Super Son-in-law 541-550


Chapter 541

Tianhai Group was previously the largest group of companies in Tianhai City, the employees reached over a thousand half a year ago, and now after the annexation of Tianhai Group, the Gong Family, and the merger into the Kyushu Group, the employees of Tianhai Group's headquarters had directly skyrocketed to four or five thousand people, so one could imagine how striking it would be for Lin Hao to be walking with Shen Shiyan at the moment.

The employees of the Tianhai Group were well aware that Mo Tianji was the president of the Tianhai Group yes, but Lin was the actual controller of the Tianhai Group.Then Shen Siyan, who was with CEO Lin, would naturally be even more noticeable.And this morning it was just rumored that Shen Suyan was the scandalous girlfriend of General Manager Lin, and now the two of them are walking together openly and honestly, and for a time the employees within the Tianhai Group are all staring at Shen Suyan with a strong envy in their eyes ......

"Miss Shen will be our Lin's wife from now on, hehe, Miss Shen is really beautiful in real life, even without makeup, her plain face is so beautiful ......" an employee of the Tianhai Group, whispered as Shen Xiyan passed her by.

"Hmph, that's right, Miss Shen is now rated as the number one red face of Tianhai!I say this name, Miss Shen really deserved ah, Miss Shen is not only beautiful, but also the body of that temperament is too good, are not lost those stars ......" Another employee whispered, only his words also reached the ears of Shen Xiyan.......

Shen Xiyan couldn't help but lower her head a little, feeling incomparably embarrassed.She was tempted to explain to those employees, but there were just too many people, and the man who walked in front of her, as if he didn't care about the gossip, then she didn't care either, and yes, after Lin Hao passed away, she no longer cared whether the reputation on her body was good or bad ......

Half an hour later, in a top Western restaurant, in a large private room, only Lin Hao and Shen Siyan were sitting opposite each other.Lin Hao poured a cup of hot water for Shen Xiyan, while he himself was drinking red wine.

Shen Suyan looked at the handsome, handsome, cold and domineering man sitting across from her and slowly said, "Mr. Lin, I'm sorry, I still have to do design drawings in the afternoon, so I can't drink with you this time ......"

Lin Hao shook the red wine glass in his hand and smiled at Lin Hao, "Well, it's fine, Miss Shen, you have to work.Don't mind me, I'll just drink some myself, and with Miss Shen accompanying me, it doesn't matter what I drink."

Shen Siyan's face was a little embarrassed, she had too many doubts in her heart, which would not be able to stop her from asking, "Mr. Lin, I want to ask you, why do you help me so much all the time?"

Lin Hao smiled and shook his head, "Why does Miss Shen think I'm helping you?Miss Shen, you don't think too much, many things may be troublesome for you, but to me is nothing more than a sentence.The actual fact is that you will be able to find a lot of people who are not in a position to get a lot of money.Put it in the bank and watch it?So might as well help someone else, and Miss Shen you have a bit of my wife in you and I like staying with you ......"

Shen Xiyan nodded and raised her glass to Lin Hao, "Well, then Xiyan will thank Lin for taking care of ......"

Lin Hao also raised his glass to clink with Shen Xiyan and finished his drink.Then Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan and said, "By the way, Miss Shen, regarding the news this morning, I think I still have to say sorry to you, because I, now you have become a person who is known in Tianhai City, and also carries one, my gossip girlfriend's reputation ...... This reputation will definitely have a positive effect onYour life and work, it's affecting, and I'm just sorry to say here ......"

Shen Siyan shook her head and smiled, "Mr. Lin is joking, is my name?I'm sure you also know that when you destroyed the Gong family, my name had already spread all over Tianhai City, at that time they all said I was a jinx, a lone star, and no one wanted to talk to me.And at least now people don't call me that anymore, so I'm happy, so I still have to say thank you to General Manager Lin, if you hadn't destroyed the Gong Family, I'm afraid my life would be even more desperate now, thank you General Manager Lin ......"

Shen Siyan raised her glass to Lin Hao again, and after finishing her drink, Shen Siyan thought about it and asked Lin Hao, "Then, Mr. Lin, I want to ask you, why do you want to exterminate the Gong Family?Of course you don't have to tell my ...... on this one."

Lin Hao smiled and waved his hand indifferently and said, "There's no reason, it's just that their Gong family has offended my interests.In the past, when I went out from the Heavenly Sea, I had a grudge against the Gong family, but now that I've returned as king, I will naturally exterminate them.As for Miss Shen, you said that I unintentionally helped you, I guess it's fate that we became good friends, isn't it?"Lin Hao raised his glass to smile at Shen Xiyan Weiwei.

Shen Siwei also smiled and raised her glass to have another drink with Lin Hao, but a hint of sadness surfaced in Shen Siwei's heart.Yes, if this man in front of her had returned a few days earlier, then her tragedy with Lin Hao wouldn't have happened.It's just that there are no ifs in this world. ......


Lin Hao didn't say anything more to Shen Siyan the whole time, all he had to do now was to help Shen Siyan adjust her emotions a little bit, and help Shen Siyan create momentum outside, and the reputation of the first red face in Tianhai, I believe that in a few days, it will be recognized by the entire Tianhai City!And in the midst of that, Lin Hao had to add some more chips to Shen Xiyan.Let her grow even stronger!

So after they finished their meal, Lin Hao sent Shen Xiyan back to her company .The first thing you need to do is to get out of the car and get out of the car and get out of the car.

After sending Shen Xiyan off, Lin Hao went back to Tianhai Group.Shen Xiyan, on the other hand, spent the entire afternoon inside the office making design drawings, and didn't even eat dinner before returning home very late in the evening.The house Shen Shyan was now living in was the Townsend house that Lin Qingcheng had given her, it was very safe and comfortable ......

What Shen Xiyan didn't know was that while she was alone in her office in the afternoon making design drawings.The entire Tianhai city and has her with the Tianhai first president of the news overwhelmingly spread out, almost all the media are reporting.

It said that, in order to help Miss Shen, the Tianhai First Group directly signed up a popular actress that day at a sky-high price, just so that Miss Shen could help design a few sets of clothing ......

This news below has engle's interview, engle also knows the total Lin's mind, also defaulted to this matter, and she is indeed also this morning, by the sky and sea group within half an hour to sign past ......

And with the spread of these two news items, suddenly Shen Siyan's reputation in Tianhai City rose wildly again!And now the thing about her being Lin Tian's girlfriend was also more accepted by the crowd in Tian Hai City.This Tianhai City's countless women were all madly envious of this almost hegemonic yes romance that Shen Shi Yan harvested ......

