Secret Identity 1751-1760


Chapter 1751

At this moment, Ye Chen was strolling through the streets of Osaka.

    This time when he went out, he still didn't let Richard Chen and the others follow.

    The reason was that he wanted to take advantage of this time to directly take care of the remaining three ninjas who were following him.

    Since Osaka was already the last stop on the Japan trip for business, he wanted to take care of the three followers quickly and then grab a trip to Kyoto afterwards.

    He purposely led the three of them away from the downtown area, preparing to find a suitable place to strike.

    However, what he didn't expect was that the three people who had been quietly following him from two to three hundred meters away suddenly started to turn around and walk back.

    Ye Chen couldn't help but surmise, "What's going on they're not following me anymore, did they sense something? "x

    "But it shouldn't be, I'm alone and haven't shown any intent to attack, and even have been showing total ignorance of their existence, there's no reason for them to notice anything unusual.

    "Could it be that they were in some kind of emergency or perhaps, that Takahashi Shinji gave up on letting them follow me."

    Thinking of this, Ye Chen sighed, turned around and started to follow these three people in turn.

    He didn't want to leave any hidden danger for himself, after all, these ninjas had been following him for so long, if he just let them go, who knows if they would come back and kill him again!

    Or even, God knows if they'll follow them to Jinling to find trouble after they leave Japan.

    Jinling had his own wife, Xiao Churan, that was his weakness, and he said he couldn't put her in danger!

    So, today, let these three stay alive!

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe didn't think that Ye Chen would follow them instead, he always thought that Ye Chen shouldn't be aware of their presence, so now he took his two younger brothers and raced all the way to the location of the hotel.

    Now that it was getting late, it was impossible to get from Osaka to Tokyo by shinkansen or plane, so the best way was to drive all the way.

    If they drove fast, they could reach Tokyo in five or six hours.

    So, they would have to go back to the hotel to pick up the car and then set off and head to Tokyo in a fire.

    The three of them traveled very hurriedly and arrived at the hotel quickly. x

    At the entrance of the hotel, Teng Lin Zhengzhe instructed, "Second, you come back to the room with me to pack your things, Third, you go to the basement to get the car and then wait at the entrance of the hotel, we will come down to meet you soon!"

    "Yes!"Lao San nodded, the three soldiers split into two, two do elevator upstairs back to the room to simply pack fine soft and listening equipment, one took the elevator to the underground garage to get the car.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe as soon as into the elevator, he quickly called to report to Takahashi Shinji.

    As soon as the call came through, he hurriedly said respectfully, "Mr. Takahashi, we will depart for Tokyo in five minutes, and we expect to arrive in four hours or so!Within these few hours, please stay at home and don't wander off, we'll talk about everything when we arrive."

    Takahashi Shinji said in a bit of a panic, "Teng Lin, I've just asked someone to find out more, it's said that the other party's methods are very vicious, even using sarin gas, this is fucking insane!I'm afraid they'll do something to me now, how many other experts do you Tenglin family have in Tokyo? Hurry up and get them all to my house to protect me!"

    Tenglin Masatetsu hurriedly said, "Takahashi-san, we don't have much manpower available in Tokyo right now, as the rest of our men have been sent to Kyoto and are keeping an eye on Itachi, do you want me to inform them to head back as well"

    Takahashi Shinji hesitated for a moment, then spoke up, "No need!Leave them in Kyoto!As long as they can control Ito's vegetables, I'll still have the capital to mediate with Ito Yuuhiko!You can't put your eggs in the same cage!"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe immediately said, "Okay, then the three of us will go back first, we'll make sure to keep you safe!"

    At the same time, Teng Lin Zhengzhe's third junior brother also exited the elevator on the second underground floor and raced all the way to the car.

    He had just unlocked the doors and was about to get into the car when he felt a sudden force that grabbed his neck directly from behind with a death grip!

    Immediately afterwards, he saw someone using a sword in his hand and holding it dead against his throat!

    Besides, he knows this sword in his hand!It's owned by his junior brother Teng Lin Qingtian!

    He panicked in his mind, "Could it be, this person, is the one who killed Junior Brother!"

    His entire body went pale with shock, and he blurted out, "Brother, spare my life!Don't ever kill me!"

    Ye Chen said coldly, "If you want to live, do as I say!"


He hurriedly nodded his head as if pounding garlic, "I will listen to you, you must not be impulsive, this hand sword is coated with poison, even a little skin broken is hopeless"

    At this point in time..ajaig.

    After Teng Lin Zhengzhe and his second brother quickly packed some important things, they took the elevator to the hotel lobby.

