Secret Identity 1291-1300


Chapter 1291

Xue Xinlong knows that he cannot afford to provoke Chen Zekai, so he can only compromise with him at this moment.

    However, he could only choose to sacrifice his daughter's interests in exchange for the peace and stability of his whole family, as opposed to making Chen Zekai angry and his whole family suffer.

    Only when Chen Zekai saw that he had finally agreed did he say with a cold snort, "If you had agreed earlier, wouldn't you not have needed to say so much nonsense?"

    Xue Xinlong could only nod his head as if pounding garlic and said, "President Chen you are right, I will absolutely not talk nonsense in the future, and please keep my membership ......"

    Chen Zekai didn't pay any attention to him, but turned his face to Ye Chen and asked respectfully, "Master Ye, what do you think?"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, looked at Sun Dewang and Xu Liqin husband and wife and said indifferently, "Since General Manager Xue is already willing to marry his daughter over, then you guys should hurry up and prepare your side, it's more than 10 o'clock this eye, the wedding must start on time at 12 o'clock."

    Sun Dewang was trembling with fear, he didn't think that Ye Chen actually wanted to marry General Manager Xue's daughter.

    Marrying a girl who was more than 20 years younger than himself was naturally a good thing.

    But the key was, how should he explain to his wife Xu Liqin.

    Also, Xue's daughter, but now she is pregnant, there is a big old black child in her belly, he married her into the house, wouldn't he be happy to become a father after waiting a few months?By the time she gives birth to a black child, won't she be the laughing stock of the entire Jinling?

    So on balance, he really didn't want to agree to this belly arrangement of Ye Chen, but now even the one who was more than ten times stronger than himself, Mr. Xue, had already compromised.

    Master Hong Fifth and even Richard Chen were here, and if he really wasn't lifting, he might end up in a very miserable situation.

    Thinking of this he could only respectfully say to Ye Chen, "I am willing to listen to Master Ye's arrangements!"

    At this time, a side of Xu Liqin exploded, she hysterically cursed: "Sun Dewang, you heartless son of a bitch, you are really prepared to give up on me ah?Don't forget how much I've suffered and contributed to your Sun family by accompanying you all these years in the rain and wind.And now you're going to kick my mother out of the way?"

    Sun Dewang said with a very pained expression, "You can also see that this matter is not something I can make a decision about.If we offend Master Ye and he blames us, our whole family will be finished!"

    Xu Liqin's life's work has all been spent on the Sun family.

    Her mother's family wasn't very capable, and when she married Sun Dewang, Sun Dewang wasn't very capable either, all the husband and wife had step by step brought the industry to the size it was today.

    Unexpectedly, just when she was about to start enjoying her blessings, she was about to be kicked out, how could she bear this?

    So she cursed angrily, "I don't give a shit about Master Ye, if you dare to divorce me, I'll fight you!To die with you!"

    Chen Zekai didn't think that this bad old woman would dare to disobey Ye Chen like this, and snapped at her in a cold voice, "I'll give you one last chance to honestly divorce your marriage to Sun Devang and then get the hell out of Jinling and never come back, if you don't do it, then I'll find out all of your mother's entire family and drive them all out of Jinling, and then your entire mother's entire family will beDon't regret destroying it in your hands!"

    When Xu Liqin heard this, she was so frightened that she almost fainted.


She knew that Chen Zekai was very powerful and that he would do what he said he would do, and with his ability to see with his hands and eyes, if he really wanted to drive herself and her mother's family all out of Jinling, then he would do what he said.

    In that case, instead of being able to defend his marriage, he would have harmed his entire mother's family.

    The mother's family was not much of a person, and now it was considered a small fortune, but if they were harmed by themselves and left their hometown, then their life would definitely be a mess.

    I can't say anything without harming myself and my mother's family, otherwise I would be a rat on the street and everyone would be crying foul.

    Just as she was making a painful decision to take over all of Ye Chen's arrangements, she suddenly saw Zhang Xiaoman standing beside her.

