Dish Best Served Cold 1121-1125


Chapter 1121

"Yuan Hua, you...How dare you say that to me?"

    "I was so wrong about you~"

    "I declare, you're finished, you'll never climb into my bed again!"

    Zhang Wanya had never thought that Yuan Hua would put all the blame on him at a time like this.

    At that moment, Zhang Wenya's entire body was close to going mad, screaming at Yuan Hua in a harsh voice.

    "Finished you paralysis~"

    However, at this time, Yuan Hua, how can he still spoil her, jumped up and slapped Zhang Wenya's face.

    What a slap from Yuan Hua, it directly drew blood from Zhang Wenya, one of her front teeth was knocked out, and half of her face was swollen.

    "You really think of yourself as a celestial beauty?"

    "Do you really think you can't live without me, Yuan Hua?"

    "Don't think I don't know that you're good with me for my money."

    "But I'm not a fool, I never actually wanted to marry you."

    "In my eyes, a whore like you is no different from those women sold outside."

    "I pursued you for nothing more than to play."

    "You love money, I love sex, each has their own needs."

    "When I get tired of playing with you, I'll naturally kick you out."

    "Only a woman like you would be married by a penis!"

    Yuan Hua cursed furiously, with anger burning in his chest, and his words were extremely difficult to hear.

    But when Zhang Wenya heard this, her entire body was only momentarily startled.

    She looked at Yuan Hua incredulously, she couldn't accept that the man who had made a sea vow to her before had just bitch her.

    "You bastard~"

    "Son of a bitch, you lied to me, you lied to my feelings~"

    "I'll fight you on this!"

    After the panic, Zhang Wenya was also like a madman, pouncing towards Yuan Hua with claws and teeth.


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Talk to me about feelings?"

    "You deserve it, you gold-worshipping snobbish bitch?"

    While cursing angrily, Yuan Hua but a bang kicked Zhang Wenya to the ground.

    "Ma De, I was really blind in the first place, how did I fall in love with a product like you~"

    "You're going to get screwed this time!"

    Yuan Hua was angry and hateful, and had the heart to kick this fussy bitch to death.

    If it wasn't for her making noise about attending the wedding banquet, how could he have offended Mr. Chu.

    It could be said that everything today was thanks to this idiot bitch, Yuan Hua was naturally angry.

    After kicking Zhang Wenya, Yuan Hua kneeled at the feet of Li Er as well as Ye Fan like a dog, crying with a snotty nose and tears, "Mr. Chu, Second Master, I'm really not to blame."

    "I have no grudge against Mr. Chu, I've never even met him, if this bitch hadn't encouraged me, how could I have messed with Mr. Chu ah."

    "Second Master, Mr. Chu, it's all her, it's all her alone, it's not my fault~"

    Yuan Hua knelt on the ground, his head kicking with a shocking sound.

    Obviously, Yuan Hua was also terrified.

    After all, Mr. Chu was the esteem of Jiangdong, and their Yuan family was not even qualified to attend the wedding banquet, in other words, if Mr. Chu was willing, he could crush their Yuan family to death at will.

    Such a person, Yuan Hua was naturally terrified.

    However, no matter how much he cried and begged, Ye Fan's expression, however, was still icy cold, and it looked like he had no intention of letting him go.

    At that moment, Yuan Hua suddenly saw Shen Fei who was not far in front of him, drinking tea with his head bowed, and at that moment, it was as if a man in the water had grasped the last straw to save his life.

    Yuan Hua suddenly climbed up and ran towards Shen Fei, while kneeling on the ground and hugging Shen Fei's thighs and begging, "Brother Fei, you have to save me, you have to save me~"

    "You brought me in here, you can't leave me alone."


However, the moment Ye Fan's words fell, suddenly, there was applause.

    Immediately afterwards, a man in military uniform, with a smile on his lips, but stepped up the steps.

    Without fear of obstruction, he directly appeared outside the restaurant.

    This man was laughing while clapping.


    "What a man who doesn't fear the giants, what a man who doesn't fear Huaxia."

    "I, Xu He, have seen several commanders of the three armies who have ruled millions of heroic soldiers throughout my military life."

