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Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2181 

The moment Song Wanting appeared, everyone was confused except for Ye Chen.

      No one could imagine that Song Wanting, who had been unaccounted for and whose life and death was unknown, suddenly appeared at the press conference.

      It must be known that one second, the Song Clan was unable to confirm whether Song Wanting was still alive, so they held a special board meeting and announced the appointment of Song Tian Ming as the new chairman.

      However, in the next second, Song Wanting was suddenly back!

      Almost everyone couldn't accept such a big plot twist, and the movie probably wouldn't dare to be made this way.

      The one who was most unable to accept the reality in front of them was naturally Song Tian Ming, who had just succeeded to the position of Chairman of the Song Group.

      At this time, the entire Song Tian Ming was already looking at Song Wanting in anger!

      His eyes were wide and red, while crawling with blood.

      The pair of eyeballs were almost staring out of their sockets.

      Never in his wildest dreams could he believe that Song Wanting had made it back to China from Japan alive!

      He couldn't help but say in his mind, "If she's still alive, why don't the Japanese police even know about it?"

      "Now the Japanese police, although they have started to reduce their manpower in searching for Song Wanting, they still haven't completely given up on finding her, but she has bypassed the Japanese police and quietly returned to China, what is her intention?"

      "More importantly, if she's still alive, why hasn't she been in contact with me or with the old thing?"

      "She has a deep bond with the old thing's grandparents, and even if she doesn't believe in herself, she can't even suspect the old thing, can she?"

      "Do" first.

      "Did she realize something?!"

      Thinking of this, Song Tian Ming was panicking to death.

      Song Honor, who was on the side, was even more frightened and scared at this point.

      He couldn't understand how Song Wanting had survived, let alone how she had returned to China.

      Now, the matter about her was already well known in China and Japan.

      With her current popularity, there was no way that she would have returned to China without a word, unless someone with great powers was secretly helping him

      At this thought, Song Honor immediately looked at the smiling Ye Chen in the first row of VIP seats.

      At this moment, his heart thudded and a thought suddenly came out, "Could it be Ye Chen?!"

      "Right!It has to be him!"

      "No wonder he came back from Japan so neatly, how could he have abandoned the search if he hadn't made sure that Song Wanting was already safe?"

      "And only he has the stamina to bring Song Wanting back from Japan unnoticed."

      "No wonder he had to come to Song's press conference!So he's been manipulating all of this in secret!"

      Thinking of this, Song Honor was scared to death in his heart.

      He was afraid that Ye Chen already knew about the scheme he was plotting with his father, in that case, Ye Chen would definitely not let go of their father and son.

      At this time, the media's attention was all focused on Song Wanting.

      All along, no reporter had noticed Ye Chen who was sitting in the first row with the back of his head facing them.

      At this moment, the camera shutter sounded like firecrackers crackling nonstop.

Chapter 2182

Song Wanting stepped towards the podium under the gaze of the crowd.

      Numerous reporters were now extending their microphones, and there were reporters who were quick and somewhat frantic in their tone of voice to ask follow-up questions, "Miss Song, Miss Song, I am a reporter from Jiangnan Finance, and I would like to ask, how did you escape from that cliff crash in Japan?"

      Song Wanting stopped, smiled slightly, and said, "I didn't happen to be in the car when the accident happened."

      Someone else asked a follow-up question, "Then Miss Song, since you weren't in the car, may I ask why you haven't shown up since the Japanese police have been searching everywhere for you for so many days?"

      Song Wanting replied, "I didn't show up because I suspected that the accident I encountered was intentionally caused by humans, so I didn't reveal it to the public for my own personal safety."

      As soon as this was said, the crowd at the scene sucked in a breath of cold air!

      The accident that happened to Song Wanting was caused by humans?If this is true, then wouldn't someone be trying to murder her!

      In that case, the nature of the incident would be elevated from a traffic accident to a murder with extreme cruelty and serious consequences!

      Song Tian Ming and Song Honor were even more scared and weak.

      If Song Wanting really had the evidence of their crimes, then their lives would be over!

      Although this case was committed in Japan, the person who died in this case was Chinese, and the mastermind behind it was also Chinese, so this must have been punishable under Chinese law.

