Secret Identity 1761-1770

 Chapter 1761

Just as Itachi was looking up at the sky and thinking about Ye Chen in her heart.

    Ye Chen, who was hiding on top of the fence, also finally saw the moving figure in the courtyard below.

    He bypassed the security of the Ito mansion and circled around the Ito family's mansion halfway around the fence before he saw Ito Cabbage that he had been holding in his heart.

    Seeing Ito Naija in a kimono with her hair lightly pulled in a bun, Ye Chen sighed in his heart, "They say that Ito Naija is a standard Yamato Nadeshiko, and it is indeed no exaggeration, she is definitely the most beautiful and perfect Japanese woman that he has ever seen."

    It was just that the wheelchair underneath Ito Nana-chan made Ye Chen sigh somewhat in his heart.

    She could have not participated in that final match with Qin Ao Xue, or she could have admitted defeat and ended the match early, but she had to persevere to the end, which caused her body to suffer great trauma.

    At this moment, Ye Chen wanted to directly leap from the fence and go to her side to meet her, but the thought of suddenly appearing in front of her in this way of a gentleman on the beam might be more or less embarrassing.

    If she was intimidated by herself, how would she explain herself?

    If she asked herself why, how would she explain?

    Ye Chen, who had always been extremely good psychologically, actually hesitated and hesitated at this moment.

    Meanwhile, a few hundred kilometers away, in Tokyo.

    Yoshito Matsumoto, who was hiding in the shadows, was still continuing his cruel game.

    While he had the men who held Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu siblings hostage wait for the right time to come and kill someone to frame them up, he had another wave of people who started a new round of planning in Tokyo.

    He's like the evil Joker in Batman's Dark Knight, intent on playing everyone off against each other before gradually splitting them up and killing them one by one.

    This time, his target is Eiji Takahashi.

    He felt that just leaving a little trouble for the two families when he kidnapped Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu was not strong enough to turn the two families completely against each other.

    Therefore, he wanted to add a blood feud between the two families.

    Only a blood feud would cause one to lose all sense of reason and thus become extremely mad.

    So, in this evening, he extended his claws to Shinji Takahashi, whose arms had been crippled.

    Eiji Takahashi was a young man in the prime of his life.

    The injured arms and plastered casts would not affect his physical needs.

    And he is usually in Tokyo, he is also known as a playboy and a dude, and many famous actresses in Tokyo are his lovers and playthings.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list, which will be the first thing you need to do.

    So Takahashi Eikichi plans to sneak out tonight and spend the night with her.

    She is eager to establish a long-term relationship with him, and naturally agrees.

    So, Takahashi Eikichi hormonally stimulated, in spite of his father's reminder to stay at home until the storm is over, quietly arranged for his men, drove him out of the house, to the most extravagant high-end clubs in Tokyo's Shibuya.


He has a regular high-class private room at that high-end club, which is lavishly decorated and secluded and private, and is home to his year-round stalking of Japanese actresses..hjaju.

    A convoy of three Rolls-Royce's is carrying Eiji Takahashi to Shibuya, and the car is excited in anticipation of tonight's witching hour.

    As the convoy crosses an underpass, a truck driving normally suddenly brakes and swerves, blocking the entire road.

    And the back also immediately came many black commercial vehicles, the Takahashi family's three Rolls-Royce deadly blocked in them.

    The first car and the tail car of the bodyguards, aware of the situation, have to pull out their guns, ready to protect Takahashi Eiji.

    However, out of the few black commercial vehicles in the back suddenly jumped a large group of black-clad men with automatic weapons!

    The firearms in these people's hands, all automatic rifles and miniature assault rifles, were much more powerful than the Takahashi family's bodyguards, and before the Takahashi family's bodyguards could regain consciousness, all eight bodyguards were reached into the sieve.

    At this point, Eiji Takahashi in the middle Rolls Royce was already confused.

    In his car, there was only a driver and an assistant, both of whom were ordinary people with no fighting ability at all.

    The other party, however, was not only outnumbered, but also had extremely strong firepower, completely crushing!

    Eiji Takahashi was so frightened that he rushed to call his father and panicked as soon as he opened his mouth and said, "Dad!Help me, Dad!I'm surrounded by killers, come and save me!"

