The Unknown Heir 956-960


Chapter 956

"No, you all don't have to go this time, I'll just go by myself with Wang Yun!"

Chen Hao looked at the three of Lei Lie and said.

"Brother Chen."

"Lei Lie, I know you want to come with me to learn and see the world, but not this time, none of us know what kind of dangers await us this time forward to Eastern Crow Mountain, so I can't let you take the risk, you stay and learn from you Miss Zhen about becoming a cultivator!"

Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie as he narrated with great gravity, he was doing this for Lei Lie's own good.

After all, Lei Lie was an ordinary person, there was still a big gap between himself and Lei Lie, Chen Hao wanted Lei Lie to go and learn more knowledge, only then he could help him solve many difficulties together in the future, instead of making him protect Lei Lie all the time.

Hearing Chen Hao say this, Lei Lie had no more opinions and could only obediently listen to Chen Hao's words and stay at the office.

"Zhen Ji, after I'm gone, everything in the firm will be left to you to take care of, and we'll talk about any matters when I return!"

Chen Hao then looked to the side at Zhen Ji again and said.

"Well, don't worry!"

Zhen Ji also nodded her head and responded.

Zhen Ji certainly wouldn't have any opinion on Chen Hao's words, the only thing she could do was to go and support Chen Hao.

"Well, well, you guys continue studying, Zhen Ji and I will talk to you alone!"

Chen Hao gave another reminder to Lei Lie and the two of them, and then gave a command to Zhen Ji.

Then Chen Hao and Zhen Ji walked to the side.

"Chen Hao, have you really decided to work together with the Day Luck Group and the others?I don't think they're very reliable!"

Zhen Ji looked at Chen Hao to confirm the question again.

After hearing that, Chen Hao revealed a smile, of course he knew that Zhen Ji was worried about himself.

"Don't worry, just those people from the Sun Luck Group can't do anything to me yet, except that I'm going there this time to find something important, have you forgotten the picture of the lady we've been looking for?There's a possibility that it will appear at East Crow Mountain, so I'm going to go there and see what's going on."

Chen Hao also explained and reassured towards Zhen Ji.

"I understand, but you must be careful yourself, those people from the Sun Luck Group definitely won't have such a simple agenda."

Zhen Ji warned again with concern towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao would smile before reaching out his hand to touch Zhen Ji's face and nodded his head.


At that moment Chen Hao's phone rang.

Chen Hao took it out and saw that it was Wang Yun calling.

Chen Hao didn't have to guess to know Wang Yun's purpose for calling, he must be telling himself that the departure time had been set.

A few seconds later, Chen Hao put the call through.

"Hey, Wang Yun!"

Chen Hao greeted towards Wang Yun.

"Brother Chen, Lin Tianyuan has already sent me the departure time, it's tomorrow morning at nine o'clock at the highway entrance to meet and wait!"

Just listening to Wang Yun, he gave Chen Hao the departure time high speed.

Chen Hao also responded immediately after hearing it.

"Okay, I know, I'll be there at nine o'clock in the morning tomorrow!"

After saying that, Chen Hao hung up the phone.

"Leaving tomorrow morning, so soon?"

After hearing the time Chen Hao said, Zhen Ji also exclaimed.

"It looks like those people from the Sun Luck Group couldn't wait, that's why they were in such a hurry to leave!"

Chen Hao, of course, immediately saw what it was all about and said.

"Anyway, just be careful yourself!"

Zhen Ji didn't want to go any further, so she could only give such a reminder and advice.

The time came to night, and Chen Hao had already packed up all his equipment and luggage.

Apart from three or four changes of clothes, the rest were all the equipment Chen Hao would need.

The adventure ahead was completely unknown, so no one knew what kind of danger they would encounter, and the only thing they could do was to make all the preparations and measures to prevent the situation from happening.

Tonight Chen Hao went to bed very early, also to prepare for tomorrow, to replenish his state and spirit.

After waking up until dawn the next day, Chen Hao woke up early.

After a simple breakfast, Chen Hao put on his backpack and set off.Driving to the entrance of the highway.

