Secret Identity 2171-2180

 Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2171 

Song Tian Ming and Song Honor, father and son, were very upset by Ma's words!

      Their real goal, father and son, was to put Song Wanting on the Song Group's board of directors forever.

      Regardless of whether Song Wanting is now dead or alive, the Song Group's board of directors no longer has the slightest relationship with her.

      However, how could they have imagined that Song Wanting's whereabouts had been unknown for so many days, and that there were still people on the board who were thinking of her and for her.

      Moreover, Ma's words quickly resonated with the others.

      Everyone spoke up, agreeing with Ma's viewpoint, making Song Tian Ming and Song Honor afraid to speak up.

      After all, the other board members didn't even know about their plot to murder Song Wanting.

      The attitude they were showing now was also amidst regret that they had to think about and re-elect a new chairman for the sake of the Song Group.

      Therefore, even if they had 10,000 disagreements in their hearts after Ma said so, they definitely didn't dare to say a single word of no on their lips.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Because as soon as they uttered a single word of no, they would immediately make people suspect their motives.

      And once someone suspected their motives, then the other party would definitely suspect that Song Wanting was inextricably linked to them in the misfortune that had befallen her in Japan.

      Thus, Song Tian Ming could only bite his teeth and spoke, "I think that Mr. Ma is absolutely right, since we have now decided to elect a new chairman to preside over the situation, we also need to prepare the other hand for Song Wanting, the former chairman."

      Saying that, he spoke up, "Now, I propose that whoever is next elected as the new chairman must follow one principle, and that is: once Ms. Song Wanting returns safely, this new chairman must unconditionally step down and return the chairmanship to Ms. Song Wanting, do you all have any comments?"

      As soon as the crowd heard him say that, of course they nodded their heads in agreement.

      This time by a show of hands, all seventeen of them raised their hands.

      Song Tian Ming was even more annoyed, and thought, "This is just like buying a time bomb for me, now Song Wanting's life and death is unknown, who knows if she is dead or not?What if she doesn't die and suddenly comes back alive one day, then wouldn't I have done all this for nothing?"

      Thinking of this, Song Tian Ming sighed in his heart, "It seems the best solution now is to sell off the assets immediately after taking office, just in case!"

      So, he then continued to speak, "Now, let's take the next vote, that is, we all elect one person from the seventeen of us to be this new chairman, anyone from the seventeen of us has the right to vote and be voted on, each person is limited to one vote, and the one with the most votes at the end is our new chairman!"

      Saying that, he added, "Because the chairman's position is at stake and is very important to the Song Group, we will be using a real name system for this vote, so that no one can operate underhandedly."

      The crowd's expressions suddenly looked at each other somewhat.

      Inside the board of directors, the real-name voting system was certainly fair, but the real-name voting system would also bring a very big hidden danger, and that was to settle accounts after the fall.

      If you voted for A, but in the end it was B who got the position, then B would definitely hold a grudge against you in the future, and even give you small shoes and trouble everywhere.

      If this person is really very careful, then he may be many years later, still for this matter, do everything possible to get back at you.

      Faced with this kind of person, no one can resist.

Chapter 2172

Song Honor very seriously echoed at this time, "I am also in favor of real-name voting, only real-name voting can be more in line with the three principles of openness, fairness, and equity."

      Saying that, he immediately raised his hand and spoke, "Since you are the one who is going to vote, I will set an example for everyone first, I am here to elect Mr. Song Tianming Song as the new chairman of the Song Group and cast my vote for him."

      Song Tian Ming smiled slightly at this time, "Since anyone on this board of ours has the right to elect and be elected, I'll vote for myself as well!I believe that I can lead the Song Group through the difficult times and achieve new glories."

      Then, there were also people who immediately stated their position, "I'll also vote for Mr. Song Tianming Song!"

      "Count me in!"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Song Honor said calmly, "In that case, Mr. Song Tian Ming has already gained four votes, let's hurry up and vote for the rest of us on site!"

      The others muttered to each other for a while, seeing that Song Tianming had taken control of the situation, and that this was a real-name vote, which risked settling accounts after the fall, so they took a stand and voted for Song Tianming as well.