    Shinji Takahashi took off, "Aren't you at home?!Where's the killer?!"

    Takahashi Eiji broke down and cried, "Dad, I was outside on my way to Shibuya when I was suddenly surrounded and attacked, the bodyguards are dead, they've come for me, Dad you have to do something to save me, I don't want to die"

    Shinji Takahashi only felt a spinning sensation as he roared hoarsely, "Tell them I'll give them whatever money they want!As long as they keep you alive!"

    As soon as the words came out, the group of black-clad people had surrounded the Rolls-Royce in which Takahashi Hideyoshi was riding.

    Takahashi Eikichi rushed out of the car, shouting hysterically, "Please don't kill me!My dad said, "Whatever amount you want, I can meet you!"

    The black-clothed man at the head of the group smiled sardonically, "Money?We, the Ito family, don't care about money!What we want is the lives of all the Takahashi family!Let's get you on your way now, and before long we'll send your dad and your whole family over to be with you!"

    Takahashi Eiji's entire body had collapsed in fright and wailed frantically, "I beg you not to kill me, I'm still young I don't want to die."

    Shinya Takahashi was on the phone screaming as loud as he could, "Leave my son alone!Come at me if you have something to say!"

    The black-clothed man at the head sneered, "Oh?You're still on the phone with Chairman Takahashi?Very well then, Chairman Takahashi, hear for yourself the desperate screams of your son before he dies!"

    Saying that, he smashed the glass of the Rolls Royce with his gun, but the moment the gun was pointed at Takahashi Eiji, seeing his tear-stained face, he suddenly put the gun back.

    Takahashi Eiji thought he had changed his mind, and excitedly got out, "How much do you want, just say a number and my dad will give you the money right away!"

    "Right!"Shinji Takahashi also thought things were turning around and took off, "I can give you $100 million, right now!"

    The man in black laughed and said with a cold face, "The two of you are thinking too much, I just want to change the way we play."

    Saying that, he turned to his men and coldly said, "Bring two barrels of gasoline over from the trunk and give me the men and the car!"


The next five minutes were the most painful, torturous, and devastating five minutes of Takahashi's life..boyaec.

    He didn't dare to hang up the phone, because he knew that the next voice he heard could be the last voice his son left in this world.

    However, it was also clear to him that the other party was going to torture his son to death and make him suffer great pain in death.

    Was he, as a father, really going to listen to his final screams in his ears, but there was nothing he could do, nothing he could do about it?

    The next, the murderer poured gasoline into the Rolls-Royce in which Takahashi Eiyoshi was riding, leaving Takahashi Eiyoshi to roar hysterically in the car, but also completely ignored.

    After all the gasoline was poured in, the person who led the way took out a pack of cigarettes and a box of matches, coldly lit the cigarette, took a hard puff, and then threw the still-burning matchstick through the window!

    The luxurious Rolls-Royce was instantly transformed into an incinerator, the tongues of fire inside even spewing wildly outwards.

    Inside the car, the screams of Eiji Takahashi, his assistant, and the driver were like hell on earth!

    On the other end of the phone, Takahashi Shinji listened with a broken heart and tears streaming down his face.

    And the screams continued for more than a minute before they were finally inaudible.

    Takahashi Shinji knew very well that his son was dead.

    There was even a chance that he would die without a body!

    At this moment, the vengeful rage burned away his sanity as well!

    "Ito Yuuhiko!You kill my son, I'll kill your whole family!"

    As soon as he said that, he immediately called the temporary head of the Tenglin family and as soon as he spoke, he coldly commanded, "The Ito family killed my son, and the four Tenglin family members, including Tenglin Masatetsu, were also killed by him, I want you to kill Ito Yuuhiko's daughter first, and then I want you to kill Ito Yuuhiko's old dog too!!!"

    The other party's voice was shrill "Mr. Takahashi, don't worry, our men are in Kyoto keeping an eye on the Ito family's mansion, Ito Yuuhiko's daughter hasn't left there, we can kill her tonight!"

