Super Son-in-law 621-623

 Super Son-in-law Chapter 621

But compared to the happy wedding between Lin Hao and Shen Shiyan on the screen, Lin Yan who was half kneeling on the ground below the screen, his back was incomparably sluggish, the originally domineering and unrivaled Gaiji Lin Yan was really like an old man with a weak breath at this moment.

Although Lin Yan's breath was faint and covered in blood, his eyes had a hint of a smile in them.The battle knife that was stuck on the floor in front of him was still bleeding fresh blood downwards, and the blade was emitting a cold, deathly cold mane ......

"Oh ...... my son's wedding, how can you puny people come and mess with it ah.With me here, no one can disturb my son's big wedding!"Lin Yan's mouth was bleeding as he laughed, yes he was laughing, the generation of the lord of the world, this is the moment to laugh, laugh rampantly, laugh indulgently ......

"And what's your problem?You were a rare and good father in this world, so why did you have to go to such lengths?"Dao Yi walked behind Lin Yan, took out a medicine bottle from his bosom and sprinkled a special powder on Lin Yan's body, this powder was very powerful, after sprinkling it on Lin Yan's wounds began to stutter and the bleeding stopped, only Lin Yan's face was still white.

At this moment Lin Yan smiled at Dao Yi's question but shook his head: "You don't understand, you don't understand ah, in recent times, we Lin Clan three generations, my father, me, my son, which one is not the world's proud?Do you really think it's that easy to take charge of a great clan?Every generation of the control of a great family has to go through thousands of hardships.Just like that Gestapo of the Jun family today, Jun Wuyou, he suffered no less than Hao'er, but he achieved Gestapo, killed his way up to Yanjing, and in just one month, took control of the entire Jun family, becoming the Gestapo of the Yanjing generation!"

Dao Yi frowned deeply and said with a bit of disapproval, "You're all crooked, it's true that encountering hardship makes one stronger, but aren't you afraid of letting Lin Hao encounter too many difficulties and crushing him?Well, you know, half a month ago, in front of your house, he shot you directly, and there was no hesitation in that shot, was there?"Dao Yi trailed off.

Lin Yan smiled, not caring in the slightest and said, "Crush him?Oh, he's my father Lin Zhantian's grandson, he's my Lin Yan's own son, he's bound to be the best family head in modern times!Not one!I believe in him, you'll just have to wait and see, of course, if you live to see that ......"

Lin Yan was laughing, and Dao Yi laughed when he heard Lin Yan's last sentence, laughing and shaking his head: "Oh, yeah, then I have to be able to live until then ah ...... This time to go to Western Europe, who knows if I can survive ......"

Dao Yi Kai said with a smile, without putting life or death in mind in the slightest.No matter the tone of voice or look, all the west service cover love to pick dye Lu'er is so easy.For a time, Dao Yi and Lin Yan, these two extremely strong and terrifying characters, just stand side by side, in the cold wind of the recession, the cold wind blowing their robes, blowing their half-white hair, but not blowing their determined hearts.

After standing for a while, Dao Yi looked at the big screen in front of him, the wedding that was about to be completed, and after a while of silence, he still looked at Lin Hao's handsome and domineering figure on the big screen, and asked Lin Yan, "Old brother, the wedding is about to be over, and you, as a father, don't you really want to take a look at it?Aren't you going to say hello?This time, it's likely to be goodbye forever ah, maybe later, it's really never going to be seen again ah ...... really, not going?"

This time, Lin Yan listened to Dao Yi's words, but he was silent, deeply silent, and didn't say a word for a long time.Before, he didn't go because he knew that Burial would kill him and he would block the last attack for Lin Hao.And now all the killers, including Burial, had already been destroyed by him.

And what Dao Yi said, he agreed in his heart.Maybe this trip to the Sacred Mountain was really just like what Dao Yi had said, there was no return.It was likely that he would never see it again in this life ......

Lin Yan looked at Lin Hao on the big screen, who was now holding Shen Xiyan's hand and standing in the middle of the stage.He said: "How can I go, what will happen if he sees me?You want to fight me?Another duel between father and son?"

Dao Yi was silent, frowning and thinking for a while, "It's better to go, even if it's just to say a few words.If we don't make it back alive this time, do you think Lin Hao will break down later when he finds out the truth?Will it be uncomfortable?The last time he met you was the time you two dueled at the Lin's ancestral home.Do you want to fill his heart with guilt?I'm in charge, go ahead and don't scar the child psychologically ......"

Dao paused and continued, "And, after all, today is his wedding day ah ......"

Lin Yan was silent, a generation of desperate barons, a generation of Yanjing's gestapo, at this moment his eyes moistened, for a long, long time, Lin Yan slowly nodded his head and said, "Good ......"


At this moment within the wedding scene, Lin Hao, who was holding Shen Xiyan's hand and giving a toast to Gu Shengnan, Wang Shufen, and Leng Qiuya, suddenly trembled in his heart, and he didn't know why, but his heart was suddenly very uncomfortable at that moment just now.Lin Hao involuntarily covered his chest, and his face turned a little pale.

