Secret Identity 1281-1290


Chapter 1281

Let Sun Dewang, who is in his fifties and has a family, marry the daughter of Mr. Xue?

    As soon as Ye Chen said this, several people at the scene exploded with anger.

    Xue Xinlong was furious and cursed, "Are you fucking looking for death?I'm letting my daughter marry Sun Hongwei, not Sun Hongwei's father!"

    Ye Chen laughed, "You're a person who really has no eyesight, isn't it true that people Sun Hong Wei is not willing to marry your daughter?Sun Hongwei doesn't want to marry, and his parents want your daughter to pass away, so the best solution is for his father to marry your daughter, wouldn't that make everyone happy?"

    "What did you say, little son of a bitch!"Xu Liqin said in exasperation, "Let my husband marry Mr. Xue's daughter?What about me?"

    Ye Chen chuckled and said, "You?You've always wanted Mr. Xue's daughter to get married, so this is exactly what you wanted.You should thank me for providing you with such a good solution."

    Saying that, Ye Chen looked at Sun Devang again and said with a smiling face, "Old Sun, you've been looking at this bad wife all day for so many years, I guess you've seen enough, it's just that this time I've made the decision to give you a new young daughter-in-law, not only did I give you a dowry of 50 million, but I also brought you a son, how good is it?"

    "You're farting!"Xu Liqin became annoyed and pointed at Ye Chen and yelled at him, "I see that this son of a bitch is just looking for trouble, I don't believe I'll have your legs broken!"

    After saying that, Xu Liqin looked at Xue Xinlong, and said with great emotion, "Mr. Xue, this bastard has ordered a mandarin duck, my husband is old, it doesn't matter if he has a face or not, but your daughter is still a yellow flowered lady's daughter, he said so, this is obviously looking down on you ah."

    Xue Xinlong was also annoyed and gritted his teeth and cursed, "Kid, you've got a lot of guts, you even dare to mess with me, do you know who I am?"

    Ye Chen sneered, "I don't care who you are, all I know is that you'll be Sun Dewang's father-in-law from now on!"

    "You ......"Xue Xinlong was trembling with anger.

    He cared a lot about his daughter's reputation, that's why he would do whatever it took to get her to find a catcher to marry.

    Unexpectedly, this Ye Chen had gone so far as to let his daughter marry Sun Dewang, an old thing who was about the same age as himself, wasn't this a clear slap to his face?

    So he said in anger, "Kid, kneel down and apologize to me right now, or I'll make you regret coming to this world!"

    "Aigoo, Mr. Xue is so big-headed, huh?"Ye Chen smiled and said, "Well, I'd like to see how good you are, if you don't have the ability to make me regret it, then I'm sorry, I'll make you regret it."

    Xu Liqin was suddenly annoyed, she pointed at Ye Chen and said resentfully, "You've eaten the guts of an ambitious leopard, you dare to speak to General Manager Xue like that, I believe I'll have you beaten half to death right now!"

    Ye Chen looked around for a week, surrounded by nothing more than some Sun family's late relatives and friends, all of them were ordinary people, just them still want to hurt themselves, it was just a fool's errand.

    On the contrary, when you fight with such people, you have to control your strength at all times, otherwise it would be bad if you accidentally kill a few.

    After all, it was just a little thing, there was no need to make a scene.

    So, he then laughed, "Bad wife, you're really not in your right mind, and now you're still standing up for Mr. Xue?You should know that your husband will soon become his son-in-law, and then you'll be swept out of the Sun family, so technically speaking, Xue is always your rival's father, you should hate him."


"You ......You ......You you you ......"Xu Liqin couldn't breathe and snapped at Sun Hongbin, "Hongbin, help your second aunt kill this son of a bitch!"

    Sun Hongbin immediately took a step back and waved his hand with a disdainful expression, "Second Aunt, just now you said you're not family with me and told me to get lost, and now you want me to help you beat up someone?You're quicker to turn the other cheek than a book!"

    Xu Liqin hurriedly smiled and said, "Hongbin, don't be angry with your second aunt, what she just said was just angry words.Don't you want our Sun family to get better and better?"

    "Sorry."Sun Hongbin immediately said, "Your home is your home, my home is my home, we're not family, so if you want to beat someone up, beat yourself up, what's the point of ordering me around?"

    Saying that, Sun Hongbin also said to the other Sun family members, "Let's all not meddle in this matter, it's not our business, people are not family with us, so let's also never fall for someone else's trick and be used as a gun."