    "But there is no one, however, who is as courageous as Mr. Chu."

    "How dare you threaten to resist an entire country with one person?"

    "I just don't know if Mr. Chu's skills are worthy of your boldness."

    This person's face contained mischief, and as soon as he appeared, the cold mockery sounded.

    Even when facing Ye Fan, he was completely fearless.

    Even the words and actions were thick with ridicule and provocation.


    "Who are you to dare speak to Mr. Chu like that?"

    "Don't you want to live?"

    When Li Er heard this, he reprimanded in anger.

    However, at this time, Lei Laosan, who was on the side, quietly pulled Li Er's corner and whispered, "Li Er, be careful what you say."

    "Looking at the shoulder badge on his body, this person is afraid that he is, ah, a member of the army."

    Lei Laosan observed meticulously, and the first time he saw this man, he noticed the golden epaulettes on his clothes.

    "Golden branches and leaves, a gold star."

    "This...This is..."

    "The rank of Major General?"

    Among the crowd, it was unknown who shouted.

    The crowd trembled at the words, and many, even more, drew a breath of cold air.

    The faces that looked at the person in front of them instantly went white.

    A soldier was a weapon of the state!

    Since ancient times, the person in charge of the army has been the sharpest blade of a country.

    It can be said that the mastery of an army is the mastery of an entire country.

    The word "army" represents power.

    For those who are generals, they also hold power.

    Even though Li Er and the others, had billions of family fortunes and hundreds of billions of groups, they would never dare, to fight against a single general.

    It must be known that behind each general, there were thousands of forces represented.

    For a general, a single command would probably be able to push across the place.

    After recognizing Xu He's position, Li Er and the others whirled around to realize that it looked like the Xu family's revenge had arrived!

    Thinking of this, the hearts of those present were in despair.

    What should come, has it come after all?

    In a split second, the entire hall was silent.

    All the voices from before had disappeared, and no one dared to speak.

    Even Li Er and Lei Laosan's generation didn't dare to utter a word in front of this general in front of them.

    After all, he was an army general, and the man in front of him, just standing there, had an invisible majesty emanating from his body.

    That kind of momentum was something that a person who was not in a high position and commanding one side would never be able to possess.

    Rigid face, not angry.

    It made those nearby tremble in their hearts as they watched.

    The only one who could remain calm in the crowd was Ye Fan.

    Facing Xu He's provocation, Ye Fan sat peacefully at the table, with a beautiful woman snuggling in his arms.

    Ye Fan embraced the beauty in one hand and raised a cup with the other to drink lightly.

    The windy and comfortable appearance, so not free.

    That calm and indifferent look was in stark contrast to the surrounding crowd's trepidation, however.


    "Junior, didn't you hear what I was asking you?"

    "Why don't you answer?"

    Ye Fan's disregard made Xu He a little annoyed, and the chill between his eyebrows became even greater.

    Ye Fan laughed at the words.

    "I am not your father and you are not my son, we have never met and have no bloodline, so why should I answer you?"

    "You~"Ye Fan's words, nearly infuriating Xu He to death, his old face was livid, and he burst out in anger, "Good you junior, you're still messing around here to the point of death!"

    "I ask you, you killed my nephew to bring misfortune to Jiangdong and fish to the people."

    "You are notorious and sinful!"

    "I have been ordered to capture you today and wipe out the evil forces of Eor and the others."

    "Do you confess your guilt?"

    "Nephew?"As soon as Xu He's words fell, the smile on the corner of Ye Fan's mouth became even greater.

    "It seems that you are that Xu Shaohua's uncle."

    "Looking at your rank, you should be considered a general in the army."

    "I would have thought that someone who can command Wanjun and be crowned a general must be someone who argues right and wrong and is sensible."

    "But now, it seems that he is nothing more than a barbarian fool."

    "Shut up, you arrogant little boy, how dare you insult me?"Xu He was furious.

    "Did I say something wrong?"

    "You come up here and ask me about the crime of murder.But why didn't you ask why I killed your nephew?"

    "I, Ye Fan, am not acquainted with your Xu family.Well water does not offend river water."