    Shinji Takahashi shouted at the top of his voice "Kill her now!I want you to kill her right now!!!!I want you to behead her alive and send me the video, Ito Yuhiko let me hear my son die a horrible death, I want him to see his daughter's head with his own eyes!!!!"

    The other party immediately said "Okay Takahashi-san, I'll give the order to have them put Itachi's vegetable to death!"



    The snow was getting heavier and heavier.

    In the midst of this heavy snow, Ye Chen had quietly observed Itoh Cabbage for nearly ten minutes.

    During these ten minutes, Ito Naija was sometimes staring at the sky, sometimes bending down to collect white snowflakes from the ground, playing as if she was very happy by herself.

    The moment Ye Chen decided to go down to see her, he suddenly noticed that from the darkness in the distance, there were several shadows coming towards his position at a very fast speed!

    These shadows, from the way they ran and the way they breathed when they ran, were quite similar to the Teng Lin Zhengzhe Four.

    Ye Chen was instantly wary.

    These people, they should all be ninjas!

    Besides, 80% of them were ninjas of the Tenglin Clan!


Ye Chen sensed that they were not good, and immediately concealed his breath to secretly observe them, and saw these people climb over the wall at a very fast speed, and then they raced towards Itoh Cabbage from multiple directions!

    Although Ito Nao-chan had not recovered from her serious injuries, she was still a martial arts expert at bottom, and her sensitivity was very high, and she was already aware of these six people before they got close..s.

    At this moment, Itachi wanted to shout out and call the other courtyard's family members and housekeepers to help, but just as she was about to call for help, she suddenly gave up on the idea.

    Because, she had already seen from the shapes of these six people that these people were, without exception, all ninjas!

    Although Self had ninjas attached to him, all of those ninjas were in Tokyo, not Kyoto.

    The ninjas were strong, with even greater combat abilities, and even before they were injured, I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to beat an ordinary ninja, let alone six here!

    And it seemed as if they all had at least the strength of a mid-level ninja.

    Almost instantly, Itachi understood that gathering all the people in this mansion together might not be a match for these six people.

    If that was the case, why did she need to shout for help and let others die for her?

    After all, this group of people looked like they were running for themselves.

    So, just as these six people were almost about to rush to Ito Saiko's front, she spoke without being humble, "A few seniors, if you are here to take my life, then I can cooperate, but please be able to spare the lives of the other people in the house, most of them are not children of the Ito family, but only servants working in the Ito family."

    The one leading the group sneered "I've long heard that the Ito family's eldest daughter is extraordinary, and seeing her today, she really is extraordinary!"

    He killed four members of my Teng Lin family and the young master of the Takahashi family, so I can only beg you, my daughter, to pay a little interest first."

    Ye Chen was startled when he heard this "What?Is Eikichi Takahashi dead?It looks like Tokyo hasn't been peaceful at all since I left it!"

    At this moment, in the courtyard and surrounded by six people, Ito Nanae blurted out, "Impossible!My father was never like that!This thing must be another misunderstanding!"

    "A misunderstanding?"The man gritted his teeth and cursed, "Freezing the four experts of my Teng Lin family into human ice sticks and burning the young master of the Takahashi family into coke, and you're telling me this is a misunderstanding?!"

    Ito Nanaako said firmly, "I know my father, he's not a good man, but he has a minimum of limits!He's open and honest even if he's an enemy, and would never do anything that would hurt someone with a hidden arrow!"

    The man sneered "You may not really understand Ito Yuuhiko if you know his face but don't know his heart!But you can go ahead and ask him if he's done it or not when he's on his way too!"

    Saying that, he immediately said to the man beside him, "Take out your cell phone video, I want to send the video of the beheading to Mr. Takahashi!"


    The one who headed it pulled out an incredibly sharp ninja knife from his waist, and with a cold flash of light, said to Ito Cabbage, "Miss Ito, suffer!"

    Itachi nodded silently, then resigned herself to her fate and closed her eyes, mumbling to herself in grief, "I'll see you in the next life, Yatsuo-kun."

    The one at the head sighed lightly "Miss Ito, I will let you die a quick death, and I hope you are not born into a rich family in the next life!"

    Saying that, he raised his ninja blade high, all his strength gathering in his arms, ready to slash at Itoh Cabbage's neck.