      In China, buying a murderer to kill someone is a felony of all felonies.

      Even if they disguised it as a traffic accident, didn't use any murder weapon, and didn't directly kill the other people in the car, it's still a very bad crime.

      So, even if the father and son were spared the death penalty, it would at least be a life sentence.

      The richer the person is, the more afraid they are of going to jail.

      When poor people are so poor that they have no choice, they even take the initiative to commit crimes and seek a place in prison and a bite to eat.

      Especially in Japan, a very aging country, many elderly people, because they have no way to retire, have to resort to crime and hope to retire in prison.

      But this is by no means the case for the rich.

      They have the world's best luxury cars, planes, yachts, and mansions around the world, and they live like heaven on earth, with several or even dozens of people serving them.Fastest Update

      Letting such people go to jail would simply be worse than killing them.

      After all, all were treated equally inside the prison, whether you were a tramp who was so poor that you had no place to sleep and eat, or a super-rich man who was incredibly wealthy and rich, once you were in prison, it was likely that everyone would live in the same cell and eat from the same cauldron.

      Therefore, Song Tian Ming and Song Honor were almost terrified to the core within their hearts.

      Song Wanting didn't answer any more questions from the media reporters at this point, she stepped straight up onto the podium and came in front of her uncle, Song Tian Ming.

      Song Tian Ming was so frightened that his scalp tingled and he even had severe tinnitus in his ears.

      He thought that Song Wanting would suddenly lash out at him, but he didn't expect that Song Wanting would just smile at him and say very politely, "Uncle, I've made you and your brother worry these days."

      As soon as this was said, Song Tian Ming was suddenly relieved!

      His heart was like a newborn secretly saying, "My mother, it's really scaring me to death it seems Song Wanting still doesn't know that I'm behind all this really God bless, amen amen amen."

      The tense nerves almost snapped at the moment Song Wanting approached, fortunately, Song Wanting didn't look like she wanted to target them and their son.

      Song Tian Ming said with a celebratory face after a big sigh of relief, "Oh my God Wan Ting, you're back, these days you were away, uncle I was anxiously scratching my heart, your grandfather was also worried about you having a sudden brain disease"

      Speaking of which, Song Tian Ming let out a long sigh, "Hey okay okay, it's good to have you back, it's good to have you back."

      As soon as he finished speaking, his eyes turned red, and he actually shed two lines of hot tears.

      Ye Chen, who was off stage, looked at Song Tian Ming's movie emperor performance with cold eyes and said in his heart, "Song Tian Ming, do you think you've been robbed of your life?In fact, your nightmare is just beginning!"

Chapter 2183

At this time, Song Tian Ming was still imagining that what he had done hadn't been revealed.

      At the same time, he was also thinking, "It doesn't matter if this damned Song Wanting comes back, anyway, now that the old thing has turned into dementia, she'll have no backing in the Song Group, and there will be plenty of opportunities to fix her in the future!"

      At this time, Song Wanting looked at Song Tian Ming and asked in a loud voice, "Uncle, I heard that the board of directors elected you as the new chairman of the board because of my absence?"

      Song Tian Ming rubbed his hands somewhat awkwardly and accosted, "Oh this matter hey everyone also thinks that the group can't always be a group of dragons, so they elected me to come out and replace you."

      Song Wanting nodded her head and said seriously, "Then thank you, thank you uncle for having the heart to share my worries."

      Saying that, she changed her words and asked, "Uncle, you just said that if I came back, you would automatically give me back the chairman's position, this should count for something, right?"

      Song Tian Ming looked around awkwardly.

      "Damn, there are so many media reporters down here, and this bastard Ye Chen is also there, I can't go back on what I just said in front of them if I say anything, otherwise once the media reports it, I'll be immediately infamous."

      "And what's more, this son of a b*t*h Ye Chen is not easy to deal with!"

      "In Jinling, he is Master Ye who is revered by all, with countless supporters behind him, Song Wanting was saved by him, and if I were to stubbornly hold on to the chairman's position at this time, Ye Chen wouldn't let me off the hook."

      "It seems that right now we'll have to retreat and give way."

