Secret Identity 1611-1620


Chapter 1611

Originally, Dong Ruorin still just felt that Ye Chen's speech was barely rounded off, but there was always something that made her feel that there was still something wrong.

    However, Ye Chen's self-deprecation had directly swept away the little bit of doubt remaining in Dong Ruolin's heart.

    She thought back to when she was in school, Ye Chen was looked down upon in all sorts of ways, and even classmates who were also from poor backgrounds were able to bully him indiscriminately.

    He, on the other hand, never bothered with people, let alone argued or fought with them, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

    With a personality like Ye Chen's, it was indeed impossible for him to tell the truth about the fact that he knew Gu Qiu Yi.

    Moreover, even if he said it, no one would definitely believe it.

    Thinking of this, she instead had some admiration for Ye Chen.

    Knowing the Gu family and being known as brother and sister to Miss Gu, yet never telling anyone about it, preferring to be looked down upon rather than thinking of using this relationship, this was indeed very rare.

    However, she still had a little hidden worry.

    Because just now, she saw Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi behaving intimately, so she always felt that there seemed to be something not quite normal between the two of them.

    So she asked Ye Chen tentatively, "Ye Chen, does Choran know about your relationship with Miss Gu?"

    Ye Chen laughed and asked back, "Do you know about Nine Xuan Stomach Dispersion?"

    "I know."Dong Ruo Lin nodded and said, "Isn't this the amazing stomach medicine that's been super hot for a while?Oh yeah, it seems like it's still Miss Gu's endorsement!"

    Ye Chen asked her again, "Then do you know that the manufacturer of Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, is a company in Jinling [Liancheng]?"

    Dong Ruolin continued to nod, "Well, I know."

    Ye Chen smiled and said, "Some time ago when Qiu Yi went to Jinling to shoot a commercial, she even had dinner with me and Choran, but because Qiu Yi is a public figure, she didn't tell you about it."

    "So," Dong Ruolin suddenly realized and asked Ye Chen, "At that time, Choran knew that the two of you already knew each other?"

    Ye Chen shook his head: "Actually, I didn't tell the truth to Choran at that time, because Qiu Yi was going to work at that time, and I didn't want others to know about my affair with Qiu Yi, lest a hangdog like me dragged Qiu Yi's hind legs, so I didn't tell Choran and anyone else about it at that time, in fact, if you didn't happen to meet me today, I wouldn't have told you."

    Dong Ruolin nodded gently, hearing Ye Chen always mocking himself with the title of a hangman, she was suddenly a little heartbroken, so she said, "Ye Chen, you shouldn't be so presumptuous all the time, you're actually a very good person, I think very few people can compare to you!"

    All of Dong Ruolin's words were from the bottom of her heart.

    She did feel that Ye Chen was very extraordinary, not to mention anything else, his strength alone was by no means comparable to ordinary people, when the Zhennan Dual Fiend was in front of him, he had no ability to fight back at all.

    With this kind of terrifying fighting power of Ye Chen, those people who had insulted him in the past were actually no match for him at all, it was just that Ye Chen had never bothered with those people.

    Gu Qiuyi at the side hadn't said anything, she knew that she had almost caused trouble for Ye Chen with her unintentional words just now, fortunately, Ye Chen's brain reacted quickly, otherwise it would have been hard to explain this matter.


Ye Chen saw that Dong Ruolin believed his words, so he said, "Ruolin, it's getting late, we'll be leaving first, let's meet at the airport tomorrow."

    Dong Ruolin nodded lightly, remembering something, she hurriedly said, "Right, you just saved me once again!"

    Ye Chen smiled, "The old one isn't you, it's that little girl, if you really bumped into her, you shouldn't have much of a problem, but that little girl might be a bit dangerous."

    Dong Ruolin deliberately left her mouth open and said in a very stubborn tone, "Thank you for that too!"

    Ye Chen smiled helplessly, "Okay, we have to go, we won't be polite with you here, you remember this matter, don't tell Choran yet."

    Dong Ruolin nodded, "Okay, I know, I'll keep my mouth shut, it's getting late, we're both leaving too."

    Dong Ruorin and her cousin parked the car in a nearby parking lot, while Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi had just parked the car in the Gu family's quadrangle, so we weren't going in the same direction, so we said goodbye at the edge of the ice rink.

