Secret Identity 1301-1310


Chapter 1301

It was only after Master Hong Fifth shouted out this voice that the Sun family came to a sudden realization and reluctantly applauded.

    In fact, they were also very unhappy about this wedding, because if this kind of thing spread out, it would make them lose face as well.

    But right now it was obvious that the wood was already in place, so there was nothing anyone could do to change anything.

    Xue Jingjing, who was wearing a wedding dress with a frosty expression, and Sun Dewang, who was wearing a suit with five people and six people, stepped onto the stage together.

    Then, the master of ceremonies smiled and said, "Next, let us have the second couple, the groom, Sun Hongwei, and the bride, Zhang Xiaoman!"

    In fact, the Sun family was not willing to applaud this pair.

    Not only did Xu Liqin and Sun Dewang look down on Zhang Xiaoman, the rest of the Sun family also looked down on this poor girl.

    However, with the lesson learned from earlier, they didn't dare to skimp on applause, so they could only applaud.

    Sun Hongwei held Zhang Xiaoman's hand and walked onto the stage together.

    It could be seen that the two of them were really very much in love, and they had no intention of letting go of each other's fingers at all.

    When the two of them also took the stage, the atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

    Everyone off stage had also come out for a wedding banquet more than once, but they had never encountered the absurdity of a father and son getting married together on the same stage.

    Even the officiating master of ceremonies was somewhat at a loss as to what to do.

    He was also considered an old-timer in the Jinling officiating circle.

    But this kind of unprecedented and strange wedding, he had never encountered it before in his life.

    Usually when he hosted, he would make fun of the parents of the man and woman to liven up the atmosphere, but today he really couldn't do this kind of thing.

    He didn't know where to start.

    So he could only give up on this part of livening up the atmosphere, and after saying a direct opening speech, he said to the two couples beside him, "Today, our two Mr. Sun, Miss Xue and Miss Zhang, with four hearts that love each other, finally walk up to this solemn and sacred wedding hall!"

    "Friends, let us heartily bless these two couples, pray for these two couples, cheer for these two couples, and celebrate the perfect union of these two couples!Let's give them another enthusiastic round of applause and wish them a bright future!"

    Although the people in the audience looked at each other, but also very cooperative applause.

    After the applause had died down, the Master of Ceremonies said with deep feeling, "It is said in the Bible that love is everlastingly patient and gracious; that it does not envy, that it does not boast, that it does not exaggerate, that it does not do shame, that it does not seek its own good, that it is not easily angered, that it does not count the wickedness of men, that it does not delight in iniquity, but in truth; that it endures in all things, that it believes in all things, that it hopes in all things, that it endures in all things; that it never ceases."

    "So, I would like to start by asking Mr. Sun Dewang, one of our groomsmen today, in front of the many guests here today, will you take this Miss Xue Jingjing beside you to be your wife?Will you love her for rich and poor alike, for ever and ever and ever?"

    Sun Dewang nodded, "I do!"

    The master of ceremonies asked Xue Jingjing again with the same words, "Then may I ask Miss Xue, would you, please?"

    Xue Jingjing's internal emotions could no longer be controlled as she broke down and cried, "I ......I ......I ......"

    At this moment, she wanted to shout out I don't want to and flee the place immediately.

    However, when she thought about the fact that her father had offended so many powerful people, if she didn't marry Sun Dewang today, the whole family would be in great trouble, and the family might even go bankrupt, so she pushed that impulse down in her heart and cried, "I ......I am willing to ......"

    After saying this, she was even more sad in her heart, and burst into tears covering her face.


The master of ceremonies smiled and said, "Oh my, I didn't expect Miss Xue to be so touched, the marriage must have been long awaited, this is really a God-matched, consensual, made in heaven pair, let us all use applause to wish this couple a beautiful new marriage, love for this life, bright future, and a lifetime of peace."

    When she heard this, her whole body almost collapsed, crouched on the floor, buried her face deep in her arms, and cried out.

    The master of ceremonies picked it up and said with emotion, "It seems that our bride is very excited inside.Let's interview our groom, may I ask Mr. Sun Dewang, how do you feel at this time to be able to marry such a young and beautiful wife?"

    Sun Dewang accosted and spoke, "I'm very excited ......"

