Secret Identity 1601-1610


Chapter 1601 

Ye Chen was riding in Gu Weiliang's car, on his way to Gu's house, when Dong Ruolin sent him a WeChat saying, "Ye Chen, I've booked tickets for the two of us to go back to Jinling, tomorrow morning at 9 am, is that okay?"

    "Yes."Ye Chen replied, "How much is the airfare?I transfer you."

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.You're too out of touch with me, too!"

    Ye Chen said seriously "You helped me pay for it, how can I [PEN] not give it to you."

    Dong Ruolin snorted and asked "Then you saved me several times, how can I not repay you?When is Mr. Ye going to give me a chance to give my body to him?"

    Ye Chen was at once speechless, helplessly said "Well, I won't be polite to you about the ticket, I'll see you tomorrow morning sdetu airport."

    Dong Ruolin said "Then you'll have to get to the airport before eight, don't get up late."

    Ye Chen Road "Don't worry, I'll be at the airport on time."

    Hanging up the phone, the side of Gu Weiliang nervously asked "Mr. Ye, you will return to Jinling tomorrow?"


    Gu Wei Liang asked again, "Mr. Ye, when will you be back again?"

    "Not sure yet."

    Gu Weiliang's heart was plucked cold.

    He had thought that if Ye Chen would stay in Yanjing, he would then go to his uncle's house every now and then to properly suck up to him, and maybe after some time, he would be able to get him to forgive what he had done before, thus allowing him to regain his fertility.

    But Ye Chen will be leaving Yanjing tomorrow, and he won't have a chance to suck up to him later, what can we do?

    If Ye Chen really did recover himself after three to five years, then how would he live these three to five years?

    Ye Chen also saw through his thoughts and said indifferently "Even if I'm not in Yanjing, you can still perform well in front of your uncle's family, if they are more satisfied with your performance, I can consider returning you to normal in advance."

    Gu Weiliang was relieved and busy saying "Mr. Ye don't worry, I will definitely try my best to perform!"


    When Ye Chen returned to the Gu family, Gu Yanzhong had already gone to the Gu Group.

    He was recovering from a serious illness, and his body was in very good shape, so he threw his heart and soul into his work, and IT struck while the iron was hot to strengthen his control in the Gu Group.

    In addition to the maids at home, Ye Chen only saw Gu Qiuyi alone on the sofa, half lying on the sofa reading a novel.

    Because the villa was all underfloor heating, even though it was already cold outside, it was still very warm in the villa, and the temperature in the room was constant at around 28 degrees, so you could wear shorts and short sleeves at home like in summer.

    Gu Qiuyi was wearing a lace dressing gown, her slender white legs overlapping each other and exposed to the air.

    This body of hers was indeed one of the best of all the women Ye Chen had ever seen, even the perennial martial arts practitioner, Pepper Qin Aoxue, could not compare to her.

    This was mainly because, Gu Qiuyi's body proportions were really too good, she was the nine-headed body that all female celebrities dreamed of.

    The so-called nine-headed body, said that a woman's height, equal to nine times the length of her own face, in this proportion of the woman, the body is the most perfect, life is extremely difficult to find a woman with such a perfect body proportion, said one in a million is not an exaggeration.


Seeing Ye Chen return, Gu Qiuyi happily stood up, ran to him in three or two steps and said with a smile, "Brother Ye Chen, why are you back so early, I thought you wouldn't be back until tonight!"

    soy Ye Chen felt her arms were held tightly by her hands, inevitably some heartbeat, but did not dare to think crookedly, opening his mouth said "nothing more than to attend a birthday banquet, after the end of the I'll be back."

    Saying that, Ye Chen asked her "Uncle and aunt are not here?"

    "Well."Gu Qiuyi said in a delicate voice, "My dad went to the group, my mom went to a charity dinner, there is a charity auction plus a cocktail party or something like that, she won't eat at home in the evening."

    Ye Chen nodded, he knew that with Lin Wanqiu's status, she was also a top ranked super debutante in Yanjing, and her husband's high-profile comeback, she had to make a high-profile comeback in her own way in order to do a good job of supporting her husband.