      Thinking of this, Song Tian Ming's heart was dripping blood, and he couldn't help but curse inwardly, "This is so f**king ridiculous, I've been trying to mix up a chairman all my life, and as a result, I'm about to cool off within minutes of officially taking office, and I haven't even sat in the chairman's office for even a second!"

      However, even though his heart was filled with countless reluctance, he didn't dare to make any faux pas at this time.

      He could only speak with a hard scalp, "Wan Ting, don't worry, the position of Song Group Chairman is yours, I only helped you with some important matters when you didn't come back, and now that you've returned, this position will naturally be returned to you."

      With that, he picked up the microphone and said solemnly, "Now, I announce that the position of Chairman of the Song Group will continue to be held by Ms. Song Wanting!I believe this is the best solution in the minds of the shareholders and stockholders, so come on, let's applaud!"

      The audience thundered with applause.

      Song Wanting nodded at this time, picked up the microphone, and said to the audience, "Thank you all for coming to the Song Group today, today's press conference is over, next, I'm going to preside over a board meeting and touch base with the current board members on the various matters that have happened within the group during my absence, as this involves many business secrets, soJust ask all of you media friends to leave the stage first."

      The media reporters had already caught this big news about Song Wanting's return to China, and were now anxious to get back to writing and releasing news, so they immediately packed up their equipment and left the field in an orderly manner.

      Song Tian Ming and Song Honor looked at each other, and both father and son were more or less worried deep inside.

      The two of them were also unclear as to what exactly Song Wanting wanted to do now that she was convening the board of directors.

      If it was just a routine board meeting, then it would be fine, everyone would report to her about what had happened in the past few days, and that would basically be it.

      But if Song Wanting already knew something and was attacking them and their sons in this board meeting, then it would be a bit tricky.

      So, Song Tian Ming deliberately tested the waters and said, "Wan Ting ah, did you have any plans to convene the board of directors?"

      Song Wanting smiled slightly, "Uncle need not be anxious, there are many things that I will confirm with you all later in the meeting."

      Song Tian Ming nodded somewhat apprehensively.

      Soon, all of the media reporters left the scene.

      The only person sitting in the audience of the entire conference was Ye Chen.

Chapter 2184

Song Tian Ming was a bit nervous, so he said awkwardly, "That, Master Ye Wanting is going to hold a board meeting, which may involve some of the Song Clan's business secrets, so it would be better if you recused yourself for now"

      Ye Chen smiled calmly, "Don't worry Mr. Song, there are no business secrets in today's board meeting."

      "This" Song Tian Ming's heart was even more nervous as if he was beating a drum.

      He surmised in his heart, "What exactly does Ye Chen mean by this?Why do you make it sound like he knows everything?"

      At this time, the doors of the reporting hall were pushed open and thirty or nearly forty people dressed in black entered.

      These directors of the Song Group were all shocked by the battle in front of them.

      Song Tian Ming shouted nervously, "Who are you guys?Who let you in?Where's security?Hurry up and get all these people out of here!"

      Song Honor also hurriedly snapped loudly, "You'd better leave on your own, or we'll have to call the police!"

      Ye Chen, who hadn't spoken much, spoke calmly at this time, "Song Tian Ming, they're all people I've arranged, do you have a problem with that?"

      Song Tian Ming was filled with horror and blurted out, "Master Ye Ye, all these people, you arranged them?!What do you mean by that?"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I arranged these people to back up Wan Ting, she just returned to the Song Group, if she doesn't have someone to back her up, I'm afraid she'll be bullied."

      Song Tian Ming hurriedly turned his head and looked at Song Wanting and said seriously, "Wan Ting, the group is a place to work, what are you bothering Master Ye to get so many people in black to come over for?If you didn't know, you'd think they were all socially marginalized!If this gets out, it'll be too bad for the group!It's better to get them out of here!"

      Song Wanting ignored him, her expression had taken on a somewhat colder tone, and said sternly, "I'm still the chairman of the Song Group, and I'm in charge of all matters here!"

      Song Tian Ming didn't expect Song Wanting's attitude to have to be bad all of a sudden, and said with some annoyance, "Even if you're the chairman, you were only elected by the board of directors, and if you act against the rules, the board of directors has the power to dismiss you at any time!"

