His True Colors Chapter 247-248


His True Colors Chapter 247

There was a huge gap between Ouyang Xiujie and Han 3,000 in terms of chess skill, so no matter how Ouyang Xiujie delayed and wore down Han 3,000's patience, the position on the chess game was still that Han 3,000 gradually occupied the upper peak.

    No matter how Ouyang Xiujie calculated, no matter how slow Ouyang Xiujie dropped his pieces, it still couldn't change the situation that Han 3,000 was sure to win.

    While Han 3,000 was falling like flying, Ouyang Shuojie was taking longer and longer to consider it, as he was already at a disadvantage on the board, and he could only seek to turn the tables by stalling for time until Han 3,000's spirit was completely exhausted.

    "Ouyang Xiujie, you've already lost, no matter how much time you stall, you won't be able to find a chance to turn the tables, this is the gap between you and me, it's not a fact that can be changed by pulling a time span."Han Giangli said to Ouyang Xiujie with a relaxed face after dropping a sub.

    On the contrary, Ouyang Xiujie's expression was growing more and more tense, and he was already looking tired.

    "Don't be too arrogant, it's not certain who will win or lose, what makes you think you're going to win."Ouyang Xiujie said through clenched teeth.

    Han Giangli smiled calmly and continued, "You know very well in your heart that you can't win against me, and not only today, there's no way you can win against me in this lifetime, what about Shangguan Black and White's disciple, didn't you see the last time I played against him?Might as well tell you the truth, even if your master, I can win, so what are you to me."

    "You're talking nonsense, how could you win my master."Ouyang Xiujie raised his head and looked angrily at Han Qianqian.

    Shangguan Heihei was the titan of the Go world, and even more so, the idol of Ouyang Shuojie's heart, he thought that he would only have a chance to surpass Shangguan Heihei in the next ten or twenty years, how could Han 3000 be able to do it now.

    "Ask yourself, how big is the gap between you and me?Even though I've been tired all day, I still hold the advantage now, and I'll kill you just like last time, disgracing your armor."Han Giangli easily and comfortably landed a blow, the situation became clearer and the advantage continued to grow.

    "Don't try to disturb my mind, if you speak again, I'll tell the judges."Ouyang Xiujie's heart sank, Han Qianli was deliberately messing with his mind, almost falling for Han Qianli's trick.

    Han Qianli smiled faintly and stopped speaking.

    Those who were watching the battle between the two through a large screen, so they couldn't hear their conversation, but the form of the chess game already said it all, even though Han Qianli was in a state of fatigue, he was still able to hold the upper hand, which forced them to re-examine Han Qianli's strength.

    "He can't really win against Ouyang Xiujie, can he."

    "It does look like it's possible, it's only the middle game, and he already has an absolute advantage."

    "Is this young man also a disciple of a certain master, if not, how could he be so powerful at such a young age."

    "This time he and Ouyang Xiujie have become the hottest topic of the match, I don't know who deliberately stirred it up, perhaps there's something behind it that we don't know, I'm afraid this match is not a simple win or lose ah."

    It took less than an hour to go from looking down on Han Qianqian to starting to take Han Qianqian's strong strength seriously, Han Qianqian proved himself with his own strength so that these people didn't dare to despise him any more.

    Wang Mao's expression smiled easily, after seeing Han 3,000 yuan get the advantage, he knew that there was no need to worry about winning this round, with Han 3,000 yuan's strength and a great situation, there was no possibility of Ouyang Shuojie turning the tables in the slightest.

    "Three thousand really is powerful, so young, I don't know where he studied from, I guess his master should be a very powerful person as well."Wang Mao exclaimed, besides talent, Go also needed a very strong leader, in Wang Mao's opinion, Han 3,000 was so strong at such a young age, in addition to talent, he must have a particularly powerful master.

    "What are the chances of him beating Shangguan Black and White?"Chi Yi Yun asked to Wang Mao, the result of this match right now had almost been seen, so Chi Yi Yun was even more looking forward to the game between Han Qianqiang and Shangguan Black and White later, if he could really win against Shangguan Black and White, he would definitely be able to make a name for himself in the Huaxia Go world.