      Soon, Song Tian Ming's vote count reached nine, and his election as the new chairman was a foregone conclusion.

      At this time, the few remaining people who hadn't voted had already realized that the big picture had been decided, and no matter if they voted for him or not, it wouldn't change the outcome of his election as the new chairman.

      However, if you don't vote for him at this time, or if you abstain from voting, you will have to watch out for him putting small shoes on yourself in the future.

      Therefore, everyone went along with the situation and voted for Song Tianming.

      In this way, Song Tian Ming had obtained seventeen votes from seventeen people.

      At this time, Song Honor spoke up, "In that case, Mr. Song Tian Ming is the new chairman of the Song Group, everyone applaud and congratulate him!"

      Saying that, Song Honor led the applause.

      The others also followed suit and applauded.

      Instead, Song Tian Ming waved his hand with a humble face and said seriously, "I am a person who knows what I am doing, and although my abilities are not bad, they are still not as good as the former chairman, Ms. Song Wanting.However, you can rest assured that since I was elected by you all to sit in this position, I will resolutely implement the basic principle of being in my position and seeking my own government, and wholeheartedly serve the future development of the Song Group, and will never do anything, irresponsible or corporeal."

      The others hurriedly applauded in agreement.

      Song Tian Ming smiled slightly and said calmly, "Since we have now chosen a new chairman, we will move to the release hall next!"

      "I've invited a group of media ahead of time, and also informed them that we'll be electing a new chairman today."

      "Later, ah, just go down and hold a press conference to make the latest decision of the board of directors public, so that we can also reassure our investors as well as stockholders, do you have any comments?"

      Everyone had already voted to elect Song Tianming as the new chairman of the board, and naturally, there would be no objections to attending such a thing as a press conference.

      Thus, the crowd all readily agreed to it.

      Song Tian Ming said with a lamented face, "Oops!The fact that we were able to reach a consensus so quickly is great news for SONGS, and I'm sure our share price will pull up quickly after the launch!"

      Afterwards, he said with a deliberate face, "However, you must be careful not to take advantage of these few minutes before the press conference to make any small moves in the stock market i. Once any of you are suspected of insider trading and draw the SEC to your door, then I will not spare him!"

Chapter 2173

This impartial attitude of Song Tian Ming made all the shareholders feel more or less awe in their hearts.

      The stock market was changing rapidly, and whoever could get hold of insider information would be able to make a lot of money.

      Therefore, the most difficult one to eradicate is insider trading.

      For example, if a listed company, for example, is going to cooperate deeply with another, bigger multinational company, then once this news is announced, there is no doubt that the stock price of this listed company is bound to soar.

      For the general public, they don't know the inside story of the company, so they won't be able to catch the insider trading opportunity.

      However, to the top management of this listed company, they must have known about this insider during the deep cooperation negotiations.

      If they deliberately bought a large amount of their own company's stock at this time while the stock price was not rising, and then waited for the news to be announced and the stock price to rise before selling it at a higher price, they would be able to make a lot of cash.

      This approach, although it seems to be very easy to make money, but has clearly violated the provisions of the Securities and Exchange Commission, belongs to the standard insider trading, once found out, not only confiscate the illegal income, but also impose a huge fine, more serious, and even legal liability, and may also be sentenced to prison.

      However, many people will still choose to take the risk in the face of huge profits.

      A listed group's ability to stifle this internal unhealthy trend was also the key to whether or not the group could go further.

      As soon as Song Tianming came up, he made it clear that we can't engage in any insider trading, that is, he put up a very clear attitude with everyone, never allowing anyone to operate illegally in the Song Group and make money for everyone in a disciplined manner.

      Being able to say these words also increased his authority in front of everyone to a certain extent.

      At the same time, the Song Group's press conference room was already filled with the various media that had been invited.

      Everyone was very concerned about the Song Group's recent situation, especially after learning that the Song Group's chairman, Song Wanting, had gone missing in Japan, everyone was very concerned about the progress of the search and rescue for her, as well as the Song Group's next response plan.

