His True Colors Chapter 249-250


His True Colors Chapter 249

In the hotel room, Wang Mao has gone to book a plane ticket, Qi Yi Yun is very helpless in the face of the silent Han Qianyan, she wondered why Han Qianyan would deliberately lose the game just to use the toilet.

    Not bad, losing the match on purpose.

    Those people, out of their blind trust in Ouyang Xiujie, didn't want to see Han Three Thousand's intentionally dim moves, preferring to believe that it was Ouyang Xiujie's killer weapon that forced Han Three Thousand's side into chaos, but Chi Yi Yun saw clearly that with Han Three Thousand's strength, it was impossible for her to lose.

    "If you lose the match, can you imagine what those people in the Cloud City Go Association will do to you?"Chi Yi Yun said to Han Marchant.

    "Those trash, I never put it in my eyes, does it matter what they will do to me?"Han Qianli disdained it, he knew that after returning to Cloud City, he would definitely be spit on by those members, but did it matter?

    In Han Three Thousand's eyes, winning or losing the match didn't matter, only Su Yingxia's safety was important.

    If those old guys had to find trouble with him, he didn't mind making a big change in Cloud City.

    "Your reputation in Cloud City is already bad, and now that you've lost the match, you'll be treated even more like a wimp."Chi Yiyun was very much on Han Three Thousand's side, as this was an opportunity to get rid of his reputation as a wimp and Han Three Thousand was capable of doing so, but he chose to lose the match.

    Han Three thousand indifferently shook his hand, the word wimp was humiliating to others, but it wouldn't hurt him in any way.

    Whether it was a wimp or not, as long as he was clear and Su Yingxia knew, Han 3000 never cared about what outsiders thought.

    "Do you think I care about that?"Han Giangli said indifferently.

    "Then what do you care?"Chi Yi Yun asked.

    "Ying Xia, only Ying Xia has the right to make me care,"Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia?

    As Su Yingxia's husband, he cared about Su Yingxia rightfully so, but what did the match have to do with Su Yingxia?And Su Yingxia wanted him to win, too.

    "Do you think that Yingxia wants to see you lose?"Qi Yiyun said, and only after she said that did she recall that Han Giang's comment about caring about Su Yingxia seemed to have another meaning, and frowned as she continued, "What's wrong with Yingxia?"

    A hint of hostility flashed through Han Giang's pupils and said, "She and Shen Lingyao have been arrested."

    Hearing this, Chi Yiyun was furious, although she could have turned against Su Yingxia for Han Giang, she hadn't gone to the point of tearing her face off, and Su Yingxia was still currently her best sister.

    "Did Shangguan Black and White do this?"Chi Yi Yun gritted her teeth and said.

    "Who else could it be but him?This old thing, I'll find a chance to make him pay."Han Giangli said.

    Chi Yi Yun heaved out a heavy breath of bad luck, it was because of Su Ying Xia he lost the match, this ending, although it was understandable, Chi Yi Yun's heart was discontented.

    The more Han Qianli showed that she cared about Su Yingxia, the less chance she had of being able to get Han Qianli to submit, and if these two were more affectionate than gold, even if Han Qianli passed her test, it seemed that she had no chance of bringing Han Qianli back to Mi Guo and having him work for the Chi family.

    "You don't care if you endure insults for the sake of Su Yingxia?"Chi Yi Yun asked.

    "Even if the world spits on you, so what?"Han Qianqian looked straight at Qi Yiyun and said indifferently.

    Qi Yiyun's heart sank, she could feel Han Qianli's care for Su Yingxia, as if nothing in this world could shake Han Qianli's love for Su Yingxia.

    But Chi Yi Yun didn't believe in evil, men were lustful creatures, it was the lower half of the body that thought, in front of her beautiful temptation, he really could sit still?

    And what Qi Yiyun could give Han 3,000 was what Su Yingxia couldn't.

    A mere Su family is not even an ant in front of the Qi family.

    Men pursued women, and also aspired to power and status.

    "What can the Su Family bring you?"It was a very unrelated question, but it was very important to Chiyoyun when she asked.