    As if she had caught a savior, Xu Liqin quickly ran to Zhang Xiaoman, knelt down on the ground with a different cry, and begged, "Xiaoman, it's all Auntie's fault, it's Auntie's fault, from now on, Auntie won't oppose your marriage with Hong Wei anymore, please talk to Master Ye and plead with him.After the wedding, you'll be my good daughter-in-law. I'll treat you like my own daughter-in-law, okay?Please!"

    Xu Liqin had also figured out by now that all of today's events were due to Zhang Xiaoman, and if she hadn't tried every means to prevent Zhang Xiaoman from marrying her son, then this Master Ye definitely wouldn't have targeted himself.

    The reason why Master Ye was targeting himself was definitely because his attitude towards Zhang Xiaoman just now was really bad, thus angering him.

    And I was so reckless that I had to force my son to marry General Xue's daughter, and this behavior must have angered Master Ye as well.

    That's why Master Ye disciplined himself to make his own husband marry General Xue's daughter.

    To solve this problem, one had to start at the source, and Zhang Xiaoman was that source.

    If she was able to convince Zhang Xiaoman to plead with Master Ye, everything might be back to square one.

    Zhang Xiaoman didn't know what to do at this point.

    She was a kind woman and did not want her fiancĂ©'s mother to lose everything and leave her hometown.

    But when she thought about the way she had been treating herself, Zhang Xiaoman felt a little worried.

    If she really pleaded with Ye Chen on her behalf, and if Ye Chen really forgave her, would she turn her back on him in the future?

    The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of the problem," she said.

    So she then cried and kowtowed to Zhang Xiaoman, begging miserably, "Don't worry, I will treat you well in the future, you will be my own daughter, we mother and father put aside our past suspicions and live a good life, if I turn my back on you in the future, then let me die a merciless death!"

    Zhang Xiaoman's heart softened and she could not help but look at Ye Chen.

    After a moment of hesitation, she fidgeted and said to Ye Chen, "That ......Ye Chen ......Oh no ......Master Ye ......"

    Ye Chen looked at her, interrupted her and said in a cold voice, "I know what you're going to say, but I have to tell you, it's no longer between you and her, it's between me and her, it's useless for you to plead for leniency, I won't give you this face, and I can't give it to you!"


Zhang Xiaoman was so frightened by Ye Chen's decisive attitude that she cringed.

    At the same time, she also realized that it was impossible for Ye Chen to give her this face.

    So she could only look at Xu Liqin with an apologetic face and said, "Sorry ah auntie, I can't do anything about this matter ......"

    Xu Liqin didn't expect that the straw that saved her heart wouldn't work at all, so she could only turn to look at Sun Hongwei and wailed, "Hongwei, you have to save mom ah Hongwei!It's not easy for Mom to raise you so well."

    Sun Hongwei was also having a hard time at this point, Xu Liqin was his own mother after all, and he said that he didn't want his mother to divorce his father and then be kicked out of Jinling.

    Moreover, he didn't want his dad to marry a stepmother who was the same age as himself after divorcing his mom.

    So, he hardened his scalp and knelt down to Ye Chen, begging, "Ye Chen, Master Ye, please give our mom another chance, she will definitely change in the future!"

    Ye Chen coldly said, "I've already said that this matter is between me, your father, your mother, and this Xue General Manager, these three people are defiant, repeatedly ridiculed me, sarcastic, and even threatened to kill me, do you think you can solve these problems by kneeling down to me?We're only meeting for the first time today, do you think you've lost that much face?"

    Sun Hongbin then pulled Sun Hongwei out of his mouth and said, "Hongwei are you stupid?How dare you disobey Master Ye at this time!Shut the fuck up!"

    On the one hand, Sun Hongbin was gloating, but on the other hand, he felt a little scared.

    The reason for the gloating was that he had been very upset with Xu Liqin for a long time. This second aunt of his had looked down on him, repeatedly ridiculing him, because her family had some money.

    He was afraid because he was afraid that the three members of Sun Hongwei's family, who were ungrateful and ignorant, would continue to clash with Master Ye, in case Master Ye became angry and sinned against the entire Sun family, and then he would also be implicated.

    So Sun Hongbin only wanted to watch the fire from the other side of the river, and didn't want it to burn at his feet.

    At this time in his eyes his own cousin Sun Hongwei, is playing with fire and burning himself, and may even burn the fire to himself.

