Secret Identity 1311-1320


Chapter 1311

After Ye Chen and his father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, left the house, the father-in-law said with a smile as he drove, "Oh my, I've waited for so long, and finally the Senior University has an exchange with our Painting and Calligraphy Association, it's really not easy!"

    Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Have you communicated with Aunt Han?"

    "Not yet."Xiao Changkun smiled, "I'm planning to give her a surprise, after all, it's been a few days since I've seen her."

    Ye Chen nodded and said, "But you'd better be a little more careful, you mustn't let Mom know that Auntie Han has returned to China, and you mustn't let Mom know that you've been in contact with Auntie Han, or else our family will really be in chaos."

    Ye Chen couldn't understand Ma Lan's character better than that, Ma Lan had a few untouchable adversaries in her life, one was money and the other was Han Mei Qing.

    She was angry that her father-in-law wanted to divorce her, but she hadn't lost her mind yet, but if she knew that her father-in-law had met up with Han Meiqing, and that the two of them had fought quite hotly before while she was in the detention center, then Ma Lan would definitely explode with anger.

    When Xiao Changkun heard Ye Chen's reminder, he was nodding his head with a righteous face and said, "You're right, I think the same as you, that's why I haven't dared to have any too much contact with your Auntie Han."

    Having said that, Xiao Changkun sighed and added, "This stinking bitch is deadly alive and refuses to divorce me, it's really a headache."

    Ye Chen laughed and thought to himself, it would be strange if mother-in-law Ma Lan would be willing to divorce her father-in-law, after all, she had nothing to lose, so it would be even less likely that she would be willing to divorce and leave the house.

    I'm afraid her father-in-law was dreaming of getting rid of her.

    When the car drove to the Jinling Gymnasium, Ye Chen said goodbye to his father-in-law and got out of the car alone.

    At this time, all around the Jinling Gymnasium as well as at the entrance were hung with promotional material about this International University Student Scuffle Competition.

    It was said that this was the most authoritative one of the global university students' wrestling competition, which had been held for more than a dozen pieces in a row, and this was the first time it had come to China.

    Jinling was also very fortunate to be chosen as the city to host this tournament.

    Although the competition has been held many times and China has sent players to participate many times, but the best result is the fourth place, none of them have yet to get a medal.

    So, this time, the Chinese team is very hopeful that they will be able to achieve zero breakthroughs in the IUPUI Wrestling Tournament, a sporting event.

    And Qin Aoxue is one of the most hopeful medalists of the Chinese team in this competition.

    When Ye Chen arrived at the entrance of the stadium, he found that there were already a very large number of spectators coming in and out of the place.So he gave Qin Gang a call and told him that he had arrived at the entrance.

    Qin Gang hurriedly welcomed him out, and upon seeing him, he said respectfully and incomparably, "Master Ye, I'm really sorry to have kept you from coming to watch a child play house in the middle of a busy day, but I've delayed your precious time."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and said indifferently, "Where are these words, I see that this competition is of a very high level, Ao Xue's ability to fight for her country is also a praiseworthy thing, I came to cheer her on, it is also really appropriate."

    Qin Gang's heart was overjoyed, what he wanted most was for Ye Chen to be able to have that kind of thoughts about his daughter, and in his eyes, he also already considered Ye Chen as the best choice to take advantage of the dragon.

    Seeing that Ye Chen was willing to take time out of his busy schedule for his own daughter and come here to watch her compete, he naturally felt in his heart that this was a manifestation of Master Ye Chen Ye valuing his daughter.

    So he hurriedly made a gesture of invitation and said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, Ao Xue is preparing for the battle in the lounge, let's go to the audience first."


Ye Chen nodded and then stepped into the gymnasium together with Qin Gang.

    The Jinling Gymnasium was extremely large, which not only had a standard indoor swimming pool, but also standard indoor athletics, badminton and table tennis basketball competition venues.

    At this time the entire arena, except for the swimming pool, had already been vacated for this scrimmage match.

    The entire scene was divided into many square shapes, and in each square shape there was a ring.

    Qin Gang pointed at these rings, introduced to Ye Chen: "Master Ye, there are a total of 8 rings in this site, and these 8 rings correspond to 8 groups. 8 groups played the group preliminaries in the fixed ring, and the one who finally wins in each ring is the only one who breaks out of this group and succeeds, and is one of the top 8 in the whole match."