    Gu Qiuyi then asked tentatively "Brother Ye Chen, are you sure you're leaving tomorrow?"

    Ye Chen said "Yeah, we'll leave tomorrow."

    Gu Qiuyi looked a little lost, hesitated for a moment, remembered something and spoke up, "Brother Ye Chen, please accompany me out for a walk!"

    Ye Chen asked her "You're a big star, won't you be followed by paparazzi if you go out casually?"

    Gu Qiuyi smiled "Just disguise it like the last time I picked you up at the airport!"

    Saying that, Gu Qiuyi said again "I'll take you to the places we played when we were kids, do you still remember Luo Gu Lane?"

    "The gong alley?"Ye Chen frowned, always felt this place name strange ysjzs and familiar.

    Gu Qiuyi said "is the place we used to let our parents take us to when we were young ah, there are many small vendors, small shops, a lot of delicious and fun things, and the gonggu lane is next to the Houhai, when we were small in winter we would go to the Houhai ice skating car, do you still remember?"

    In Ye Chen's mind, a clip from his childhood came to mind.

    In the picture, he and Gu Qiuyi together, led by both parents, went to eat candy canes in Gonggu Lane and played with ice cars on the ice in the Houhai Sea.

    The winter in Yanjing was very cold, and the surface of the lake in Houhai would be covered with thick ice, after which people would go out to the lake to skate on ice skates and play with ice cars.

    In those days, children also didn't have any electronic products to play with, so in the winter, Ye Chen missed going to the Houhai Sea for ice skating.

    He vividly remembered that back then, Gu Qiu Yi's parents, who had a very beautiful set of courtyard houses on the Houhai Sea, would first take him to visit Gu Qiu Yi's parents every time they took him to the Houhai Sea, and then have a meal in the courtyard house of Gu Qiu Yi's family.

    Thinking about it now, those memories that were so distant that they hadn't appeared in his mind for more than a decade were still fresh in his mind after such a long time.

    At that time, Gu Qiu Yi was just a follower, wearing a thick cotton jacket, like a little cotton-wrapped ball, her little hands sticking out of the sleeves of the jacket, grasping the corners of her own coat to death, and she would never let go.

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    Inan, your family's courtyard house on the back of the sea, is it still there?".

    "Yeah!"Gu Qiuyi smiled and said "It's a protected building, it's not allowed to be demolished, my dad even spent a lot of money to refurbish it two years ago, if it wasn't for the traffic congestion in the city center right now, we would all want to move there and live there permanently."

    Saying that, she couldn't hide her excitement and asked "Brother Yechen, do you want me to take you to see it now?"

    Ye Chen's mind swarmed with memories, and his heart was suddenly excited as well, saying off the top of his head, "Yes!"


Receiving Ye Chen's definite reply, Gu Qiuyi danced happily, ran and jumped back to her room, and immediately changed into a thick, long down jacket.

    In order to not let people see her, she also izufe specially brought a warm mask, as well as a furry, hat with two cute rabbit ears.

    In addition, she also held a pair of round-framed black-rimmed eyes in her hand, and after putting them on, the whole is a cute and adorable girl, which is a huge deviation from the style of that Gu Qiu Yi who makes all men crazy and infatuated.

    In fact, in her bones, Gu Qiu Yi is an eccentric and frighteningly cute girl.

    She was simple-minded and didn't have much experience in love, nor did she have any experience in getting along with the opposite sex, nor did she have those untold small thoughts of those girls outside.

    From her face, Ye Chen saw the shadow of her early childhood, and now in retrospect, Gu Qiuyi was the sweet burden of her own early childhood.

    The reason why it was a sweet burden was because, although he didn't want her to follow and call himself brother Ye Chen every day like a follower, but deep down inside, he enjoyed the feeling of her circling around him.

    Gu Qiuyi saw Ye Chen looking at himself a little lost, her pretty face suddenly floated a few flushed red, shyly said "Brother Ye Chen, why are you looking at me like that ah"

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    In order to not expose Gu Qiuyi's identity as much as possible, Ye Chen and her still drove the inconspicuous old Volvo all the way from the villa area towards the city center.