At exactly nine o'clock in the morning, Chen Hao managed to meet up with Wang Yun and Lin Tianyuan.

But at this time, only a call came from the trunk of Chen Hao's car.

Upon hearing this sound, Chen Hao and the others were instantly attracted.

Chen Hao even went to the trunk of the car and opened it up, only to see Lei Lie lying inside with a bag on his back.

"Lei Lie?Why are you here?"

Chen Hao saw that it was Lei Lie and asked with a sudden shock, he didn't expect Lei Lie to appear in the trunk.

"Hehe, brother Chen, I really want to go with you, so let me follow!"

Lei Lie looked at Chen Hao with a playful smile and suggested.

Chen Hao's eyebrows instantly furrowed.

"Nonsense, who told you to follow me here, go back immediately!"

Chen Hao immediately gloated and shouted angrily at Lei Lie.

After being berated by Chen Hao, Lei Lie didn't dare to speak for a moment.

"Brother Chen, I only want to go with you, so take me with you!"

Only after a while did Lei Lie look at Chen Hao again and say, staring at him with a look of anguish and pleading.

"Ugh.How can I say hello!"

Chen Hao also had no choice but to say after glancing at Lei Lie.

"Alright, you've come all the way here, so let's go together!"

Chen Hao then had to choose to agree to let Lei Lie go along.

Lei Lie was overjoyed as soon as he heard it.

"Yay, thank you, brother Chen!"

Lei Lie excitedly thanked Chen Hao.

"Mr. Chen, who is this?"

At that moment, Lin Tianyuan looked at Chen Hao and asked in confusion.

"Oh, Chairman Lin, this is my disciple, Lei Lie!"

Chen Hao was also immediately introduced towards Lin Tianyuan.

Only after hearing Chen Hao's introduction did Lin Tianyuan feel at ease.

"Since he is your disciple, Mr. Chen, let's go together, Master and disciple might be stronger together!"

Lin Tianyuan also looked at Chen Hao with a smile and said.

After hearing that, Chen Hao stared at Lei Lie behind him again before taking Lei Lie with him to Wang Yun's car.

The group was driving three cars in total, while Chen Hao's car was parked on one side of the parking lot.

On the road, none of the three of Chen Hao communicated.

Chen Hao sat in the passenger seat with his eyes closed, while Wang Yun was of course in charge of driving, and Lei Lie sat in the back seat.

"Brother Chen, I'm sorry well, I know I was wrong, so don't be mad at me!"

Seeing Chen Hao not say a single word made Lei Lie panic, and he quickly apologized towards Chen Hao to admit his mistake.

Chen Hao slowly opened his eyes and took out his cell phone.

After taking out his phone, Chen Hao dialed Zhen Ji's number.

The call was quickly connected.

"Hey, Chen Hao, what's wrong?"

Soon Zhen Ji's voice came over the phone.

After hearing Zhen Ji's voice, it made Lei Lie a little worried as well .

"Jenji, Lei Li was taken away by me, to tell you!"


Just listen to Chen Hao then narrated towards Zhen Ji.

After hearing it, Zhen Ji was first stunned and then responded without much surprise.

Hearing this statement from Chen Hao really surprised Lei Lie.

Lei Lie did not expect Chen Hao to be speaking for himself instead of suing him.

"Brother Chen."

Lei Lie carefully looked at Chen Hao and said.

"Don't say anything, since you're here, be at ease, don't talk nonsense when you go over there, and listen to everything I say!"

Chen Hao directly interrupted Lei Lie's words and then instructed a reminder towards Lei Lie.

"Mmhmm, Brother Chen, don't worry, I'll be very obedient!"

Lei Lie also nodded his head in immediate understanding.

"Brother Chen, you're a good disciple, and you know how to worry about you, volunteering to come with you!"

At this time, Wang Yun who was sitting on the side of the car also smiled and said towards Chen Hao, and the words were complimented by Lei Lie.

"Oh, this brat is just a person who doesn't let people think!"

Chen Hao also responded with a faint smile.

Hearing Chen Hao say this, Lei Lie himself suddenly touched the back of his head, somewhat uncomfortably.