    Itoh Cabbage's heart was now as good as dead, and her beautiful eyes had closed tightly as she waited for the moment when her fate would finally come!

    The instant the leader's hand rose to blade down, a blade of coldness broke through the air at an extremely fast speed towards him!

    With a swish of the hand, a sword with a poisonous hand had shot in from his eyebrow!

    And this man who was about to behead Itachi Nabiki also died violently in this instant!

    Ye Chen, he finally made his move!


In fact, just as the man raised his ninja sword, the other five took two steps backwards..eskjk.

    This was because they didn't want blood spraying out and bursting onto their bodies.

    Their eyes, however, were staring at Itoh Cabbage, waiting for the bloody scene to come.

    And Itoh Cabbage Patch herself was ready to meet death.

    However, the image came to an abrupt halt at this very instant!

    The ninja sword, raised high in the air, had been hovering in the air, and the others wondered why he had been so slow to strike.

    When they looked over, they realized that the executioner who had wielded the sword was now dead!

    At his forehead brow, only a few centimeters of the short hilt was left, and the wound was so tightly fitted to the sword that only a very small amount of blood oozed out from the wound, dripping onto the white, pine thick snow, suddenly fainting a bright red!

    As these people were stunned and unsure of what was happening, they realized that the hand sword that pierced this man's brow was surprisingly familiar!

    The man holding the phone and shooting the video cried out in horror, "Ah!This is the sword in Aota's hand!"

    This was indeed Teng Lin Qingtian's sword in hand!

    After killing him, Ye Chen kept all of his sword in his hand, which came in handy just in time!

    The remaining five of them were in a state of shock!

    The tragic death of the four people, including Teng Lin Zhengzhe and Teng Lin Qingtian, had always made their hearts palpitate, and now, the sword in Teng Lin Qingtian's hand had killed another member of their family, thus showing that a crisis was at hand!

    The same guy who took the video with his phone, he threw away his phone and said to the other four, "Set up!Layout!"

    The other four snapped back to their senses and pulled out their ninja swords, and the five of them formed a small circle back to back, each of them guarding in a different direction.

    This was the most common troop formation that ninjas used when defending themselves.

    Itoh Naija heard movement at this time and opened her eyes, only to find that the man who was about to slash himself had become a still standing corpse, while the other five, as if they were enemies, formed defensive formations!

    She hadn't figured out what was happening when suddenly one of the five suddenly fell straight forward, headlong into the thick snow!

    The man beside him hurriedly reached out and turned him over, only to find that he had a hand sword stuck in his forehead at his brow, too!

    The man suddenly pointed in the direction of the fence and said nervously, "At the fence!"

    So, the remaining four abandoned the circular defensive formation and stared at the direction where the sword had just been shot.

    One of them said in a trembling voice, "What kind of skill is it to wound someone with a hidden arrow!Come out if you can!"

    Though he said so, he didn't really expect such words to rouse the other party.

    After all, it sounded too childish, and how could the other party fall for his own trick if he had such strength.

    However, no one expected that just as his words fell, a shadow on the wall would suddenly leap down.

    Immediately, the shadow took a leisurely step and strode towards them!

    Every step the shadow took made the snow on the ground creak, causing the four of them to grow more and more frightened.

    Itachi Nabiki also stared at the shadow with wide eyes, and she wanted to know who this person was who had secretly made a move to save her.

    And just as that shadow, came before her and allowed her to see who it was, her entire body was suddenly struck by lightning!

    Never in her wildest dreams had she thought that the person who saved her would be the one she had longed for, Ye Chen!

    For a moment, Itachi thought she had misread and hallucinated.

    She then wiped her eyes and looked more closely.


The smiling man in front of him was indeed the Ye Chen that he had been longing for and falling for for a long time!

    At this moment, a million questions sprang up inside Itachi all at once

    "How could it be him?!"

    "Why would it be him?!"

    "Why is he here?!"

    "Am I dreaming?!"

    "Could it be that I'm dead, and all of this is an illusion after I'm dead?!"

    "Just now, I even felt that even if I could see Ye Chen once before I died, I would die without regrets, but who would dare to believe that Ye Chen was now suddenly like a divine army coming down from the heavens to save himself?!"

