Super Son-in-law 571-580


Chapter 571

"What ...... is really ...... really him? just said...Lin Hao is Lin Tian?Now that forbidden existence in Tianhai City is Lin Hao?"Yue Gu was so shocked that she started to stammer, the news was so shocking that she didn't even dare to link Lin Hao and Lin Tian together in her heart, even though both of them were surnamed Lin ......

    At this moment, Night One's phone rang, Night One picked up the phone and said two sentences, pressed a speakerphone on Yue Gu, and the next moment there was a voice in his hand, making Yue Gu incomparably familiar: "Yue Gu ...... Long time no see, I'm Lin Hao, the day after tomorrow please be the bridesmaid of Xi Yan, I want to give her a surprise ......".

    "Lin ...... Lin Hao ......" said Yue Gu, tears pouring down her eyes.She, Yue Gu, was also a top-notch intelligent woman, and she figured out in this instant, figured out why Lin Hao was hiding his identity.She had heard Night One say that when something happened to Shen Shi Yan, something happened to Lin Hao as well, and it was a life or death crisis!!!!By the time Lin Hao wakes up, Shen Xiyan has already made a decision, and the combined persecution of the Leng family and the Gong family is already breaking ......

    All in all it was a misunderstanding, even if Shen Shi Yan was a few days later in the beginning, if Lin Hao didn't have an accident, things wouldn't have developed into what they are today.Yue Gu was now listening to Lin Hao's words, she knew that Lin Hao wasn't dead and she also knew that the two of them were really suffering too much, Lin Hao and Shen Ziyan.Lin Hao's recent constant serious injuries also made Yue Gu understand why Lin Hao had been hiding his identity ......

    "I'll explain it to you after the day after tomorrow, take care of pity, and no matter what, the day after tomorrow she must be allowed to put on her wedding dress and walk into the church, okay?"Lin Hao's words came back from the other end of the phone.

    Although Lin Hao couldn't see now, Yue Gu still nodded vigorously, "Well, good, don't worry, I'll make sure that I'll dress up and hand over Xi Yan to you ......"

    "Okay, thanks ......" Lin Hao said and then hung up again ......

    Yue Gu returned the phone to Night One, the tears on her face still couldn't be stopped.When she heard the news of Lin Hao's death, she also cried, she was sad for Shen Suyan, Shen Suyan is so bitter, she has been so bitter since she was a child, it was hard to meet such a man who loves her so much, she should have enjoyed happiness ...... Good thing is that now she knows that Lin Hao is not dead, Lin Hao is not dead!!!!

    Sobbing ...... wow ...... Yue Gu cried out loudly, these days she is also very depressed, very depressed, Yue Gu cried out and swung her little fist, and then started pounding on Yei Yi, Yei Yi did not hide, but let Yue Gu go and vent, ruthlessly venting ......

    "Why, why did you guys lie to me, why ...... oooooh, Lin Hao and Xi Yan are too bitter, too bitter, too bitter ...... Lin Hao didn't die, didn't die......Hahahaha, he didn't die, he didn't die ...... then Xi Yan will be very, very happy in the future, he will be very, very happy, wooooooooo ......hahaha...... "Yue Gu laughed as she cried, Lin Hao is also her friend, and Shen Xiyan is even the only friend and sister in her heart.She was really happy for Lin Hao and Shen Suyan, but she just couldn't help but cry ......


    "Eww ...... "Night One was silly, he had never touched a woman in his life, naturally he had never been touched by a woman, and Yue Gu was still a top-notch beauty, very, very beautiful, whether it was his body or his looks, it was first class.Now that he was being held by Yue Gu, his entire body was stiffened ten thousand times ......

    "Yue Yue ...... "When Gu Yue was holding Night One tightly, Gu Shengnan suddenly rushed over with his men, it's already late at night ah, Gu Shengnan was late in finding Gu Yue, afraid that something had happened to Gu Yue, then Gu Shengnan received a report from his men, only to find out what Gu Yue had done with his men, in a hurry, Gu Shengnan directly ordered dozens of men and horses, crazy to kill over here, this is her only daughter ah ......

    Just when Gu Shengnan arrived here, he found that his daughter was hugging Night One tightly, Gu Shengnan was stupid on the spot, such a scenario was something he could never have imagined.

    "Er ...... Dad?What are you ...... you ...... doing here?"When Yue Gu heard Gu Shengnan's shout, she hurriedly came out of Night One's arms, but the next moment her face turned incomparably red, because just now when she was holding Night One, she suddenly had an incomparably safe feeling with that slight heartbeat!When she subconsciously wanted to hold her for a while longer, she found that Gu Shengnan had already come over, and it just so happened that the scene of her holding Night One was all seen by Gu Shengnan ......

    Yue Gu's pretty face was flushed red, one had to know when a shy expression had ever appeared on the face of the Great Scourge of Gu?You know that Gu Da Scourge, but even Jiang Shao Ming had molested her ah.But right now she was blushing incomparably when she was facing Night One ......

    "Uh ...... that, how about you two ...... continue?I'll go first ...... "Gu Shengnan naturally saw Gu Yue's shy face.Heaven forbid, this precious daughter of his has not had this kind of feeling for any man for a full three years, and now she has finally shaded Shan'er to come out?Gu Shengnan doesn't care who Yue Gu likes, as long as he's a good and responsible man ......


Yes, actually, Yue Gu had always had a crush on Night One in her heart.What kind of woman is Yue Gu?She's the kind of woman who loves and hates with a big heart!She was debonair in appearance, seemingly she would smile as long as it was a handsome man, but the man who could truly enter the heart of a woman like her was definitely the top of the line kind.And Night One perfectly fit the criteria that Yue Gu liked, a battle-hardened, high and cold top-notch warrior!Very hot-blooded!A man like Night One's attraction to a woman like Yue Gu was fatal!

    Gu Shengnan knew that his daughter was shy, so he no longer said that he was leaving, but came to Yue Gu's side and said with a smile, "Well, I believe that you and Yeiyi are nothing, nothing ......" It was just that although Gu Shengnan said that, but how it sounded, it didn't look like he believed it.

    "Err ...... that ...... Gu Master...I ...... "Night One's face turned even redder, but he had never touched a woman in his life.In his heart there had always been only training, only fighting, and he had never had contact with a woman.So just now when he was being held so tenderly by Yue Gu, he was blushing incomparably red right now.