    The others nodded their heads and took a few steps back, not at all wanting to come up and help her beat up Ye Chen.

    Xu Liqin was furious, she didn't think that this Sun Hongbin had no respect for the old and the young at all, there were no rules, she was also his second aunt anyway, how could he talk to her like that?

    However, Xu Liqin now also understands that right now is not the time to be ordinary with such a little brat like Sun Hongbin [PEN].

    So, she hurriedly said to Xue Xinlong: "Mr. Xue, this little bastard insulted you, insulted your daughter, say nothing to let him go, quickly call someone to kill him!Otherwise, if this kind of thing were to get out, you and your daughter's face would be disgraced!"

    Xue Xinlong himself was very angry, and after being so incited by Xu Liqin, he was even more annoyed.

    So, he pointed at Ye Chen and said angrily, "Son of a bitch, wait for me, I'm going to call someone to kill you!"

    After saying that, he pulled out his phone, found a phone number and called out.

    And he also deliberately turned on the speaker, and while the phone beeped and waited to be connected, he sneered at Ye Chen and said, "Do you know who I'm calling?One of the Four Heavenly Kings under Master Hong Wu, Little Brother Ma Zhongliang, you're fucking waiting to die!"

    Ye Chen smiled, "Fine, I'll wait, but you'd better call for more, because today is the big day of your daughter and Sun Devang's wedding, more relatives and friends will look festive!"

    "You're really getting further down the road to fucking death!"Xue Xinlong was shaking with anger and just happened to be on the phone, so he immediately shouted, "Brother Xiao Ma, come to the Hilton Hotel quickly, I'm going to fucking cut a son of a bitch!"

    Xue Xinlong's supermarkets, spread all over the suburbs of the city and the surrounding districts and counties, in that kind of place, there will often be small thugs patronizing, either extortion or openly taking open robbery, want to get down to business, you must have some connection with the underground world, so he has been close to the line Ma Zhongliang.

    After all, Ma Zhongliang is one of the Four Heavenly Kings under Master Hong Fifth, and can be ranked fourth in the entire Jinling underground world, so he is still very strong.

    He was also very famous, and since Xue Xinlong had been close to him, the supermarket's business had never been harassed by small thugs.

    As he had been working with Ma Zhongliang for a long time, he also had a good personal relationship with him, and some time ago, he had been making an offer to pay his respects to Ma Zhongliang, and even gave him a special red envelope of 1.88 million yuan, and Ma Zhongliang agreed to him for the sake of the money.

    Xue Xinlong thought that if he paid a visit to Ma Zhongliang, he would be able to develop his business in the suburbs, so he was about to find a good day to hold a ceremony to burn yellow paper and drink chicken blood.

    The two of them are looking for a hotel to have a meal together at noon, and then they will do the ceremony on the way.


Ma Zhongliang had always treated Xue Xinlong as a cash cow, and every year, the protection fee he paid in tribute alone was as much as seven to eight million, and Ma Zhongliang was able to keep two to three million for himself in addition to the portion he handed over to Master Hongwu.

    So, as soon as he heard that he was going to cut someone down, he took off without hesitation and said, "Okay, wait a moment, I'll bring someone over!"

    After thanking him a thousand times, Xue Xinlong hung up the phone and looked at Ye Chen and sneered, "Kid, don't blame me for not giving you a chance to live just now, I told you to kneel down for me, but you didn't cherish it, but it's useless to kneel down now, it's already too late."

    Ye Chen smiled and asked, "Who did you call just now?Ponyboy?Was it Chow Yun-Fat from "A Hero's Journey?"

    "Don't be fucking crazy!"Xue Xinlong said coldly, "Little Brother Ma is Ma Zhongliang, one of the Four Heavenly Kings under Master Hong Fifth!"

    When Sun Hongwei heard this, he said urgently, "Ye Chen, this is really sorry today!You should hurry up and take Churan away, Ma Zhongliang is really close to Xue Xinlong, he is a gangster and has vicious hands, I don't want you and Churan to get hurt because of me ......"

    Ye Chen smiled, "Hongwei ah, you don't need to apologize to me for this today, but I'm a bit embarrassed in my heart, you mustn't blame me for finding you a stepmother."

    "Uh ......"Sun Hongwei couldn't say anything for a moment.

    Sun Hongwei had always thought that Ye Chen was joking with them and didn't take it seriously at all, but now looking at Ye Chen's meaning, he seemed to be serious ah!

    This ......What does this mean exactly?