    The master of ceremonies smiled and asked, "Then Mr. Sun Dewang, do you have an urge to recite a poem in this situation?"

    Sun Dewang said with an embarrassed face, "I didn't go to any school, not much culture, reciting poetry is fine."

    The master of ceremonies added: "Today our bride Xue Jing's parents are also at our wedding site, I would like to ask the groom Mr. Sun Dewang, is there anything you would like to say to your future mother-in-law and father-in-law?"

    Sun Dewang looked at the stage, the couple with an expression of wanting to cry, Xue Xinlong and his wife, waved their hands at them with a slightly more reserved expression, and said, "Please don't worry, both of you, I'll definitely treat Jing Jing well."

    There was one more thing that Sun Dewang wanted to ask, but didn't have the good sense to do so.

    He really wanted to ask his future father-in-law, Xue Xinlong, if the 50 million dowry he had agreed to before still counted?

    However, he was afraid that after he asked this question, Xue Xinlong would come up and hammer himself, so he could only stop.

    At this time, the master of ceremonies said to Xue Xinlong and his wife, "Come, next we have the parents of our bride, Xue Jing, on stage!"

    The Sun family, by now, had turned into expressionless applause machines.

    Xue Xinlong could only join his wife and walk up to the stage with a hard scalp.

    The master of ceremonies smiled and said, "Please ask the man's parents-in-law to stand in front of our groomsmen."

    Xue Xinlong and his wife, with very unnatural expressions, stood directly in front of Sun Dewang.

    The master of ceremonies smiled and said, "Officer of the groom, let me ask you, who is standing in front of you?"

    Sun Dewang hurriedly said, "It's my father-in-law and mother-in-law!"

    The master of ceremonies laughed, "Still calling your parents-in-law?Is it time to change your mind?"

    Sun Dewang awkwardly accosted, busy saying, "Yes, yes, I should change my mind."

    Saying that, he busily called out to Xue Xinlong and his wife, "Dad, Mom!"

    Xue Xinlong's face was ugly.This son of a bitch, about the same age as himself, was calling himself Dad!

    Even though I don't have a son, I don't want such a cheap son.

    The master of ceremonies, seeing that he had no reaction, hurriedly said, "Isn't being a parent a little too exciting?I'm so excited that I forgot to respond to the groom, but this is the first time the groom has changed his tune, so don't the in-laws have any indication?"

    With a depressed expression, Xue Xinlong said, "I went out in a hurry today and forgot to prepare the red envelope."

    Sun Dewang busily said, "It's fine, it's fine, the red envelope is free."

    The master of ceremonies smiled and said, "Since he has changed his mind, the groom is supposed to kowtow and serve a cup of tea to his in-laws, come, let our staff, bring the tea up!"

    Sun Dewang awkwardly asked, "And kowtow?"


Allowing himself to kowtow in front of so many people, Sun Dewang was naturally not too happy about it.

    After all, he was over 50 years old, and he couldn't afford to lose face.

    But at this time the master of ceremonies said seriously: "bridegroom, today is the big day of your wedding, two families combined into one family, you not only harvest the youthful and beautiful wife, but also a pair of parents who love you and love you, our Chinese people since ancient times is the most important filial piety, so to kneel down and kowtow to your parents, that is a natural thing, what do you have to hesitate?"

    "Besides, our Chinese wedding tradition is to kowtow to both parents for tea."

    When Xue Xinlong's wife heard this, she shed two more hot tears.

    It was certainly right for two families to combine into one family, but she really didn't want her own daughter, to start a family with this old thing.

    There was no way back now, so he could only watch.

    Sun Dewang was now somewhat embarrassed by the master of ceremonies' words, so he could only kneel on the ground and first kowtowed to Xue Xinlong and called out to Dad, and then to Xue Xinlong's wife and called out to Mom.

    The couple looked at each other, both of them incomparably depressed inside.

    At this time, the staff hurriedly brought in two chairs for Xue Xinlong and his wife to sit side by side together before the master of ceremonies said to Sun Dewang, "The bride and groom were supposed to kowtow to both parents for tea, but the groom's parents didn't come today, so we'll let the bride and groom only kowtow to the woman's parents for tea."

    The bride, who was crying red eyes, could only reluctantly come to her parents and kneel beside Sun Dewang.