    A thousand thoughts converged in her mind, she was surprised and hesitant, nervous and excited, her entire body had trembled to the point of speechlessness..kudu

    At this moment, it was Ye Chen who was the first to break the silence, he looked at Itachi Cabbage, smiled slightly and asked, "Miss Itachi, it's been a long time, how have you been?"

    Hearing Ye Chen's voice, Itachi finally decided that what she was seeing before her was not an illusion!

    Ye Chen, whom I had been infatuated with for a long time and even thought I would never have the chance to see him again, had come to save me at my most critical moment!

    At this moment, Itachi finally experienced the most extreme happiness a woman could have.

    She felt that in this life, there would never be another moment that would surpass every minute and second of the present moment.

    Even if she were to let her die now, she felt that her life had been completely complete and there were no more regrets.

    Thus, she could no longer control her emotions and cried out, "Ye Chenjun!When she came back from Jinling, she looked forward to meeting you again day and night, but you really came."

    The four ninjas were like enemies, one of them gritted his teeth and snapped "Kid, did you kill Aota?!"

    Ye Chen smiled cruelly "I killed it, what can you do?"

    The man gritted his teeth and shouted "Bastard!Kill six people from my Teng Lin family and I want your life!"

    Ye Chen looked at the four ninjas and said indifferently, "You're a bit noisy, since you want my life, don't disturb the others in this residence.".

    After saying that, he held his thunderstorm order in one hand and whispered "Lei Lai!" in a low voice.

    In a split second, a series of dull thunderclaps suddenly rang out in the gloomy sky!

    This series of thunder, suddenly caused a barking of dogs around, the originally quiet snowy night, suddenly became noisy.

    At this time, Ye Chen had a contemptuous sneer on his face and blurted out, "Want to pay, right?Come on!I'll send you to meet them before they're all far away!"

    The man didn't know that the thunder was beckoned by Ye Chen and bellowed furiously "Bastard, you will die today!"

    As soon as his voice fell, he raised his ninja sword high and slashed at Yatsuo with great speed!

    The other three aren't far behind!

    One of them directly soared into the air and wielded a sword to slash at Ye Chen from midair!

    The other two quickly dodged to the sides, wielding their ninja swords, ready to attack Ye Chen from the left and right!

    As we all know, Japanese samurai and ninja swords are made by top artisans with top-notch steel hammered into a blade so sharp that it can be blown off!

    The four of them attacked together, and even Ye Chen would be cut into several pieces with just a little bit of parrying!

    These four people can be described as murderous!

    Itachi Nana-chan saw four terrifying cold manes in the night sky and shouted in fear "Yatsuo-kun, watch out!"


The four ninjas of the Tenglin Clan all felt that they would definitely be able to give Ye Chen a mortal blow this

    As for Ito Naija, she also had her heart in her throat, afraid that anything would happen to Ye Chen.

    For her, even if she were to die, she would never want Ye Chen to suffer half an injury for her.

    Right at this time, Ye Chen suddenly retreated several meters in place at extreme speed, so fast that the four ninjas were dumbfounded!

    They themselves were preemptive, and were faster than Ye Chen in terms of starting time.

    Moreover, they all had ninja swords that were nearly a meter long in their hands, which in turn undoubtedly further strengthened their attack distance, allowing them to be even faster in gaining the upper hand.

    According to their understanding, it was almost impossible for anyone to escape in this instant.

    It was like, an imminent bullet that a normal person couldn't possibly dodge!

    However, Ye Chen had done it on the contrary!

    As Ye Chen retreated at extreme speed, the Order of Striking Thunder had already been put into his pocket, then, his left and right hands suddenly drew out two hand swords and shot at extreme speed at the four people in front of him, the one who was soaring, and the one directly in front of him!

    They heard the crack of the swords in their hands and saw the blast of cold coming at great speed, and they both warned each other, "Watch out!"

    Immediately afterwards, they were about to dodge to either side when they both felt a sharp pain in their respective hearts.

    The one who soared into the air instantly fell rapidly, while the one who first came running towards Ye Chen instantly fell to his knees!