    Saying that, he pointed at ring 5 again, "Master Ye, Ao Xue has been in ring 5, her match starts in 10 minutes, let's go over there."

    Ye Chen said good, then followed him to the No. 5 ring next to the ring.

    Around the No. 5 ring, there were more than 100 audience seats, and Qin Gang had already arranged a few seats in the 1st row.

    As soon as Ye Chen reached the front, he saw a familiar figure, which turned out to be the Qin family's Qin Aodong.

    Qin Aodong had been grounded by the Qin family for a long time because he had acted tough with Ye Chen and gotten into big trouble.

    This period of time is doing quite well, plus today is the little pepper Qin Ao Xue's competition, he as Qin Ao Xue's cousin, begging to death to come over to cheer for his sister, Qin Gang this exception to let him out.

    Seeing Ye Chen, Qin Aodong had already lost his previous posture of the pretentious Qin family young master, before Ye Chen reached the front, he hastily stood up and nodded his head and waited, saying: "Master Ye you have come, please sit down, please sit down ......"

    Ye Chen looked at him curiously and asked with a smile, "Ah Qin Ao Dong, long time no see, I wonder where you are getting rich lately?"


    Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Qin Aodong, it's been quite a long time, you seem to understand a bit more."

    "Yes?"Qin Aodong scratched his head and smiled hehely, "Master Ye, I am already satisfied that you can feel my full enthusiasm!"

    Qin Gang slapped him on the head and reprimanded, "When you see Master Ye in Jinling in the future, you must be good and respectful, and if I find out you dare to confront Master Ye again, I'll break your legs!"

    Qin Aodong nodded repeatedly, busy saying, "Second Uncle, don't worry, in the future, Master Ye will be my idol, I will definitely be like my sister and will worship Master Ye as the white moon in my heart!"

    Ye Chen smiled faintly, "Okay, stop flattering, just don't cause trouble for your second uncle in the future."

    Qin Aodong nodded his head busily.

    At this time, the referee spoke, "The last regular preliminaries of the five groups, now begin!"

    Qin Aodong got excited and pointed at the entrance and said excitedly, "Master Ye, my sister has made an appearance!"


As Qin Ao Dong's words landed on the ground, Ye Chen immediately saw Qin Ao Xue walking in at the entrance!

    Today's Qin Ao Xue was wearing a sports bra, as well as a pair of sports shorts, her excellent figure was exposed, what Ye Chen didn't expect was that Qin Ao Xue's body had amazing muscle lines, and there was even an obvious vest line at her waist.

    With this body, it was truly invincible in the group of girls!

    In addition to that, Qin Aoxue's skin is as white as snow, and can't see the slightest blemish, with such a stunningly beautiful body, it's simply perfect to the point of being impeccable.

    And Qin Aoxue's long hair is tied into a clean ponytail at the back of her head, and she wears a pair of red boxing gloves on her hands, with a valiant face.

    Walking out alongside Qin Ao Xue was a brown-skinned, even somewhat tanned, young woman.

    Qin Aodong eagerly introduced to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, my sister is facing a Thai fighter today, who is said to have strong Muay Thai skills and is seeded for the Philippine team!"

    Ye Chen laughed, "A mere Thai boxing is not enough to be feared, in the whole of Thailand, there is only one fighting technique that can still be considered a good one, compared to our Chinese martial arts that's really nothing, and your sister will definitely be able to defeat this Thai fighter."

    Qin Aodong smiled hehehe and said, "Master Ye is really discerning!Actually, I also think that my sister will definitely beat her steadily!"

    On the side, Qin Gang glared at Qin Aodong and scolded him in a low voice, "You watch the game well, don't talk nonsense and affect Master Ye's mood to watch the game there."

    Qin Aodong was scolded and cringed, not knowing where exactly he had done wrong again to displease his second uncle.

    In fact, Qin Gang was mainly annoyed because this brat was here to snatch the whites, and he was ready to get close to Master Ye, but this little pup was chattering non-stop here, which was so unpleasant.

    The original expression of the little pepper, which was still a bit firm, became shy in an instant.

    She gently waved her hand, with boxing gloves, and shouted out in excitement, "Master Ye you are here!"

