Dish Best Served Cold 1126-1130


Chapter 1126

"Yes?"The smile on Ye Fan's mouth was even greater.

    As he laughed, he stepped on the steps towards Xu He and walked slowly.

    "What you're saying may have the power to make an outsider kneel and beg for mercy."

    "However, in my eyes, it's not worth mentioning at all."

    Ye Fan's contemptuous laughter echoed.

    Xu He was undoubtedly furious at the words.

    "The erector is arrogant!"

    "You're dying and you're still talking out of your ass?"

    "If that's the case, then there's nothing more to say."

    After saying that, Xu He then lifted his hand and said majestically to the generals behind him.

    "All generals, listen to the order."

    "This son has done evil for the side of evil."

    "Burning and looting, all evil."

    "Even, killing in public."

    "The crime is unforgivable!"

    "The people of Jiangdong have suffered him for a long time."

    "Today, I, Xu He, will take the place of Heaven and annihilate this mob."

    "First column, shoot this man on the spot!"


    Xu He gave an order.

    The moment the words fell, the dozens of generals in the first column behind him all lifted their firearms.

    Bullets were loaded, and the racking guns were aimed.

    Dozens of modern automatic rifles were then aimed at Ye Fan in unison.

    The black hole muzzles of the guns were only like the scythe of death, locking Ye Fan in a group.


    "Junior, it's over!"

    "You're to blame for all of this."

    "If you want to blame, blame it on the fact that you killed Shao Hua and messed with the wrong people."

    "Today, I will use your blood to pay tribute to my nephew Shao Hua's, spirit in heaven!"

    The moment the guns lifted behind him, a wanton smile of great revenge appeared on Xu He's lips.

    It was as if, one could already see a touch of blood red blooming in front of one's eyes.

    After all, in Xu He's opinion, even if this Mr. Chu had bronze heads and iron arms, he would never be able to survive the army's siege.

    "Finally, is it going to end?"

    "It's just that it's a pity that it's still so young."

    At this time, Wu Weitao, who had been watching from afar, shook his head as he lamented in a low voice.

    The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was filled with pity.

    Bang bang~.

    Finally, in the next moment, amidst the deafening sound, dozens of soldiers pulled the trigger in unison.

    In a split second, tongues of fire spewed.

    Hundreds of high-heat bullets, burning the sky, sliced through the void and swept towards Ye Fan's location.

    "Ye Fan~"

    "Mr. Chu~"

    At that moment, countless people screamed in fear under the Haiyuan Pavilion.

    Qiu Mu Orange's beautiful eyes had even turned red and choked with tears because of her worry.

    Chen Ao and the others were even so scared that they directly closed their eyes.

    Seemingly, they didn't want to see Ye Fan pierced by a bullet.


    "Why bother?"

    "Why don't you listen to the advice?"

    "Mr. Chu, Mr. Chu, how can you alone, mortal in flesh, fight an army?"

    Chen Ao was wailing in pain.

    He reckoned that the painful screams of Ye Fan would be heard next.

    However, to Chen Ao's surprise, the expected screams did not appear.

    Even the sound of Ye Fan falling to the ground was not heard.

    The entire world was as if time had stood still.

    It was surprisingly quiet.


    With suspicion in his heart, Chen Ao also opened his eyes, vainly wanting to see the truth.

    However, in the split second that Chen Ao's eyebrows opened, his body suddenly trembled.

    A pair of old eyes, suddenly widened!

    Not only Chen Ao, but everyone here, but all stunned.

    Shen Fei opened his mouth wide, the old man Xia's old eyes even stared into the size of a copper bell.

    Li Er and others, but tremble to forget to breathe.

    Between them, in front of them, Ye Fan's body, actually stood across the void.

    Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan's feet soared into the air, as if a generation of gods descended from the sky.

    He stood with a negative hand, and he was full of cold smiles.

    Deep and misty eyes, just like a god in the heavens, looking down upon the four directions!

    Moreover, what was even more shocking was that not only did Ye Fan stand horizontally in the void, but the bullets that were shot at him before all stopped within a few inches of his body.

    It was as if they were blocked by an invisible barrier.

    Those bullets couldn't advance any further!

    "It's...This... "

    "How is that possible?"

    Seeing the scene before him, Xu He's entire body was directly confused.

    Rampaging across the void?

    No fear of bullets?

    "This...Is this still human?"

    Xu He's old face was livid, and his entire body was almost subconsciously trembling.

    Looking at Ye Fan's gaze was even more like looking at a ghost or god.