      The media had a very keen sense of smell, so they had already guessed that there was a high probability that the Song Group had invited them to attend the press conference today, where they would announce the new chairman of the board of directors.

      After all, no company could be a group of dragons for long, especially a listed company like the Song Group.

      Although the press conference hadn't started yet, people in the media had already started to speculate.

      At this time, a reporter from the local TV station, who was privately whispering with a reporter from the provincial TV station, said to her counterpart beside her, "The Song family's old man, Song, is said to have suffered from Alzheimer's due to the stimulus, and now the only pillar of the Song family that can really take action is probably only the eldest son, Song Tianming, so I presume that this time the Song Group's appointment of a new chairman of theThe person chosen, the probability is that it's him."

      The man beside him spoke up, "Could it also be that it could be Master Song's eldest grandson, Song Honor?After all, Song Honour is young, and the old man has already passed the seat to the younger generation before, so if we look at it now, it's possible that the Song Clan will still elect a young man to succeed him."

      The local reporter spoke up, "If that's the case, then it's also possible that the new chairman announced today is Song Tianming's son, Song Honor."

      At this moment, a Song Group staff member, stepping towards the press stage, spoke into the microphone and said, "Please wait a moment, all media members, our board of directors has reached a consensus and made a major decision, later on, our board members will attend the press conference together to announce the details of this decision to you."

      When the media reporters present heard this, they all perked up one by one, eagerly awaiting the appearance of the board members

Chapter 2174

At this moment, the helicopter that Ye Chen, Song Wanting and the others were flying in had already arrived in the territory of Jinling City.

      Since the helicopter also had Su Ruo Li and a few other Su family crew members on board, Ye Chen had the helicopter take them to Shangri-La first.

      Richard Chen had already prepared a few very private top floor rooms for Su Ruo Li, and the other Su crew members to stay in.

      However, Ye Chen was still more or less unsure of them, so he gave Zekai Chen the request to put them under house arrest and surveillance.

      Anyone, including Su Ruo Li, could enjoy a comprehensive and detailed check-in service at the Shangri-La, including meals and accommodation.

      However, all the phones in their rooms and their means of external communication were cut off, as Ye Chen did not allow them to contact the outside world for the time being.

      Su Ruo Li also knew that Ye Chen must still be somewhat wary of himself now, so naturally she had no opinion on this.

      Only after settling Su Ruorui and the others did Ye Chen take Song Wanting, and Hashimoto nearly first, to the Song Group by helicopter.

      At this time of the Song Group, Song Tian Ming had just finished holding a board meeting, and when the meeting was adjourned, he said to everyone, "Everyone go back to their offices for ten minutes to rest, and after ten minutes we'll go down and hold a conference."

      Everyone got up and left, and Song Tian Ming also took a step back to his vice chairman's office.

      Song Honor naturally followed behind him.

      Father and son involuntarily stopped in their tracks as they made their way to Song Wanting's chairman's office.

      Song Tian Ming took one look at the six words "Chairman's Office" on the door, and his eyes were filled with eager anticipation.

      He thought to himself, "I'll move into the chairman's office immediately after the press conference!This office of Song Wanting is not only large, but it also faces the Yangtze River, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows with a beautiful view of the river are many times better than my office!"

      Thinking like this, Song Tian Ming said to Song Honor, "Ah Honor, come over to my office."

      Song Honor nodded, "Okay Dad."

      When father and son entered Song Tian Ming's vice-chairman's office, Song Tian Ming spoke, "Right Honor, Chen Zekai said earlier that Ye Chen is coming to our press conference."

      "Ye Chen?!"Song Honor was surprised and asked, "Dad, is Ye Chen back?"

      Song Tian Ming said, "I think he means this should have returned already."Fastest Updated.

      Song Honor laughed, "It seems that he went to Japan and was unable to find Su Wanting's whereabouts."

      Song Tian Ming sneered, "Where is it so easy to find?The deep forests of West Domo County aren't too far off from the fucking primeval forests, Song Wanting's corpse might have been fucking eaten up by beasts long ago."