    They didn't even have time to check out of the hotel, they just wanted to hurry up and get on the car to return to Tokyo.

    However, when they left the house, they found that their car wasn't waiting for them.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe cursed, "Damn it, what's dilly-dallying about, that bastard Lao San!Give him a call!"

    The second junior brother immediately pulled out his cell phone and called, opening his mouth to scold, "Lao San, what are you doing why don't you come out yet!"

    Old Third spoke up at Ye Chen's request, "Second Senior Brother, one of the tires is out of air, I guess it's a puncture somewhere, it's jogging for air, I'm about to change the spare tire, why don't you come down and help me?"

    "Shit!"Second Senior Brother opened his mouth and said to Teng Lin Zhengzhe, "Senior Brother, one of the tires might have punctured, I'll go change it for him."

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe nodded his head and instructed, "You two move faster!"

    Underground garage.

    The third man who was held by Ye Chen with a sword in his hand against his neck, opened his mouth and begged, "Brother, I made the call as you told me to, can you spare my life."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, "You did well, I'll let you suffer a little less!"

    After saying that, before he could come back to his senses, Ye Chen's hand pushed!

    Hearing only a click, the man's neck was instantly snapped, and his entire body lost all consciousness and turned into a corpse at this moment.

    Then, without any hesitation, Ye Chen immediately moved his corpse to the side of the car, leaving him with his back to the front of the car, feeling as if he was checking the backstage.

    Ye Chen himself, on the other hand, hid his scent behind the body next door, waiting for the next fish to bite.

    At this time, the second came over in a breeze.

    Due to his impatience, his entire vigilance was much lowered, and he was suddenly furious when he saw that the third one was still squatting by the car tires and staring at it. x

    He quickly ran over and smacked the back of Lao San's head, cursing, "Bastard!You just dry watch here not know first the spare tire and jack finished, only to see the body of the third, was slapped by his own wobbly slap and fell to the ground.

    The second saw his eyes fiercely open and deathless, boarded up and scared out of his mind!

    At this moment, he realized that the three of them, the division brothers, had been targeted as well!

    And it's possible that the one who's after them is the one who killed Old Fourth Teng Lin Qingtian!

    Thinking of this, he pulled his legs out in fright and fled.

    But when he turned around, the figure of a man suddenly appeared in front of him!This shadow stretched out a hand with great speed and strangled his neck with a death grip! x

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe's second junior brother was momentarily unable to breathe.

    But at this moment, he also saw the man in front of him clearly.

    Wasn't this man the same Chinese man that the four of his own brothers and sisters had tracked all the way from Tokyo!

    At this moment, the penis was about to explode in his head!

    He was horrified in his heart and exclaimed, "Could it be that the one who killed the fourth and the third, were both this Chinese!Could it be that he's been teasing us all along!"

    Just when he was incomparably frightened, Ye Chen wiped a sneer across his lips and said playfully, "Buddy, what are you running"


"I I cough cough."

    The penis that was strangled was suddenly suffocated.

    He wanted to speak, but he couldn't say anything other than an I word.

    He looked at Ye Chen with frightened and pleading eyes, hoping that Ye Chen would leave him a way out.

    But Ye Chen said calmly, "No one will offend me, I will not offend you, you guys have been following and eavesdropping all the way from Tokyo, intending to kill me before I leave Japan, do you think it's possible for me to let you go?"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe's second disciple's face was already filled with despair.

    Ye Chen indifferently said, "Alright, give you a thrashing."

    After saying that, with a slight effort on his hand, he heard a crunching sound from the other party's neck, and the person completely lost his life.

    After that, Ye Chen stuffed all the bodies of this second and third person into the trunk as if these two people had never appeared here before.

    After doing all this, Ye Chen pulled out his cell phone and called Chen Zhaichai, "Have your men drive the freezer truck to the entrance of the hotel."

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe, who was in front of the hotel, waited for almost ten minutes and was anxious as the two hadn't driven out.

    Changing the tire was slightly troublesome, but two people together, it couldn't be that long, right?Then he pulled out his cell phone and called Lao San.

    The call went unanswered.

    Immediately after that, he called the second, and the call still went unanswered.

    It was a bit abnormally excessive for both of them to have no answer to their calls!

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe's heart suddenly surged with a strong sense of crisis.

    A chill ran down his back as he thought of Old Fourth Teng Lin Qingtian's death!

    "Could it be that we're being watched now?!"

    "Then could the second and third have met with misfortune?!"

    Thinking of this, he subconsciously wanted to turn around and go to the basement to see what was going on.