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled at her and said, "Be sure to work hard later, I'm optimistic that you'll come out of the group and advance to the top eight!"

    Qin Ao Xue smiled shyly, her heart was as sweet as honey.

    There is nothing that makes you happier and more excited than having the man you love come to watch your match.

    She felt that at this moment, she was the happiest woman in the world.

    At this time, the judge stepped forward.

    Since it was a preliminaries, there were 7 other groups of players in the match at the same time, so the referee didn't waste any time and came up and directly said, "Both sides get ready, the match will start in 30 seconds!"

    Qin Ao Xue and that Thai female fighter, immediately warmed up briefly in the ring.

    After 30 seconds, the referee brought the two to the center of the ring, briefly explained the rules to be aware of, and then immediately announced that the match had begun!

    As soon as the match started, the Thai female player took the initiative to launch a quick attack on Qin Aoxue.


Ye Chen could tell that this Thai female boxer's punches were very fast and her body was very flexible, and she was almost ten centimeters shorter than Qin Ao Xue, and her body was on the short side overall, so that she was more stable on the bottom plate.

    Moreover, this Thai female boxer is very smart, she knows that her advantage is in the bottom game, and also knows that Qin Aoxue's advantage is in the top game, so she frequently attacks from the bottom game.

    As the opponent came up and attacked quickly, Qin Ao Xue could only block, so the whole game was a bit of a mess.

    In game 1, the opponent had more effective hits than Qin AoXue, so after one game, the opponent was ahead of Qin AoXue in terms of points.

    During the short break, Qin AoXue's coach hurriedly gave Qin AoXue tactical instructions in Qin AoXue's ear.

    After a few minutes break, the match immediately entered into the 2nd round.

    At the beginning of the 2nd game, Qin Ao Xue changed her strategy and took the initiative to attack her opponent, but her main tactic was to break her opponent's bottom game, and her opponent continued to break her bottom game repeatedly.

    However, Qin Ao Xue's lower game was obviously not as solid as her opponent's, and because of her tall and thin stature, her lower game was not very stable, so she obviously did not have an advantage in this kind of confrontation.

    Soon the 2nd game ended, Qin Ao Xue was still behind her opponent in points, and the gap was getting bigger and bigger.

    Qin Ao Dong was a bit unable to sit down at this time, he whispered: "That Thai player, always beating my sister's bottom game, if my sister can't break the opponent's advantage, then probably this match will be lost ......"

    Ye Chen laughed, "Qin Aodong, it seems that you are quite discerning."

    Qin Aodong said apologetically, "It's Aodong who is classy, please forgive me, Master Ye."

    Ye Chen nodded slightly and took a general glance at that Thai female player.

    He found that this female player, although the lower plate was more stable and the speed of her leg out was faster, but the faster she was, the more she couldn't care about defending her tactical moves, every time she made a leg out, while attacking her opponent, she also exposed her weakness, every time she spared no effort to attack from the lower plate, she deliberately pressed her leg very low, trying to directly attack Qin Ao Xue's calf as well as her ankle, this kind of leg out tactic was vicious, as long as she let her full strength hit a bit, I'm afraid that Qin Ao Xue would find it difficult to stand normally in this match, and the night would be the same as losing the match.

    But because she lowered her legs, she revealed a fatal flaw, that is, the front of her own leg bones and knees. Although Qin Ao Xue's lower plate is not as stable as hers, but she is taller and has longer legs, if she can take advantage of the opponent's lower legs to hit the front of the opponent's leg bones and knees, it is likely to disintegrate the opponent's entire lower plate attack.

    So Ye Chen stood up and stepped forward to the side of the ring, Qin Aoxue's resting place.

    At this time Qin Ao Xue is sitting on the rest with a small chair, her coach said to her: "now hit your lower plate, this is your disadvantage, but if you want to get back, counter-play her disadvantage, that is, her upper plate, once you take advantage of the upper plate first, the other side of the lower plate advantage will not play out, so you play well, the next three games we can still get the points back!!"

    Ye Chen couldn't help but frown.

    Feeling that the opponent's disadvantage was in the upper part of the board, one had to preemptively launch an attack on the opponent's upper part of the board, this line of thinking was too simple for the opponent to have thought of.