    After all, such means as standing across the void, the crowd present would have only seen it in novels or on television.

    But now, a living person was actually able to walk across the void.

    Xu He and the others only felt that their worldviews of the past few decades had nearly collapsed.

    "Will...General, this...This Mr. Chu, could it be that he is an immortal in the world?"

    Not only Xu He, but even the deputy behind him was scared to death.

    The entire speech was shaking ah!

    From the emperor down to the beggar, everyone in China does not respect ghosts and gods!

    Now that they saw such immortal methods, many people were naturally terrified.

    "What kind of f*cking immortal!"

    "It must have been some kind of high tech means he used to be able to fly through the air."

    "Yes, it must be this brat who is playing tricks."

    "Today, I, Xu He, will definitely beat back the original form."

    Xu He gave a low roar, his entire body acting like a madman, and ordered again.

    "Everyone, listen to my orders.Aim your guns at that brat and shoot with all your might."

    "I don't believe it, with so many of us, we still can't exterminate a bratty brat."

    "That's not true, is he really a ghost or a god?"

    Xu He roared harshly.

    Today, if he had come alone, he would have been scared to death when he saw Ye Fan soaring into the air.

    But now, he had three thousand soldiers and horses behind him.

    With these as leanings, so Xu He wasn't too terrified at the moment.

    "Can...But General, what if...What if, he really is an immortal?"

    "Gods you're paralyzed!"Xu He smacked it straight away, "In this world, where are there any ghosts or gods, it's all just feudal superstition."

    "If you keep talking nonsense and disturbing the hearts and minds of the army, I will have you shot on the spot!"

    Xu He was so angry that he cursed angrily.

    Then, under Xu He's order, the generals behind him, even though they were terrified in their hearts, still pointed at Ye Fan and raised their guns.


    In a split second, tongues of fire spewed.

    Thousands of bullets were all aimed at Ye Fan, and the dense attacks were like tidal waves that filled the sky river.

    However, what made Xu He and the others despair was that no matter how they attacked, they couldn't hurt the boy in the slightest.

    All the bullets, when they were within a few inches of Ye Fan, were like machines that cut off electricity, and their forward dashes suddenly came to a halt.

    In the end, countless bullets fell down in unison.

    This heaven and earth was like a downpour of rain.

    And under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan was still standing across the void.

    High above the heavens and earth, like walking on level ground.

    Profound eyes, misty temperament, the might of a ruler, but misty as immortality!


"Xu He, now can you still feel that there is the power to bring me to my knees?"

    Between the heavenly rivers, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the air.

    The majestic and domineering voice was like thunder, sweeping the four directions.

    Behind him, there were eight clouds moving.

    Beneath his feet, the lake was tossing.

    Ye Fan stood across the void, stepping on the sky.

    Ethereal and majestic, just like a god!

    At this moment, Xu He and the others had been completely scared to death.

    In their hearts, there was only endless fear and trembling.

    Especially when they saw Ye Fan's miracle of standing across the empty sky without fear of guns, the thousands of people in front of them, however, were nearly scared out of their wits.

    "Heavens, he...What kind of people have they, exactly, provoked?"

    The people of Huaxia feared ghosts and gods the most.

    Most of the people in the audience were just ordinary people who ate five grains and ate earthly fire, they didn't know martial arts, let alone the power of the title clan.

    In their eyes, these means of Ye Fan that stood across the void and did not fear guns and cannons were gods and goddesses.

    In front of the gods and demons, all the previous sharpness and viciousness of this so-called three thousand generals undoubtedly disintegrated in an instant.

    In their hearts, there was only endless fear and trembling left.

    Even some of the superstitious people had already thrown down their weapons and knelt on the ground, bowing down to Ye Fan and begging for mercy.

    "Immortal above, we have no intention of offending."

    "It's all General Xu who ordered us to do it, it has nothing to do with us ah."

    "An injustice has been done, a debt has been paid."

    "If the Immortal takes revenge in the future, go find General Xu."

    "Three generations of our old Wang family, I can't die~"


    Among the crowd, some people knelt down and begged for mercy.

    The sound of miserable panic could not stop ringing.

    Panic was contagious.

    As the first person begged for mercy in terror, soon, the second, the third, more and more people lowered their weapons and bowed down to the man in front of them who was standing across the void.

    "Bastards, what are you doing?"

    "How can one who is a soldier surrender without fighting."

    "How can one lay down his arms?"

    "All of you, get up!"