These two news, naturally, were arranged by Mo Tianji to be released, which was originally part of Lin Hao's plan to push Shen Xiyan to the pinnacle step by step, and then on the last day of the month, to give Shen Xiyan a big surprise with a monstrous glory, and finally to hold that grand wedding!

And now I'm afraid that the entire Tianhai City's people know about it, only Shen Xiyan who has been doing design drawings behind closed doors doesn't know about it.When Shen Xiyan pushed the door into the house, she found that Wang Shufen, Leng Qiuya, Gu Yue, and Gu Yue's father, Gu Shengnan, were all there. The four of them were sitting inside the living room, as if they were just waiting for her to come back. ......

Yue Gu didn't wait for Shen Xi Yan to open her mouth and quickly said to Shen Xi Yan in shock, "Xi Yan, can you tell me, what is your relationship with that terrifying man behind the Tian Hai Group?Is that Lin Tian?Why is there now, out there, gossip about the two of you everywhere overnight?"

Shen Xiyan thought that these people were waiting for her for something, so she smiled and shook her head: "It doesn't matter, it's just a blind rumor from outside, Lin Hao just left, do you think I will fall in love with another man?Oh ...... I'm afraid I won't be able to love another man in this life ...... "Shen Xiyan sighed deeply ......

Yue Gu also had a complicated face, of course she believed what Shen Xiyan said.And Shen Shyan was so deeply in love with Lin Hao, how could she fall in love with another man when Lin Hao's corpse was still cold?She had known Shen Xiyan for a long time, so naturally she didn't believe that Shen Xiyan would do such a thing.But how do you explain the news on your phone?

Thinking of this, Yue Gu took out her phone and opened this afternoon's news and said to Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan, I believe you won't be dating another man right now.But what's this news about?That Lin Tian, in order to help you, actually signed an artist at a sky-high price that day, and also let you go to design clothes for her specifically, and even more so, three days later, he invested in this artist in Tian Hai City and held the biggest concert since Tian Hai?"

"What? Engle was just signed over by him today?How is this ...... possible?"After Shen Xi Yan heard what Yue Gu said, her face turned wildly pale, incredulous, and her mouth opened wide ......


Yue Gu nodded seriously, "Well, to Xi Yan, do you think that if that person just thought of you as a friend, he would have spent such a huge amount of money to help you?Did you and he really only just meet?"

Shen Xiyan frowned deeply, we are all adults, so don't say anything you don't understand.She also felt that what Yue Gu said made sense, there was no reason for the other party to be so good to her for no reason, to go out of their way to help her.It's just that she has just lost Lin Hao now, even if the other party is good, she doesn't have any intention of falling in love with another man anymore, or in this lifetime.

This afternoon Shen Xi Yan was still in the office, seriously desperately to do the design drawings, but did not expect herself this project, is the other party deliberately give themselves.Thinking of this, Shen Xiyan suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, as if this thing was given to her by someone else, rather than her own efforts to get it.

Wang Shufen and Leng Qiuya also looked at Shen Xiyan with some concern, after all, the other party is that taboo existence in Tianhai City.If Shen Xiyan annoyed the other party, then the consequences would really be unimaginable ah, the Gong family is such a huge family, nearly a hundred years of floating in Tianhai City, but also overnight the other party was destroyed?

Wang Shufen took Shen Xiyan's arm and said worriedly, "Xiyan, don't be impulsive, don't think too much, maybe they really just want to help you?Don't think too much, never be impulsive ...... "Wang Shufen's eyes were incomparably complex, and she shook her head at Shen Xiyan.The company's main business is the development of its own business, and the company's business has been in the process of developing its own business for more than a decade.

Shen Xiyan nodded to Wang Shufen: "Well, Mom, you can rest assured that I will not intentionally steak dyed service Yi closed steak impulse ......"

Leng Qiu Ya wanted to stop speaking, but only clutched Shen Shi Yan's hand tightly.But Gu Shengnan, who was sitting on the side, didn't care and smiled, not taking it to heart at all, because he knew in his heart who that terrifying forbidden existence in Tianhai City today was ah.Previously when Shen Xiyan had just come to Tianhai City, she was forced by the Leng Family and Gong Family even handedly.At that time, he, Gu Shengnan, incomparably wanted to see Lin Hao once, but he just didn't have the chance, but now he saw him, saw him ah, just after seeing him, he realized how powerful Lin Hao really was, and after seeing Lin Hao, he suddenly realized that he thought he already thought very highly of Lin Hao, but in the end, he found out that he still underestimated Lin Hao, far too much.

"Godfather?"Shen Siyan was confused when she saw Gu Shengnan shaking his head and smiling carelessly.After all, in terms of insight, the people inside this house belonged to Gu Shengnan who was the most knowledgeable, then Gu Shengnan's opinion she was going to listen to.And Shen Shiyan was incomparably grateful to Gu Shengnan.On that day at the Leng family's banquet, facing the pressure of the Leng and Gong families, Gu Shengnan stepped forward without hesitation and said that she was his goddaughter!Protected her behind her back.So later on, Shen Xiyan really recognized Gu Shengnan as her godfather.And because of Gu Yue's relationship with Gu Shengnan, and also because of Shen Xiyan's noble character, he really treated Shen Xiyan as his own daughter.

At this moment, when Gu Shengnan saw Shen Xiyan ask him, he smiled and said: "Xiyan, don't be afraid, we're here, I've seen that Lin Tian.I've seen that Lin Tian. Although the hostility is heavy, he is not a bad person.And you know that the Tianhai Group is just Lin Tian's apparent assets ah, maybe it's a big deal for him to help you, but for him, it might be just a random thing, so don't take it to heart ......"

Shen Shiyan nodded at Gu Shengnan's words, "Well, I know Godfather ......"

Shen Xiyan picked up the phone after saying that and called Lin Hao at ......

At this moment, in the Tianhai Group CEO's office, Lin Hao was sitting in his chair thinking about what was going to happen next.As he was thinking about it, he saw Shen Xiyan call him.Lin Hao picked it up with a slight smile, "Hello?Miss Shen, why are you calling me so late, what is it?"

There was a somewhat nervous voice from Shen Xiyan on the phone: "Mr. Lin ...... Lin, it's all rumored outside that engle was just signed by you this morning, it's all rumored that it was you who signed her over to help me, is.... is that it?"

Lin Hao listened to Shen Xiyan's tense voice, lit a cigarette and took a puff slowly, "Well, yes, but Miss Shen, don't take it to heart, and don't care about these details, it's nothing to me.And you have to complete your dream, right?The world is neither white nor black, but a grey.A lot of times you just have to look at the outcome and not get so caught up in the process ......"