To be honest, rather than allowing himself to stay in the firm and study, Lei Lie would have preferred to follow Chen Hao to go outside more and see the world.

Even though he would encounter a lot of dangers, then Lei Lie would not back down and was willing to take risks and experiences.

"Lei Lie, he is Wang Yun, you can call him Brother Wang Hai even."

Chen Hao then also immediately looked at Lei Lie and introduced him.

"Hehe, hello brother Hai, I'm Lei Lie, just call me Little Yang!"

Lei Lie also immediately reacted to look at Wang Yun with a smile and greeted.

"Oh, yes!"

Wang Yun also responded with a polite smile.

"By the way, Wang Yun, about how long will it take us to go forward to Dongwu Mountain?"

Chen Hao then looked at Wang Yun and asked.

Without waiting for Wang Yun to answer, Lei Lie, who was sitting at the back, spoke before anyone else.

"Brother Chen, you see, I've already checked the route, and it will take at least six hours to get from our place to Dongwu Mountain."

Lei Lie said as he handed the phone in his hand to Chen Hao to look at.

The phone showed the navigation, as soon as Lei Lie got into the car, he opened it up and typed in Dongwu Mountain to check the exact distance.

"Six hours, that's not quite enough time, you can sleep for a while."

Chen Hao also nodded his head and suggested.

There was nothing to do in the car anyway, so it would be good to sleep.

After saying that, Chen Hao just put his chair down towards the back and then laid down to sleep.

Lei Lie also followed Chen Hao's lead and lay down on the back seat to sleep, knowing that Lei Lie was up early in the morning to hide in the trunk, so he was also already sleepy.

Seeing both of them asleep, Wang Yun also smiled bitterly, who let him drive, so he could only concentrate on driving, good thing that six hours of driving was not particularly tiring for him, he could accept it until three in the afternoon.

After six hours of driving, Chen Hao's group finally arrived at Dongwu Mountain.

Dongwu Mountain was entirely a tourist scenic area, not a city.

After getting off the highway, it was the entrance to Dongwu Mountain's scenic area.

This was why Dongwu Mountain was so famous, because its location was very special and it covered a very vast area, the kind that couldn't be seen at a glance.

It is impossible for people who come to visit Dongwu Mountain to stay for four or five days.

This is because if you come to travel to Dongwu Mountain and only play for a single day, it would be impossible to play anything at all.

After listening the car well, Chen Hao's group began to buy tickets precisely to enter the East Crow Mountain Scenic Area.

A ticket cost four hundred yuan, and it was Lin Tianyuan who paid for it anyway, so Chen Hao's three men weren't worried about the money.

After entering the scenic area, the crowd didn't rush to set out, but first found a place to sit down and rest and eat something to replenish their energy.

"We'll officially head out tomorrow morning, and we'll stay here for the first night tonight."

Just listening to Lin Tianyuan, he looked at the crowd and narrated.

When they heard Lin Tianyuan's words, the crowd didn't have any opinions and they all agreed with his proposal.

After all, the sky was already getting dark, and it was actually not good at all to travel at night, nor was it safe, and it was easy to get lost, so it was best to officially set off again early tomorrow morning.

After resting for a while, Lin Tianyuan had already had someone book a place to stay inside the Eastern Crow Mountain Scenic Area.

A normal room costs a thousand dollars a night, and the kind of houses they live in are in the mountains, so it's very different from outside.

At night, the three of Chen Hao slept in one room.

"Brother Chen, Brother Hai, the two of you can sleep on the bed, I'll just sleep on the sofa!"

In the room, Lei Li took the initiative.

"It's fine, you can sleep on the bed."

Chen Hao, on the other hand, looked to Lei Lie and suggested.

"Brother Chen."

"It's settled, you can sleep on the bed."

Lei Lie wanted to go say something more, but he was directly interrupted by Chen Hao.

When he heard Chen Hao say that, Lei Lie had no choice but to agree to it.

But his heart was really touched and warm, and he felt that Chen Hao was really too good to him.

It wasn't until after the late night that the three of Chen Hao gradually fell asleep.