      Song Wanting sneered, "Depose me?When my grandfather appointed me as chairman, he had already ceded all the voting rights on the board to me, and as long as I am on the board, you have no voting rights, so where does he get the right to remove me?Instead, I have full voting rights on the board, and I can remove any of you at any time!"

      "You you," Song Tian Ming's angry chest continued to rise and fall and he gritted his teeth, "Song Wanting!Don't you go too far!Do you think I don't know how you gave the old man the bewitching soup?"

      "Your grandfather was already showing signs of Alzheimer's when he gave you the chairmanship, how else could he have given the Song Group to you, a womanizer?!"

      "Alzheimer's is never a disease like that, and your grandfather's onset now must have been an early sign!"

      "Since he already had Alzheimer's, he was already a person who was not capable of executing on his own when he empowered you, and all the decisions he made are open to question!"

      "Don't you worry, I'll be filing a complaint with the court to have everything he decided at the time overturned!Return all votes to the board!"

      Song Wanting sneered, "You want to appeal to the court?That's just right, I also have something I want to reflect to the judicial department, before that, I'll introduce an old friend to you."

      Saying that, she immediately turned around and said respectfully to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, it's still a matter of your instructions."

      Ye Chen nodded and said to a few black-clothed men, "Bring the people up here!"


      Several black-clothed men responded in unison, then immediately went out and escorted a man wearing handcuffs and ankle cuffs in.

      At the sight of this man, Song Tian Ming and Song Honor were suddenly scared out of their wits!

      This man is actually the vice president of Japan's Nippon Steel Group, Hashimoto Konoshin!

Chapter 2185

The moment they saw Hashimoto Kensen, Song Tian Ming, Song Honor and father and son were almost immediately frightened into weak legs.

      At this moment, both father and son realized that they had actually already had an east window.

      Otherwise, Ye Chen would never have quietly brought Song Wanting back along with Hashimoto Konzen.

      Song Wanting's murder in Japan was completely a dirty business between father and son and Hashimoto Konzen in private.

      Song Tian Ming and Song Honor, the father and son, want to kill Song Wan Ting to inherit the entire Song family.

      Hashimoto Konzen, on the other hand, wants to work with the father and son duo to gain even greater personal benefits.

      Hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation and at least ten points in shares are enough to drive Kenzen Hashimoto to take the risk.

      Before Kenzo Hashimoto appeared, father and son had been using him as their firewall.

      In their view, as long as Hashimoto hasn't caught fire yet, they are absolutely safe.

      But they had never dreamed that Ye Chen would move this firewall from Japan to himself!

      At this point, the Song father and son did not dare to say anything, while the other directors of the board of directors recognized Hashimoto Kensen, could not help but ask: "This is not the vice president of Nippon Steel, Mr. Hashimoto?Song Wanting, how could you you kidnap Mr. Hashimoto to Jinling?!"

      Ye Chen stood up at this time and said in a loud voice, "I tied up Hashimoto Kon first, do you have a problem with that?"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with a wonderful doxology to read.

      The man saw that Ye Chen had made a move and his tone was somewhat serious, and he instantly wimped out.

      He was just a small shareholder in the Song Group and didn't dare to provoke Ye Chen at all.

      Song Tian Ming's face was now full of cold sweat, he wiped vigorously, but the speed of wiping was simply not as fast as the flow.

      Song Honor also scared his legs straight swinging, after the east window, he didn't know what kind of punishment he would actually face next.

      Ye Chen at this time stepped forward to Hashimoto nearly first and said in a cold voice, "Mr. Hashimoto, tell us all about what happened."

      Hashimoto nearly first shivered and said, "Back to Mr. Ye the whole thing, it was completely Song Tian Ming and Song Honor, the pair of dog bastards behind the scenes, it was them who lured me with exorbitant rewards to help them kill Miss Song Wanting in Japan, I was under their will, only then I arranged the traffic accident that killed Miss Song's two assistants as well as a driver, they father and son only thenIt's the culprit!"

      The words were met with horror!

      None of these shareholders expected that a murder would be behind the disappearance of Song Wanting some time ago!

      Song Tian Ming's frightened face was pale, shivering, "Hashimoto you you don't believe here ah!I... I... I... When did I ask you to kill Song Wanting?!Song Wanting is my niece how could I possibly want to harm her!I think it's obvious that you have evil intentions of your own, but at this time you want to pour dirty water on me what exactly are your intentions!"