"But I ......" Shen Xi Yan said to Lin Hao again.

Only this time she hadn't finished speaking before Lin Hao interrupted her and said, "Miss Shen, if you want to thank me, then please make the best work you can, that's the best way to repay me, the better you are, only then can you be my friend, right?I thought of you as a friend, so now that you're in trouble, then I'm going to help you, please, what's wrong with that?"

"Er ...... no, no, then thank you Mr. Lin, thank you ......" Shen Xi Yan paused and said to Lin Hao.Lin Hao smiled and hung up the phone with a hmmm.

When he hung up the phone, Lin Hao walked to the window and looked out the window.The corner of his mouth couldn't help but lift up a smile, this wife of his ah, really silly sweet ah, she has been with him for so long, just a change of face, don't dare to guess his real identity?Oh, it's so silly and cute. ......

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, three days passed by.Three days later, in the evening, wearing the clothes designed by Shen Xiyan, engle held a grand concert in Tianhai Stadium.In the concert, engle invited Shen Xiyan to the stage, followed by Shen Xiyan sang a song, and introduced Shen Xiyan to the clothes she designed.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working on the development of the new product.

Three days later, one morning, the sun was shining brightly, Lin Hao stood in front of the office window, looking out of the window as always.Behind him, Mo Tianji walked in from outside.


"Big brother, everything is going well, now sister-in-law's fame keeps climbing, especially the red face series designed by sister-in-law has gained public popularity and recognition, now it's a matter of expanding production and selling to the market.But sister-in-law's company, but does not have this kind of strength, are we ...... "Mo Tianji spoke to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, you go ahead, use all the resources in your hand, and push the red face series of clothing designed by Xi Yan into the market for me in the shortest possible time!Don't care about any expenses, do whatever it takes to create momentum for the pity party!"

"Yes, brother!"Mo Tianji nodded his head and walked out.And now, with Lin Hao operating behind Shen Xiyan, Shen Xiyan's persona in front of the public has become very, very good, this is a big family abandoned son, but by virtue of their own efforts, step by step towards success, beautiful designer, Tianhai City, the first red face, and so on high-end names have been added to Shen Xiyan.With the passage of time, Shen Siyan's reputation in Tianhai City is getting higher and higher ......

It was almost noon, and Lin Hao personally drove a black supercar to Shen Xiyan's downstairs.This time Lin Hao didn't call Shen Xiyan, just stood below, leaning against the body, waiting for Shen Xiyan to come downstairs ......

And this action of Lin Hao's, if it wasn't for the fact that his face was different now, then it wouldn't be any different, or rather, exactly the same, as when he used to pick up Shen Xiyan every time he went downstairs at her company in Nanjiang City.

These days Shen Xiyan was in a very good mood, although with the help of the Tianhai Group, the works she designed were really great.The Huaxia Ancient Style's Hong Yan series of long dresses was even loved by many women in China.The Hong Yan series, with Huaxia red as the main color, at this time of the year's close, such a garment that focuses on the national style is naturally a hit!Together with the huge investment of the Tianhai Group, the clothes designed by Shen Xiyan have started to be sold in the market, and the sales are increasing day by day. ......

"Sister Xi Yan, you're amazing, look at all the clothes you designed on us now, it's so beautiful.My boyfriend is pestering me almost every day now, he likes it so much, thank you Sister Xi Yan ......" inside Shen Xi Yan's company, a lovely beautiful employee wearing a long red dress, smiled at Shen Xi Yan and said.

"Yes, Sister Xi Yan, you're amazing.You're so pretty and you work so hard, how do you let us live? wooooo ......" said another beautiful employee to Shen Xi Yan.

Shen Xi Yan was also smiling happily, but her emotions were not too volatile, because the current results were still far from what she had expected in her heart, in three years, in three years she was going to climb to the pinnacle of this world, in the field of designer!

"Alright, everyone has been working hard these days, we've been working hard overtime since the company opened, so I'll treat you to lunch today, and we'll go down for a big meal!"Shen cherished her words to the dozen or so employees within the office.

As Shen Xiyan's words fell, the office was suddenly boiling with cheers.Shen Xi Yan was wearing a white suit, her slender neck with a white ribbon, and her long hair was tied up, although Shen Xi Yan did not go to deliberately dress up, that Shen Xi Yan even if she was wearing a suit, she was still stunning, stunningly beautiful!

And when Shen Xiyan was taking the dozen or so employees of the company downstairs to prepare for food, everyone suddenly saw right across from them, the handsome, almost demonic Lin Hao was standing against a black supercar, and Lin Hao smiled and nodded to Shen Xiyan.

"Wow ...... Heavens, he's ...... he's the first CEO of Tianhai City?Mr Lam?Wow so handsome, he's looking at Sister Xi Yan, so handsome ...... "A little beauty beside Shen Xi Yan had little stars coming out of her eyes.

"So handsome, Sister Xi Yan, go talk to Mr. Lin, can I take a picture with him?He's even more handsome than the stars on TV, ahhh, so handsome ......" said another beautiful employee to Shen Xiyan.This design company that Shen Xiyan worked for didn't hire male employees, they were all clean-cut beauties!

Lin Hao stood in the bright sunshine, smiling and looking at Shen Xi Yan.Just when Shen Siyan looked at the man in front of her, but froze, the next moment a line of tears fell from the eyes, while the surrounding crowd in excitement, but no one found Shen Siyan tears, the crowd in cheers, in excitement, only Shen Siyan in stunned tears ......

At this moment in Shen Shi Yan's world, it was as if everything was frozen, as if everything had disappeared, leaving only her and the man in front of her, looking at each other ......

Slowly the face of the man in front of her seemed to turn into her Lin Hao, who loved her dearly, and when he was in Nanjiang City, Lin Hao came downstairs and waited for her every time as well ......

The scene in front of the scene is so similar, is so similar, an instant Shen Shi Yan's heart was ruthlessly touched, deeply touched, everything is just like before, years and years of quiet ......

Just the tears on Shen Caiyan's face to remind her zero service dyeing zero intention to serve LuZhai, the man in front of her, not Lin Hao, not ......

"Lin Hao, I miss you so much, I miss you so much, I really, really miss you ......" Shen Xi Yan was in tears, staring blankly at the man in front of her who was leaning against the station like Lin Hao, waiting for her ......