    However, as soon as he took two steps, he immediately stopped.

    "If the second and third really encountered something bad, then the strength of the other party is definitely not something I can handle."

    "It seems that right now, it can only be a thirty-six plan to go!"

    With that in mind, the panicked Teng Lin Zhengzhe turned around and prepared to quickly leave the scene.

    He wanted to leave this place of wrongdoing first and make sure that no one was following him before trying to find a way to leave Osaka.


    The moment he suddenly turned around to leave, he suddenly collided with a man.

    At this time, his whole person panicked, not at all the usual calm and alertness, without even looking at the person he bumped into, while bowing his head and saying sorry, he wanted to leave quickly.

    But then, he suddenly felt his arm being pulled by the other party, and immediately after, he heard a familiar voice ask, "Mr. Teng Lin, where are you going in such a hurry?"

    The moment Teng Lin Zhengzhe heard Ye Chen's voice, a violent tremor ran through his body!

    He had listened to Ye Chen in his hotel in Nagoya, so he recognized the voice right away!

    When he subconsciously looked up, he saw that Ye Chen was looking at him with a smiling face.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe asked in shock, "You you you how"


Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Are you asking how I know who you are?"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe stared at Ye Chen with wide eyes, "You you knew all along?!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and said with a smile, "Of course I know!"

    "That's impossible!"

    "What's impossible?Blame it on the strength of your Japanese ninjas, it's just a bit watery..127."

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe was struck by lightning as he took off, "My little brother was killed by you, right?!"

    Ye Chen nodded generously and said, "That's right, it's me."

    Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Your second and third junior brother were also killed by me, and their bodies are now lying in your trunk."

    "Bastard!"Teng Lin Zhengzhe hissed and whirled around, a dagger fell out of his left cuff and landed right in his left hand.

    Immediately after that, he concentrated all his strength in his left hand and stabbed out at Ye Chen with all his might.

    Ye Chen watched his movements and smiled slightly, one hand still holding his right arm while the other hand reached out to grab his left wrist without revealing anything.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe didn't expect that Ye Chen's strength was so great that his entire body couldn't move when his left arm was grabbed by him like that.

    Ye Chen saw that he was filled with horror, so he smiled and said, "Mr. Teng Lin don't be so nervous, if you give up resisting, it will make you suffer a lot less when you get on the road later!"

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe's entire body seemed like five thunderbolts: "Sir!I'm all under orders from Shinji Takahashi, he's the one who told me to follow you, please spare my life."

    Ye Chen laughed, "It's always necessary to pay back when you're out, you're the one who had to tie your head to your pants belt, who can you blame if you fall off?"

    Tenglin Masatetsu got out, "I'll help you kill Takahashi Shinji and avenge your death as long as you don't kill me!"

    "No need."Ye Chen said coldly, "What I dislike the most in my life is that you're the kind of house slave who sells his master for glory, across the board, you die a little more sincerely and with a little more backbone, I also count you as a man."

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe choked, "Sir, isn't there an old saying in your China that a good death is better than a bad life?Even if it means being a dog for you, it's better than dying."

    Ye Chen smiled indifferently, "To be my dog, you're not worthy."

    Saying that, Ye Chen squeezed hard at the vein of his wrist, and a wave of energy made its way down his meridians, destroying his entire body!

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe only felt his legs suddenly go weak, and then his entire body had lost its support, as if all the strength in his body had been sucked into a vacuum at this instant.

    He was frightened and didn't know why or what to do when a refrigerated container truck pulled up to the side of the road.

    Chen Zekai's men ran down from the truck and respectfully said to Ye Chen, "Young Master, what is your order?"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and assisted the limp Teng Lin Zhengzhe, and said to that man of Chen Zekai's, "This friend of mine is drunk, get the first him to your car, he still has two friends, I'll have someone drive him out later."

    The man immediately nodded in a heartbeat and picked up Teng Lin Zhengzhe, he was ready to carry him into the passenger compartment of the refrigerated car.

    Teng Lin Zhengzhe was shocked and asked off the cuff, "Where are you taking me?!"

    Ye Chen laughed, "Look, your entire body is now soft and rotten, this is not in line with the traits of your Japanese ninja, aren't you Japanese ninjas reclusive and hard as iron?We'll put you in a container truck to freeze for a few hours later, and you'll be sure to get that ninja hardness back!"

    "What?!Freezing?!"Teng Lin Zhengzhe begged in desperation, "This gentleman, I beg you, I really don't want to die, I don't want to die."

    When he finished, he didn't look away, looking at the pedestrians on the road and shouting, "Help!"