The next morning, a new day arrived with the sound of a soft bird chirping outside.

The three of Chen Hao woke up early.

They saw that Lin Tianyuan and the others were already waiting downstairs.

"Mr. Chen, did you guys have a good night's sleep last night?"

When he saw Chen Hao coming down, Lin Tianyuan smiled and asked towards Chen Hao.

"Thank you Chairman Lin for your concern, we slept very well!"

Chen Hao also responded politely towards Lin Tianyuan.

After that, Lin Tianyuan took out the map.

"We're here now, so our first step is to first get to the location of the Official Cloud, which is about five kilometers away from here."

Lin Tianyuan pointed at the map and looked at the crowd to narrate.

The crowd didn't have any opinions on this proposal from Lin Tianyuan.

After all, the map was someone else's, and Chen Hao had no opinion, so let's follow what Lin Tianyuan said and walk first.

After saying that, Chen Hao's group packed up their bags and equipment and went on their way.

Along the way, Lei Lie was constantly taking pictures of the surrounding scenery with his cell phone.

Looking at Lei Lie's appearance, Chen Hao and Wang Yun were also speechless.

Wondering if Lei Lie was here to explore or to travel.

"Lei Lie, can you kid be quiet for a while!"

That's when Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie and reminded him.

"Hehe, Brother Chen, it was hard to come to Dongwu Mountain, how can we not take some pictures back, at least we can prove that we were here!"

Lei Li ton laughed as he explained towards Chen Hao.


"Hey, Brother Chen, forget it, just let him be, it's boring and nothing on the way anyway."

Wang Yun also advised towards Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao had no choice, he really had no choice but to still have Lei Lie go.

It took five kilometers to get to Guantaunda, so Chen Hao's group needed to walk for nearly two hours.

It wasn't until around noon that Chen Hao and the others arrived at Guantaundai.

It was also commonly known as "Guantai", because the clouds could be seen from here, that's why it was called so, it was also a harmonic name.

It was said that in ancient times, an official came here to see the scenery, and that's why he named it the Official Gundam.

"Alright, everyone, let's take a break and eat something, we'll start walking the rugged mountain road later!"

At this point, only Lin Tianyuan looked at the crowd again to preach.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, walked directly to Lin Tianyuan's side.

"Chairman Lin, can I have a look at your map?"

Chen Hao directly suggested towards Lin Tianyuan.

After hearing this, Lin Tianyuan was stunned, then handed the map in his hand to Chen Hao.

"Thank you!"

Chen Hao thanked Lin Tianyuan and then took the map to check it out.

Chen Hao took a glance at it, then immediately raised his head to look around.

"Mr. Chen, what's wrong?Is something wrong?"

Lin Tianyuan was surprised and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

Chen Hao stood up.

"Chairman Lin, you see, it might be more advanced from that direction, if you cross from here at Guan Yuntai, most of the roads are rugged and will waste even more time!"

Chen Hao watched Lin Tianyuan narrate and reminded him.

When he heard Chen Hao say that, Lin Tianyuan also immediately took the map and looked at it.

It was indeed just as Chen Hao had said, it would indeed be faster to go the other way.

This, however, Lin Tianyuan didn't pay much attention to.

"Mr. Chen, then do you mean that you want us to go back the way we came and cross from there?"

Then, Lin Tianyuan asked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked at Lin Tianyuan.

"Chairman Lin, if you want to find something to find, you'll have to take a closer route, but I'm just giving you a proposal, so you can decide the specifics yourself."

Chen Hao simply gave a reply before turning around and returning to Wang Yun and Lei Lie's side.

Honestly, Chen Hao did not want to help them at all.

If it weren't for the fact that Wang Yun had cooperated with them, Chen Hao would have left before leaving on his own with Lei Lie and Wang Yun.

Lin Tianyuan looked at Chen Hao's back and was in deep thought.

He felt that what Chen Hao said wasn't unreasonable, except that it would be even more of a waste of time to return the way he came.

Therefore.In the end, Lin Tianyuan decided not to go back the way he came, just advance from this road, just go farther away, he would always find it anyway.