    "No kneeling."

    "Shoot and fight for me."

    However, Xu He was not willing to accept defeat.

    Even after seeing Ye Fan's celestial means, he still cried out stubbornly and viciously.

    He would never believe that there were ghosts and gods in this world.

    He was paranoid and believed that it was all Ye Fan's staged trickery.

    Therefore, he was still shouting out orders.

    He shouted over and over again for his soldiers to shoot.

    Xu He even went so far as to kick and scold those who were kneeling and bowing down.

    "Bunch of wimps, I, Xu He, despise you."

    "I despise you all!"

    "Get up, all of you~"

    "Rubbish, you bunch of losers."

    "One bratty punk kid and you're scared into this wimp?"

    "Get up yet?"

    "Fight for me!"

    "Or I'll kick you to death~"

    Xu He's eyes were crimson red, as if he was mad, and he roared harshly.

    However, even mud men had three degrees of fire, let alone in this group of bloodthirsty generals.

    After being brutally beaten by Xu He in succession, a few of them blew up straight away, slapping the paste directly onto Xu He's face.


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "And fight?"

    "Fight you paralyze~"

    "Are you fucking blind?"

    "Can't you see people with guns and knives?"

    A few generals cursed furiously.

    Xu He's entire body was directly smacked silly then.

    "You...You guys dare to hit me?"

    "How dare you despicable people attack my general?"

    "How dare you!"

    Xu He had a swollen face as he darkened his face and cursed harshly.

    He had never thought that one day, he would be beaten in the face by a few new recruits' eggs.

    However, as soon as Xu He's words fell, another person, directly kicked over, kicking Xu He several meters away.

    "Get out of the way!"

    "You want to die, we don't want to die with you."

    Many people cursed in annoyance.

    Xu He was a general of the Yanjing Military Region, and these soldiers were all borrowed from the Jiangdong Military Region by Xu He.

    So, naturally, Xu He didn't have much authority in the hearts of the people.

    Now before life or death, his family couldn't care less about generals or not, it was important to save their lives.

    Therefore, after kicking Xu He away, the crowd once again begged for mercy from Ye Fan.

    "Tai Tai Sin spare his life~"

    "We really don't mean to offend, it's all because this Xu He used his connections to move our Jiangdong Military Region's troops out in order to take personal revenge."

    "Otherwise, we would never dare to provoke you to death~"

    At this time, the one who spoke was a man with the rank of colonel, who seemed to be the leader of this regiment.

    This colonel was obviously scared as well.

    Before coming here, Xu He had only said that dealing with a black evil force was just a bunch of rabble that could be trampled down at will.

    But, was this a fucking rabble?

    It's a fucking fairy in the sky!

    Not to mention the means to travel through the air, this ability to not be afraid of guns and cannons was not something they mere mortals could provoke.

    This colonel had no doubt that if he angered the man in front of him, even if he had three thousand soldiers and horses under his command, I'm afraid that not many of them would be able to return alive.


    "This time I'm going to get screwed by that bastard Xu He~"

    Colonel Wang Dongsheng was remorseful.

    He had thought that it was just a simple bandit suppression mission, but now it seemed that they had stabbed the sky.

    And while Wang Dongsheng was terrified, Ye Fan's gaze, however, looked over.

    He raised his eyebrows and asked coldly, "You said, you are from the Jiangdong Military Region?"

    "Yes...Yes, I'm Wang Dongsheng, the head of the 258th Regiment of the Jiangdong Military Region, who happened to be exercising around here a few days ago."

    "It's all because of this Xu He, relying on his connections, forcibly mobilizing us into the urban area to take action against you, Daxian."

    "To retaliate, you looking for Xu He, it's really none of our brothers' business ah."

    "It's really all a misunderstanding ah?"

    Wang Dongsheng's old face was pale and terrified as he said that his entire body was about to cry.


    "Is it also a misunderstanding that you messed up my wedding feast and disturbed my peace and quiet?"

    "You had a thousand troops besieged and threatened to kill me, but it was also a misunderstanding?"

    Ye Fan sternly retorted, several words in a row, only like thunder exploded.

    The monstrous voice of anger, but straight shocked Wang Dongsheng's eardrums buzzed, the old face even more pale a little.


    Wang Dongsheng seemed to want to explain, but Ye Fan was no longer patient.

    His eyebrows and eyes were cold, and his might was suddenly released.

    And then, he looked down and shouted in a furious voice, "Kneel down and speak!"


    The sound was like muffled thunder.

