Secret Identity 1331-1340


Chapter 1331

At this moment, the Jinling International Hotel.

    After leaving the gymnasium, Ito Nana returned to her hotel room with her assistant and a few maids she had assigned to herself at home.

    For her competition in Jinling this time, the Ito family had booked the only two presidential suites in the Jinling International Hotel long in advance.

    In this one, Ito's Nana-chan occupied one suite by herself, while her coach, assistant and servants stayed in the other presidential suite.

    And as early as half a month ago, the Ito family had sent people to Jinling to transform one of the bedrooms in the presidential suite where Ito Nanae lived into her exclusive training room.

    It was said that the remodeling alone had cost millions, and if you were to include the price of the long-term charter of the two presidential suites, the amount of money Ito Nai Nai Nai Zi had spent on her stay alone this time to fight in Jinling would be at least three to four million.

    The main reason why it was so costly and wasteful was because the Ito family was still too rich.

    The Ito family was one of the top five large families in Japan, with industries in almost every field imaginable, and even the Yakuza, a well-known underground organization in Japan, had a stake in the Ito family.

    In addition, although Ito Nana-chan was young, beautiful, and intellectually quiet, but deep down she was an extremely martial arts-obsessed Japanese girl, she was extremely strict with her training requirements, never stopping her training throughout the year, no matter how cold or hot it was.

    After she returned to the hotel in the morning after the match, she didn't bother to eat lunch and immediately went back to her training room.

    While she was sweating like rain in the training room, her cell phone suddenly vibrated.

    The call was from her assistant, Koichi Tanaka.

    She stopped practicing, answered the phone, and asked, "Tanaka-san, what is it?"

    The other said respectfully "Miss, the president of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Mr. Kobayashi Jiro is here, he would like to pay his respects to you, I wonder if you have a moment?"

    "Kobayashi Jiro?"Itachi said wondering "I've never met him before and have no friendship with him, so why did he come to see me?"

    Tanaka Koichi was busy "Miss you don't know, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical sponsored the final part of this competition, and also spent a lot of money to get the title, it seems to be a bold attempt of their Kobayashi Pharmaceutical to enter the Chinese market, so he himself has come to Jinling, and knows that you live here, so he wanted to come and pay you a visit."

    Ito Nana-chan said "Please tell him just tell him that I'm in training and don't have time to see him, so please excuse me."

    Ito Nanako's personality was rather introverted and she usually didn't like to socialize with people, plus now that it was crucial to officially prepare for the Final Four, she didn't want to be distracted by a stranger.

    Tanaka Koichi hurriedly said "Miss, Kobayashi-san just inherited Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. some time ago, and their fist product Kobayashi Stomach San, they are now actively expanding their sales worldwide"

    The always good-tempered Ito Nana-chan, at this time a little huffy, asked "Tanaka-san, what are you going to say?I have no friendship with Jiro Kobayashi, and I don't care what the situation is with Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.None of this has anything to do with me."

    Tanaka Koichi said awkwardly "Miss, the Chairman-sama has been in close communication with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, because the Chairman-sama he is very optimistic about the future of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so he is ready to communicate deeply with Kobayashi Jiro about investing in his shares, Kobayashi Jiro also very much wants the Ito family to invest in him, that's why he dropped a lot of money to sponsor this competition, in order to actually make an offer to you as well as ItoFamily show of goodwill!"

    "Oh" Ito Naija-chan knew that the Chairman-sama in Tanaka Hiroshi's mouth was his own father, the current patriarch of the Ito family, Ito Yuhiko.

    However, Ito Naija-chan still said somewhat coldly "I don't want to get too involved in Father-sama's affairs, if Father-sama and this Kobayashi Jiro have cooperation, then let the two of them meet to talk."


Tanaka Koichi said in a difficult situation "Miss, the chairman is still very important to this cooperation with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, also you do not be so capricious"

    Itachi Nabiki said quietly "Sorry Tanaka-san, I have to continue my training."

    With that, she just hung up the phone.

    The 22-year-old Ito Nanaiko, a senior at Japan's best Tokyo University, is simple and straightforward, and her quiet nature has a bit of an inherent coldness to it.