    Gu Shengnan slowly put away the smile on his face, and turned to look at Night One incomparably seriously, after looking at Night One for a while, Gu Shengnan bent down and bowed deeply to Night One, "Gu Shengnan thanks, Mr. Night One for his aid that night ......"

    Night One's face also became serious and helped Gu Shengnan, "Master Gu is polite, this is a matter within his own business.I also want to thank Master Gu for guarding Miss Shen's safety, and on behalf of my big brother, I would like to thank Master Gu again!"Night One is also incomparably righteous and pays homage to Gu Shengnan ......

    Yue Gu listened to the conversation between the two men in front of her and understood at once.That night when the Gu family was under siege, it was Night One who led a thousand battle sequences to the rescue!!!!Far from his father already knew everything.

    "Dad, did you ...... already know that Lin Hao wasn't dead?Did you ...... already know that Lin Hao is Lin Tian, you?"Gu Yue was now considered to be all clear, with his father's calculating city, he must have deduced everything long ago.That's why Gu Shengnan had been smiling after hearing about the gossip between Shen Siyan and Lin Tian, and had strongly supported the news that Shen Siyan and Lin Tian were getting married.

    At this moment, facing her daughter's question, Gu Shengnan smiled and nodded, "Well, I won't be wrong, with a person like Lin Hao, a person of unparalleled stature, how could he stand by and watch his woman being bullied?So that night, the Gong family was directly destroyed, and after that night, I knew in my heart that it was Lin Hao's doing ...... And that night I even locked eyes with Mr. Night One ......"

    Night One looked at Gu Shengnan, and at this moment could not help but nod in admiration, "Well not bad, but the Gu Family Master can really be called a world leader, my big brother also said the same thing about you, I believe that in the future of Tianhai City, there is definitely a place for the Gu Family Master ......"

    "The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you're looking for.But that night if not for your shot, the loss of the Gu family will not be able to calculate, the intention to dye love whisk Yi Yi service zero to also please Mr. Night One, do not excuse ...... "Gu Shengnan looked at the night a serious said ......

    Yue Gu was listening to her father's words on the side, her whole body was stunned, didn't her father just want to create more chances for himself to be alone with Night One?How can you say that?

    It was a good thing that Night One, who didn't understand the ways of the world, didn't think there at all.At this moment he saw Gu Shengnan say so and nodded, "Good, I will definitely go there when I have time, thank you Lord Gu ......"

    Gu Shengnan nodded and said, "Well, we won't bother you then, we'll leave ......" and Night One nodded as well.Then Gu Shengnan turned around and left.

    Yue Gu stayed where she was, her face was a little red as she looked at Night One: "Well, that, you ...... you must go ah ......"

    Night One also blushed a bit at the news, "Well, okay ......"

    Yue Gu walked with her head down with a red face, she was incomparably shy, strong as her nerves like that, this will know that Night One is watching her behind her, she was also very, very shy in her heart, even walking is incomparably ladylike ......


    At this moment inside the top floor office of Tianhai Group, Lin Hao looked at the direction where Shen Xiyan lived, his eyes were incomparably deep, and in that deep eyes, there was still too much missing ......

    "Xi Yan, one more day, the day after tomorrow we'll have the biggest wedding, we'll wear the wedding dress that you designed and sewed with your own hands, I believe that day you'll be the most beautiful woman in the world ...... absolutely ......"


December thirty-first, the last day of the solar calendar year.On this day the entire Tian Hai City outdoor all the billboards, are broadcasting the news that Shen Suyan and Lin Hao closed the intention er Er'er service love cover tomorrow's wedding, Shen Suyan personally designed red series, also in which rolling, red ribbons are fluttering in the wind, the entire city is permeated with a romantic atmosphere ......

    There was also the heaviest news that was announced today, and that was that the Tianhai Group had transferred 10 billion yuan to Shen Xiyan's two mothers, Wang Shufen and Leng Qiu Ya, a truly astronomical bride price!It wasn't just Tianhai City that shook this time, everyone in the country who saw the news was shocked by it.The truth was that the bride price was too high, too high.

    At the same time, in the Lin Clan's ancestral home in Yanjing, the people of the Lin Clan's branch were gathering together, and naturally, the two at the head were still Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin.Especially Lin Jiuyin, his face was so black that it was about to drip.

    "That brat is getting married tomorrow, I definitely won't let him have such a good time, the last time he came to Yanjing and didn't keep him, then this time his wedding in Tianhai won't go smoothly.I'll make his wedding a funeral!"Lin Jiuyin's voice is low and full of killing intent, his son was killed by Lin Hao in Tianhai, and also under his nose, and now his son's property in Tianhai City, the Tianyao Group is even more annexed by Lin Hao, Lin Jiuyin's heart for Lin Hao's hatred, is already to the point of universality ......

    Lin nodded slowly, "Good, we absolutely cannot fail this time, let that little beast's wedding turn into a funeral, first get Lin Hao killed, then Lin Yan!We control the entire Lam family!Jiuyin, you're in charge of this operation, all of us in the branch will cooperate with you!You can do whatever you want, how are the arrangements going?"Lin Jie Tian's eyes also showed killing intent, the last time Lin Hao came to Yanjing, they had thought it was an opportunity, a heavenly opportunity.

    To be able to leave Lin Hao in Yanjing forever, to first go through the Lin Clan Council of Elders and abolish Lin Hao's status as the first subordinate heir, and then to kill Lin Hao in Yanjing, but they never expected that Lin Hao would come, but he was bringing a whole thousands of men and horses straight across the capital!Those thousands of men and horses were a great deterrent to the entire Lin Clan branch, causing them not to dare to disadvantage Lin Hao in Yanjing.

    Also, the last time Lin Hao came to Yanjing, their plan to completely abolish Lin Hao's heirship failed.Although Lin Hao had lost his status as the first heir of the Lin Clan, he was still the second heir now!And the first in line heir is still fucking vacant right now!So, the last time they plotted against Lin Hao, it was considered a complete failure!Not only did it not cause any damage to Lin Hao, but it also took all of Lin's foundation in Tianhai City!!!!

    That's why this time, everyone in their branch was of one mind, that they had to get rid of Lin Hao tomorrow, at his wedding, and directly kill him, at the wedding, to get rid of Shen Shi Yan first!Let Lin Hao experience what it means to be desperate, and then they'll kill Lin Hao after he's completely violent at the wedding, having watched Shen Xiyan killed with his own eyes!Lin's branch's scheme is not without its poison!