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    In Yanjing, there were two kinds of people who lived in courtyard houses.

    Those who are very poor, living in old bungalows, who may not even have toilets at home, and who have to run to public toilets every day, even in the middle of the night in the middle of winter.

    There is another kind of people who are very rich.

    If you want to live in a courtyard house, the first thing you need to do is to have enough money to make it very livable.

    Because most courtyard houses are single-story buildings, no one can see what the inside looks like from the outside, and only when you come in can you see that they are different.

    Some courtyard houses are overcrowded, with briquettes, bicycles and pickle cans piled up in the aisles, making it difficult to walk.

    But there are also courtyard houses that look unremarkable and unassuming from the outside, but when you go inside, you find that there is something else inside.

    Gu Qiu Yi's courtyard house was like that.

    While other people's courtyards were cramped and overcrowded, Gu's courtyard was majestic and antique!

    Inside, there is not only a whole piece of Chinese white jade carved photo wall, on which carved nine different postures, majestic soaring dragons.


This, is the ancient royal architecture only have nine dragons shining wall, can be said to be the highest specifications of a kind, the Forbidden City has a similar piece of nine dragons shining wall.

    It's okay to put it in the modern world, but if you put it in the ancient world, no one can use such a high-spec bbc2 except for the emperor.

    Once discovered by the royal family, it would be a crime of treason and could even put to death nine families.

    Moreover, this courtyard is four in and four out, and the entrance courtyard has actually created a miniature version of a Suhang garden, with rockeries, pavilions, bridges, and flowing water.

    There are only a few loyal servants of the Gu family in the courtyard, so Gu Qiuyi has no worries, took off her mask, took Ye Chen's arm and said to him, "Brother Ye Chen, do you still remember this courtyard?When we were young, we used to play hide and seek here."

    I remember, but I always feel that it's not quite right with my memory.

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    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the carp, and you'll see that the carp have been in the house for over 30 years.But now that it's cold, the koi have been transferred to the next chamber to keep them until the spring, would you like to see them?"

    Ye Chen was surprised and said "Koi have such a long lifespan?"

    Gu Qiu Yi smiled "The life span of koi carp is around sixty or seventy years, if you raise it well and take good care of it, it can live for a few more years."

    Saying that, Gu Qiu Yi looked serious and snapped her fingers "Look, there are several kinds of pets, if you keep them well, they may live longer than you, another kind is koi, there are also turtles and parrots, macaws and sunflower parrots can live up to sixty or seventy years."

    As soon as her voice ended, she pulled Ye Chen and said, "Let's go, I'll take you to see them, you can see if you can still recognize them!"

    Gu Qiuyi then pulled Ye Chen along and went to a compartment next to the courtyard.

    This room is very large, more than half of the area, are made into a constant temperature fish pond, in which a large pile of large koi are swimming around.

    Gu Qiu Yi pointed at one of the koi carp which was about one meter long, and said excitedly, "Do you still remember it?You used to name it Noble, the one from Doraemon."

    Ye Chen smiled and nodded his head "I remember, in my childhood impressions, it seems to be the biggest one."

    Gu Qiuyi nodded her head and said "It's a Taisho Tri-colored Koi, my dad said that the price of buying it back then was worth the price of a set of three apartments in the third ring of Yanjing."

    Ye Chen was slightly startled, though somewhat appalled, but not too shocked.

    Koi was something that actually burned a lot of money, and Ye Chen had seen the news of the Zhong family's eldest daughter spending more than ten million to shoot a Koi some time ago.

    Therefore, the value of a famous koi carp could not be estimated using the dimension of an ordinary ornamental fish.

    At this time, Gu Qiuyi bent down and squatted on the edge of the fish pond, waved at the large Koi and called out to it, but she didn't expect that the Koi swam straight over, Gu Qiuyi reached out to touch it, and it didn't dodge at all.

    As she was touching the Koi, Gu Qiuyi said, "Daxiong, look, brother Ye Chen is here to see you, do you still remember him?But he still remembers you."