    However, in the next second, he realized that not only did he have no strength left in his body, even his speaking voice had become incomparably weak.

    Although he had hissed himself, it was a voice that, I'm afraid, could not be heard by anyone two meters away!

    At this time, Richard Chen also ran over, he arrived in front of Ye Chen and hurriedly asked, "Young Master, what do you want?"

    Ye Chen handed him a car key and said, "There's a commercial vehicle in basement #094 with two ninjas in the trunk, take the car out, along with the freezer, to a safe place, and then stuff all the people in the trunk, along with the guy in the passenger seat, into the freezer, and then you'll deliver these four ice sculptures to Shinji Takahashi's door in Tokyo, so Takahashi canTrue Knowledge signs off!"


Five hours later..prpcoin.

    The sky had dawned.

    A streak of fish belly white floated between the skies of Tokyo.

    A new day had begun, and many people had awakened from their slumber, but many, had not slept at all.

    This past night, all of Tokyo was almost turned upside down.

    The entire Tokyo Police Department was mobilized and even borrowed a large number of people from several surrounding small cities, they not only searched the city, but also closed all the roads leading out of Tokyo and set up checkpoints, closely searching every vehicle leaving the city, just to find the whereabouts of the Su siblings.

    Overnight, the entire city of Tokyo was under complete martial law!

    The keen media had already received the news that the eldest grandson and granddaughter of China's first family had been kidnapped in Tokyo and more than a dozen of their followers had been killed.

    The explosion of such news was unprecedented!

    There have been terrorist attacks and major criminal cases in Tokyo before, but never one of this nature!

    You know, the Su family is the richest and most powerful family in China.

    They suffered such a serious criminal case in Japan, the nature of which even surpassed the kidnapping of Bill Gates in Tokyo.

    The Su family had also searched for half a night in Tokyo.

    This time, not only did the Su family come with hundreds of hidden experts, but even Su Shoudao himself came.

    The Tokyo Police Department took Su Shoudao's arrival very seriously, and the chief of the department personally invited him to the police department to inform him of the progress of the investigation of this case.

    The Tokyo Police Department's so-called solving process was actually just bringing all of Takahashi Shinji and Ito Yuhiko to the Police Department for interrogation.

    Because, in their opinion, both of them were suspicious of each other.

    Moreover, they both felt that it must be the other's so-called, simultaneous harm to themselves.

    Yuhiko Ito felt that Shinji Takahashi must have deliberately wanted to use this incident to throw mud on the Ito family, so that he could use the hand of the Su family to eliminate the Ito family once and for all.

    Takahashi, however, felt that Ito Yuuhiko must have felt that he couldn't get the cooperation of the Su family and deliberately tried to frame himself, which is why he left a ninja dart of the Tenglin family at the scene, a clear case of planting evidence!

    The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department was also confused.

    In their opinion, although both of them seemed to have some motive, the police department couldn't find any substantial evidence.

    The only evidence was the ninja dart that was left at the scene.

    It was true that the ninja dart belonged to the Tenglin family, and the fact that the Tenglin family was dependent on the Takahashi family was something that was well known to Tokyo's high society, and the police department was naturally well aware of it.

    However, this evidence was also somewhat awkward.

    Because, at the scene where the ninja dart was found, no one was injured by the ninja dart, the murderer was so professional, killing more than a dozen people and leaving no one alive, why would he leave behind a ninja dart that was never used?

    This is most likely, a blindfold left by the other party.

    So, the police chief said to Su Shoudao, "Mr. Su, we have to continue to dig deeper into the investigation of this matter, after all, it's hard to explain the problem with just one ninja dart, and it's likely that the other party left a smoke bomb to confuse us!"

    So Shou-do said to the head of the Tokyo Police Department with a dark face, "I don't care if it's a smoke bomb or not!If the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department can find my son and daughter within 24 hours and ensure their safety, I can stop pursuing this matter with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, but if it takes longer than 24 hours, or if anything happens to my son or daughter, I will definitely announce this to the whole world!Let your Tokyo Police Department be completely discredited!"

    The police chief's head is as big as a bucket.


The media will be all over this after 7am..waiweilai.

    At that time, it would definitely spread all over Japan.

    If one couldn't save someone within 24 hours, this news would definitely spread around the world.

    At that time, it wouldn't just be a scandal for the Tokyo Police Department, it would even be a scandal for the entire Japan!

    If the security in Japan is so bad, and the murderers so brutal and tough, what big men will dare to come to Tokyo in the future?

    Not only do the wealthy and entrepreneurs dare not come, but also dignitaries from various countries are afraid to come.