    Lin Jiu Yin nodded to Lin Jie Tian, "Don't worry, everything has been arranged, next year's tomorrow will be the anniversary of that little beast's death, I will definitely make sure that his wedding becomes a funeral!"

    Lin Zai Tian frowned and took a deep look at Lin Jiuyin and said, "Jiuyin, although we all want to kill that little beast, it's not that simple, but that little beast has a power in his hands that is not weak.On top of the fact that he has now taken over Lin's battle sequence in the Heavenly Sea, his strength has swelled once again, and on top of that, that old immortal Mo Yuntian is still in the Heavenly Sea, and there will definitely be experts and tight security at that little beast's wedding tomorrow.You have to be cautious!!!"

    Lin Jiuyin saw that Lin was worried, Lin Jiuyin was silent, he was silent for a while before he nodded to Lin Jiuyin again in a low voice, "Don't worry, I have considered what you have said, the top 100 experts of the entire Rebel Endurance will arrive in the Heavenly Sea one after another today, when that little brute killed two of their generals, firstly they had a grudge against that little brute, secondly, this time we spent a high enough price, enough for the Rebel Endurance to come out, our people still can't move, but the entire Rebel Endurance pressed on and beat one Lin Hao and Mo Yuntian, that's enough ......"

    Lin nodded, "Well, if the entire rebellious endure is pressed up, that's enough, so Jiu Yin, kill that little beast, this price can't be borne by you alone, our Lin branch, the reason why we have been able to develop and grow over the years, it's also because we are united enough, the old rule, each of us will contribute in this matter, this matter is considered a hundred years of planning.Then it's time for Lin Yan's side to act, that dark child, we haven't activated it for ten years, it's time to act ah ......"

    Lin Jiuyin's eyebrows quirked at the words and he opened his mouth, but he didn't say anything, he naturally knew who the dark child Lin Jie Tian was talking about beside Lin Yan, yeah, ten years had passed, after killing Lin Hao, that dark child should have been activated.Their Lin Clan branch had spent a great deal of money to provide for that dark child for ten years!No, that's twenty years if you count pre-cultivation ......

    Yes, one Lin Hao wouldn't satisfy the appetite of these people of the Lin branch, and Lin Yan!They would all get killed, their ultimate goal was to control the entire Lin family.

    "Heh, to say that this Lin Yan is also really powerful, some ability ah, Lin Zhantian has been dead for how many years both, he actually still has a firm grip on the position of the head of the family ......" at this moment a member of the Lin Clan branch within the hall snorted out coldly.

    After this person spoke, a person opposite him also nodded and said, "Well, not bad, Lin Yan is a person, considered a kingpin, not just within the Lin Clan, take the whole of Huaxia, Lin Yan is also a great figure of constant pressure, but his success is also in him being too strong, failure is also in him being too strong, you see his son

Zi that little beast Lin Hao, if they father and son merge, our branch vein will be scattered, it's better to go back to our own homes, keep our own one acre of land and continue as before, only the main vein is the only one to be followed.Hehe ...... Fortunately it's not like that ah, Lin Yan Lin Hao and his father and son actually turned against each other, hehe ......"


In a word, it is, Lin Hao and Lin Yan, the two biological father and son, is now a big enemy of life and death.Lin Yan's meaning is very clear Wu Lu Wu Yi Closed Service Ai Pa Pa, that is, the future head of the family passed to the young Lin Yu!

    The crowd in the hall was laughing in mockery, while Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin who were sitting on the main seat were also laughing slightly, because that father and son were in such a state now, in the middle of which the two of them had also contributed a lot back then.


    Forget the conspiracy here in the Lin Clan branch, at the same time, in another part of Yanjing, the Lin Clan's ancestral home was to the east, but to the west there was also a high family with centuries of heritage, the Jun Family!A hidden gentry directly opened with the surname Jun.Jun, this word, if it was placed a few hundred years ago, this would be the self-description of an emperor.And the fact that this family had been passed down with this surname for hundreds of years, and had not even been exterminated by the original ruler, was enough to see that this family had a powerful heritage!

    And half a year ago, there was a shocking change within the Jun family, that is, an abandoned son of the Jun family who was abandoned out in the past, returned half a year ago strong, with great strength, directly swept the younger generation of the Jun family, even the father's generation, forcing the head of the Jun family had to abdicate early to make way for the virtuous, that abandoned son completely ascended to the head of the Jun family at the beginning of this month, and this world-renowned heavenly pride is: Jun Wu Jing!

    Jun Wu Jing's age was like three years older than Lin Hao, and next year would be thirty.But Jun Wu Jing was able to take charge of the entire Jun family before the age of thirty, thus showing his ability and strength.And in the Yanjing generation, Jun Wu Jing was also called the Dragon of the Jun Family, the Gestalt, and was crowned as the only Gestalt in Yanjing!

    The word "Gaishi" is used to describe the younger generation of the families in the country, the Gaishi is not self-proclaimed, it is at least one person constant pressure after a region, with great strength, recognized by everyone, common respect for the Gaishi!

    And Jun Wu Jing is such a world-beating character, abandoned since childhood, going through hardships outside, and facing the pursuit of the family, but Jun Wu Jing not only survives, but grows up step by step, and eventually returns to Yanjing strong, and seizes control of the Jun family!

    At this moment inside the Jun family's ancestral home, Jun Wu Jing, who was dressed in white, was listening to his men's report about the Yanjing Lin family with a smile on his face, and after listening to it, the smile on Jun Wu Jing's face became a bit more intense.

    "Oh, so, this Lin Hao of the Lin family is also a person, his experience is much similar to mine to some extent, but it's just not as miserable as mine.That Lin Yan is a character, the last generation of the Yanjing Gestalt, but Lin Yan is old, I don't have much interest in Lin Yan anymore ah, now Lin Yan, is not my opponent ah ......" Jun Wu Jing deeply lamented, his body constantly emitting an unparalleled sharpness!

    He had wanted to go meet Lin Yan after he ascended to the position of family head, but when he heard about Lin Yan and Lin Hao's deeds, he lost all interest because people like him had pride in their hearts that was higher than the sky.

    Standing in front of Jun Wu Jing were nine figures with powerful hostile auras, and just by looking at the scent, each of these nine people had an aura that was no worse than that of Night One.And with such characters, there were a full nine in front of Jun Wu Jing!This is just in front of him, not counting the Jun family's hidden strength, because these nine top warriors are the brothers who accompanied him all the way here ......