Half an hour later, in a top Western restaurant private room, Lin Hao and Shen Siyan sat opposite each other, both of them quietly looking at each other, as for the employees below Shen Siyan, they were opened by Lin Hao another large private room, eat at noon, Lin Hao's treat, Lin Hao's practice, naturally, again led to incomparable cheers.

Inside the private room, this time Shen Siyan also poured a glass of red wine.Lin Hao held a glass of wine, looked at Shen Siyan and said with a smile, "Congratulations, Siyan, your Rouge series has been a great success in the market, and the product was in short supply as soon as it was released in shock."

Shen Xi Yan also smiled and raised her glass with Lin Hao and clinked it, "Well, but I also have to thank you, Mr. Lin, if it wasn't for your great support, it would have been difficult for me to achieve results so quickly ......"

Lin Hao nodded with a smile, "Well, I'm sure Miss Shen will do better and better.I believe in Miss Shen's ability, and I also believe that after three years, Miss Shen will definitely be on the international stage in Milan, the fashion designer capital of the world!I'll see what happens. ......"

"Thank you Mr. Lin, please make sure to go over there ...... I'll cheer up when the time comes."Shen Jiyan waved her small fist at Lin Hao.

Lin Hao smiled and said, "Well, I'm sure you'll succeed, come on ......"

After dinner, Lin Hao was like a dark knight in the night, personally driving Shen Xiyan back to the company.Then he left amidst the screaming and cheering of Shen Suyan's company employees.

He didn't need to do anything more than make frequent public appearances with Shen Suyan.Then the scandal from the outside world naturally just grew, and the better his next plan would be to apply it.There was only a week left until January 1st, and after a week, Lin Hao would make Shen Siyan, in one fell swoop, the most dazzling woman in Tianhai City!And then give her a big surprise.

In Shen Siyan's office, after waiting for Lin Hao's car to go far away, a group of beautiful employees surrounded Shen Siyan, and a female employee said to Shen Siyan, "Sister Siyan, you and General Manager Lin are really a good match, one is the number one CEO of Tianhai City, and the other is the number one redhead of Tianhai City!You two are really good for each other. ......"

But Shen Shi Yan frowned, "Don't talk nonsense, I'm just friends with Mr. Lin, just friends, nothing more!You guys don't want to spread the news outside, it's all fake ......"

Those female employees, all a look like they understand the look, smiled at Shen Xiyan said: service steak Lu Yi Xi closed Lu steak "mmm, we understand, we all understand, sister Xiyan you rest assured, we absolutely will not say out ...... hei hei ......" those female employees, coaxed back to work after the station to go to work.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.Just ordinary friends.Well now as the two of them kept meeting and getting to know each other over the past few days, Shen Xiyan had taken Lin Tian as her best friend.

In Shen Siyan's perception, Lin Tian wanted power, status and ability, but he was also extremely handsome and polite, especially when she was with Lin Tian, her heart always had an inexplicable sense of familiarity and security ......

Shen Huiyan, who was back inside her office, quickly shook her head vigorously, she couldn't think about Lin Tian anymore.She only had Lin Hao in her heart, and Lin Tian was just a lot like Lin Hao.Shen Siyan fell silent, no matter how much rumors were circulating outside, she was the only one who knew what was in her heart, she would never fall in love with Lin Tian.Or in this lifetime, she couldn't fit any man in her heart anymore ......

"It seems that in the future, it's better to reduce the chances of seeing each other," Shen Caiyan made up her mind in her heart.Just at this moment an email popped up on her computer.

"Dear Designer Shen Xiyan Hello, your work has been selected by the Tianhai City Fashion Designers Association, tomorrow morning you are invited to come to the Half Moon Bay Hotel, the award ceremony, I also hope that Miss Shen will attend in full dress ......"

Shen Xiyan stared blankly at this email, it was from the Tianhai City Costume Designers Association.Looking at the email, she clenched her fist tightly, she was happy to be recognized by the Costume Designers Association.After thinking about it, Shen Siyan hurriedly replied to it ......

At the same time, Lin Hao was standing in his office, and behind him, Mo Tianji also reported to Lin Hao that Shen Xiyan was going to participate in the Designer's Association selection tomorrow.

"Is it the Tianhai City Fashion Designers Association?Well, this is an opportunity, so let's go meet with Xi Yan again tomorrow ......" Lin Hao mumbled, a smile curving his lips.

The next morning, the third floor of the Half Moon Bay Hotel was wrapped up by the Tianhai City Costume Designers Association.Several well-known international costume design masters, sitting on the stage, some Chinese and some Europeans and Americans, and several of them knew from their names that they were international bigwigs, the top in this industry, and right now these costume design masters were on the stage, whispering, because the award ceremony was coming up next.

But at this moment, the three top costume designers, quietly left their seats and walked outside.After these three walked outside, one of the European and American designers frowned and asked, "Master Sun, what exactly is it that you want to talk about now?It would be a bad influence for us to leave the table and come out now to discuss, and people would question our impartiality!"

A Chinese designer next to the European and American designer smiled wryly, "Master jone the best designer in Tianhai City this year please change it to Miss Wei Feier, okay?"

That European and American designer named JONE frowned deeply at the news and said to that Master Sun, "Mr. Sun you are destroying my professional ethics, I will never allow it!You're not being fair!"

Master Sun smiled and quietly took out an opening card and stuffed it into the jone's pocket: "Password six six, ten million, must be Mr. jone's income for two years, can we do it now?"

Jone opened his mouth to say something, but in the end he didn't and took the black card instead.Sort of his tacit acknowledgement of the matter, and all three of them smiled at once ......

But at this time when the three judges are working in the background, in the venue hall, Shen Suyan is waiting nervously with a kind of designer.It must be said that Shen Suyan's red face series, just three days to get all the success of the former.It's also a good idea to have a good selection of the best products.


"Oh, Miss Shen is it?Are you expecting the results later?"A woman in a long, strapless dress walked up to Shen Xi Yan's face with a smile that seemed to be a smile.

"You ...... are Wei Fei'er?"Shen Siyan looked at the woman in front of her with confusion, although she had never seen a real person before.But on the impurities of the clothing industry, she had seen reports about Wei Fei'er, and Wei Fei'er had been named the best designer in Tianhai City's clothing industry all these years, which was considered the old man of Tianhai City's clothing industry, only that Wei Fei'er hadn't designed any explosive works in the last two years.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you're in a good position to make sure that you're in the right place.

But at this moment Shen Siyan listened to Wei Fei'er's slightly sarcastic smile, she suddenly had some bad premonition in her heart.Sure enough then she heard, Wei Fei'er whispered in her ear, "Miss Shen, you are still too young, don't think too much about the honor of being the number one designer in Tianhai City's clothing industry, it's mine, don't try to take it away ......"