    She is the four-year reigning flower of the University of Tokyo and the best daughter-in-law candidate competing for the attention of Japan's top families, but she, herself, is a simple, world-weary, martial arts-minded idiot.

    Therefore, she doesn't understand the love between men and women, nor does she understand the ways of the world.

    Whether it was Kobayashi Jiro or Dabayashi Taro, none of them had anything to do with her.

    Even if he was her father's best friend and closest partner, as long as he was not related to her by blood or was not an older relative, he would not buy it.

    Her goals in life right now were very simple: first she had to win this year's World University Scrimmage Competition, then successfully graduate from the University of Tokyo, and immediately after that she would start preparing for the next Olympics.

    She wasn't able to participate in the last Olympics because she was too young and was nervous about her studies, but the next Olympics has become the stage that her heart longs for.

    She longed to win the Olympic title, and, to win more than one Olympic title.

    Getting this Olympic title, and then defending the next one, had become the biggest pursuit in her life.

    Tanaka Koichi was holding the phone at this point, facing Kobayashi Jiro, who looked expectant, and was embarrassed.

    I didn't expect that Miss Self would be so unsympathetic, she was still reluctant to meet Kobayashi Jiro even though she had put it to this point herself.

    Tanaka Koichi could only lie to Kobayashi Jiro, "Mr. Kobayashi please wait for a moment, our lady is still training, she should meet you later!"

    Kobayashi Jiro, dressed in a top-notch suit, glasses, and a man of five, smiled with an incomparable gentleman's smile and said seriously, "It doesn't matter, if Ito-san is busy, then ask her to go about her business without me, I can wait here."

    Koichi Tanaka nodded and said "Mr. Kobayashi, please sit down for a moment while I go and bring you a cup of tea."

    After saying that, he went to the kitchen and pulled out his cell phone and called the head of the Ito family, Yuuhiko Ito.

    As soon as the call came through, Ito Yuhiko's deep, majestic voice came through "Tanaka, what is the matter with calling me?"

    Tanaka Koichi was busy "Chairman-sama, Mr. Kobayashi Jiro, the chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. has come over and wants to see my lady."

    Yuuhiko Ito gave a hmmm and said "I know, Jiro Kobayashi is very fond of Choi-chan and came to me the other day begging me to marry her to him."

    Koichi Tanaka asked "And what do you mean, Chairman-sama?"

    Ito Yuhiko didn't answer Tanaka Koichi's question, but said with a dignified tone, "Tanaka, you are my beloved, so I will tell you these next words, but you must remember that you must not leak them to anyone, otherwise I will definitely send you to see Amaterasu Daijin with my own hands!"


As soon as Tanaka Hiroshi heard this, he immediately blurted out, "Don't worry, Chairman-sama, Tanaka will never divulge the slightest bit of your words!"

    Ito Yuhiko said with satisfaction, "Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals now has a stomach dispersion, excellent efficacy, sales are also very good, is actively expanding the global market, modern people more or less will encounter some stomach discomfort, so the market space for this drug is also very broad, once this drug is listed in the world, the annual profit can be at least 10 billion dollars."

    Koichi Tanaka exclaimed "It's just a stomach medicine, but there's such a big market for it?"

    Ito Yuhiko spoke up "This is just my initial estimate, I've asked the University of Tokyo's pharmacy lab to analyze and compare Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's Stomach Disperse with several other companies on the market, and the conclusion is that Kobayashi Stomach Disperse is a cut above the rest!"

    "So, it is only a matter of time before Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion stands on top of the world, and if you want to catch this hen that can lay golden eggs, the sooner the better, and the best way to do that is to marry the Kobayashi family and invest in shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals."

    "If Cabbage marries Jiro Kobayashi, then I will ask for at least 20, maybe even 30 shares in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, and by then it will bring billions of dollars of profit to our family a year!"

    Koichi Tanaka suddenly realized "Chairman-sama, I understand your intentions!"

    Ito Yuhiko gave a hmmm and instructed, "So, you must try to persuade her more in China and around Nana-chan, you must be around her and say more good things about Kobayashi Jiro, if she can promise to marry Kobayashi Jiro immediately after she graduates from college this summer, then I will consider you a great achievement, and then I will reward you with five million dollars!"