Super Son-in-law Chapter 622

Right now, the people sitting at this table were all the most important people Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan.When they saw Lin Hao like this, they couldn't help but look over with concern, and Shen Siyan, who was standing beside Lin Hao, also quickly held Lin Hao's hand tightly, "Honey, what's wrong?Not feeling well or your injuries?"Shen Siyan's eyes were incomparably worried.

Lin Hao slowly exhaled and smiled at Shen Suyan, "It's fine, I don't know what happened just now, I just felt a bit uncomfortable, but it's fine now, come let's toast to Mom and Dad together ......"

Shen Xi Yan was still a little worried about Lin Hao because she knew that Lin Hao had been badly injured and unconscious for several days after he returned from Yanjing last time.She didn't want to lose Lin Hao again now, she would have to go crazy if she lost him again.But it was their wedding now, so she couldn't ask anything.

At this table, there were many relatives of Shen Xiyan, including Gu Shengnan, Wang Shufen, and Leng Qiuya.And Lin Hao's relatives were the only ones standing here.

Shen Siyan poured a cup of wine for Lin Qingcheng and followed Lin Hao and raised the cup to Lin Qingcheng, "Sister, Lin Hao and I toast to you, I wish my sister will also find her husband as soon as possible ......"

Lin Qingcheng smiled and drank the wine down, then spoke to Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan.It was just that their table was strange because Lin Hao's parents weren't present, but today, on Lin Hao's wedding day, only one sister was here.Everyone in Tian Hai City was a little confused ......

"Hao'er, congratulations ......" just as Lin Hao and Shen Qingyan were talking to Lin Qingcheng, a high pitched voice suddenly came from the doorway.Lin Hao turned around in confusion, and then saw Dao Yi who was smiling at him.But the next moment, when Lin Hao saw Lin Yan standing beside Dao Yi, his face went cold ......

And as Lin Hao's face turned cold, the entire arena, which was incomparably lively just now, suddenly became completely quiet.At this moment, there was a vague chill that spread out on Lin Hao's body, and Shen Xiyan, who was standing beside her, was shocked, and followed Lin Hao's line of sight, and then saw the two middle-aged people who appeared at the entrance at this moment.

"Lin Hao, today is the day of your wedding to Xi Yan, don't be impulsive!"The moment Lin Qingcheng saw Lin Yan, fearing that Lin Hao would be impulsive, she quickly stood up and grabbed Lin Hao's arm with a very strong force ......

In the next moment, Night One, who was dressed in a black strong suit, and Mo Tianji, who had been guarding the venue, also appeared behind Lin Hao at the first time, and both of them looked at Dye Ai Zero Yi whisked Dye West dyeing Lin Yan who appeared in the doorway as if they were enemies.

"What are you doing here?"Lin Hao stared at Lin Yan, who was standing at the door, with an icy tone, and as Lin Hao spoke, the momentum in his body continued to rise!!!!If Lin Yan dares to fight at the wedding today, he will die with Lin Yan!

At this moment, as Lin Hao's words fell, the gazes of the entire audience were all looking at Lin Yan who was standing at the entrance.Some of the old people from Tianhai City who were sitting in the front row of the venue at this moment, such as Ye Family's head Ye Feiye, Xiao Family's head Xiao Nuo, and Bai Family's head Bai Hang, all of them turned pale at this moment and quickly stood up, cold sweat dripping from their bodies.

Because they were acquainted with Lin Yan, who had also spent some time in Tian Hai City when he inherited the Lin Clan more than a decade ago.And at that time, Tianhai City was completely Lin Yan's era, and Ye Feiye and his group were the ones who were living under Lin Yan's shadow and trembling in the beginning.They had never expected that now, after more than a decade, they would actually run into Lin Yan again.

And the next moment, they were shocked to discover that Lin Hao was also surnamed Lin, and then combined the gossip they had received.It suddenly became clear that Lin Hao's father was Lin Yan!!!!

At this moment, Lin Yan, who was at the entrance, slowly stepped in, he had a brand new set of clothes on, and other than his face being a little pale, from the looks of it, Lin Yan looked like nothing.

As Lin Yan approached Lin Hao step by step, Lin Hao's aura climbed more and more powerfully.The same was true for Night One and Mo Tianji who were standing behind Lin Hao.

"Night One, back off for me!"Suddenly Daoist Yi shouted fiercely at Night One.He was Night One's master, and now seeing that Night One actually had signs of making a move against Lin Yan, he quickly shouted at Night One.Night One's body trembled at the words, a struggle flashed in his eyes, but he didn't take a step back ......

Lin Yan didn't care but waved his hand and didn't even look at Night One and Mo Tianji, but walked to a stop two or three meters away in front of Lin Hao.Lin Yan smiled and looked at Lin Hao, "You're my son, you're getting married, why can't I come?"