    It was like a police officer catching an armed murderer, knowing that his biggest target was his abdomen, so he would definitely wear a bulletproof vest beforehand.

    On the surface, the Thai player's disadvantage was in the upper game, but she was hiding a killing intent in the lower game. Even if Qin Aoxue could take advantage of the upper game, it would be difficult to KO the opponent with a single blow in the upper game, but once the opponent managed to hit her once in the calf bone and ankle, then Qin Aoxue's entire body could be in absolute bad shape, and thus she would be unable to fight back in the following matches!

    So, Ye Chen then walked forward and said to Qin Aoxue, "Aoxue, don't hit the opponent's upper plate, instead, focus on the opponent's lower plate, and while dodging the opponent's attack, look for opportunities to use your height and leg length advantage to launch an attack directly at her right calf and directly above her knee, her lower plate is fast and strong, so you must break her lower plate in order to be able toAchieve the ultimate victory!"


Hearing Ye Chen's words, Qin Ao Xue looked at him with a happy face and shouted excitedly, "Master Ye!"

    Afterwards, she said, somewhat shyly, "I'm sorry, Master Ye, I've made you laugh!"

    Ye Chen smiled comfortingly, "It's fine, it's normal to be a little unable to find the rhythm at the beginning, carefully analyze the other party's strengths and weaknesses and choose the right strategy, you will be able to turn the tide against the wind and eventually win."

    Qin Ao Xue nodded her head in excitement and said with great devotion, "I know, Master Ye, thank you for your teachings!"

    At this time, the coach beside Qin Ao Xue looked at Ye Chen with a dissatisfied face and said, "What are you blindly directing here?Do you know how to fight?AoS is at its most critical right now, and if the 3rd inning doesn't save the day, it's probably lost!You're giving her blind ideas at this point, isn't that a deliberate attempt to harm her?"

    Ye Chen said indifferently, "I'm just telling her the truth, and it's a truth that you can't see!"

    "If she continues to play like you said, she will definitely lose this time, that Thai player is not much better than Ao Xue in all aspects of strength, skill, and speed, it's just that the opponent chose a very clever tactic, that's why she pressed Ao Xue in the first two rounds!"

    "And if Ao Xue is not tactical and surpasses the opponent by a head, then the match is lost!"

    The coach was furious and said, "Where is the amateur who also dares to banter in front of me, I won the national scrimmage championship back then, and you dare to tell me what to do?"

    Ye Chen laughed, "You yourself said that you won nothing more than a national championship, but now Ao Xue is going to win a world championship, what makes you think that you can mentor a world champion at the level of a national champion?"

    "You ......"The coach was furious at Ye Chen's sarcasm, but couldn't find any suitable words to refute him, so he could only bite his teeth and turned to Qin Aoxue and said sternly, "Aoxue, if you listen to him today and fight the way he does, then in the future you won't train with me and I won't be your coach anymore!You'll see yourself later when you're on the field."

    Qin Ao Xue was also very embarrassed at this time, she did not expect her coach to choke up with Master Ye.

    She has been training with this coach for more than a year now, and the overall feeling is not bad, but in her own mind, his weight is really a hundred thousand miles away compared to Grandmaster Ye Chen Ye.

    If Master Ye hadn't given himself advice, then he would have naturally played according to the tactics instructed by his coach.

    But since Master Ye had given himself advice, then he would undoubtedly choose the tactics that Master Ye had formulated for him.

    So, after she made her decision, she looked apologetic, looked at her coach and said, "Coach Zhao I'm really sorry, I'm going to use the tactics that Master Ye just told me to use."

    "You ......"Coach Zhao said angrily, "I originally thought you were a pretty smart girl, but I didn't expect you to be so ungrateful, since you chose to trust this amateur player, then the mentor-disciple relationship between the two of us ends here."

    Saying that, he stepped out of the ring, stepped out a few meters and then turned around and said, "Ao Xue, I originally believed that you would be able to advance into the top 8 this time and might even hit the medals, but now it seems that your fate for this tournament will stop at the group stage."

    He then looked at Ye Chen with cold eyes and said disdainfully, "Kid, you've ruined a good seedling."

    Ye Chen smiled and said, "Really?How come I don't feel anything?On the contrary, I do think that Ao Xue has a chance to hit the championship this time."