    Although Koi was not afraid of people, and might have some familiarity with Gu Qiuyi, but after all, he was not humane, and could not give any response to Gu Qiuyi.

    And Gu Qiu Yi was also talking to herself, then raised her head and said to Ye Chen, "My father said that Da Xiong is only thirty years old this year, if we take good care of him, he can live for another forty years, we played with him when we were young, and when we have a child, the child can also play with him!"


Although Ye Chen didn't respond to Gu Qiuyi's words, after the memories of his childhood kept surfacing in his mind, it was still subliminal, making him feel a little closer to Gu Qiuyi.

    He even had a hypothetical image floating in his mind, if his parents were still alive and he hadn't been exiled in Jinling, should he have married Gu Qiuyi by now?

    Perhaps, the people who are now guarding the koi next to the pond are no longer just myself and Gu Qiuyi, but their parents and Gu Qiuyi's parents as well.

    It was even possible to follow one or two half-grown children, chattering around himself and Gu Qiuyi, calling them parents in a milky voice, and then asking them about the many details and memories of the koi carp.

    Actually, all of this was not Ye Chen's unwarranted imagination.

    He knew his dad's personality, the second son of the Ye family, Ye Changya, was a man of nine words, and if he was still alive and he dared to say a word about not marrying Gu Qiuyi, he was afraid that he would break his own legs.

    Moreover, most of the top second generation rich people in Yanjing got married early, because their families had already arranged the marriage partner for them, and they usually held the wedding immediately when they reached the legal age of marriage.

    In that case, I might have married Gu Qiu Yi at the age of twenty-two.

    Counting down to now, he might have been married to Gu Qiuyi for four years, so it's normal to have two children if he's more efficient.

    Gu Qiuyi saw that Ye Chen was a little out of mind, and softly asked beside him, "Brother Ye Chen, what are you thinking about?"

    Ye Chen smiled bitterly and said "Thinking of Mom and Dad."

    Gu Qiuyi sighed lightly "I also just thought of Uncle Ye and Aunt Ye, I was just thinking that if nothing had happened to them back then, the two of us might have been married long ago, and we might have had children, in that case, what is here today might be three generations gathered together."

    Ye Chen was clearly startled.

    Unexpectedly, Gu Qiuyi had thought of it with herself.

    He couldn't help but sigh in his heart, Gu Qiu Yi had accepted her identity as his fiancée since she was a child, and had always considered finding and marrying herself as a goal in life for so many years, if he really failed her in the future, how would he face Gu Yanzhong and Lin Wanqiu and his wife?In the future, how will you face your parents who have made a promise?

    On the side of the ydiandiantea Gu Qiuyi did not know that Ye Chen is struggling and tangled in his mind, gently pulled his hand and opened his mouth "I'm sorry ah brother Ye Chen, I shouldn't have mentioned Uncle Ye also Aunt Ye, made you sad"

    Ye Chen shook his head and smiled, saying "It's fine, it's not so sad after all these years, more of a regret I guess."

    Gu Qiuyi smoothly interlocked her fingers with Ye Chen's, pulled him to his feet and said with a smile, "Brother Ye Chen, let's go out and play!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and shook off those despondent thoughts in his head, and strolled around the quadrangle with Gu Qiu Yi before heading to the backwaters together.

    This whole way, Gu Qiu Yi was unwilling to let go of his hand, Ye Chen saw her in such high spirits, so he didn't force her.

    The weather now is very cold,17gwu but for the authentic Yanjing people, this is the best time to come to the Houhai for ice skating.

    Therefore, the entire Houhai is very lively, the ice is also full of frolicking men, women and children playing.

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    At that moment, there was an extremely surprised look in the crowd that kept staring at Ye Chen!

    The owner of this to the eyes, is Dong Ruolin.

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The two of them came, a little earlier than Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi, the two of them have been playing happily for more than half an hour, just when they were planning to take a break, saw and Gu Qiuyi hand in hand walking over to Ye Yanqgbook Chen!

    Gu Qiuyi was wearing a thick mask, black-framed glasses, and a cute bunny-ear hat, so Dong Ruolin couldn't recognize her at all, but Ye Chen didn't do anything to cover his face, plus it was his dream lover who he thought about day kan198 night, so she naturally recognized Ye Chen at a glance!