After resting for a while, the group set off once again.

But not long after they left, only to see the weather suddenly change to come.

"How could the weather change in a good way?I'm afraid this isn't going to be a thunder and lightning rhythm!"

Seeing the change in the weather, Lei Li also said suspiciously.


As soon as the words fell, only a rumbling of thunder came from the sky.

Now Wang Yun and the others were simultaneously looking at Lei Lie.

Lei Lie was also looked down, a very embarrassed sort of person.

He knew that Wang Yun and the others must have thought he was a crow's nest, saying whatever came to mind.

"Let's find a place to hide first!"

Chen Hao, however, was unconcerned and looked at the crowd and suggested.

In this kind of mountain forest, if they continued to walk, they were afraid that they would be struck by lightning at the same pace.

Soon, the crowd found a cave to use as a resting point.

"Damn, this cave is really too big too!"

Lei Li walked in and was astonished again.

This cave, accommodating several hundred people would not be a problem at all.

"Come and see!"

Just then, a man's voice rang out.

The voice drew all attention at once.

The crowd just headed deeper inside.

The three of them, Chen Hao, were also curious and went in.

As soon as they walked in, they stunned everyone.

There was only a radiant light shining deep inside the cave, as well as various natural emeralds growing inside.

"I'm going."

Lei Lie subconsciously rubbed his eyes, filled with incredible astonishment.

He had never seen such a pure and natural jadeite before, and there were still so many of them.

Not to mention Lei Lie, even Chen Hao and Wang Yun were stunned.

It was truly amazing that such a great place had never been discovered before.

In an instant, everyone was visiting the inside of the cave.

At this moment, one person took out a hammer and stepped forward to dig into these emerald jade stones.

"Don't move!"

When Chen Hao saw this, he shouted violently to stop it.

When he heard Chen Hao's shout, the man turned his head to look at Chen Hao.

"What are you doing?"

The man glared at Chen Hao and asked.

"These are all natural objects, don't destroy them!"

Chen Hao looked at the man and reminded him.

"Che, mind your own business!"

The man, however, ignored Chen Hao's words and snorted.

After saying that, the man hammered down at the jade in front of him.

When Chen Hao saw this, he quickly rushed up and tried to stop it.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

The hammer shattered the jade and the jade fell down.


After the jade dropped, the entire cave began to shake.

Chen Hao really knew that something was definitely wrong, which was why he didn't let the man do it.

All of a sudden, the crowd panicked and quickly prepared to flee towards the cave entrance.


With a loud bang, the entrance to the cave was blocked by a boulder.

This was good, as Chen Hao and the others were all trapped in the cave.


Chen Hao cursed angrily and walked up to that person.

It was good that he didn't do anything, but as soon as he did, all the people Lin Tianyuan had brought with him took out their weapons and aimed them at Chen Hao.

"Don't move!"

All of a sudden, the two sides were in the middle of a confrontation.

"Chairman Lin, do you remember the conditions you promised me before coming here!Everything is at my command!"

That's when Chen Hao looked at Lin Tianyuan and narrowed his eyes and asked.

Lin Tianyuan was also slightly stunned, because Chen Hao was right, he did promise before coming.

"All of you, put down your weapons!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lin Tianyuan also immediately ordered towards his own people around him.

It was only after the people around them heard that they put their weapons down.

"Mr. Chen, I hope we can work well together, so it's better that some unnecessary troubles don't arise!"

Lin Tianyuan said with a faint smile as he looked at Chen Hao.

How could Chen Hao not understand the meaning of Lin Tianyuan's words.

But now that they were all trapped here, what was the use of saying so much?

The only thing to do now was to find a way to get out of this cave first.


"Chairman Lin, if you want to get out of here safely, tell your people to behave and don't move things around, or else we won't be able to get anyone out if something happens!"

After a pause, Chen Hao just looked at Lin Tianyuan and reminded him.

After saying that, Chen Hao turned around and left without looking back.

Chen Hao's words had been made very clear and understandable, whether or not he listened to them was Lin Tianyuan's business.