    At this time, Ye Chen looked at Xue Xinlong and said with a smile, "You've said that only one of the Four Heavenly Kings coming is no big deal, it's not lively enough!Why don't you call the other three over?After all, it's a great day to marry your daughter, and the more people who hold the audience, the better."

    "You really don't see a fucking coffin!"Xue Xinlong gritted his teeth and cursed, "Fine, I'll let you go wild for a little while longer, and later you'll know the price of rampage!"

    Ye Chen shook his head and helplessly laughed, "You bad old men and wives, you're all fifty or sixty years old, why are you still so temperamental?Look at me, I'm so young, yet I don't have any fire at all, and I speak calmly."

    At this point, Ye Chen sighed and said, "Let's say, I'll call more people to come and give you guys a show."

    Xue Xinlong sneered, "Kid, you're fucking threatening me, call people if you have the guts, let's both show up for a real sword fight!"

    Ye Chen nodded, pulled out his phone and sent a WeChat to Hongwu.

    "Bring the other three of the four kings under your seat besides Ma Zhongliang to the Hilton and invite you to a wedding banquet."

    Hong Wu was shocked and replied to the WeChat, "Master Ye, you ......your second marriage?"

    "Fuck off."Ye Chen scolded, "It's not my invitation, someone is invited, just bring someone."

    "Okay, I'm coming!"

    Ye Chen added, "Bring more brothers and hold the audience."

    "Okay Master Ye!"

    Ye Chen then sent another WeChat to Chen Zekai, asking him to come to the Hilton Hotel and watch a show with him.

    Richard Chen had worshipped Ye Chen as a god ever since he returned from Changbai Mountain, and as soon as he heard the young master's summons, without saying a word, he immediately said, "Young master, I'm coming!"

    A few minutes later, a Volkswagen Phaeton with seven or eight cars of various colors drove up to the front door of the Hilton all at once.

    On the Volkswagen Phaeton, stepped down a middle-aged man with a cross face.

    When Xue Xinlong saw this man, he sneered at Ye Chen and said, "Kid, Brother Ma is here, you're dead today."

    Ye Chen had never seen Ma Zhongliang, but when he saw this Phaeton sedan, he suddenly had a change of heart.

    At that time, that young man Jiang Ming, who grew up together in the orphanage, in order to cancel the account of racing with himself, he probably drove his Mercedes Benz and hit a Volkswagen Phaeton, and it was said that that Phaeton was the car of a big brother on the road, which was probably this Ma Zhongliang.

    Ye Chen wiped an upward curve across the corner of his mouth and thought, "That's a bit interesting.


At this time, a few other cars also ran out at once with thirty to forty menacing boys.

    Then, this group of people, under Ma Zhongliang's command, ran over and surrounded the crowd in a single bound.

    Xue Xinlong hurriedly waved at him, "Little Brother Ma!"

    Ma Zhongliang nodded, looked at him, and asked, "Mr. Xue, what kind of person is so blind that he dared to ram into you ah?"

    Xue Xinlong pointed at Ye Chen and said angrily, "Brother Xiao Ma, it's this little bastard who not only insulted me, but he also fucking insulted my daughter!"

    Ma Zhongliang raised his eyebrows and shuddered in shock as he looked over at Ye Chen.


    It's Master Ye!

    After all, Ma Zhongliang was one of the Four Heavenly Kings, one of the more powerful red men under Master Hong Fifth, and he had met Ye Chen when he was setting up the wine at the Heavenly Fragrance House.

    However, at that time, Master Hong Fifth was extremely humble towards Ye Chen and spoke in a timid manner, so naturally, he didn't introduce them as his men.

    He didn't expect that this Xue Xinlong had provoked Master Ye, and he panicked, and was about to explain to Ye Chen out of his mouth, "Ye ......Ye Da ......"

    Ye Chen immediately interrupted him and said, "You've mistaken the wrong person."

    "Huh?"Ma Zhongliang was busy saying respectfully, "How can it be, little one was once ...... in the Heavenly Fragrance House"

    Ye Chen's eyebrows stood up, "I said you've recognized the wrong person, are you deaf?"

    Ma Zhongliang's gut was trembling from Ye Chen's roar, knowing that Ye Chen definitely didn't want him to reveal his identity, so he was busy trying to go along with his words.

    But at this time, Xue Xinlong was furious and cursed, "Damn it, how are you talking to Little Brother Ma?You want to die, don't you?Do you believe that Xiao Ma will immediately have you hacked to pieces with one word?"