    "But your nephew has gathered others to wreak havoc on Jiangdong, harming my family members, destroying my former home, coveting my wife, and even using artillery to kill me."

    "In terms of crime, your nephew is afraid that no one else can match him."

    "Now the end, that is all his own fault, and he deserves to die."

    "If you are righteous and reasonable, kowtow to me and thank me for not being angry with your Xu family."

    "No matter how bad it is, you should appease the matter and pretend it did not happen."

    "But alas, you have chosen the most foolish path."

    "What is it if it's not stupidity?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and said, and the chill in his words grew stronger and stronger.

    The temperature of this hall, in a sudden, were cold.


    "My nephew Shao Hua has always followed the rules and acted in a relaxed manner, never doing anything illegal."

    "I see all of this, you are deluded to get yourself off the hook, and have framed my nephew."

    "You scum, your heart can be punished."

    "Today, I, Xu He, will capture you in order to set the law straight and protect the security of the country!"

    In the restaurant, Xu He's angry voice echoed.

    But Ye Fan shook his head as he listened.

    He had just thought that if this Xu He was wise enough to stop in time after hearing what he had just said, Ye Fan didn't mind sparing his life.

    But now it seemed that he was the one who had overestimated Xu He.

    This person, it seemed like he was righteous and dispensed justice.

    But in reality, he didn't ask about right and wrong, he was just bent on avenging his nephew's death.

    Since this was the case, why was Ye Fan polite?

    He put down his cup of tea, his eyebrows raised, and his cold eyes scanned the man in front of him as he said coldly, "Capture me?"

    "Only you, you don't have that."

    "Joke!I'm in a great state, with millions of territory and millions of soldiers, could it be that I can't do anything about you, a gangster?"

    "Today, I, Xu He, will destroy you on behalf of Huaxia!"Xu He laughed coldly, his words majestic with an erect rage.Low and deep drinks exploded one after another.

    "On behalf of Huaxia?"Ye Fan raised his eyebrows, his face containing sarcasm, sneering, "Then I ask you, Huaxia's territory is vast, who can you represent, how many can you represent?"

    "Huaxia's army is a million strong, but who are you able to command?"

    "You're just a Major General of a district, and you can't rank in the thousands even if you look at the entire army."

    "Grylls, a meager body, a despicable person who uses public power for personal use, but also dares to speak up and represent Huaxia."

    "You are also worthy?"

    Ye Fan's stern voice exploded in fury, asking several questions in succession.

    With each one, Xu He's old face reddened and he was speechless!

    The last drink was even like thunder rolling through.The majestic might, shocked Xu He's feet, all unconsciously retreated three steps.


Xu He's face was livid, unsightly to the extreme.

    Those words of Ye Fan just now, he was so stunned that he had no way to refute them and was speechless, his old face nearly turning blue into pig liver.

    Xu He had never expected that he would be so disgraced by a junior, a general of an army in his hall.

    He even didn't expect that this Ye Fan would have the guts of a dog to dare to rebuke him like that in public, causing him to lose face.

    "Fine, fine."

    "Very good, worthy of being Mr. Chu."

    "To the point of death, you still have this kind of power?"

    "I just don't know how much momentum you'll still have left at this point, Mr. Chu, when the ten thousand armies surround you later?"

    This Ye Fan has sharp teeth and a sharp tongue, and Xu He knows he can't beat him.

    But it didn't matter, he didn't come here to fight with Ye Fan in the first place, but to put him to death.

    As the words fell, Xu He immediately turned around.

    He stepped out of the room and stood under the Haiyuan Pavilion, as if he was a generation of gods, sweeping the four directions.

    Immediately after, the majestic voice swept across the Heavenly River.

    "Today, there is a black evil force, evil and harmful to one side."

    "The land of Jiangdong, everyone will be executed!"

    "Today, I, Xu He, will take the place of Heaven and the people of Jiangdong and trample down this group of scum!"

    Xu He's eyebrows were sunken, and his low voice was like a flood of thunder echoing.

    He was silent for a moment, then he coldly snapped.

    "Soldiers, listen to the order!"