    Only then did Sun Hongwei fully realize that he didn't have any weight to speak in front of Ye Chen.

    The reason why Ye Chen had come over to hold the show today was entirely on the face of his wife, Xiao Churan.

    The reason why Xiao Churan brought him over was also entirely because she and his fiancĂ©e, Zhang Xiaoman, were high school classmates.

    In this matter, Ye Chen didn't even give Zhang Xiaoman's face, so how could he give his own face?

    Xu Liqin saw that no one could even help her at this moment, and her entire body collapsed.

    In her heart at this moment, she was so regretful that she wanted to give herself hundreds or thousands of big slaps!

    I didn't expect that I would be all sorts of sarcastic, sarcastic, abusive, mocking, and even insulting to Zhang Xiaoman in order to prevent her from entering the gates of the Sun family.

    But in the end, he was the one who was going to be kicked out of the Sun family.

    It was too ironic.

    If she had known earlier, to death, she wouldn't have been able to do such a thing.

    She couldn't help but ask herself, Xu Liqin, ah Xu Liqin, why do you have to get along with this Zhang Xiaoman ah?Now it's good, I've caused a lot of trouble, if I divorce Sun Dewang today and get kicked out of Jinling, how will I live in the future?

    Ye Chen looked at the time at this point and said with some impatience, "If we delay any longer, it will be almost 11 o'clock, is this marriage still going to be married?"

    As soon as Hong Wu heard this, he snapped at Xu Liqin in a cold voice, "Hurry to the Civil Affairs Bureau to complete the divorce procedures, and if you get any more fucking ink, you'll drive your whole family out of Jinling!"

    After hearing this, Xu Liqin was so frightened that she trembled violently and cried out, "I'm going, I'm going, I'm going ......"

    Hong Wu was only satisfied with this and turned to Xue Xinlong and said, "Go, get your daughter and come with me!"


Xue Xinlong even groveled and said, "Fifth Master you wait a moment, I'll go and talk to my daughter, just we've talked here, she doesn't know yet ......"

    Hong Wu looked at his watch and said coldly, "You have three minutes, if you dawdle any longer, I won't fucking spare you!"

    Chen Zekai also said sternly, "Xue Xinlong I'm warning you, from now on, don't play any tricks with me, if I can't see the marriage certificate of your daughter and Sun Dewang, then you're finished."

    Xue Xinlong nodded his head like pounding garlic and said in a panic, "Chairman Chen and Master Five, you two can rest assured that I will not dare to play any tricks."

    Hong Wu kicked him directly and snapped, "What's the use of our guarantee, go guarantee it with Master Ye!"

    Xue Xinlong hurriedly crawled in front of Ye Chen and made a bow, "Don't worry, Master Ye, I will definitely obey your orders and will not play any tricks!"

    Ye Chen waved his hand in disgust and said, "Hurry up and go about your business, I'm still waiting to drink your daughter's wedding banquet!"

    "Eh eh eh!"Xue Xinlong nodded repeatedly and immediately turned around and walked out of the crowd, going to find his wife and daughter.

    Just now, his wife and daughter hadn't made their way to the front, waiting for his side to hold the wedding directly after they had talked to the Sun family.

    His daughter, Xue Jingjing, was also anxious at this point.

    She knew her situation well enough to know that if she didn't find a catcher to marry soon, it would be a problem when her belly got bigger and bigger.

    If she was unmarried and unmarried and gave birth to a black child, then her reputation in Jinling would stink.

    At that time, how will you live your life in the future?

    And now the pregnancy is only two months, but in two months' time the belly will be visible, so she only has two months to hurry up and get married.

    The last few days, she has been looking for a suitable marriage partner.

    The first thing you need to know is that you are not going to be able to get rid of your child, but you are not going to be able to get rid of your child.

    That way she would be able to keep it a secret.

    But the embarrassing thing is, it's a black child in the belly, as soon as the baby is born, everything will wear out.

    So she couldn't let people take the dark side in a muddled way, she had to be willing to take the light.

    However, after looking in a big circle, she found that those with better conditions were not willing to take her offer at all.