    Xue Xinlong's words immediately frightened Ma Zhongliang to the point where he was almost on his knees.

    He turned his face to look at Xue Xinlong with fury and threw his hand to smack him in the face: "Damn it!Xue Xinlong, do you want to die, you old son of a bitch?Do I believe I'll cut you down?"

    Xue Xinlong's entire body was stunned by the slap.

    What the heck?

    I asked you to cut this little punk down, and instead you slap me in the face?

    Covering his face in aggravation, Xue Xinlong looked at Ma Zhongliang and said offhandedly, "Zhongliang ah, you ......What are you hitting me for?"

    Ma Zhongliang was trembling with anger.

    Hit you for what?I'm gonna fucking kill you!

    Who do you want to mess with? Master Ye?Isn't this going to get me killed?

    How many people who have offended Master Ye have been dragged to the dog pound by my big brother, Master Hong Fifth, to feed the dogs, are you fucking trying to screw me over?

    However, he didn't dare to say this explicitly, after all, Master Ye had just gotten angry, surely he didn't want to expose his identity ah ......

    Thinking of this, he could only suppress the anger and fear in his heart, and spoke, "I beat you because you're too unqualified to speak, don't always talk about the matter of chopping people up, when you go out, you have to pay attention to your quality, understand?"

    Xue Xinlong was grieving and got out of his mouth, "But you just called me an old dog pervert and said you wanted to cut me down, so what to say ......"


As soon as Ma Zhongliang heard Xue Xinlong say that, he slapped him again in anger and cursed, "Grass, how dare you fucking talk back to me?I say you listen up!"

    Xue Xinlong was slapped twice and was incomparably depressed, where else had he been beaten since he had become an adult?

    Today, in front of so many people, he was slapped twice in a row by Ma Zhongliang.

    But although he was annoyed in his heart, he didn't dare to express any dissatisfaction at this moment.

    He could only nod his head with an angry nod and said, "Brother Ma, you're right, I'll definitely pay more attention to what I say outside in the future."

    Ma Zhongliang snorted coldly and looked at Ye Chen, but he couldn't help but feel a little guilty again, so he questioned Xue Xinlong, "What's going on here today?One by one!"

    Xue Xinlong immediately said with a face full of grievances and anger, "Brother Xiao Ma, this old face of mine has been disgraced today, a little brat who came out of nowhere even dares to pretend to be pushy with me and insult and humiliate me, you must help me!"

    Saying that, Xue Xinlong immediately told the matter as it was.

    When Ma Zhongliang heard him finish, he was also dumbfounded.

    On the one hand, he was amazed at the level of promiscuity of Xue Xinlong's daughter, on the other hand, he was amazed at the level of shamelessness of Sun Dewang's family, and on the other hand, he was even more shocked by Master Ye Chen Ye's slut-shaming!

    If he were in Ye Chen's shoes, when he encountered something like this, he would at most bring someone over to teach these two families a good lesson and then let Sun Hongwei and Zhang Xiaoman marry smoothly.

    But a ghost genius like Master Ye could even think of letting Sun Dewang marry Xue Xinlong's daughter!

    That's too much black humor!

    Sun Dewang and Xu Liqin are determined to have their son be the receiver.

    But the two of them might not have expected that it would be Sun Dewang who would be the receiver today no matter what.

    And Ma Zhongliang had already heard of many of Grandmaster Ye Chen Ye's deeds, not to mention anything else, just Grandmaster Ye's thunderous and uncompromising personality.

    Therefore, he looked at Xue Xinlong and Sun Dewang with a sympathetic face at this moment, knowing very well that although this solution seemed to be very absurd and ironic, but since this was Master Ye's decision, there must not be any buffer in this matter.

    At this moment, Xue Xinlong saw Ma Zhongliang's strange expression and hurriedly cried, "Brother Ma, you said that I, Xue Xinlong, am considered to be a respectable person in our Jinling, and this guy is humiliating me and my daughter like this, can I bear him?"

    Ma Zhongliang scratched his head in embarrassment, looked at Ye Chen, put his heart in his mouth and said, "Xue Xinlong, if you ask me, you just don't know what you're doing!The matter itself is very complicated and very urgent for your family to be resolved, and you can't find a way to resolve it, and this Mr. Yeh has given you a good idea, isn't that good?Now that this Sun Dewang is following, your daughter is here, and the Hilton banquet banquet banquet is all set up, you can simply take advantage of this perfect timing and marriage your daughter to Sun Dewang, won't that be the end of it?"