    Wang Mao shook his head and said, "I'm afraid only he himself knows how much of a chance he has, but he and Shangguan Black and White once played against each other and lost by a very small margin."

    Chi Yiyun's two eyebrows gathered together, losing by a very small margin was also losing, so to her, it wasn't words that reflected Han Qianli's strength.

    Chi Yiyun's attitude towards things was very extreme, losing was losing, winning was winning, never caring about how much or how little she lost.

    "I can feel the strong confidence he shows, and with his character, since he can challenge Shangguan Black and White, he must have more than fifty percent certainty,"Chi Yi Yun said.

    When Wang Mao heard this, the smile on his face grew stronger.

    Winning against Ouyang Xiujie, the Cloud City Go Association was able to enjoy championship honors.

    But if it also won against Shangguan Black and White, then the Cloud City Go Association would definitely become the place of fame in the Huaxia Go world, and I'm sure there would be many pilgrims in the future, just thinking about that kind of scene, Wang Mao's heart blossomed with joy.

    "Hey, even this old bone of mine has to envy ah, at such a young age, he has such an achievement, to think that I was just a chess player who was running around at his age."Wang Mao exclaimed.

    "Ordinary people, even if they have talent, they don't have the chance to refine their chess skills, it looks like he has something unknown to him besides his talent."Chi Yi Yun appeared to ask with a careless look.

    Wang Mao's heart was shaken, about Han Marchant's identity, Tianchang Sheng had mentioned something vaguely, although the words were very vague, but it showed that Han Marchant did have a very powerful family background, Wang Mao could hear that Chi Yi Yun was trying to find out the details of Han Marchant.

    But even Tian Changsheng didn't dare to casually say things, how could Wang Mao be indiscriminate, and to him, as long as Han 3000 could fight for glory for the Cloud City Go Association, it didn't matter as to who Han 3000 was.

    "Maybe, all I know about him is the Su family's incoming son-in-law."Wang Mao said.

    Chi Yiyun's expression dripped with laughter, she was just asking casually, she didn't want to know the true identity of Han Three Thousand from Wang Mao's mouth and it shouldn't be possible for someone like him to know.

    Seeing that the situation on the chess board was becoming more and more unfavorable to Ouyang Xiujie, and if this continued, it would be impossible for Ouyang Xiujie to win no matter how long it dragged on, those onlookers who were watching the fun were getting anxious.

    Because they wanted Ouyang Xiujie to win, after all, he was Shangguan Black and White's disciple, only if he won, he would be able to keep the honor, if he lost, not only would he be sorry for his reputation, he would also smear Shangguan Black and White, which was something that no one wanted to see.

    In their hearts, Shangguan Black and White was like a god, and how could a god's disciple lose?

    "Don't you guys be in a hurry, look at Senior Shangguan's expression, he looks like he has a chest, maybe Ouyang Xiujie has a killer weapon."

    "Good, even Senior Shangguan isn't in a hurry, what are we in a hurry for, in my opinion, Ouyang Xiujie is deliberately selling some advantages to Han 3000 and then turning the tables against the wind, after all, just simply winning Han 3000 doesn't show his strength at all, only turning the tables against the wind can prove his power."

    "Definitely, this is to make Han 3000 lose convincingly ah."

    The crowd's mesmerizing confidence was in stark contrast to the tormented Ouyang Shuojie who was currently in a state of mind that could have imagined that Ouyang Shuojie was almost on the verge of collapsing right now?

    The time was approaching twelve o'clock, but Han Three thousand was still in a very brave state, but he was gradually feeling lackluster, a situation where Ouyang Shuojie had almost seen the odds.

    Han Third Thousand's power surpassed Ouyang Xiujie's imagination, and all the calculations they had made were defeated in front of the strength like shattered mirrors.

    At this moment, Han Three Thousand's phone's SMS suddenly rang.

    How could someone send him a message at this time of the day?

    While Ouyang Shuojie was deliberately delaying the fallout, Han Giangli took out his phone.

His True Colors Chapter 248

What came from the phone was not a text message, but a picture.