      Song Honor also shuddered and rebuked, "That's right!Hashimoto near-sen you fucking Japanese devils, come to Jinling to spout nonsense, believe it or not I'll rip your fucking mouth off!"

Chapter 2186

Hashimoto nearly-sen growled angrily, "I've been hurt so badly by you two dogs, and you two want to fall on your faces at this point?!"

      Saying that, he immediately pulled out his phone, found a recording and said in a cold voice, "Everyone listen to this, listen to how this pair of dogs are plotting to murder Miss Song!"

      He then immediately clicked play.

      On the phone, Song Honor's voice came out, "Gee Mr. Hashimoto, my sister is already planning to leave for Japan tomorrow, my father asked me to ask you if you have made all the arrangements over there?This time, make sure she goes with her life and doesn't return!"

      Hashimoto Kon first smiled and said, "Don't worry Mr. Song, I've prepared it in advance as you've instructed, and I'll do it without any suspicion and absolutely no one will suspect you."

      Song Honor said with satisfaction, "That's really great!After Song Wanting's death, we will definitely make greater concessions in our cooperation with your company, and all the personal benefits promised to you before will definitely be honored, and we look forward to our future deep cooperation!"

      Hashimoto Kensen laughed, "Mr. Song, don't worry, also please convey your father, Mr. Song Tian Ming, I Hashimoto Kensen do things, you can rest assured, this time I guarantee that Song Wanting will come and go when she comes to Japan!"

      Song Honor said excitedly, "Yes!Great!Then I'll be waiting for good news from Hashimoto-san!"

      Hearing this, Song Tian Ming had completely panicked, he pointed at Hashimoto nearly first and hissed angrily, "Hashimoto, you damned little Japanese, you really can't be trusted to do things, you didn't get things done even if you didn't get them done, but you even dared to secretly record, you're a fucking born rebel!"

      Kenzen Hashimoto similarly reported with an angry growl, "Fuck you Song Tian Ming!I was living very well in Japan by virtue of my position as vice president of Nippon Steel, a top elite member of the upper echelons of the standard, but you and your son are the two bastards who dragged me into this!If it wasn't for you, how would I be here today!"

      Song Honor now hurriedly looked at Ye Chen, poofed to his knees and choked out, "Master Ye this matter was all my father's idea, I completely followed his orders, please forgive me this time for my youthful ignorance."

      Song Honor's sudden kneeling shocked his father, Song Tian Ming, as well as Hashimoto Konen.

      Song Tian Ming never dreamed that his son, at the most critical moment, would betray him without hesitation and immediately get rid of him.

      At this moment, he was so furious that he wanted to scold Song Honor, but in the next second, he swallowed his words.

      The first time I saw him, he was in the middle of the night, and he was in the middle of the night, and he was in the middle of the night.

      Thinking of this, his entire body declined and sighed incomparably, and spoke, "Master Ye, the whole thing was planned by me alone, honor was only at my request to help me in the middle with Hashimoto near first to spread the word, so if you want to punish, please punish me alone, do not involve honor, count me Song Tian Ming, please!"

      After saying that, he immediately knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing towards Ye Chen, shouting, "Master Ye, I beg you!Please!"

      Saying that, he had choked up and cried out painfully.

      Ye Chen saw all this in his eyes and said with cold eyes, "Save it, you fathers and sons, and Hashimoto near-sen, one of you will be counted as one, and no one will escape!"

      Saying that, Ye Chen cleared his throat and added, "I shouldn't reasonably be taking matters into my own hands in your Song family, so I'll ask Master Song to come out and bear witness!"

      With that said, Ye Chen snapped his fingers and said loudly, "Someone, please, Master Song!"

Chapter 2187

Originally, Song Tian Ming and Song Honor, father and son, had been frightened to the point of mental collapse, and when they heard that Ye Chen was going to invite the old man Song up, they were even more struck by lightning and trembled violently.

      The common subtext within the father and son at this time was, "Hasn't the old man already become Alzheimer's?He can't even control his urination and defecation, so what's Ye Chen doing bringing him here at this point?"