As he watched Chen Hao's back, Lin Tianyuan then turned his gaze to the man with the cheap hands just now and stared at him with a fierce look, if he hadn't moved around, they wouldn't be trapped here right now.

Seeing Lin Tianyuan's eyes and look, the man also lowered his head, not daring to look into Lin Tianyuan's eyes.

"If any of you dare to move, I'll chop your hands off!"

Then Lin Tianyuan swept around the people he had brought with him and warned sternly.

When they heard Lin Tianyuan's words, his own men nodded their heads in response, and no one dared to comply with Lin Tianyuan's words.

At this moment, Chen Hao was checking out the entire cave.

Lei Lie and Wang Yun were following behind Chen Hao, and they were also helping to look around, trying to see if there was anything strange to get out of.

But after searching for half a day, they couldn't find any place to get out, the entire inside was just as if it was completely sealed off.

"Brother Chen, it looks like there's no other way out of here, huh?"

Lei Lie was surprised and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

"Yeah, Brother Chen, it looks like we're going to be trapped here!"

Wang Yun was also not able to sigh.

He suddenly regretted working with Lin Tianyuan to come here a bit.

If he had known that, why would he have done it in the first place.

Now they had no way out.

"Everything has a cause and effect, there must be some sort of mechanism existing inside, that's why the hole was sealed!"

Chen Hao, on the other hand, recounted indifferently.

"Brother Chen, it's strange that there are such emerald jade stones here, but no one has found them, and they have not even been taken!"

Lei Lie came out in shock again, his face full of incredulity.

So many emerald jade stones, if they were placed in the outside world, they would have been eyed and taken clean long ago.

"Oh, do you think this place is so easy?Since it hasn't been taken for years, that means there must be something weird about this place."

Chen Hao explained with another light chuckle after hearing what Lei Lie had said.

It was at this moment that Chen Hao suddenly discovered a strange place that caught his eye.

Chen Hao immediately walked up to conduct a look.

It was fine not to look, but a glance made them all a little surprised as well.

There was even a white bone inside the emerald jade before their eyes.

"This.It's a human bone, right, how did it become like this!"

Lei Li was fiercely surprised out, not expecting the emerald to have white bones inside it.

"This person should have been trapped here and died here, then reduced to white bones, and after long years, the emerald jade covered it, that's why it was formed like this!"

After looking at it for a while, Chen Hao gave an explanation.

It seemed that this place shouldn't just be the first place where Chen Hao and the others were the first to arrive, there had definitely been people here once.

Then encountered the same situation as they did now, being trapped here and then unable to get out and dying alive.

After another long period of time faded away, the corpse turned into white bones, and emerald jade grew in large quantities, it surrounded the person's white bones, as if they were embedded within.


Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lei Lie and Wang Yun both sucked in a breath of cold air.

"Brother Chen, do you think we'll be trapped like this man and die in here!"

Lei Lie was again a little worried as he asked towards Chen Hao.

"Go on, don't talk nonsense you brat, trust your brother Chen, I'm sure brother Chen will have a way to get us out!"

Lei Lie was scolded by Wang Yun as soon as he spoke, and Wang Yun chose to believe Chen Hao.

"At this current situation, there's a high chance that we'll be trapped here!"

But in the next second, only Chen Hao gave a reply.

Hearing Chen Hao's reply, Lei Lie and Wang Yun's eyes widened, they did not expect Chen Hao to give such a reply, making it all the more desperate to hear.

After Chen Hao finished speaking, he got up and continued to walk deeper into the interior of the cave.

After all, the entire cave was so large that it hadn't even been explored yet, so they would have to give the entire cave a once over before they could know what was going on.

Chen Hao then took Lei Lie and Wang Yun with him towards the depths of the cave.

"Tick tock tick tock tick tock!"

Only the sound of water dripping from inside the cave was very clear and pleasant to the ears, making one feel incredibly relaxed.

This kind of such a beautiful sound could only be heard here.

Something like that wouldn't even occur in the hustle and bustle of a big city.

"Wow, Brother Chen, this sound is so beautiful!"

Lei Lie could not help but immediately exclaim in awe.

