Secret Identity 1321-1330


Chapter 1321

In Qin Ao Xue's eyes, Ye Chen's status was almost second only to her father, Qin Gang.

    But this Coach Zhao didn't know.

    He also thought that Ye Chen just now was just a moment of luck, that's why he fooled Qin Ao Xue to believe in him.

    So he snorted coldly and said disdainfully, "Ao Xue, don't be fooled by this kind of brat, this kind of person only has paperwork and no real skills at all, if you really let him be your coach, then you definitely won't have a chance to win the subsequent matches!"

    Qin Ao Xue said with a bit of annoyance in her tone, "I forbid you to say that about Master Ye!Master Ye's strength is beyond your imagination!If Master Ye hadn't reminded me today, and if I had listened to your tactical arrangement, then I would have lost this match by now, and wouldn't have been able to advance into the top eight, let alone have the chance to play the subsequent matches!"

    Coach Zhao did not expect that Qin Ao Xue would not buy his account at all.

    This made him very annoyed in his heart.

    Moreover, Qin Ao Xue mentioned that his tactical arrangement just now was inferior to this young man surnamed Ye, which made him even more unhappy.

    Because for a headstrong person like him, even if Qin Ao Xue used Ye Chen's tactical arrangement to beat that Thai player just now, he didn't feel that Ye Chen was any better than himself.

    He even felt that if Qin Ao Xue had used the tactical arrangement he had just arranged, he would probably have won as well, and even won more beautifully and crisply than just now.

    So he said in a yin and yang manner, "Ao Xue, I kindly give you the chance, don't be ungrateful!"

    "Jinling pros who want to practice scrimmaging with me are lining up to beg me to take them on as my disciples, it's your luck that I chose you, if you miss me then your career will have come to an end!You're never going to make any real progress next!"

    "If you want to become a true national level professional athlete in the future, without my guidance, you can only be delusional."

    Qin Gang didn't expect this Coach Zhao to speak so rudely, and said in a cold voice with some anger at the side, "Coach Zhao, you really speak quite loudly, what makes you think that it's my daughter's luck to choose you as her coach?Let me tell you, it would be a triple blessing for my daughter to receive Master Ye's guidance, and as for you, you're nothing more than trash!"

    Since Qin Ao Xue was usually very low profile in school, so many people didn't even know her family background, nor did they know that she was Qin Gang's daughter.

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

    He thought that Qin Aoxue was just the daughter of an ordinary family, and might even be expecting to make a name for herself practicing martial arts, so he thought he had the other party in his pocket.

    But he didn't expect that the other party didn't take himself seriously at all, and even called himself a piece of trash.

    This was just a bit intolerable.

    So, he said in a cold voice, "Truth be told, I, Zhao Haichao, have some connections in the Jinling and even the national scattering circle, if I want to block anyone, it's just a matter of words, so before you speak to me, you must weigh it carefully!"


Qin Gang said coldly, "It's just a casualty coach, why are you talking so much?Although I, Qin Gang, am not considered to be one of the top ones in Jinling, I am more or less capable, and I really don't believe that with just your words, you can seal off my Qin Gang's daughter!"

    "Chin Kong?!"

    Zhao Haichao exclaimed in alarm and asked nervously, "Are you the Qin family's head, Qin Gang?"

    Qin Gang coldly said, "It's me, what?What's your opinion?"

    "I dare not!"Zhao Haichao panicked and compensated with a smile: "Mr. Qin is really sorry, I did not expect you to be Ao Xue's father, I have long heard of your name for a long time, our Jinling University of Finance and Economics of the scrimmage hall or you funded the donation ......"

    Qin Gang was disgusted with him, so he said in a cold voice, "Well, you are no longer Ao Xue's coach now, I have nothing to say to you, please go back."

    Zhao Haichao was frustrated in his heart, he didn't expect that he had just forced himself in front of the famous Qin Gang, and what was even more unacceptable was that he had lost the qualification to walk Qin Aoxue's choice of coach.

    This was a really big loss.He was able to bring Qin Ao Xue to get a good result, then Qin Gang would naturally not treat him badly.

    The rumor in the community is that Qin Gang is extremely generous, take his donation of the Jinling College of Finance and Economics' wrestling training hall, for example, 10 million can build a domestic first-class wrestling training hall, but Qin Gang directly donated 27 million to build an international top standard wrestling training hall.