    Neither Xue Xinlong, nor Sun Dewang, nor Xu Liqin, had expected Ma Zhongliang to say such words!

    Sun Dewang and Xu Liqin two mouths could not help but curse in their hearts, this bastard Ma Zhongliang, was it Xue Xinlong who invited him or Ye Chen who invited him?

    Why didn't he speak to Xue Xinlong at all?


And he also slapped Xue Xinlong twice and made Xue Xinlong marry his daughter to Sun Dewang ......

    The latter incident is much worse than slapping!

    Xue Xinlong was even more depressed and wanted to die, he shivered and said, "Brother Xiao Ma ah ......You can't turn your elbow outward, we are good brothers who are going to be good friends.My daughter is your eldest niece, and you can't bear to let her marry a bad old man like Sun Dewang?"

    Ma Zhongliang immediately said, "Xue Xinlong, we're familiar with each other, but you can't say anything nonsense, I'm just an ordinary acquaintance with you, who said we're befriending each other?"

    Xue Xinlong was shocked and hurriedly said, "Brother Xiao Ma, we've known each other for many years, and every year the benefits that should be given, I haven't missed a single point, and some time ago I gave you a red envelope of that size, how can you say that you've turned the other cheek?"

    Ma Zhongliang said in a serious manner, "Xue Xinlong, I'm not turning against you, I'm doing it for your own good, understand?Your daughter may be young, but she's dirty, right?Only in her twenties, she's pregnant with a foreigner's child, and it's a black man, and the point is you had to let her give birth to this child, this kind of super-duper black baby, how can the average person pick it up?"

    Afterwards, he pointed at Sun Dewang and said seriously, "Look at Sun Dewang, he's a bit older, but older men know how to love people ah, and look at him, his own son is so old, this aspect of passing on the family name has been accomplished, happy to be a father doesn't matter to him, how appropriate!"

    Sun Dewang's old face was red hot!

    What the fuck does that mean?So you can be the father of a black man?

    Xu Liqin was even more depressed and spoke in exasperation, "I said what's wrong with you?In front of my face, you fling my husband to marry the youngest, is he sick?"

    Ma Zhongliang gave her a disgusted glance and said coldly, "What little big one?You think it's a feudal society?We can only be monogamous in this country, don't you know that?Since Sun Dewang is going to marry Xue Xinlong's daughter, then you must be divorcing him first!"

    "You're farting!"Xu Liqin was suddenly anxious, and couldn't care that the other party was the big brother of the road, and angrily scolded, "I see you bastard messing up, you get out of here!You're not welcome here!"

    "Fuck you!"Ma Zhongliang lifted his foot and kicked Xu Liqin in the stomach, so he kicked her far away, cursing, "What the hell are you to even dare to shout at me, do you believe I'll cut out your tongue?"

    Xu Liqin was kicked so hard that she couldn't get up, lying on the ground and rolling around covering her stomach, crying with her mouth ouch ouch ouch.

    Sun Dewang busily said to Xue Xinlong, "Oh my head Xue, what's going on here?Didn't you invite me over?Didn't you tell him to kill that Ye Chen?And beat my wife when he gets here?"

    Ma Zhongliang raised his hand and slapped Sun Dewang, cursing, "Why are you so unethical?So what I just said was all for nothing, huh?Didn't you hear Mr. Ye's arrangement?From today onwards, your wife is Xue Xinlong's daughter and Xue Xinlong is your father-in-law, is that clear?"

    "I ......"

    Sun Dewang looked miserable.

    Xue Xinlong was also depressed, he said to Ma Zhongliang in exasperation, "Brother Ma, if you don't want to help, fine, but don't make fun of me, I don't need you here, please leave."

    "Yo-ho?"Ma Zhongliang said in a cold voice, "Let me go?Xue Xinlong you've grown in skill, you dare to speak to me in such a tone?"

    Xue Xinlong clasped his hands together, kept bowing, and begged, "I beg you Brother Ma, we'll solve this matter ourselves, we don't need your help, you must be very busy with your usual daily routine, we won't waste your time, please go."

    Ma Zhongliang said disdainfully, "What?I'll leave if you let me?You think you're my big brother, huh?"

    At that moment, someone suddenly shouted, "Master Hongwu is here!"



    As soon as Ma Zhongliang heard that Master Hong Fifth was here, he immediately knew that his big brother was running to Master Ye Chen Ye.