    The ones who are willing to take over, she really doesn't like.

    Today, her father told her that Sun Hongwei took over the market, she is still quite happy.

    Because even though she's not familiar with Sun Hongwei, she's met him after all, and he's quite handsome, so Xue Jingjing's eye contact with him is very good.

    Moreover, Sun Hongwei had attended a prestigious university, and his family's conditions were not bad, and what was even more rare was that the two had business contacts.This was simply the best choice for a receiver!

    So she came over full of joy and had been waiting anxiously for the exact news.

    Seeing her dad walking quickly over, she hurriedly and excitedly asked, "Dad, is it all done?Is Sun Hongwei really willing to marry me?"

    Xue Xinlong looked at her with a complicated expression and said awkwardly, "Jing Jing, the one who married you today is not Sun Hongwei."

    "Huh?"Xue Jingjing was surprised and asked, "If it's not Sun Hongwei marrying me, then who is marrying me?"

    Xue Xinlong said in shame, "It's Sun Hongwei's father, Sun Dewang!"



    When she and her mother heard this, they almost collapsed on the spot!

    Her mother was furious and scolded, "Xue Xinlong, are you fucking old and confused?Didn't you say you were going to marry Jing Jing to Sun Hongwei of the Sun family?Why are you marrying Sun Hongwei's father again?That guy Sun Dewang is about the same age as you, how can you marry your daughter to him?!"

    "Yes Dad!"Xue Jingjing was also very angry and said, "Even if I'm pregnant, I'm not going to marry a bad old man, right?"

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to help them to make the most of their opportunities in the marketplace......."

    "What?!"Xue Xinlong's wife blacked out, "You offended Master Hong Fifth and Chairman Chen?Are you out of your mind?"

    Xue Xinlong's eyes said, "I didn't know it would turn out like this ......"

    His wife was so anxious that she took off and asked, "What the hell is going on?!"

    Xue Xinlong cried and told the whole story as it was.

    After saying it, Xue Jingjing cried out as soon as she sat on the ground.

    "I don't want it!I'm not marrying that old man!I won't marry if I die!"

    Xue Xinlong saw his daughter sitting hard on this butt, busy forward and said, "Oh daughter, you can be careful, don't let my great grandson sit badly!Although it's of the black race, but that's still my grandson ah, anyway, this child was born without a father, after coming out, it's just like our Xue family's surname, just like his own."

    Xue Xinlong's wife on the side scolded angrily, "What time is it, he's still a great grandson!Do something! I can't let my daughter marry that old man!"

    Xue Xinlong said with a long sigh, "There's nothing I can do about this.If the lady daughter doesn't marry, our whole family will be finished, what other solutions do you think we can have?"

    Xue Xinlong's wife could not help but cry out in despair, "My God, what evil has our family done this!"

    Xue Xinlong said, "Don't think about this now, hurry up and go get the certificate, that Master Ye but said, he is still waiting to drink the wedding banquet, in case of delay, later on Hong Fifth and Chairman Chen blame down, then our family can really be finished."

    Silence wailed, "Dad!You can't just let me go down in flames!Say what you will, I can't marry a bad old man, I'm only twenty-six!"

    Xue Xinlong said, "If you don't marry him, these big people up there will blame down, our family will have nothing, and then the child in your belly our family might not even have the money to let you have it, not to mention that you are usually spoiled and pampered, and you have to eat and use the best, at that time, our family might not even be able to eat."

    "Huh?!"Xue Jingjing was in despair at the sound of this!

    She had been pampered for so many years, and her pocket money alone was hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

    If she really had nothing all of a sudden, it would really be worse than death.

    When Xue Xinlong's wife heard this, she was also filled with despair.

    She also didn't want to give up her billion dollar fortune and live a miserable life of poverty.

    That would be tantamount to taking her life.

    The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.For the sake of our family's life, why don't you marry that old thing Sun Dewang?"

    Saying that, she whispered, "And you can't hide this belly for much longer, a month or two at most, if you still can't find someone to marry in those months, then it's really over!"

    "Yes!"Xue Xinlong hurriedly said, "Marrying Sun Dewang is only a reprieve, after a while, when this furore has passed, we can divorce him."