    The staff immediately brought them two cups of tea and handed them to Sun Dewang, who took one cup and said to Xue Xinlong with a red old face, "Dad, you have tea ......"

    Xue Xinlong hated to splash this cup of tea directly on his face, naturally he didn't want to pick it up even more.

    But he raised his eyes to see that Chen Zekai was right under the stage, looking at himself with a cold and gloomy face, and cringed, hastily reaching out to hand over the tea Sun Dewang handed over to receive it.

    Sun Dewang brought up another cup of tea and handed it over to Xue Xinlong's wife, and spoke, "Mom, you have tea!"

    Xue Xinlong's wife was even more annoyed in her heart, ten thousand times unwilling to drink the cup of tea he toasted.So without hesitating to reach out to take it, Sun Dewang held the cup of tea in the air, and in a short while, his arms felt a little sore, and his heart was even more embarrassed.

    Xue Xinlong hurriedly gave his wife a wink, what he was most afraid of now was that Chen Zekai had a problem with him.

    No matter what, he didn't dare to make him angry.

    Xue Xinlong's wife, realizing that her husband was staring hard at her, could only bite her teeth and reach out to receive the cup of tea, biting down on it.

    Only then did the master of ceremonies smile and say, "Drinking the tea toasted by the son-in-law is tantamount to approving this son-in-law, I've come to interview the bride's parents, may I ask you two, are you still satisfied with this groom?"

    Xue Xinlong sighed and said with red eyes, "Satisfied, satisfied ......"

    He was actually ten thousand times dissatisfied in his heart, but really didn't dare to say it at this time.

    Xue Xinlong's wife could only follow her husband and say something against her will.

    Ye Chen looked at the stage for a while amused, this was the price of being unkind, thinking that he was a little bit rich and capable, he looked down on this and that, such people would only end up eating their own bitter fruit.

    When this farce between Sun Dewang and Xue Xinlong's family was over, only then did the master of ceremonies speak up, "Next, please welcome our second couple to the stage, groom Sun Hongwei and bride Zhang Xiaoman!"


Sun Hongwei walked up to the stage holding Zhang Xiaoman's hand.

    The master of ceremonies followed the usual procedure and said a few words of praise, and then it was time for the marriage vows.

    Sun Hongwei and Zhang Xiaoman really do love each other, so it was natural that they were overcome with emotion as they were finally able to hold their wedding.

    So, they both left tears of excitement on stage with their ten fingers clasped tightly.

    Sun Hongwei's feelings were a bit more complicated, as he had just gone through his parents' divorce and witnessed the scene of his dad's second wedding, and had mixed feelings inside.

    After the bride and groom finished exchanging rings, the master of ceremonies smiled and said, "Next let us have the parents of the groom, Sun Hongwei, the couple who just had their wedding, please come on stage!"

    Sun Dewang and Xue Jingjing, who had just recently stepped down from the stage, could only harden their scalp again and take the stage as the groom's father and mother.

    The expressions of the Sun family at the scene were extremely ugly, but Hong Wu brought a large number of younger brothers to applaud and even shouted, "Hey, this bride is almost as big as the future mother-in-law Hey!The master of ceremonies is tired to ask, is the bride older, or is the bride's future mother-in-law older?"

    As soon as this was said, Hong Wu's group of juniors roared with laughter.

    Xue Jingjing had just returned from abroad this year and hadn't started working yet, and Zhang Xiaoman and Xiao Churan were almost the same, both having been out for two years, so age-wise, it was actually Zhang Xiaoman who was a little older than Xue Jingjing.

    Therefore, the scene was suddenly even more awkward.

    The master of ceremonies expression is also laughing and crying, he naturally can't really take it as asking such a question, otherwise if this goes out own this master of ceremonies work also don't have to do.

    So, he hurried to the next stage, greeted the staff to move the chairs again, brought the cups of tea, let Sun Hongwei and Zhang Xiaoman, tea to the parents.

    When Zhang Xiaoman offered Xue Jingjing tea and called Xue Jingjing's mother, Xue Jingjing cried again.

    What the fuck is this?Suddenly married to a bad old man not to mention, but also suddenly has a son and daughter-in-law.

    The point is, this son and daughter-in-law are all older than themselves.