    "Are you kidding me?"Coach Zhao said disdainfully, "Do you know how strong the real seeded players are in this tournament?The number one seeded Japanese player, Ito Nana, is far stronger than Qin Ao Xue, even the number three seeded Brazilian player, Joanna, is stronger than Qin Ao Xue, if I had my guidance, Qin Ao Xue would still have a chance to beat Joanna, but without me, she can't even win this fight!"

    Ye Chen smiled, "Don't worry, whether it's the Brazilian player Joanna or the Japanese player Ito Nana-chan, both will be Ao Xue's underdogs!"

    Coach Zhao despised and said, "Kid, you're so big-headed, with your three-legged amateur kung fu, you can make Qin Ao Xue defeat Ito Cabbage?"


Ye Chen nodded, "If you don't believe me, we can wait and see."

    "Good!"Coach Zhao sneered, "Just wait and see, I'll be waiting here to see how Qin Ao Xue loses this match!"

    Saying that, he just went straight to the spectator seating next to him and found an empty seat and sat down, his arms clasped in front of his chest, looking like he was watching a good show, in his heart he had already recognized that Qin Aoxue, this match was bound to be lost.

    Ye Chen didn't pay any more attention to him, but looked at Qin Ao Xue and whispered, "Don't be nervous later, just play as I say, I believe you will be able to defeat this opponent."

    Qin Aoxue nodded heavily, then said with a pitiful face, "Master Ye, Coach Zhao is gone, I won't have a coach in the future, if I win this match, there might be a few matches to be played later, can you come and be my coach?"

    Ye Chen said without thinking, "No problem, I'll be your coach from now on."

    Qin Ao Xue was incomparably excited and cheered, "Great!I'll call you Coach Ye when we compete in the future!"

    Ye Chen smiled, "Suit yourself, call it whatever you want."

    At this time, the referee rang the bell for the third round of the match.

    Qin Ao Xue stood up, moved her muscles and said to Ye Chen with a firm face, "Coach Ye, I'm going to play!"

    Ye Chen nodded, "Go for it!"

    At this time, the Thai athlete also walked from the other side of the ring to the center of the ring.

    At this time this Thai player's expression was very relaxed, and even had a bit of contempt.

    She had already won a lot of points from Qin Aoxue in the first two rounds, and as long as she played steadily in the next three rounds, she would be able to defeat her opponent and advance to the top eight.As long as she played steadily in the next three rounds, she would be able to defeat her opponent and advance to the top eight.

    Qin Aoxue was now full of thoughts about the tactics that Ye Chen had told her, and she already had a clear idea of how to play next.

    With the start of the referee's call, the 3rd game between the two sides officially kicked off.

    This Thai player saw that her own tactics worked very well in the first two rounds, so she was ready to use the one-trick ploy against Qin Aoxue.

    So, she went straight to Qin Ao Xue's bottom board and launched a fierce attack.

    Qin Aoxue gave up the idea of attacking in the upper board and concentrated on resisting the opponent's attack in the lower board, while looking for the weaknesses exposed by the opponent's attack.

    Generally speaking, in casual fighting, the more ferocious the offensive attack is, the weaker the strength of the defense will be, just like the faster one runs, the more unstable the center of gravity and the easier it is to fall.

    Therefore, Qin Ao Xue quickly saw the weaknesses exposed in the opponent's rapid leg out!

    Here's your chance!


Coach Zhao had been watching and saw Qin Ao Xue always passively defending and being beaten back by the opponent, he could not help but hang a cold smile on his face.

    In his opinion, Qin Aoxue's tactic was the weakest of the weak chickens.

    Since the opponent's lower plate attacked swiftly and the upper plate was relatively disadvantaged, then he should attack the opponent's upper plate as fiercely as he attacked his own lower plate.

    In this way, we can find a breakthrough point and reverse the passive situation in front of us at once.

    This is also the traditional thinking of most coaches.

    But it was also the fundamental reason why most coaches couldn't become top coaches, or even when they were players themselves.

    From Ye Chen's point of view, whether it was two armies fighting against each other or two people over, the best and most stable way was to knock out the enemy's trump card.

    Just like when fighting a war, if you knocked out the opponent's ace division, not only would the opponent's strength be greatly weakened, but also his army would be in chaos.