    "Immediately surround Haiyuan Pavilion and capture everyone in the restaurant.A radius of five hundred meters, block all of them, no one is to be released."

    "If you resist, kill on sight!"


    With Xu He's order, in a split second, just like a boulder into the sea, but in this heaven and earth, stirred up a thousand layers of waves.

    After that, the crowd could only see, at the end of the line of sight, a sufficient number of military heavy trucks, full of soldiers, like a monstrous river, rolling from the vast expanse of heaven and earth.

    Huge wheels tilted the ground, mountains and rocks trembled, and the entire city of Yunzhou trembled.

    Looking at the countless soldiers that seemed like a torrent of steel, rolling in, Li Er and the others were nearly all scared to death.

    Their faces were pale and bloodless!

    The scene they feared most had finally arrived.

    This storm that was still brewing, finally at this time, ushered in the most ferocious outbreak.

    Not only the besieged Li Er and the others, but also the nearby citizens of Yunzhou City could not help but experience widespread panic.

    "Oh my god~"

    "What happened?"

    "Why so many soldiers?"

    "Is it going to be a war?"


    "Mom, I'm scared~"




    With the influx of soldiers, the entire Yunzhou City was like an exploding powder keg.

    Some people were terrified, others trembled!

    Some people screamed, others cried in despair.

    The whole city was in chaos!

    After all, ordinary citizens had only seen large-scale military movements like this on television.

    Now that they saw those soldiers walking by with loaded guns, the crowd was naturally terrified.

    But fortunately, Wu Weitao had already anticipated such a situation.

    Therefore, when the crowd was panicking, Wu Weitao immediately led his men towards the joint to calm people down.

    "Everyone, don't panic~"

    "General Xu is doing the people a favor!"

    "This operation will only target those thugs who are doing evil, no innocent people will be hurt."

    "Everyone, just go home and stay there."

    "When the outlaws are subdued, this place will return to normal."


    Wu Weitao took to the streets, holding a loud speaker and shouting over and over again.

    At the same time, Wu Weitao also looked in the direction of Haiyuan Pavilion from time to time and smiled coldly.

    "Thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river."

    "Mr. Chu, from the moment you ascended to the esteem of Jiangdong, you have just thought that there would be today."

    Although the siege of the Xu River had only just begun, and although Ye Fan was still alive and sitting in the Sea Source Pavilion, in Wu Weitao's opinion, Ye Fan was already dead, and it was just the difference between sooner and later.

    After all, even if Ye Fan had great brute strength, there was simply no possibility of overturning the siege in the face of a thousand troops!

    When Ye Fan and the others were wiped out in one net, as the meritorious minister of this operation, Wu Weitao would definitely be greatly rewarded.

    In the future, this Jiangdong land will still be at his mercy?

    Thinking of this, the smile on Wu Weitao's lips was indeed even more intense.

    Finally, as a large number of soldiers poured in, the entire Haiyuan Pavilion had been completely surrounded.

    Inside triple, outside triple.

    The densely packed generals were all eyeing the outside.

    Before the thousands of soldiers, there was Xu He, standing proudly with his hand in the negative.

    He stood tall, his majestic gaze looking towards the Haiyuan Pavilion, low and proud words immediately sounded.

    "Junior, restrain your hands!"

    "You are proud enough to have me send out a thousand troops to besiege you."


    "I'll give you ten minutes."

    "Within ten minutes, all of you will hold your hands above your heads, then come out nicely."

    "Otherwise, I don't mind beating you thugs, who are causing trouble for the people, into a sieve~"


    "Give up your illusions and surrender quickly~"

    "Do not resist fearlessly, or let you die!"


    Outside, that persuasive shout of surrender kept echoing.

    In the restaurant, however, there was silence.

    Many people had practically stall out in fear when they saw the thousand soldiers besieging them.

    The Ma family's head, Ma Fei, was spread out there, and Master Xia's old face was also bloodless.

    Their Xia family had just escaped a disaster a few days ago, but they hadn't expected that before a few days had passed since this peaceful day, they were once again in a desperate situation!

    "This Xu family is really despicable."