    The moment Ye Fan's words fell, the crowd only felt that an invisible majesty swept out as if it were a monstrous river.

    In a split second, Wang Dongsheng and the others were like a heavy blow from Mount Tai.

    In the end, they were embarrassingly oppressive, and this city full of soldiers actually all kneeled down under Ye Fan's majesty!

    "And you, too, get on your knees!"

    Ye Fan drank again.

    In the void, only Ye Fan's sleeve robe waved, and a powerful Qi suddenly struck out.

    Following that, a scream, Xu He's knee directly shattered, soaked in blood, and his tendons and bones cracked.

    In the midst of the miserable scream, the previously unstoppable Xu He fell helplessly at Ye Fan's feet like this.



    Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, Xu He's miserable screams couldn't stop echoing.

    However, no matter how much he struggled, there was nothing he could do.

    Ye Fan's majesty was like Mount Tai, pressing down on him fiercely.

    He knelt on the ground, red blood passing through his knees and staining the earth beneath his feet.

    Not only him, at this time, even the three thousand generals behind him were all kneeling and serving on the ground.

    Everyone, with trepidation and fear, knelt there.

    Under Ye Fan's monstrous majesty, these people only felt their hearts tremble, but they didn't even have the courage to look directly at Ye Fan.



    "Is it this strong?"

    Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, Li Er and the others were already dumbfounded.

    Shen Fei even called out directly.


    "Mr. Chu is too awesome, isn't he?"

    "Across the void, he does not fear the gun."

    "And now the power of a drink has made a thousand soldiers kneel in worship!"

    "This fucking heifer is sitting on a bomb, the bull is blowing up~"

    Shen Fei was shocked and delighted, hiding behind a ghostly cry.

    Xia Xue, who was on the side, also revealed a look of relief, but the admiration for Ye Fan in her eyebrows was even stronger.

    "I knew it, Mr. Chu, you must not be an ordinary person."

    Xia Xue smiled in amusement, and her beautiful eyes were overflowing with color.

    Not only these juniors, but also Chen Ao, the whole person was flabbergasted in a moment.

    He knew that Mr. Chu was powerful, but he did not expect that Mr. Chu's strength was so strong.

    Three thousand soldiers and horses, but they couldn't resist the power of his drink?

    Moreover, Ye Fan was able to use his flesh mortal fetus and stand across the empty sky without fear of guns.

    "Mr. Chu, is this what you're relying on?"

    "Is this your card for not being afraid of the Xu family or the Lu family?"

    Chen Ao's eyebrows were sunken and he said in a low voice.

    In the heart, it was difficult to calm down for a long time.

    The scene in front of him, however, was beyond Chen Ao's expectation.

    A few minutes ago, he thought that this time, Ye Fan would be impoverished.

    But now, it seemed that he was the one who was worrying over nothing.

    Ye Fan was right, he had the power to not be afraid of millions of people.

    But what about the future?

    Today, if Ye Fan made this thousand troops kneel and worship, it would undoubtedly be the same as completely offending the military and the country.

    Then the next thing that Ye Fan would face would undoubtedly be an even more ferocious retaliation.

    Moreover, according to Chen Ao's understanding, this Xu He's position among the Xu family was barely in the top three.

    Today, Xu He was folded in the hands of Ye Fan, with the new hatred and old hatred, the next retaliation of the Xu family would undoubtedly be even more ferocious.

    "Mr. Chu, it's still too impulsive~"

    Thinking of this, Chen Ao shook his head and sighed.

    The worry in his eyebrows did not dissipate in the slightest, but rather became even more intense.


    "What's going on?"

    "Are these soldiers crazy?"

    "Why are they all suddenly on their knees?"

    "Shouldn't they enter forcefully and slay those madmen under the Sea Origin Pavilion?"

    Not far away, Wu Weitao, who had been waiting for Ye Fan's fall, was undoubtedly confused after seeing the scene of thousands of troops kneeling in worship.

    A pair of old eyes, staring huge!

    It was simply impossible to believe the scene in front of him.

    In doubt, Wu Weitao immediately sent someone to the front to investigate the situation.

    Soon, a subordinate came reporting in panic, "Wu...Wu City, it's Mr. Chu."

    "It's Mr. Chu, forcing a thousand troops to kneel and worship!"


    Wu Wei-Tao's entire body nearly jumped out of his skin in shock when he heard it.

    "You're bullshitting me, right?"

    "That Ye Fan, even if he's powerful, he's only one person."