    After separating, Ye Chen was finally relieved, it seems that today this matter is considered to be barely passed.

    Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi turned around and walked out a few dozen meters before Gu Qiuyi asked him in a low voice, "Brother Ye Chen, why did you keep hiding your identity?If you reveal your identity, how dare those people in Jinling bully you!"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, "I left the Ye family with my parents and ended up in Jinling, to be frank, I'm just like an ordinary orphanurl, even if I reveal my identity, what can I do?Others may not believe it either."

    Gu Qiu Yi asked again, "Then after Uncle Ye and Aunt Ye passed away, you obviously could have contacted the Ye family and asked them to take you back ah."

    Ye Chen shook his head and said indifferently, "The Ye family's situation is complicated and far from what I could manage at that time, not to mention that my parents left Jinling because they didn't want to bow to the Ye family, and although I was young back then, it was their blood that flowed through my body, so how could I take the initiative to bow to the Ye family and return to enjoy their glory and wealth after they passed away?"

    Gu Qiuyi's eyes quickly turned red, she hugged Ye Chen's arm tightly and choked, "I just feel bad that you have suffered so much and suffered so much for so many years, and I feel bad that any random person can look down on you and bully you all those years"

    Ye Chen patted the back of her hand and said with a smile, "That's how people are, they have to withstand ups and downs, being complimented all their lives, they may never know the dangers and hardships of the world, so they will probably suffer a big loss in the future, unlike me, from the age of eight, I have seen the cold and warmth of the world, these experiences will be a valuable asset for my future life."

    Gu Qiuyi gently nodded her head, and bean tears slid down the corners of her eyes.

    She was truly heartbroken about Ye Chen's life over the past ten years, even though Ye Chen said it so lightly, but deep inside she felt as if she was stuck in her throat every time she thought of it.

    He was the young master of the Ye family, but he was exiled in Jinling to suffer the hardships of the lowest strata of society, Gu Qiu Yi could not imagine how in the end he had survived all these years.

    Although she was younger than Ye Chen, but every time she thought of this, she wished that she could leave Ye Chen in Yanjing forever, and do nothing herself, every day by his side to try to do everything possible to treat him well, to make up for the sins he had suffered for so many years.

    At this time, Ye Chen suddenly sighed, "I'm leaving tomorrow, let's meet Tang Sihai today!"

    Gu Qiuyi asked in surprise, "Brother Ye Chen, you're going to see Uncle Tang?"

    Ye Chen nodded and said, "The matter of my parents back then, I still need to find him and ask him in person for clarification."

    Gu Qiuyi said off the cuff, "Then I'll go with you!"


Ye Chen was not overly wary of Tang Sihai.

    This was because he was able to analyze that Tang Sihai had no ill will towards himself.

    Even the fact that he had been able to grow up safely in Jinling for so many years was thanks to Tang Sihai's secret protection.

    Therefore, if Tang Sihai had ill intentions towards himself, he wouldn't have waited until now.

    This was also one of the few people that Ye Chen could absolutely trust, so he was going to contact Tang Sihai and ask him to meet to learn some details about that year.

    yaliart Tang Sihai was at the Ye Group at this time.

    In the high-level conference room of the Ye Group, all the sons of the Ye Family, were gathered here for the family meeting.

    The one presiding over the meeting was the Ye family's grandfather, Ye Chen's grandfather, Ye Zhongquan.

    And nearly twenty people from the Ye family's descendants were also sitting squarely in the conference room.

    At this time, the old master said with a lamented face, "The old phase master left in a hurry yesterday, going directly to the airport from Ye Ling Mountain, I didn't even see the last of him, what a pity!"

    Ye Chen's uncle Ye Changkong spoke up and asked, "Dad, did you ask us to rush over for the meeting because of the old phase master's return to America?"

    Ye Zhongquan waved his hand and said, "The old phase master told me long ago that the reason why he remained in Yanjing and in the country after the construction of Ye Ling Mountain was completed was to wait for a chance of his own, and now that he's gone, it must be that he's already received the chance he's been waiting for years."

    Everyone nodded, and one of Ye Chen's cousins of the same generation asked "Grandpa, then what is so important that you asked us to come over today?"