    In the past, I only thought that this Qin Gang must be very rich, but today I realized that Qin Gang's daughter is Qin Aoxue.

    It can be seen that Qin Gang donated 27 million to the Jinling University of Finance and Economics to build a training center for his daughter so that she can train well in the martial arts, if he is able to get a good result with her daughter, he will give himself a few million bonus, right?

    Thinking of this he hurriedly tried to redeem himself and said sincerely and incomparably, "General Manager Qin, I won't hide from you, Ao Xue is indeed a very talented casual fighter, but the most important thing for her right now is to have a truly professional coach to systematically train her as well as guide her tactically."

    After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen with disdain and spoke, "General Manager Qin, a young man like this who can only talk on paper can't have any real experience or strength at all, you will only delay Ao Xue's future by handing her over to him!Talented players like Ao Xue are better left to a professional coach like me to maximize her talent!"

    Once Qin Gang heard him repeatedly disrespecting Ye Chen, he angrily snapped, "Coach Zhao, I don't want to be common with you since you've also taught Ao Xue for over a year, but if you speak disrespectfully to Master Ye again, then don't blame Qin someone for being rude to you!"

    Zhao Haichao was annoyed, what kind of bewitching soup had this Qin Gang been given?It was surprising that he would believe such a young hangman, and if he persisted, wouldn't he have no chance at all?

    He was anxious to prove his strength in front of Qin Gang, so he said sternly, "Mr. Qin, Scattered Fighting is a boxing and kicking skill, it can't be put on the lips, but on the fists and feet.You must not be blinded!"

    After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen gloomily before he suddenly went on a rampage and punched out a swift punch towards Ye Chen's face!

    Zhao Haichao thought very simply, he had to prove his strength in front of Qin Gang, prove that he was much better than this stinking hangman surnamed Ye, only then could he get Qin Ao Xue to train with him again.

    Only then would he be able to get on the Qin family's big boat!


Zhao Hai Chao was filled with disdain for Ye Chen internally as he punched at him.

    He used full strength in this punch and he also believed that he would be able to defeat Ye Chen directly in front of everyone.

    It had to be said that Zhao Haichao did have a few points of strength.

    After all, he had also won the National Scattering Champion once, and ordinary people really weren't his opponents.

    His punch was so fast and fierce that even Qin Ao Xue, who had also practiced Scuffle for many years, didn't react, not to mention Qin Gang and Qin Aodong.

    However, Zhao Haichao's proud speed was simply as unthreatening as slowing down his movements in Ye Chen's eyes.

    Moreover, his punch really didn't have much strength to speak of in his own eyes.

    Even if he stood still and sturdily and let him punch, it was impossible for him to hurt himself in the slightest with this punch.

    However, even if there was no threat to himself, there was absolutely no way Ye Chen would let this kind of loser hit him.

    Therefore, he suddenly raised his fist to meet the other party's fist and smashed it when Zhao Haichao's punch was about to hit his face.

    Ye Chen's punch was as fast as a loaded cannonball, it was simply not something that Zhao Haichao could react to.

    Just when Zhao Haichao thought that he could kill Ye Chen with a single blow, he suddenly felt as if his right fist was hit by an iron fist, and with a bang, there was intense pain as well as the sound of bones breaking.

    In front of Ye Chen's fist, his fist was even less than clay, and after a violent punch, his entire fist was completely ruined.

    Zhao Haichao held his shattered right fist and cried out in pain while looking at Ye Chen with an incredulous face.

    He couldn't understand how this young man could have such terrifying, even somewhat almost perverted strength.

    To be able to explode with such powerful strength in one punch was far beyond his own knowledge.

    Ye Chen looked at him at this time and said in a disdainful cold voice, "At a level like yours, you're still far from being able to guide a world champion, so if you have this effort to go around showing off your strength, you might as well practice your business abilities to avoid coming out and embarrassing yourself.

    Although Zhao Haichao was resentful towards Ye Chen in his heart, but he didn't dare to disobey Ye Chen any more and could only flee the scene ashenly.

    At this time, Qin Ao Xue smiled and said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, you are my coach now, when are you going to guide me to practice properly?"