    The two who were encircling the left and right wings were scared out of their wits by the situation before them.

    Who would have thought that this person would move so swiftly, completely surpassing them by more than one level!

    It was supposed to be a confident four-pack, but I didn't expect to lose two people on my side again before they even touched each other's hair!

    In this situation, both of them knew that there was no chance of winning at all, and continuing to attack blindly would leave them no other way but to die.

    So, they exchanged a glance at each other, then suddenly stopped, and at the same time pulled out a round ball about the size of a ping-pong ball from their pockets and slammed it into the ground.

    Immediately afterwards, the round ball burst into a blinding light and ignited a black and thick smoke, the two of them took advantage of the cover of the two smoke and turned around to flee.

    Ye Chen sneered, and without slowing down, he took out the last two hand swords from his cowhide holster and shot out towards the two black fogs.

    The two had actually run far away at this point, but they didn't expect that there would still be a sound of breaking air behind their heads, and that breaking air was so fast that it almost left them with only a moment of lightning!

    In this instant, both of them had only one thought in their heads: they were dead!

    As it turns out!

    Two hand swords, each stabbing the two in the back.

    The poison coated on the blades spread rapidly and they died in an instant!

    At this time, the hidden thunder in the sky was still going on.

    Therefore, what was happening in this courtyard of Itachi's did not disturb the others in the mansion.

    Seeing that the six people had all died completely, Ye Chen was finally relieved, and at this time, Ito Cabbage, who was not far from him, looked at him with eyes that were already filled with tears.


"Ye Chen-kun,"

    Itachi choked out a sob and whirled her hands to turn the wheels of her wheelchair towards Yatsuo..aisuren.

    Ye Chen took a few quick steps and arrived in front of her, asking, "Miss Ito, are you okay?"

    "It's fine, I'm fine" Itachi shook her head vigorously, then she couldn't help but cover her face and cry.

    At this moment, her greatest feeling was not the aftermath of the robbery, but the great surprise brought to her by Ye Chen's sudden appearance.

    Ye Chen saw her crying as if her emotions were out of control, he couldn't help but reach out his hand and gently touched the back of her somewhat cold hand and softly comforted her, "Miss Ito, don't cry anymore, it's already fine."

    Ito-chan wiped away her tears and shook her head, "I'm not crying over what just happened"

    After saying that, she raised her head, not hiding the intense love in her eyes, and choked out, "Ye Chenjun, why did you come to the capital?"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, "I came to Japan to do some business, and I just happened to be in Osaka, thinking that Osaka is quite close to you, so I came over to see you."

    Hearing this, Itachi's heart was sweet as if a thousand sugars instantly melted.

    She excitedly asked, "Yatsuo-kun, did you come to see me because you missed me?"

    "Uh," Ye Chen was suddenly caught up in her question.

    Originally wanted to find a random excuse to cover up, but suddenly felt that coming so far to this place, this action was the most honest answer, what was there to lie about at this point in his life?

    So he nodded lightly, more or less unnaturally, and said, "Sort of."

    Itoh's happiness at hearing this was unmistakable!

    Although there were still tears hanging from the corners of her eyes, she smiled with great joy and said, "I didn't expect Ye Chenjun to remember me this is really this is really a surprise to me"

    Saying that, she then hurriedly asked Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun, how did you know I was in Kyoto?"

    Ye Chen said, "I met Tanaka Koichi at the Yanjing airport the other day, he told me about it."

    "So that's it!"Ito-chan said somewhat shyly, "Yatsuo-kun, thank you for remembering me, and even more thank you for saving my life today."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "There's no need to be so polite, it's just raising my hand [PEN]."

    Saying that, Ye Chen asked her again, "I see that you've been sitting in a wheelchair, is it because your body hasn't recovered yet?"

    "Right."Cabbage Ito nodded lightly, "Since the last match with Qin Ao Xue, I was seriously injured, I was treated in Tokyo for some time and out of danger, but my body still hasn't recovered, and my injuries may need a long time to heal before I can get better."