Shen Siyan clenched her fist, although this Wei Fei'er in front of her was an old designer in the clothing industry, but the Rouge Series, which she had worked so hard to design, she could not want the honor, but the Rouge Series definitely had to take away the honor that belonged to it.Because it was an acknowledgement of the work of the Rouge Collection!The same is also the first step for Shen Xiyan to climb to the highest peak in the world!

So Shen Xiyan would never archly want to give it away.Shen Siyan took a deep breath and said to Wei Fei'er without being humble, "I believe in my Rouge Series work, and I also believe in the impartiality of a group of judges!"

Shen Xi Yan at the moment for Wei Feier heart has no good feeling, not because Wei Feier targeted her.It's entirely because Wei Feier's heart is unwilling to pick up the Lu Lu dyed closed Wu closed intention to acknowledge the excellence of others' works, this mentality has been counted as stubbornness and prejudice.In the past, Shen Xiyan also incomparably respects Wei Fei'er heart, think Wei Fei'er really is a talented, and in order to dream to work hard designer, the future is likely to design a national brand in the international design.

That's why Shen Suyan respected Wei Fei'er, but now after she had really come in contact with Wei Fei'er, she realized that she was also a mortal and had become incomparably materialistic, how else could such a mentality of money and honor do a good job?This was something that Shen Xiyan's heart did not allow.

Wei Fei'er looked at that disgusted expression in Shen Xiyan's eyes, and for a moment she was stunned.How many years had it been, how long had it been?How long has it been since a junior in the fashion design industry dared to look at himself with that look?

Wei Fei'er was a little annoyed in her heart and was about to get angry at Shen Xi Yan when she suddenly saw the three judges who had just gone out outside the door come in with smiling faces, and that Master Sun even nodded at her as he came in.

When Wei Fei'er saw the smile on Master Sun's face, she understood at once that it was a success.In fact, when she was just talking to Shen Xiyan, she was also more or less without a bottom in her heart.After all, the Rouge series that Shen Xiyan had designed a few days ago was truly amazing, an absolute blast.It was much better than the works she had produced this year.But she didn't want to give up the honor of being the number one designer in Tianhai City's clothing industry!She's used to being on top and she won't allow herself to fall from the altar ......

So fearful and worried in her heart, she chose to make a private behind-the-scenes deal.A very dishonorable tactic the first time, but she made sure she kept her honor anyway!

Wei Fei'er smiled confidently at Shen Xiyan, her body leaned in front of Shen Xiyan again, and then said with a smile, "Oh, Miss Shen, there are many times in this world, there is more than just hard work that is useful ah ......"

Wei Feier said and walked away, going to the centermost C seat in the first row and sitting down with a lot of confidence on her face ......

Shen Siyan frowned deeply, it was true that Wei Fei'er had also designed a few collections this year, but all those things that Wei Fei'er had designed seemed to lack a hint of charm.Shen Siyan had been designing for many years, so naturally she could tell at a glance that Wei Fei'er's work this year, although it was also very good, but it would be absolutely impossible if it was better than her own Rouge series.

But she thought of what Wei Feier had just said in her ear, and then saw the incomparably confident smile on Wei Feier's face, as well as Master Sun who was walking on stage at the moment, just smiling and nodding his head at Wei Feier ......

Shen Xi Yan is not a fool, she suddenly understood, understood why Wei Fei'er her work this year, obviously not the good, but why her face is still so confident, because they have carried out a secret operation, Wei Fei'er is an old man in the clothing industry, naturally know far more people than her.At this moment Shen Shiyan's heart only felt a deep sense of powerlessness ......

At this moment that judge on the stage, Master Sun, stood up, smiled at the stage and said: "This year, in the Tianhai City clothing industry, the best designer is Wei ......."

Before Master Sun on the stage had finished speaking, when Shen Shi Yan heard that word Wei, she lowered her head, her eyes filled with reluctance, while Wei Fei'er, who was now sitting in the front row, had stood up and was about to receive the appreciation of the crowd ......

But suddenly just then, a voice interrupted Master Sun on stage: "Sorry I'm late ......"

He looked at the despair and deep resignation in her eyes, smiled at her and said, "Sorry I'm late, why didn't you tell me you were here today for the selection?Or did engle call me and I just found out, how come it's been announced now?You designed a really good red-headed piece, what rank did you get?"

The entire venue, with Lin Hao's words falling, the needle could be heard, and Master Sun, who was about to announce on stage that Wei Fei'er was the best designer in Tianhai City this year, instantly turned pale ......

"He ...... he ...... the first president of Tianhai City, how did he ...... come here?And are the rumors about him and Shen Xiyan true?He ...... "Master Sun is about to be scared to death in his heart, to know that this man in front of him, but the taboo existence of Tianhai City ......


She didn't know why, at this crucial moment, this terrifying man actually came.

Because this man would very often give her a very, very familiar feeling, a feeling as familiar as the one she had with Lin Hao, and very often, some of the actions this man made without thinking would make her mistake it was Lin Hao who had come back and returned to her side, silently guarding her.This was a dangerous thought, and admittedly the man in front of her was very, very good, even the best man she had ever seen in all her years, Shen Shi Yan.But she knew that no man in this world in this lifetime could ever replace Lin Hao's place in her heart again ......

It was just that today's occasion, today's honor, was something she had to get.It was about her dream with Lin Hao, it was about Lin Hao's last wish.She had desperately made the best design, but Wei Fei'er actually had no lower limit to carry out underhanded operations with those judges, she had been desperate, and even that Master Sun on stage just now, had pronounced Wei Fei'er's surname, but at this moment, at this moment when she was most desperate, the man in front of her appeared, and with an almost overbearing guardian-like presence.

At this moment Shen Xi Yan heart to the front er love Lu Fei Yi Er this domineering man, but also full of gratitude, she slightly to the "Lin Tian" lowered his head: "Thank you ......"

Lin Hao nodded and turned to look at Master Sun, who was preparing to announce the selection results on the stage, and said with cold eyes, "Sorry, I've just interrupted your announcement, you can continue now, you can continue ......"

Lin Hao's body was already emitting a killing intent right now, and he had just vaguely heard it when this Master Sun was working with those two judges outside in the dark.He was also incomparably furious, right now in Lin Hao's heart, if this person dared to deprive Shen Xiyan of her heart's blood today with dirty tricks, then he wouldn't let these people live to see the sun tomorrow!