    In this instant, she felt like her entire outlook and perception had been turned upside down!

    How could Ye Chen come skating hand in hand with a girl!

    And the two of them are so close, it's not normal to look at them!

    If he remembered correctly, Ye Chen had never been this intimate even with Xiao Choran!

    Could it be that Ye Chen had already cheated on his wife!

    I have been showing my love to Ye Chen, Ye Chen always rejects himself without hesitation and righteousness, and I had thought that he was loyal to Xiao Choran urlng, but I never thought that he would skate hand in hand with a young beauty in Yanjing!

    Although she couldn't see Gu Qiuyi's face, but from Gu Qiuyi's figure she could tell that this must be a stunning beauty, such a figure would have already spiked herself and even Xiao Choran to scraps!

    Dong Ruolin's mood suddenly sank to the bottom.

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    Dong Ruolin's cousin saw her sister suddenly freeze and curiously asked "Sister, what's wrong with you?"

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    The cousin smilingly asked "is not reluctant to leave ah?Why don't you stop working at that Imperial Group and go back to Yanjing?"

    Dong Ruolin was also a little despondent in her heart.

    The family really didn't quite want her to go back.

    Dad, Uncle and Grandpa, more than anything, wanted her to stay in Yanjing, wanted her to go and develop something with the Gu family's young master, Gu Weiliang.

    But Dong Ruolin was determined to go back.

    The reason for wanting to go back wasn't for that job at the Imperial Group, nor for that mysterious chairman of the Imperial Group, but for Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen had saved her more than once, and that time when she was injured on her leg and had a skin-to-skin relationship with him, in fact, from the depths of her heart, she had already fallen completely in love with him, and she even felt that if she couldn't make it right with Ye Chen in this life, even if she was his underground lover, she would be willing to do so.

    After all, she was willingly and recklessly in love with him, being an underground lover without a name, she could at least become his woman.

    Even if she will be scolded, even if she will become a street rat, even if her best friend, Xiao Choran, will turn against her, she will be able to do so without turning back.

    However, at this moment she suddenly realized that she didn't even seem to have the qualifications to be Ye Chen's underground lover.

    Because, at this moment, the girl who was sitting on the ice car with Ye Chen and playing happily should be Ye Chen's underground lover, right?

    Thinking of this, Dong Ruolin's eyes were red and moist.

    She suddenly envied the girl who couldn't see her face, although she was just an underground lover of Ye Chen, but Ye Chen was so attentive and considerate to her, playing with her like a boyfriend, wasn't this what she had always longed for?


At this time, Ye Chen had no idea that he was being closely watched by Dong Ruolin.

    He has been completely immersed in the ice skating car this childhood very favorite leisure sport, everyone has a child's heart, Ye Chen naturally is no exception.

    Play to the happiest time, a child with feet on ice skates, sliding faster and faster on the ice, straight towards Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi's ice skate.

    Unexpectedly, the child lost control of his direction, and didn't even steer when he was getting closer and closer to Gu Qiuyi, ramming straight into her.

    Seeing that it was close to crashing, the child himself screamed birth in fright, Gu Qiu Yi took a glance at it and was shocked!

    Although the child looked like he was in his early teens and would not weigh more than sixty or seventy pounds, the impact of inertia when he was fast was not to be underestimated.

    What was even more dangerous was that the child wasn't wearing roller skates on his feet, but ice skates, and those things were sharp and pointed, so if they poked or cut someone, they could easily cause serious injuries!

    Seeing this, Ye Chen hurriedly and suddenly jumped down from the ice cart, then grabbed Gu Qiuyi in his arms and spun her in a half circle, holding her away from the position where she was about to be hit.

    However, seeing that the child was about to hit the ice cart, Ye Chen couldn't bear to see that child get hurt, so he kicked the ice cart in a smooth motion, and the ice cart swished and leaped out from the ice in the other direction in the electric light of the child about to hit it.

    The child also had little experience, much less emergency reflexes, and was so frightened that he simply covered his eyes as he saw that he was about to hit the ice cart.