    But Tokyo is the capital of Japan!If this scandal were to spread around the world, it would surely put all of Japan in a diplomatic mess!

    So he immediately pursued his men, "Have the detailed autopsy results come out yet?"

    The Chief Medical Examiner in charge of the autopsy immediately rushed over to report to the Tokyo Police Chief, as well as Su Shoudao, "After our autopsy, we found that the dozen or so Su followers who died of poisoning were all sarin gas poisoning without exception, and we found that they all died from liquid sarin gas poisoning."

    Su Shou Dao frowned tightly, "Liquid Sarin Poison Gas, what does it mean?"

    The coroner hurriedly explained, "Sarin gas is a colorless, oily liquid at room temperature, much like glycerin, and when used in warfare, it is made to form a large aerosol by an explosion, which can be poisoned by either breathing or skin contact."

    "But this time, the murderer must not have wanted to make a big noise about the explosion, so he used a carrier like a syringe needle to add about 30 milligrams of liquid sarin gas, which was projected onto the victim at a distance, causing the victim to die of poisoning."

    The police chief hastily asked, "So that means that the ninja dart was indeed never actually used?"


    The Police Chief couldn't help but ask Su Shou, "Mr. Su, do you think the mastermind behind this incident could be an enemy of the Su family?"

    Su Shoudao said with a livid face, "I don't care who the enemy is, all I know is that my son and daughter, were kidnapped in Tokyo!You must get them both back unharmed!"

    The police chief was so helpless that he quickly arranged, "First, continue to intensify the search and don't miss any suspicious locations, vehicles or people!Secondly, release both Ito Yuhiko and Takahashi Shinji, and then give me the chance to closely monitor their every move to see if I can find any clues!"

    Shinji Takahashi, in the interrogation room, as soon as he heard that he was being allowed to go home, hurriedly asked, "It's not a very peaceful few days, so can I stay in the police department for a while?"

    The police officer handling the case was furious, "Are you treating the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department like a hotel?Hurry up and get out, or we'll get tough!"

    Shinji Takahashi had no choice but to hurry back home from the police department with a few bodyguards escorting him.

    This journey, Takahashi Shinchi has been on tenterhooks.

    He was afraid that someone would assassinate him, but also, Teng Lin Zhengzhe and the three of them were not around, if something happened, he was afraid that he would not even be able to resist.

    So, he immediately called Teng Lin Zhengzhe.

    However, several calls went unanswered, and this made him even more nervous.

    "What the fuck is going on here?It's been a few hours. Shouldn't it be time to go back to Tokyo from Osaka?Why is the phone still not working?"

    Thinking of this, he couldn't help but get irritated, and made several calls to Teng Lin Zhengzhe's two senior brothers, but none of them were able to get through.

    At this time, he had already noticed something bad in his heart, could it be that Teng Lin Zhengzhe and the three of them were all killed by those mysterious ninjas, just like their fourth junior brother?

    Just at this time, the housekeeper of the house called, and as soon as he came up, he hurriedly said, "Lord Chairman, there is a mysterious person who just sent you a great gift!"

    Shinji Takahashi asked in horror, "A great gift?!What great gift?!"

    "A truck!"


"Trucks?!What the hell is going on?!"

    The housekeeper was busy, "The other party drove the truck to the villa's entrance, saying that it contained a gift for you."

    "Where is the other person?!"

    "I heard it over the intercom on the doorbell, and when I came out, the man was gone, but the car was still there."

    Shinji Takahashi trembled in fear when he heard this!

    What kind of person gives gifts in a van?And you left the truck in front of your house!

    And still, at such a sensitive time!

    At the thought, he asked nervously, "Have you opened it to see what's inside?"

    The butler said, "Not yet, thinking to open it when you return."

    Shinji Takahashi took off, "Call the police!Call the police!There's probably a bomb in that car!"

    The butler hurriedly said, "Lord President, we've done the explosives and toxic substances test and found no abnormality."

    "No abnormality?"Hearing this, Takahashi Shinji was slightly relieved.

    Usually, if one wanted to harm people with something, it was just bombs and highly toxic, and since there was nothing abnormal after testing, there should be no problem.

    The equipment used to detect explosives and poisonous substances at home is the same as the one used by the airport and customs, and has an extremely high accuracy rate, so if there is really a similar substance, it is absolutely impossible to hide it.

    With that in mind, he spoke up, "I'll be back in a few minutes, wait for me."

    After hanging up the phone, Takahashi Shinji couldn't help but rub his temples, his entire body was already a bit exhausted.