Master Sun, who was on stage at the moment, was about to pee his pants, sweating cold sweat all over his body, and the list written on the paper in his hand was Shen Xiyan's name!And he's the only one who can see this list!He had just thought that he would just announce Wei Fei'er's name later and then destroy the selection results.But with Lin Hao's sudden appearance, he no longer dared to make any small moves ......

"Say!"When Lin Hao saw that Master Sun on stage, he didn't say a word for half a day, so he shouted at him violently!

"Shen Xiyan!Shum Sik Yen!This year the best designer in Tianhai City's fashion industry is Shen Xiyan, Miss Shen!Miss Shen is well deserving of this!"Master Sun was so intimidated by Lin Hao that he spoke quickly, completely at the fastest speed of speech in his life!

Boom ...... As Master Sun's words fell, the eyes of the entire crowd looked towards Shen Xiyan, then towards Wei Fei'er who was now in the first row and had stood up, ready to receive the cheers of the crowd, for a moment, the crowd did not cheer, but the atmosphere was incomparably bizarre!

Wei Fei'er's face was also pale at the moment, and the cold sweat on her face was also flowing down crazily, she never expected that this man who was called the taboo of Tianhai City would appear.And before she had heard that the man who was called the Taboo of Heavenly Sea City seemed to be related to Shen Xiyan, but in her heart she didn't believe it, she didn't believe the scandal outside, and for the Heavenly Sea City clothing industry, the honor of being the number one designer, she was bound to get it.

But at the moment, she had already raised a monstrous fear in her heart, knowing that the man in front of her, but even the first-class family Gong family can be destroyed just by saying so.Then what would happen to her, a small designer, if she offended the man in front of her?Thinking of this, Wei Feier suddenly do not want any more honors, whatever it is the first designer, whatever, in front of life compared to, are indifferent ......

"Christine ...... congratulates you Miss Shen ......" Wei Fei'er now quickly turned around and congratulated Shen Xi Yan, forcing a very uncomfortable smile on her face.

"Your name is Wei Fei'er, right?You're good, we'll talk later!"Lin Hao squinted his eyes at the frightened Wei Fei'er and said in an icy tone.

"Mr. Lin ......" Shen Siyan looked at Lin Hao with some concern, she instinctively felt the hostility of the man beside her getting heavier and heavier, she did not know what was going to happen later instead!What's going to happen!


Lin Hao didn't pay any attention to Shen Shi Yan at the moment, but looked at Master Sun on stage and said, "My identity is sensitive, but don't let anyone say I'm using my identity to pressure you, aren't there ballot boxes around you?Don't you have the results on paper?Now you give me all the results, in front of everyone, and announce them all!All published before your eyes!"

"Yes ...... yes yes yes ...... "Master Sun's heart was bitter, this if it were someone else, he would have dared to go and delay rejecting anything.But the master in front of him is a taboo in Tianhai City, not to mention he's a judge.Even if the entire clothing industry in Tianhai City combined, I'm afraid they wouldn't dare to make an enemy of the man in front of them!Embarrassment is fine, it's better than losing your life anyway.

The next moment Mo Tianji appeared on the selection stage, found two people, set up a few projection equipment, and suddenly those votes in the ballot box were clearly and undoubtedly displayed in front of everyone on stage.

"One vote for Shen Xiyan ......"

"A vote for Weifel ......"

"A vote for Shen Xiyan ......"

"A vote for Shen Xiyan ......"

And the end result was that Shen Xiyan became the most outstanding designer in the fashion designer industry in Tianhai City this year with an absolute advantage!A well-deserved first!The final selection results in Master Sun's hands were also projected onto the big screen.The first one on it was Shen Xiyan's name!

Boom ...... With this result clearly appearing on the big screen, the hundreds of attendees in the arena suddenly had a huge wave in their hearts.This result was shown right under their noses, there was no way to fake it.But just now, these people present, but clearly heard, the stage of Master Sun read the word Wei, and standing in the first row of Wei Fei'er also stood up in human form ......

At this moment the crowd was thinking about the confident expression on Wei Feier's face just now, everyone was not a fool, and suddenly they all understood in their hearts what the hell was going on, and now this result, basically needless to say, this was a completely secret operation, the offstage Wei Feier and the few judges on stage, reached an agreement in secret!The crowd was incredibly outraged!No one wants to be played as a monkey, and you know a lot of these people offstage, a lot of these designers are working behind closed doors to create!

These people who are really trying, want a fair and just!But at the moment Tianhai City Fashion Designers Association, actually secretly fragrant operation, the fire in their hearts was suddenly unable to settle.

"Sun Zhenggang, I'm drafting Dada!How dare you do such a thing in full view of the public!Have you no shame!Give Miss Shen's honor, secretly, to Wei Feier!Your fucking faces!"Bang ...... suddenly an older designer offstage, couldn't help it, grabbed a mineral water bottle off the table and slammed it into Master Sun's face!

"Weifel?Oh, the best and most beautiful designer in Tianhai City's clothing industry?I yuck!The year before last when you won the first place, I felt something was wrong, my friend designed a product that everyone always thought was better than yours, but the first place ended up being yours?Oh, so that's what you're doing?What the fuck?The first beautiful designer?Oh ...... I'm afraid you're the first lady!"Another designer cursed at Wei Feier, showing no mercy at all.

"Che, that's right, with such dirty tricks to get honors, huh, I've only heard about it before in the entertainment industry, I've heard about some actresses who went to sleep with directors to make a name for themselves.I used to still look at it like a joke.But when did those unspoken rules of the entertainment industry come to our fashion design world as well?What shamelessness!"Another young female designer takes a hard jab at Weifel ......

Click, click, click, click ...... As the people said one thing to each other, suddenly the reporters in the arena, began to go crazy to take pictures of Wei Feier and Master Sun on stage, this is definitely a big news ah, a big news.There are actually subterfuge rules in the Tianhai City clothing design industry ......

Tianhai City's beautiful designer Shen Xiyan's domineering boyfriend appears, forcefully revealing the costume designer's inner workings ......

A powerful news headline was presented on the computers of a group of reporters ......

Master Sun on the stage had been splashed with cold water all over his body, and then the angry group of designers offstage still didn't feel relieved of their hatred, and suddenly several male designers rushed to the stage, punching and kicking Sun Zhenggang.

And the off-stage Wei Fei'er was also splashed with cold water, she is a woman, but no one came to beat her.It was just that she was in complete despair at this moment, all her reputation on her body, destroyed at this moment!In fact, this was really the first time she had ever conducted a secret operation, and all of her previous accomplishments were real.They were also all recognized by the public.