    Koichi Tanaka was overjoyed and said, "Chairman-sama, Tanaka will definitely do his best and will never fail to live up to your hopes for me!"

    Ito Yuuhiko said with satisfaction "Good, I'm going to call Nana-chan now and tell her that she must meet with Kobayashi Jiro today, and after their meeting is over, you must blow more whispers in front of Nana-chan."

    Tanaka Hiroshi was busy, "Okay Chairman-sama!"

    At that moment, Nanako had just put down her cell phone and started her rigorous training again.

    But then the phone buzzed and vibrated, she picked up the phone to see, and found that it was actually a phone call from her father, so they hurriedly connected respectfully, "Father, I do not know what you are calling Vegetable at this time to command?"

    The hierarchy is so strict within the extended family in Japan that children from ordinary families address their parents as Odo-san and Okasan, just like Chinese children call their parents Mom and Dad.

    However, in Japan's large and strict hierarchical family, all children must address their parents as father and mother.

    In addition, communication with your parents should not be too colloquial and you must always use honorifics, especially for girls, one of the most important lessons from childhood is to learn the tedious etiquette of nobility.

    Although Ito Nana-chan grew up with a golden key in her mouth, but from the time she was born and remembered until now, she has always strictly followed the various tedious rules of her big family and did not dare to go beyond them.

    On the other end of the phone, Ito Yuuhiko opened his mouth to ask her "Nana-chan, I heard that you won today's competition, congratulations."

    Ito Nana-chan was busy saying "Father-sama, today's match was only 16-for-8, Nana-chan's goal is to win the championship!Please, Father-sama, come back to congratulate Cabbage after she has won the championship!"


"Great!"Yuuhiko Ito said approvingly "Worthy of being the daughter of the Ito family, she is not arrogant and still manages to stay true to herself!"

    Although Ito Nana-chan was holding the phone, she subconsciously bowed slightly to the east and said respectfully, "Thank you, Father-sama, for your compliments, Nana-chan will definitely keep up the good work."

    Yuuhiko Ito gave a hmmm and said "By the way Nana-chan, did Jiro Kobayashi, the chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, come over to ask for an audience with you?"

    "Yes father."

    Ito Yuuhiko said "You, you're not getting any younger, and you shouldn't keep turning away from the opposite sex.Kobayashi Jiro is a young man I have had contact with, he is only two years older than you, and he is young and promising, you might as well have more contact with him."

    Ito Nao-chan was busy saying "Father-sama, I don't have any thoughts about men and women right now, and I won't be focusing on that for the next few years.That I still have to represent Japan in the next Olympic Games and the next Olympic Games, talking about love will only affect my training and competition, and I hope that Father-sama will understand."

    Ito Yuuhiko spoke up "You are still too young, many things are not a relationship between fish and bear's paw, but a relationship between fish and water, falling in love and getting married does not affect your next life plan."

    Ito Nanako was serious "Father-sama, Nanako can't agree with you on this, practicing martial arts is like sailing against the current, if you don't advance, you will fall back.If you want to become the world's top master, you must put all the time you can into training into solid practice, if I don't train hard at this time and instead waste my precious time on love and marriage, I'm afraid I'll never become a martial arts master in my life."

    Ito Yuuhiko said with a bit of rebuke in his voice "This thing called martial arts was just for you to practice it as a hobby in the first place, I didn't want you to put all your time and energy into it."

    "You know you are the Ito family's eldest sister after all, an eldest sister has to behave like an eldest sister, what's the point of fighting with others in the ring every day?"

    Ito Nanae said firmly, "Father, the way of the martial arts is what Nanae has been pursuing all her life!If necessary, Cabbage is willing to give up love and marriage for the sake of martial arts!"


    Ito Yuuhiko was furious "You are my daughter, Ito Yuuhiko, you have the blood of the Ito family flowing through your veins, how can you give up your bloodline for the sake of a mere martial art?Do you live up to the Ito family's ancestors?"

    "I "Ito Nanako was speechless all of a sudden.

    When she heard her father's words, she did feel a bit guilty, so she hurriedly said, "Father-sama, I'm sorry, I'm not really not thinking about marriage, but I just don't want to think about it too early at this stage right now, please be understanding!"