    Ye Chen nodded his head and said seriously, "Actually, I came to see you this time, mainly because I wanted to help you heal your injury, I didn't expect to encounter something like this"

    Ito Cabbage smiled gratefully and said softly, "Ye Tatsun-kun, my injury has been seen by the best doctors in Japan, and they mean that it's already very rare to be able to keep my face, with the existing medical means, it's hard to let me recover as before, if I can get rid of my wheelchair in a few years, it will already be considered a medical miracle."

    Saying that, Itoh Cabbage raised her head again and looked at Ye Chen with blazing eyes, and said seriously, "Ye Chen-kun, I'm already very touched that you came to see me, it's more important than getting me back on my feet or restoring me to my original state"

    "You don't know how much I've missed you all this time, even I can't believe it, my biggest wish for so long was not to be able to recover myself, but to be able to see Ye Chenjun again."

    At that point, Itoh Cabbage plucked up the courage to take Ye Chen's hand and spoke with great affection, "Thank you, Ye Chen-kun!You are lucky to be here, it would be a blessing for Nai Nai to be here, if Nai Nai could walk hand in hand with Ye Chenjun for a few moments in this snow, it would be a life without regrets."

    When Ye Chen saw her gentle eyes, his heart was faintly distressed, he looked at Itoh Cabbage and said incomparably seriously, "Cabbage, I have a way to heal you and make you completely recover as before!"


Hearing Ye Chen's unwavering words, Itachi was somewhat stunned.

      She couldn't believe that it was still possible to recover from her injuries, but when this came out of Ye Chen's mouth, she suddenly felt very trusting.

      Thus, she was pleasantly surprised and asked Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun, do you really have a way to heal my injuries?"

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "But before treating you, let's dispose of these corpses first."

      Cabbage Ito was busy, "I'll call the housekeeper!"

      "No need."Ye Chen stopped her and spoke, "I had a little conflict with your father in Tokyo, if you tell the butler, he will definitely inform your father immediately about such a big matter, and it may not look good on his face then."

      Ito Naija asked in surprise, "Ye Chen-kun, you met my father in Tokyo!Why are you guys at odds?"

      Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's a long story, I'll tell you about it slowly later when I'm treating your injuries."

      Itoh Nai-chan threw out her tongue and said with a smile, "It seems that father-sama must have suffered a lot here at Ye Chen-kun ......"

      Ye Chen accosted with a smile, "It's not that he didn't suffer, but he lost a little money."

      Itachi Naozi smiled, "It doesn't matter, he's not short of money anyway, so it's fine to lose a little."

      Ye Chen coughed and said, "Lost four and a half billion dollars."

      "Huh?"Itachi was shocked by Yatsuo's words and asked in shock, "Four and a half billion dollars?Ye Chenjun is not joking, right?"

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "No joke, it's true, but I haven't thought about whether or not I'm really costing him that much yet."

      Itoh Cabbage said without hesitation, "Ye Chen-kun won't have to think about it, this money can be considered as my father-sama's gratitude to you on my behalf, after all, you just saved my life, my life is definitely more than 4.5 billion dollars in his eyes."

      Ye Chen laughed, "You're generous, aren't you afraid that your father will be angry with you if he finds out?"

      Itachi shook her head and said seriously, "If he dares to get angry, then I'll leave home and go to China to join Ye Tatsune-kun and never come back!"

      "Uh ......"

      Ye Chen was speechless all of a sudden.

      He didn't know if Ito Cabbage was joking or if she was serious, if she was serious, then she was naturally willing deep down, but she couldn't explain to Xiao Choran ......

      At this time, Ito Naija saw Ye Chen's hesitant expression and hurriedly smiled, "Ye Chenjun, Naija is joking with you, you don't have to be serious, and even if Naija really wants to go to China, she will definitely buy a house in Jinling and settle down by herself, so she won't cause trouble for Ye Chenjun!"

      Ye Chen sighed and said, "We'll talk about this later, I'll dispose of these six corpses first, you have quite a few rooms in this courtyard, which one isn't used very often?"

      Itochi pointed to the west wing and said, "That room is a storage room, but it's been empty for a long time since I haven't come back to live there."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "It's cold, I'll send you back to your room, then I'll dispose of these corpses, after that, I'll treat your wounds first, after they're healed, you'll inform the housekeeper maids at home to dispose of the corpses properly."

