Super Son-in-law 624-626


Super Son-in-law Chapter 624

Half an hour later, at the edge of a private airport on the outskirts of Tianhai City, Dao Yi stood side by side with Lin Yan, who was still looking at the direction where Lin Hao was holding his wedding.He'd kept that motion for a long time.

Dao Yi smoked a rare cigarette, one after another, until a pack of China was more than half smoked.Dao Yi looked ahead and said to Lin Yan, "Old man, it's really time to go now, the burial of the Cherry Blossom Tear has been killed by you, I believe those guys from Lin Xiaoyun have already gotten the message, if you don't want them to send someone to the Heavenly Sea again, then let's hurry over and hold them back ......"

Lin Yan disdainfully shook his head: "Heh, just those few old turtles of theirs, they don't dare to come to China, if they don't step out of that Di Yi Wu Jai service Yi Ai step, I'm afraid they won't dare to step into China again until they die ......"

Dao Yi's pupils contracted sharply at the words, and he looked mighty and slow, "The person you're talking about?He ...... he's still in Warsaw?"When Dao Yi said something about that person, there was clearly a hint of fear in his appearance.

Lin Yan's face was also somewhat dignified as he nodded, "Well, he's always been there, but he's just been recovering from his injuries all these years.In that battle more than a decade ago, although he killed that person in the West, that person was on the same level as him, and that person's dying backlash wasn't so easy to take.But these past few years I have a vague feeling that he's almost healed, maybe he'll be born again soon, hehe ...... But no matter, whether we can come down from the Sacred Mountain alive or not is still a matter of opinion, we'll talk about it later.And with me gone, there's still a Jun Wu Jing over there holding back ...... Hao'er has a long buffer against that man ......"

Dao Yi nodded deeply at the words, his eyes complex to the extreme, with both worry and a hint of longing and anticipation.The yearning for their next level, height.But he understood that he shouldn't be able to reach that height in his lifetime, it was destiny.He was proficient in the arrival concept, he understood it well.Lin Yan had that hope, and that was why he had just admitted it to Night One himself at Lin Hao's wedding.That was what made Lin Yan stronger than him.It was just that Lin Yan was dragged down by those people from the Lin Clan branch, and it was more than ten years, and after this battle, even if Lin Yan was still alive, he was afraid that his foundation would be so damaged that it would be almost impossible for him to go further...

After Dao Yi was silent for a long time, he spoke to Lin Yan and said, "Actually, if you hadn't chosen that way back then, you would have had a chance to hit that level, and once you reached that level, no one in this world would be able to restrict you anymore ......"

Lin Yan laughed and shook his head, "How meaningless it would be to choose that way.What's the point of cutting off all your feelings in order to reach that level.And in this world ah, there are always things that need to be done even if you know it's not the optimal choice ah ......"

Once the Word was heard, it was silent ......

In the next moment, Lin Yan took a deep breath and said with a smile, "Alright, stayed long enough, time to go ......" after saying that, Lin Yan turned around and got on the private plane above the tarmac, no longer a trace of attachment, and no longer looking back.Just after turning around Lin Yan, the old, tired color on his body all gone, a king's dominance straight to the sky ......

Dao Yi also once again looked deeply in the direction of Lin Hao's wedding, where there was his lifelong, most excellent disciple, Night One!

"Kid, if I die, remember to inherit my dao lineage ah, don't lose to Lin Yan's son, or else I won't let you go even if I were a ghost ...... Go away, behave yourselves in the future, the future will depend on you ah ......" Dao Yi said with a smile in the direction of where Night One was, and turned around and also got on the plane.

He was just like Lin Yan, and the moment he turned around again, there was no more turning back.After turning around, some of the emotions in his heart were cut right off, and his entire body was sharp and unrelenting ......

Super Son-in-law Chapter 625

The wedding was over, Lin Hao and Shen Siyan's grand wedding was over.The people who watched the live broadcast of the wedding, whether they were on the spot or outside, were shocked by the wedding and felt deeply happy for Shen Suyan.