But there are things that can not be done, some bottom line can not be violated, her body today's zero closed Wu Yi Yi to pick this stain, has been all her previous honor all covered up, from now on I'm afraid no one to respect her ...... She is guilty under the face of the public that hatred disgusting eyes, but not a word to say ......

Lin Hao, on the other hand, was standing beside Shen Xiyan, watching the scene with cold eyes.He wouldn't just let this matter go.The reason Lin Hao had previously set a three-year goal for Shen Xiyan.Aside from giving her an idea to stay alive, there was another reason as well, and that was that Shen Xiyan's strength was definitely not weak!And it was really, really strong, his Lin Hao's woman was definitely more than just a flower vase!

If Shen Xiyan didn't have some strength, she wouldn't have been able to succeed in that small place in Nanjiang City!And back then, Shen Xiyan, still fought her way up without any help!That's why Shen Xiyan's strength is definitely not weak!And the Rouge series, Lin Hao assessed, was an absolute blast!

And now these people in the Tian Hai City clothing industry dared to deprive his wife of the honor she should have received?How could Lin Hao let them go?At this moment, the icy cold killing machine on Lin Hao's body was growing and growing, and it was about to become uncontrollable!

"What makes you think this is over?Do you think it's over for me to deprive my friend of the honor he should have received before my eyes?You must give me an explanation today, and I'll be here waiting for it!And of course, you guys can ...... not give!But if you dare not give it, then try!"Lin Hao pulled up a chair and sat in the very middle of the judges' stage, staring at the group of judges on the stage and said in a profoundly cold tone ......


As Lin Hao's words fell, suddenly the entire venue was completely quiet, the crowd just remembered that right now in this venue, there is still the most powerful male service love steak Yi Xi Lu Lu Wu people in Tian Hai City.

And now those judges on the stage, also do not dare to sit, one by one quickly stood up, cold sweat on the face, one by one were scared of the atmosphere do not dare to breathe, today they costume designer association actually deprived, the first president's girlfriend's honor, this consequence they already dare not imagine.To know that the first-class family of Tianhai City, the Gong Family, a famous family with a hundred years of inheritance, had all been wiped out overnight by the man in front of them!What about them? ......

This thunder that had exploded here today was no longer something that they could handle.And right now the atmosphere in the venue was so strangely stagnant, no one dared to speak, and those judges on stage were standing there like chickens one by one.Lin Hao is sitting alone in the middle of the venue, Lin Hao doesn't say a word, but he is sitting there, his momentum has been overwhelming the entire arena, he doesn't speak, no one in the arena will dare to speak ......

Five minutes later, a gray-haired old man, hurriedly walked in, breathing heavily as he walked, this old man was the absolute Tarzan-like existence of Tianhai City designers, Chen Lao.The first president of the Tianhai City Costume Designers Association, he retired after ten years in a row because he was too old, but even then, he was the honorary lifetime president of the Tianhai City Costume Designers Association!In this line also, is the top, the oldest qualified existence.

Chen is really a character who bows and dies for a domestic clothing brand!A sergeant!He has gone through the war and experienced the days when the country was oppressed by the powers, and his greatest wish in this life is to make his own contribution to the country in his own field, and it can be said that Chen has selflessly dedicated his life to the field of domestic fashion design!This is an old man who deserves all the respect he can get!And the Tianhai City Designer's Association was also founded by him back then, this is his heart and soul, this is like his child ......

At this moment after Old Man Chen appeared, those judges on stage from the Tianhai City fashion designer community lowered their heads one by one.None of them had a face to face at this old man's gaze at this moment.

Chen Lao walked up to the stage, starting with the first judge, and slapped them one after another.Chen Lao had already been a soldier, and even though he was now old, seventy or eighty years old, his back was still standing straight!The strength of his hands was also very great, and he smacked over one by one, while those judges on the stage, whether they were the national or the European ones, all silently received a big slap from Chen, but they didn't dare to say a word.

"Shame!Shame!Where's your conscience?Huh?Do you still deserve to stand on this stage?Huh?Why have domestic brands been slow to develop?It's because of you people, it's because of you assholes, trash, scum!Are you worthy of the glory you bear?Huh?Can you live up to the trust placed in you by domestic designers?Huh?"The more Chen said, the angrier he became, and as he said it, his hands started smacking from the last one, one big mouth after the other, to the first one!

By the time Chen had finished beating these people on stage, his own hand was swollen, and even because he had used too much strength, and because he was old, his right hand had started to bleed, and his right hand was trembling as it bled, but Chen didn't even care, as if it wasn't his own.This was really because he was too angry in his heart, too furious.This was his heart's blood, and now it was all about to be defeated by these people in front of him ......

Chen Lao trembled and walked down from the stage, during which the designers offstage tried to assist him, but he refused.Chen Lao looked at Lin Hao, who was sitting in the middle of the stage, and had a quiet glance with Lin Hao.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to ensure that the company's products and services are of the highest quality and are of the highest quality," he said.You, hey, I'm sorry ...... "Chen said to Shen Xiyan and bent down and bowed in apology to Shen Xiyan himself ......

"Chen ...... Chen, you quickly get up, you quickly get up, this can't afford it, this really can't afford it!You quickly get up, I'm fine, I'm really fine, it's all in the past ...... "Shen Siyan was shocked when she saw Chen Lao, the titan of the fashion designer world, bend down and bow to her personally.

Like everyone else present, she was filled with deep respect in her heart for this pure old man, for this kind of old man who had contributed his life for the country and the nation.Even a wish deep within Shen Siyan's heart was to one day be recognized by these industry elders!And today she not only saw it, but also received Chen's approval.With Chen's recognition of her work, she felt that it was worth more than any honor ......

I believe that you will definitely be able to make a mark in this industry, and will definitely be able to make a brand that belongs to our nation."

After hearing Chen's words, Shen Siyan was extremely excited and quickly said to Chen, "Thank you Chen, thank you, I will definitely try my best ......"

Chen Lao patted Shen Shi Yan's hand, and then he turned to Lin Hao with deep guilt in his eyes, he couldn't handle the dirty business of his own industry, but he actually needed an outsider to help him.He also felt bad in his heart, and it was very humiliating and embarrassing.

Chen Lao said to Lin Hao in a complicated manner, "Mr. Lin, I'm sorry about this today, the people down there don't know what they're doing, I didn't discipline them properly, and the Tianhai City Designer Association was also founded by me.I should take full responsibility for such a big scandal that happened today!Effective immediately I will resign from my position as the Honorary President of the Tianhai City Fashion Designers Association, I will never set foot in this field again in this life, and anyone who is involved in this incident today, I will permanently expel them from this field, withdraw all the honor they have, and prohibit them from ever setting foot in this field again in this life, under my supervision, may I ask Mr. Lin, is it alright if I handle it this way?"