    The last time the old man summoned the entire Ye family's first descendants for a meeting, or to decide to move the ancestral tomb, the Ye family's property was too big, and the descendants were divided into various ministries and scattered all over the country, so if it wasn't extremely important, there was no need to take the trouble to gather everyone together.

    Ye Zhongquan sighed and said, "At first, the old physiognomist told me that after the Ye family's dragon trap in the shallows is broken, there will be a chance to soar to the heavens and take it to the next level, but I have never been able to figure out where the Ye family's chance to soar to the heavens is."

    The crowd all looked at each other for a time.

    carshio The current strength of the Ye family is now ranked second among the big families in the country, just after the Su family, if it goes up another level, wouldn't it be to surpass the Su family and become the number one family in the country?

    As a result, everyone also got a little excited.

    Ye Chen's third uncle Ye Changyun spoke up, "Dad, did the old phase master reveal any general clues at first?Like where the hell is this opportunity going to come up?On whom?Or by what one thing can we find out about it?"

    Ye Zhongquan shook his head and said, "The old prime minister only said that the Ye family would usher in a heavenly opportunity, but he didn't reveal a single word about what this opportunity was and where to find it, only that it was a heavenly opportunity that must not be revealed!"

    Ye Changkong smacked his lips and said "That's too broad a scope, we can't catch a clue even if we want to!"

    Ye Zhongquan Road "can't catch it, we have to find a way 0766 to take the initiative and fully search!"

    Said Ye Zhongquan, "I've been thinking about a problem for the past two days, and that is how our Ye family, how exactly can we surpass the Su family."

    "Overtake the Su family?"


The whole group of Ye family descendants, you look at me and I look at you, they all feel that this matter is almost a fantasy.

    The Ye family is similar compared to the Su family, and the Su family's overall strength is probably about 20 higher than the Ye family.

    hdbo However, because the Su family and the Ye family's family base is so large, the difference of 20 is also a huge difference in money.

    If the Ye family wanted to surpass the Su family, their assets would have to increase by at least a few hundred billion.

    The Su family is already stronger than the Ye family in terms of volume and naturally develops faster than the Ye family, so the gap between the Ye family and the Su family is actually slowly widening.

    Now trying to rise against the trend and catch up all the way to the Su family was not only difficult, but more like a fantasy.

    Ye Zhongquan saw that everyone was silent, so he couldn't help but lament "Twenty years ago, when Changga was still alive, the Ye family had almost surpassed the Su family under his leadership, at that time, Changga formulated the strategy of national domination, and all the big families in Yanjing believed that the Ye family would definitely surpass the Su family and become the top of the country"

    At this point, Ye Zhongquan silence jijiana a moment, eyes full of compassion and said "But, after the coma left, you people are really one worse than the other."

    The eldest son Ye Changkong heard this, was very dissatisfied and said "Dad, you want to say so meaningless, the old saying that we are not as good as the long coma, that is not as good as the long coma, but the long coma family but you drove out in the first place, if you did not drive out the long coma in the first place, perhaps the Ye family has now completed the goal of national hegemony."

    "You" Ye Zhongquan angrily pointed at Ye Changkong, wanting to break into a curse, but then endured back.

    He sighed a long sigh and said to everyone "the past is the past, let's focus on the present."

    Ye Changkong said "What is the best way to shorten the distance between us and the Su family?"

    The Ye family's grandchildren can marry the Su family's granddaughters, but it seems that only two granddaughters, one of which is twenty-two years old this year and is already of marriageable age, and the other one is not yet an adult, are like jewels in the Su family.For the Ye family, it will definitely be a huge help!"

    Ye Chen's eldest aunt Ye Changmin spoke up "Dad, the Su family's head granddaughter is extremely popular in the Su family, if you want to marry her, you must at least be our family's eldest grandson!"

    Ye family's eldest grandson, is Ye Chen's uncle Ye Changkong's son Ye Feng.

    At this time, Ye Changkong sighed and said, "Changmin, Xiao Feng has already made a marriage contract with the Norwegian royal princess last year, and the wedding will be held this summer, the whole Yanjing almost knows about this, there is no room for mediation."

    "Yes."Ye Chen's cousin Ye Feng spoke up "That Su family's Su Zhiyu, I've been in contact with her before, this woman is cold and rarely participates in socializing, many domestic and foreign debutante parties have turned floral invitations to her, she has never accepted, it's incredibly difficult to pursue her, not to mention I'm engaged to be married myself, if I were to pursue her, the Su family is afraid that they would be able to see me at a glanceThe motive."