Boom ...... Shen Shi Yan's mind set off waves of shock, her eyes widened and she looked at Lin Yan, who looked very similar to Lin Hao's face, and then opened her mouth wide to look at Lin Hao ......

"Lin Hao, this ...... he...he's your father?"Shen Xiyan couldn't believe it and asked Lin Hao ......

Super Son-in-law Chapter 623

Lin Hao stared at Lin Yan with a deadly stare, the last time he had dueled Lin Yan in front of the Lin Clan's ancestral home in Yanjing, he had realized that he was no match for Lin Yan at the moment!And Lin Yan was currently accompanied by Dao Yi, who was also Night One's master.And here in Tianhai City, which was also one of Lin Yan's old nests, Lin Hao now suddenly realized that Lin Yan was hiding very, very deep.

Lin Yan knew full well that Tianhai was now his Lin Hao's territory, and the combat sequence that Lin Hao had secretly trained for so many years was also in Tianhai City.But even so, Lin Yan dared to come and brazenly appear above his wedding!This caused Lin Hao's eye holes to shrink slightly, his eyes were incomparably heavy.

It was as if Lin Yan sensed the tension in Lin Hao, so he smiled at Lin Hao and said, "Don't be nervous, you're getting married, you're my son, I'm here to see, how can it all make sense, right?Or do you want to talk to me here?"

Lin Hao took a deep look at Lin Yan and said, "Lin Yan, you better be clear about what you're doing right now ......"

Lin Yan laughed indifferently, and then he saw his eyes on Shen Xi Yan, Lin Yan carefully looked at Shen Xi Yan for a few times, and then nodded, "Girl, you are beautiful, you are also excellent, welcome to marry into our Lin family."

Faced with Lin Yan's words, but Shen Siyan didn't know how to reply for a moment, she also saw that Lin Hao's attitude was right at the moment.And just now, Lin Yan himself had said that he was Lin Hao's father, and Lin Hao hadn't denied it.So at this moment, facing Lin Yan's words, Shen Xi Yan could only smile awkwardly and nodded her head.

The eye Woody closed love steak service Lu looked at Lin Hao and Lin Yan is already rattled, people within the venue, all feel incomparably depressed.If Lin Hao is so strong, then how strong should his father be?Most of them were the ones who didn't know Lin Yan.But right now Ye Feiye Xiao Nuo a few of the top-tier families in Tianhai City were scared white, others didn't know, they knew ah.But they had been living in Lin Yan's shadow back then.

Lin Yan also smiled and nodded to Shen Xiyan, then looked deeply at Lin Hao and said disdainfully, "Now you, you are still far from being able to bring me down ...... Work hard, I'll wait for you to surpass me ......"

Lin Yan looked deeply at Lin Hao once again after he finished speaking, then turned around and walked away directly.Lin Hao looked at Lin Yan's attitude of leaving after he finished speaking and couldn't help but frown deeply.

Lin Yan came as he said and left as he said, as if it was really just like he said, today he was getting married and Lin Yan was just coming over to check it out, and no longer had any other purpose.It was just that Lin Hao instinctively felt that something was wrong, that Lin Yan was very wrong today, and there was not even a trace of hostility in Lin Yan's eyes when he looked at him just now.This was simply not possible in the past.

And right now it wasn't just Lin Hao, Lin Qingcheng was also the same, frowning deeply at the distant Lin Yan now.A month ago, she broke up with Lin Yan and was driven out of the house, and she had never seen Lin Yan again.And this time, she didn't expect to see him at Lin Hao's wedding, to see the father she now incomparably resented in her heart.Just her heart also felt a hint of something wrong, and suddenly Lin Qingcheng's mind recalled what Mo Lao had said to her last night, asking her how she felt about Lin Yan.

For a time, Lin Qingcheng watched Lin Yan's distant back and fell into contemplation.

Lin Yan left, but Dao Yi hadn't left yet.Dao Yi walked up to Lin Hao, looked deeply at Lin Hao and said, "You are still a step away from us, this time I can help you, when you remember, there is no second time, you are not at that level, there are many things you will eventually feel powerless ......"

Lin Hao bowed deeply to Dao Yi, "Lin Hao, thank you for Senior Dao Yi's aid last night ......"

Dao Yi waved his hand indifferently and didn't speak to Lin Hao anymore, but walked up to Night One and said, "You're not even close, don't embarrass me!I'm no match for that old man Lin Yan. You can't even compete with his son?A humiliating contraption, hmm ...... "Daoist One mercilessly scolded Night One in public.

Night One, however, lowered his head without daring to say a word, not even daring to look at Dao Yi.He was deeply aware of the terror of his master in front of him, a peerless ruthless man who was no less than Lin Yan.

Dao Yi also turned around after saying that, but after taking two steps, he paused his body and said to Night One without looking back, "Hehe, but your attitude of just daring to confront that old thing Lin Yan head on, I like it, keep it up and move forward, from now on, this world belongs to you young people ......"


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