    Ito Yuuhiko said coldly "I can't understand, and I can't possibly understand, but more about life, I don't want to talk to you on the phone, when you come back from your match, we father and daughter can have a long talk."

    "But right now, Kobayashi Jiro has come to pay his respects to you, as the eldest sister of the Ito family, you represent the face and image of the Ito family, how can you avoid it?If word gets out, outsiders will definitely say that my Ito family doesn't know how to be polite!"

    Hearing this, Ito Nana-chan had no choice but to say "It's Nana-chan who has been ill-considered, and I beg Father-sama's forgiveness, Nana-chan will change her clothes now and go to see Kobayashi Jiro"


Ito Yuuhiko's voice softened a bit at this point when he saw Ito's vegetable promise, and he asked, "Have you had lunch yet, Veggie?"

    Ito Nana-chan replied truthfully "Reporting back to father-sama, I've been training since I came back from the gym, and I haven't had lunch yet."

    Ito Yuuhiko then gave a hmmm and instructed "That's very good, I think it's already noon, you can simply keep Kobayashi Jiro to have lunch at your place, as well as doing your father's part in hospitality."

    "Keep him for lunch?"

    Itachi was a little reluctant.

    She herself was a girl with a relatively cold personality and her family had always kept her at a sufficient distance from outside men when they taught her female etiquette since she was a child, plus she had been obsessed with martial arts for years, so she had even less contact with men.

    Aside from her own family, she had never had the opportunity to eat privately with young males growing up, even her own assistant, Koichi Tanaka, had never had the opportunity to eat with her.

    However, she could hear the forcefulness in her father's voice and knew that it probably wouldn't do any good to object, so she spoke up, "Okay father-sama, Nana-chan knows."

    Ito Yuuhiko said with satisfaction "Nishiki-chan, the family has a very important cooperation with Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals going on right now, so you mustn't slack off on the other side, understand?"

    Ito Nanako was busy, "I understand, father-sama."

    Hanging up the phone, Ito Naija sighed helplessly, she called Tanaka Koichi and said to him "Tanaka-san, please help me entertain Kobayashi-san first, I'm sweating from practicing kung fu and need to take a shower first."

    Tanaka Koichi hurriedly agreed and turned to face Kobayashi Jiro and said "Kobayashi-san, please wait a moment, our eldest sister needs a shower and will be there later."

    Kobayashi Jiro heard that Ito Nao-chan was willing to see him, deep inside he was excited, but on the surface, he said with a cloud of lightness "Okay Tanaka-san, I'll just wait here for Ito-san."

    Ten minutes later, Ito Naozi, who had taken a shower, put on a simple and plain Japanese house dress.

    At this time, she was completely unable to see any traces of her years of martial arts training, and was completely a gentle, traditional Japanese woman.

    Koichi Tanaka brought Kobayashi Jiro to Ito's presidential suite, and as soon as Kobayashi Jiro saw Ito's cabbage, he was amazed!

    He couldn't help but exclaim inwardly, My God!Why does this woman look so beautiful?So pure?

    Her eyes were clear and luminous, like art carefully carved by the heavens, her goose-egg face was white and flawless, the tip of her delicate nose was like the jewel of the world, and her pair of cherry blossom-like pink lips were dazzling and desirable.

    In Kobayashi Jiro's eyes, she was like the crystal-clear water of the Heavenly Pond on top of the snowy mountain, solemn, quiet, gentle, and a little bit cold.

    Just this side, Kobayashi Jiro fell deeply in love with this woman, and secretly vowed in his heart "no matter what, I must marry her!Even if it means letting me join the Ito family.Because apart from her, there's no other woman in this world that's so perfect!"

    Kobayashi Jiro desperately tried to suppress the desire for Itachi in his heart, but Itachi still found the color of desire in his eyes that he really couldn't suppress.

    It made her feel a little disgusted, feeling like this look in Kobayashi Jiro's eyes was like a drop of meat lard dripping into a good cup of tea.

    However, it was not good for her to reveal her disgust, so she could only say very politely, "Kobayashi-san, sorry to keep you waiting just now."