    So he looked at Xue Xinlong with a sympathetic face and shook his head, "Ah Xue Xinlong, don't blame me for not reminding you, just get ready to marry your daughter!"

    After saying that, he hurriedly greeted Master Hongwu and walked over.

    It was then that someone in the crowd was heard discussing, "I'll go!Master Hong Fifth even brought the other three of the Four Heavenly Kings with him, these are the Four Tigers under Master Five!Ever since the Fifth Prince became the King of the Jinling Underground, the Four Heavenly Kings have each been assigned a territory and haven't gotten together to show their faces for a long time!"

    When the crowd heard this, they were horrified.

    Xiao Choran asked Ye Chen in a low voice, "Ye Chen, this Hong Wu, it's not like you called him over, right?"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "That's right, I'm the one who called, today I, Ye Chen, will do what I said, I must not let the people in the rivers and lakes, laugh at me for not keeping my word."

    Xiao Choran looked surprised and asked him in a low voice, "It's not like you really want Sun Hongwei's father to marry this Xue's daughter, right?"

    Ye Chen smiled, "Of course it's true, didn't you hear that I've already apologized to Sun Wei in advance just now?"

    Just now, Ye Chen had already told Sun Hongwei that he was sorry, sorry, and that he was going to find a stepmother for him today, so he would definitely do what he said.

    Xiao Choran was shocked at what she heard and couldn't help but say, "Isn't this joke a bit too big?"

    "Joke" laughed Ye Chen, "Honey, when did I say it was a joke?I've always kept my word."

    Xiao Churan couldn't help but ask, "Is this appropriate?I always feel that it's a bit inappropriate ......"

    Ye Chen grabbed her hand and said softly, "Don't worry, if your husband says it's appropriate, no one will dare to say it's not appropriate!"

    At this time, Master Hong Fifth had already stepped towards Ye Chen.

    As he walked, he asked Ma Zhongliang in a low voice, "Did you guy cause any trouble for me?Have you rushed Master Ye, or offended him?"

    "Brother, I don't have either!"Ma Zhongliang panicked and explained, "There is a Kai Zi who pays our premiums and asked me to come over to help him chop people up, I came and found that he was targeting Master Ye, so I didn't dare to say an offensive word to Master Ye, instead I beat that person up, absolutely no offense to offend Master Ye!"

    Master Hong Fifth nodded, feeling a little more at ease.

    Ma Zhongliang had been with him for many years, and he knew that Ma Zhongliang never lied to him, so he nodded his head and whispered, "When you get to Teacher Ye later, you should speak less, so as not to say too much and make too many mistakes, okay?"

    Ma Zhongliang immediately said, "Don't worry big brother, I'll keep my mouth shut!"

    At that moment, Master Hong Fifth brought the Four Heavenly Kings, and a group of younger brothers, to Ye Chen.

    When he came, Sun Dewang, Xu Liqin and his wife, and Xue Xinlong were all scared silly.

    Never in their wildest dreams had they thought that they would mess with the underground emperor of Jinling today!

    Who knows what he's really here for?

    If I upset him somewhere and he blames me, I'll be in big trouble!

    What followed was a scene that stunned them even more!

    Master Hong Fifth strode up to the crowd and without saying a word immediately bowed at Ye Chen, saying respectfully, "Master Ye!Hongwu is late, and I ask for Master Ye's chastisement!"

    With his words, the four Heavenly Kings, as well as the hundreds of little brothers under each Heavenly King, bowed ninety degrees together and said in unison, "Please chastise Master Ye!"


One or two hundred people shouted those six words at the same time, making it seem as if the whole place had thundered!

    The others were all scared silly.

    Xu Liqin's face was pale, Sun Dewang's legs were weak, while Xue Xinlong poofed to his knees.

    He knew he was finished.

    Never would he have thought that he would be so capable of cutting this kid down.

    Even Master Hong Fifth had treated him with utmost respect!

    At this time, Hong Fifth had the air of an underground emperor of Jinling, completely a dog of this young man!

    Who the hell have you messed with?

    At this time, Ye Chen looked at Hong Wu, smiled faintly and said, "Not bad, not too late to come."

    Hong Wu immediately asked, "Master Ye, I don't know, what do you want Hong Wu to come over?"

    Ye Chen pointed at Xue Xinlong and said, "This person is marrying his daughter today, but his daughter's fiancé isn't divorced yet, so I'll give you half an hour to bring his daughter's fiancé and his daughter's fiancé's current wife to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the divorce paperwork done."