    "The world is at my fingertips, and I can give her the world as well, do I need anything more from the Su family?"Han Qianli faded.

    The words hit Chi Yi Yun's heart like a huge force, a world at his fingertips, was he bragging?But looking at him, it seemed like he wasn't just bragging.

    A man who could do it and give the world to his woman, how happy should that woman be?

    Chi Yi Yun couldn't imagine it, but if Han Giang could really do it, she would try to replace Su Ying Xia.

    This was Chi Yi Yun's dream since she was a child, the dream of a man who could take her to the top of the world and overlook the entire landscape.

    "You ......" Chi Yi Yun wanted to stop talking, she wanted to tell Han Qianqian that she could help him get what he wanted, but she didn't know Han Qianqian well enough to know how much she could do, so she sensibly retracted those words.

    "These words of yours are fine for fooling little girls,"Qi Yiyun said.

    It didn't matter to Han Third Thousand whether Chi Yi Yun believed it or not, he just needed to move forward on this road, step by step, and bring Su Yingxia to a higher light scenery.

    "I'm going to rest."Han Three Thousand said.

    Having been given an eviction order, Chi Yiyun didn't linger and left Han Marchant's room very happily.

    Back in her own room next door, Qi Yiyun couldn't sleep for a long time, and Han Qianli's words were like a magic spell, constantly echoing in her ears, making her feel more and more that Han Qianli wasn't joking, and the more she had a strong urge to squeeze Su Yingxia out of her position.

    But she knew that now wasn't the time, and without validation of Han Three Thousand's true abilities, it was all just talk.

    "Do you know what the best gift is?"Chi Yi Yun said to the empty room.

    Soon, Dong Hao's voice came out, "As long as it's what Miss wants, even if I have to fight with my life, I'll help Miss get it."

    Chi Yi Yun laughed disdainfully and said, "There are some things that you won't be able to get even if you fight to the death, because you're not even qualified."

    "Miss, what you want, Dong Hao will definitely bring it to you."Dong Hao said unconvinced.

    "The whole world, can you do it?"Chi Yi Yun said.

    Dong-ho silence, world!This was no longer something that could be summed up by the word gift, even if he possessed a very strong strength, he was not qualified to say such words.

    "Miss, people who say such things are just bragging."After a long time, Dong Hao said.

    Chi Yi Yun lay on the bed, unable to close her eyes, as if she could see the whole world in front of her.

    "Just because you can't do it, doesn't mean that others can't do it, perhaps, he really has the ability to do this, let's wait and see."Chi Yi Yun said indifferently.

    The next morning, the three of Han Qianqian got on a plane back to Cloud City.

    At this moment, the Go Association of Cloud City, the crowd who had learned that Han Three Thousand had lost the match, was furious.

    They had thought that they could use Han 3000 to welcome the Xia match and thus make the Cloud City Go Association famous, but now, Han 3000 had not only lost the match, but also lost with Ouyang Xiujie giving in, which was a humiliating thing for them.

    "This damned Han 3000 lost and made us lose with him in disgrace."

    "We shouldn't have trusted this wimp, is Ouyang Xiujie that easy to win, he's Shangguan Black and White's disciple!"

    "This time we're wimping out with him, how can we swallow this."

    "Swallow it?Unless I'm dead is more like it, I'm going to take out this breath."

    "Hmph, since he's disgraced us, the Su Company won't have an easy time, we'll join forces, he won't even have a chance to eat soft food."

    "That's right, this trash has disgraced us, we'll let him lose his job."

    One person at a time, everyone showed strong hostility towards Han Marchant, in their hearts, even if Han Marchant won the competition, he was just a wimp that they were playing with at will in their hands, after all, they were the ones who had to agree to Han Marchant's refusal to participate in the competition, and now that Han Marchant had lost the competition, how could they let Han Marchant off so easily?

His True Colors Chapter 250

Tian family villa area.

    Tian Changsheng sat in the living room, he heard about Han Qianli losing the match, he was very puzzled about this matter, the last time Han Qianli and Ouyang Xiujie played against each other, he saw it clearly, the difference in strength between the two of them even he, an amateur, could see, according to reason, this match should be a nine-tenths win for him, how could he lose?

