinese father."

      The expression on Iga's upper ninja's face was extremely ugly, and the others' expressions were just as ugly.

      However, at this moment, no one dared to attack Ye Chen.

      It was because they knew that with Ye Chen's strength, he could easily break the neck of the Iga Upper Endurance.

      At this moment, the Iga Upper Endurance gritted his teeth and asked, "I have no grudge against you, what do you want?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "I want your life!"

      After saying that, he looked at the dumbfounded ninjas and sneered, "Oh yes, I want your lives too."

      All of them took a step back and held their swords with both hands, but their expressions were filled with fear.

      The Iga shinobi then spoke up and roared, "Tie that girl up!Quick!"

      As soon as the words were out of his mouth, a ninja immediately rushed up and put a ninja sword around the neck of Suchiyo, and said nervously, "Release Lord Shinobu!Or I'll kill her!"

      Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said indifferently, "Feel free to kill if you want, I don't know her either."

      Iga Shang Ren hissed, "Don't you dare bluff me here!Didn't you come here to save her?!"

      Ye Chen said calmly, "Of course not!I came to the capital today to visit my old friend, that is, the Ito family's Miss Cabbage, and as a result, your people were good enough to go to the Ito family to snoop around, I was afraid that you would be unfavorable to Miss Cabbage, so that's why I just followed you all the way over."

      As soon as Ye Chen said this, the Iga upper ninja was ashen!

      He had really thought that Ye Chen was someone from the Su family, or an expert invited by the Su family to rescue Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei, then he might be able to use their siblings' lives as bargaining chips in exchange for a way out.

      But, how could one have imagined that this person was actually touching over here for Itachi Cai Zi, so he followed the person he sent to tread all the way!

      Thinking of this, Iga Kaminari suddenly remembered something and hurriedly pleaded, "This sir, we have no intention of hurting Miss Ito, we just want to kill these two people and frame the Ito family, we never wanted to do anything bad to Miss Ito in the first place!"


Ye Chen sneered, "According to you, if I kill two random people and bury them secretly in the snow of your house, do I also have no intention of hurting you and your family?"

      Iga shinobu was astonished, and his desire to survive was so strong that he hurriedly threw out Matsumoto Yoshito again: "In fact, we are also commissioned by someone, the one who really wants to deal with the Ito family is Matsumoto Yoshito, and we have nothing to do with it ah ......"

      Ye Chen asked rhetorically, "You yourselves are aiding and abetting the evil, and now you are still telling me that there is no relationship, are you ninja's bones, all so soft?"

      Iga Shang-li endured the humiliation and spoke, "I believe in an old saying of your country ......A good death is better than a bad life ......And please sir can give me a chance, I am willing to saddle up for you ......"

      Ye Chen shook his head, "Saddle me up, you're not qualified enough."

      Saying that, he looked around and said indifferently, "The same goes for you guys, get ready to go on your way!"

      As soon as the Iga shinobi heard this, he bellowed in anger, "Together, kill him!Kill him now!Kill him and you still have a chance to live, or you'll all be dead!"

      When the crowd heard this, they were also immediately filled with solemn faces.

      They also knew very well that Ye Chen was too strong, if they fought him hard or let him break them one by one, everyone would be finished!

      The best way is to attack the group, no matter what, do your best to kill them first, as for how many of them will survive, it all depends on the fate of each of them!

      So, the remaining six ninjas, wielding their swords like mad, rushed at Ye Chen, each one of them with a hideous expression!

      Su Zhiyu saw so many people attacking Ye Chen, her heart was already in her throat!

      However, she didn't make any sound, let alone speak out to warn Ye Chen to be careful, because she knew that she didn't need to do anything to interfere with Ye Chen's attention.

      Her eyes were burning hot as she stared at Ye Chen, and in her heart she muttered, "Today, my life and death will completely depend on this man whose name is still unknown to me!"

      "If he dies, I'm bound to die; if he lives, he might let me and my brother live ......"

      "This gentleman, I was wrong last time, I have apologized to you countless times in my heart, this time, I want you to live, even if I end up dead, I don't want you to die because of me ......"