    Hong Wu was confused and couldn't understand what was going on, but he nodded his head very seriously and said, "Don't worry Master Ye, Hong Wu will get this done within half an hour."

    Only after saying that Hong Wu carefully asked, "Master Ye, where is this person's daughter's fiancé and this person's daughter's fiancé's current wife?"

    Ye Chen pointed at Sun Dewang and Xu Liqin and said indifferently, "This bad old man is her daughter's fiancé, and this bad old woman next to her is this bad old man's current wife."

    Hong Wu took a look, and his entire body was confused.

    What the hell was going on here?

    This Xue Xinlong, who looked to be in his early 50s, and Sun Dewang looked to be the same age as him, why were these two instead father-in-law and son-in-law?

    However, he didn't dare to ask nonsense and immediately nodded and said, "Don't worry, Master Ye, I'll take them both to get a marriage license!"

    As soon as Xu Liqin heard this, she immediately jumped to her feet in emotion and scolded, "What right do you have to let me divorce my husband?"

    Ye Chen sneered, "With just one word from me, Ye Chen!"

    Xu Liqin scolded in exasperation, "You wish!You want me to divorce my husband, unless you kill me!"

    Ye Chen laughed, "Kill you?You deserve to be killed by an old lady like you?Be good and divorce your husband and get out of Jinling and you'll still have a way to live, or else I'll make you beg for your life and die!"

    Xu Liqin's liver trembled at Ye Chen's momentum, and all of a sudden she didn't even dare to speak.

    Hong Wu said in a cold voice at this time, "You both heard what Master Ye said, less dawdling with me here, hurry up and come with me to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get your divorce papers!"

    Ye Chen said, "Don't be in a hurry to take them away, and by the way, take this General Manager Xue's daughter with you, after the one surnamed Sun divorces this bad wife, let General Manager Xue's daughter get the marriage certificate with Sun Dewang on the spot, and after the certificate, just in time to come over for the banquet at noon!"

    Sitting on the floor at this point, Xue Xinlong said in despair, "I disagree!No one is going to let my daughter marry this bad old man!"

    Hong Wu sternly said, "Dare to disobey Master Ye?Do you believe I'm going to screw you right now?"

    "I don't believe it!"Xue Xinlong collapsed and cried out, "In broad daylight and in clear light, I don't believe you can kill me!And even if I die, I won't let my daughter marry Sun De Wang!"


Hong Wu saw that Xue Xinlong still dared to object and snapped, "Against you, you even dare to disobey Master Ye's decision, you want to die, don't you?"

    Xue Xinlong was the most spoiled of all his untalented daughters, so at this time he couldn't care less about the status of Hong Fifth and said angrily, "My daughter is still young!How could I let her marry such a terrible old man my age!"

    Ma Zhongliang fell on hard times at this point and sneered, "What?You don't look down on a bad old man, but why are you okay with sending your daughter abroad to fuck around with Big Black?"

    Xue Xinlong said in exasperation, "I didn't know that!I want to know that when she goes out and specializes in screwing with those big old hacks, I won't send her out of the country to death!"

    Hong Wu faintly said, "Okay, cut the crap, Master Ye's decision is something no one can disobey, if you're not up to the mark, don't blame me for being rude to you!"

    Xue Xinlong sternly said, "Kill me if you dare!I don't believe it!I've been named an outstanding local entrepreneur in Jinling for several years anyway, and with so many people watching today, can you kill me in broad daylight?"

    Hong Wu's face turned very ugly.

    This guy had actually recognized that he didn't dare to directly take action against him here.

    Although he was the underground emperor of Jinling, it was really hard to set things right against a famous entrepreneur worth hundreds of millions of dollars under a long and clear sky.

    Just when he didn't know what to do all of a sudden, a voice suddenly came and said in a cold voice, "How dare someone even dare to disobey Master Ye's words, let me see who is it, with such an iron head!"

    Xue Xinlong raised his eyes and was suddenly scared to death of the person speaking!

    This ......Isn't this guy Richard Chan, the owner of Shangri-La?

    This is the president of the Jinling Summit Entrepreneurs Association, the spokesman for the top family in Yanjing, and the super man that all entrepreneurs in Jinling respect!

    It took several years and a lot of money for Xue Xinlong to trust someone to ease his connections and allow himself to join the Jinling Summit Entrepreneurs Association, because this Summit Entrepreneurs Association, which was engaged by Richard Chen, netted all of the top-notch bosses and entrepreneurs in Jinling, and someone like himself, who was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, was simply not qualified enough to enter.