    And then the ice cart was kicked away again by Ye Chen, so that the child continued to lunge forward, and even faster than before!

    Not far away, Dong Ruolin, has been in that child and Ye Chen and herself constitute this three-point line, Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi just blocked that little girl, so she did not see exactly what happened, nor did she see a little girl out of control on the ice.

    She only saw that Ye Chen actually held that woman back and gave that woman a directly ambiguous princess hug, her heart was sore and angry!

    She couldn't help but surmise in her heart, "This guy Ye Chen is too much!It's not even enough to run off to Yanjing to meet a lover, but it's also too reckless to show affection so openly in a public place like Houhai, isn't it?"

    Just as she was angry in her heart, a shadow suddenly rushed in front of her and her cousin yelled, "Ah!Sister Ruorin, be careful!"

    As soon as the words had fallen, the shadow had rushed in front of Dong Ruo Lin's eyes!

    It was only at this time that Dong Ruolin shifted her attention from Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi to the shadow that was rushing towards her.

    When she saw clearly that the one rushing towards her was actually a girl who was covering her eyes and screaming in fear, she was also too scared to know what to do.

    Anyone who had ever skated on ice or snow knew one of the most basic safety rules, always stay away from people who are out of control!

    On ice and snow, if a person can not brake, his speed can easily reach a very dangerous state, if a person is hit by a car at high speed, there is not much difference.

    The ice skates and skis are very hard and sharp, so they can easily cause very serious injuries.

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    Just at the moment when the child's ice blade was almost close to her, she also closed her eyes and screamed in fear.

    But, a moment later, the expected impact didn't happen!


In the nick of time, Ye Chen dropped Gu Qiuyi in his arms, flew to catch up with the out-of-control little girl, and held him up hard just a second before he was about to collide with Dong Ruolin!

    Dong Ruolin opened her eyes and found that it was Ye Chen who had stopped that out of control little girl at a critical moment, she was really happy and angry inside.

    Delighted that Ye Chen would always appear in front of her like Prince Charming at a critical moment and block all dangers for her.

    Angry that she had confessed to her for so long, devoting herself to him in the hope of being his underground lover, but he had repeatedly and righteously rejected her, and had refused to do so until now.

    But she never expected that this guy would secretly find an underground lover by himself in Yanjing!

    Ye Chen hadn't noticed Dong Ruolin at this point.

    His attention was on that child, because he knew very well that once a collision occurred, the child had a higher chance of being injured, and the same collision, the adult might be able to slow down and get better, but the child would probably need to be hospitalized.

    Fortunately the child had only arrived in shock, but there was no real harm done.

    At this time this little girl opened her eyes, seeing that it was Ye Chen who had saved herself and kept her from hitting someone else, she breathed a sigh of relief and said gratefully, "Thank you, uncle."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and placed her on the ice, instructing her, "Little girl, from now on, you must remember to skate a little slower."

    The little girl nodded hurriedly, "Thank you uncle, I know."

    After saying that, she carefully waved her hand at Ye Chen, "Goodbye uncle."

    Ye Chen was relieved as he watched her slowly slip away, and was about to go back to look for Gu Qiuyi when he suddenly saw a familiar face, staring at him angrily.

    He took a quick glance and asked in surprise, "Ruo Lin?!What are you doing here?"

    Dong Ruolin purposely wrinkled her nose and snorted, saying, "It's not like your family owns Houhai, so why can't I be here?"

    Ye Chen didn't know that Dong Ruolin was angry with him in her heart at this time, seeing that she spoke as if she was a bit punchy, he smiled and said, "I didn't mean it like that, I just thought it was a bit of a coincidence, Yanjing is so big, how can we meet here."

    Dong Ruorin left her mouth, "Or as the old saying goes, there is no impermeable wall in the world!I used to come to Houhai every winter to skate, this year I've been in Jinling, I didn't have a chance, I thought I'd be leaving tomorrow, so I wanted to come over for a little fun before I left, I didn't expect to run into you."

    Saying that, Dong Ruolin looked at Gu Qiuyi who was walking over and said to Ye Chen, "If I hadn't come, I wouldn't have known that you had a little lover in Yanjing!"