    Kobayashi Jiro even waved his hand and said "No no no, Miss Ito need not be so polite, I took the liberty to come to the door, in fact, I was abrupt, please Miss Ito do not mind."


Saying that, Kobayashi Jiro again full of chagrin long sigh, regret, "I just arrived in Jinling this morning, after completing immigration formalities, came directly here, did not have time to go to the gym to see Miss Ito's match today, I heard that Miss Ito today only used one round to defeat the opponent, I was unable to see, it is a great pity!"

    Ito-san said "Kobayashi-san is too kind."

    "From now on, I'll be there to cheer for Ito-san in every match she has!"

    "Truth be told, my Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, which is sponsoring the final round of this competition, will be presenting the trophy to the winner of the competition, and I can't wait to present the trophy to Ito-san myself on the day of the final round!"

    Ito Nana-chan humbly said "Kobayashi-san, until the competition is over, no one knows who the winner will be, and even though I am confident that I will win, I don't dare to say that I will be able to win the championship in the end."

    Kobayashi Jiro even said "I am sure Ito-san will be fine!"

    Ito Nanae smiled, remembering her father's order, and said, "Kobayashi-san, it's already noon, so why don't you stay and have lunch with us?"

    Once Kobayashi Jiro heard this, his whole heart trembled with excitement and said excitedly "It is truly an honor for me to have lunch with Miss Ito!"

    Ito Nai-chan said to Koichi Tanaka, "Tanaka-san, please move with us to the restaurant in this presidential suite and serve lunch for me and Kobayashi-san on the way."

    In fact, although Ito Nana-chan was a lady from a top Japanese family, she was always independent and autonomous, and rarely needed to be waited on by many people like the other rich kids.

    Therefore, she usually never let Tanaka Koichi serve with her at meals, but today she really didn't want to be alone with Kobayashi Jiro, so she was going to leave Tanaka Koichi by her side as a buffer.

    When Tanaka Koichi heard Missy's command, he naturally nodded without hesitation, and Kobayashi Jiro thought that Ito-chan was used to being served at meals, so he didn't take it to heart, after all, even when he went out to eat in a restaurant, there were waiters serving by his side.

    When she arrived at the restaurant, Ito Nana-chan and Kobayashi Jiro sat opposite each other.

    Because this presidential suite was large and the dining room was very spacious and luxurious, one of the rectangular western dining tables could accommodate at least 12 people to eat together.

    So when they sat across from each other at the western table, the distance was ensured, which made Itachi Naboko feel a little more at ease.

    After Kobayashi Jiro sat down, he took the initiative to find a topic to chat with Ito Nao-chan and spoke up, "Miss Ito must have been in Jinling for quite a while, right?"

    Nodding her head, Ito-san said, "I've been here for twenty days."

    Kobayashi Jiro asked again "Then I wonder if Ito-san has had a good tour of the Jinling?It's still a very beautiful city."

    Itachi asked lightly "Mr. Kobayashi has been to Jinling before?"

    "Oh, the first time."Kobayashi Jiro sighed and said "Actually, Jinling is a sad place for me to come down here, but if it wasn't for the fact that you were here for the competition, I would never have come even if the city was beautiful, Miss Ito."

    Ito Nana-chan was surprised and asked "Kobayashi-san, what do you mean by that?"

    Kobayashi Jiro said with an air of sadness, "I had a treacherous brother who was possessed and poisoned our mutual father with poison."

    "Our Kobayashi family has launched a manhunt to clean house and launch a manhunt, that brother of mine, was killed by a bounty hunter some time ago in Jinling, and I don't even know where his body is now buried."


Ito-san didn't expect that Kobayashi Jiro's brother would die in Jinling, and said somewhat unkindly, "I'm sorry, Kobayashi-san, for accidentally mentioning your sad story."

    Kobayashi Jiro even waved his hand and said seriously, "It doesn't matter, although this matter is sad and lamentable, Ito-san is not an outsider after all, tell you about it, I can also ease the sadness in my heart"

    Thinking of his brother Ichiro Kobayashi, Kobayashi Jiro's heart was actually not sad at all, on the contrary, he was very happy.

    The concept of the eldest son inheriting the family business in Japan was deeply rooted.