    Ye Chen smiled and asked her, "What day is your next match?"

    Qin Ao Xue hurriedly said, "The next match is the afternoon after tomorrow."

    Ye Chen asked again, "Who will the next match be against?"

    Qin Ao Xue thought about it and said nervously, "I'm the outgoing player of group 5, and according to the rules I have to play against the outgoing player of group 6, and the 3rd seeded player of this tournament is in group 6, so I'm definitely going to compete against her next!"

    Ye Chen asked, "Who is the #3 seeded player?"

    Qin Ao Xue was busy saying, "The #3 seeded player is Joanna from Brazil ......God, I'm sure I can't beat her ......"


Ye Chen smiled and said: "The fight hasn't started yet, how do you know that you won't be able to win against her, in my opinion you will definitely be able to beat this Joanna."

    Qin Aoxue said with some shame, "Master Ye, Aoxue's strength, Aoxue herself knows very well, this Joanna is very strong, she is the leading young Brazilian female casual fighter, her strength is indeed much stronger than Aoxue, Aoxue has no chance of winning against her ......"

    Ye Chen slightly ambushed her ear and smiled, "Don't forget the divine medicine I gave you last time, your current body quality is also very good, but there is still a big gap between you and a real expert, but if you take that divine medicine, your body strength, reaction speed, will all be greatly improved, that way, I believe your strength will also be refined by a large margin,Defeating that Brazilian Joanna will be no problem at all!"

    Qin Ao Xue just remembered the divine medicine that Ye Chen had given to himself before.

    At that time, she was going to ask for medicine on behalf of her father, she originally wanted to ask for just one medicine and was satisfied, but she didn't expect that Master Ye had given two to her family, so her father gave the other divine medicine to her.

    But that divine pill had been kept safe by himself, and he had never had the thought of eating it.

    This is mainly also because I didn't know that this divine medicine can also strengthen my body, at that time, I only thought that this divine medicine is the sacred medicine for healing after an injury, so I always keep it safe in case I need it.

    So Qin Ao Xue looked at Ye Chen and asked in surprise, "Master Ye, can that divine medicine still enhance personal strength?"

    "Of course."Ye Chen nodded and said, "It can improve your physical quality in many ways, your current physical quality is already strong, but honestly, compared to the colored people in Latin America, there is still a gap, a genetic gap, sometimes it's hard to break through, it's like the one who is good at sprinting is always black, it's because the explosive power of black people is stronger than other races!The more."

    Saying that, Ye Chen added, "However, if you take the divine medicine I gave you, it can fundamentally improve your body's functions, and even make your body's functions, surpass those people."

    Qin Ao Xue hurriedly asked, "Master Ye, if I take it, will the divine medicine you gave me pass the doping test?The doping tests for sports competitions are very strict, if you are found to have taken excitatory drugs, you will be disqualified or even permanently banned from competition ......"

    Ye Chen smiled, "You can rest assured, my miracle medicine, which relies on a wonderful recipe and pure power, has nothing to do with chemically purified stimulants, and will absolutely not cause any problems."

    Qin Ao Xue said excitedly, "Then I will go back today and take that divine medicine!"

    Ye Chen nodded, "I'll come over again the afternoon after tomorrow when you compete."


    Qin Ao Xue was incomparably excited and cheered up happily.

    Qin Gang at the side was busy respectfully saying, "Master Ye, you see it's almost noon, why don't you treat yourself to a home-cooked meal at my home at noon?"

    Ye Chen wanted to politely decline, but thought that if Qin Ao Xue was going to take medicine in the afternoon, then he could pay close attention in front of her and also help her guide the absorption of the medicine.

    Besides, recently Xiao Churan has been working overtime in the company at noon and usually doesn't come home for lunch, and her father-in-law is also busy with the activities of the senior college where Han Meiqin is located, so he definitely won't go back at noon either.

    Mother-in-law Ma Lan is the only one at home, so there's no need to go back and cook for her.

    So he nodded and said, "In that case, I'll go over and dawdle a bit, and by the way, I'll be at your house in the afternoon to help Aoxue absorb the medicinal power."

    Qin Gang and Qin Aoxue, father and daughter, were delighted to see Ye Chen agreeing to eat at their home.