    In contrast, if you just knock out a few miscellaneous armies or even a cannon fodder army on the other side, instead of achieving a crucial victory, you might be targeted by the opponent's main force because of the measure's main target.

    And in casual combat, if the opponent makes the most effective use of the fist, then the opponent's fist should be crippled; if the opponent makes the most effective use of the leg, then the opponent's leg should be crippled, otherwise leaving the opponent's most powerful means of attack is the biggest hidden danger to themselves.

    The Thai athlete that Qin Ao Xue faced was the most good at right leg, then even if Qin Ao Xue attacked her upper plate and attacked it well, it would not affect her attack power too much.

    In the process, if Qin Ao Xue is hit by the opponent's leg, then it is very likely to fall into the declining trend immediately.

    That's why Ye Chen had Qin Ao Xue do everything possible to find the weaknesses of the opponent's lower plate.

    And just at the moment of opportunity, Qin Ao Xue did not fail to live up to his trust.

    Only to see Qin Aoxue facing the fierce kick of the opponent kicked over, suddenly a dodge, followed by a stomp, ruthlessly stepped on the calf bone of the leg that the opponent kicked over.

    This kick immediately caused the Thai athlete to ouch in pain.

    Immediately afterwards, she felt her right leg all of a sudden in excruciating pain, as if it was about to fracture.

    This made her so painful that she couldn't even stand up, let alone continue to lash out at Qin Ao Xue.

    So she immediately took a few steps back limply, full of shock and incredulity.

    What she didn't expect was that she was clearly stronger than her opponent, but her opponent dared to meet her and make a move against her on the bottom.

    She had been beating her back, thinking that she had the upper hand and was just waiting to give her a fatal blow, but she didn't think that the other party was the one eyeing the tiger waiting to give her a fatal blow!

    This kick down, even his own walking was affected, every step he took was painful, his whole fighting strength instantly plummeted.

    Most of the audience off the stage were Chinese, seeing Qin Ao Xue finally got back to the city, a cheer erupted.

    Ye Chen looked at Qin Ao Xue was also full of praise, it seemed that this Qin Ao Xue really had talent.The first time the opponent revealed a weakness, she was able to accurately seize the opportunity.

    Now the scales on the ring had been seriously tilted, the Thai athlete's right leg was injured, it was absolutely impossible for him to be Qin Ao Xue's opponent, just this kick just now had laid the foundation for Qin Ao Xue's victory.

    Coach Zhao, who was offstage, had a very ugly expression.

    He really didn't expect that Qin Ao Xue would actually be able to take advantage of his opponent in the bottom game!

    The kick just now, stomp is very strong, a glance can see that the opponent is not lightly injured.

    According to the coach's eyes can also see, Qian Aoxue has already won this match, the rest is just a matter of time.


At this time he couldn't help but feel some regret in his heart.

    Seeing that Qin Ao Xue was about to advance to the top eight, he had turned against her.

    This way, if she achieves better results in this match, then it is also none of her business.

    Right at this time, Qin Aoxue changed her routine of constantly defending and retreating just now, and took the initiative to launch a series of attacks at her opponent.

    The opponent's right leg was injured, which was already greatly affected by itself, and now being chased by Qin Ao Xue, every step backward on her right leg would bring a heartbreaking pain.

    And her right leg was now completely unable to keep up with her form, becoming a drag.

    This not only made it difficult for her to defend and dodge, but also made it difficult for her to counterattack.

    Most of Qin Ao Xue's series of attacks had hit her opponent's body.

    The Thai athlete who was very nippy in attack just now could only hold her head and flee in the ring in various ways.

    Remembering Ye Chen's teachings, Qin Ao Xue had been still keeping an eye on her opponent's bottom, ready to deliver another fatal blow.

    Soon, she found an opportunity in the opponent's hasty retreat.

    So she accurately kicked out a whiplash leg, directly kicking at the opponent's already injured right calf.

    This kick caused the other party to scream, pale face, forehead and cheeks were covered with cold sweat.

    Qin Ao Xue's kick didn't use her full strength, if she had used her full strength, the other party's calf would have already been broken.

    The reason why she still had some room to spare was to give the other party a chance to survive.