    At this moment the man with a black dragon tattooed on his arm said to Jun Wu Jing, "Big brother, Lin Hao is getting married tomorrow in Tian Hai, I got the news that the Lin Clan branch spent an astronomical price to invite the rebellious bearers over, and now the top killers of the rebellious bearers are gathering in Tian Hai City, and this time the rebellious bearers are pouring out their nests, according to our judgment, this time Lin Hao won't make it through, and tomorrow his wedding will be a funeral ......"

    Jun Wu Jing rubbed his head, slowly squinted his eyes, his fingers tapped the armrest of the chair, "Lin Hao under the command of only Night One and Mo Tianji strength is good, but the entire rebellious tolerance of the top killers, but there are nearly a hundred, their top ten killers, is not much weaker than you, even the rebellious tolerance of the top ten silver grade killers, every one of them is not weaker than that Night One, so inferred, that Lin Hao will die tomorrow ah ......"

    The young generation of Yanjing, he no longer has any rivals, even the young generation want to have a person who can be his equal, can not find.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your own personalized website.Oh, sorry, this is Warsaw, I don't have any affection for them bastards, kill them all!"

    "Yes ...... "After nodding respectfully to Jun Wu Jing, the Black Dragon and the other eight immediately turned around and left, they will arrive at the Heavenly Sea as fast as they can, and tonight they will hang the silver-ranked killer of the East Japan Rebel Endurance ......

    When the Black Dragon and the others left, Jun Wu Jing sat on a chair and leaned back, a wry smile raised at the corner of his mouth, "Oh, Lin Hao, helping you isn't for nothing ah, Yanjing is too lonely, if you can't hit Yanjing in three years, then I'll go ...... kill you ...... heh ......"


At the same time, when Mo Tianji, who was in a meeting, saw the message sent from his phone, his face changed dramatically, and he couldn't care about the meeting, so he took his phone and raced to Lin Hao's office.

    Something big has happened, something big has happened, the text message on the phone, made Mo Tianji look that is panic, just now it was the head of the dark net headquarters personally sent him a message, the eastern Japan rebellious tolerance, codenamed Sakura's Tears organization, ten silver grade assassins, more than ninety black iron grade assassins, out of the Sakura's Tears leader other than, has all assembled in the sky sea city!

    "Big Brother ...... Big Brother, it's bad, it's bad, Lin's branch, branch those people ...... "As soon as he entered the door of Lin Hao's office, Mo Tianji hurriedly shouted at Lin Hao, only that after he said one sentence, he didn't say anything further after seeing Lin Hao's face.

    At this moment, Lin Hao was sitting in front of his desk, and he looked incomparably heavy, but he wasn't so much as to panic.At this moment, when he saw how panicked Mo Tianji was, Lin Hao nodded slightly at him, "Well, I know all about it, ten silver rank killers, ninety black iron rank killers ......"

    Lin Hao's face was also incomparably heavy, the forces coming from the other side this time were too powerful.Last time it was an assassination, I'm afraid this time it was an open killing!And the Tears of Sakura, although they were disreputably referred to internationally as the East Japan Rebel Endurance.But they were still incredibly powerful, and one had to know that if the Tears of Sakura had forcibly killed Lin Hao, their entire organization would have been annihilated by the Lin Clan.That was indisputable, but the problem was that Tears of Sakura actually didn't care anymore, and Lin Hao couldn't even imagine the price those people from the Lin Clan branch had paid!

    "Then big brother what to do ah, what to do this time ah, I'll go to my teacher to think of a way, Sakura's Tear ordinary black iron grade killers, we can also pile them to death by relying on numbers, but those ten silver grade killers, I'm afraid we can't even find them ah ...... "Mo Tianji was incomparably worried in his heart.

    Tomorrow was the day of Lin Hao's wedding, if those killers from Tears of Cherry Blossoms, suddenly killed out, even if Lin Hao was fine.Then what if the people around Shen Siyan died?How will the wedding still go on?And if that was the result, no need to think about it, Lin Hao and Shen Shi Yan would never feel good in their lives, it was their wedding after all ah.And now if we were to find those ten silver assassins, how easy would that be to talk about, Tianhai City is just too big, too big ......

    Lin Hao wasn't sure of anything this time, after all those killers were in the dark, he took a deep breath, "Then change the plan for now, if we can't find all those killers before the wedding tomorrow, then the wedding will be cancelled!Postpone it!Sky, you're mobilizing all your forces and tuning into all your intelligence networks right now to hang those killers!"

    "Okay ...... I'm going ......" Mo Tianji nodded and walked out quickly, it was now ten o'clock in the morning, only twenty-four hours left before tomorrow's wedding.

    After Mo Tianji went out, Lin Hao also had anxiety in his heart, Night One could not be used for such a big event.Night One must protect Shen Xiyan, although Lin Hao decided that the other party would not make a move on Shen Xiyan before the wedding.But this was a risk he couldn't take.So Night One's side not only couldn't move, but also had to send even more powerful forces to guard it.

    As Mo Tianji thought, it was too hard to find those ten silver assassins inside the vast Tianhai City.And for tomorrow's big wedding, there were too many people invited by Lin Hao, even if there was only one silver-ranked assassin mixed in.It would also be bound to cause horrific casualties, and although Tears of Cherry Blossoms was looked down upon by Lin Hao internally, their top ten ranked killers were naturally not weak in battle, and several of them were even stronger than Night One.

    And the Lin Clan's branch was too ruthless in its calculations, giving Lin Hao absolutely no time to prepare, of course Lin Hao had prepared some before, but those preparations were simply a display in front of the entire Tears of the Cherry Blossoms.Only top killers could strangle top killers.And if Lin Hao is now recruiting people from all over the world, even if the other party takes a plane, I'm afraid it will be hard to catch up er whisked zero er closed Wu closed intention.


As far as Lin Hao knew, those members of the top killer organizations were basically not operating in Warsaw.More often than not, they were in Europe and America, and if they came from those places, it would have been too late in time.And in the face of Sakura's Tear, who was also a top assassin, the number of people who wanted to accept Lin Hao's employment was probably not much higher.So for a moment Lin Hao had actually been forced into a desperate situation ......

    "Xi Yan, I'm sorry, I originally thought that we would get married on the first day of the new year.But now it's troublesome, I'm not completely sure anymore, the time limit is until 9 am tomorrow, if ...... if I can't annihilate Sakura's Tear, then our wedding will be postponed ......" Lin Hao deeply frownedFrowns come in, and if push comes to shove, we'll have to postpone the wedding!