    Ye Chen had never been a guest in their home before, so both of them were looking forward to it in their hearts and hoped that they would be able to get closer to Ye Chen further through this time.

    Especially the little chili pepper Qin Aoxue, her heart has been obsessed with Ye Chen for more than a day or two, she has always wanted to find an opportunity to develop with Ye Chen, today's opportunity is really the best.


Seeing that Ye Chen was going to be a guest at home at noon, Qin Ao Xue cheerfully went to the lounge to change clothes, and before leaving, she said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye you wait for me a little bit, I have to take a shower, but don't worry, it's quick."

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "There's no rush, you're busy first."

    Qin Gang at the side then said, "Master Ye, it's quite messy in here, why don't we move to the car and rest for a while, I'll have someone drive the saloon over today."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Good, then go to the car and wait."

    Qin Aodong hurriedly and attentively said, "Master Ye you please!"

    When Ye Chen left the interior of the arena with Qin Gang and Qin Aodong, Zhao Haichao, who had just had his right fist shattered by Ye Chen, arrived at an athlete lounge with a black face.

    At the entrance of this lounge, there was a Japanese flag posted with the words, "Japanese athlete: Nana Ito" written on it.

    Zhao Haichao hesitated at the door for a moment, or knocked on the lounge door.

    Soon, the door was opened and a young man, speaking fluent Chinese, looked at him suspiciously and asked, "Who are you?"

    Zhao Haichao hastily compensated with a smile and said, "Hello, hello, I'd like to find Miss Ito Nana-chan and her coach, Mr. Yamamoto Kazuki."

    The young man turned back to the middle-aged man and young girl in the lounge and said, "Mr. Yamamoto and Miss Ito, this gentleman is here to see you two."

    Yamamoto Kazuki's sword eyebrows stood cold and opened his mouth to question, "Who are you?Do we know each other?"

    Zhao Haichao smiled and said humbly, "Mr. Yamamoto, my name is Zhao Haichao, I represented China in the scrimmage tournament ten years ago, but I lost to you at that time, don't you remember?"

    Yamamoto Kazuki arrogantly said, "I can't even count the number of people who have lost to me, how can I remember them all?"

    Zhao Haichao nodded awkwardly and said, "That, Mr. Yamamoto, I have another identity, I'm the coach, oh no, the former coach of the Chinese participant, Qin Ao Xue, of this competition, who has now resigned."

    Yamamoto Kazuki frowned and said, "Qin Ao Xue?How come I've never heard of this player?I don't think this guy is in the top five seeded players in this tournament, right?"

    Zhao Haichao nodded his head evenly, "No, she was never seeded before, so you probably didn't pay attention to her."

    Yamamoto Kazuki asked coldly, "Then what do you mean by coming to me?"

    Zhao Hai Chao was busy saying, "I am trying to give you a message, this Qin Ao Xue, has found a very sinister and poisonous kid as a coach, if Miss Ito Cabbage, will meet Qin Ao Xue in the following competition, be sure to be careful of that coach of hers!"

    Kazuki Yamamoto said disdainfully, "I don't believe that this kind of person is anything special, I, Kazuki Yamamoto, am a national treasure in Japan as a fighter, and the students I have taught are also national treasures in Japan as casual fighters, and with the strength of Cabbage, not to mention college students from all over the world, even if the Olympics are attended by active fighters from all over the world, Cabbage has the strength to win the championship!I'm not going to lie to you, Cabbage is actually just practicing for this competition, her real goal is to participate in the next Olympics and win the gold medal!"

    Zhao Haichao nodded and complimented, "I know that Mr. Yamamoto you have extraordinary strength, and the personal disciples you have personally trained are naturally powerful, but the young man I'm talking about does have a few brushes, look at my right hand!"

    Saying that, Zhao Haichao immediately handed over his right hand.

    The first time I saw it, I thought it was a good idea.


He opened his mouth to ask, "This wound is so new that your blood hasn't even scabbed over yet, it must have happened within half an hour, right?"

    "Right."Zhao Haichao said, "Look, the kid I'm talking about just used his fist to cripple my right hand, you're afraid that you can't do that kind of strength, Mr. Yamamoto, right?"

    As soon as this was said, Yamamoto Kazuki squared up.