    One of Ye Chen's cousins, Ye Hao, the eldest son of Ye Changyun, the third oldest son of the Ye family, couldn't hide his excitement and spoke, "Grandpa, shall I try?"

    Ye Changkong took a look at this nephew with an unimpressive appearance, shook his head and said, "Little Hao, the Su family's strength is already above ours, even your eldest son and grandson, Brother Feng, may not be able to enter the Su family's eyes, let alone you."

    Ye Changyun was a little unhappy and said, "Brother, this is meaningless, who says that the grandchildren of Su's parents must marry other people's eldest son or grandson?Maybe our little Hao just has the charm?"

    Ye Changkong smiled "Old man, if you're not convinced, you can let Xiao Hao try, I'm just afraid that Xiao Hao won't even have the chance to meet Su Zhiyu, then it would be a laughing stock."

    Master Ye also couldn't help but sigh and splash cold water, "If you want to marry with the Su family, Little Hao is indeed far from it."

    Saying that, he suddenly remembered something, the mane in his eyes, looked at Tang Sihai, who hadn't spoken, and spoke, "Sihai, do you think that if you let the son of the long coma go and marry the Su family, would he agree?"


As soon as Master Ye said this, the entire audience let out an exclamation!

    Son of the Long Coma, isn't that Ye Chen?

    In fact, back when Master Ye asked Tang Sihai to buy the Imperial Group, go to Jinling to give it to Ye Chen, and invite Ye Chen back to the family, everyone knew the news that Ye Chen was still alive.

    Except for the old man, everyone else was very wary of Ye Chen and even extremely repulsive inside, afraid that he would return to Yanjing and compete with them for the Ye family's property and power.

    Fortunately, Ye Chen had refused Tang Sihai's request and did not return to the Ye family, so everyone was relieved and slowly relaxed their guard.

    However, even if Ye Chen didn't return, everyone was extremely dissatisfied with the old man for throwing hundreds of billions of dollars and sending him to the Imperial Group.

    The Ye family's assets were over a trillion, but after all, it had a large population.

    Ye Chen's grandfather had four sons and two daughters.

    In addition to the second youngest, Ye Changsha, who died young back then, the other three sons had a total of seven grandchildren and six granddaughters.

    Although the two daughters were married, they also held important positions in the Ye family's financial empire, so with such a large number of sons and daughters, even if they were equally distributed, it would be impossible to reach the level of 100 billion each.

    Therefore, Ye Chen got the Imperial Group all by himself, which really made many Ye family members very jealous.

    At that time, there were also many people who jointly opposed it, strongly protesting against this eccentric approach of the old master.

    But the old man forcefully insisted on doing so, citing that the Ye family owed too much to the Ye Changsha family.

    Although everyone was ten thousand times dissatisfied, it was good that Ye Chen did not plan to return to Yanjing to fight with them for more family property, so everyone reluctantly accepted it.

    In everyone's opinion, it was actually quite good to have Ye Chen just be a fief king outside, at least it wouldn't affect their fight for the Ye family's headship.

    However, the old man now actually taobao19然 want Ye Chen to come back and also want him to go and marry with the Su family, isn't this just like drawing wolves into the house dfzhifu for them?

    So, Ye Changkong, Ye's patriarch, blurted out, "Dad!The son of the long coma so many years fall dahuawuliu fall outside, he did not receive high-end education, did not experience the family's training and experience, completely is a mountain wild reckless, let him go with the Su family marriage, is not a laughing stock?And, but I remember, he's already got a family in Jinling!"

    "Yes Dad!"The third son, Ye Changyun, also hurriedly said, "Our Ye family's first-born sons and grandsons, which one of them is not the country's top private school from kindergarten to high school?Which one of them is not studying at a top overseas university?Who hasn't received a top-notch education that combines the East and West since childhood?Not only learning knowledge, business, and management, but also learning multiple languages, noble horsemanship, and golf, that son of Second Brother, who grew up in an orphanage and never even went to college, how could Miss Su look up to such a commodity?"

    The others have also agreed to sing along.