    The picture was of the two people Su Yingxia and Shen Lingyao who were tied up with five flowers, from the picture alone, they looked like they were thrown in a trash heap, but from the background details it was still possible to tell that it was a room, just a very dirty room.

    The pictures made the hostility in Han Giang's heart instantly erupt, and Ouyang Xiujie, who was sitting across from him, inexplicably felt a chill and shivered unconsciously.

    When Han Giangli raised his head and looked at Shangguan Black and White, Shangguan Black and White was looking at him with a smiling face.

    "Referee, I request a break for a few minutes, I need to use the bathroom."Han Three Thousand said to the referee.

    The referee had already been paid off by Shangguan Black and White, Han 3,000 was discomfort, which was beneficial to Ouyang Shuojie, how could he grant Han 3,000's request?

    "No, you can't pause the game mid-game, you can forfeit if you can't hold it."The referee said with a smile.

    With such a blatant targeting of Han 3000, the others on the scene, except for Wang Mao and Qi Yiyun, didn't have any problem with it because they felt that now was Ouyang Xiujie's chance to fight back, so how could they let Han 3000 interrupt?

    Just at this moment, Shangguan Black and White stood up and said to the judge, "He's been competing for a day and is a bit tired, so it's only right to let him take a bathroom break."

    "Senior Shangguan is truly generous, at such a crucial time, he actually gave Han Qianqiang a chance to use the toilet."

    "I can already feel that Ouyang Xiujie will slowly start to gain strength, being interrupted at this point would be detrimental to Ouyang Xiujie, but I didn't expect Senior Shangguan didn't care."

    "Senior Shangguan is truly a model for my generation."

    "Senior Shangguan must be very confident in Ouyang Xiujie's killer weapon, the real match is finally about to begin ah."

    Shangguan Black and White was indeed very confident, but the confidence didn't come from Ouyang Xiujie's strength, but from that photo, he believed that Han Giang should know what to do next.

    Shangguan Black and White, who had taken shamelessness to the limit, was still being touted by the crowd, and it had to be said that status was a good thing, if it were anyone else, they would have already been met with disdain.

    Han Giangli, who came to the bathroom, dialed Su Yingxia's number, but the phone was already off.

    Calling Shen Ling Yao's again, the result was the same.

    Han Qianqian, breathing rapidly and furiously, made one last call to Jiang Lan.

    Jiang Lan was already in her sleep, woken up by the phone, and was originally angry, but when she saw Han Qianqian's caller ID, her expression eased.

    "Three thousand, why are you calling me so late?"Jiang Lan asked in confusion.

    "Mom, is Yingxia home?"Han Qianli asked.

    "She's meeting Shen Lingyao for dinner today, probably because you weren't at home, so she went to Shen Lingyao's house,"Jiang Lan said.

    "Okay, I get it, go back to sleep."

    Han Giangli hung up the phone, his killing intent unleashed like a storm.

    "Old thing, a match, you even threatened me with Su Yingxia, you want to win, I'll give it to you, I hope you can withstand my revenge."

    Han Giangli returned to the arena with a cold face, his expression at this time becoming extremely cold.

    "I feel as if he's suddenly a bit off."Chi Yi Yun saw this situation and said to Wang Mao.

    Wang Mao also noticed a slight change, why did he come back from the bathroom, it was completely like a different person?

    "No matter what, as long as we can win."Wang Mao suppressed the ominous premonition in his heart and consoled himself.

    The next fall, Han Three Thousand Thousand was even faster and without the slightest consideration, dazed moves were used to bury the great situation, but ten eyes, the libra of victory, gradually tilted towards Ouyang Shuojie.

    Wang Mao and Qi Yiyun locked eyebrows, this is by no means a mistake that Han Qiangan's strength can make, this kind of situation, even if it was Qi Yiyun on, she can also win Ouyang Xiujie, but Han Qiangan is constantly digging her own grave, making herself step by step towards the abyss.

    Those who were already inclined to think that Ouyang Xiujie would win were starting to get excited, they didn't care why Han Qianli had suddenly changed so much, they simply thought that Ouyang Xiujie had taken out a killer weapon, and that's why they had forced Han Qianli to mess up.

    "I told you, how could Ouyang Xiujie lose, it turns out that he really just deliberately let Han Qianqian lose."