    He was also a trainer, but he knew that there was an upper limit to the human body, the flesh, and that limit was very low.

    The human fist, which was made up of the four elements of flesh, bone, tendon and skin, were all flesh and blood, and hitting the opponent's abdomen, face and other soft parts could be done without injuring oneself, but using one's fist to hit the opponent's fist, then this was a standard hard hit.

    However, who's fist, which could be so strong that it could smash someone's fist with a single punch?

    With that in mind, he was busy asking, "Did that young man hurt himself badly when he smashed your fist like that?"

    Zhao Haichao was upset, "He's fine at all!That's the weirdest part, this guy's body seems to be very hard, like steel, I am worried that he has some kind of internal technique, in case he passes it on to Qin Ao Xue again, then I'm afraid that Miss Itoh Cabbage will have a hard time winning this competition!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki's heart finally paid attention to this issue.

    He nodded his head and said gloomily, "Qin Ao Xue is it?I took note of it."

    Saying that, he looked at Zhao Haichao and asked, "Why did you help us?"

    Zhao Haichao was busy saying, "Mr. Yamamoto, I won't lie to you, that brat stole my job and crippled my right hand, I hate him with a passion in my heart!And he also said that he was confident enough to let Qin Ao Xue win this tournament, and said that Miss Itoh Cabbage Patch is no match for Qin Ao Xue at all, so I sincerely hope that Miss Itoh Cabbage Patch will be able to defeat this Qin Ao Xue, and not let that guy have his way!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki nodded and said, "Okay, I know, I'll pay attention to it and not let the other party get away with it, you can go back."

    Zhao Haichao nodded and said, "Then Mr. Yamamoto, I'll take my leave."

    At this time, the girl in the house who had changed into a long-sleeved, long-pants sweatshirt said in a voice that was extremely gentle, "Tanaka-san, please give this gentleman a check for 100,000 RMB to thank him for telling us such critical intelligence information."

    This girl was extremely beautiful, with a Japanese bangs hairstyle, if one just saw her, one would only think that she was the most quiet, elegant, and Japanese woman standard style beauty, but it was absolutely unexpected that she was also an expert in scramble fighting as well as karate.

    The young man who was the first to open the door for Zhao Haichao immediately nodded respectfully and said, "As ordered, Miss Ito!"

    After saying that, he pulled out his checkbook from his pocket and wrote a check for 100,000 yuan and handed it to Zhao Haichao.

    "This is a little bit of our Missy's gift, please smile!"

    Zhao Haichao came over to find Yamamoto Kazuki and Ito Naija, he just wanted to create some trouble for Qin Ao Xue and Ye Chen and try to prevent her from having a chance to win the championship, to be frank, he just wanted to spoil the other party's good fortune, to the detriment of others and not to his own benefit.

    However, he didn't expect that Ito Cabbage would be so generous and give him a hundred thousand dollars for his benefits!

    This was so flattering that he took the cheque and bowed in thanks, before leaving the Itachi lounge in a heartbeat!


After Zhao Haichao left, Ito Naija approached Yamamoto Kazuki and asked, "Master, this Zhao Haichao's strength, although far inferior to yours, is still considered to be a moderately superior existence in the field of Scattering, and that young man he was talking about was able to injure him to such an extent without damaging himself in the slightest, it seems to be very powerful indeed!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki asked curiously, "Cabbage Patch, how do you know that this Zhao Haichao is strong?"

    Cabbage Ito smiled, "Master, my disciple had watched all of your match videos and studied each of your matches in depth, so I've also seen the entire match between you and this Zhao Haichao, and his strength should be around 70 of yours."

    "So that's how it is!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki sighed in admiration and said, "Cabbage Patch, that's why I've taken you on as my personal disciple!"

    "You're too studious and hard-working, and with your family background, you wouldn't have needed to work so hard for a little rank!"

    "The strength of the Ito family is enough to make you the envy of countless people throughout Japan as a top-notch rich second generation, but for you to be able to sink your teeth into the martial arts and study it intensely is truly something I've only seen in my lifetime!"

    "I believe that in time, you will be able to surpass my master and become the top expert that all of Japan can be proud of!"