    "It's clearly a public weapon for private use, wanting to avenge his nephew, but framing us as thugs."

    "Simply shameless to the core~"

    Master Xia cursed in a deep voice.

    Many people here had been open and honest all their lives.Never having done anything illegal or unruly.

    But now, this Xu He was indiscriminate, directly beating them all into thugs.

    It was obvious that the Xu family wanted all of them to be buried with Xu Shaohua ah.

    "Mr. Chu, now...What now?"

    "I...Are we going to bow down and surrender?"

    Li Er and the others, who had never seen such a scene in their lives, were terrified, but they had no idea.

    Everyone was looking at Ye Fan, but they were waiting for Ye Fan's decision.

    "Can't go out!"

    "This Xu family is raging, clearly trying to put us to death."

    "If we go out, we'll be fish meat on the chopping block, to be slaughtered~" someone protested.

    "Hmph, according to you, now we're not fish meat?"

    "Didn't you hear what they said, if we don't get out in ten minutes, we'll just shoot and shoot us all randomly."

    "We have no choice but to confess our sins and bow down."


    "No, we can't go out, going out is a death~"


    Soon, the whole hall, became noisy.

    Some people advocate going out to surrender, while others clamor that they cannot go out.

    These usually graceful big men from all parties, but now they were like street vendors, making a lot of noise.

    The entire restaurant, noisily like a pot of boiling water, was boiling endlessly!

    It's like a dying man's, final struggle.


Outside, there was a thousand troops besieging.

    At this time, the Haiyuan Pavilion, which once represented power and status, had now become a desperate situation.

    In the restaurant, Li Er and the others were still arguing.

    The wedding banquet, which was originally grand and grand, had instead become a mess.

    Shen Fei was also in a state of panic as he looked through the window at the army that seemed like a torrent outside, his brows and eyes filled with despair.

    Was there really no way out?

    Are you really going to be a prisoner?

    How could this be, he, Shen Fei, hadn't gotten married, hadn't started a family yet, his life had just begun, how could it end like this.

    Shen Fei's eyebrows and eyes were terrified, unable to stop shaking his head, he could not accept that he spent the rest of his life in a prison.

    He couldn't accept that he would spend the rest of his life in prison. The terrified Shen Fei, however, once again set his eyes on Ye Fan.

    In Shen Fei's opinion, if there was still one person present who could help them get through this calamity, then that person, it was none other than Ye Fan!

    So, in despair, Shen Fei walked towards Ye Fan, bowed and bent down, and pleaded with Ye Fan miserably.

    "Now that Jiangdong is in trouble, we have nothing to fall back on."

    "We can only ask Mr. Chu, to find a way to help us through this calamity."

    At this point, Shen Fei bent his knees and bowed down to Ye Fan in bitter respect.

    "Please, Mr. Chu, save my Jiangdong~"

    Shen Fei's voice was loud and clear, and this miserable sound reverberated throughout the hall.

    Suddenly, the entire restaurant was quiet.

    Old Master Xia stopped arguing, and Ma Fei also stopped arguing.

    Li Er, Lei Laosan, and the others also looked over.

    Only in front, Ye Fan was sitting peacefully.

    Even though thousands of troops were surrounding him, even though the soldiers were approaching his Excellency, but this man was still as calm as ever.

    It was as if the water was still flowing from a peaceful lake, and no matter how strong the storm was outside, it didn't raise the slightest ripple in his heart.

    Still as usual, the beautiful man in his arms, he raised his cup to drink lightly, red sleeves to add fragrance.

    The transcendent appearance, and the surrounding crowd's quarrels and panic, but a stark contrast.

    And at Ye Fan's feet, Shen Fei kneeled there, miserable and begging.

    The sound of respectful begging echoed in all directions.

    At this time, Xia Xue, who was pretty pale, also came over.

    Like Shen Fei, she also knelt in front of Ye Fan and worshipped respectfully.

    "Please, Mr. Chu, save my Jiang Dong~"

    The young girl's eyebrows and eyes were red, and she prostrated to Ye Fan.

    In her soft words, she shouted with endless determination and sustenance.