    "Lin's branch, you ...... are good!"Bang ...... The teacup in Lin Hao's hand was directly crushed by him.Lin Hao had already made a decision in his heart, no matter what, after he finished fighting the Tears of Cherry Blossom this time, he would go straight to war with the Lin Clan branch!

    Lin Hao picked up his phone and sent another message to the head of the darknet, "One billion dollars reward, urgent all top killers in the world, kill one Sakura Tear Silver level killer, one billion!100 million to kill a Black Metal assassin!Strangle with all your might, no matter what the cost!The promise is permanently fulfilled!"

    The time in Tianhai City is ten o'clock in the morning, while at the moment, the time in the West Dye West closed the Shandi closed the European side is two o'clock in the morning, a Chinese style teahouse, two old men with white hair sitting together.The first one is Mo Yuntian, while the other one is Lin Xiaoyun, the second elder of the Lin Clan, Lin Jiuyin's real father.

    At this moment, Mo Yuntian stared at Lin Xiaoyun, who was sitting opposite him, and said, "Lin Xiaoyun, at this point in our lives, don't try to pretend to understand, if he makes any mistakes at Lin Hao's wedding tomorrow, you're setting off a civil war in the Lin Clan!This is a consequence you should think about!"

    Lin Xiaoyun smiled slightly and shook his head, "I'm sorry, Mo Yuntian I don't know what you're talking about ......" Lin Xiaoyun was wearing an ancient uniform with huge sleeves, his hands naturally sagged down to his knees, and there was nothing but a smile on his face.If one were to look at it from the surface, no matter how one looked at it, Lin Xiaoyun would look like an amiable old man.But it was this Lin Xiaoyun who had single-handedly started the Lin Clan's civil war ten years ago, and it was in that war that caused the fall of Lin Hao's mother ......

    Lin Xiaoyun was still pretending, just dying to admit it.But Mo Yuntian had gotten an answer, and sometimes pretending to be confused was an answer in itself.And this answer was even more of an answer that made Mo Yuntian's heart, set off shocking waves ......

    Because he knew that Lin Xiaoyun, who hadn't returned to Huaxia for many years, was ready to start a war with the Lin Clan's main vein for the second time, meaning that no matter what, he, Mo Yuntian, who wanted to take the lives of Lin Clan's branch people and threaten Lin Xiaoyun like he did last time, could no longer do it, and the same mistake of an unparalleled baron like Lin Xiaoyun would never be made a second time.

    And if he said that he would do his best to hang the Lin Clan branch people in the future, these words would not have the slightest deterrent effect on Lin Xiaoyun.Because he, Lin Xiaoyun, inherently didn't care about the lives of those descendants, dead?A few more births would be nice.And over here in Europe, he still has the existence of his direct descendants, taking a step back, even if Lin Jiuyin of Yanjing dies, he doesn't care, his basic plate is in Western Europe, and this side of Western Europe has been run by him like a barrel of iron ......

    Lin Xiaoyun was laughing, smiling at Mo Yuntian, and that smile carried a hint of determination and confidence ......


In the remote cemetery in the southwest corner of Tianhai City, Shen Shiyan, wearing a long black trench coat, stood quietly in front of Lin Hao's grave, not saying a word, she had come over this morning, but after she came over, she just stood there so quietly, not saying a word, letting the cold winter wind blow her long hair, obviously her face was already freezing purple, but she still stood there unmoving ......

    At the same time in the Tianhai Group CEO's office, Lin Hao is also a quiet person to stay there, Sakura's Tears of Silver Killer is not so easy to find out, the top of the Silver Killer's own combat power not to mention, let's say their detection and counter-surveillance ability, as well as the ability to hide, disguise, plus ninjutsu, it can be said that even if the Silver Killer walks on the street, very few people will notice them, this is the terror of the Silver Killer ......

    Lin Hao really had no choice this time, it was simply impossible for him to annihilate the entire Sakura Tear overnight in the face of the entirety of the Sakura Tear.This was the first time Lin Hao had this deep sense of powerlessness rising in his heart.Because of the intervention of the Tears of Cherry Blossoms, his plan to marry Shen Xiyan would probably be delayed indefinitely, and it would be difficult to carry out this wedding.If he couldn't do it Lin Hao would have to just annihilate the Leng family and then make everything clear to Shen Siyan and tell the truth, he was sure that Shen Siyan would understand, but there was just something that was always missing between him and Shen Siyan ......

    "Hey ......" Lin Hao, who was sitting on the chair, sighed deeply, he didn't hold much hope for Mo Tianji to hang those silver grade killers, even if it was those ninety black iron grade killers, it wouldn't be that easy to kill them all.For example, the time he was assassinated in Tianhai City a month ago, that very strong Ghost Face was just one of the Black Iron rank assassins in Sakura's Tears ......


    At the same time, within the Lin ancestral mansion in Yanjing, within the deserted Lin president, Lin Yan closed the door of his room, the sunlight outside does not shine in, his entire body is hiding in the shadows, Lin Yan sat in a chair silent, his face is very gloomy, some of the body's Qi Qi can not suppress the tumble ......

    "Lin Hao is in trouble, all of the Sakura Tears are out, those guys from the branch should be setting off a second action, another action after ten years, they plan to behead Lin Hao tomorrow and then kill you, what do you do ...... ......" the shadow behind Lin Yan, at this moment a man slowly emerged, that man was also like Lin Yan, his eyes were incomparably deep, and he was wearing a black robe, his entire body gave a feeling of death.

    "I would have liked to still give him some more Cheng Xi Zhai Pa Er Shan Er Di Er long time, but I'm afraid it's too late now, it's too late ah ......" Lin Yan sighed and said to himself.

    If there was an outsider here right now who heard it, they would definitely drop their jaws in shock, because at the moment, the tone of Lin Yan's words seemed very wrong, at least very wrong from what he had shown before.

    The man behind Lin Yan shook his head and laughed indifferently, "You can also bet again, that Gestalt of the Yanjing Jun Family has already sent the nine war generals under his command to the Heavenly Sea to help Lin Hao, with the strength of those nine people, they are able to fight against the Tears of the Cherry Blossoms ......"

    Lin Yan listened to the other party's words, but shook his head and directly stood up, as Lin Yan got up, a monstrous hostility suddenly erupted from his body, Lin Yan narrowed his eyes and asked, "It's been ten years, it's time for some things to come to an end, since they've already done it, let's start ......"