    With a face full of humility, Ito Naija said, "You're too kind, Master, Naija only wants to do her best to practice martial arts to the utmost, to live up to your, and the Ito family's, high hopes for me!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki nodded and said, "Don't forget that behind you, there are more than 100 million Japanese citizens who are also eagerly waiting for you to win glory for your country!"

    At this point, Yamamoto Kazuki sighed and lamented, "I've long been optimistic that you could become the pride of all Japan, and I'm sure you can too!"

    Ito Naija nodded seriously, "Don't worry Master, Naija will do her best and be the pride of the nation!"

    Yamamoto Kazuki gave a hmmm and said, "Next match, I'm going to see that Qin Ao Xue, and that coach of hers."

    At this time, Qin Ao Xue had already changed into her daily clothes, and carried her training bag, and walked out from the gym.

    Ye Chen, on the other hand, was sitting in the Qin family's spacious and luxurious caravan, tasting the Kung Fu tea that Qin Ao Dong had made for himself.

    This luxurious saloon car of Qin Gang was truly extraordinary.

    From the outside, it looked like an ordinary long-distance bus, and one couldn't see anything in it.

    But when you really walked in, you would find that it was a different world inside.

    Apart from the driver, the entire coach had been completely rebuilt.

    It not only had a spacious and luxurious living room, a luxurious and rich lounge and bar, but also two incredibly comfortable bedrooms and a bathroom with a shower.

    According to Qin Gang, this car was bought by him specifically for his daughter's competition.

    Qin Aoxue often has to travel to different parts of the country to participate in competitions, whether by bus, train or plane, after arriving at the place will be a bit of a journey.

    The sporting competition itself has high requirements on physical strength and physical condition, so he did not want the schedule to affect his daughter's performance, so he bought this car, specifically to take her to run around the country.

    In the words of Qin Gang, take this car, comfortable and stable, safer, like a mobile home, even if the car for more than 20 hours, Qin Aoxue will not feel the slightest fatigue, to ensure that she always have an excellent competitive state.


Qin Aodong saw that Ye Chen drank all the tea and hurriedly refilled a cup for him respectfully, asking earnestly, "Master Ye, I don't know, are you still satisfied with this tea?"

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled and said, "Yes ah Qin Aodong, you should have learned this stance specially, right?I really didn't expect that a person with your kind of personality can still be patient enough to study the tea ceremony."

    The former Qin Aodong was a rich second generation who didn't know shit.

    Not only does he know nothing about bullshit, but he also likes to be attached to elegance, and he randomly buys some bullshit pouring stove in the Antique Street all day long, holding whatever trash as a piece of treasure.

    Even when Jinghai came to Jinling to participate in the auction, he was still sneaking around with Yu Jinghai and against himself.

    I didn't expect that this brat had indeed restrained his personality and understood quite a bit after not seeing him for a while.

    When Qin Aodong heard Ye Chen praise himself, he hurriedly explained with a red face: "Master Ye, in the past it was all because I was young and inept and offended you, please don't take it to heart, this time my second uncle has been letting me reflect honestly at home, and also let me learn the tea ceremony and cultivate my emotions, now I'm not so impetuous as before"

    Ye Chen nodded and said, "Yes, people, one is afraid of impatience, the other is afraid of floating, if you can calmly reflect on yourself, it proves that you're not so hopeless in the first place."

    Qin Gang said with a smile on the side, "I've long told this kid, if he doesn't properly change that character of his and twist it over, then his father and I will lock him up in the Qin family for ten or eight years and not let him come out, saving him from coming out and causing trouble for our Qin family, it's good that this kid is still somewhat conscious and can mend his ways."

    As he was saying, Qin Aoxue ran and jumped into the car, saw his father and younger brother drinking tea with Master Ye, and said with a smile, "Master Ye, father, younger brother, you've been waiting for a long time, let's set off quickly."

    Qin Gang pointed at Qin Ao Xue and said to Ye Chen with a smile, "Master Ye look, when you are in front of this little girl, even I, your own father, have to go to the back of the line."

    Qin Aoxue said shyly, "Oh dad, where is it!He is respecting Master Ye, and Master Ye is an honored guest of our family, so I should have greeted Master Ye first!"

    Qin Gang smiled and said, "Look at you, I'm just stating it, I don't have any other opinion, what are you nervous about."

    Qin Ao Xue muttered, "Where am I nervous ah!Dad, you're just talking nonsense!"