    Tang Sihai said with a blank expression at this time "Young Master Chen went to college, just not for the full four years, and I have some contact with Young Master Chen, and in my opinion, Young Master Chen is quite the style and spirit of the second master back then, definitely a dragon and phoenix among men!".

    Ye Feng, the eldest grandson of the Ye family, sternly shouted, "Tang, you do not have the right to speak here, do not you see what people are around you, we are all surnamed Ye!What are you, a slave of a foreign family, talking nonsense here?"

    Tang Sihai nonchalantly said "Although Tang Mou's surname is not Ye, but Tang Mou's life was given by the Second Master, so Tang Mou has already sworn an oath that this life will be the Ye family's from now on, so every word I say is with a clear conscience!"

    Ye Hao said coldly, "Do you think we don't know you?You're not loyal to the Ye family at all, you're loyal to my second uncle, that's why you tried to hide Ye Chen by all means, and you tried to trick grandpa into buying him an imperial group, and now you're trying to trick grandpa into getting him back to Yanjing?I think your selfishness is actually trying to help Ye Chen take the Ye family's headship, right?"

    As soon as that was said, everyone's faces changed!


Even Old Master Ye couldn't help but be stunned.

    Tang Sihai said in a cold voice at this point "I never wanted Young Master Chen to come back, I'm just telling you objectively that today's Young Master Chen is not inferior to the Ye Second Master who was all-powerful in Yanjing back then!As for the marriage matter, it was the Master who proposed it, not me!"

    "Besides, you don't have to worry here, Young Master Chen doesn't want to come back at all, and from what I know of him, even if I begged him on my knees, he wouldn't come back, let alone abandon his hair wife and go to marry the Su family!"

    The crowd was relieved to hear this instead.

    Won't be back?

    It's a good thing I'm not coming back!

    Master Ye's eyes narrowed.

    He contemplated for a long while before saying seriously, "Actually, I think that if Chen'er comes back, it's not likely that he'll really succeed in marrying Su Zhiyu."

    "How is that possible."Ye Changkong blurted out "The Su family has eyes above all else, the eldest grandson of the Ye family like Little Feng may not even be able to do it, why should he, a vulgar person who has been down and out for many years, be able to impress the Su family?!"

    Old Master Ye looked at Ye Changkong with cold eyes and grinned kcbl a smile.

    Ye Changkong was shaken by the old master's glance, feeling as if the old master had seen through his own mind at once.

    Master Ye knew very well in his heart that the reason why Ye Changkong was here to belittle Ye Chen was actually because he was afraid that Ye Chen would really come back, and even more afraid that Ye Chen would really agree to go and marry the Su family.

    Because of the fear, he belittled it.

    It seemed as if it was justified, but it was just a way to cover up his inner panic.

    Others also spoke up in agreement at this time, and the reasoning of everyone was simple, it was nothing more than that Ye Chen grew up in a humble environment and couldn't possibly be worthy of the Su family's eldest daughter.

    Ye Changyun said with a mocking face "Dad, although Ye Chen is my second brother's son, but he has been the hangman in the mouth of youngsters for so many years, a hangman, how can he be compared to a heaven's delicate daughter like Su Zhiyu?"

    Seeing that everyone spoke out against it, the old man Ye snorted and spoke up, "Do you know that back then Su Zhiyu's mother, that is, the Su family's eldest daughter-in-law, was determined to find a life for the long coma di?Back then, she pursued the coma for many years, as long as the coma nodded, she was the Ye family's second daughter-in-law, to this day, she also goes to the coma grave every year to pay her respects, this kind of love for the house and the crow, can you understand?"

    One word, the whole room was in an uproar!

    It was only then that Ye Changkong recalled those past events from back then.

    Back then, Ye Changkong, in the entire Yanjing, that was truly a crown-like existence.

    I don't know how many rich girls dreamed of marrying him, even if it meant being his lover.

    This included Su Zhiyu's mother and the Su family's eldest daughter-in-law.

    Back then, countless men were deathly jealous of Ye Changya, and this included him as the eldest brother.

    If it was really as the old man said, Su Zhiyu's mother loved the house, then Ye Chen's affair with Su Zhiyu was really a few possibilities


Just as the Ye family members were thinking about what kind of reason they should use to convince the old man to give up this idea, they were thinking about what kind of reason they should use to convince the old man to give up this idea.