    From yesterday to today, Tokyo was just too chaotic, so chaotic that his entire body had become a bit nervous.

    Ten minutes later, Shinji Takahashi returned to his villa.

    The biggest difference between Japan and China was that many houses were not built by developers, but by homeowners themselves, much like in China a few decades ago, where rich and poor alike bought land to build their own houses.

    As a result, the concept of neighborhoods, communities and apartments rarely exists in Japan.

    Shinji Takahashi's mansion, not far from the Japanese Imperial Palace, was in an extremely good location and on a huge plot of land.

    When he arrived at the front door of the house, he immediately saw a refrigerated truck parked on the side of the road.

    The butler then ran over to pull the door open for him, and said respectfully, "Lord Chairman, this is the truck, the doors are locked, the engine is not off, and the freezer in the back is still cooling."

    Shinji Takahashi stroked his chin, not smacking his lips, "Who the fuck sent this?Are you bringing me ice cream in the middle of winter?"

    Takahashi Eiji, who was wearing a cast on both hands, also came out of the luxurious gate with the help of the maids, sleepily, and was surprised to see Takahashi Shinji and this refrigerated car, which was still in the starting state, and asked, "Dad, what's going on?"

    Shinji Takahashi shook his head and said, "I don't know which son of a bitch drove a car like that over here and said it was a gift for me."

    Takahashi Eiji frowned and asked, "Is it a car that delivers seafood?I had someone order an extreme bluefin tuna yesterday, and said it would be delivered in the next two days."

    The butler was busy, "Young Master, the delivery man just said it was a gift for the Master, not for you."

    Takahashi Eiji said, "Maybe it's a mistake, where is the delivery man?"

    "Ran away."

    "Strange" Takahashi Eikichi said off the top of his head, "Why did you leave the car behind when you were delivering something?"

    Shinji Takahashi locked eyes, "It always feels a little weird."

    The butler spoke up at this point, "Lord President, we've checked it with our equipment, it shouldn't be dangerous, should we open the freezer and take a look?"


Takahashi Shinji chanted for a moment and nodded gently, "Open it and see what kind of medicine is being sold in the gourd!"

    The steward immediately ordered the two servants, "You two, go open the door to the freezer!"

    The two men immediately moved forward, one left, one right, to open the latch on the freezer door..pinsuge.

    As they were about to pull it open, Takahashi Shinji subconsciously took a few steps back.

    His nerves were a little sensitive today, and he always felt that the world was a bit weird in every way.

    The car door opened left and right, and a white mist whirled out from inside.

    The weather in Tokyo had been humid these past few days, and the temperature had warmed up a bit, it was about three or four degrees above zero at this time, but the temperature in the refrigerated car was twenty degrees below zero again, so it would produce this fog produced by the water vapor being cold.

    The people stared at the fog gradually dissipated, after the fog slowly dissipated, the things in the car, also finally the real present in front of everyone.

    But when the crowd raised their eyes to look, everyone was suddenly terrified and screamed in unison!

    In the compartment, there were actually four human ice sculptures standing neatly!

    Moreover, these four ice sculptures were the same Teng Lin Zhengzhe, who had been frozen into an ice stick, and his three younger brothers!

    And the four of them are a thousand different looks!

    Someone swallowed his own foot in reverse and stood in the carriage, the whole thing was a golden chicken, this was Teng Lin Qingtian who was the first to be killed backwards by Ye Chen.

    There were also two people standing with their shoulders around each other and hooking shoulders, this was the second and third.

    As for Teng Lin Zhengzhe, he was standing with one hand crossed at the waist and the other hand pointing his middle finger out of the carriage

    The four of them were in the form of Teng Lin Qingtian, except for Teng Lin Qingtian who was in the form of a dead person, the other three were all shapes that were made as plastic models by Chen Zhai Kai's men after they had frozen harder.

    In order to make the forms stable, he poured some water on them, and after the water froze into ice, he completely reinforced their forms.

    That's why the bizarre scene in front of everyone was created.

    Takahashi Eiji was close enough to get a glance at this one, and he whimpered in fright.Is this a real person or a wax figure?!"

    Takahashi's nerves would have been destroyed enough, suddenly saw his four henchmen were frozen into a hockey stick, legs a limp, paralyzed, terrified shouted: "police!Call the police!"

    The butler's side was just about to pull out his cell phone to make a call when several police cars suddenly appeared, directly surrounding the front door.

    Originally, they are secretly tracking Takahashi, want to see if he and the two missing siblings of the Su family, but did not dream, just followed Takahashi to his door, Takahashi really received four human ice cream.