    No matter which extended family it was, the one who would eventually inherit the family business must be the eldest son, even if the eldest son was not as capable as the second son or other sons, he would still be made the head of the family, and then have the other capable brothers from the auxiliary.

    It was originally Kobayashi Jiro's destiny to assist his older brother, Ichiro Kobayashi, after his father's death, and to carry forward Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals and the Kobayashi family.

    Even if he was more capable than his brother and even if he had more credit than his brother, he had to follow the Japanese rule of elder and younger.

    If he dared to snatch the family's inheritance from his elder brother, it would become a treacherous existence in the eyes of the entire Japanese society.

    Unexpectedly, in a sleazy move by his brother Ichiro Kobayashi, he had handed over the family heirship to himself.

    Even more perfectly, the miracle potion he sent back killed the two men's shared father, not only directly finishing off the then head of the family, the father of the two men, but also giving himself the guilt of patricide and finally giving himself a reason to kill him.

    To say the least, this was simply a thousand miles to send a head, with the accompanying gift of the entire family to himself.

    The cost of killing this big brother is too high.

    That son of a bitch, surnamed Ye, asked himself for 1 billion as soon as he opened his mouth.

    And this 1 billion is not yen, it's RMB!

    This amount of money had indeed made myself physically painful for a while.

    But the good thing is that I do have an extraordinary ability, some time ago, I led the development of the Kobayashi Stomach Powder from the ancient Chinese formula, has now become recognized as the best stomach medicine in all of Japan.

    This stomach medicine marketing around the world is just around the corner, by that time, not to mention 1 billion RMB, even if it is 10 billion or 100 billion RMB, it is nothing in your eyes.

    Moreover, if he could marry Nanae Ito and become the son-in-law of the Ito family, then Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would be able to get even more help and achieve even faster development.

    It wouldn't be long before Kobayashi Pharmaceutical might overtake Ruifai of America and become the largest pharmaceutical group in the world!

    On that day, he would be able to stand at the top of the world.

    Thinking of this, he looked at Itachi with an eager face and asked with a smile, "Miss Itachi will be graduating this year, right?"

    "Right."Ito-san nodded and said, "Summer graduation."

    Jirou Kobayashi smiled and said, "Oh my, senior year is really like a flower, a lot of girls choose to get married right after college, I wonder if Ito-san has any thoughts on that?"

    Ito-chan shook her head, "My mind is on martial arts, and I have no thoughts of falling in love in a short time."

    Kobayashi Jiro wasn't discouraged and asked again, "Then what kind of men does Miss Ito usually like more?"

    Itachi said, "I haven't thought about that because I haven't liked any man yet."


Not giving up, Kobayashi Jiro continued to ask, "So why don't you think about it now, what kind of man is likely to meet your criteria for choosing a spouse?"

    Itachi thought carefully before saying, "First things first, he has to be stronger than me!"

    "Better than you?In what way?Career?Academic qualifications?Or on achievement?"

    Itachi said very seriously, "It's on the strength of the martial arts!I wouldn't want to find a man who can't beat me in the future."

    Kobayashi Jiro coughed twice in embarrassment, thinking to himself, "This Itachi-chan

    She can't even look quiet, but she didn't expect to be so competitive in her bones.

    It's just as well that she likes martial arts and pursues martial arts, why would she want to fall in love with a man who is stronger than herself?

    That is, it can be an unarmed man, so doesn't that mean you've already lost some opportunities once you come up?

    Thinking of this, Kobayashi Jiro busily said, "Miss Ito, isn't this condition a bit harsh?There are so many good men in the world, but they don't necessarily all study martial arts, and many of the masters in martial arts are very old, like your instructor, Mr. Yamamoto Kazuki, Ito-san wouldn't want a boyfriend like that, would she?"

    Itachi shook her head and said, "Of course not, being stronger than me is only the first requirement, I have a second requirement, he must fit my aesthetics and values, in addition, he must not be more than three years older or younger than me, and he must be honest and kind."

    Kobayashi Jiro asked again, "What about on assets?What are the requirements?"

    Itachi said, "There are no requirements on assets."

    Kobayashi Jiro was a little depressed.

    His own greatest advantage was his assets, and being the president of a family business at a young age was still rare in Japan, after all, the normal older generation of entrepreneurs as old as his father hadn't retired yet, and their children hadn't even begun to inherit the family business.