    "How could he, be able to make a thousand troops kneel and worship!"

    "And, what about Heohe?"

    "Isn't he a general?"

    "Where are the others?"

    Wu Weitao asked anxiously.

    The subordinate said in fear, "Wu Shi, Xu...General Xu he, who had his legs broken by Mr. Chu's kick, also kneeled down and bowed down."


    It was as if thunder struck down.

    After hearing that Xu He had also been forced to kneel, Wu Weitao's old face immediately went white.

    His brain buzzed.

    "How...How did this happen?"

    "This...So many people, but...Can't he do anything?"

    "This Ye Fan, what is the origin of this Ye Fan?"

    Wu Weitao finally panicked a bit as well.

    He had thought that Xu He had led a thousand troops to besiege the Haiyuan Pavilion and eliminate a Ye Fan, and it was still a matter of convenience.

    But now, the truth was a fierce blow to his face.

    He suddenly had some regrets.

    He didn't know if he was right or wrong in choosing to stand against Ye Fan.

    At the time when everyone was in panic, Ye Fan, who was originally standing in the void, slowly fell down.

    His feet, once again, stepped on the ground.

    Just like this, he walked towards Xu He.

    A cold laughter quietly sounded.

    "Now, I kill your nephew, insult your family, and make you kneel down and beg for mercy, can you accept?"

    Ye Fan's words were icy cold, and his words were like knives.

    With every sentence he said, he took a step forward.

    The last long drink was like muffled thunder, quietly exploding in this world.

    The gale that was set off swept up three thousand fallen leaves by the roadside.

    Among the audience, the only one who dared to speak to a general who commanded tens of thousands of troops was Ye Fan.

    But under Ye Fan's majesty, at this time, Xu He was all miserable and wretched as a dog.

    However, after all, he was still a general.

    Even though he was forced to kneel by Ye Fan, he was still laughing fiercely.


    "Void across the sky, no fear of guns, voice like a mountain~"

    "A good Ye Fan, a good Mr. Chu."

    "No wonder, you dared to speak out before, not fearing the Lu family, not fearing the Xu family, not fearing my thousands of troops."

    "So that's what you're relying on!"

    "But, brat, you scare the bystanders, but you can't scare me."

    "Wang Dongsheng's group of idiots respect you like a ghost or god, but in my opinion, you're still just an arrogant and cocky clown."

    "If I'm right, you should be a martial artist just like Wei Lao, right?"

    "When Wei Lao is in the army, he has the power to defeat a hundred with one."

    "It's normal for you to be able to kill Wei Lao and not be able to defeat him with one against a thousand."

    "However, don't think that you will be able to scare me and my Xu family by relying on this brute strength."

    "My brother is the commander of Jiangbei, guarding one side."

    "My father is the founding general, the father of the Yanxia Special Forces.

    "Even though he is now retired, the three strongest special forces of Yan Xia still obey my father."

    "Even the chief instructor of the three armies, the Yan Xia Soldier King Long Baichuan, is in awe of my father."

    "Our Xu family can mobilize strong people like clouds, and possesses energy far beyond your imagination, when I return to Yanjing, I will mobilize the strong martial artists of the three armies to exterminate you!"

    Even now, Xu He still had no intention of giving in.

    Instead, he used his father's brother's power to threaten Ye Fan.

    When Ye Fan heard that, he laughed.

    "Allow your brother to command millions of troops, and allow your father to be highly respected."

    "But unfortunately, just relying on these is not enough to crush me, Ye Fan!"


Even the Chu family is not afraid of him, the Sun Kingdom is not afraid of him, even the Yan Xia War God Ye Qing Tian, Ye Fan is not afraid of him.

    Now a small Xu family would want to overwhelm Ye Fan, undoubtedly delusional.

    "What an arrogant little boy!"

    "Don't you know the sky is the limit just because you have some skills?"

    "Not even my Xu family is in the eye of the beholder?"


    The moment Ye Fan's words fell, there was an angry voice immediately after.

    The crowd followed the sound and saw that outside the Haiyuan Pavilion, at some point, there had been a few more luxury cars.

    A large number of people stepped down from the cars, and they stood respectfully at the side as if they were courtiers, welcoming the arrival of the emperor.

    Finally, under the crowd, an old man, just like this, appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

    He was dressed in a gray-green old-fashioned military uniform, with white hair, and seemed to be nearing an ancient age, but his spirit was still hale and hearty as he walked along.

    As soon as this person appeared, the crowd only felt a huge aura emanating from this old man.