    Qin Gang smiled with a pleased face and said, "Oh, well, well, Dad was talking nonsense, come, come, quickly sit down next to Master Ye, let the driver drive, let's go home and eat!"

    Qin Ao Xue hurriedly blushed and sat down next to Ye Chen.

    At this time the driver started the saloon car and slowly drove away from the stadium parking lot.

    The Qin family's villa was not in the center of the city, but in the suburb of Water Cloud Villa, next to the Jinling Reservoir.

    The Jinling Reservoir, a large lake on the outskirts of Jinling, was also the main water source for the entire Jinling.

    The Water Cloud Villa was built on the edge of the Jinling Reservoir, and it could be said that the Jinling Reservoir was treated as an oversized artificial lake in its own neighborhood, so the environment was quite good, and it was in no way comparable to the villa areas in the city.

    The Qin family has been buying villas here for many years, and when Qin Gang was very discerning, he directly bought two sets of villas and then merged them together before the city issued a document to manage the restraint of renovation and redevelopment of the villa area.

    The two sets of villas are close to the lake, every day push open the door, is crystal clear artificial reservoir, as well as birdsong flowers green environment, is really a great enjoyment.

    The Qin family villa's courtyard is huge, even this kind of caravan can be parked seven or eight, without any problem.

    After the car stopped in the courtyard, Qin Aoxue hurriedly said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, I'll take you to the small dock by the lake, I have a speedboat, just to take you for a drive in the lake!"


Ye Chen did not expect Qin Aoxue to have a speedboat here.

    Seeing her eagerly, she smiled and said, "Well, then I'll go with you to have a look, but how is your driving skill?It won't throw me in the lake, will it?"

    The first thing you need to know is how to get the right amount of money for the job," she said.Even if you do fall into the lake, I can still save you."

    Qin Haodong on the side hurriedly said, "Sister, take me with you, I want to go too"

    Qin Ao Dong is not Qin Ao Xue's real brother, they are just a grandmother's cousin, so Qin Ao Dong usually doesn't live in this villa and only occasionally comes over as a guest.

    So when he heard Qin Ao Xue say that he was going to sail a boat for fun, he couldn't help but feel a little itchy too.

    Qin Ao Xue glared at him and snapped at him, "What are you going to do?How come you're everywhere?"

    Qin Aodong aggrievedly left his mouth, still wanted to say something, the side of Qin Gang said to him "Aodong, you come with me, I have something to tell you."

    As soon as Qin Aodong saw his second uncle said so, he didn't dare to say anything more, at least nodded his head honestly and said "Okay second uncle."

    On this side, Qin Ao Xue affectionately took Ye Chen's arm and spoke, "Master Ye, let's hurry up and go play for a while, otherwise it's time to eat if we wait for a while."

    Ye Chen nodded and went with her to the lake.

    At this time, Qin Gang whispered to Qin Ao Dong, "You kid, you've been honest for a while, how come you've lost all your eyesight?"

    The first thing you need to do is to get rid of this problem.Am I not quite honest?"

    Qin Gang whispered, "Are you stupid?Can't you see I'm trying to set your sister up with Master Ye?You're still hurrying up to be a light bulb, aren't you ruining your sister's life?"

    "I" Qin Aodong awkwardly hesitated for a moment, then whispered "Second Uncle, Master Ye is married ah"

    Qin Gang snorted and asked rhetorically, "Can't we get divorced if we get married?Who made the rules?As long as Master Ye gets divorced in the future and then marries your sister, won't Master Ye be our Qin family's son-in-law?"

    Qin Aodong jaw-dropping, only after a moment did he nod helplessly "okay second uncle you are right"

    After saying that, he thought about it and said with a smug smile on his face, "Second Uncle, you say, if Master Ye becomes my future brother-in-law after this, then I'll be awesome, who else in all of Jinling would dare to mess with me?"

    Qin Gang smiled faintly and said, "If Master Ye really becomes your brother-in-law, I see that if you look around the country, no one will dare to mess with you!"

    Qin Aodong was so excited that he clapped his hands and laughed, "Haha, that's really great!"

    At this time, Qin Ao Xue brought Ye Chen to a small dock by the lake.