    However, he didn't expect that Itachi would care at all about the other's assets.

    Could it be that even if she was a poor man, she was willing to follow as long as she met the other conditions?

    Frustrated, Kobayashi Jiro couldn't help but say, "Miss Ito, Chairman Ito should have certain requirements for your future choice of a spouse, right?After all, you are the eldest sister of the Ito family, you should also consider Chairman Ito's opinion on this matter."

    Itachi shook her head, "I can consider Father-sama's opinion on anything else, but I won't consider this matter of choosing a spouse, it's not just about one's freedom, it's about one's happiness for the rest of one's life, and no one can dictate to me what to do."

    Kobayashi Jiro's brows furrowed.

    It seemed that this extremely beautiful and super-rich girl in front of him was very hard to chew!

    Just when Kobayashi Jiro didn't know how to cut in and pursue the Itachi dish, Ye Chen had already joined Qin Ao Xue and raced around the lake for several times.

    Qin Ao Xue had had enough of the usual fun, and the Qin family's chef had prepared a sumptuous feast of good food and wine, so she took the boat back to the dock.

    Afterwards, she returned to the villa with Ye Chen, and Qin Gang warmly invited Ye Chen to sit in the luxurious Chinese restaurant of his villa.

    While arranging the seating, Qin Gang purposely asked Qin Aoxue to sit next to Ye Chen, while opening a bottle of top grade Maotai wine that had been treasured for many years and handed it to Qin Aoxue, instructing, "Aoxue, you are specifically responsible for pouring wine for Master Ye, don't let Master Ye's cup be empty."

    Qin Aoxue took the bottle and said in a delicate voice, "I know dad, don't worry."

    Qin Gang smiled again and said, "Right Aoxue, the first time Master Ye comes back to our home for dinner, you also accompany Master Ye to drink two glasses."


Qin Aoxue blushed with a shy smile and said nicely, "I know dad, then I'll drink a little with Master Ye."

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Aoxue, after eating I still have to help you absorb the medicinal power of the divine medicine, so you are not quite fit to drink, if you really want to accompany me to drink a little, simply wait until you get the championship."

    Qin Ao Xue lightly bit her lower lip, and said with some lack of confidence, "Master Ye, actually, to be honest, if I were to fight against Ito Naija, I wouldn't even be 20% sure ......This Ito Naija is really exceptionally powerful, and there is no enemy among her peers."

    Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Is this Ito Naija-chan really so divine?"

    Qin Ao Xue said, "Ito Naija started practicing martial arts when she was five years old, and she has been studying under the best masters in Japan, what's more, she practiced many kinds of boxing since she was a child, scatter fighting, combat, karate, and even interceptor do, she is a genius type of player."

    "I, on the other hand, only started practicing scramble fighting at the age of ten, and I have a whole five years less skill than Itoh Nana-chan, the difference is too big, even if your miracle medicine can improve my body functions a lot, I may not be able to beat her, because the scramble fighting game is really not only about physical strength and agility and speed, but also spells experience and tactics, and experience and tactics are accumulated over time and little by little, and alsoThe biggest difference between me and Itochi is where."

    At this point, Qin Ao Xue somewhat dejectedly continued: "It's like your man's favorite football, whether it's Messi or c Luo, what they are really great at is their skills and awareness, as well as experience, not how strong their bodies are, or how powerful their physical abilities are, Messi is so short, there are too many footballers who are physically stronger than him, but experienceThe active soccer players who can be compared to him in terms of skill are basically unable to pick one, that's the key ah."

    Ye Chen nodded and said, "You're right, experience and tactics do require days and months of actual combat, but you shouldn't worry too much in this regard, I'll definitely help you carefully analyze your opponent's strengths and weaknesses then, and help you formulate tactics on the spot."

    Qin Ao Xue nodded excitedly, "Great Master Ye!Then Ao Xue is all depending on you!"

    After eating, Qin Ao Xue took Ye Chen and got his own special training room.

    Qin Ao Xue's training room is much bigger than the living room of an average person's home, which has all kinds of training equipment, and a standard ring.