    Careless loss of Jingzhou?

    With Han Qianqian's character, how could Han Qianqian make such a low-level mistake.

    The tea was already boiling, but Tianchang Sheng didn't notice it in the slightest until Tian Ling'er approached and said, "Grandpa, what are you thinking about, so absorbed, the water is boiling."

    "Ah."Tianchang Sheng came back to his senses, took a glance at the teapot that was bubbling with white eyes, and quickly nodded, "Oh, I almost spoiled a good pot of tea."

    Tian Ling'er, who was dressed in a loose housecoat that hid her beautiful figure, sat across from Tian Changsheng and asked, "What can make grandpa think so much?"

    Tian Chang Sheng had been reluctant to give Tian Ling'er any mention of the Han Three Thousand Year incident, as the last pretend chance encounter on Genting Mountain had made Tian Ling'er sad again, but the matter of Han Three Thousand Year losing the match felt too strange for Tian Chang Sheng to hold back.

    "Ling'er, Han 3000 lost the match."Tian Changsheng said.

    "Who did he lose to?"Tian Ling'er was surprised by this, Tian Chang Sheng had said that there was absolutely no problem with Han Qian Yang winning the championship, so how could he lose.

    "Ouyang Xiujie."

    Tian Ling'er frowned and muttered with a small mouth, "Didn't grandpa say that he won Ouyang Shuojie easily, how could he lose."

    "Yeah, I was wondering why he lost too."Although this matter had little to do with Tianchang Sheng, and it wouldn't be disgraceful for Han Qianli to lose, Tianchang Sheng felt that it was simply impossible.

    "Hmph."Tian Ling'er snorted coldly and said, "It must be because he was too inflated and didn't put Ouyang Shuojie in his eyes, that's why the gutter was overturned and this arrogant fellow planted his head."

    Tian Ling'er seemed like she was down on her luck, but Tian Changsheng could sense that this little ninny's true thoughts were not like this.

    "Ling'er, if he loses this time and returns to Cloud City, those Go Association members won't let him go."Tian Changsheng said.

    Hearing this, Tian Ling'er's concern immediately surfaced on her face, hesitating for a long time before she said, "Grandpa, although Han Qianli lost arrogantly, he has learned enough lessons, those people of the Go Association, just take care of it for him, he must have been sad enough to lose the match, why should he be blamed by those old guys."

    Tian Changsheng smiled helplessly, his own granddaughter's mouth stopped being hard, but her heart was still thinking of Han Qianqian, the last time she pretended to have a chance encounter had hit her hard, but she showed no signs of giving up ah.

    "He can handle it on his own, it's just redundant for grandpa to take action,"Tianchang Sheng said.

    "Shoot, grandpa, you're thinking too much of him, that group of people from the Go Association have quite a company in Cloud City, right, how could he possibly handle it on his own."Tian Ling'er disdainfully said.

    Tian Chang Sheng sighed internally, Tian Ling'er didn't believe that Han Qianli was capable of handling it, but this matter was destined to impress her again, so that her affection for Han Qianli would only grow stronger ah.

    It was a pity that Han Qianxiang's excellence was something that Tianchang Sheng could not hide.

    Tianchang Sheng knew a little bit about the Yanjing Han family, and knew that Han 3000 was originally not valued by the family, but the last time Nangong Qianqiu personally came to Cloud City, this showed that the Han family had already changed their opinion of him, as for how he did it and what he did, currently Tianchang Sheng still did not know.

    But one thing was certain, it was worth Nangong Qianqiu leaving the capital, and this was the best proof of Han Three Thousand's strength.

    "My good granddaughter, you're still underestimating Han Qianqian."Tian Changsheng said.

    Tian Ling'er deflated, what was so great about him, besides being able to fight and play chess, wasn't he just eating soft food in the Su family?Relying on Su Yingxia to raise it, what kind of real power is that.

    Cloud City Airport.