      By the time she got to that point, a group of ninjas had crossed the entire hall and surrounded Ye Chen to death, followed by several slashes!

      But Ye Chen, without changing his face, watched as the six swords slashed at him, and with a flick of his hand, he swung right up at the Iga Kamijou's body!

      The seven of them, including Iga Kamijou, didn't expect that Ye Chen would use him as a meat shield!

      At this moment, Iga shouted wildly in fright, "Stop it!Stop it now!"

      But, with six men coming on strong, it's getting to the hand-to-hand part of the process, so how can they possibly take it back!

      Iga Shonin watched as six swords flew down and slashed down on him in quick succession!

      Iga Kamigami felt a sharp pain all over his body and bit down on a low growl, "Idiot!Rubbish!Baka ah Lu!"

      As soon as the words left his mouth, he spat blood and died violently!

      These six people saw the Iga Shangnion being slashed to death by them, and they paled in fear, and at that moment, Ye Chen suddenly slammed the Iga Shangnion's corpse, and it flew out, along with the corpse and the six swords on it!

      The remaining six ninjas didn't even regain consciousness, they only felt a shock in their tiger's mouth and their ninja swords were gone!

      Now the six were so shocked that some had completely lost the will to fight and turned to flee!

      At this moment, Ye Chen sneered, "Since you've already made your move, it's my turn next!"


As soon as Ye Chen's words fell, the man had rushed out at great speed!

      His bodily functions and speed were far from being comparable to that of ordinary people, so he didn't give these ninjas a chance at all.

      Every time he grabbed one of them, he punched them directly in the abdomen, causing them to instantly lose all chance of fighting and escape.

      In the blink of an eye, the six ninjas who were fleeing for their lives were all lying on the ground, one after the other.

      Su Zhiyu had looked dumbfounded!

      As the Su family's eldest granddaughter and one of the most favored children, she hadn't grown up without coming into contact with those hidden experts behind the Su family, but, in her opinion, Ye Chen's strength was far above those people!

      What she couldn't understand was that the hidden masters that the Su family was offering were already hard to pick out of ten thousand in the country, and had theoretically touched the ceiling of martial arts, but why would there be someone as powerful and unimaginable as Ye Chen?

      Ye Chen's appearance had instantly raised the ceiling of the martial dao in her mind by more than one level!

      As she watched the group of ninjas lying on the ground howling, Su Zhiyu was shocked and relieved at the same time.

      She knew that she and her brother were finally saved.

      So, she couldn't hold back her excitement as she looked towards Ye Chen and said out of her mouth, "Grandfather En!Thank you so much for today!I don't know your name yet.If you are willing to leave your name, I will do my best to repay you for your great kindness!"

      At this time, Ye Chen finally turned his head to look at Su Zhiyue.

      Su Zhiyu was very beautiful, even though she was tortured, her hands were tied behind her back, and her short ear-length hair was messily stuck to her face, she still couldn't hide her perfect features and beauty.

      However, Ye Chen didn't like this woman very much.

      First of all, he didn't like this woman's personality.

      In his opinion, this woman was self-righteous and hollow, and even though she couldn't see these traits at all now, combined with the impressions from the first meeting, Ye Chen believed that he hadn't misjudged her.

      Secondly, he also didn't like this woman's looks.

      Su Zhiyu's pretty was really pretty, but cold and arrogant was also really cold and arrogant, and even had a bit of an aggressive and heroic look to it.

      In fact, to sum it up in one sentence, this woman was a little too pretentious.

      As a master of pretending, Ye Chen didn't like people who loved to pretend as much as he did.

      As the saying goes, one mountain can't contain two tigers, and the two temperaments repel each other, even if this tiger is a female.

      So, Ye Chen said indifferently, "I don't bother who I am, I also don't want to know who you are, I didn't appear here today to save you, but to kill them, as for saving you, it's just a passing favour, so you don't need to thank me."

      Su Zhiyu had never been belittled in her life, but she had already encountered it twice with Ye Chen.

      However, at this moment, she didn't have half a temper, she could only nod her head respectfully and say from the bottom of her heart, "No matter what, thank you very much!"