    The man behind Lin Yan was named Dao Yi, the master of Night One, a terrifying figure with unparalleled battle prowess who had single-handedly trained the nine brothers of Night One, and even more so, the shadow of Lin Yan's side.At this moment, Dao Yi smiled even more at the corners of his mouth as he smiled and nodded his head, "Well, it's been ten years ah, Rouge, it's been ten years since he died ah ......"

    The name of the Hong Yan in the Dao Bite was the name of Lin Hao's own mother, Fu Hong Yan.

    At this moment when Lin Yan heard this name, an extreme pain surged from the depths of his eyes, and the momentum in his ...... body exploded in full killing intent.

    "Dao Yi, it's been ten years, are you ready?"Lin Yan asked to Dao Yi, slowly, and although Lin Yan was asking a question, he had a tone of certainty!

    The killing intent on Dao Yi's body also rose to the heavens at this moment, killing intent flashed in his eyes, "Already prepared, that level, I broke through five years ago ah, and you were even earlier than me, you broke through ten years ago, but you actually managed to hide it until now ......"

    Lin Yan's eyes had more than a hint of reminiscence and pain in their depths and slowly said, "Ten years ago, Hao'er was too young, too young ah ......"


"Come on, follow me to ...... Murder!"Lin Yan's eyes explode with killing intent ......

    Right now if Lin Hao and Lin Qingcheng were here, after hearing Lin Yan's words like this, they would definitely be shocked, because everything Lin Yan has done in the past ten years has been pretending, it's all in concealment, because the enemies of Lin's main branch are far from just Lin Jie Tian Lin Jiuyin, these few jumping clowns, behind Lin's branch, there are several extremely terrifying existences, those few existences pressed Lin Yan, the Yanjing Gaijin of more than ten years ago.I had to cover my face!Bide your time ...... and Lin Yan's endurance of this is a whole decade ah ......

    In these ten years, he had completely turned himself into a cold-blooded to the core character in order to create a false impression for those people in the Lin branch.Cutting ties with Lin Hao, enduring the pain of driving the young Lin Hao, right out of the house.This way the people of the Lin Clan branch wouldn't target Lin Hao too much when he hadn't grown up, so Lin Hao was able to grow up to this point.

    In order to play this role, Lin Yan had even kicked Lin Qingcheng out as well, leaving Lin Qingcheng alone in Europe all these years!

    "I am a father, incompetent ah ......" Lin Yan muttered in his heart, stepped out ...... This moment Lin Yan, there is no smile on his face, there is only iron and blood firmness, there is only a father to swing for his son a service zero closed wu whisker pick cut belief!

    At the same time, within a heavily guarded manor in Western Europe, Mo Yuntian looked at a text message sent from his phone.He quickly called Lin Qingcheng over, at this time of the day, Lin Qingcheng hadn't slept yet, when she learned that all of the Cherry Blossom Tears had gathered in Tianhai, she was worried about Lin Hao and was preparing to follow Mo Yuntian back home.

    "Grandpa Mo, what's wrong?Do we have to go now?"When Lin Qingcheng ran into the living room, she asked a quick question to Mo Yuntian.

    It was just that at this moment, Mo Yuntian's face was very wrong, his eyes were a little red, and there was a trace of sadness in his appearance.He stared blankly at Lin Qingcheng, his voice suddenly choked a little and said: "Qingcheng, you ...... go back yourself, you pick people, take away all that can be taken away, and I ...... stay here!......"

    Lin Qingcheng frowned and asked, "Grandpa Mo, why?You want to go together?"

    Mo Yuntian smiled bitterly and shook his head, "Forget it, go back by yourself, I'm waiting for someone here, waiting for an appointment ...... Don't worry, your grandfather Mo I have been criss-crossing this land for many years, you don't have to worry about my safety, I still have arrangements over here ......"

    "Waiting for a man?A promise?"Lin Qingcheng looked at Mo Yuntian even more confused.

    Mo Yuntian forced a smile on his face and looked at Lin Qingcheng with incomparable love, "Well, I made a promise with that person ten years ago, and now it's time for you ...... to go, stay in the Heavenly Sea and don't return to this side again.If nothing unexpected happens, I'll be back after the year ......"

    "A promise made ten years ago?Ten years ago?Grandpa Mo, can you tell me about it?"Lin Qingcheng instinctively felt that there was something wrong with tonight's Mo Yuntian.But exactly what was wrong, she couldn't tell ......

    Mo Yuntian shook his head: "You'll know later, let's go, I've already arranged a plane, you leave now, you can still make it in time for Hao'er's wedding ...... hurry up, Hao'er's side still needs your help!Obey!"Mo Yuntian said at the end his tone was already a bit harsh ......

    Lin Qingcheng bit her lips, but eventually nodded her head.It was because Lin Hao's side was the most dangerous at this moment.She had to hurry back to Lin Hao's side, so she could only pay a deep obeisance to Mo Yuntian and then leave.

    When Lin Qingcheng reached the door, Mo Yuntian's voice suddenly came from behind her, "Qingcheng, do you blame your father?"

    Lin Qingcheng, who had reached the door, trembled, bit her lower lip fiercely, turned to Mo Yuntian and asked, "Grandpa Mo, what did you just say?"

    Mo Yuntian looked at the hatred in Lin Qingcheng's eyes and sighed helplessly in his heart and said, "Nothing, I'm just saying that Hao'er's wedding, Lin Yan shouldn't go, hey ......"

    "No need for him to go!I'm Hiro's sister, I'll just be present, I'm with Lin Hao ...... no ...... father!"Lin Qingcheng said, turned around and left ......

    "Hey ...... "Mo Yuntian looked at Lin Qingcheng's distant back and sighed deeply, his heart complicated to the extreme.

    In Mo Yuntian's mind, he couldn't help but recall that night more than a decade ago, that night, Lin Yan braved the heavy rain, held the unconscious Lin Hao, knelt in front of him, and handed the young Lin Hao into his hands: "Uncle Mo, I beg you, raise him up safely, take him away from Yanjing and leave here ......"

    At that time, Mo Yuntian was also seriously injured and he was lying in bed, so Lin Yan put the unconscious Lin Hao next to him.That rainy night Lin Yan talked to him for a long, long time.The two made a promise that night, a promise that lasted for more than a decade ......