    As soon as Ye Chen heard this, he knew that she misunderstood her relationship with Gu Qiuyi, so he hurriedly said, "Ruorin, this matter must be some misunderstanding on your part, I don't have any little lover, you mustn't say anything nonsense ah."

    Dong Ruolin left her mouth, "We're all adults, so don't try to cover up your desires here, aren't you just afraid that I'll go back and tell Choran?"

    Ye Chen seriously said, "Ruo Lin, you really misunderstood me on this matter."

    As he was saying, Gu Qiuyi had already come to the front, he saw Ye Chen talking to a beautiful woman, he smoothly took Ye Chen's arm and asked affectionately, "Brother Ye Chen, this lady is your friend?"

    Ye Chen nodded: "It's my college classmate."

    Once she heard that she was Ye Chen's college classmate, Gu Qiuyi looked around and saw that there was no one else nearby except Dong Ruolin and her sister, so she took the initiative to extend her hand to Dong Ruolin out of courtesy and removed her own mask, smiling and saying, "Hello sister, I'm Gu Qiuyi!"


The reason why Gu Qiuyi took off her mask was because she felt that the woman in front of her was Ye Chen's college classmate, and no matter if she positioned herself as Ye Chen's friend or Ye Chen's fiancée of over twenty years, she had to give a minimum amount of respect when she met Ye Chen's classmate.

    That was why she decided to take off her mask.

    However, this action frightened Dong Ruolin to the point where she stood as if she had been struck by lightning, unable to move!

    She looked at Gu Qiu Yi's stunningly beautiful and familiar face and was too shocked to speak!

    The woman in front of me was really the hottest actress in China, Gu Qiuyi!

    The big star who conquered the national audience and Hollywood, Gu Qiuyi!

    Also, some people weren't quite sure of Gu Qiuyi's identity, not knowing that she was the daughter of the chairman of the Gu family, but after all, Dong Ruolin was also the eldest daughter of a big Yanjing family, so she couldn't have known more about her!

    At this instant, she felt like her entire worldview had been turned upside down.

    Ye Chen, how could he be with a heavenly beauty like Gu Qiuyi?And the two of them came skiing hand in hand, in ambiguous poses, and more importantly, Ye Chen just gave her a princess hug!


    The gap between these two is just too big too!

    Gu Qiu Yi, could be said to be the girl with the most brilliant overall strength in the entire Yanjing.

    Although her family lineage was not ranked at the top in Yanjing, it was only second to the Ye and Su families .

    However, Gu Qiuyi's looks, figure, temperament, talent, and popularity were all a cut above the girls from the Ye and Su families.

    So, all things considered, no one could compare to Gu Qiu Yi, the eldest daughter of the Ye and Su families.

    Or in other words, Gu Qiu Yi was not only the most brilliant one placed in Yanjing, but also equally the most brilliant one placed in the whole country.

    That's why Dong Ruolin felt extremely shocked and incredulous.


    Why would Ye Chen be with a heavenly beauty like Gu Qiuyi?

    Dong Ruolin was still in shock, her cousin had already covered her mouth in surprise and exclaimed, "Wow, it really is Gu"

    Gu Qiu Yi hurriedly put her finger to her mouth and made a gesture of silence, smiling, "Shhh never shout ah, there are too many people here."

    Dong Ruolin's sister nodded in panic, unable to conceal her excitement as she lowered her voice and asked, "Miss Gu, can I take a picture with you?"

    Gu Qiuyi threw out her tongue and said with a smile, "It's okay to take a group photo, but it's better not to post it on the social networking site, okay?"

    "Of course!"Dong Ruo Lin's excited sister said, "Don't worry, I will never leak!"

    After saying that, she pulled out her phone from her pocket and leaned over to take a few group photos with Gu Qiu Yi.

    Only then did Dong Ruolin come back to her senses and said to Gu Qiuyi with an apologetic face, "I'm sorry Miss Gu, I was really too shocked just now and didn't react at once."

    Gu Qiuyi smiled sweetly, "It doesn't matter!You don't have to be so polite, sister!"