    After Sun Hongwei and Zhang Xiaoman gave the newlyweds Sun Dewang and Xue Jingjing a change of tea toast, the master of ceremonies finally relaxed and announced that this strange wedding was officially over.

    Then the wedding arrived and the bride and groom toasted the guests.

    Jingjing Xue wanted to forgo the toast, but because she was afraid that Ye Chen would not be satisfied, she could only join Sun Dewang and carry the wine cup to the table where Ye Chen and Xiao Choran were.

    Sun Dewang shivered and looked at Ye Chen and said nervously, "Master Ye, thank you for coming to Jing Jing and I's wedding, we both toast you!"

    Ye Chen said indifferently, "Sun De Wang, after marrying such a good wife, you must treat her well in the future and treat the child in her belly well, do you hear me?"

    Sun Dewang's old face flushed, nodded and said, "Don't worry, I will treat Jing Jing, and the child in her belly, well."

    Ye Chen said with satisfaction, "That's more like it, don't ever have any problem with this little son in the future because of the color of his skin, you must treat him as your own."

    Sun Dewang could only nod his head and said, "Don't worry Master Ye, I will ......"


Seeing that Sun Dewang had expressed his position, Ye Chen was satisfied with this and said, "In the future, I'll have Chairman Chen monitor your post-marital behavior, if you still don't correct your character of being too poor and loving the rich after marriage, and don't treat your new wife, daughter-in-law and future young son properly, then I'll have Chairman Chen break your dog's legs.Is that clear?"

    Sun Dewang nodded his head repeatedly and said firmly, "Master Ye I understand ......"

    Ye Chen waved his hand, "Okay, I'm driving today, so I won't drink your toast, go meet someone else, there are so many guests here today, don't leave any of them behind, do you hear me?"

    "Heard that!I'll make this toast one by one!"

    After dispatching Sun Dewang, Sun Hongwei and Zhang Xiaoman came over with their wine glasses.With a respectful face, Zhang Xiaoman said to him and Xiao Churan, "Mr. Ye, Churan, thank you both so much for today, Hongwei and I will toast you both!"

    Ye Chen smiled faintly, "Then the two of us will replace wine with tea and wish you two happy and blissful newlyweds!"

    The two of them nodded their heads repeatedly, a vigorous thank you.

    Although Xiao Choran was a little cryptic about today's farce, but at this time, seeing her good classmate finally marry her own beloved as she wished, Xiao Choran also felt happy for her.

    Ye Chen looked at Zhang Xiaoman at this time and advised, "Xiaoman, after you marry Hong Wei, remember not to give up your own small family, to go for your parents and your brother's family, what they did today, you yourself should know what you are doing, so live well with your husband, with your mother's family must keep their distance, and do not have any financial contacts."

    After saying that, he then looked at Sun Hongwei and said seriously, "Hongwei should also carefully supervise on this matter, you two young couples should be on the same side, never let the couple centrifugally separate because of this matter."

    The implication of Ye Chen's words was for Zhang Xiaoman to never, ever give his parents, and his brother, a single penny.

    Ye Chen was ten thousand times more dismissive of the kind of family that hated to sell their daughter at a high price and then drink her blood.

    He was also worried that once Zhang Xiaoman got married successfully to Sun Hongwei, Sun Dewang wouldn't dare to do anything to her in the future, that way, Zhang Xiaoman would have a say in this family and would probably attract her strange pair of parents and her lazy brother.

    So give her a heads up in advance, so that she would have some idea of what to expect and never be used by that family again.

    Zhang Xiaoman and Sun Hongwei also nodded their heads repeatedly.

    In fact, even Zhang Xiaoman herself was very disappointed with her parents and brother, and hated to completely cut the line with them, so she was not willing to make money or her husband's family's money in the future, which was hard to earn, to be taken away by her parents and brother.

    Ye Chen and Xiao Churan lifted their cups of tea and drank a cup with the newlyweds before Ye Chen said, "Alright, you two quickly go and toast the others, don't mind us."

    Sun Hongwei said respectfully, "Mr. Ye, then we'll go to the other tables first."

    When the banquet progressed to almost the end, Ye Chen got up and went to the bathroom.

    When Chen Zekai saw this, he hurriedly followed, and when no one was around, he respectfully said to Ye Chen, "Young Master, that Kong Delong from last time, he has already undergone surgery in Yanjing."