    After entering the Summit Entrepreneurs Association, he realized that the top entrepreneurs in Jinling were more or less dependent on Richard Chen's connections and channels.

    This was mainly because, in Jinling, Richard Chen was indeed handy!

    There are realtors who can't get the land they want and go to Richard Chan for help, and as long as Richard Chan is willing to help, he will be able to solve the problem.

    There are manufacturers who can't get a permit or authorization from a top company, as long as they can find him help, it's just a matter of words.

    This was Richard Chen's strength, which was completely incomparable to ordinary people.

    However, he did not expect that Richard Chen would come today!

    And, he also called that young man Master Ye?

    What is this young man's story!

    He looked at Richard Chen, who was striding towards him in a panic, and shivered, "Chen ......Chen ......Oh no ......President Chen, what are you doing here?"

    Chen Zekai said in a cold voice, "Let me see who is so bold as to disobey even Master Ye's orders!"

    After saying that, Zhai Chen also bowed to Ye Chen and respected him immensely, "Master Ye, Chen Mou is late, please chastise him!"


Xue Xinlong looked at Richard Chen and then at Ye Chen, only then did he realize that Ye Chen really did have a great deal of power!

    Even Richard Chan is treating him with such respect, isn't he kicking himself on the steel plate?

    At this time, Richard Chen turned his face to look at Xue Xinlong again and said in a cold voice, "You're going to disobey Master Ye's arrangement, aren't you?In that case, I'll have all the supermarkets in your house, all your properties, your cars, and all your bank and stock accounts seized indefinitely!Let your family have nothing and go begging on the streets!"

    When Xue Xinlong heard this, he panicked and said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, Master Ye!I'm really wrong, you adults don't remember the faults, don't behave like this kind of person, please!"

    Ye Chen smiled, "I wasn't trying to get along with you in general, so you just have to follow my arrangements honestly."

    "I ......I ......"Xue Xinlong really couldn't make up his mind about this.

    Marrying his daughter to Sun Dewang?Don't tell me if she agrees or not, I can't even look good!

    If the people of Jinling knew that he had married his daughter to such a bad old man, he would be scolded to death?

    But right now, it's Richard Chan that I'm offending!

    If Richard Chen really wants to screw himself and leave his whole family with nothing, then not only his daughter will be unlucky, but he will also be unlucky, and his wife will also be unlucky ......

    When Chen Zekai saw him fidgeting for half a day, he coldly snapped, "It seems you're going to be stubborn to the end, fine, then I'll call and arrange it!"

    After saying that, Richard Chen was going to touch the phone.

    Xue Xinlong was shocked and took off, "Don't!No!Chairman Chan, please don't!Why can't I say yes?I promise!I'm all in!"

    Richard Chen said coldly, "What have you been doing already?You should have agreed to this early and cheerfully, and I would have given you some consideration for the fact that you respected Master Ye enough, but if you don't know any better and speak out against Master Ye, then from today onwards, you will be officially expelled from the Jinling Summit Entrepreneurs Association!Never rejoin!"

    "Huh?!"Xue Xinlong had spent a lot of effort to join the Summit Entrepreneurs Association as expected.

    In order to be able to get some of the association's resources and connections in this association.

    During this period of time, he had indeed received a lot of help and promotion from the Summit Entrepreneurs Association.

    Even the city, because it knew that he had joined the Summit Entrepreneurs Association, gave a green light to his supermarket, giving a favorable policy of a five-year 50% corporate income tax reduction, which would save tens of millions of dollars.

    Moreover, several members of the Summit Entrepreneurs Association are also considering giving themselves preferential prices so that they can buy shops from them at very low prices, which will allow their supermarkets to expand rapidly.

    However, if the news of his expulsion from the Summit Entrepreneurs Association spread, not only would his future business development and cooperation be greatly affected, but even the favorable policies he had already received would be scrapped and he would lose a lot of money!

    But at this time, he really didn't dare to have any complaints, after all, Chen Zekai's strength was so much stronger than that of Master Hongwu, if Chen Zekai really wanted to seal himself off, then his whole family would be finished!

    And there's a chance that all your possessions will be seized, you'll have no money, and you'll end up starving to death on the side of the road!

    After all, this man can be all hands on deck in Jinling!

    So, he could only cry, "Chairman Chen, I am willing to accept Master Ye's arrangement to marry my daughter to Sun Dewang!"


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