    Here, there was a small dock of light steel structure, in which a small imported speedboat was parked.

    This kind of speedboat has only 6 seats in total, not big, but the stern of the boat is even equipped with 4 sets of 400 horsepower Yamaha marine engine.

    Ye Chen was almost blinded, and spoke out, "People with such a big boat, with a total of one 200 horsepower boat, can already run fast with an engine, this boat is equipped with four, 400 horsepower engines, you're going to fly ah?"

    Qin Ao Xue threw out her tongue and said with a smile, "This reservoir is usually closed and managed, there are no other boats on it, so naturally it's interesting to drive fast."

    I said, she jumped into the boat, cheerfully, "I used to vacation in foreign countries, found that foreign people like to play super horsepower speedboat, Ferrari also came out with a rivaferrari speedboat, I drove in foreign countries once, feel quite exciting, but the power is still not a little mean, so I customized this speedboat, power configuration, the speedboat.It's double the size of a Ferrari speedboat!"

    Ye Chen smiled "I'm a little nervous to have you say that."


Qin Aoxue smiled and said "Master Ye, please believe in Aoxue's skills!"

    Ye Chen nodded, stepped onto the speedboat and sat beside Qin Ao Xue.

    The four side-by-side V8 marine engines roared to life, and the low idle sound was much more powerful than the feeling of a supercar.

    Qin Ao Xue slowly drove the speedboat out of the dock, followed by a mischievous smile to Ye Chen and said, "Master Ye, you sit tight!"

    And then, all of a sudden, he put the pedal to the metal!

    The entire speedboat quickly burst out with tremendous power and rushed forward.

    Although Ye Chen had been prepared, he was still shocked by the speedboat's tremendous power.

    This lake was very wide, so driving a speedboat didn't require one to be constantly aware of the road conditions like driving on land.

    On the lake, it was no problem to drive with eyes closed, and the entire lake suddenly became a venue for Qin Ao Xue to be unrestrained.

    Her character, itself is rigid and soft, that little pepper's character, is destined to prefer this kind of intense and exciting extreme sports.

    But what Qin Aoxue didn't expect was that Ye Chen was incomparably calm from start to finish, which made her feel a little disappointed.

    The reason why she invited Ye Chen to come on the boat was because she wanted to see Ye Chen's nervous appearance, after all, all the people who had been on her boat, there was no one who wasn't nervous and scared.

    She felt that even if Ye Chen wasn't scared, he would at least show his nervousness, so that he could have a small sense of success in his prank.

    However, Ye Chen really hadn't changed at all.

    Even though she had already used the ship's power to the extreme, making it seem like the ship was flying close to the water, the Ye Chen beside her was still indifferent.

    In fact, Ye Chen was more or less nervous in his heart.

    Only he felt that he definitely couldn't reveal this nervousness in front of Qin Ao Xue, or else wouldn't he be held by this little girl?

    Qin Ao Xue kept accelerating, and finally accelerated to the point where even her own heart was a bit weak when she finally gave up trying and gradually slowed the boat down, letting it stop in the middle of the lake, and said to Ye Chen with her mouth full, "Master Ye, don't you usually get nervous and scared?"

    Ye Chen smiled "Sometimes I am nervous, but I have never been afraid.".

    Qin Ao Xue hurriedly asked "Then Master Ye, under what kind of circumstances would you be nervous?Can you give Ao Xue some specific examples to listen to?Come on!I really want to know what would make you nervous, Master Ye"

    Ye Chen thought about it and smiled, "Miss Song family, when she gave me a check for 100 million, do you know about this?"

    "Yeah, I know."Qin Ao Xue smiled and said "Is it the cheque that sister Wan Ting honored you with that time when you bestowed medicine to all of us at Hong Wu's Heavenly Fragrance House?"

    Ye Chen nodded his head.

    Qin Ao Xue was busy asking "Master Ye, a mere 100 million should not be in your eyes, why are you still nervous about this check?"

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website and see how they are doing.

    The actual reason for this is the fact that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to find the best way to get the most out of your money.Anyway, one hundred million is nothing to you at all."

    Ye Chen smiled calmly and said, "I won't even feel bad about losing that 100 million cheque, but if it fell into my mother-in-law's hands, I would be so distressed that I wouldn't be able to sleep for a month."


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