    This aura of solemnity could only be possessed by someone who had truly experienced the baptism of blood and fire.

    Of course, apart from the austere aura on this man, what was even more striking was the three golden stars on his shoulders.

    "This is..."

    "The title of Admiral?"

    The moment they saw the three golden stars, many people present were so shocked that they drew a breath of cold air.

    Li Er and the others were even more frightened, their eyes almost bursting open.

    How many generals could there be in a country?

    It was estimated that in the entire Jiangdong, it would be difficult to produce one in ten years.

    Which one of these people is not a powerful figure standing at the top of power and strength.

    Even the Lord of Jiangdong Province would have to respectfully call out to the General in front of him.

    The crowd here had never expected that a wedding banquet for Mr. Chu today would bring out a giant like this.

    Not far away, Wu Weitao, when he saw this old man appear, his appearance also changed instantly.

    "This old man, could it be..."

    "The old man of the Xu family, Xu Junlin?"

    Wu Weitao said with a frown, and then he burst out laughing.

    That smile was full of wantonness and mortification.


    "This good show is getting really lively."

    "Even the old man of the Xu family has come."

    "Mr. Chu, Mr. Chu, this time, I'll see how you can still turn the tables."

    "When you die, all of your forces will be wiped out as well!"

    "When the time comes, I, Wu Weitao, will take the opportunity to consolidate the strength of all parties, and at the same time, with the power of the Lu and Xu families, this Jiangdong land will be in my pocket."

    After seeing the arrival of the Xu family's old man, Wu Weitao's previous tremors and worries immediately dissipated.

    Once again, he regained his previous complacent appearance.

    At the same time, as Xu Junlin descended, the crowds on both sides dispersed like the tide, taking the initiative to give way to the old man Xu.

    Soon, Xu Jun Lin, escorted by his men, drove all the way to Ye Fan.

    Xu He, who was beside him, was still kneeling on the ground.

    After seeing the old man descend, he was overjoyed, as if a desperate man had seen a lifesaver.

    "Father, you've finally arrived!"

    "It's just as well that this bastard killed my Xu family descendants, but he also broke my knees and forced me to kneel, completely disregarding our Xu family."

    "Father, you must kill him to make decisions for your son and to avenge Shao Hua~"

    Xu He spoke poignantly, Vladimir's eventful face filled with malice.

    He couldn't stop begging Xu Junlin to kill Ye Fan and level the Sea Source Pavilion to avenge his death.

    "Well, Little River, don't worry, this justice, my father will seek it back for you!"

    Xu Junlin said in a deep voice.And then, his turbid old eyes slowly swept over and finally, landed on the front of Ye Fan.


    In that split second, the cold wind rose and the water of the Cloud Lake rippled endlessly.

    "You are Jiang Dong, Mr. Chu?"

    "My grandson, did you kill him?"

    "Did you do all of this, too?"

    Under the Haiyuan Pavilion, Xu Junlin's deep voice echoed.

    The gloomy words carried an endless coldness and moroseness.

    It was as if a man-eating tiger was licking its fangs.

    Li Er and the others, at this time, were already frightened to the point of pale old faces, unconsciously having trepidation in their hearts.

    Although Li Er and the others were well-bred and respected in their daily lives.

    However, with that bit of power they had, how could they compare to Xu Junlin!

    This person before him was a founding general.

    The majesty and momentum emanating from Xu Junlin alone could not be compared to Li Er and the others.

    The moment they saw Xu Junlin descend, the Jiangdong crowd behind them felt endless despair.

    "I'm afraid that this calamity is really going to be hard to overcome~"

    Li Er and the others were terrified and sighed miserably.

    Chen Ao even shook his head.

    Xu Junlin descended to Yunzhou, this time, Mr. Chu was afraid that Mr. Chu's fate would be more or less evil.

    However, just when everyone was terrified and desperate because of the arrival of the old man of the Xu family.

    Ye Fan, however, remained calm.

    In response to Xu Junlin's inquiry, Ye Fan lightly smiled, "I, Ye Fan, have killed countless people, how do I know, which one is your grandson."


    Hearing Ye Fan's reply, Li Er and the others were close to pissing themselves.

    "Mr. Chu, be careful what you say~"

    Lei Laosan and the others were terrified with their old faces and advised from the side.

    I thought to myself, "What is Mr. Chu doing.

    This Xu Junlin is not Xu He, but this is a minister of the country, a founding general.