    "Oh?"Ye Chen asked with an amused face, "Did this dude still not pull out that necklace or not?"


"No."Richard Chen smiled, "It's said that the necklace made a bend in his intestines and got stuck, so an emergency surgery was performed.It's said that this Kong Delong was preparing to have a go with the nurse in the hospital room before the surgery.In the end, he was bumped into by his grandparents, his parents, and scared the old lady to death."

    Ye Chen laughed, "I really don't understand, the Kong family is a top-notch family in Yanjing no matter what, how can they cultivate such a watery offspring."

    Richard Chen nodded his head and sighed, "Honestly speaking, the offspring of big families nowadays are really weaker than one generation, those who can be as outstanding as you, Young Master, can't find another one in the country."

    Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "You are also less likely to flatter me here."

    Chen Zekai hurriedly said, "Young Master, what I said was all from the bottom of my heart!"

    Saying that, he said, "Right young master, I'm worried that after Kong Delong recovers from his surgery, 80% of them will seek revenge on you.The strength of the Kong family is not on the same level as the Wu family, and their family also has quite a few first-class experts sitting in town, so they will be unfavorable to you at that time.I'm afraid it's still a rather tricky matter, do you think you should speak to Master and have him greet the Kong family?"

    "As long as the old man has greeted the Kong family, the Kong family will never dare to make a fuss again."

    Ye Chen smiled and waved his hand, "I still haven't thought about whether I will return to the Ye family in the future, so it's better to use the Ye family's help and the young master's identity as little as possible without using them."

    Chen Zekai advised, "Young Master, there's no need for you to divide with the family so clearly, before Butler Tang found you, the old master had actually been missing you, if you have time, you should indeed go back there, not to mention anything else, at least see the old master."

    Ye Chen faintly shook his head and said, "It's not impossible to go back, just not now."

    In Ye Chen's heart, he not only had a certain amount of hatred for the Ye family, but also a certain amount of ground to guard against.

    The Ye family was big, back then when his own father was still around, the Ye family was very strong in open and hidden battles, and now that the family had added another generation to the family, it must be even more complicated internally.

    Although he had some personal strength now, the disparity was still too great in front of the Ye family.

    So he would prefer to wait until he had some achievements and a strength that could not be underestimated before bringing up the matter of returning to the Ye family for a look.

    Otherwise, he was now in possession of a total of more than 20 billion in cash plus an imperial group, of which the imperial group and 10 billion in cash were given by the Ye family, he did not earn too much money, the two largest is to pit the 11 billion obtained from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

    11 billion, placed in front of the Ye family, was just a hair out of nine cows.

    Now that Ye Chen already had 80% of the shares of Wei's Pharmaceutical, and Wei's Pharmaceutical was also officially renamed as Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, Wei Liang was now presiding over Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical's production of the Stomach Disperse prescription given by himself, once this drug was produced and successfully marketed, it would definitely become the best selling and most effective stomach drug in the world, and it was possible that this drug alone would bring Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical tens of billions of dollars or even more in profits.

    By following up with some other drugs from the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Sutra, myself, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical's income would definitely skyrocket rapidly.

    I will then get my hands on the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical through Kobayashi Ichiro and merge it into Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical as well.

    At that time, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical would quickly become the largest pharmaceutical company in all of Asia, or even, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world!

    After I make Jiuxuan Pharmaceuticals a success, I'll be able to face the Ye family with full confidence!


The morning after Zhang Xiaoman's wedding, while Ye Chen was watering his crops in his vegetable garden, he received a call from Wei Liang.

    During the call, Wei Liang told him that the Stomach Dispersion that he had produced based on the prescription given by Ye Chen had passed the relevant permission from the drug regulatory department and was ready to be marketed.

    This recipe, which originated from the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, was highly effective in relieving the stomach discomfort that ordinary people, usually encountered.

    If you have chronic stomach problems, you can get good improvement and management by taking this stomach medicine.

    If you are suffering from sour stomach, bloating and pain, or stomach discomfort caused by drinking alcohol, cold or fatigue, you can get instant results by taking Stomach Powder.

    Stomach Dissolution was first invented by famous Chinese doctors in ancient times, but the development of Chinese medicine in China has been slow in recent decades.However, in recent decades, the development of Chinese medicine in China has been relatively slow.