      Itachi Nana-chan hurriedly asked, "Ye Tatsune-kun, are you going to leave after healing my wounds?"

      "Yes."Ye Chen nodded, "I still have to go back to Osaka, I'll return home after I'm done with Osaka."

      Itachi's expression was a bit lost and mumbled, "Then I hope ......I'll never be able to heal ...... my injuries."

      Ye Chen took off, "Don't talk nonsense, it's unlucky."

      Itoh Cabbage said seriously, "Then, won't Yatsuo-kun be able to stay forever?Because you said that you can't leave until you heal your injuries."

      Ye Chen looked at her with a helpless smile and said, "Don't worry, I will be able to heal you."


Itochi asked Yatsuo, "Yatsuo-kun, will I have a chance to see you again in the future?"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Yes, I'm putting part of my business in Japan now, I might come here often in the future."

      "That's great!"Ito-chan was overjoyed and said, "Yatsuo-kun, can you promise me one thing?"

      Ye Chen gave a hmmm, "You say."

      Itachi was busy, "I hope you'll let me know every time you come to Japan, and if it's convenient for you, I hope you'll allow me to meet you!"

      "Also, if I go to China, if it also happens to be convenient for Ye Chen-kun, please allow me to meet you as well, okay?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "No problem, I promise you."

      Itachi Naija cheered like a little girl, "Then I'll be able to see Ye Chen-kun more often!"

      Touched by her sweet smile, Ye Chen's voice became gentle and said with a smile, "Alright, I'll send you back to your room first and come over later to help you heal your injuries."

      Whirling around, Ye Chen pushed her wheelchair and sent her back to her boudoir under the guidance of Itachi Nachiko.

      Ito Naija's room was a typical classical Japanese layout, the entire house had a floor made of natural wood, clean and simple but elegant.

      There was a seated tea table in the room, as well as a Japanese book case and flower arrangement table, and on the walls of the room, there were quite a few calligraphy works, which seemed to be written by Ito Raza-chan herself.

      Ye Chen sent her back to her room and assisted her into the room.

      In order to prevent Ito Cabbage from falling down, Ye Chen held her hand with one hand and supported her waist with the other, such an intimate contact made his heart beat faster and also made Ito Cabbage's face float in two blushes.

      Ye Chen just assisted Itoh Cabbage and helped her to sit down on the futon in front of the tea table at her request.

      The tea table had an exquisite Japanese tea set and a compact incense burner.

      After Ito Nachiko sat down, Ye Chen spoke up, "Wait for me, I'll deal with the bodies outside."

      Ito Cabbage looked at Ye Chen with a blush of shame and said, "Ye Chen-kun, Cabbage is sick and can't help you, so first you make a cup of tea and wait for you to drink it."

      Ye Chen nodded, said good, and turned around and left the room.

      At this time, the six corpses lying in the snow were already half buried by the snow.

      Ye Chen carefully moved a few corpses to the storage room before he stepped back to Itachi's room.

      When he returned, the room was already lit with the fragrant and quiet sandalwood incense, and Ito Nai-chan was carefully brushing the matcha powder with a Japanese tea bowl and brush.

      Seeing Ye Chen enter, she hurriedly said to Ye Chen, "Please sit down, Ye Chen-kun!"

      Ye Chen nodded and sat down cross-legged on the futon in front of her.

      While brushing the matcha powder, Ito-chan said to him, "The Japanese tea ceremony may not be the same as the Chinese tea ceremony, but the tea here is brewed with matcha powder, and I'm not sure if Ye Chen-kun is used to drinking it."

      Ye Chen smiled, "I tasted the Japanese tea ceremony with my parents when I was young, and I personally feel pretty good about it."Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Nodding her head, Itachi Nana-chan smiled and said, "That's good!"

      Saying that, Itachi was about to make tea for Ye Chen, when Ye Chen's brows suddenly furrowed and he lowered his voice to say to her, "Someone has come in over the wall again!"

      "Huh?!"Itachi stared in surprise, "Are you with the guys from earlier?"

      Ye Chen shook his head, "I don't know yet, but the other party is only one person, it may not be here to hurt you, so don't talk nonsense later, let's do something about it!"


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