      Song Tian Ming's heart thudded in despair as he thought to himself, "Could it be that the old thing has recovered as before!Is this not all over?!"

      Just thinking about it, the Song family's great housekeeper, Yu Bo, accompanied the Song old man and stepped in.

      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

      Song Tian Ming and Song Honor were even more frightened, they couldn't understand no matter what, why was Master Song, who was still in the hospital this morning and peeing his pants in front of the two of them, recovering as good as new now!

      As soon as Song entered the reporting hall, he glared at the father and son pair of Song Tian Ming and Song Honor with a stern look, angrily rebuking them, "Bastards!Do you two think you can hide behind your hands?Not only do you even dare to murder Wan Ting, but you also have the audacity to drug me, do you still have an ounce of humanity?!"

      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.Please spare me for once Dad!"

      Master Song snapped in anger, "Spare you?Now you have the nerve to ask me to let you go!Do you know that in the family law established by my Song family's ancestors, what you have committed is a capital crime!"

      Song Tian Ming cried, "Dad, I did make a big mistake, but I was forced to do that!"

      "You're farting!"

      Master Song roared as he whirled around and raised his hand to slap Song Tian Ming!

      Song Tian Ming covered his face and cried out, "Dad!Think about it, I'm your eldest son!Firstborn!According to the ancient rules of our ancestors, the eldest son should be the one to inherit the throne, but why don't you let me be the head of the Song family?Why let a yellow-haired girl like Song Wanting be the head of the Song family?If you had made me the head of the Song family, how could I have made such a big mistake?"

      Old Master Song was furious and raised his hand to slap Song Tian Ming again, "You bastard!Even now, you're still looking for excuses. If it wasn't for Master Ye's generous help and coup, Wan Ting would have been killed by you and your son!I've been drugged into Alzheimer's too!Do you think you can be excused from this?"

      In order to save himself, Song Honor cried to Master Song and said, "Grandpa, I'm following Dad's instructions, he arranged everything for me to do this, please see that I'm your eldest son and grandson and spare me this time."

      Master Song pointed at Song Honor and said angrily, "Shameless, irresponsible, a downer, a traitor to his father's glory!How did my Song family produce a scum like you!"

      Saying that, he looked at the father and son and said coldly, "You two are scum of the Song family, committing such a felony and must be dealt with according to the family law!It's useless for anyone to plead!"

      Then, he looked at Yu Bo, who was beside him, and asked out of the blue, "Old Yu, you have been in the Song family for many years, so tell me, according to the Song family's family law, what should be done with these two?!"

      Yu Bo sternly said, "According to the first article of the Song family law, those who kill each other, kill!Whoever attempts to kill his father, kill!"

      Song Honor almost fainted in fright and cried out, "Grandpa!It's the rule of law now, not the feudal society of the past!You have no right to kill us!If you kill us, you'll be shot yourself!"

      Song Tian Ming also choked, "Dad, if you're not willing to spare us, then just turn us over to the justice department!Let the judiciary be impartial, and however many years they get, we'll admit it."

      Song Tian Ming knew very well in his heart that his and his son's crimes, even if they were prosecuted, would never touch the border of the death penalty.

      He thought to himself, "After all, my son and I didn't kill anyone with our own hands, the ones who really killed were the murderers that Hashimoto Kensen found in Japan."

Chapter 2188

"By then, if I can then actively compensate the families of the three victims and get their understanding, the court will definitely also have the discretion to reduce the sentences for our father and son!"

      "Why don't we just pay him 20 or 30 million each, or 50 million each!The family will be able to wake up laughing in their sleep, and they will then actively issue letters of understanding and help us and our son plead for leniency in court!"

      Master Song was also very clear in his heart that it wasn't a feudal society anymore after all, and that set of family laws from the feudal era definitely didn't apply now.

      Therefore, he couldn't really let people kill Song Tian Ming, Song Honor and his son in front of so many people.

      And, to take a step back.

      Even if the law didn't care, it was true that Master Song couldn't do anything about it.

      He truly hated this father and son.

      But, what flowed through the bodies of the father and son was the Song family bloodline.


      In fact, all parents in the world are like this.