    When Dong Ruolin saw Gu Qiuyi's smile, she felt like she was going to be sweetened by her smile as a woman.


In fact, like Xiao Churan, she was also a fan of Gu Qiuyi, and if it wasn't for Ye Chen being here, she would have rushed over to take a picture with Gu Qiuyi.

    Therefore, Dong Ruorin couldn't help but ask tentatively, "Ye Chen, how did you and Miss Gu meet?"

    Ye Chen hadn't thought about how he should answer Dong Ruolin's question for a moment.

    If he said that Gu Qiuyi was his client who read feng shui, then it was clearly unnatural for him to come hand in hand with his client to skate on the backwaters .

    But if you said that Gu Qiu Yi was the hairdresser that you had known since you were a child, all of a sudden you would reveal your identity again.

    After all, in Dong Ruolin's eyes, she was an orphan who had been living in the Jinling City Orphanage.

    How could an orphan who had lived in Jinling since childhood know the Miss of the Yanjing Gu family?This was clearly out of the ordinary.

    So Ye Chen felt as if it was difficult to explain this matter to Dong Ruolin without exposing his identity.

    But just as he was hesitating, Gu Qiu Yi replied in passing at this time, "I've known brother Ye Chen since we were very young!"

    Dong Ruo Lin was instantly stunned after hearing that!

    She was suspicious all of a sudden, her mind calculating, "Ye Chen has lived in the Jinling Welfare Institution since he was a child, after he got out of the institution at the age of eighteen, he worked in a construction site, then he met Choran's grandfather, Choran's grandfather arranged for him to go to Jinling University for a year, then he married Choran"

    "By this reckoning, Ye Chen's life path should have never left Jinling, so how would he know the Gu family's eldest sister?The identity of these two can be said to be one day at a time, and there's an unknown number of levels of difference between them!"

    "Could it be that there's some secret about Ye Chen that he doesn't know?"

    "That seems to be the only explanation for this,"

    So, Dong Ruolin subconsciously asked after her, "Miss Gu, how come you and Ye Chen have known each other since childhood?Didn't Ye Chen grow up in Jinling?"

    Gu Qiuyi subconsciously wanted to tell the truth, but Ye Chen reacted and hurriedly said at the side, "It's a long story."

    Dong Ruolin looked towards Ye Chen and waited for his next words.

    Ye Chen knew that Gu Qiuyi's words just now must have overturned Dong Ruorin's usual perception of herself, so Dong Ruorin couldn't let up and would definitely break the casserole to the end.

    If she didn't give her a satisfactory answer today, then she would definitely still try to find out the truth in the future, and might even go and talk to Xiao Choran about it.

    Thinking of this, Ye Chen spoke up, "Actually, when I was young, Miss Gu's parents had taken her to the Jinling Orphanage, they donated a lot of money to the Jinling Orphanage at that time, and they also reached a 'one helping one' charity help with me, that is, a family helping an orphan, at that time, I wasGot to know Miss Gu, and since I'm a little older than her, she's always called me brother, and we've always gotten along as brother and sister."

    When Gu Qiuyi heard this, she knew that Ye Chen definitely didn't want to reveal the Ye family's young master's identity, so she nodded and said to Dong Ruolin, "Yes, so I've known brother Ye Chen since a long time ago!"

    Dong Ruolin suddenly realized.

    Rich people liked to engage in charity, this was not surprising.

    This reason that Ye Chen said sounded like there was nothing wrong with it on the whole, and it was also more in line with Ye Chen's entire life experience.

    Plus, Gu Qiuyi beside her also affirmed Ye Chen's statement, so Dong Ruolin didn't doubt it anymore.

    She just said somewhat reproachfully, "Ye Chen, you know such a big star as Miss Gu, why have you never heard of her before?"

    Ye Chen smiled: "You don't know me, I never like to show off, there's no need to always talk about the fact that I know Miss Gu, besides, I'm just a hangnail in everyone's eyes, even if I say it, people will definitely not believe it, on the contrary, it will definitely cause people to laugh, rather than this, so why do I have to ask for trouble?"


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