      Song Honor nodded but said with some concern, "Dad, that Ye Chen is as close as Song Wanting, I'm worried now that he won't let go of it, what if he still wants to pursue it?"

      Song Tian Ming trailed off and said disdainfully, "Let him investigate!Do what you fucking want with it!A mere Ye Chen is still somewhat capable in Jinling, but he's nothing in Japan, so if he can find out what's going on, I'll fucking chop off his head for him!"

Chapter 2175

The longer Song Wanting disappeared, the more relaxed Song Tian Ming's heart became.

      He felt that as time passed, the chances of Song Wanting surviving had become less and less.

      Song Honor was not as open-minded as his oldest son, standing at the side, he asked in a somewhat nervous whisper, "Dad, Ye Chen still has some tricks up his sleeve, we must be careful, don't let him see through it."

      Song Tian Ming nodded, "This is natural, all the two of us have to do is to put on a good show."

      Song Honor said again, "Right Dad, I still feel a bit unsettled in my heart these past two days, where do you think Song Wanting she has gone?How can you just live and die without seeing a body?"

      Song Tian Ming sneered, "I think Song Wanting is most likely already dead, it's just that the body hasn't been discovered yet."

      Song Honor was busy asking, "How are you so sure?"

      Song Tian Ming said calmly, "Everything is about a survival rate, just like when a person suddenly disappears, the maximum probability of finding him is 12 hours before he disappears."

      "If he isn't found 12 hours before he disappears, the slimmer the chance of finding him the later he goes."

      "If it's more than 24 hours, the probability of finding him is reduced by at least half;"

      "If it takes more than 48 hours, the odds of finding him are less than 25."

      "And as time goes on, not only will the chances of finding him get slimmer and slimmer, but the chances of it surviving will also get slimmer and slimmer."first published

      At this point, Song Tian Ming said, "Right, you should often see some hot searches about missing people on Weibo, some people go out for a run and suddenly go missing; there are also people who get in a car to go somewhere and subsequently go missing as well."

      Song Honor nodded, "There are indeed quite a few of these hot searches, every now and then there will be one."

      Song Tian Ming continued, "Generally speaking, in a situation like this, if you can't find the person quickly, then the end result is a lot of bad luck."

      "There have been many times when enthusiastic netizens all over the net have been helping to find someone, but then after a period of time there was bad news about the discovery of a corpse."

      "That's why I think that Song Wanting has been missing for so long, the probability is that she should be dead as well."

      "Moreover, people can do that as long as they're dead, there's absolutely no proof of death."

      "What's more, we didn't kill the person by our own hands, it was Hashimoto Jin-sen who found someone to kill her, so it's harder to find our heads, and the sky is falling, isn't there Hashimoto Jin-sen's side holding the fort for us first?As long as he doesn't get into trouble, we can rest easy, and if he does get into trouble, we'll just have to run away."

      Song Honor was relieved at this and said with a smile, "In that case, we'll have to be in more contact with Hashimoto Kensen in the future to make sure that we'll be able to grasp his daily dynamics."

      Song Tian Ming nodded, "You're right, Hashimoto Kensen is a beacon for us, and when you see Hashimoto Kensen on fire and smoking, it's proof that we're also in danger, and if Hashimoto Kensen isn't on fire, then we can continue to rest easy."

      Saying that, Song Tian Ming pulled out his cell phone and made a call to Hashimoto Kensen.

      The call was quickly made.

      Since Hashimoto Konzen often talked business all over the world, his cell phone opened up a service similar to Global Crossing, so no matter which country he went to, he could access communications through his local mobile network.

Chapter 2176

So, even though he was now in Jinling, he could still receive a call from Song Tian Ming.

      It just so happened that at this time, the plane had already landed near Song's group.

      When Ye Chen heard the ringing of the cell phone in Hashimoto Kensen's pocket, he reached out and saw the three big characters written on it, Song Tianming.

      The Japanese used Chinese characters almost exclusively when naming people, so the same way they recorded Chinese names, they also used Chinese characters.

      As soon as Ye Chen saw that it was a call from Song Tian Ming, he immediately opened his mouth and said to Hashimoto Kensen, "If you want to live, be good, or else I'll send you straight to the dog farm today, chopped up and fed to the dogs, understand?"