    The old master slapped the table and said excitedly "I think this matter has a high success rate as long as Chen'er nods his head!"

    Ye Changkong hurriedly said, "Dad, Chen'er is already married!Do you think it is possible for the Su family to marry their eldest granddaughter, who is like a jewel in the palm of their hand, to a man who has been married before?Even if Tatsuki is divorced, it's still a second marriage!"

    The first time I was in the hospital, I had to go to the hospital to see if I could find a doctor, but I couldn't find one.Even if they don't have any names, they have no complaints, and that's the beauty of the coma!"

    Ye Changkong stifled his wrists, "Dad ah!Times have changed!How can young people today be willing to begrudge themselves when they revere self?"

    Ye said coldly "Willingness or unwillingness, it's not up to you or me, it's the facts that speak for themselves!How do you know it won't work if you don't try?!"

    Saying that, he immediately said to Tang Sihai, "Sihai ah, you go to Jinling as soon as possible, meet with Chen'er and tell him about this matter."

    Tang Sihai earnestly said "Master, I think young master Chen doesn't shtj will agree."

    "What?"Master Ye frowned, pointed at the other Ye sons and asked, "They don't want Chen'er back, don't you?"

    The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at it, but I didn't think it would be a good idea.Even if Young Master Chen considers Miss Gu Quyi of the Gu family, he won't consider Su Zhiyu of the Su family!"


    Only then did the crowd think of a fact that they had ignored for years.

    Back when Ye Chen was a young child, he was already engaged to the Gu family's eldest daughter, the current big star, Gu Qiuyi!

    Master Ye's eyes suddenly glowed with gold and he said excitedly, "Oh my!I was foolish!It turns out that the chance to fly to the sky that the old phase master was talking about is with Chen'er!"

    The others all looked at Old Master Ye, wondering why he suddenly said that.

    Master Ye then sighed "The Gu family is much, much weaker than the Su family, but the Gu family is small!Gu Yanzhong alone had shares in the Gu Group!That's not counting his other assets, these add up to trillions of dollars I'm afraid, and even if they don't, they're infinitely closer, and the perfect thing is that he only has one daughter, and everything he'll have in the future will be his daughter's, in other words, his son-in-law's too!"

    The crowd was jealous as hell.


    That Ye Chen has been out in the world for so many years, and he's still carrying a marriage contract with Miss Gu?

    It's fucking enviable, isn't it!

    At this time, the old man stood up excitedly and said to Tang Sihai, "Sihai, I give you a task, I don't care what method you use, within half a year, you must let Chen'er divorce that Jinling woman and then come back to the family!"

    Tang Sihai nodded his head "Master, I will do my best."

    The other Ye family members, one by one, were all annoyed.

    Based on the current trend, it looked like the old master had to get Ye Chen back.

    And once Ye Chen came back, there was a high possibility that he would become the Gu family's son-in-law, as well as the Su family's son-in-law.

    At that time, he would become the person who could truly do both left and right for the Ye family.


It was an unacceptable situation for all the other cousins!

    For a time, everyone's heart began to desperately think of a response.

    Master Ye's side was in a bright and cheerful mood, he could already determine that the chance for the Ye family to take off, as the old physiognomist Lai Qinghua said, was in Ye Chen's possession.

    H This instantly cleared up the doubts that had been plaguing his mind for four years and put him in a good mood.

    So he laughed, stood up and said in a loud voice, "Alright, that's enough for today, let's adjourn the meeting!"

    Everyone's expressions were a little different, but no one dared to say anything against it, but everyone had their own agenda in their hearts, and the vast majority of them were deathly unwilling to see Ye Chen return to the Ye family in a high-profile manner.

    After the meeting was over, Tang Sihai returned to his office, and as soon as he sat down in his seat, he received a call from Ye Chen.

    He was delighted and hurriedly answered the phone, respectfully asking "Young Master, why did you want to get up and call me?"

    Ye Chen asked "Butler Tang, is it convenient for you to speak now?"

    "Convenient."Tang Sihai hurriedly said "I'm in my office, it's very safe and secretive, you can say anything you want."

    Ye Chen hmmm, faintly said aqsscy "I'm in Yanjing, I want to see you, do you have time?"

    Tang Sihai asked in surprise, "Young Master, you've come to Yanjing?When was that?"