    It was just a match, she didn't want to completely cripple her opponent because of this.

    After all, for a casual athlete, the limbs were the most important body parts in their eyes, and if the leg was really broken, then the career could be declared over, after all, even if the broken leg could be recovered, it would definitely not reach the previous competitive state, and the strength would inevitably be greatly weakened.

    The Thai athlete also realized that Qin Aoxue had been merciful with the kick just now.So she also had some gratitude in her heart towards Qin Ao Xue.

    She had been practicing Muay Thai for many years, and she was most proud of her right leg.

    If her right leg was broken by Qin Ao Xue today, she would not have to participate in any competition in the future. She was only in her early twenties this year, she was not willing to let her career stop here.

    Thinking of this, she took two steps back and hugged her fist to Qin Ao Xue with gratitude, then she said to her coach in Thai language, then her coach raised the towel.

    As soon as the referee saw this, he immediately jumped in and blocked between the two players, and spoke, "The Thai player concedes, and the match is won by the Chinese player, Qin Ao Xue."

    With this announcement from him, Qin Ao Xue jumped up in excitement.

    Subconsciously, she went in search of Ye Chen's figure, then looked at Ye Chen with an incomparably deep affection, and her heart's adoration for him reached a new peak once again.

    Qin Gang and Qin Aodong were also excited and stood up to applaud.

    Only that coach Zhao, seeing Qin Ao Xue winning, his expression was gloomy to death.

    He even started to think about how he was going to be able to repair the master-disciple relationship with Qin Ao Xue.

    Because, once Qin Ao Xue achieved a good result in the competition, it would be a good opportunity for him to make a name for himself.

    But just now, he had given away this good opportunity, damn it!


With Qin Aoxue's win, the pepper has officially made it to the top eight of the International University Wrestling Tournament.

    This is Qin Aoxue's best result in the International Student Wrestling Tournament.

    Last year, when the competition was held in Canada, she flew over to compete, but that time she could not get out of the group, the final ranking, in the 30th place.

    So this time, Qin Aoxue has achieved an unprecedented breakthrough.

    After the judges declared her the winner, she shook hands with the Thai player and the two girls hugged each other.

    Immediately, Qin Ao Xue turned around and ran to Ye Chen, and when she arrived in front of him, she happily jumped up and directly jumped onto him.

    "Master Ye, thank you so much!"

    Qin Ao Xue hugged his neck and hovered over him like a baby tree wombat, happy beyond measure.

    Qin Ao Xue's hug took Ye Chen by surprise, but he could also feel the kind of excitement and happiness in Qin Ao Xue's heart.

    So Ye Chen didn't want to sweep her off her feet, so he held her in place and turned around twice, smiling and said, "Only just entered the top eight, you're so happy, so if you win the championship, won't you go crazy with excitement?"

    Qin Ao Xue hugged Ye Chen's neck and said with a red face, "I didn't expect to win the championship, I'm already happy if I can advance to the top 8."

    Ye Chen laughed, "I remember you didn't say that before, you were saying that you were sure that you could get a good ranking."

    Qin Ao Xue said shyly, "People were afraid that Master Ye you would dislike me for being useless, that's why I intentionally bragged, in fact I didn't even think that I could get a medal ......"

    "Alright ......"Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "Okay, don't hug on me, everyone is watching, your father and your brother are also watching."

    Qin Ao Xue realized that she was still hanging on to Ye Chen's body.

    At this time, Ye Chen was also a little distracted, after all, Qin Ao Xue's body was really too good too good.

    Moreover, her skin was as warm and smooth as jade!

    What's more, she is now only wearing a sports bra and flat-angle sports shorts, so hugging herself like this, all kinds of touch is very clear.

    Qin Ao Xue's shy smile is blushing beautifully, and quickly jumped down from him.

    At this time not far away, Qin Gang, is a smiling face to measure his own this baby daughter.

    He had long been expecting his daughter to have some substantial progress with Master Ye Chen Ye.

    Today, it seems that his daughter and Master Ye are finally making some substantial progress, which is really gratifying, more so than his daughter winning the match.

    Ye Chen now said to Qin Ao Xue: "Don't forget to give a greeting to your father, and your brother, let's go over together."

    Qin Ao Xue just remembered that she was so focused on coming to celebrate with Ye Chen that she forgot that her dad and her brother were both in the stands.