    Even now more than ten years had passed, Mo Yuntian still clearly remembered the words he had spoken to Lin Yan that night.He asked to Lin Yan, "Is it worth it?You've lost your wife, but you still have your son and your daughter, and they'll disown you if you do this, is it worth it?"

    Lin Yan smiled bitterly and shook his head, "I don't know, but Rouge is dead, and I don't want to live in this world anymore.And if those people behind the branch's curtain don't die, can Hao'er and Qingcheng live on in the future?Can't. ......"

    Lin Yan paused and looked out the window at the rain curtain and said, "Uncle Mo, Lin's, it can only be Hao'er's, always.When Hao'er grows up and becomes an adult.I'll go and slay everything that stands in his way and hand over the Lin Clan to him intact ...... The master of the Lin Clan after me, it can only be him, only him ......"

    "My son ...... Lin Hao!!!"


But in the next moment, those guard posts on the outskirts of the valley fell silently one after another.Only after they fell did a silhouette emerge behind them ......

    Such scenes are being played out silently all over the valley, very quickly, all with a single blow, so that the other side doesn't even have time to react ......

    In the next moment, Lin Yan walked with Dao Yi to the gate of the Lin Clan's branch stronghold.Lin Yan looked at the perimeter of the resolved guard post and said to Dao Yi beside him, "When did you learn the EGL Mirage Endurance set?"

    Dao Yi smirked, "Heh, they call that Illusionary Endurance too?It's nothing more than a few optical and visual blind spots, it's nothing.And don't forget, the Dao lineage of the EGL was passed down from us in China, when it comes to us being their ancestors, that is, in the last hundred years, those pussies have been rampant, if a few hundred years ago, over the ages, these pups were nothing more than out-of-town savages ......".

    Lin Yan smiled and didn't say anything else, he knew his old brother's temper immensely, that only respected the state art.Lin Yan was afraid that Dao Yi would talk endlessly on this topic, so he said, "It's time to go in and make an end of it ......"

    Once Dao heard Lin Yan say that, he also nodded, put away the smile on his face, looked at Lin Yan and asked, "There are dozens of people in there, and weapons, I'll go in with you ......"

    Lin Yan laughed, "Hahahaha ...... Brother Dao Yi, you underestimate me too much.Don't forget, I'm the last generation of Yanjing's Gai Shi ah, and it's my family business, Lin Zai Tian, Lin Jiuyin and the two of them, in a sense, are also my untalented brother ah, I should be the one to send them on their way ......"

    Lin Yan laughed and walked in, when Lin Yan reached the door, the door burst open, only to see Lin Yan enter, a long knife appeared in his hand, the long knife waved, the people hiding behind the door, one by one they died ......

    "This kind of demeanor, but I haven't seen it for more than a decade ......" said Dao Yi as he looked at Lin Yan, who entered the door, with his monstrous dominance and his iron-blooded tactics, and said with emotion in his mouth ......

    Right now, in one of the innermost halls of the valley base, Lin Zai Tian was hiding here with Lin Jiuyin and a bunch of the top executives of the Lin Clan branch in Yanjing, and they were waiting, waiting for tomorrow to arrive.As well as discussing their next plan.

    "Second brother, have all our people moved over?"Lin Jiuyin asked to Lin Zaitian.

    Lin Zaitian nodded, "Well, they've all moved over, the most important top brass have all moved over, their families have also been sent to Europe, tomorrow after that little beast dies, we'll make our move on Lin Yan in Yanjing.That secret chess, I met with her at noon, it has been activated, I believe Lin Yan can't be on guard against her ......"

    "Heh ...... are you talking about Dong Xue?Lin Zai Tian ...... "Just after Lin Zai Tian had finished his time er land zero land whisk service wait, the voice of Lin Yan came from outside the door of the secret room.

    "Lin Yan?How is that possible!"Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin soared to their feet at the news.They had been with Lin Yan for decades, so they were naturally able to hear that the voice outside the door was Lin Yan's.At this moment not only Lin Zaitian and Lin Jiuyin, but also a group of branch executives in the hall, all stood up in shock, their eyes filled with incredulity.

    Lin Zaitian and Lin Jiuyin's hearts thudded because Lin Yan had just mentioned the word Dong Xue in his words.Yes, Dong Xue, Lin Yan's wife, Dong Xue, who had been married to Lin Yan for ten years and had given birth to a Lin Yu.She was the dark child that Lin Zai Tian had planted next to Lin Yan and hadn't activated for a whole decade!This secret child was only used once in his life, but one time was enough to make Lin Yan deadly.That was why Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin were confident, they were confident that after they got rid of Lin Hao first, Lin Yan would die.

    But right now, listening to Lin Yan, it was clear that Lin Yan was already clear about all of this, and even when Lin Yan knew about it, Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin didn't dare to think about it in their hearts.

    The next moment the door of the chamber burst open, holding a long knife Lin Yan appeared in the chamber, Lin Yan sneered and walked towards the innermost Lin Zaitian and Lin Jiuyin, while walking, the long knife in his hand while waving, with each time Lin Yan waved, there is a branch of the senior executives were killed ......

    The interval didn't last long as no one could sustain a single blade in front of Lin Yan, while more people ran out, only to soon hear the screams of those people.A minute later, in the secret hall, there was only Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin left, as well as Lin Yan who was holding a long, bloody knife.

    "You ...... you ...... how do you ......" Lin Zaitian could no longer maintain his composure, his heart was filled with an inexorableConfidence.They never thought Lin Yan would make the first move on them!And still so determined, and Lin Yan even knew Dong Xue's firstborn well!What this meant, they didn't even dare to imagine.

    Lin Yan directly swung his sword, and suddenly Lin Jiuyin and Lin Zitian's legs were directly cut off.With two thumps, the two of them brushed their knees in front of Lin Yan, well, it could no longer be said that they were kneeling, but they were poking the ground.


Brush Brush Brush ...... Lin Yan swung a few more slashes, and suddenly Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin's two arms were also cut off.Firstly, they had been pre-empted by Lin Yan, and secondly, the two of them, who had been raised in a state of superiority, hadn't exercised much at all.So right now when they reacted, both their hands and legs were already gone ......

    Ahhhhh ...... Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin couldn't help but howl as they watched their arms and legs being severed and then cut off by Lin Yan, they knew that they were finished, not far from death.Extreme pain filled the nerves of both of them.

    "Lin Yan, I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you, even if you know about Dong Xue, your son is finished, your son is finished ...... Lin Hao that little beast will be buried with us, will be buried with us!!!"Lin Jiuyin frantically shouted at Lin Yan.