    Only when Xue Jingjing heard this did she bite her teeth and agreed, choking, "There's no other better way, so let's just get the certificate with him first ......"



    Over here, Xu Liqin kowtowed to Ye Chen on her knees and cracked her head in order to get Ye Chen to spare her, but Ye Chen still didn't buy her account.

    Ye Chen was well aware of this kind of person.

    This Xu Liqin was simply an old beast, even more devilish than his own mother-in-law, Ma Lan.

    Although Ma Lan had always wanted her wife, Xiao Choran, to marry a rich man, she had never wanted to let her wife marry a man with children.

    This Xu Liqin, for that 50 million dowry, she even went so far as to let her own son to take over for a black man she had never met before, she was simply fresh and shameless.

    So Ye Chen was also very clear that her current confession was not from her heart at all, but forced by the situation.

    Such a woman, once she was given the chance to turn the tables, she would only get worse for Zhang Xiaoman.

    That was why Ye Chen wanted to give her a one-step solution: divorce Sun Dewang and never return to Jinling!

    Sun Dewang, on the other hand, was filled with mixed emotions.

    He looked at his wife, Xu Liqin, who was crying on the ground and passed out a few times.

    But that young man, surnamed Ye, was still completely unmoved.

    It seemed that it was impossible to get him to take back his accomplished life.

    As such, he can only be good enough to marry that Xue's daughter.

    But on second thought, this really couldn't be considered a bad thing.

    Although Xu Liqin had been with him for many years, but after all, he had long since lost his feelings for her.

    Although Xue's daughter wasn't considered pretty, she was at least young, and for someone his age, youth was greater than anything.

    Afterwards, Master Hongwu took Ma Zhongliang and a few other young brothers and directly prepared to press Sun Dewang, Xu Liqin, and Xue Xinlong's daughter, Xue Jingjing, to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce as well as marriage procedures.

    As much as Sun Hongwei wanted to stop this, he knew he didn't have the power, so he was forced to accept it.

    Even as he watched his crying mother, a few strong men pulling him into the car, he couldn't help but shed two lines of tears.

    Ye Chen then looked at him and said indifferently, "You and Zhang Xiaoman shouldn't have gotten a marriage certificate yet, right?"

    Sun Hongwei hurriedly nodded his head respectfully, "Not yet, the family has always disagreed before, they have to say that they have to wait until after the wedding to talk about getting the certificate."

    Ye Chen waved a big hand and said, "That's just right, you and Zhang Xiaoman go along to get the marriage certificate, and when you're done, come back together to have the wedding."

    Sun Hongwei's expression was somewhat embarrassed, holding a wedding together, wouldn't that be like holding a wedding with his father, and his stepmother, two "newcomers" together?

    Seeing his hesitation, Ye Chen asked back, "Zhang Xiaoman has completely broken up with her family for you, shouldn't you hurry up and get a marriage certificate so that she can rest assured?"

    As soon as Sun Hongwei heard this, he didn't dare to dwell on it, and immediately agreed, saying off the cuff, "Okay Master Ye, then we'll both go over and get our marriage license too!"

    "That's more like it."Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said, "Alright, hurry over with her and come back as soon as you're done, I'm still waiting for the wedding banquet."


Seeing that Hongwu was going to take the group to the Civil Affairs Bureau, Chen Zhaichai asked Ye Chen, "Master Ye, should I follow along and go over there?"

    Ye Chen waved his hand and said indifferently, "You don't need to go, wait here with me for the wedding banquet."

    Xiao Churan beside her didn't say anything for a while, seeing that the people were taken away, that's why she couldn't help but ask Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, we're here today to attend the wedding of Xiao Man and Hong Wei, isn't this matter with his father a bit inappropriate ......"

    Ye Chen smiled and asked her, "Wife, then how do you think it's appropriate to handle it?If we don't let that Xu Liqin get out of the Sun family today, if we don't give the Sun family a little bit of credit, do you think you'll have a good life after this high school classmate of yours marries into the Sun family?"

    Xiao Churan was silent for a moment and nodded lightly.

    She knew that Ye Chen was right, if this problem was not fundamentally solved, then with the style of people like Xu Liqin, Zhang Xiaoman would definitely have to suffer in the future.