    "This nameless person is now able to experience Ouyang Xiujie's power, let's see if he still dares to be arrogant."

    "He seems to be fighting on behalf of Cloud City ah, this time he'll have to leave a joke on Cloud City, Ouyang Xiujie is letting him get away with this, but he'll actually lose, what a shame."

    As the chess game neared its close, Han Qianqiang's pawn was defeated and eventually lost the match.

    Ouyang Xiujie stood up as the victor and said proudly, "I've already given in to you enough, I didn't expect you to still lose, you can't blame me for that."

    Han Giangli looked at Ouyang Shuojie with cold eyes and said, "Will you have such good luck next time?"

    Ouyang Xiujie laughed coldly and said loudly, "He actually said that it was just good luck that I won against him."

    When the spectators heard this, they all showed their disdain for Han Marchand.

    "Ouyang Xiujie made such an obvious concession, can you still pretend that you don't know anything about it?"

    "Young people nowadays, what impudence, a loss is a loss, it's a difference in strength, but you still don't even acknowledge it."

    "Fortunately, I'm not from Cloud City, I don't have to follow you in disgrace, celebrate ah."

    "Hurry up and get lost, don't be embarrassed here."

    Shangguan Black and White stood up and raised his right hand slightly, and those who were speaking were silenced.

    "Since you can't even win against my disciple, you're not qualified to play against me, right?"Shangguan Black and White's questioning sentence was clearly asking Han Third Thousand to admit this fact himself.

    Han Three Thousand took a deep breath and said, "Yes."

    "Hahahahahaha."Shangguan He-hei laughed proudly and said, "Young man, I'll teach you this valuable lesson for free, so that you'll know that you can't be too arrogant, or else you'll end up like now, a joke in the eyes of others, but I'll give you this lesson for free, and I won't charge you for it."

    "Then I really have to thank you,"Han Qianqian said.

    Shangguan Black and White, with the generous appearance of a senior, shook his head and said, "Teaching a lesson to a junior is something I should do, after all, the Huaxia Weiqi world still has to rely on you young people to hold it up, but unfortunately, you are too arrogant and self-important, with no self-awareness at all, and you even want to challenge me, so in my eyes, you don't deserve to hold up the future of the Weiqi world."

    Shangguan Heihei and Shihei's words were clearly suppressing Han 3,000, after all, there were still so many people from the Go world present, and these words were undoubtedly sealing Han 3,000.

    He was trying to make sure that Han Three Thousand won't have the chance to appear in any future tournaments.

    "Are you afraid?Afraid I'll meet up with Ouyang Shujie in a future match?"Han Qianli sneered.

    "You brat, losing and still being so arrogant, would Ouyang Xiujie be afraid of a loser like you?"

    "Senior Shangguan is so right, you have no self-awareness at all, the Go world doesn't need people like you who are blindly confident."

    "I suggest blocking him in the future and disqualifying him from participating in any tournaments."

    A group of people followed suit, wanting to ban Han Qianqian, and some even described Han Qianqian as a tumor in the Go world, because a ruler is a gentleman, and Han Qianqian, obviously, didn't deserve the word gentleman.

    "Blocking you is not something I said, but the eyes of the masses are sharp."This was the result that Shangguan Black and White wanted, so he was very happy to see this scene.

    Go was just a partial lesson in cultivating one's body for Han Qianqiang, he never wanted to have honors in the Go world, to him, it was an interest that was all or nothing.

    "Shangguan Black and White, the next time we meet, I want you to pay the price for what you did today."Han Qianli said and left the tournament venue.

    Wang Mao and Qi Yiyun saw the situation and hurried to follow.

    In addition to the bragging about Shangguan Black and White and Ouyang Xiujie, the competition arena was also filled with abuses against Han 3,000, a group of self-proclaimed gentlemen who spoke foul language and had a high posture.

    "Three thousand, what's going on, why did you suddenly make so many faint moves?"After walking out of the competition venue, Wang Mao asked a puzzled question to Han 3,000.

    Han Qianqiang didn't answer the question, but said, "Book the fastest flight, I want to go back to Cloud City."


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