      Hashimoto Kensen nodded repeatedly and said with a pleading face, "If you can spare my dog's life, I will honestly do whatever you tell me to do."

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Get on the phone with Song Tian Ming, if he wants to ask about your recent situation, just tell him everything is fine and let him know that you're still in Japan."

      Hashimoto Konzen immediately nodded his head like garlic.

      When Ye Chen saw his appearance, he knew that he didn't have the guts to deceive himself, so he handed the phone to him and said in a cold voice, "Answer it now!"

      Hashimoto nearly first dare not delay, received the phone and immediately pressed the answer key.

      The phone call, can clearly hear the other side of the phone Song Tianming finally relieved, he lamented: "Oh Mr. Hashimoto, what are you busy with?What's taking so long?"

      Hashimoto was busy following Yatsuhashi's instructions and spoke up, "I'm in a meeting, I'm going out of the conference room to take your call, what do you need?"

      Song Tian Ming said with a smile, "I ah, actually nothing much, just want to ask you how the situation in Japan is now, Song Wanting any news yet?Is the Japanese police department still searching for her?"

      Hashimoto nearly spoke first, "There's still no news on Song Wanting, but I think that after all the effort we put into murdering Song Wanting at that time, she's most likely dead now, and the Japanese Police Department has also started to gradually recycle its police force, so I think there's a high probability that this matter is going to go away, so you don't have to worry."

      Once Song Tian Ming heard this, he was indeed much more down to earth, smiling and saying, "Oops!Mr. Hashimoto is a reliable man.As long as Song Wanting is dead, we really don't have any worries!"

      Afterwards, he was busy saying, "Right Mr. Hashimoto, my side will soon hold a press conference to officially announce to the public that I will take over the position of Chairman of the Song Group.Once I officially become the chairman, the cooperation between us can be accelerated!"

      Hashimoto nearly first then said, "That's really great, my side has also greeted our board of directors, when your side ah, after officially taking over the chairmanship, we both meet and have a good chat about the follow-up cooperation."

      Song Tian Ming excitedly said, "Okay Mr. Hashimoto!"

      Saying that, Song Tian Ming said, "Sorry Mr. Hashimoto, it's almost time for the press conference, I'll stop talking to you, we'll wait for the day of the signing, and then thank you in person!"

      Hashimoto Kensen then said smoothly, "There's no need to be so polite, Mr. Song, if you have something to do, go ahead and work on it, and we'll talk about the rest when we meet!"


      Here, Song Tian Ming hung up the phone and immediately looked towards Song Honor with unconcealed excitement, excitedly saying, "Hashimoto said that the Japanese Police Department over there is already going to withdraw its police force, and it seems that they haven't found any clues."

      Song Honor said excitedly, "That's great!As long as they give up the search, then this matter is a done deal!"

      Song Tian Ming laughed, stood up, and said with a big wave of his hand and high spirits, "Go, go downstairs for the press conference!As soon as the press conference starts, I'll be the chairman of the Song Group!"

Chapter 2177

10:55 a.m..

      SONGS stock is suddenly suspended from trading.Fastest Updated.

      The suspension of the stock is a suspension of trading.

      From this moment on, the shares of SONGS are sealed and will not go up or down until trading resumes.

      There must be a good and sufficient reason to apply to the SEC for suspension of trading, and the reason for the SONGS application for suspension of trading is that the group has an important matter to be announced.

      Generally, listed groups will suspend trading of their shares before an important matter is announced, this is to prevent insider trading as well as speculation by the well-informed.

      For example, previously, a very famous company on the Internet, named Qihoo 360.

      They sought to complete their domestic listing of A-shares by borrowing a shell.

      This is what is known as a shell listing.

      To put it in layman's terms, certain conditions of themselves do not meet the listing needs of the SEC, or the normal listing channels are too long and they can't wait, so they achieve their goal of listing on a shell by buying another listed company.