"Yeah, I also think it's good to hear, as if I'm intoxicated in the mountains and forests!"

Wang Yun also sighed with a soothing expression on his face.

Chen Hao's brows furrowed as he immediately turned to look at Lei Lie and Wang Yun behind him.

It was found that the two of them had completely lost themselves in the sound of the water drops.

However, Chen Hao did not create any difference at all.

"No good, there's something wrong with this sound!"

Chen Hao was violently shocked, he knew that there was definitely something wrong with this dripping sound, it could make people involuntarily fall in and hallucinate.

"Lei Lie, Wang Yun, the two of you, wake up!"

Chen Hao rushed to the two of them and reached out his hand to shake them vigorously and shouted.

But this was useless, they completely lost their reaction and consciousness.

In desperation, Chen Hao returned to the original cave location.

It was discovered that not only Lei Lie and Wang Yun, but also Lin Tianyuan and the others were all hallucinating, one by one in the same spot, full of relief and without any consciousness of their own at all.

Chen Hao now knew that as long as this water drop sound persisted, these people would not be able to return to normal.

The only thing that Chen Hao could do now was to find the source of the water drop's generation and disarm this water drop sound in order for the big guys to return to normal.

One more thing, Chen Hao finally knew how those people who had once died here.

It was because of listening to this dripping sound, losing consciousness and dying in pleasure without feeling any pain at all, what a vicious tactic.

After thinking, Chen Hao walked alone towards the deepest part of the cave.

The sound of water dripping was coming from the deepest part of the cave, just follow the direction of the sound and look for it.


After about ten minutes of walking, Chen Hao finally arrived at the deepest part of the cave.

I saw the deepest is a pond, pond in the middle there is a stone pier, stone pier placed on a jade jade jade disc, and the top of the stone wall there are drops of water dripping down continuously, water drops fell on the jade disc, issued this alluring burst of water drip sound.

This, coupled with the fact that the cave was very empty, could rapidly amplify the sound of the water drops, which was why the sound of the water drops could be heard throughout the cave.

Chen Hao looked at the jade plate in the middle of the pond, he knew that he absolutely could not destroy this jade plate, ghost knows what kind of mechanism existed in it.

Therefore, Chen Hao thought of a way to take out a piece of clothing from his backpack.

Chen Hao directly threw the clothes onto the jade plate and covered it.

This way, the water droplets would only drip onto the clothes and would not make a sound on the jade disc.

There was no more sound of water drops in the cave.

Seeing this, Chen Hao quickly went back the way he came and returned to Lei Lie and Wang Yun's side for a check.

The two of them were still in a fainting state.

"Lei Lie, Wang Yun, you two wake up!"

Chen Hao shook the two of them once again.

Only after Chen Hao's shaking did the two of them become conscious with awareness and awakened.

"Brother Chen, I...What's wrong with me?"

When Lei Lie woke up, he was very surprised and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

"Yeah, Brother Chen, how come I don't remember anything, I only remember hearing a very nice sound of water, and then I lost consciousness behind it, what was that all about?"

Wang Yun also looked at Chen Hao in confused surprise and asked.

"You all just hallucinated, so you lost consciousness because of that sound of water dripping, the sound of water dripping can make people hallucinate!"

Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie and Wang Yun to explain to the two of them.

It was only after hearing Chen Hao's explanation of the narrative that the two of them came to a sudden realization that it was because of this reason.

"Now then."

"Don't worry, that dripping sound has been lifted by me, you guys are therefore back to normal!"

"I guess the ones who were once there died in it because they were seduced by the sound of the water dripping and euphoria without pain!"

Chen Hao continued to watch the two of them as they patiently and carefully narrated.

"Ah?It's too outrageous to die in joy!"

Lei Lie was also incredibly surprised after hearing that.

"Alright, it's not advisable to stay here for long, we have to find a way to get out quickly!"

Chen Hao didn't stay to waste time, the most important thing was to find the exit quickly, there would be more danger coming if he stayed.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lei Lie and Wang Yun also felt that it made sense, and they immediately followed Chen Hao to continue searching inside the cave.