    It was just his threat, but Lin Yan didn't take it to heart at all.Lin Yan sneered, "Oh, that's not jail you bother, whether my son will die tomorrow or not, you can't see it anyway, can you?And I'll feed your corpse to the dogs, I guess it's impossible for you to go to hell if you want to, Lin Jiuyin Oh, you're upset that your son was killed by my son, aren't you?Haha, but now you're going to get killed by me too ......"

    "Ah ah ah ah ...... "Lin Jiuyin howled with a torn heart, but in the next moment he couldn't say a word anymore because Lin Yan directly penetrated through his mouth with his long knife ......

    Bang ...... Lin Jiuyin was dead, this figure who stomped his foot and could cause an earthquake on one side, died just like that.The death was incomparably simple, simply because he was facing Lin Yan, who had concealed and planned for a whole decade or so!Lin Yan had already been planning how to kill these erwu zero dye aisan servants of the Lin Clan branch!

    Lin Yan looked at Lin Jie Tian and said: "Sorry, I'm afraid that if it's late, it's not. In the TV drama, it's always like that, the villain dies because of the words, I'm just an objection now, right?So let's just kill him and be done with it, don't you think?Second Brother ...... "Lin Yan slowly narrowed his eyes, his eyes were icy cold.

    Compared to Lin Jiuyin, the one Lin Yan wanted to kill the most was Lin Zai Tian!Because Lin Zaitian was far more ruthless than this Lin Jiuyin on the surface.More than ten years ago, Lin Yan's wife's death was planned by Lin Jaiyin.Instead, Lin Yan didn't have the time to save her, so Lin Jiuyin could die a quicker death, but Lin Jaitian could not ......

    "Lin Yan, how deeply hidden you are!More than ten years, more than ten years, and you don't even care about your own sons and daughters in order to let our guard down!You're great, you're really great, I lost with Jiuyin, not unjustly ...... "Lin Zai Tian deeply sighed, to this point, he already knew it was all over, he didn't know how it was on the European side.But on the Yanjing side, their Lin branch is considered to be completely and utterly finished, all finished ......

    Lin Yan nodded with a cold smile, "Heh ...... I'm holding back?Do you think I'm as good as your father?How long has he been holding back, a lifetime ......"

    Lin Zai Tian didn't pick up on Lin Yan's words, but instead asked him, "Lin Yan, I'm only asking you, those family members of our branch, did you do anything to them?"

    Lin Yan was stunned and frowned, pretending to think about it and said, "Oh, it seems like a plane that was flying to Europe today crashed, and the scene was that tragic, it seems like no one survived it ......."

    "No way!How come I didn't get the news, Lin Yan you're lying to me!!!"Lin looked terrified and yelled at Lin Yan, because there was still her wife's ...... on that plane.

    Lin Yan took out his phone, clicked on a news, put the phone in front of Lin Jaitian, that Lin Jaitian see clearly: "Well, before it is not, this is not a minute ago crashed it ......" Lin Yan in a smile, that smile, with a monstrous hatred, yes, he did it to Lin Jaitian's family, and the rest of the branch of those people's families, but also all gone.

    "Ah ...... ah ...... ah ......" Lin Jie Tian looked at the news in front of him, Lin Yan was also kind enough to give him the next sheet of paperZhang's turn the page, in short is to take care of the disabled it, Lin Zaitian now no hands no feet, can not let him turn the page with his own tongue, right?Simply Lin Yan will be the good guy to the end, just Lin Zai Tian watched and howled in tears ......

    Lin Yan frowned with a pity face, "Hey, second brother, look at this one, this one is Yun Shu, right?The death is so miserable, look at the blood flowing, hey, what a pity, Yun Shu was a big beauty back then no matter what ...... tsk tsk, what a pity ......"

    "Jae Tian, look at this one again, this is your son Lin Yao, right?Tsk tsk half the head are gone ah ...... how so miserable it hey, nothing old to run abroad what ah, stay at home is not good?Look at this miserable ......"

    Lin Yan's face of pity, a picture, a picture to the already armless Lin Zai Tian, a careful explanation of ......

    "Ah ah ah ...... Lin Yan, misfortune is not as bad as family ah ...... You shall not die a good death ah, you shall not die a good death ah ah ah ...... "Lin Zai Tian's teeth are bared, at this moment painful tears of blood flowed from his eyes ......

    Bang!...... Suddenly Lin Yan fiercely grabbed Lin Jie Tian's head and smashed it on the ground, after a loud bang, Lin Jie Tian's nose was broken, his face was disfigured, and half of his teeth were knocked out ......

    Lin Yan's eyes were filled with endless pain and hatred and slowly said: "Not as bad as your family?You fucking Lim Jae Tian, you have the nerve to say that to me?Huh?What did you do to Rouge 10 years ago?Huh?Now you're fucking telling me that!I, Lin Yan, have never been a good person, and if you mess with me, then I'll exterminate your entire clan!"

    "Ten years ago, you made me watch my wife die in front of me.Ten years ago, you people forced me, even my own son and daughter were forced out of the house, and now my son sees me as if I were his enemy in life or death, thanks to you, I, Lin ShiMy lord, I, the Yan Gaiji of a dozen years ago, have a broken wife and a broken family!Now you're telling me it's not as bad as family?Just fucking animals like you, you ...... also deserve !!!!!!!"

    Lin Yan was shouting madly, at this moment Lin Yan was really angry, completely furious, Lin Zai Tian Lin Jiuyin these people, touched his bottom line ......

    "Ten years, I've endured for a whole decade ah, just for today ah, just for today, Lin Zai Tian ...... you want to die so easily?Oh, it's impossible ......" Lin Yan said slowly to Lin Zai Tian who was already unable to speak.

    A full half an hour later, Lin Yan, who was covered in blood, came out of the secret base of the valley, and in the folds of Lin Yan's clothes, there were still a few pieces of meat hanging, as to what kind of meat it was, no one knew ......

    "Change your clothes ......" Dao Yi put away the smile on his face and said to Lin Yan with some concern, he knew that this old brother of his had been waiting for this day for ten years, ten years ......

    Lin Yan nodded and took a new shirt from one of his men at the side.

    "Next, where to?"Dao pair asked Lin Yan.

    "Go back to the ancestral home and see Dong Xue ...... "After Lin Yan was silent for a while, there was more than a hint of complexity in his eyes ......


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