      360 is also considered a relatively well-known domestic Internet companies, the main reason for choosing to go public by shell is to save time, if they listed on their own, then they need to pay at least one or two years more time and cost, then it is likely to miss the market opportunity.

      When 360 decided to go public by shell, all the stockholders were speculating one thing, which listed company 360 would borrow to go public by shell.

      If they could know in advance the target company she was borrowing from, then buying shares of that company in advance would enable them to take advantage of the rising share price to make a big profit after 360's success in borrowing the shell.

      However, this kind of thing was usually top secret information within the company, and only the absolute top management could know about it, and they could never reveal it to the public.

      So, when Jiangnan Jiajie suddenly announced that the company had a major matter that needed to suspend trading, people only knew that 360 was going to use his shell to go public.

      But at this time it is too late to know, Jiangnan Jiajie's shares have been suspended and cannot be traded, so there is no chance to make a bottom-up.

      Song's group is now in the same situation.

      The company is about to transition from a cluster to a new chairman taking over, which is definitely good news for the company, so it has to be suspended and announced first.

      At ten fifty-five, the Song Group release hall.

      The media reporters who were invited to the event were already here in strict anticipation.

      The nation's stockholders were also paying attention to the release.

      Because ever since Song Wanting's accident, the Song Group's stock price has been underperforming.

      The market was worried that the Song Group was in disarray as a result of this, and that was why the Song Group's stock kept falling.

      Now, the Song Clan is suddenly holding a press conference, and everyone thinks that they must be preparing to announce the new chairman of the board.

      It was at this time that Ye Chen arrived at the entrance of the release hall alone.

      After Song Honor knew he was coming, he came to the gate early and waited, although he had ten thousand dissatisfaction with Ye Chen, but in Jinling, he really didn't dare to provoke Ye Chen in the slightest.

Chapter 2178

After all, it was Master Ye Chen Ye who was known as the True Dragon on Earth, Song Honor didn't dare to be the slightest bit slow.

      Song Honor saw that Ye Chen came alone, so he hurriedly stepped forward quickly and said to him respectfully, "Master Ye you're here!"

      Ye Chen nodded lightly and said with a slight apology, "Honor, I'm sorry, I did my best with Wan Ting's matter"

      The first thing you need to know is how to make sure that you're going to be able to get the best out of the situation.

      So, he immediately brainstormed what Ye Chen didn't say, and thought, "It seems that Ye Chen really didn't find any whereabouts of Song Wanting, and now that he's back in China, he must have given up on continuing the search, so that my father and I can finally feel relieved" Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful dictionaries to read.

      Song Honor was secretly pleased in his heart, but on the surface, he still deliberately pretended to be very pained and said gratefully, "Master Ye, you made a special trip to Japan for Wan Ting's matter and made so much effort, which our Song family is very grateful"

      "If Wan Ting is truly gone, then I'm sure her spirit in heaven will be touched by this true love you have for her."

      Ye Chen looked at Song Xiongxiong and said very seriously, "Xiongxiong, often times you still need to have a little bit of fantasy in your heart, praying that a miracle will happen at some point in the future.What if at some point in the future, a miracle does happen?What if, at some point in the future, Wan-ting suddenly appears in front of us?Isn't it a situation where everyone is happy?"

      When Song Honor heard Ye Chen's words, he felt as bad as if he had eaten a fly.

      He couldn't help but curse in his heart, "Praying for a miracle?I prayed for your mother's miracle, me!This miracle better not f**king happen!Song Wanting better never appear in front of me, I won't even bother to see her corpse, or else I'll have to organize her funeral, not only will it be a waste of time and money, but I'll also have to act f**king sad in front of everyone!"

      However, his face was very pious as he said, "Master Ye, you are right, and I too hope that one day, the miracle you speak of will happen"

      After saying that, he hurriedly stated his position, "Master Ye, after today's press conference, I will immediately go to Longquan Temple to pray for Wan Ting's blessing by offering incense!Longquan Temple is particularly gifted at making wishes, I often go there to pray for blessings and know the abbot there, so I can ask him to perform a blessing ceremony for Wan Ting!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said calmly, "No need to be so troublesome, you won't be able to go to Longquan Temple again in your life."