    At that time, she wouldn't be able to help Zhang Xiaoman much, so she might as well let Ye Chen solve the problem once and for all.

    At that thought, she couldn't help but sigh and said, "I just don't know if Sun Hongwei will hate us."

    Ye Chen said indifferently, "I have helped him so much, if he hates me, then this person is really a bit incorrigible."

    Saying that, Ye Chen beckoned again and smiled, "Alright, let's go in and wait, when they return from finishing these trivial matters, it's almost time for the wedding to begin."

    Jinling City Civil Affairs Bureau.

    Seven people looked incomparably embarrassed as they stepped into the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau under the leadership of Master Hong Wu.

    These seven people were the young newcomer Sun Hongwei, who was getting married today, as well as Zhang Xiaoman, another groom, Sun Dewang, and his current wife, Xu Liqin.

    In addition to these 4 people, there was also Sun Dewang's new wife, Xue Jingjing, who was about to register her marriage, and Xue Jingjing's parents.

    After Hong Wu brought them to the Civil Affairs Bureau, the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau hurriedly came forward and asked, "What kind of business do you want to do, a few of you?"

    Hong Wu looked at the crowd and asked, "Which of you will come first?"

    Sun Hongwei said awkwardly, "Then it's better for me and Manny to come first, and we'll register our marriage."

    "Good."Hongwu nodded to the staff and said, "Come, get the marriage license for the two of them."

    The staff nodded, then looked at the relevant documents of the two, and helped them register their marriage in the system.

    Since the two hadn't prepared their marriage license photos yet, the staff at the scene simply took a wedding photo of the two with a red background.

    Immediately afterwards, the bright red marriage certificate was produced.

    The two of them were finally relieved to get the marriage certificate, no matter what kind of farce will be performed next, at least the two of them have been considered as a couple.

    After the staff handed the marriage certificate to the two, they asked, "What business does everyone else handle?"

    Hong Wu pointed at Sun Dewang and Xu Liqin and said in a cold voice, "Come, give these two people the divorce papers."

    Sun Dewang and Xu Liqin were both crying, and you could tell that they were very torn and struggling inside, but at this moment, they didn't dare to make any faux pas.

    Xu Liqin had already cried so hard that her eyes were swollen, but she could only follow the staff's request and informed them of her personal information.

    After inquiring the identity information of the two, the staff spoke, "According to our regulations, the two of you for a divorce, you must first present your original marriage certificate."


Xu Liqin choked and said, "This comrade, our marriage certificate is at home, can you give us the divorce certificate first, and then we'll make up the marriage certificate later."

    The staff said, "This is not in line with the process ah, you two should go back and get it."

    Sun Dewang hurriedly said, "No ah, comrade is too late, it has to be done before noon."

    The staff advised, "Even if the two of you don't have feelings for each other anymore, divorce isn't in the cards for a while, right?If you can't do it, you can do it in the afternoon!"

    Hong Fifth spoke at this time: "Little girl, I know your Civil Affairs Bureau's Director Cao, or I'll give him a greeting this matter you'll make a special case and give them a green light."

    After saying that, he pointed at Sun Dewang and said to that staff member, "This old man has to quickly divorce his marriage, he still has to get a marriage certificate with someone else, the hotel over there banquets are set up, waiting for him to do the wedding, he can't be delayed any longer."

    The staff looked at Sun Dewang with an astonished face, the contempt in their expressions overflowing.

    There was no need to say anything to know that this Sun Dewang must be a bad old man who was starting and finishing things.

    The reason why he was in such a hurry to divorce his wife is because he was going to hold a banquet to marry someone else right after noon.

    It's a great way to get the most out of your money.

    Then, she looked to Hong Fifth and said, "If you know our Director Cao, then it would be a trouble for you to give him a call, and as long as he nods on his side, I can do it on my side."

    Hong Fifth nodded, took out his cell phone, and made a call.

    After explaining the situation to the other party, the other party immediately took the initiative to welcome him down from the upstairs office.

    As soon as this Director Cao saw Hong Fifth, he said respectfully, "Oh my, Fifth, what brings you here!"