    The Japanese police detective leading the team came up with a black face and personally stepped into the refrigerated car to check some, then also some panic muttered: "It's the living mother really is a big living person!Four big live ones!Is this the same fucking Tokyo I've been living in for over 30 years?What's going on right now is so fucking magical!"

    The police officer below was surprised and asked, "Inspector, these four men are still alive?"

    The detective cursed angrily, "Live!Can't you see it's all frozen into popsicles?"

    The police officer was all aggravated, "You just said it was four large living people."

    The detective wiped his cold sweat and said, "It's four large living people frozen into ice sculptures fast, call the coroner to come over for an autopsy!"

    After saying that, he walked over to the pale, sitting on the floor in front of Shinji Takahashi, squatted down, and asked with utmost seriousness, "Mr. Takahashi, these four men are your men?"

    Shinji Takahashi nodded and murmured, "They're all from the Tenglin family."

    "The Tenglin family?!"The detective exclaimed in shock and spoke off the cuff, "One of the Four Great Endurance Families, the Tenglin Family?!"

    "Yes" Shinji Takahashi swallowed and said nervously, "The head is the eldest son of the Tenglin family and this term's head, Tenglin Masatetsu"

    The detective's liver trembled in fear, "Teng Lin Zhengzhe is considered one of our top ninja in Japan, even he died so tragically, who did you offend?"

    Takahashi Shinji looked at the way Tengarin Masatetsu was gesturing at him with his middle finger, and said in despair with a cry, "How the hell should I know?"


The detective saw Takahashi's panicked appearance and hurriedly spoke "You carefully recall whether you have offended anyone or not, generally speaking, unless there is a deep hatred, who would target you like this?"

    Saying that, the detective reminded him, "Think about it, is there anyone trying to kill you, or are you trying to kill anyone?!"

    Takahashi Shinji's first thought was Ye Chen..zhulang

    But he quickly dismissed the idea in his mind.

    After Teng Lin Qingtian had disappeared for no reason, Teng Lin Zhengzhe had received a message while eavesdropping on Ye Chen that the one who killed Teng Lin Qingtian was not Ye Chen, but another group of ninjas.

    At that time, Tenglin Masatetsu presumed that it should be a Koga ninja loyal to the Ito family.

    However, he didn't tell anyone from the Police Department about it.

    Because, he felt that it was pointless to tell the police department, because there was no direct evidence at all, and it was all just a guess by Teng Lin Zhengzhe before he died.

    From his own point of view, it was 80% that the Ito family was behind it, but from the police's point of view, it was possible that the other party was a Koga ninja, but it was also possible that it was an Iga ninja, a Saga ninja, or some other low-profile ninja family.

    After all, the Japanese ninja had a long history and many schools of thought.

    Just like the Chinese martial arts, Chinese martial arts had a huge variety and a large number of schools to name since ancient times.

    Shaolin, Wudang, Kunlun, Emei, Huashan, Kongdong, the following unknown small and medium sects are countless.

    It was the same in Japan, besides the four famous ninja clans, there were countless small families and sects.

    So, he decided to keep the Tokyo Police Department out of it and take his own revenge on Yuhiko Ito!

    Forensics soon arrived on the scene.

    They transported the four hardened corpses back to the forensic department of the Police Department, such that the corpses could not be dissected until they were at least completely thawed.

    At the same time, the news of Teng Lin Zhengzhe's four bizarre deaths was reported to the top brass of the Police Department at every level, leaving the entire Police Department in a state of horror.

    The head of the Police Department was already on the verge of collapse!

    The kidnapping of Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu was still clueless, and in an instant, it was making such a big deal again.

    Four powerful ninjas would be killed as well, it was like a wave of unrest!

    Tokyo, too, has suddenly gone from being a fashionable cosmopolitan city to a bizarre crime city.

    However, while the Tokyo Police Department was frazzled and digging in Tokyo.

    The siblings, Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu, had been secretly sent to Kyoto, hundreds of kilometers away.

    According to Yoshito Matsumoto's plan, he was going to have the pair of children of the Su family die in the residence of Yuhiko Ito.

    At that time, let the Ito family have a hundred words to say.

    However, Yuuhiko Ito was not a wimp, and had great strength as well.

    When the time comes that he knows that he has been framed, he will also definitely think that the person behind the curtain is Takahashi Shinji.

    In this way, Ito Yuuhiko will definitely fight with Takahashi Sanchi to the death!

    It wouldn't be long before Japan's top two families would be so energized that they would disappear completely.