After today, I'm afraid that Lin Hao and Shen Suyan's wedding will be imprinted in the hearts of the people of Tianhai City for a long time.And this grand wedding, but also to this year Tianwu whisk closed er service whisk Luhai City's New Year, adding a beautiful scenery.

At the entrance of the wedding site, Lin Hao and Shen Shiyan, personally stood there, smiling and seeing off the guests who came to the wedding today, Lin Hao also put his foot down and personally came to see them off.Lin Hao's personal send-off suddenly made the crowd of elite executives in Tianhai City feel flattered, and even their impression of Lin Hao's great demon king was a little better.

Shen Suyan was incomparably ladylike as she stood beside Lin Hao, she was tall and dumpy, even in the cold winter, Shen Suyan was wearing her most beautiful wedding dress, standing at the door with Lin Hao.

Just more often than not, Shen Suyan's sight is secretly looking at Lin Hao's side face, looking at the side face of the man who is incomparably deeply in love with her, Shen Suyan just feels that Lin Hao is so handsome, so domineering, making her feel so secure ......

After finally sending off the last guest at the last table, Lin Hao saw Shen Xiyan staring at him, so he couldn't help but turn and smile at Shen Xiyan, "What's wrong?Why are you looking at me like that?"

Shen Si Yan smiled and held Lin Hao's hand in her delicate jade hand, holding it tightly, "Lin Hao, thank you, thank you for giving me such a romantic wedding, for giving me such a magnificent wedding, thank you, husband ......"

Lin Hao smiled and looked at Shen Shi Yan, his eyes filled with favor, and said to Shen Shi Yan, "Oh ...... what are you saying, you're my wife ah, although you're a little naughty and a little headstrong.By the way, will you accompany me to the Leng family later?"

Shen Shi Yan shook her head deeply at Lin Hao and said, "Today, can we not go to the Leng family?I want to be with you, let's find a place where no one is around, just the two of us, and it's our wedding day, so let's not do anything unpleasant today.Let's just be together, okay?"

Lin Hao looked at Shen Xi Yan for a while, he felt that Shen Xi Yan was right, today's Shen Xi Yan was so beautiful, dumping the city, a top-notch beauty, whether it was her face or her body.Lin Hao then realized that no matter how he looked at it, he was somewhat unable to see enough of Shen Siyan, of his own wife, who was a magnificent beauty.His wife was really, really beautiful, beautiful unlike any woman on earth.

Lin Hao nodded to Shen Siyan and said, "Mm, good.Then let's go to our wedding room, I still have a few villas in Tianhai City, I have prepared one of the best for you, listen to you, today is such a beautiful day, we don't want anything, it's just the two of us together ......"

Shen Siyan nodded her head in happiness, reached out and grabbed Lin Hao's arm, half of her body was attached to Lin Hao's body, full of happiness, her smile was so sweet, she just wanted to stay quietly by the side of this man right now, this silly man who had always been silent to her, but never openly, her husband ...... Lin Hao.

At this time, a smiling Wang Shufen, Leng Qiuya, Gu Shengnan, Gu Yue as well as Lin Qingcheng and Mo Tianji, all walked over.The few of them looked at the loving lovers in front of them, the happy couple, and they were all incomparably happy.The outcome of this wedding was far more successful and more shocking than what they had imagined.

Yue Gu smiled and said to Shen Xi Yan, "Xi Yan, congratulations, I'm sure you and Lin Hao, the two of you must still have a lot to say, so we won't bother you then ah.I'm taking Auntie and the others, as well as Sister Qingcheng, to my house ah, you two youngsters can stay by yourselves ...... hehe ......"

Wang Shufen smiled and looked at Lin Hao, how she looked at him, she felt that Lin Hao, her son-in-law, was really excellent, very excellent, far more excellent than she had imagined.She was incomparably satisfied.It was just that her own daughter, Shen Shiyan, had hurt Lin Hao so many times.When she thought of this, Wang Shufen couldn't help but open her mouth and say to Shen Xiyan: "Xiyan, Lin Hao is your husband, you can't be so capricious in the future, such a good husband, but you can't even find him with a lantern ......" Wang Shufen's tone was incomparably serious.She was really afraid that Shen Xiyan would do something stupid again in the future, after all, Lin Hao is such a good man, I'm afraid Shen Xiyan will never meet another one in her life ......