    A luxury car was parked vertically at the entrance of the airport, passengers, both local and foreign felt amazed at this kind of big scene, what kind of big person would have to be welcomed to make such a big row.

    Among the luxury cars, mostly Bentleys and Rolls-Royces, some of the locals in Cloud City found that the owners, who were almost the backbone of the entire Cloud City business community, were there, except for a few even more powerful people who were not there.

    "What is this, picking up who, so much noise."

    "It should be picking up someone from the Heavenly Family, besides the Heavenly Family, who else in Cloud City is qualified for such treatment."

    "This kind of specification, at least it has to be the old man of the Tian family, but I haven't heard of the old man leaving Cloud City lately."

    Tian Changsheng's name in Yun City was very loud, almost everyone knew it, but they also knew that Tian Changsheng hadn't left Yun City since he stepped down as the chairman of the Tian family, how could it be Tian Changsheng when these people picked up.

    Some of the passengers who should have left, at this time they all stayed where they were to watch the excitement, wanting to see which big person they were welcoming for such a big row.

    At this moment, a young man, followed by a young sister and an old man, walked out of the airport, and the doors of all those luxury cars opened at the same time.

    The scene was shocking, after all, the total value of the luxury cars here added up to tens of millions.

    "Who is this young man, he actually wants to be greeted by so many people."

    "I've never heard of it before, strange, could it be a big shot from out of town?"

    "I see like, just look at this young man's extraordinary temperament you can tell it's not an ordinary person."

    The crowd of onlookers crossed their ears, but the three people who came out didn't look too good, especially the old man Wang Mao.

    These people who came in the limousine were from the Cloud City Go Association, and the reason for their appearance was something Wang Mao could think of with his toes.

    Han 3000 lost the match, discrediting the Cloud City Go Association and making them lose face, with the stubborn and arrogant attitude of these old things, how could they let Han 3000 go?

    "Han 3,000, you're really good, you're not convinced that we're forcing you to compete, so you deliberately lost so that we can follow you and be humiliated, right?"

    "Little bastard, this is the dumbest decision you've ever made in your life, to go against us, do you know what the consequences are?"

    "If you don't want to go, we won't force you to go, but if you go and deliberately lose the match, you're not taking us seriously."

    Several people looked at each other angrily and accused Han Qianli, who had a flat expression and didn't even look at these people.

    Wang Mao learned from Tianchang Sheng that Han 3000 was not easy to mess with, so he didn't want to see what would happen to these old fellows after they angered Han 3000 and quickly stepped in as a peacemaker.

    "There's a reason why Han 3000 lost, I'll explain it to you guys slowly when we get back to the association, there's a lot of people here, it's better to go back."Wang Mao said.

    "Wang Mao, we have you as the president, but it doesn't mean that we people will be afraid of you, you should know very well what position you have."

    "Don't think that just because you're a chairman, we have to give you face, weigh your own weight."

    "With your face, it's impossible to get us to let him go."

    Wang Mao was highly respected in Cloud City because his Go attainments were recognized by many people, these old guys had no other way to pass their boring time after living a retired life, that's why they joined the Go Association, but as they said, with their status, there was no need to give Wang Mao face.

    Wang Mao didn't expect that a friend for so many years would say something like this, it was obvious that he was trying to embarrass him in public.

    "Hmph, fine, you guys can do whatever you want."Wang Mao snorted coldly.

    "Come take a look everyone, this is the famous wimp Han Qianqian of Cloud City, you should have heard of his great name, I'll let you meet his true self today."A certain person said loudly to the onlookers.

    Naturally, there was no need to say how famous Han 3000 was in Cloud City, as soon as this was said, the crowd of onlookers burst out laughing, having heard of many things about Han 3000, but having never seen the Wimpy Honcho before, today was an eye opener.

    "I didn't expect it to actually be him, a wimp, how ridiculous, I thought this was to pick up some big shot."

    "It seems that this wimp didn't miss a beat, not to mention eating the Su Family's soft rice, and causing such a big trouble for the Su Family."

    "Hey, it's a pity that this woman Su Yingxia is actually married to such a useless man."


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