Lin Hao looked deeply at Chen in front of him and nodded gravely, "Yes ......"

Bang ...... Suddenly a loud bang, a judge with gold-rimmed glasses on stage, kneeled down facing Lin Hao and said in tears, "Mr. Lin I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's all our fault, it's all our fault ah, we have done something wrong, but we ourselves to bear the burden, we ourselves to bear the burden, please let Chen Lao go, let Chen Lao go, he has laid his whole life on this business ah, please, please ......."


Bang Bang ...... Within the next moment within the venue, more people knelt down to Lin Hao, they were all pleading with him to spare Chen Lao.

Bang ...... In the next moment, Lin Hao's hostility rose to the sky, did these people really think of him as some kind of good guy?You don't take responsibility for a scandal in your own industry, and you're knee-deep in it to force the issue?

Lin Hao's hostility was raging and he looked around the arena, "Okay, forcing me is it?Then in the future, your Costume Designers Association, give me ......"

"Shut up!Shut up!Shut up!Stop talking, all of you, and shut up, all of you!"When Chen Lao saw that Lin Hao was angry, he quickly turned around and shouted at the group of designers in the venue, some of whom he had brought out.Chen Lao also had a high status within Tianhai City, and it was because he stood higher than these people that he understood more about how terrifying Lin Hao was, and it could be said that if he really angered Lin Hao and these people forced their will on Lin Hao, then the end result would be the destruction of the Tianhai City Fashion Designers Association!There will never be a third possibility!

Chen Lao, who realized this, had become completely anxious.After cursing a few times at the entire audience, he quickly bent his head deeply towards Lin Hao and said, "Mr. Lin I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's all my fault, it's all my fault, we've done something wrong, we'll take it all on, absolutely ......"

"Lin Tian!That's enough from you!What more do you want!"As Chen was apologizing vigorously to Lin Hao, Shen Xiyan suddenly shouted at Lin Hao, because she felt that Lin Hao was on the verge of losing control of his emotions, and the hostility in Lin Hao's body made her all afraid.

"Eh?Regret your face?You ...... "Lin Hao heard Shen Xiyan's shout and was suddenly stunned, then turned his head to see er zero closed land love closed dyeing Shen Xiyan, Lin Hao's eyes were confused ......

Shen Xiyan hurried to his side, pulled his hand and clutched it hard, "Lin Tian, don't be angry, okay?Never get angry, control your emotions, control your emotions ...... don't get angry, don't get angry ......"

Hoo ...... With Shen Xiyan's words, the hostility on Lin Hao's body began to dissipate, and his eyes began to regain clarity, a minute later, when the hostility on Lin Hao's body was all gone, he came back to his senses, just now he almost wiped out the entire Tianhai City Costume Designers Association in a fit of rage ......

Shen Siyan saw that Lin Hao's hostility was gone before she heaved a heavy sigh of relief.She looked at Lin Hao with incomparable complexity and said gently, "Lin Tian, I know that you're trying to help me, and I'm very grateful, I really, really appreciate it, but this is a matter of my domain, so I'll take care of it next, okay?I'm begging you, okay?"

Lin Hao was silent, he subconsciously didn't believe how well Shen Xiyan could handle these things.Because Shen Xiyan's heart was very soft, but Shen Xiyan now asked him so much, he also nodded his head: "Good ......" then Lin Hao really quietly sat on the chair again, no longer said a word, and even lowered his head and took out his phone to watch the news.

"Children ...... It's okay, you don't plead with me, I did something wrong, I didn't bring this association ...... "Chen Lao saw Shen Xiyan just to beg Lin Tian, tears are coming down, heIt was also more heartfelt towards Shen Xiyan.And Shen Shyan is a junior he looks up to ......

Shen Siyan helped Chen Lao to sit down on his seat, then pulled a piece of cloth down from his own clothes, carefully bandaged Chen Lao, as he said: "It's fine, Grandpa Chen, the matter is over, everyone has done something wrong.I'm not blaming you for this, just punish those who deserve to be punished and follow the rules.Don't be angry ah, you know, I've always wanted to see you once before, and now I've finally met you, Grandpa Chen, I'm still inexperienced, may I consult you more often in the future?"Shen Siyan revealed a smile towards Chen Lao.

Chen Lao nodded heavily, "Mmhmm, child I know about you, your grandfather died early, since you just called me grandfather, then you will be my own granddaughter from now on!I'm not married to this old man, nor do I have a granddaughter, in the future, ah, what you want to go to grandpa, all can, grandpa will make you delicious ......" Chen Lao listened to Shen Xiyan's words, looking at the smile on Shen Xiyan's face, especially if he thought of Shen Xiyan's identity again, his heart incomparably heartache, thisFor a moment he really wanted to recognize Shen Shiyan as his granddaughter ......

"Huh?Really?Then I'll have a grandfather, mmm thank you Grandpa Chen, thank you Grandpa Chen ...... "Shen Cidian was so happy.

And at this moment the crowd saw this scene of Shen Shyan talking to Chen Lao, they were all secretly relieved.At the same time they are also shocked, Shen Suyan in the heart of the terrifying existence of the position, just Shen Suyan a word, let the evil king to quiet down, also save their entire designers association, a time the crowd of people to Shen Suyan cast a grateful look ......

After speaking to Chen for a while, Shen Xiyan turned to Lin Hao again and said, "Lin Tian, do you think it's okay to handle it this way?"

Lin Hao nodded his head and said, "Well can ......" then he stood up and walked out ......

When Lin Hao walked out of the venue, all of a sudden the heart was fiercely relieved, those judges on stage even more directly paralyzed on the floor, off stage there were also a number of people, at this moment, in also unable to support sitting on the chairs.

"Grandpa Chen, let's hurry to the hospital, your hand is swollen like this, it's still bleeding ......" Shen Xiyan looked at Chen Lao's bleeding hand, it felt very hard in her heart, and thought to send Chen Lao to the hospital at the first time.

Just Chen Lao but to Shen Shiyan shook his head: "good child, you quickly go after him, I don't care about this wound, I'll go on my own, although we have solved this matter, but his heart is still very uncomfortable ah, you quickly go, child, believe in grandpa, I can see, he is absolutely sincere to you, you quickly go ......"

Shen Siyan wanted to tell Chen that she didn't have anything to do with Lin Tian, but now this scene was obviously not appropriate, so she bit her lip and said a few more words to Chen before chasing after Lin Hao ......


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