    Hong Wu smiled calmly and pointed at Sun Dewang and Xu Liqin, saying, "I brought these two over to get a divorce certificate, but they didn't bring a marriage certificate, and the time is rather short, can I ask you to give an accommodation on your side?"

    Director Cao immediately nodded his head and said, "No problem Fifth Master, I'll have someone do it."

    He then said to that staff member, "Little Liu, hurry up and do the divorce papers for these two people as requested by Master Five."

    That staff member immediately nodded and hurriedly helped the two people dissolve their marriage from the system and then typed out the divorce certificate.

    With the divorce certificate in hand, Xu Liqin suddenly collapsed to the ground and cried out in pain.

    From this moment onwards, she is considered to have completely severed her husband and wife relationship with Sun Dewang, who has worked hard all her life for this family.

    Unexpectedly, what she finally got in return was such a bad end.

    And divorce with Sun Dewang is just the beginning, next she will have to leave Jinling completely, never to return.

    The original happy and contented days were made to such an extent by her own sudden death.

    She has long been remorseful and wanted to smash her own face.

    At this time, Master Hong Fifth saw her paralyzed on the ground crying, it was really annoying to see.

    So, he said to Ma Zhongliang, who was beside him, "Hurry up and send someone to drive a car and throw this stinking bitch out of the Jinling boundary, and if she dares to return to Jinling again in the future, break her legs without saying a word and throw her out of Jinling for me again!"

    Ma Zhongliang immediately nodded and respectfully said, "Fifth Master, don't worry, I'll personally throw this bitch out of Jinling!"


Ma Zhongliang said he was going to reach out and drive Xu Liqin, an old woman, out.

    Xu Liqin cried bitterly, "You ......You at least let me go home and pack two clothes ah!"

    Ma Zhongliang coldly said, "You wife finder still want to go home and pack your clothes, I'm already giving you face if I don't take two off your body!Any more fucking bullshit and you'll be stripped naked and thrown out!"

    Once Xu Liqin heard this, she didn't dare to say anything more and could only be racked out like a dead dog by Ma Zhongliang.

    Seeing Xu Liqin being racked away, Master Hong Fifth pointed at Xue Jingjing, hooked his hand and said, "Come, you come here."

    Xue Jingjing's heart was a million times reluctant, but at this time did not dare to disobey Master Hong Fifth at all.

    She could only come to the front with a shaky voice: "Hong ......Master Hong Fifth ......"

    Hong Fifth nodded, pointed at her and Sun Dewang, and said to the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau, "Come, give them both a marriage certificate."

    The staff was stunned and asked, "Ah?A marriage license for the two of them?"

    "Right."Master Hong Wu said, "That's them, now do it!"

    The staff was surprised, but at the same time, their hearts could not help but be even more determined to what they had just said, this 50-year-old Sun Dewang is really a fighter among the scum, even brought his own hair wife and his own new lover, come to the Civil Affairs Bureau, simultaneously divorce and marriage procedures, is this an old thing or a person?

    The staff is a small girl, so itself is very uncomfortable with the scum, usually see the kind of tall and handsome scum, more or less understandable, after all, people have face value and capital, but this Sun Dewang have been fifty or sixty years old, people old not to say, also ugly, but did not expect to actually so scum, based on what ah?

    Although her heart held a great dissatisfaction with this old man, this little girl didn't dare to show it directly and could only give him and Xue Jingjing the marriage procedure with great resentment.

    Before a marriage license could be applied for, a wedding photo had to be taken first.

    Therefore, these two looked like father and daughter, and could only stand side by side in front of the red curtain to take a wedding photo.

    Xue Jingjing's face was very ugly, and even though she had millions of dissatisfactions inside, she didn't dare to show them at this time.

    Sun Dewang's mood was complicated, and what he was most despondent about was what to do about the child in Xue Jingjing's belly.

    Why don't you just talk her into beating the baby when you get home?

    Just then, Xue Xinlong, with a depressed expression, said to Sun Dewang, "Old Sun, I won't say anything about this today, but in the future, you must be a thousand and one kind to my daughter, or else, don't blame me for being rude to you!"