      Song Honor's entire body was startled and somewhat surprised as he asked, "Master Ye what do you mean by that?"

      Ye Chen patted his shoulder and said, "It's nothing, the Longquan Temple is in conflict with you."

      Song Honor was surprised and asked, "Why would I be in conflict with the Longquan Temple, Master Ye?Longquanji is indeed quite spiritual."

      Ye Chen said calmly, "Believe me, soon you will find out that the Longquan Temple is not spiritual at all."

      Song Honor's entire body was somewhat confused and thought that Ye Chen was talking about Feng Shui metaphysical matters, and was somewhat surprised when he asked, "Master Ye, are all those high monks at Longquan Temple a fraud?"

      Ye Chen waved his hand, "Not necessarily a lie, it might just be that the Dao is not enough."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "Alright, let's stop talking about this and hurry inside, isn't your press conference about to start?"

      Song Honor hurriedly said, "Yes, yes, the press conference will start soon, Master Ye, you should come in quickly!"

      Ye Chen stepped into the launch venue under the leadership of Song Honor, who placed him in the first row of VIP seats before saying with an apologetic face, "Sorry, Master Ye, I still have to attend the launch, so I won't be here to accompany you, if you have any needs, feel free to mention them to the staff."

      Ye Chen nodded, "Okay, you go busy."

      Song Honor said attentively, "Alright Master Ye, then I'll go and get busy first, go ahead."

      After saying that, he hurriedly turned around and went to the backstage lounge.

      A few minutes later, a female secretary walked up to the podium and spoke, "Thank you all VIPs as well as media friends for coming, today, our Song Group has something very important to release to the public, below, please give a round of applause to our board members!"

Chapter 2179

After the female secretary finished speaking, applause thundered under the stage.

      More than a dozen members of the Song Group's board of directors entered through the side doors one after another.

      None of these people in front of him were known to Ye Chen, and it wasn't until the last two that Song Honor, as well as his father, Song Tian Ming, entered.

      Although Song Tian Ming was the last one to enter, the middlemost seat on the podium had been empty for him.

      After he got on stage, he sat directly in the middle seat.

      As soon as he sat down, he saw Ye Chen in the 1st row of the VIP seats.

      Seeing Ye Chen, Song Tian Ming's heart was somewhat as nervous as Song Honor's.

      As the saying goes, a thief is guilty, and he was also worried that what he had done would one day come to light.

      He was especially afraid of Ye Chen, because Ye Chen had become the biggest hidden danger in his mind.

      If one day his affair was revealed, he wasn't even afraid of the police coming to his door, only afraid of Ye Chen coming to settle the score with him.

      When he met Ye Chen's four eyes, Song Tian Ming was somewhat pleasant and nodded at him.

      Ye Chen likewise returned the smile.

      Ye Chen's smile caused the tension in Song Tian Ming's heart to dissipate a lot.

      He opened the desktop microphone in front of him and spoke, "Dear distinguished guests, shareholders, stockholders, and media friends who are present, hello!"

      "I'm Song Tian Ming, I was previously the Vice Chairman of the Song Group, when Miss Song Wan Ting met with an accident in Japan, I was temporarily elected by the board of directors as the acting chairman, temporarily replacing Miss Song Wan Ting in the board of directors to exercise the powers of the chairman."

      At this point, Song Tian Ming sighed lightly, "Hey the unfortunate accident that happened to Miss Song Wanting has caused me, and the entire board members to be incredibly heartbroken, we have also been making serious representations to the Japanese side, asking them to make sure to find out the truth about the accident and Miss Song Wanting's whereabouts as soon as possible, we also hope that the Japanese side will be able to report back to us with a happy outcome as soon as possible"

      Song Tian Ming paused, and drew a change in style, and said squarely, "But, for a listed group with a market capitalization of over 100 billion RMB, we absolutely cannot remain in a state of mass confusion for too long, and before Miss Song Wanting returns safely, we must ensure the normal operation of the Song Group, so, our board of directors, held a meeting this morning"

      When the crowd in the audience heard this, they waited with ears pricked up and faces full of anticipation for what he was going to say next.