    Ye Chen said "I've been here for two days and came over to run some errands, I plan to return tomorrow and want to meet with you before I go."

    Tang Sihai immediately said "No problem young master, bother you to move to the Guangyuan Tea House in the Huguang Hall, that is my property."

    Ye Chen said "Good, then I'll go over there now."

    Tang Sihai busily said "I will also leave immediately!"

    The Huguang Hall, a building of the Qing Dynasty, was used to entertain scholarship holders from the Huguang area who came to Beijing to rush for the exams, similar to the office of Huguang in Yanjing in the Qing Dynasty.

    Tang Sihai invested in a teahouse at the Huguang Hall, which was quaint and quite charming, and Tang often came here to rest or entertain friends on weekdays.

    With Tang Sihai's current status as the Ye family's grand steward, he was considered to be a figurehead in Yanjing, except for the top few big families, the heads of other families also had to be respectful in front of him, so his teahouse was doing good business, and many respectable people liked to come over to visit.

    When Ye Chen arrived at the Huguang Hall, Tang Sihai had already arrived before him.

    He personally greeted Ye Chen at the door and was stunned to see that he had come with a woman wearing a mask.

    Tang Sihai had worked deep in Yanjing for many years, and had extraordinary insight into many things, and he almost immediately saw that the woman wearing a mask who came with Ye Chen was the eldest daughter of the Gu family, Gu Qiu Yi.

    At this moment, Tang Sihai was incomparably happy and said excitedly "Young hh126 Master, Miss Gu, how did you two run into each other?"

    Gu Qiu Yi smiled and said, "Uncle Tang, I'm all dressed up like this, I can't hide it from you!"

    Tang Sihai smiled, "Miss Gu has an extraordinary temperament, how can a piece of mask cover it up."

    The two of you should move to the backyard.


The Guangyuan Tea House is divided into a front yard, a middle yard and a back yard, all of which are typical antique wooden buildings, with a stage inside, where people often speak comic dialogues or sing Peking Opera.

    The front and middle courtyard are open to the public, and all members of the teahouse can spend money here, but the back courtyard is closed to the public, and this is Tang Sihai's private territory, so secrecy is extremely high.

    Tang Sihai was respectful and invited Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi into the private parlor in the backyard together.

    Once inside, Tang Sihai immediately detached all the service staff and personally invited Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi to sit jisuic down on the sofa, while personally using his precious zhenchengsh's Jianzhan tea set to make a pot of tea for the two.

    The fragrant teacups will be handed to the two before Tang Sihai could not hide his excitement and said, "Young Master, I really did not expect you to come to Yanjing, and still with Miss Gu."

    Tang Sihai had actually long been hoping that Ye Chen would be willing to come back and he had also long been hoping that Ye Chen would be able to get together with Gu Qiuyi.

    He had been in Yanjing for many years, and he could be very familiar with the situation of the Ye family and all the other big families in Yanjing.

    With his grasp of the entire Yanjing big family situation, he felt that the best option for Ye Chen was to divorce his current wife, then leave that small city in Jinling and come to Yanjing to take back his identity as the second young master of the Ye family, and then marry Gu Qiu Yi openly and honestly.

    In Tang Sihai's opinion, there was no one in the world who was more suitable for Ye Chen than Gu Qiu Yi, and the two of them, they were simply a match made in heaven.

    This was not only because Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi were originally engaged to be married, but also because Gu Yanzhong was a righteous man, and all three members of their family were merciful.

    More importantly, the Gu family was of extraordinary strength and only had one only daughter, so if Ye Chen married Gu Qiu Yi, it would be equivalent to bringing half of the Gu clan under his own wing.

    That way, Ye Chen would not only be the Ye family's second young master, but also the Gu family's aunt, already unmatched in Yanjing.

    Therefore, he was now excited to see Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi together.

    Ye Chen then faintly spoke "I came to Yanjing this time mainly to see Uncle Gu, wasn't his health not too good a while ago, so I came over to see him."

    Tang Sihai was shocked and spoke out of turn "Young Master, Chairman Gu has suddenly recovered from a serious illness, and his entire body looks quite young on TV, this should be you helping behind the scenes, right?"


    In response to Tang Sihai's question, Ye Chen smiled slightly, nodded gently and said, "I also coincidentally got a good medicine, so I rushed over to give it to Uncle Gu, and it's good that the good medicine works well."