      Without speaking, Ye Chen walked up to her and untied the ropes from her body.

      Then, he pulled off his brother's hood and tugged down the towel that was stuffed in Su Zhi Fei's mouth.

      Su Zhi Fei hadn't been able to speak, nor had he seen everything that happened in this room, but when he heard Ye Chen's voice, he had already guessed that it was him, and now when he saw Ye Chen, the first thing he said was, "This brother, your great kindness, we siblings will never forget it!"

      Ye Chen untied the ropes on him and said with a grim expression, "Okay, let's not talk nonsense so much, I'm going to set the place on fire later, you two should hurry and run for your lives."


Su Zhiyu hurriedly asked, "Grandfather En!I wonder if you can lend me your cell phone, I want to call home, they've lost my phone ......"

      When Su Zhiyu said she wanted her phone to call home, she actually wanted to use this opportunity to get Ye Chen's phone number.

      It was now the information age, and as long as she could get the other party's phone number, Su Zhiyu would have a way to get all the other party's identity information.

      That way, when he returned to the country, he would also be able to find this benefactor.

      Ye Chen immediately saw through the other party's trick, smiled coldly and said, "Excuse me, the phone is a private item, it is not lent."

      After saying that, he reached out and pulled out a cell phone from a ninja and threw it to Su Zhiyu, "Here, use this, call your family and inform them of the location so that they can send someone to pick you up as soon as possible."

      Su Zhiyu was so stunned that she didn't bother to pick up the phone, and it smashed right into her lap, she was extremely disappointed, but she didn't want to show it, so she had to pick the phone up and said gratefully, "Thank you, En Gong!"

      Ye Chen rummaged through the ninja again and flipped out a very thin, close-fitting wallet, which not only contained the man's ID, but also five 10,000 yen bills.

      At the current exchange rate, 10,000,000 yen could be exchanged for almost six hundred yuan, and although 50,000,000 yen wasn't much, it was enough for them to find a place to settle down, wait for a few hours, and wait for their families to pick them up.

      No matter what, this fifty thousand yen would be enough for them to take a train back to Tokyo.

      So, Ye Chen handed over the money to the hand-me-down Su Zhiyu and spoke, "Take the money and leave quickly with your brother."

      Su Zhiyu was a little hesitant inside.

      She really didn't want to leave just like that.

      Because, she still didn't know Ye Chen's identity and was afraid that she would never have the chance to see Ye Chen again.

      At this moment, she really wanted to tell Ye Chen her identity, so that he could come to her if he encountered any difficulties after returning to China.

      However, the words were on her lips and she swallowed them back.

      This was because she knew in her heart that an untamed top expert like Ye Chen would not take his identity seriously at all, and if she told him that she was the granddaughter of Su's parents, it would most likely backfire.

      He might think that she was deliberately using her identity to pressure him in front of him, thus becoming disgusted with herself .

      He may also avoid himself completely in the country from now on because he doesn't want to have anything to do with himself.

      In that case, exposing his identity now would instead be self-defeating.

      Thus, she had no choice but to stand up and bow deeply to Ye Chen, saying from the bottom of her heart, "Grandfather En, thank you for saving my life, if we have the chance to meet again in the future, I will definitely repay your kindness today!"

      Su Zhi Fei also bowed at the side and said, "Thank you, Grandfather En!"

      Ye Chen waved his hand: "Okay, let's go, I have business later, I don't have time to be polite with you guys here."

      Su Zhi Fei was a bit embarrassed, so he could only nod his head repeatedly, "I'm sorry Grandpa En, I've delayed your business ......"Updated fastest.

      Su Zhi Fei looked at Ye Chen and bit her lower lip tightly, wanting to say something, but eventually gave up.

      When she and Su Zhi Fei arrived side by side in front of the wooden stairs on the second floor, only then did she suddenly turn back and hugged her fist at Ye Chen, saying extremely reluctantly and incomparably piously, "Grandfather En, if there's fate in the future, we'll meet again in the rivers and lakes!"

      Ye Chen didn't raise his head and said in a cold tone, "Won't see you again."


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