    This made her even more ashamed inside, secretly thinking, "It was really so humiliating just now, there was only Master Ye in my eyes, I forgot my dad and brother, what a crime!"

    So, she hurriedly came to Qin Gang and Qin Ao Dong with Ye Chen and said with a red face, "Daddy, Ao Dong, did I behave okay just now?"


Qin Aodong gave a thumbs up and praised, "Sister, that Jedi strike you just did was fantastic!Seeing as you didn't get the upper hand in the first two rounds, I thought you were going to lose!"

    Qin Gang also laughed and said, "Yeah, Dad was sweating for you just now!"

    Qin Ao Xue said shyly, "Thanks to Master Ye's reminder, otherwise I might have really lost ......"

    Said Qin Aoxue, Qin Ao Xue affectionately wrapped Ye Chen's arm and said in a delicate voice, "And ah, Master Ye will be my coach from now on!"

    "Huh?"As soon as Qin Gang heard that Master Ye Chen Ye had become his daughter Qin Ao Xue's coach, although he was very excited, he still looked nervous and said, "Why are you making a nonsense of this child?Master Ye is busy every day, so many important things, how can he accompany you to play this kind of children's game, what if you delay Master Yi's business?Are you up to the responsibility?"

    Qin Ao Xue was told a few words by her father and immediately left her mouth somewhat aggrieved.

    At the same time, she was also worried that if she let Ye Chen be her coach, would she really delay Ye Chen's serious business?

    At this time, I heard Ye Chen smiled and said, "I don't really have anything important to do recently, and besides, Ao Xue is not a child's game, after all, she is fighting for the country, I am looking forward to her winning a championship, so as to give our Chinese university students some more face!"

    When Qin Gang heard this, he was finally relieved and said with a smile, "Ao Xue, since Master Ye trusts you so much, you must train hard and actively prepare for the following competitions, you must take a good ranking to repay Master Ye's trust in you!"

    "I'll try!"

    Qin Ao Xue clenched her fists and said with an excited face, "I will definitely do my best in the following competition and try to come back with the best score!"

    Ye Chen smiled, "The vision has to be enlarged, in my opinion, this competition is only justified if you bring back a champion!"

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I think I'm going to be able to do it for a while., this time it's to take a shot at the Triple Crown."

    Ye Chen laughed, "No matter if it's Sanbon Kazuki or Yamamoto Futatsuki's disciple, don't worry, with me here, she will definitely not be your opponent!"

    "Really da?!"Qin Ao Xue knew that Ye Chen was divine and knew that he never said anything that he wasn't sure of, so he asked with excitement, "Master Ye, can I really win against Itachi Cabbage?"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "Don't worry, since I said so, I can!"

    "Great!"Qin Ao Xue cheered and was excited.

    Just at this time, that Zhao coach just now stepped forward and said with a smile, "Oh my Aoxue, really congratulations to you, unprecedented to advance into the top 8, has tied the best result of Chinese college students in this competition!"

    "If you win the next match and make it to the top 4, then you'll be setting a new record for our Chinese university students in this competition!"

    Qin Ao Xue thought to herself, although this Coach Zhao had just broken with himself, but he came over to congratulate himself at this moment, he certainly could not slow down out of courtesy.

    So, she humbly said, "Coach Zhao you are too kind, I will work hard for the competition."

    Coach Zhao smiled and said seriously, "The match you just won was very thrilling, the luck component is also very big, if you want to win the next match, then you must not rely on luck, you still have to rely on systematic training and professional guidance, so why don't I continue to guide you through the subsequent matches?"

    When Ye Chen heard this, the corners of his mouth slightly raised and smiled without speaking.

    As soon as Qin Ao Xue heard this, she immediately said resolutely, "I'm sorry Coach Zhao, I already have a new coach now."

    "Just him?"Coach Zhao looked at Ye Chen contemptuously and despised him, "This kind of person is not professional at all, and just now it was only a blind cat that met a dead mouse, if you still hope on him, then you will probably stop at the top 8 next and can't go any further!"

    Qin Ao Xue said with some indignation, "Humph!Don't talk nonsense here!In my mind, Coach Yip is the best coach in the world!No one can compare!Including you!"


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