No, soon enough, Chen Hao managed to find another place where he could get out.

"Lei Lie, Wang Yun, you guys come quickly!"

After finding the exit, Chen Hao immediately shouted towards Lei Lie and the others.

When they heard Chen Hao's shout, it made Lei Lie and the others react, and they hurriedly walked over to Chen Hao.

At a glance, there was indeed an exit in front of the three of them.

Seeing the light from outside again really made Lei Lie and Wang Yun in an exciting mood.

"Brother Chen, it really is just as you said, there must be other exits!"

Lei Lie was also surprised as he looked at Chen Hao's sermon, he now felt that everything Chen Hao said really made sense, it was all true and could be completely believed.

Previously, both Lei Lie and Wang Yun had felt that they themselves were unable to get out and would definitely be trapped in here.

But now, the hope of survival was right in front of their own eyes.

"Brother Chen, you're really too powerful, following you everything isn't impossible ah, well, let's leave quickly then!"

Wang Yun also praised Chen Hao and then immediately suggested towards Chen Hao and Lei Lie.


When he heard Wang Yun's words, Chen Hao spoke up.

All of a sudden, Wang Yun and Lei Lie stopped in their tracks and looked at Chen Hao with surprise and suspicion.

"Brother Chen, what's wrong?"

"Brother Chen, let's get out of here, why are we still here?"

They both stared at Chen Hao with puzzled expressions, not understanding what else Chen Hao was asking.

"Lei Lie, hand me the small knife!"

Chen Hao gave a command towards Lei Lie.

When Lei Lie heard that, he immediately pulled out the small knife from his waist and handed it to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao received the small knife and then went to stand in front of a stone wall.

There was only a dark green, egg-sized piece of jade in front of the stone wall, and it was very crystal clear.

Chen Hao directly sliced through it and picked that piece of jade off.

Seeing this scene, Lei Lie and Wang Yun were both amazed.

"Brother Chen, didn't you say that none of the jade stones here could be moved?How you ......"

Lei Lie was also very confused as he looked at Chen Hao and asked.

Chen Hao caught the jade stone and then placed it in his pocket.

"Usually, there aren't any mechanisms at the exit!"

Chen Hao only replied briefly towards Lei Lie.

After saying that, Chen Hao left with Lei Lie and Wang Yun and walked out of the exit.


Once outside, Lei Li opened his arms and tilted his head up to the heavens with a long sigh.

"We're finally out!It still smells good out there in the air!"

Lei Lie shouted excitedly, the feeling of seeing the sun again was really, really refreshing.

"Right, Brother Chen, what about Lin Tianyuan and the others?"

At this point, Wang Yun then asked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao then looked at Wang Yun and asked; "What?And you expect to take the $30 million?"

When Chen Hao said that, suddenly Wang Yun stopped talking.

"Er.I didn't mean that, it's just that Chen Hao, if we leave like this, I'm afraid Lin Tianyuan and the others won't let us off so easily!"

Wang Yun quickly explained towards Chen Hao.

"Oh, don't worry, by the time they find this exit there's no telling when it will be, by that time we'll be long gone, they won't be able to catch up!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly and spoke towards Wang Yun.

As soon as Wang Yun heard it, he also felt that it made sense, so he nodded.

"Alright, let's leave quickly!"

Chen Hao then headed towards the two to remind them again.

"Brother Chen, where are we going now?We don't have a map either, we don't even know where to go!"

Lei Lie was then asking towards Chen Hao again.

The corners of Chen Hao's mouth lifted up slightly, revealing a wry smile.

"Who told you that there is no map?"

When they heard this, Lei Lie and Wang Yun were astonished and looked at Chen Hao with an incredulous expression.

Then, Chen Hao took out a map from his own pocket.

"Eh?Isn't this Lin Tianyuan's map?Chen, when did you get it?"

Wang Yun looked at Chen Hao full of amazement and asked.

"It was when they were in the process of hallucinating, I went to get it!"

Chen Hao said with a smile towards Wang Yun.

Wang Yun couldn't help but show it by giving a thumbs up towards Chen Hao.


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