    The entire country has worshipped him as their guest of honor.

    How can they personally offend or disrespect him?

    Sure enough, as soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Xu Junlin's eyebrows immediately sank and he shouted harshly.


    "How dare you, you junior, speak to me like that?"

    "Do you know who I, Xu Junlin, am?"

    "Even if the Lord of Jiangdong Province is here, he would never dare to treat me with such disrespect."

    "You yellow-mouthed little child, who gave you the courage!"

    Ye Fan's words made Xu Junlin instantly furious.

    A pride full of ice cold eyes.

    With tiger eyes, he drank furiously at Ye Fan.

    For many years, ever since he, Xu Jun Lin, had been a title worshipper, there had never been anyone, like Ye Fan, who was so disrespectful to him.

    Now being openly provoked by a junior, Xu Junlin was naturally furious.

    "I see that the one who is insolent is you!"

    "What kind of a thing are you that you dare to yell at me here too?"

    "If you're reasonable, I, Ye Fan, wouldn't mind serving you as a guest."

    "But unfortunately, after all, you are just an old dog who doesn't know right from wrong,"

    Faced with Xu Junlin's anger, Ye Fan was not afraid in the slightest.

    Instead, he smiled coldly and crossed his eyebrows, calling Xu Junlin an old dog and hitting him in the face in public, not giving Xu Junlin any face at all.


    "Mr. Chu, what are you doing?"

    "He's the old master of the Xu family, the most important minister of the country."

    "You'll die if you do that~"

    Li Er and the others have been completely scared and howling in their hearts.

    Chen Ao even more closed his eyes, filled with despair.


Not only them, but also the Jiangdong crowd, after hearing Ye Fan's words, they all trembled with fear.

    They only felt that Mr. Chu was too impulsive.

    He dared to contradict a patriarchal giant like Xu Junlin.

    And Xu Jun Lin's old face smoked, and he was directly scolded by Ye Fan's splitting of his face.

    He had thought that even if he personally came to Yunzhou, this Mr. Chu, even if he was crazy, would restrain himself a bit after seeing him.

    But he didn't expect that this Ye Fan would not only have no respect for himself, but also intensify, so insulting to him.

    Xu Junlin's entire body laughed back in anger.


    "Good you jerk."

    "It seems that I, Xu Junlin, have retired from the scene for too long, and the world, has forgotten about my world-renowned might of someone Xu.So much so, that a junior descendant would dare to insult me like this?"

    "It seems that it's time for me, Xu Jun Lin, to reveal my majesty."

    "Otherwise, wouldn't the people of the world think that I, Xu Jun Lin, am old and useless?What kind of cats and dogs can do it over my Xu family's head?"

    "Today, I'll take you and show the world that although I have retreated, I'm still not easy to mess with!"

    Xu Junlin's words are majestic, and in the midst of his deep anger, there is an endless coldness and chill.

    In the cloudy old eyes, even more killing intent raged.

    When he felt the coldness of his father's body, Xu He, who was behind him, trembled unconsciously.

    Having grown up beside his own father since childhood, no one could understand Xu Junlin any better than Xu He.

    He knew that his own father, this was completely angry.

    For many years, ever since their Xu family had ascended to the top of the Yanjing gentry, he had never seen his own father's face like this again.

    But now~

    "Bastard, the old man is already angry, and your death is coming~"

    Xu He laughed sardonically, his eyebrows filled with wantonness and gloating.

    Others weren't sure, but Xu He knew what this old man of his was capable of.

    Although, the old master has been retired for many years, in the military district, there is no longer any real power in his hands, only some virtual positions left.

    However, the old master's residual power was still there!

    One must know that nowadays, among the major military regions of Yan Xia, there are all the disciples of the old master.

    Many of them were even promoted by the old master back then.

    The old man's words, the major military districts, who dares not sell his face?

    What's more, the three major special battle teams that Xu [PEN] Junlin had created back then had now become the strongest battle teams in Yan Xia.

    As the founder and lifelong honorary instructor, even though Xu Junlin is now retired, but his orders, the three special teams, will never dare to disobey.

    This was prestige.

    Sure enough, while Xu He was gloating, Xu Jun Lin's arm raised while he waved it towards the sky, followed by the sound of majestic anger echoing in the sky.

    "War Wolf at your command!"

    "Flying Leopard at your command!"

    "Black Tiger at your command!"

    "I, Xu Junlin, in the name of the Honorary Instructor of the Yanjing Military District, order you to attack immediately."