      Even if they know their child is a vicious wolf, they can't wait to cut off their own flesh to feed it.

      How could they be willing to kill him with their own hands?

      The first time I was in a position to do so was when I was in the midst of a fight.first issue

      However, he immediately thought of Ye Chen again.

      In his heart, he thought, "This time, Master Ye is doing this entirely on the face of Song Wanting."

      "If I can't make Master Ye happy with the outcome of this matter, wouldn't that mean I've offended Master Ye!"

      Thinking of this, he whirled around to look at Ye Chen and respectfully arched his hands, "Master Ye!The Song family came out of these two evildoers, thanks to you to turn the tide, otherwise I Song Jimo and my granddaughter Song Wanting, I'm afraid I would have died without a funeral, and now these two evildoers are here, to be killed or dismembered, all at Master Ye's word!"

      As soon as Song Tian Ming heard this, he hurriedly kowtowed to Ye Chen and cried, "Master Ye, please lift up your hand and hand our father and son over to the judicial authorities!"

      Song Honor also wept bitterly and begged, "Master Ye, we, father and son, are not worth your time, just hand us over to the judiciary and let the law punish us."

      Song Honor also figured it out in his heart, being sentenced to prison was painful, but as long as he could live it was the best.

      When the time comes, he and his father can still spend more money, ease their relationship, and get some special care in prison, so that life isn't too hard!

      Ye Chen smiled lightly at this time, looked towards Song Wanting and asked, "Wanting, what do you think?"

Chapter 2189

Song Wanting's heart was also filled with torment at this point.

      Naturally, she hated Song Tian Ming, Song Honor and their sons with a passion.

      However, if she really wanted to decide their lives and deaths, she really didn't want to get them killed.

      On the one hand, it was because they were all family members after all, having blood ties.

      On the other hand, she was also worried about making things too extreme and making Master Song sad.

      Song Wanting knew her grandfather very well, and she knew that he was certainly strict and hated his uncle and cousin very much at this time.

      However, she also knew that in her grandfather's heart, blood would always be thicker than water, and he wouldn't really wish to punish both uncle and cousin with death.

      Thinking of this, she looked towards Ye Chen and said heartily, "Master Ye, although they have done a lot of wrong things, they are after all members of the Song family and my blood relatives, I still hope that you can keep them alive"

      As soon as this was said, three people on the scene breathed a sigh of relief in their hearts.

      In addition to Song Tian Ming and Song Honor, there was also Song Ji Mo, the old man.

      Although Song Tian Ming and Song Honor didn't need to say much, to them, Song Wanting's words were tantamount to sparing a dog's life.

      And to Song Master Song, he was really afraid that Song Wanting would take the lives of the father and son because of hatred.

      However, in front of Ye Chen, he didn't dare to explicitly say that he would save the lives of this father and son, so the life and death of this father and son was completely in Song Wanting's hands.

      Now, when he heard Song Wanting say that, he was naturally relieved.

      Song Tian Ming excitedly kowtowed repeatedly towards Song Wanting and choked out, "Wan Ting your unkilling kindness, uncle will always remember it to his heart"

      Song Honor also cried, "Wan Ting, thank you for your great mercy."

      Ye Chen had also predicted this outcome, looking at Song Tian Ming and Song Honor who were full of robbery, he said calmly, "Since Wan Ting has said that she wants to keep your dog's life, then I naturally have to respect her."

      At this point, Ye Chen said sternly, "But as the saying goes, it's hard to forgive a living crime, and it's hard to forgive a dead one, so although you two can keep your dog's lives, you still have to receive enough punishment!"

      Song Tian Ming hurriedly said, "Master Ye!Honor and I are willing to turn ourselves in at the police station right now and leave everything to the law to decide!"

      Song Honor also nodded repeatedly, "Yes Master Ye, my father and I are going to turn ourselves in!That's going!"

      Ye Chen sneered, "You two are thinking beautifully, letting you two turn yourselves in, and also fighting for a surrender plot, so that the sentencing will naturally be even more lenient."

      Song Tian Ming hurriedly said, "Master Ye you have a lot of mercy, even if we have a surrender circumstance, we will at least be sentenced to more than ten years."

      Ye Chen waved his hand, "Forget it, don't surrender, and there's no need to resolve it through legal means."