    It was as if, all of her own life and death was pinned on Ye Fan alone.

    Looking at the two men and women in front of him, Ye Fan smiled and asked.



    "Your father advised me to flee, and your grandfather told me to go out and surrender."

    "None of the entire Jiangdong congregation thinks I'm capable of surviving this calamity safely."

    "But you two juniors, why do you believe in me so much?"

    "Think I have what it takes to stand up to the army, to stand up to the general?To compete with the Yanjing giants?"

    Ye Fan looked towards Shen Fei and Xia Xue as he lightly sipped his strong tea and asked with great interest.

    Throughout all of this, the man was as calm as he could be.

    The so-called siege of a thousand troops didn't seem to have caused him to panic in the slightest.

    "There's no why."

    "Just because I believe in Brother Fan."

    "I believe that Brother Fan is by no means an arrogant and cocky person."

    "You just said that you don't fear the Xu family, the giants, or the whole of Huaxia."

    "Second Master doesn't believe it, my father doesn't believe it, but I, Shen Fei, do!"

    "Because after knowing Brother Fan for so long, the bragging you've done has never been fake."

    Shen Fei's words burned and he said in a deep voice.

    Any Ye Fan for so long, from the original Taishan Martial Association, to the later Sea and Sky Feast, and even the current Thousand Army Siege.

    Shen Fei but all the way to witness Ye Fan, is so from a small door-to-door son-in-law, a leap to the top of the Jiangdong power.

    During this process, Ye Fan had suffered countless questions and negativity.

    No one thought that Ye Fan would win the Taishan Martial Arts Association, but he killed Wu He Rong with just one hand and became famous in one battle!

    In the Dongchang Lake Battle, everyone thought that Ye Fan feared battle and ran away, but the one who ended up laughing in the end was him.

    Even at the previous Mid-Autumn Night Auction, everyone thought that Ye Fan couldn't gamble with stones, but he ended up opening a hundred-year old imperial green!

    History and experience had proven countless times that the man in front of him had the ability to create miracles.

    Therefore, Shen Fei believed in him, there was no reason.


    "From the first time I met Mr. Chu, I knew that Mr. Chu was no ordinary person."

    "At such a young age, he can be famous and revered."

    "A person like Mr. Chu should never be treated with common sense."

    "Back then, Mr. Chu was able to turn the tide and create a miracle in the Taishan Martial Association.I also believe that this time, Mr. Chu will be able to turn the tide and save our Jiangdong as well!"

    Xia Xue also said softly, looking at Ye Fan with admiration and adoration.

    It was because of this kind of unreasonable admiration for Ye Fan that Xia Xue, had inexplicable belief in Ye Fan.

    She always believed that as long as there was Mr. Chu, then Jiangdong would be there!

    As long as Mr. Chu doesn't fall, the forces of Jiangdong will not fall!

    In the room, Xia Xue and Shen Fei's burning words couldn't stop echoing.

    Perhaps, in Li Er's and their eyes, what Shen Fei and Xia Xue had said was slightly juvenile and naive.

    However, when you think about it, what they said was not unreasonable.

    Isn't Mr. Chu's journey to turn the impossible into possible, amidst countless doubts and denials, to forcefully turn the tables?

    The Taishan Martial Association was, as was the Hai Tian Banquet's outburst against the Meng family, and the battle at Dongchang Lake was even more so.

    Thinking of this, many people in the crowd, also gave up arguing, and instead, like Shen Fei and Xia Xue, the two juniors, walked over and worshipped Ye Fan miserably.

    "Today, Jiangdong is in distress, and a thousand troops are besieged."

    "We, please Mr. Chu, please turn the tide and save my Jiangdong~"

    It was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea, setting off a thousand waves.

    Soon, more and more people came out, full of misery and expectation, and worshipped Ye Fan: "Please Mr. Chu, save me Jiangdong~."


    "Please Mr. Chu, save me Jiang Dong~"


    The sounds of misery gathered into streams that swept across the entire world like a storm.

    Li Er and the others were suddenly stunned.

    At first, they thought that Shen Fei and the others were making nonsense, that this was forcing Mr. Chu to die.