    At that time, the Matsumoto family will be able to reap all the benefits and then go on to work with the Su family as their only optional partner to further strengthen their own power!

    Ye Chen got up very early today.

    The weather forecast software popped up to suggest that there would be a large to heavy snowstorm around Kyoto and Osaka starting this afternoon and continuing into the night.

    He first went to the production line of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals with Wei Liang, and in the afternoon, he asked Richard Chen for a car, intending to drive himself to Kyoto.

    Richard Chen didn't know where he wanted the car to go, and seeing that the snow had already started to fall and was getting heavier, he hastily reminded him "Young Master, there is a big to heavy snowstorm today, it is too dangerous to drive in this kind of weather, if you don't have anything important to do, you'd better not go out."


Ye Chen waved his hand "It's fine, you don't have to worry, I have some personal business to take care of, I'll be back when I'm done..twvod."

    Richard Chen asked "is it in Osaka?Would you like me to arrange an escort for you?"

    "No need."Ye Chen didn't say exactly where he was going, and he didn't want to.

    He also didn't know why, his mind kept thinking about Itachi Nachiko, perhaps out of sympathy for that girl, or out of admiration, or out of some other emotion that Ye Chen couldn't figure out and didn't want to think about.

    Right now, he just wanted to go to Kyoto to see Itachi Nashiko with his own eyes, and see her injuries by the way.

    In any case, healing her injuries would allow him to go back at ease.

    When Chen Zhai Kai saw that Ye Chen was unwilling to reveal his whereabouts, he didn't insist on it and just instructed him to drive carefully, and if the snow was too heavy, wait until it stopped before driving.

    Ye Chen agreed and then drove off alone.

    Osaka was very close to Kyoto, and the drive was about an hour.

    By the time he arrived in Kyoto, the sky was already dark.

    The snow was getting heavier and heavier, almost like goose feather snow.

    Ye Chen didn't know where the Ito family's residence was, so he first found a Chinese restaurant to eat a bowl of Chinese ramen, and when he paid the bill, he asked the owner, "Boss, do you know where the Ito family's residence is?"

    The other party chuckled and said "The Ito family's residence is right next to Erjo City, it covers a large area, it's easy to find, and there's a plaque at the front door, which is the Chinese character for Ito."

    Ye Chen nodded and said thank you, then paid the bill and left the restaurant.

    Nijo Castle was a well-known attraction in Kyoto, so you could search for it right on the map, and it was only two kilometers away from Ye Chen.

    As soon as he could arrive in a few minutes, Ye Chen, who was sitting in the car, was suddenly a bit hesitant and hesitant.

    He hadn't thought about how he was going to meet Ito Nana-chan.

    When he arrived at the Ito family's residence, would he just knock on the door and ask for an interview?


    After all, Yuhiko Ito's $4.5 billion was still in his possession, and if his servant reported to Yuhiko Ito, he would never let himself meet with Ito's vegetables.

    So what to do?

    Do we have to sneak in by ourselves?

    Perhaps, this was the only suitable solution.

    Thinking of this, Ye Chen started the car and followed the navigation to the vicinity of Erjo City, and sure enough, not far from Erjo City, he saw the Ito family's residence.

    The Ito family's residence covered a large area, from the outside, half of the inside was planted with gnarled ancient trees, and the buildings were all ancient Japanese wooden buildings that incorporated strong Chinese architectural elements, and one could tell at a glance that the era was long gone.

    Since there was also an ancient moat surrounding the Ito family's mansion, and the two bridges in and out of it belonged to private territory, so Ye Chen parked his car at the side of the road not far away, then one person braved the snow and snuck into the Ito family's mansion in the dark.

    At this moment.

    Ito Nao-chan had just finished soaking in the hot spring.

    Because today she was finally expecting the long-awaited snowfall, and it was a heavy snowfall, Ito Naboko was in an exceptionally good mood as she cleared the gloom from her mind.

    She asked the maid to help her change into an unbelievably beautiful kimono, and elegantly put her long hair up and into her favorite hairpins.

    After that, she pushed her wheelchair by herself, with great joy, and went to her own small courtyard to enjoy the snow.

    The Ito family's mansion covered too large an area, and there were several courtyards of all sizes, and the one where Ito Nana-chan was located was the most remote and quiet.

    It was snowing heavily, and soon a layer of white snow fell on top of her head, Ito Nanae looked at the snowflakes flying in the sky, leaping like a child.

    After a few moments, she looked up at the sky and said in her heart, "I wonder what Ye Chenjun is doing right now.I wonder if it's snowing in Jinling now?I wonder if he'll remember me."


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