    Sun Dewang hurriedly said, "Don't worry, Mr. Xue, I'll do my best ......"

    Xue Xinlong added, "In addition, the child in my daughter's belly can't be aborted by saying anything, otherwise, I will not spare you!Did you hear that?"

    Sun Dewang was depressed.

    Wasn't it just a black man's seed?Why aren't they allowed to fight yet?

    What's the point of keeping this Negro's seed but to disgrace himself?

    However, he didn't dare to disobey Xue Xinlong, after all, his business depended on Xue Xinlong to take care of him, and if he really messed with him, then it was estimated that the entire Sun family's income would be greatly affected.

    So he could only nod his head and agree.Opening his mouth, he said, "Don't worry, Mr. Xue, I definitely won't let the child in Jing Jing's belly be aborted."

    Only then did Xue Xinlong put his mind at ease and said, "After the child is born, if you don't want it, you can give it to me and we'll raise it with the old couple."


"That's great!"Sun Dewang was finally relieved when he heard this.

    The staff then greeted the two of them and went to the counter to apply for marriage papers.

    Xue Jingjing is 26 years old and Sun Dewang is 52 years old, they are exactly double the difference.

    The young girl in charge of their proofs was so angry that she was itching as she handed them both the certificate[New PENCIL].

    After the documents were completed, Master Hong Fifth smiled slightly and spoke up, "Okay, since the two couples are finished with their wedding licenses, let's hurry back to the hotel, Master Ye is still waiting to drink your wedding banquet."

    So the 4 people could only follow Master Hong Wu and returned to the Hilton.

    At this time in the Hilton's banquet hall, the Sun family's relatives were full of high friends.

    Ye Chen brought his wife, Xiao Churan, and sat at the table closest to the stage.

    Sitting at the same table as him was also Richard Chen.

    After Hong Wu brought the two couples back, he ran over to Ye Chen to reorder them.

    Ye Chen heard that they had all received their marriage licenses, nodded his head in satisfaction and spoke, "I think it's about time, let's start the wedding as soon as possible."

    Hong Wu was busy, "Xue Xinlong has already gone to look for a wedding dress for her daughter, the wedding will start on time at eleven fifty-eight."

    Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said with a smile, "Today is really a bargain for that old thing Sun Dewang.He got rid of a yellow-faced woman and married a young man, and he's still buying a big gift, so in a few months, he'll be a happy father."

    "Yeah!"Master Hong Wu smiled and said, "Still you have the means, Master Ye, this arrangement is really too perfect!"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "This person na, no matter how capable and capable you are, never just look down on other people.Sun Dewang and Xu Liqin wouldn't have caused so many things today if they didn't look down on their future daughter-in-law, I hope these two people will learn a lesson in the future."

    Hong Wu nodded and said, "What you say, Master Ye."

    Xiao Churan, who was on the side, looked at Ye Chen's beautiful eyes flowing.

    Although she also felt that the one her husband played today was a bit unbelievable, or even a bit over the top.

    But after hearing her husband say so just now, she felt again that what he had done was really a great pleasure.

    Ordinary people are afraid that they can not think of such a solution.This shows that this husband has a few ordinary people do not have the wrist and spirit.

    And then think of the Song family Miss Song Wanting, in the wedding dress shop when looking at her husband Ye Chen's eyes, she suddenly felt in her heart, the current husband seems to be very different from the past, he began to emit a deadly attraction to women.

    Xiao Churan's mind was imagining things for a while, and the scene suddenly rang out with the joyful music of the wedding march.

    This is a male master of ceremonies stepped onto the stage, with a somewhat bitter smile on his face and said: "Thank you all very much for your presence today, today is a special day, because there are two couples, today will be witnessed by all of us, together on our divine marriage hall, let us have the first couple to get married today, the groom Sun Dewang!Bride Xue Jingjing!"

    The entire Sun family's family and friends were all embarrassed below.

    They had known what was going to happen at this wedding today though?But really hear the master of ceremonies, called out their names, the heart is still a little strange.

    Hong Wu saw the family surnamed Sun all mute, the scene is quiet, can not help but stand up, sternly shouted: "What the fuck are you all thinking, not quickly applaud the bride and groom?!"


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