    Qin Ao Xue invited Ye Chen to do it in the rest area of the training room, and then shyly said to him, "Then master you sit first, I'll go and change into my training clothes."

    Ye Chen: "Good."

    Seeing Ye Chen nodded, Qin Ao Xue turned around and went to the next room first.

    A few minutes later, Qin Aoxue came out in a valiant sportswear.

    It was said to be a sports outfit, but it was actually a sports underwear.

    The sports underwear can cover very little skin, nothing more than the key parts.

    So Qin Aoxue's pink neck, slim and slender arms and long legs, flat and with two vest lines of the abdomen, are fully exposed to the air.

    Unlike today when he saw Qin Ao Xue in the competition arena, when Ye Chen saw her again now, it was in a closed and private environment, where there was no one else but the two of them, so it made him feel, slightly less natural.

    Qin Ao Xue had also been shy, always feeling a little shy in private, dressed like this for Ye Chen to look at.

    However, she didn't panic at all because she was very confident in her body, and deep inside her heart, she wished that Ye Chen could see more of her sparkle.

    Ye Chen tried his best to make the eyes that he looked at Qin Aoxue without any impurities and said seriously, "Aoxue, where is that medicine I gave you before?"

    Qin Ao Xue immediately spread out her palm and revealed a pill in a clear plastic shell and said, "Master Ye, the divine medicine is here ......"


Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Good, take the medicine now, I will be there to guide you to quickly absorb the medicinal power."

    This medicine, in itself, was a good medicine for treating physical injuries and illnesses, and because it was wrapped with a few points of spiritual energy, it had a qualitative sublimation of the medicinal effect.

    Middle-aged and elderly people have many physical ailments, and their organs and bodies have some regression, so when they take it, the effect of the medicine will act directly on these ailments to repair them, and there is no need to guide them from the side.

    However, young people's bodies are strong and healthy, and their organs and bodies are generally at their peak, so blindly taking the medicine at this time will result in a powerful effect that has nowhere to be absorbed.

    If the human body is compared to a sponge, the body of middle-aged and elderly people is a sponge that has lost a lot of water and is even drying up.

    At this time, giving them enough water will allow them to quickly replenish the water they have lost and regain their youthful state.

    However, if a young person's body is not injured or sick, it is a sponge full of water, under such circumstances, if they are still blindly given water, it is basically impossible for them to absorb it.

    It might even be possible that the powerful and unabsorbable medicinal effects might, in turn, damage the body.

    When Ye Chen gave Qin Ao Xue a pill, the original intention was also to keep it as an insurance for her, so that she could use it to save her life in case of physical injury or a serious illness.

    But now he had to use this medicine to help him increase his strength, so he had to help her guide the absorption of the medicinal effect.

    When Qin Ao Xue heard his words, she immediately took the medicine out of the box, then looked at Ye Chen and asked with a good face, "Master Ye, can I just take the medicine directly?"

    Ye Chen nodded, "Sit down with your legs crossed and then just take the pill."

    Qin Ao Xue did as she was told and sat cross-legged on the soft training mat, then put the pill into her mouth.

    The medicine was very pure, so as soon as Qin Ao Xue put it into her mouth, the pill immediately turned into a strong warm current and entered her internal organs.

    Immediately afterwards, Qin Aoxue felt incomparably hot and dry all over her body, and every pore seemed to be desperately sweating.

    And the key thing is, this kind of sweat was completely different from the sweat she usually had after exercising.

    She felt like her sweat was being squeezed out of her body by a powerful force.

    Moreover, the sweat that came out was also much thicker than her usual sweat, and the sticky feeling was as if she had just soaked in a bucket full of glue.

    Ye Chen immediately used his own body's aura to help Qin Aoxue channel and absorb these medicinal powers.

    The powerful medicinal powers were all melted into Qin Ao Xue's body by Ye Chen, causing her body, to undergo a drastic change.

    At first, Qin Aoxue felt some pain that was unbearable, but at the later stage, she felt unexplainably permeable and comfortable, her entire body felt as if she had been transformed!

    The most bizarre thing was that she could also feel an unprecedented sense of comfort, like being held tightly in Ye Chen's arms, warm and comfortable, and her heart couldn't help but ripple ....


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