    For example, in Japan, there are the famous Ota Gastric Disperse and Kobayashi Gastric Disperse.

    These two products are in powder form and packaged in small sachets, so if you experience stomach discomfort, you can immediately take one sachet with warm water, and it will have a good effect.

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's Kobayashi Stomach Powder has been rated as a regular daily medicine by the general public in Japan and many other countries.

    This shows how much sales as well as profit margins are behind him.

    The medicinal effect of this Stomach Dispersion produced according to the prescription inside the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, which was about eight to ten times more effective than the Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion, was very remarkable, and another good advantage was that there were basically no side effects, and the prescription produced Stomach Dispersion with a strong and fresh medicinal fragrance, which gave people a very good sensation.

    This Stomach Dispersion, named Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion by Ye Chen, would be the first brand new drug produced since Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical changed its name and changed ownership.

    Wei Liang said on the phone, "Master Ye, the efficacy of this Stomach Dispersion is really amazing, we found a lot of volunteers with stomach problems to try this medicine, they all gave very, very high evaluations, it is stronger than the Japanese and Korean Stomach Dispersion, it is several times stronger than the Japanese and Korean Stomach Dispersion, and now these volunteers all very much hope that this medicine will be on the market as soon as possible!"

    Ye Chen gave a satisfied hmmm and asked him, "So when will your side probably be able to officially launch and sell in bulk?"

    Wei Liang said, "We've produced more than 50 tons now, and now that the approval has come down, we can directly package it for sale."

    Ye Chen asked curiously, "If it's more than 50 tons of the original medicine, roughly how many copies can be packaged?"

    Wei Liang said, "We are going to be the same in specifications as those stomach dispensers in Japan, all of them are packaged with 1.3 grams per pack and 48 packs per box, in that case, the net content of the original medicine in each box is 62.4 grams, so we can probably pack 800,000 boxes in total."

    Ye Chen also asked, "What about the selling price, what is the Japanese price?"

    Wei Liang said, "Tai Tian Stomach Disperse and Xiao Lin Stomach Disperse are about 150 RMB a box, our Jiuxuan Stomach Disperse is several times more effective than theirs, I think it's only reasonable that we should sell it for at least 400 to 500 RMB a box."

    Ye Chen asked him, "What's the approximate cost of our box?"

    Wei Liang said, "Most of them are some Chinese herbs cost is actually very low, we have been very conscientious, the cost is about 20 yuan a box, so I presume.The cost of Tai Tian Stomach Powder, Xiao Lin Stomach Powder, is about 10 yuan."


When Ye Chen heard this, he said, "Then we'll also sell it for $150 a box, and with the same price and several times the efficacy, we'll directly squeeze out these competing products of the same type in Japan and Korea!"

    Wei Liang was busy saying, "No problem Master Ye, then I'll supply the distributor at 150 yuan a box."

    "Good!"Ye Chen instructed, "You try to produce at full power, don't worry about the sales of this drug, we now need to cover not only domestic users, but also Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, not only to compete with them in our homeland, but also to go to their homeland to compete with them, since we want to take their market over, then we must be prepared with enoughAmmunition."

    "I understand Master Yeh!"

    Wei Liang was so excited that he took off, "The Japanese and Korean patent Chinese medicine has suppressed us for so many years, and now we can finally fight back!"

    Saying that, Wei Liang asked: "Right Master Ye, our Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, do we need to do some TV commercials, it's best to invite a star to speak for it or something, nowadays everyone in this society is engaged in propaganda, and the aroma of wine is also afraid of deep alleys ah."

    Ye Chen smiled, "Yes, then you can find the most popular star, and it must be the kind of star that is decent and mud-free, because the entertainment world is really too chaotic, those with black history and gossip, don't want any of them!"

    Wei Liang said, "Okay Master Ye, I have a suitable candidate in mind, I wonder what you think about it, Master Ye?"

    Ye Chen asked, "Oh?You tell me about it."

    Wei Liang was busy saying, "There is a very hot actress in film, TV and song right now, named Gu Qiuyi, she just took a Hollywood movie some time ago, and is now very popular, and this person seems to come from a famous family, so there is no scandal at all, she is the object of worship for countless young boys and girls."