    "Give me the maniacal disciple in front of me, behead him on the spot!"


    The low, angry voice, with endless killing intent, set off boundless waves of air in this world.

    Li Er and the others all trembled at the news, their eyes filled with despair!

    Especially, Chen Ao's body trembled and his whole body was nearly spread out on the ground.

    Chen Ao never dreamed that this time, in order to deal with Ye Fan, the Xu family had even used the sharp blade of the country.

    "Dad, what is this war wolf and flying leopard?"

    "Is it, like, a beast in captivity for the Xu family?"

    "But these three thousand soldiers and horses can't do anything to Mr. Chu, can't a mere three beasts do anything to Mr. Chu?"

    While Li Er and the others were terrified, Shen Fei, these people, were a bit confused.

    They had no idea what this so-called war wolf or flying leopard was.

    In their opinion, Mr. Chu wasn't even afraid of a thousand troops besieging him, so why would he be afraid of a few animals?

    "What do you know, you ignorant youngster?"

    "This isn't a fierce beast, but Yan Xia's most elite special warfare team!"

    "Every one of them, is the sharpest blade of the country."

    "It is possible to take the head of a general in the midst of an army of ten thousand!"

    Chen Ao said in a deep voice, his old face gloomy to the extreme.

    He had investigated the Lu family and the Xu family in detail before, so he naturally knew some of the Xu family's cards and tactics very well.

    The most frightening to Chen Ao was the three war teams created by Xu Junlin.

    War Wolf, Flying Panther, and Black Tiger.

    Any one of these is one of the best special battle teams in Yan Xia.

    Every single one of them was equipped with great skills.

    Even if they were surrounded by thousands of troops, they all had the ability to break out of a siege.

    But now, three of them came all at once.

    "It looks like the Xu family is vowing not to stop until they kill Mr. Chu this time."

    Chen Ao's eyebrows were furrowed.

    And when Shen Fei and the others heard it, they were confused on the spot.


    "Nation...The sharp blade of the state?"

    "The most...The strongest special ops team?"

    "Amongst ten thousand soldiers, can one take the head of a general...Head?"


    What kind of force had this Xu family mobilized?

    Shen Fei's heart howled, only feeling that he was completely dead this time.

    Although, Ye Fan was not afraid of a thousand troops.But, in Li Er's and their view.

    Those people of Wang Dongsheng were just some new recruits after all, a bunch of rabble-rousers who were eventually scared to their knees by Mr. Chu.

    And those three squads, obviously each of them were elite, and the threat to Ye Fan was undoubtedly far greater than Wang Dongsheng's group of rabble-rousers.

    "I just don't know, how should Mr. Chu deal with it this time?"

    Li Er's face was pale, and because of his fear, his entire body looked a little disoriented.

    But what could be done if they were afraid.

    Li Er and the others, their only hope now, was Ye Fan.

    They could only pray that Ye Fan still had cards yet to be played.

    Although, the likelihood of that was extremely slim.


    Just as the crowd was in a panic, at the end of the sky, dozens of figures could be seen, as fast as a frightened bird and as fluttering as a swallow, galloping in after being summoned.

    Their figures were sturdy and fast, as if they were streaming light.

    They flew along the eaves, stepped on walls, and shuttled across the top of buildings like swallows.

    All sorts of difficult stunts, but the crowd was trembling.

    Just like this, in everyone's trembling gaze, these special combatants with stunts were moving towards where Ye Fan was, approaching madly!

    It was as if the scythe of death was slashing down towards Ye Fan, slowly.

    "Junior, it's time for the farce to end."

    "You're proud enough to die in the hands of Yan Xia's strongest special battle team."

    Under the Heavenly River, in front of the Sea Source Pavilion, Xu Junlin stood proudly.

    In front of him, the young man was silent, and behind him, there was a strong man galloping.

    He looked down at Ye Fan and smiled coldly.

    However, Xu Junlin thought that after seeing the scene before him, Ye Fan would be terrified and fearfully beg for mercy.

    But soon, he realized that he was wrong.

    The young man in front of him not only didn't have any panic, but he was also smiling lightly.

    "A few rabble-rousers, who have learned a little bit of martial arts, and they dare to call themselves the strongest battle team?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly as he continued.

    "Master Xu, it seems that I am obligated to let you know, what is meant by, the strongest in Yan Xia?"

    In the midst of muddled laughter, Ye Fan stepped forward, while looking up at the sky and drinking in a deep voice.

    "Green Dragon, where is it?!!!"


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