    After all, there were thousands of people and horses outside, how could Mr. Chu fight against them alone?

    That's not a death sentence, what is it?

    However, the third Lei, who was on the side, shook his head and laughed, "Li Er, perhaps, we should believe in Mr. Chu as well."

    "Believing in Mr. Chu, he can turn the tide like he did back then~"

    "If we don't believe in Mr. Chu's abilities, why do we need to work for him?"

    Listening to Lei's words, Li Er was silent for a long time.

    Finally, he also released a smile.

    Yes, how can one who is a subject not believe in the ability of the monarch.

    Just like that, Li Er and Lei Lao San both also went up to a thousand and worshipped Ye Fan apologetically and poignantly.

    "Please, Mr. Chu, save my Jiangdong~"


    "Please, Mr. Chu, turn the tide and save my Jiangdong~"


    The rushing voices gathered into a stream, and in a split second, this part of the world was filled with the echoes of the people's worship.



    "It's all crazy!"

    "Bunch of crazies~"

    "There are thousands of soldiers and horses outside, and the general is sitting in town."

    "How can Mr. Chu alone stand against more than ten million men?"

    "How can a mortal flesh be able to stop bullets and guns?"

    "Mr. Chu is juvenile and impulsive and arrogant, and you people, you don't know how to stop it, but you're still here to push the envelope?"

    "You guys are, like, trying to get Mr. Chu to die!"and

    Seeing the scene in front of him, Chen Ao's entire body was undoubtedly mad.

    Ye Fan was arrogant and cocky not for a day or two, so Ye Fan did not retreat, Chen Ao was not surprised.

    However, Chen Ao did not expect that Li Er and the others would accompany Ye Fan to fool around together.

    This wasn't a Taishan martial battle.

    That time, no matter how powerful Wu He Rong was, it was only one person.

    And now, there were millions of people outside, each heavily armed.

    What's more, what stood behind them was the entire Huaxia, a country.

    Even if Ye Fan had monstrous means and really forced Xu He and the others back.

    But what about the future?

    Offending the army would be the same as offending the entire country.

    At that time, there would be no place for Ye Fan in the greatness of Huaxia.

    Therefore, when he saw that Li Er and the others, actually asked Ye Fan to come out to save Jiangdong, Chen Ao was naturally shocked and angry.

    It only felt that Li Er and the others were also crazy.

    "Simply stupid!"


    "Today's game is a deadly one."

    "Mr. Chu is only a young man, how can he stop this flood of steel?"

    "It's a death wish, hitting a pebble with an egg and shooting itself in the foot!"

    "Good one looking for death, good one taking his own life."In the room, Chen Ao was roaring low with hatred, but Ye Fan smiled at the news.

    He put down his teacup and left the table.

    "Chen Ao, I remember, when I first returned to Jiangdong before, I was also here."

    "It was also like now, you said that I was juvenile and arrogant, that I was an enemy of the two giants of Lu and Xu, and that I would die without a funeral."

    "Only, I wonder if you still remember how I answered you?"

    Ye Fan stood with a negative hand and looked at Chen Ao in front of him, smiling faintly.

    Chen Ao didn't know why Ye Fan suddenly mentioned this matter, but he still nodded his head back and said, "Of course I remember."

    "Mr. Chu said that day that he would not kill me."

    "Rather, to leave me alive, so that I could see with my own eyes, whether it would be Mr. Chu at the end of the road, or the Yanjing gentry bowing down and begging for mercy in the future."

    "It's just that, Mr. Chu, perhaps I, Chen Ao, speak a bit harshly, but you have to admit that the situation in front of you, Mr. Chu, is the poor end of the road, not that gentry bowing down."

    "That day's agreement, you lost."

    "However, if Mr. Chu had already listened to my Chen Ao's advice and fled from Jiangdong as early as possible, he would never, by no means, have come to this point."

    "Not only did you lose all together, but also the whole Jiangdong."

    Chen Ao knew that his sins were deep and Ye Fan could not forgive him, so he simply broke the jar and said whatever he was thinking.

    There were no scruples at all.