    Tang Sihai the whole person for one loveonsen trembled, emotionally said "young master, your good medicine's effect is more than good!It's simply out of this world!I have lived for so many years, but I have never heard of any medicine that can cure advanced pancreatic cancer, from which it can be seen that this good medicine of yours is definitely called a miracle medicine!"

    Ye Chen nodded without comment and looked at Tang Sihai seriously, "Housekeeper Tang, I also have a copy of this good medicine for you, and if you need it in the future, I will definitely deliver it to you."

    The Rejuvenation Pill, Ye Chen had it on him.


If it was really necessary, he could always take it out now and give it to Tang Sihai.

    But the reason he said that he would wait until Tang Sihai was in need was because he wanted to use the Rejuvenation Pill to increase Tang Sihai's reliability.

    It wasn't that he had doubts about Tang Sihai, but he felt that there was always nothing wrong with being cautious in any situation.

    With the Rejuvenation Pill hanging over Tang Sihai, Tang Sihai's loyalty to himself would definitely increase as well.

    When Tang Sihai heard this, his entire expression was in awe, and he immediately thanked him, "Young Master, with your words, I will die without regrets even if I go to the Mount of Swords or the Sea of Fire."

    Tang Sihai was not only a loyal person, he was also an intelligent one.

    Although he didn't know what the rejuvenation pills were, he was able to get a glimpse through Gu Yanzhong's watchdyjhj show.

    First of all, the good medicine that Ye Chen was talking about must be a miracle cure for all diseases, even a serious illness like advanced pancreatic cancer with a lethality rate of almost 100 can be cured, then there might not be any disease in this world that it can't cure.

    Secondly, the state of Gu Yanzhong's entire body on TV is even better than when he was healthy, which proves that this good medicine can not only cure diseases, but also prolong life.

    With these two effects, it could almost be called the greatest treasure on earth.

    And now, Ye Chen had even promised to prepare a copy for himself, which not only made him excited, but also moved him immensely.

    Ye Chen nodded lightly and asked Tang Sihai, "Butler Tang, I came to see you this time because I want to know the details of how my parents were forced to leave and killed, I wonder if you have any more clues?Like who the hell is behind it?"

    Tang Sihai hesitated a bit and spoke up "Young Master, at first, your father was obviously offended by the Rothschild family that had dominated the West for many years, but in reality, it was the entire Yanjing family that was offended."

    Ye Chen frowned and asked him "Why would my father offend the entire Yanjing family?"

    Tang Sihai sighed and said, "Back then, your father, under the wave of open market economy, first led the Ye family to do cross-border finance and trade, at that time, many big families in the country knew nothing about the overseas financial market, all we know is very traditional physical trade, such as exporting some domestic products to overseas, and then importing some products from overseas back to the country, this kind of cross-border trade is the most basic, our ancestors have been doing this since the Tang and Song dynasties, and even during the Song dynasty, our country became the world's largest foreign trade, one or two thousand years ago, the port of Quanzhou, can be said to be the busiest trade port in the world.

    At this point, Tang Sihai sighed and said, "However, up until your father's youth, the foreign trade of our domestic entrepreneurs was still similar to that of the Tang and Song dynasties, with little technical content, while Europe and the United States have played transnational finance to a tee, with stocks, futures, oil, gold, private equity, hedge funds, and venture capital, all of which were the watchwords of Europe and the United States back then."

    "Asian countries were still relying on workers toil to produce things to go overseas to exchange into money, a little bit of accumulation, when people's hedge funds 51haow directly with a lot of hot money, run to Asia to wreak havoc, not only can cause financial turmoil, but also can legally rob [81 Chinese] away Asian countries for a few years.Even the fruits of dozens of ba years of labor to make a country's financial collapse, stock market collapse, and property market collapse."

    "Back then, the Rothschilds aimed their blood-sucking at the big families in China. When everyone was being slaughtered, it was your father who stepped forward and organized the entire Yanjing family to fight against the Rothschilds, eventually causing the Rothschilds to retreat in disgrace, not daring to come to China for ten years."

    When Ye Chen heard this, he couldn't help but frown "According to you, these families in Yanjing should be thanking my father, why did my father still offend them?"


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