    Ye Chen nodded and said, "I don't know anything about the entertainment industry and I'm not starstruck, so it's up to you to decide, if you think this person is suitable, then you should contact this person's agency and communicate about the price, if it's suitable, then just sign a contract with her and let her start filming commercials."

    "Okay Master Ye!"

    After hanging up Wei Liang's phone, Ye Chen casually picked some fresh vegetables and prepared to go back to the house to make breakfast for his wife, Xiao Churan.

    It just so happened that Xiao Churan had also gotten up and walked down from upstairs.

    Ye Chen thought of the phone call just now, so he asked her curiously, "Wife, have you heard of this person, Gu Qiu Yi?"

    Xiao Chu Ran immediately said excitedly, "Gu Qiu Yi?Don't you even know Gu Qiuyi?She's the most popular actress right now."

    Ye Chen shook his head, "I'm a person who isn't starstruck, I don't know anything about this."

    Xiao Choran was busy, "Let me tell you, Gu Qiuyi is my idol, not only my idol, but also the idol of all the people, she's great in movies and TV shows, and her singing is great too!I've heard that she's coming to our Jinling for a concert in a while, I've been paying attention to the ticketing website, just waiting for the tickets to open so I can grab them."

    Ye Chen laughed, "I'm your husband hey, I didn't even know this person was your idol!"

    Xiao Churan said, "You didn't ask me ah, besides I'm a person who doesn't like to put a lot of things on my lips, liking someone is just liking them in my heart, I won't be like other people who talk about them every day."

    Ye Chen lightly nodded his head, thinking that if Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical really reached a cooperation with this Gu Qiuyi, then perhaps his wife could satisfy her starstruck heart.


Ye Chen put on his apron and went to the kitchen to prepare cooking.

    However, just at this moment, his phone rang again.

    Unexpectedly, the incoming caller was the Qin family's little pepper, Qin Aoxue.

    When Ye Chen saw this, he was surprised, "This little pepper doesn't usually call herself often, could it be that she's in trouble again today?"

    Thinking of this he hurriedly connected the phone and opened his mouth and asked, "Ao Xue, what do you want from me?"

    Qin Ao Xue said shyly, "Master Ye, I wonder if you still remember what I told you before about my participation in the International Student Scrimmage Competition?"

    Ye Chen smiled and said, "Of course I remember, didn't I promise you that I would be there to cheer you on?By the way, you still haven't told me the exact day."

    Qin Aoxue smiled happily and said, "So you still remember, Master Ye, Aoxue is really too happy!"

    Then, Qin Aoxue's voice was very shy and said, "Master Ye, I'm playing the last game of the preliminaries this morning, I don't know if you have time to come and see ......"

    Ye Chen asked curiously, "Playing the preliminaries?What's your format for this tournament?"

    Qin Ao Xue said, "Because this is an international university competition well, there are more participants, there are dozens of contestants in my weight class, so we have to play a few rounds of preliminaries first, but after that, we will select the top eight, and then we will play the top eight elimination rounds."

    Ye Chen asked in surprise, "Has this already reached the last of the elimination rounds?How many fights did you have?Why didn't I hear from you before?"

    Qin Ao Xue was busy: "The elimination rounds have been played a total of 4 games, and this morning is the last one, if I win I'll be in the top 8!The reason why I haven't told you is because I'm afraid that you don't have the time to come over, and my father has also told me that your time is more precious, so I shouldn't always bother you."

    Ye Chen smiled, "Why are you still so polite with me, you little girl?"

    Saying that, Ye Chen smiled cheerfully and added, "Alright, give me a time and address, I'll go over in the morning to cheer you up!"

    "Really?!"As soon as Qin Ao Xue heard this, she said happily, "That's really great Master Ye!My game is today at 10:00 a.m. at the Golden Gym!There are several groups racing in the arena at the same time, I'm afraid you won't be able to find them, let me know if you get there and I'll have my dad pick you up!"

    Ye Chen smiled, "No problem, it's settled, I'll be there on time in the morning."

    At this point, Ye Chen suddenly remembered a question, so he curiously asked Qin Aoxue, "Right Aoxue, how many kilograms are you competing in?"

    Qin Aoxue was busy saying, "Back to Master Ye, Aoxue is participating in the 52kg class!"