    Not only did Ye Fan listen to the words full of disrespect, not only did he not have any anger, but he also smiled faintly.


    "Do you seriously think that I, Ye Fan, am impoverished?"

    Evan retorted, while shaking his head and smiling.


    "In that case, Chen Ao, next, just open your eyes and see."

    "See who is poor and who, again, can laugh to the end?"

    The sound of mundane laughter echoed through the sky.

    Suddenly, this hall was filled with Ye Fan's sloshing laughter.

    After speaking, Ye Fan immediately whisked his sleeves away.

    In the midst of everyone's terrified and trembling eyes, Ye Fan turned around openly.

    Alone, he headed out into the world.

    With his skinny body, he went to face the thousands of horses and soldiers outside.

    "This matter is because of me."

    "No matter how strong the storm is, I, Ye Fan, will bear it alone."

    "You can only rest assured that with me here, no one will be able to invade this Jiangdong land."

    In the hall, it was the echo of Ye Fan's low drinking voice.

    In front, that figure, however, was walking towards the outside world, walking alone.

    At this time, Ye Fan was like an ancient, world-weary swordsman, one man, one sword, going alone, thousands of troops ahead!



    Outside the Haiyuan Pavilion, heavy troops were besieging.

    Deep in the Heavenly River, the July sun was like fire.

    However, no matter how bright the sun was, it was still hard to hide the aura of austerity under the Haiyuan Pavilion.

    Heavily armed soldiers, as if steel floods suppress here.

    The momentum that rushed to the heavens, but the birds that were shocked, did not dare to approach.

    At this time, no one spoke.

    Everyone was waiting.

    Xu He stood proudly with his hands in the negative, his majestic gaze always staring ahead.

    Everyone was silent, with only the cold wind blowing up the clouds and lake, creating rippling gusts of water.

    "General Xu, it's time."

    "It looks like the other side, has no intention of confessing their sins and bowing down in the slightest."

    "I think there's no need to wait any longer."

    "Directly use thunderbolts to trample down this Sea Origin's Pavilion."

    "Just shoot it on the spot by storming it."

    The ten minutes had already arrived, and the crowd had run out of patience.

    At this time, one of the men, even more thousands, suggested to Xu He.

    Xu He didn't reply, but looked forward, and his low, angry voice, once again sounded, "Time's up, aren't you coming out yet?"

    "If that's the case, then don't blame me, Xu He, for being ruthless and merciless."

    "I've given you guys a chance."

    "Nay, you don't know how to cherish it."

    Xu He shook his head and said, killing intent already boiling in his eyebrows.

    However, just as Xu He was about to give an order for his men to push across this Haiyuan Pavilion.

    Suddenly, there was only a squeak.

    In front, the closed door of the restaurant was pushed open.

    After that, a thin figure of a young man appeared in front of the thousand soldiers.

    Under the Heavenly River, he stood with a smile on his face.

    Before the Thousand Armies, he walked with a negative hand.

    Like water sunlight, faintly sprinkled down.

    It fell on his body, but cast a little colorful.

    It's just as if the water is still flowing in a flat lake, with no waves.

    Even though other thousands of troops are besieged, even though they are in deep trouble, the crowd did not even see the slightest hint of panic and fear from his body.

    "Stinking brat, still acting calm here at the end of the day?"

    "Now that you're out, why don't you quickly get on your knees and beg for mercy!"

    "Maybe, when this General is in a good mood, he will leave you intact."

    Seeing Ye Fan look so calm, Xu He was undoubtedly unhappy in his heart.

    He had thought that he would see Ye Fan's look of despair.

    But undoubtedly, he was disappointed.

    But the more he did, the angrier Xu He undoubtedly became.

    Ye Fan heard the sound, but he sneered and laughed.

    "Just you?"

    "In my eyes, it's nothing more than ants."

    "Even the War God Ye Qingtian would never dare to say that in front of me."

    "And what do you take, making me, Ye Fan, kneel down and beg for mercy?"

    "Take what?Take my status as a young general in the army, take my Yanjing Xu family's background, take these three thousand generals behind me."Xu He returned in a stern voice, his monstrous anger echoing the four directions.


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