      This was because this was the main event that everyone was paying attention to.

      Song Tian Ming cleared his throat at this point and announced very seriously, "After the discussion of the board of directors voted to temporarily remove Miss Song Wanting from the position of Chairman of the Song Group, and at the same time the board of directors went through a real name vote, and I personally received 17 votes out of the 17 people actually on the board of directors, so from now on, it will be me who will officially take over the position of Chairman of the Song Group!"

      Everyone was waiting for that sentence, and while they presumed that the Song Group should announce a new chairman today, the matter had to come from the mouth of the Song Group's board of directors for it to be all solid evidence.

Chapter 2180

Now that Song Tian Ming himself had admitted it himself, this matter was a staple, and could be officially released directly as news to the public.

      However, at this moment, Ye Chen suddenly spoke up and asked casually, "Mr. Song, Ms. Song Wanting is only missing now, and the news of her murder has not been confirmed yet, I would like to ask you, if Ms. Song Wanting, one day, returns home safely, will you still give her back the chairman's seat?"Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Song Tian Ming had thought that today was a very, very simple transition of power.

      Moreover, he also thought that he had already conquered the entire board of directors, so the rest of the matter was merely an external announcement, and in this situation, it was impossible for anyone to cause any more rampage.

      However, he had never dreamed that Ye Chen would suddenly make a move against him at this moment.

      Although he was very angry in his heart, he still said very politely and courteously, "Although all of you can rest assured, our board of directors has already decided on a basic principle when we met and discussed today, although I have now officially taken over the position of Chairman of the Song Group by a vote of the board of directors, I have to admit that Miss Song is actually a far more suitable candidate for chairman than me"

      At this point, Song Tian Ming continued in a loud voice, "So, I am also here to solemnly announce to you all: once Miss Song Wanting returns safely, I will definitely return the chairman's position to her at the first opportunity!After all, she's the one who is the most suitable candidate to be the chairman of the Song Group!"

      The crowd applauded at this point, all feeling that the fact that Song Tian Ming could have this to say was proof that this person's vision, character, and heart were all exceptional.

      Just as Song Tian Ming was proudly accepting the applause of the crowd, Ye Chen spoke up and said, "Since Mr. Song has said that, let's just give the chairman's position back to Ms. Song Wanting."

      Song Tian Ming was annoyed when he saw Ye Chen's aggressive appearance and cursed, "Damn, did Ye Chen take some kind of gunpowder today?Why are you always fucking with me?If you want me to give Song Wanting back her seat, I can do it, but where is Song Wanting?Aren't you, Ye Chen, very capable?Aren't you the real dragon on earth?If you're really good at this, why haven't I seen you bring Song Wanting back alive?"

      Song Tian Ming's heart was already full of indignation at the thought, but he said seriously, "As I just said, I don't think I can beat Miss Song Wanting, so I hope to work under Miss Song Wanting.."

      Ye Chen smiled indifferently, "Well, since you've said so yourself, in front of so many people, don't ever break your word ah."

      With a bit of suppressed displeasure, Song Tian Ming said coldly, "Don't worry, I, Song Tian Ming, keep my word and never break my promise!"

      As soon as the words fell, the doors of the conference venue were vigorously pushed open by a few black-clothed men.

      Everyone was somewhat stunned as they saw a dozen or so uniformed black-clothed men split into left and right groups and lined up to enter the venue.

      Song Tian Ming snapped harshly, "Who are you people?What are you doing here?Let me tell you, this is our Song Group's internal grounds, and you'll be held legally responsible for barging right in like this!Where's security?Hurry over here and get them all out!"

      Just at this moment, a stunning woman wearing a full set of black small suit and black high heeled leather shoes stepped in.

      As soon as this woman entered, she left everyone on the scene as if struck by lightning, dumbstruck!

      After seeing this woman dashing into the venue, her eyes stared at Song Tian Ming and asked back in a loud voice, "They're all my people, who has the right to drive them away?!"

      Song Tian Ming felt the sky collapse in an instant.

      Because, this woman who spoke was his own niece, Song Wanting!


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