    When Ye Chen heard this, he jokingly said, "52 kilograms, that's 104 pounds?"

    "Well na!"

    Ye Chen deliberately teased her and said with a smile, "Haven't you heard that a good woman is never less than a hundred?You should try to lose weight."

    Qin Ao Xue hurriedly said in an exasperated voice, "No it's not, Master Ye!The kilogram class of the scrimmage competition is not divided according to the actual weight, for example, as long as it is lower than 48 kg, all belong to the 48 kg class, between 48 kg and 52 kg, all belong to the 52 kg class, I am 49.5 kg, which is 99 kg, which is exactly not over 100 kg, just classified in the 52 kg class!If you don't believe me, I'll weigh myself to show you when we meet!"

    Ye Chen smiled and said, "I'm just joking with you, you mustn't be so angry oh."

    Qin Ao Xue said coquettishly, "People are not angry, they are afraid that you might misunderstand that they are a little fatty!I'm 5'7" and keeping it under 100 pounds is pretty impressive!My classmates say I'm devilishly fit!"

    Ye Chen smiled, "Fine, fine, little pepper Qin Ao Xue is a devil figure, I will know later."


Qin Aoxue said shyly, "People are not little pepper ......"

    Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Then what are you?"

    Qin Ao Xue: "I ......I ......I ......I'm a little beauty and a little cutie!"

    After saying that, without waiting for Ye Chen's response, he immediately shyly hung up the phone.

    Ye Chen listened to the beeping sound that suddenly turned into a beeping sound on the other side of the phone, and couldn't help but shake his head and secretly laugh, this little pepper is really quite cute.


    Xiao Choran went to her studio after finishing her meal.

    Recently, her studio, the scale of which had expanded quite a bit compared to before, had recruited some employees, while there were several renovation projects in progress, which could be said to be a booming success.

    Xiao Changkun was soaking in the Painting and Calligraphy Association every day, and was also very busy.

    Today, he was in a hurry to go to the Painting and Calligraphy Association after breakfast, which made Ye Chen a little curious.

    So Ye Chen couldn't help but ask him, "Dad, why are you going so early today?"

    Xiao Changkun smiled and said, "The Calligraphy and Painting Association just happens to have some activities today, and the Senior University's calligraphy and painting hobby class is coming over to our place today to visit and learn."

    At the mention of the University for the Aged, Ye Chen instantly understood.The Senior University was the place where Han Meiqing now worked and studied every day.

    Auntie Han's good friend, invited her to be a visiting professor of general legal education at the Senior University, while she herself also studied calligraphy and Chinese painting at the Senior University.

    It seems that Auntie Han is going over to meet with Xiao Changkun today.

    No wonder this old father-in-law of hers was so happy early this morning.

    However, since his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, was right there with him, Ye Chen didn't order anything.

    He himself still had to go to the Jinling Stadium later,[PEN] so he asked his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, "Dad, why don't you drive me a bit, I just happen to be going to the stadium to see the match."

    "Yes!"Xiao Changkun smiled and said, "It just happens to be on the way, you can come with me."

    Ma Lan said with dissatisfaction, "I say you three, this is a deliberate attempt to anger me isn't it?"

    Xiao Changkun asked with a cold face, "What are you talking about, who has the intention to be angry with you?"

    Ma Lan said in exasperation, "How boring is it for me to be at home by myself when you all run out one by one after dinner to go out and play and make waves?"

    Xiao Changkun left his mouth and said in a deliberately sarcastic tone, "Who's stopping you from going out?If you want to go out, go out, go play mahjong with those old friends of yours, or go make faces with those old sisters of yours!"

    Ma Lan cursed in annoyance, "Xiao Changkun, are you fucking deliberately damaging me?I've got a broken leg. How can I get out?Besides, I haven't had time to get my two front teeth fitted yet, how humiliating is it to go to an old friend, an old sister?"

    Xiao Changkun spread out his palms and said with an innocent face, "Then I can't help you, anyway, the legs are on your own, you can go out anytime you want, if you don't want to go out you can stay at home, but don't stop us from going out ah, we're not obliged to stay at home with you!"

    Afterwards, he waved his hand at Ye Chen, shook the keys of the BMW in his hand, and said unrestrainedly, "Good son-in-law, let's go!"


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