Super Son-in-law Chapter 626

Shen Siyan saw that Wang Shufen was serious and she also put away her smile.She recalled that when she first came to Tianhai City, Wang Shufen constantly advised her, desperately trying to persuade her, but she didn't listen, thus leading to those things that followed.Thinking of this, Shen Xiyan bowed deeply to Wang Shufen and nodded her head, "Well, I know mom, don't worry, I will never do anything stupid again, I will always stay by Lin Hao's side and stay with him ......"

Wang Shufen nodded her head with a smile, and Leng Qiu Ya also looked at the pair in front of her with incomparable emotion, how could one look at them and think that they were the most perfect match for each other.She, Shen Xiyan's own mother, also incomparably agreed with Lin Hao.All of these things that Lin Hao had done for Shen Suyan were even more incomparably touching to her heart.

Leng Qiu Ya nodded at Lin Hao and said, "Hao'er, thank you, thank you for everything you've done for Xi Yan ......"

Lin Hao smiled but his eyes were incomparably serious as he said to Leng Qiu Ya, "Mom, I'm with Xi Yan, you don't need to say thank you, she was originally my wife, originally the wife I loved the most in my life.Don't worry, I will never let her suffer again in the future ......"

Leng Qiu Ya nodded, looked deeply at Shen Xi Yan, opened her mouth but didn't say anything, but Leng Qiu Ya's eyes were moist, and tears were about to fall down.

The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of it.You are my own mother, although I hated you before, but this time when I came to Tianhai City, I realized that it's not easy for you for so many years.Don't worry, Lin Hao and I will take good care of you in the future ......" Shen Siyan said and pulled Lin Hao along with her and bowed to Leng Qiu Ya.

When Leng Qiu Ya heard what Shen Xi Yan said, she couldn't help but turn her head, tears still fell down.Wang Shufen hurriedly pulled Leng Qiu Ya towards the outside.

Lin Qingcheng was the last one to say goodbye to Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes you've been wearing.In the future, be sure to treat Xi Yan well and cherish this hard-won relationship of yours ......"

Lin Hao nodded very seriously, "Well, sis, I know, don't worry ......"

"Well ...... "Lin Qingcheng nodded and said to Shen Xiyan in a somewhat complicated manner, "Xiyan, you'll know about our family later, it's very complicated, one or two sentences can't make it clear.But I, Lin Qingcheng, have only Lin Hao as my closest relative in this world.I'm sorry, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this.But he is kind-hearted and stubborn, that is, occasionally he will play some childish temper, such as this time, actually disguised as another person, to deceive you.Please don't take this to heart yet ......"

Lin Qingcheng paused and continued, "Lin Hao ...... him, he has a very bitter heart.Our mother died early, and he's been growing up all these years by himself, so in the future, please, you, his wife, take care of him more, and take care of this fool who never thinks of himself, but only thinks of others, okay?"

Shen Xiyan's tears snapped as she listened to Lin Qingcheng's words.She had just met Lin Yan, Lin Hao's real father, at the wedding scene.It was just that scene, she only felt deep hatred from Lin Yan and Lin Hao, and that hatred was not like father and son at all.

And right now when she heard Lin Qingcheng's simple words about Lin Hao's past again, she felt very bad.Because the words that Lin Qingcheng said, Lin Hao had never said to her.

And now when she knew, only then did she truly understand that the man beside her, the man who had been going to pay for her, how bitter the heart should be, just like these two Ng Ng Ng Dyeing Shade Serving West times, Lin Hao was seriously injured every time, but never said it to her.

Shen Xiyan nodded heavily to Lin Qingcheng, seriously assured: "Well, sister, I took note of it.In the future, I will stay by Lin Hao's side and try my best to be a good wife to him, to trust him and love him ......"

Shen Xi Yan said incomparably serious, her eyes red, tears in her eyes.Lin Hao turned his head and smiled at Shen Siyan, Shen Siyan held back her tears and smiled at Lin Hao as well, the eyes she looked at Lin Hao were filled with deep love, incomparably complex love, and a hint of heartache, the ultimate heartache ......


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