      When Master Song heard this, he opened his mouth and asked, "Master Ye, what do you mean by that?"

      Ye Chen spoke up, "I can't trust this father and son, even if I send them to prison, they might still threaten Wan Ting's life in the future, so I thought of an alternative solution that would keep them alive and also eliminate their threat to Wan Ting."

Chapter 2190

Song Tian Ming was a little nervous and asked, "Master Ye, what is the solution you are talking about?"

      Ye Chen said in a loud voice, "Song Tian Ming, I intend to send you and your master far away to a strange place, so that you won't be able to come back ever again."

      When Song Tian Ming and Song Honor heard this, the first thing that coincidentally came to mind in their minds was the Wei family's father and son

      Because of offending Ye Chen, that father and son were still at the foot of the Changbai Mountain to this day.

      This year's winter was particularly cold, and the temperature at the foot of the Changbai Mountain was twenty to thirty degrees below zero or even lower, I really don't know how that father and son have survived until now.

      At the thought of the harsh and harsh environment at the foot of the Changbai Mountain, Song Honor cried, "Master Ye, I beg you to be generous and let us go to jail, we really don't want to go to that freezing cold place in the Changbai Mountain."

      Ye Chen sneered, "Don't worry, I won't let you go to Changbai Mountain, I have other arrangements for you."

      Saying that, he said in a loud voice, "Old Chen, come in for a moment."

      Outside the door, Chen Zekai immediately stepped in and respectfully asked, "Master Ye, what are your orders?"

      Ye Chen spoke up, "Old Chen, I heard that you had invested in a diamond mine in Africa before?"

      "Yes."Richard Chen nodded his head and said, "I did invest in a diamond mine, and that diamond mine is in Sierra Leone, Africa."

      Ye Chen asked him, "How is the environment there?"

      Richard Chen laughed, "That hellhole is in West Africa, one of the least developed countries in the world, steadily ranked in the bottom half of the world for years on end, and so poor you can't even imagine."

      "And the climatic conditions in that hellhole are also very poor, it is a tropical monsoon climate, the temperature is very high all year round, the highest temperature is over 40 degrees, the lowest temperature is 15 degrees, it is hot and humid, it is said that eight out of ten men have eczema in their trouser legs, and that hellhole is infested with mosquitoes and all kinds of infectious diseases, if it were not for the fact that there are some diamond mines in that place, I'm afraid that...It's long over!"

      When Song Tian Ming and Song Honor heard this, they were already trembling with fear.

      Ye Chen said with a smiling face, "According to you, this Sierra Leone is really a good place to send people into exile!"

      He said, pointing at Song Tian Ming, Song Honor and their sons, and said with a smile, "Old Chen, you send the father and son to Sierra Leone overnight, and arrange for them to go to that diamond mine of yours, and let him go with the local workers to pick up diamonds in the river.People keep an eye on them, so that they can never come back in the next twenty years, and whether they can come back after twenty years will depend on their performance in these twenty years."

      As soon as this was said, Song Tian Ming and Song Honor almost fainted.

      Song Tian Ming cried out, "Master Ye, Master Ye, you have mercy!That hellhole in Sierra Leone, if our master and I go there, we'll die of dysentery or other infectious diseases in a few months at most, which would be better than just shooting us."

      Chen Zekai smiled, "Mr. Song doesn't have to worry, although the natural and human conditions over there in Africa are indeed very backward, but we Chinese entrepreneurs who invest in Africa are still very humane, we have professional doctors at every construction site, and we have plenty of standing medication, so we can definitely ensure your health."

      Song Honor wailed loudly, "I don't want to go to Africa, I don't want to go to Sierra Leone, I don't want to dig diamonds in that hellhole!Please, send me to jail!I am a criminal, let the law punish me, please."

      Song Tian Ming also kept begging at this point, "Master Ye, please be merciful and let us turn ourselves in!"

      Ye Chen sneered, "You think you guys still have the power to choose?It's a fool's errand!"

      Whirling around, he looked to Chen Zekai and ordered, "Old Chen, have your men immediately take them both into custody, while arranging for a plane to take them to Sierra Leone as soon as possible, preferably leaving this afternoon!"


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